“I’m just saying that MOST women would be a lot happier if men would simply do their goddam job, which, allegorically speaking, is mostly just making sure the trains run on time.”

  • Michael Maciel


What is the role of a man?  What is his job?

In his “Loyalty Matrix“, Justin Garcia- entrepreneur, MMA instructor, and advocate for reawakening true masculinity among men- describes how if we break down a group into its most basic, fundamental roles, we have three basic functional roles that must be filled.  If we look at the simple society or “tribe” we can easily see this paradigm.  This becomes a bit more difficult as the society becomes more complex and moves towards specialization and commerce.  However, if we really break it down to essentials, these three archetypal roles remain the essential pillars of any society.

First, we have the Nurturer, who is traditionally charged with all things that would be associated with such a title.  This was the traditional the role of most women within the tribe, because Nature designed them to be better at it on average, although there are men that can and do naturally take on the role, albeit to a lesser degree.  According to the Loyalty Matrix, it is the Nurturer who is charged with the procreation of the tribe; that is making sure that the tribe continues to grow and thrive in all ways.

Next, we have the Warrior, who is charged with the survival component of the tribe.  Ensuring survival at its most fundamental aspect means protecting the tribe from predators and invaders.  However, this also can extend to the building of any sort of physical or societal constructs that allow the tribe to survive and prosper.

This was the traditional role of most men within the tribe, again, because Nature designed them to be better at it on average. Of course, there can be and certainly has been female warriors, but again, like the Nurturer for women, men are on average better suited for the Warrior role.  The primary function of the Warrior was and is to keep the women and children alive so that the tribe’s legacy can carry on.  This means not just protecting but providing.

That was the initial purpose of what became “patriarchy”, which has its origins in the post-flood disaster epoch where the old civilization had broken down, creating a nightmare scenario of nomadic marauding hordes fighting for resources in what was an essentially post-apocalyptic world. When the veneer of civilization breaks down and/or danger to the group is imminent, the protector class; the warriors; will rise to dominance at the behest of the tribe, as they are best at the physical violence needed to keep the tribe alive.

Lastly, we have the Shaman.  The Shaman is the one who is charged with facilitating and maintaining the rituals that give the tribe its identity and purpose.  If the tribe does not have a sort of collective identity and “mission”, it will not remain a functioning tribe for long.  Unlike the Nurturer and the Warrior, there is no “better-suited” gender for the Shaman, who could be just as easily be either male or female.

The Shaman or Priest is a special type of person in and of themselves, who is in a sense, able to transcend gender in many ways as far as his/her capacity for embodying the Masculine and Feminine Principles and roles.  In fact, in many Native American tribes, the Shaman was seen as someone who was, in a sense, “trans-gendered“.  However, this true transgenderism should not be confused with the sort of neurotic attention-seeking gender dysphoria that is being labelled as transgenderism today.

Now, it is true that the power of the protector class was abused by what became a degenerate aristocracy that was once a part of the warrior class. And it is also true that this power was abused by what became degenerate priests and shamans, and the merchant class that aligned with them.  It was the combination of degenerate priests, aristocrats and merchants who spread a religious doctrine of patriarchal dominance into Europe and what became the Western world (it had already been present in the Asiatic portion of Eurasia, as well as in Africa, for much, much longer).

However, this does not mean that men being aggressive, good at violence and all the other naturally occurring characteristics of men that are demonized in the media and the classroom today are “bad”, simply because these things have the potential to be abused.  This notion is as ridiculous as stating that hammers are bad because they can be used to bash someone’s skull in.  The problem lies, at least in part, with the fact that we have utilizing been an insufficient set of institutionalized belief systems to guide the powers of masculinity.

These corrosive belief systems have led us to the unfortunate state of affairs today, where we have a great deal of men that don’t give a damn about any of this. They don’t care about being good at being men, and they damn sure don’t care about being a “good man” outside of making sure that they are “the hero” in their own story. These men of modernity are disconnected from anything real, living in crowded isolation in this cosmopolitan bubble of illusions.

Many of the men of my generation feel rejected and dejected by a world that says being a man is pathology. So these men retreat into a world of complete self-indulgence because we have been given no other purpose but to squeeze as much pleasure and leisure (as opposed to genuine happiness and purpose) out of their existence as they can until their lives just sort of end like a forgettable movie that has no real plot line.

I agree that it is time for men to “do their goddam job”, which means they need to figure out what that is exactly.  This means they need to find out what their true authentic strengths are.  Are you a Warrior?  Are you a Shaman?  Or perhaps, you might even be a Nurturer?  Whatever it may be, it cannot be denied that when we have a role; when we have a defined purpose; this becomes the doorway to a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Know your role.  Find your purpose.

Namaste and God Bless.






“Men everywhere yearn for the collapse of this current mode of civilization that, as an inevitable consequence of its design, must devalue and emasculate them. Apocalyptic fantasies are a particularly male preoccupation. More and more men are focusing on survivalism and preparedness to give themselves a sense of purpose in a world that doesn’t need or want them to be strong, courageous or prepared for anything.”

― Jack Donovan, “Becoming A Barbarian”


Photo courtesy of Wolves of Vinland/Wolves of Cascadia

The masculine man is the traditional protector of the tribe; the one with the tough physical exterior that complements the woman’s tough physical interior. It was always the men the formed the perimeter to protect the interior- the women and the children; from predators and invaders. It was the men that understood they would need to be strong both externally and internally to defend and in many cases, die, in order to protect the ability of the tribe to carry on its legacy through the women and ultimately the children.

In this respect, it is hard-wired into men to seek out and foster strength in other members of “the tribe”, as it is for men to seek to gain the respect and approval of other men in the tribe. Again, these are things that are hard-wired into us, and in a natural environment, they are healthy and play a vital role in the development and maintenance of healthy masculinity. The drive to “toughen” other men up comes from this. However, without proper guidance and initiation from “tribal elders”, this toughening-up process in its immature form can turn into bullying, and becomes destructive rather than productive.

This need for strength and control/discipline also flows over into the area of emotion and the need for men to have emotional strength and control so we aren’t emotionally “leaking” all over the place, putting ourselves and others at risk during times of crisis and real threat when we need to keep our wits about us. Again, due to lack of proper guidance and initiation, we have mistakenly come to equate emotional control with emotional suppression.

The real problem here is that we are far, far away from anything close to a “natural environment”, and this artifice of modernity seems to have severely affected men to a degree that really is not really understood. There is a perverse domestication process that is happening in modern society which is breeding a form of psychosis in men (as well as women), as we become increasingly separated from the natural rhythms of external and internal life. In some cases, this psychosis is repressed and regressive, and in others, it’s violent and virulent.

To add to this problem, there is a real belief that these natural hard-wired traits in men are something that can just be culturally “reprogrammed” or “overridden”. This theory is a severe fallacy, and has led to much of the sorts of violent outbursts complained about by feminists and the general hopeless despair lamented over by men’s rights activists. We can’t just “reprogram” men and think everything will work out. Nor is it some disease or sickness that men need to be “cured” of as many within the 3rd Wave would suggest.

We need to get to the root of the wound, which with the nature of this modern society, can be multiple.  Here in the United States, we still begin many of our young men’s lives with the very unnatural and unnecessary process of institutionalized male genital mutilation or “circumcision”. There has been a great deal of study done on infant circumcision and infant trauma, and it has been found that the procedure can and will have a deep traumatic impact on the child that will effect a wide range of development issues including, but not limited to his ability to express emotion, empathy and intimacy. There is a saying in the anti-circumcision community that those men who have been cut will “cut” in return. It has been widely concluded that due to the stage of development of the child when the trauma occurs, infant trauma is the hardest to thoroughly move past.

We then move on to the schooling or “education” of boys. The system of government education that we subscribe to is probably one of the most un-natural and perverse systems we can put a child into. A great deal of the film goes into statistics about boys in school such as the fact that boys are more likely to be in special education, be diagnosed with ADHD, flunk or drop out, be suspended, or be expelled. The film puts a great deal of stress put on what can be done to somehow make these boys perform better in school. However, the film lacks either the insight or perhaps the courage to state that just maybe the problem isn’t the boys, but the institution they are being forced to attend. Likewise, the brutal hierarchies that develop in the schooling system are not typically present among homeschoolers or in traditional tribal societies.

Next we have the psychotropic medication of boys in particular, which is occurring at increasingly young age. The natural rambunctiousness and risk-taking nature of boys and young men is seen as a “disease” by modern psychiatric “medicine” and the modern education system. As a result American boys are being medicated with a cocktail of psychoactive chemicals, producing a host of incredibly harmful and dangerous results for themselves and others around them.  Young boys are being taught that their natural rambunctiousness as boys- boys who want to move and engage the world rather than sit in desks and march in lines all day- is again, some sort of disease that needs to be cured.

As far as the media is concerned, I would agree with the “Rape Culture” proponents thatt there is no doubt that the Hollywood/Madison Avenue culture has imposed a toxic artifice on us and poisoned our view of the world. However, we would do well to understand that this world of fantasy and its distorted, childish views of masculinity was created in large part to distract and pacify men. It was developed as a way of seducing men to buy into a life where they sell out their true masculine birthrights as sovereign and virile builders of culture and civilization for the pleasures and comforts of modernity and a mediocre existence.

The problem isn’t with any sort of “hyper-masculinity”, or men being aggressive and dominant and competitive- these are fundamental components of masculinity in its wholeness. The problem is that these qualities aren’t the complete picture of masculinity in its wholeness. We need to be able to take on and embody ALL of the masculine archetypes: Warrior, Magician, Lover, and King– and in their wholeness. The problem is that we don’t have a society that understands or facilitates this kind of holistic development in men.

Another problem is also that we are told that we either have the option of embodying this shadow masculinity or embodying the persona of the castrated “masculine feminist”. We have an epidemic of men who have been raised by women and have been made to feel guilty about being men, causing them to act in a manner that is weak and emotionally castrated. This needs to stop.

The society that has been created here in the western world in the last century, and is continuing to be constructed in the age of globalism and “political correctness”, is not one that is conducive to any sort of healthy masculinity at all whatsoever. It is one that leaves us as neurotic and destructive children seeking out the initiation into true manhood that we never were allowed. And to paraphrase an old African tribal saying, “If we do not initiate the young men, they will burn the village down.

What we need is a return to tribe. We need to get back to the natural rhythms of ourselves and of nature. We need to return to real brotherhood and purpose. We need strength- not just physical strength, but mental, emotional and spiritual strength. We need real initiation and ritual. We need to understand and work with the archetypes that define us.

True masculinity has always been the greatest threat to any established order or any outside group seeking dominance over a tribe. This is why such focus is placed on controlling men- making sure that men “behave” and “fall-in-line” in a subservient fashion. It is this sort of docile, domesticated, and castrated masculinity that men should wish to wash our hands of. However, these things cannot happen if we are fully invested in the artifice that does little more that suck our life energy and leave us as neurotic shells of what we could be. It’s time we find the strength to discard these illusions and distractions, so we can build something new.

Namaste and God Bless.




“I am become as a demon apart, who dwelleth in matter and light is not in him, and I am become as a counterfeiting spirit, which is in a material body and light-power is not in it.”

    • Pistis Sophia

In the Gnostic creation stories, the physical world was created by the Aeon Sophia (whose name means “wisdom”) attempting to create without her masculine counterpart- in essence, she created without God.  “The Secret Book of John” states:

Now, Sophia… wanted to bring forth something like herself, without the consent of the spirit, who had not given approval, without her partner and without his consideration… Something came out of her that was imperfect and different in appearance from her, for she had produced it without her partner.  It did not resemble its mother and was misshapen.

The result of this attempt was the birth of the twisted Rulers or “Archons“- the lords of matter.  In certain respects, these could be seen as the “shadow emanations” of the Spheres and the Zodiac, which brings spirit into matter and manages life in the material universe.

Sophia looked upon her creation with horror and created a veil to separate it from the true world of the True Creator.  She wanted to hide her “error”.  The lord of the Archons was known as Yaldabaoth is often likened to Saturn or Chronos.  Saturn of course, is the overlord of matter, linear time and death.  There are some who claim to have made contact with these Archons in one manner or other, and describe them as being machine-like in their demeanor.  Some would even go so far as to claim they are some sort of hyper-dimensional parasites.

In the story, the goddess Sophia herself became ensnared by her creation and trapped within it.  It was then Her consort, whom in some versions is the Christos and others the Aeon Thelete (both are descending emanations of the Masculine generative Principle or ‘Logos’ ), was sent from beyond the Veil to save Her from the prison She had created through Her folly.

In the ancient mystery traditions, certain women were identified as “incarnations” of the Sophia, the goddess trapped in matte.  The most notable of these was Mary Magdalene, the consort of Christ Jesus in the Gnostic texts.  In this story, we see the Christ finding his long lost Sophia, forming the union of Heaven and Earth in the flesh.

But what of this artificial woman we see presented before us here?  Is it possible that she too could be such a thing in her own way?  Could she somehow be an extension of man’s own divinity, adding to the chain of creation?  Or is she simply the latest example of man’s descent into nihilistic materialism and his self-destructive obsession with becoming God while denying God?

One lesson I have taken from the story of the fall of Sophia is the idea that attempting to create a life on one’s own, without the aid of our Higher Power; of the Christ- the Primary Generative Principle- almost always results in follies, mishaps and abominations.

Will this creation of man; this artificial intelligence;  birthed through the sheer will of man’s cleverness and ingenuity, be the folly that ensnares us as Yaldabaoth ensnared Sophia?  Are we creating our own “Archons” who will rule over us?

Has this already happened before?

I suppose only Time will tell…


Namaste and God Bless.


The Secret Book of John

The Hypostasis of the Archons

Pistis Sophia

Sophia, Orion & the ‘Lion of God’





There are eternal and immutable Principles that govern Nature and Creation- Principles like Karma and the Law of Attraction/Manifestation.  These Principles are woven into the fabric of the universe.  Any attempt by man to create laws to govern himself MUST align with these Divine Principles or they are fraudulent and worthless.

It is thus that if a tribe or a society wishes to have anything close to valid laws, it too must mirror this reality- “As above, so below”.  This society then becomes the equivalent of the Zoroastrian (an ancient Iranian/Aryan religion) concept of “Desirable Dominion”, which is created when thinking and understanding that is in alignment with Cosmic Order is applied to a justly governed society.

One only need look at the actions of our “leaders” and the end-results of their policies to know their mission is not to create a society aligned with the Higher Principles.

The laws of the modern west, which are explicitly written in mercantile and admiralty legal code, are NOT rooted in the Divine, but rather in materialistic economics.  Even the supposed peace-keeping organizations like the United Nations are at their core geared toward promoting and protecting the debt-based economic system of resource exploitation that defines the human world.

The “peace” of modernity is maintained to keep the order of Mammon, not better the lives of the people.

When looking at the seeming unending sequence of violent events spoon-fed to them by the media, the fearful childlike masses plead for these leaders to protect them.  We should NOT be looking to these people to bring peace to an often violent and dangerous world.  The only peace they can possibly hope to bring is peace through slavery.

The only true “peace” is internal peace; all other external forms only come as the result of violence or the inherent threat of it.  All who cry for the authorities to bring them peace are merely shirking the responsibility of the violence they require to create their “safe space”.

This is not the way to the Higher Man.  The Higher Man practices maintaining internal peace while training in preparedness for external violence.

Be the Higher Man.

Namaste and God Bless




“Welcome my son; welcome to the machine…”

  • Pink Floyd

Globalism is the idea that the needs of the “global community” as a whole supersede those of the individual nation, and that the political and business leaders of a nation should ultimately be committed to this ideal.  However, contrary to popular belief, this “global community” is not, nor has it ever been,  the collective nations and peoples of the world.  The “global community” is the community of international finance capital and multinational corporations – entities who have no allegiance to any individual nation or group of people.

In the past it’s been called “Imperialism”, it’s been called “Colonialism”, and now it’s called “Globalism” – the name has changed, but the goal has always been the same. It is Globalism that has been lifted up as the “virtuous ideal” of “progressive” Western society.

Globalism is “multiculturalism”.

Globalism is nations without borders.

Globalism is people without cultural identity outside of commercial consumerism.

Globalism is international trade deals like NAFTA and TPP that place the bottom line of multinational corporations above the interests of a nation and its people.

Globalism is slave factories in China with suicide-prevention nets outside the windows.

Globalism is select multinational corporations having monopoly and complete control over all technology and resources.

Globalism is financial oligarchs literally owning the world through debt.

Globalism is a technocracy of the elitist specialist class.

Globalism is the imposing of “Cultural Marxism” on the general population, causing us to become completely demoralized, debased, and deracinated.

Globalism is the use of technology, pharmacology and ideology to transform humanity into diseased, neurotic, race-less, sexless, gender-less, automatons- interchangeable, dispensable, and replaceable- like cogs in a machine.

Globalism is “world peace” because there are no wars among slaves.

Globalism is the Old Age attempting to hang on to its power by re-branding itself.

Globalism is NOT evolution, as it works against the Laws of Nature, and as such, it cannot survive.

Organic spiritual evolution cannot truly happen within the mass blob of a global monoculture.  This global society would be one that completely erases all differentiation of organic culture, while simultaneously imposing a uniform artificial one.  With a population of 7 billion people, any institution or system that vast would be completely unmanageable unless it was able to accomplish the complete separation of man from Nature and his full insertion into the Machine.

This would be what Rudolf Steiner referred to as the “Incarnation of Ahriman”- the coldest depths of materialism.

So what is globalism?  Globalism is something that must and will inevitably die, collapsing and crushing itself under its own monstrous, unnatural weight.

But it isn’t dead yet…

Don’t go into the machine.

Namaste and God Bless.





“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

  • John 1:1


The above verse from the most “mystical” of the canonical New Testament describes the universe being “spoken” into existence.  The concept of the cosmic sound or “Word” has its western roots (as far as we know) in the Neoplatonic concept of the “Logos” that originated out of the Greek world.  However, this also has a counterpart in the Hindu concept of the “Aum”- the symbol and sound of creation that is also a popular design for t-shirts, jewelry and tattoos…

Human beings have long understood the power of the spoken word and the power it had.  The old Bards and Druids were trained to memorize and relay the oral wisdom of their people.  The power of the clear, focused spoken word in song, poetry, prayer or incantation can stir and move not only the passions, but the forces of Nature Herself.  This is the essence of the Word, and the ability of Man to use this powerful force of Creation.

However, these ancient peoples also understood that the Sacred Word, was a tool, and as such was essentially amoral, meaning that could also be used for good as well as “evil”.  The dreaded “curse” was the name typically ascribed to this use of the Word.  But the thing about the curse is that it didn’t really work unless the parties involved believed in its power, which is typically the case with most “lower” forms of magick- they need an “in”.  In other words, the person’s psyche had to be vulnerable to the words and the energy behind them (or at least what they perceived as the energy behind them).

Today, we have an epidemic where multitudes of people with very vulnerable psyches are cursing themselves by seeing curses in every other word they hear or read.  This is the era of “safe spaces”, “triggers”, and “hate speech”.  Like a modern day version of the Salem Witch Trials, we have people being blacklisted, losing their jobs, and in some countries, even jailed over cries of “Hate Speech!” from the accursed.

The Word spoken aloud has a degree of power and reverberates throughout the cosmos into eternity.  But the “word” symbolized in text either on paper has no such power by itself, and cannot even be considered the Word.  Paper can be burned, text on a screen can be deleted, and in both cases, these symbols of words will rarely ever see light as the true “Word” and have no real power.  That is because the true Word is at its core, a living SOUND vibration.  This means letters and sentences on a page or a screen DO NOT have power to hurt you at all- only YOU have that power…


The Word and “words” are not really the same thing.  The Word has sound, intent, direction and purpose.  However, the “words” most people type or even speak on a daily basis, are often little more than mundane jabber or inconsequential babble that just serves to entertain the typer/speaker- it has no innate power of its own, to do anything to anyone but the person typing/speaking them.

There is an old playground saying that goes: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

It has now become fashionable to say this is not true, pointing to how someone else’s words can emotionally traumatize, which is true… if you let them.  If YOU let them…

Don’t seek to be protected from words.  Seek to make yourself impervious to the curse while seeking to empower YOUR Word by speaking with truth, strength, honor, integrity and love.

Namaste and God Bless.





“As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator… will do well to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope and movies and the radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate.”

  • Aldous Huxley forward to “Brave New World”


In the west, sex and sexuality are being pushed at earlier and earlier ages in both schools as well as the mental health system.  With a whole host of new gender pronouns being created seemingly every week, children are being taught that as the way to create and define your identity– that thing that establishes who you are as an individual. When this happens, one’s sexual orientation, preferences, and fetishes become the primary definers of who that person is and what they represent.

However, there are consequences to using one’s sexuality as the foundation of their identity (even if for some it is a secret), and it starts on the individual level which in turn effects society and culture. If you want to see the results of using sexuality your identity, go to a twelve step meeting with a group of sex addicts (a great many of which identify as gay or bi), and listen to them talk about how this very perspective and belief system absolutely wreaked havoc on their lives. The suffocating desperation of the sex addict is one that mirrors the muffled screams of a populace that has been by-and-large sexually poisoned.

The “Sexual Revolution” pushed into the mainstream by Jewish-American sexologist Alfred Kinsey and others, has turned out to be a form of slow acting poison.  One only needs to examine Kinsey and the “fruits of his labors” to see this.  While repressive attitudes are harmful to healthy sexuality, so is unrestrained hedonism and an obsession on all things sexual.  A healthy balance must be found, and unfortunately we are far, far from it- and the further we move away from living in harmony with the Laws of Nature and Creation as well as our own evolutionary makeup, the more difficult it will be to find it.

The world of the sex addict is very much a microcosm of what is happening on a larger scale across western society. It was seen in Weimar Germany. It spawned the Sexual Revolution. It is the Carnival of Ishtar; the festival of the Whore of Babylon– brought in by those that seek to use her destructive power to tear down what’s left of western society until nothing is sacred and nothing is left. Where a range of sexual “freedoms” are used as candy to entice the population into seeking a life of never-ending self-gratification. Meanwhile, institutions that held Western society together, like the nuclear family, are demonized and torn down. The sex addict goes in search of selfish pleasure to numb the paint of his life- and so has the Western world.

Let’s break the addiction.

Namaste and God Bless.


“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;”

  • The Book of Revelation 21:1


The idea of a future utopian or “Golden Age” is not a new one.  It has been around for pretty much all of recorded history and in one way or another informs the doctrine of pretty much every religion.  Even in the West during this secular age of humanist materialism, this archetype is very much alive and well in the dreams of those who wish to see all races, colors, and creeds unite in a borderless world without conflict, shouting from the mountaintops the credo: “We are one”.

And, to risk the potential ire of many of my readers, I have to confess that I am not opposed to that.  I am not inherently opposed to the idea of a sort of unified super-humanity, where the various races and tribes in their most spiritually evolved state contribute their various gifts, and in essence merge to create one collective being, essentially becoming “one”; even if that means evolving into one homogenous race. 

Of course, I should add that I am referring to this happening in a way that is congruent with the Laws of Nature and for the spiritual evolution of mankind.  In fact, I personally believe that this is inevitable, as all things return to their root essence eventually.

Most esoteric philosophy understands humanity to have come from a sort of root archetypal “one-ness”, known in Qabbalism as “Adam Kadmon”- the human prototype.  Then, according to Theososphy, (which itself draws from much older esoteric traditions), this archetypal humanity divided and evolved into the myriad of sub-races and ethnicities that we know today, as well as many we do not.  It was also understood by these esoteric scholars, mystics and clairvoyants that at some point in the distant future, these separated branches of humanity will once again merge into a state of one-ness after its evolution on the plane of Earth is complete.

But this time isn’t now or any time remotely close to it.

Those pushing for mass migration, diversity, multiculturalism, and miscegenation through media, politics, academia and religion are undoubtedly calling upon this incredibly powerful archetype of the future Golden Age of racial unity.  However, at this current stage of humanity’s development this is only sowing seeds for great future conflicts- a “Clash of Civilizations”.

With the notable exception of the mainstream cosmopolitan culture that has been ingrained into the societies of Western Europe and the Occident (U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia) by its liberal urbanite ruling class; the vast majority of the peoples of the world are still EXTREMELY tribal.  Africa still has enormous issues attempting to deal with this fact since they “united” as western-style nation-states and imposed western-style parliamentary governments after World War II.  The Middle East is notorious for its tribal wars, particularly among the Sunni and Shi’a branches of Islam.  In Latin America we find countless examples of brutal tribal conflicts among the various narco-terrorist organizations that essentially control much of the region.

And while individuals of different races and ethnicities are very much capable of cooperation and harmonious living, it is a basic observable sociological fact that this dynamic changes with the importation of cultural groups en masse.  Large groups of culturally alike people will inevitably seek to shape their environment to fit their specific culture.  And most cultures are not as egalitarian or eager to accommodate and please “the other” as the liberal White West.

You can have one lion and one lamb lay down peacefully with one another like in an episode of “Unlikely Animal Friends” (one of my favorite TV shows).  But if you move a pride of lions in amongst a flock of sheep, the sheep WILL get eaten every time– especially ones that are weak and sickly as is the case with modern Western society.

Of course, not all White Westerners are on board with all this, as evidenced by the backlash coming out of the rural and working-class communities in the last presidential election as well as the surge in ethnically-conscious Identitarianism in Europe.  These movements are not head-scratching anomalies as media pundits and “experts” seem to think.  Nor is it a “step backward” as so many Baby Boomers and establishment-types are lamenting as their legacy appears to crumble before their very eyes.

No.  It is none of that.

What the resurgence of the “tribal” mindset among White Westerners signifies is that the “progress” of the myriad of attempts to impose morality through legislation and indoctrinate the West through operant conditioning via the various media, educational and religious was by and large a castle made of sand.  The unified, kum-ba-ya vision of multiculturalism shared by well-meaning liberals and profit-seeking global corporations was an idyllic fantasy that was not grounded in the reality of the world as it is- the reality of the present state of human consciousness.

I think Manly P. Hall put it best when he stated the following in a lecture on the future of humanity:

In our way of thinking, we are trying to push a way of life that is not mature into tomorrow, so as to make tomorrow the fulfillment of the unfinished experiments of today.”

Perhaps one of greatest errors in all this lies in the fact that the attempt to change the world from as it is, was done almost completely through psychological conditioning and indoctrination.  This conditioning was/is imposed by external pressures and for many, the internal voice of neurotic guilt that is often the effect of such conditioning.  And even as successful as this technique has been in much of the West, it is not sustainable and as stated earlier, the rest of the world has not gotten on board with this program.

You cannot lift something up to a higher level if you are operating from a lower one.

Even commercial globalization, with its importation and marketing of the superficial monoculture of  Hollywood and Madison Avenue have still not managed to get the citizens of the world to drop their more organic cultures altogether and unite over their love of I-phones, fast food, television shows and the global economic system.

In fact, if you listen to talks given on diversity, inclusion and globalization, once you get through the emotion-based marketing pitch, the real bottom line becomes quite obvious.  Entrepreneur, TV host and public speaker James Sun put it best in his TED Talk promoting diversity and globalization.

Marketers want us to be one big group- because it’s cheap.

Here we find a driver for diversity based in ever-expanding and competing and globalized consumerism- all base level, materialistically-minded incentives.  But any honest look at the recklessly-expanding monopolies of globalization shows that it is ultimately an unsustainable system that is equivalent to the snake that devours itself.  And while business itself is not inherently bad, when we have come to value material wealth and commerce to such a degree that it becomes the very foundation of our laws and ethics as has happened, we have most certainly strayed long off the path.

The world this is creating is not the “multicultural utopia” of Coke and Nike commercials, but rather a weaponized, Technocratic police state that seeks to “keep the peace” with an iron fist among the various culturally incompatible sects of the population, while the world descends into environmental decay and neo-feudalistic serfdom.

But perhaps this is what we need to wake up.

However, if we choose to see this as a future we’d rather not have for ourselves or our descendants, then perhaps we should consider putting the brakes on all of this and direct our focus on the only thing that really matters- spiritual growth and development, which starts at home.

You cannot genuinely love and accept the other until you genuinely love and accept yourself- ALL OF YOU.  What I’m talking about is internal spiritual alignment and syncing with and understanding the Laws of Nature and Creation.  This needs to be done individually and culturally.

As I stated earlier, the West and America in particular is culturally sick, and has been for a long time.  And to make matters worse, we are inviting incredibly tribal people who are fleeing hardship of one form or another into an increasingly divided house of deracinated lepers.  This will do nothing but relieve temporal suffering in exchange for greater suffering in the long term.

We need to heal our culture through creating institutions based in true spiritual development, including the re-institution of psycho-spiritual initiations, REAL education (not schooling), and institutions and economies that work with the Laws of Nature, rather than against them.  When this is achieved, then we can discuss “merging” with other cultures if we so choose.  But we MUST get our own house in order first.

I believe it will only be when the individual tribes, cultures and races of men are in spiritual alignment with themselves, that any sort of “One World, One Humanity” will be possible without violence and coercion.  Or if we have to fight some sort of aliens or something…

Unfortunately, the only way I can see the sort of radical shift in our culture necessary for all this taking place (again, barring invading extraterrestrials) is if we withdraw from the globalized system of usury and mercantilism that underlies every aspect of our lives and dictates the bottom line of nearly every institution in the modern world, rooting out like a cancer- or have it collapse from under us.  Either way, this would inevitably create much suffering, but I believe we must think long term here.

The culture of instant gratification has created a desire to be rid of anything that causes us discomfort and pain, be it from our own perceived suffering or someone else’s.  But if we truly want to heal the world and bring humanity into a spiritually elevated state, we must bite the bullet and let the discomfort and suffering occur- even if it means people will die.  We can’t give what we don’t have, no matter how much we want to.

Evolution is a slow process, but a necessary one.  So in closing, I’ll quote Master Po from the old TV show “Kung Fu“:

Patience grasshopper, patience.

Namaste and God Bless.





“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only will tune in.”

  • George Washington Carver
I am an animal lover.  Ever since I was a little boy I have always had a deep affinity for animals. Like most children, I loved going to farms, zoos and circuses- pretty much anywhere animals would be present (although I no longer support circuses and I find most zoos pretty depressing).  But more than that, I was a straight-up animal geek.

I loved watching nature shows and had a library of illustrated scientific animal books.  I even illustrated a book about animals that I presented to my second-grade class (although it was essentially just pictures and their names).

This affinity also caused me to feel a very deep sense of protectiveness towards animals.  And although this sense temporarily dulled through my involvement with the “Beavis and Butt-Head” generation during adolescence, my initiations into Shamanism and nature-based spirituality rekindled this sensitivity.

There is a purity in animals that is not in (most) humans, as animals are incapable of breaking Natural Laws the way man can.  They are perfect in their functioning and in their harmony with the world around them.  It is only when domesticated; when taken from the natural world into the unnatural world of men, that any disharmony or neurosis can occur.  And animals can’t lie or pretend to be something they’re not; they are living in their truth at ALL times.  Man could learn much from this sort of honesty.

I suppose you could say I am secretly envious of the pure, simple consciousness of the animal.  The contentment of being completely at home in the real world- the Natural World.  Not always happy and peaceful- but real and genuine- not plastic and disingenuous.  I long for that realness.  I long for the truth and simplicity of the Natural World and I pray for the day when human beings will once again find a way to live in harmony with it.  I think we’ll all be happier then.

Namaste and God Bless.




“Christ led me to Marx”

  • Fr. Ernesto Cardenal


I have spent a great deal of time attempting to explain how the Neo-Marxist ideology supported by members of the modern New Age movement, is antithetical to the spiritual growth and development of the individual and humanity as a whole.  But while I am a priest ordained under what is essentially a “Christian” order (albeit an esoteric one), I must ultimately concede that much of this problem of Marxist ideology infecting the New Age community in fact stems from Christianity itself.

When Christianity (or rather a “sanitized” version of it) was adopted by Constantine as the official religion of the decaying Roman Empire, it was very much done as a way to placate and control the vast Roman slave population.  The virtues espoused by Christianity (specifically its exoteric form) appealed to the downtrodden masses and gave hope of “salvation”.  However, while the Christian virtues of compassion and charity appeal to the highest elements of human nature, they also unfortunately appeal to the lowest as well- and in here lies the problem.

From its institution as the Roman state religion, Christianity could very much be described as a “slave religion”, not just in terms of being a religion for the slaves, but also in terms of much of the cultural mindset that has been derived from it in one form or another.  One man who was very vocal on making this point was German philosopher,  Friedrich Nietzsche.

In the philosophy outlined by Nietzsche, we come across the term “slave morality”.  A “slave” in Nietzsche’s terms, is one whose morality and very identity exists in the context of, and in comparison to, another stronger, more dominant individual or group-  the “master”.  The slave, forever the victim, envies the master and views the master’s successes as “oppressive”.  Thus the slave inevitably develops a resentment towards the master, whom he watches with envy craft and shape his own path in comparison to no one but himself.

An example of this mindset could be seen in the Church’s demonization of wealth (at least for the common folk) and the vaulting of poverty as a virtue- which was undeniably done for reasons of socio-political control.  However, even as Christianity’s influence waned (at least in Europe), this cultural consciousness still remained, and was taken advantage of by Marxists in the 19th and 20th centuries, who offered a sort of “salvation” for the proletariat and the “oppressed” peoples of the world.

One of the best examples of the unity between Christianity and Marxism can be seen in the Latin American Liberation Theology movement of the 1950s and 1960s, which was promoted by the Vatican in tandem with the Communist uprisings in that area, the fruits of which can be seen in modern-day Venezuela and elsewhere.  It is worth noting that the current Pope Francis is an adherent of this sect of Catholic philosophy.

With a body count of in the 20th century nearing 100 million people, Communism has  has caused more death and suffering in a shorter period of time than any other ideology in history, and by any measure was an abject failure.  But despite the failure of economic Marxism, Neo-Marxism or what is commonly dubbed “Cultural Marxism” has managed become the prevailing ideology throughout pretty much every Western institution- including the religious ones.

But what does all this have to do with the Christ; the Solar Impulse; the Light that is within us and surrounds us?  As alluded to earlier, Christianity, like most religions has two sets of teachings.  First, there are the exoteric or “outer” teachings, which could be understood as the teachings and doctrines meant to be consumed by the masses.  This is the Christianity that most people are familiar with, and the one that takes up the majority of what comprises the New Testament.  And while the exoteric teachings are traditionally meant to set the moral compass of the individual before entering the esoteric, much of the Bible is of such politicized origin that even these are at times questionable.

Unfortunately, when religion is based exclusively on exoteric understanding of its teaching, fundamentalism tends to occur.  Now, when most people think of Christian fundamentalism, they think of this sort of “Right-Wing” Christianity that relies heavily on the Old Testament to help shape its moral doctrine.  However, what most people don’t realize is that the more “Liberal” doctrines of Liberation Theology and the other more Left-leaning forms of Christian thought that use Christianity to promote socialism, mass migration, etc. are also exoteric, as they are using their interpretation of words and teachings to apply to the outside world (or at least their perception of it).

In contrast, we have the esoteric or “inner” forms of Christianity.  Although there was the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts in the late 1940s, much of this teaching has been either lost or intentionally destroyed.  Fragments of this exist scattered throughout the New Testament, particularly in the Gospel of John, but the real essence of esoteric Christianity is beyond scripture, and by and large renders it obsolete- which is perhaps just as well.

The story is that Jesus had a certain set of teachings that were reserved only for his disciples- those who he deemed as ready to receive the gnosis, which literally means “knowledge”.  This knowledge is essentially that of the internal God-Self and the ability to perform the internal alchemy, merging the various disparate parts of our being and ascending our consciousness to a vibrational level far above that of the day-to-day world.

The core essence of this has to do with the internal world of the spirit that came about due to man’s body becoming fully engrossed in dense physical matter.  The old rules of outward spiritual perception didn’t apply anymore (except for a select few) and the concentrated incarnation of the Solar Christ Impulse during the Kali Yuga was to secure the ability of man to begin his upward ascension through the “Kingdom of Heaven Within“.

This has nothing to do with the elimination of temporal suffering- that is just another exoteric interpretation.  Rather it is an embrace of the suffering and “death” required to reach attainment.  It is about a full integration and alignment of our internal being with that of the Solar Light and the Light Beyond.  This takes someone who has a mindset of mastery, not the mindset of a slave.

Do we follow the hordes or do we rise above it all?

Namaste and God Bless.

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