“Should any of them desire one of your daughters as a wife, and she is willing, explain to her foolishness; but if she still wants to follow her suitor, let her go in peace.

 If your son wishes for a daughter of theirs, you must do the same as with your daughter; but neither the one nor the other may ever return, for they would introduce foreign morals and customs, and if these were accepted by you, I could no longer watch over you.”

– The Book of Adela’s Followers


The Fryans were a free people surrounded by peoples who had little qualms with taking men, women and children into bondage of all sorts.

Faced with such a predicament, they understood that in order to preserve the free, humane and morally-based way of living that was the hallmark of their society and their culture; they needed to be an exclusionary society.  The world that arose after the disaster that sank the Fryan Atland and wreaked havoc across Europe, North Africa and western Asia, was a world of scarce resources and marauding hordes that wanted to take whatever resources you had- including your women and children.

The Fryans only saw these people as “inferior” due to the fact they could not seem to maintain societies with just laws and without slavery.  However, Fryan custom urged what were essentially “missionaries of freedom” who would go into foreign worker temporary communities outside of the Fryan burghs (foreign workers could not stay in Fryan towns) and attempt to teach them their “free customs”, which above all, forbade slavery.

However, beneath these rather harsh external pressures for basic self-preservation, there is an esoteric element to this desire to maintain moral purity through maintaining cultural and yes, racial homogeneity.  Mystics such as Rudolf Steiner point to this ancient concept of bloodline purity as being a means of nurturing and preserving a unique spiritual transmission occurring within a group of people.  This example can be found in the story of Abraham and the Israelites, as well as in the practice of monarchs, aristocrats and nobility through the centuries.

The idea of wanting to preserve a special familial and ethno-national trait that is of a “Higher Nature” from external corrupting influences seems antithetical to the modern liberal mind, which would decry the practice as “racist” and “discriminatory”.  However, one only needs to look at what happened to the Fryans and European man as a whole after they let the Asiatic influence take hold in their lands to see the reasoning behind such a policy.

The Fryans found themselves becoming both enslavers and enslaved, descending into an increasing state of cultural excess and moral decay.  And whether under the yoke of priests, monarchs, oligarchs or his own untamed passions, European man as a whole has not been truly free since.

It was perhaps above all else, the white man’s adoption of the “foreign custom” of slavery that was the beginning of his moral and later societal decline.  Not only chattel slavery and sex slavery, but the more subtle forms like debt and wage slavery that have placed nearly the entire population into bondage.

Our mother Frya not only said, “him only can I recognize as free who is neither a slave to another nor to himself”; but she also stated:

If any man shall deprive another, even his debtor, of his liberty, let him be to you as a vile slave; and I advise you to burn his body and that of his mother in an open place, and bury them fifty feet below the ground, so that no grass shall grow upon them. It would poison your cattle.

When European man instituted slavery, he lost the council of Frya, our spiritual mother.

It is this decline that has in turn allowed Europe to be now facing an even more accelerated version of this same threat of both foreign invaders/”migrants” and cultural subversion and decadence taking place in modern Europe.

And while most of us may no longer be “racially pure” (especially if we take the history outlined in The Oera Linda Book seriously), but we can do the work of moving towards and maintaining spiritual and psychological purity.

So at this time, it would perhaps be wise to first and foremost seek to restore purity within ourselves, so we can begin to reclaim the freedom that is our true heritage.  We first and foremost is by rejecting the “foreign morals and customs” that are imposed upon us every day through the media, academia and the various other institutions of materialistic modernity as well as its various disciples.

As far as miscegenation, at this time I don’t believe at this time that the act of having a child with someone of a different race is morally negative or positive in and of itself.  I believe part of the Christ incarnation event that took place during the Kali Yuga absolved us of the state of unnatural imbalance (sin) created by miscegenation of all kinds during antiquity.

That being said, I do believe it is still probably the most effective way of maintaining a connection to our ancestral lineage and maintaining a healthy, unified society, as it most closely aligns with the general processes of Nature as like attracts like.

We work better when we work with Nature.  Society works better when it works with Nature.

The goal of this “New World” is a uniform blob of human automatons who are completely interchangeable and lack any sort of deep roots that ties them to blood, soil and spirit.  We would do well to ALWAYS remember that.

The multi-race family is not in and of itself immoral, but the propping it up as a paragon of virtue in attempts to propagandize the destruction of a people and their organic culture(s) most certainly is.

At this point we need to do whatever we are called to do and whatever we can given our circumstances, to bring a COMPLETE version of spiritual and moral life into our lives.  And one of the major components is that of getting in touch with the ethnic side of spirituality as it manifests in us and our ancestral lineage, whatever that is, and doing our part to pass it on to future generations of our tribe and folk.

Now, this may look different for different people- particularly those who have multiracial families and friends.  As we should ALWAYS stay loyal to our bonds of blood or oath, these things need to be given whatever individual considerations that particular situation requires.


In closing I might suggest that we as individuals, tribes, nations and humanity as a whole would perhaps do well to at least keep in mind these words of Plato:

He who honors his kindred, and reveres those who share in the same Gods, and are of the same blood and family, may fairly expect that the gods who preside over generation will be propitious to him, and will quicken his seed.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“WRALDA established eternal principles that are law in all creation and there are no good laws or they must be established therein.”

– The Writings of Adelbrost and Appolonia

james fields trial

Despite the miraculous continued survival of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as the movies and books being made about her flooded theaters, monitors and retail stores EVERYWHERE this Christmas, the U.S  criminal justice system is officially dead.

Now we could argue that it has ALWAYS operated in a flawed, unfair, and “unequal” manner, seeming to favor certain segments of the population over another.  We could argue that the criminal justice system was ALWAYS just a mechanism to serve an elite class of one sort or another and that nothing has changed, except perhaps who makes up said elite class.

In fact, while the bickering over who is and is not oppressed by the state seems to never end, the one sentiment everyone seems to agree upon is that the state is oppressing people.  Both left and right agree that the state is seeking to silence people who speak out against it in one form or another.

However, I am among those who will point out that the balance of power at the present time is clearly with the political and ideological left, and has been for some time, despite the perpetual persecution complex it needs to maintain in order to justify itself.  Any honest look at what happens to right wing dissidents in comparison to that of the dissident left ( who are typically only arrested/prosecuted for vandalizing/destroying business property or being hostile/violent towards police) at the hands of the criminal justice system and society at large should be a clear indicator as to where the power to oppress actually lies.

Case in point, the recent “trial” of James Fields Jr. in Charlottesville, North Carolina.

In this trial, a young man with bi-polar disorder behind the wheel in a car-pedestrian accident that ended in manslaughter, was sentenced to life in prison for posting a meme (see left) and having the wrong beliefs.  And the meme that was used as the primary evidence to show “intent” was posted on social media weeks before the rally was even announced.  Testimony and evidence clearly shows that Fields was alone, knew no one at the rally before hand and had never been to a political event before.

All evidence showing that Fields had been intimidated by a member of “Redneck Revolt” wielding an AR-15 (who later bragged about this on social media) and would have been in a state of panic as “protestors” were hitting his car with baseball bats was not even pressed by what was according to witnesses a limp and incompetent (perhaps intentionally) defense.  Not to mention, that the car he was driving could go zero to sixty mph in a fraction of the time it took Fields to get to the speed of just above twenty mph he was traveling at when he hit Heather Heyer.

And despite the fact that Fields’ phone showed he was attempting to find his way out of the city and the video shown to of Fields refusing medical attention, saying resources should go to those hurt in what at that time was being labeled an accident; and then breaking down hysterically for over two minutes after learning that Heather Heyer (who was eulogized in the prosecution’s opening statement) had been killed in the crash.

However, the general public had already been so saturated with the narrative that Fields was a white supremacist terrorist monster who came to Charlottesville with the intent to cause murderous mayhem that any attempts to humanize him at this point were all but impossible.  Any appeal to reason and compassion that Fields broke down like that because he wasn’t actually the monster the media portrayed him as will be met with a rabid swarm of intense, irrational hatred and ridiculous claims to know the inner workings of the man’s mind (this is speaking from personal experience).

A common statement being that Fields only did so because he was afraid of the consequences.  Sadly, many seem to be incapable of the sort of honest, compassionate reflection that would bring them to realize that this sort of fear would be present in any person who was involved in such an incident who wasn’t a conscienceless psychopath.

In other news, right here in Oregon a young man going to Oregon State University for chemistry, has been sentenced to forty days in jail for the “felony hate crime” of allegedly putting bumper stickers on the cars of members of a (primarily Jewish and white-led) leftist political group called “Showing Up for Racial Justice” that said “Racism is a disease; you catch it from n*ggers“.  However, it was not the act itself that got the felony hate crime, tag, but rather the young man’s political beliefs and associations.

This is the “justice system” in action in present-day America.  This is why “the law” it supposedly upholds is no longer legitimate (if it ever was).

From ancient times up through the Middle Ages, it was understood that Law and Justice were things that existed outside the will of any self-interested autocrat or governing body.  The Law was something that the people understood to preexist the monarch and their ability to rule depended on his or her alignment with that Law.

The law ultimately reflected the values, customs and traditions that were embodied within that particular tribe or nation- and if the monarch did not have the moral constitution to embody the Higher Principles and Virtues codified in the laws of the people, he and any laws he made, were seen as illegitimate.

Even in the founding documents of the United States which came out of the Enlightenment revolutions against the idea of monarchy; there was still the idea that a government has a specific role to fulfill in service to the people as well as what they saw as their God-given “Rights“; and if that government could not fulfill that responsibility, it was the obligation of the people to “throw it off“.

Democracy itself was understood by all serious philosophers to only be possible with a virtuous population as each and every single member of that population needed to have the morals, virtue and disciplined self-mastery/sovereignty of a true king; a king worthy of embodying and disseminating the law.  This ideal we see echoed in deep antiquity with ancient Fryan law and custom.Image result for justice

Now, with all of this, I am NOT saying that because the law is illegitimate that we should just go around breaking whatever laws we want and spit in the face of cops whenever we see them.

What I AM saying is that there is no moral basis to most laws and no moral or ethical responsibility for anyone to follow them.  Most laws, at least in the modern West, are based on commercial and economic codes and interests, and thusly serve those things first and foremost.  When the laws do not align in principle with the Higher Principles of Spirit and Nature, and when the people creating and enforcing those laws do not embody or serve these Higher Virtues in an honest way, the laws that they decree are illegitimate.  Period.

And here in America, our Declaration of Independence; our true ideological founding document; states that when the laws the government creates no longer protect and serve the legal rights of the people, that government is no longer fit to be in power.

The ONLY reason to follow the majority of the laws on the books or pay any mind to the legal system in this country whatsoever is a matter of prudence; it’s a matter of choosing your battles wisely.

Because we all know what happens to most people when they try to “fight the law“- the law wins…

WR-ALDA’S Blessings and Happy New Year to you and yours.




Red Ice Radio: James Fields’ Trial Begins in Charlottesville: But What Really Happened?


YULE: The Seed of Life

“After the twelfth Yule festival Irtha gave birth to three maidens: Lyda out of glowing, Finda out of hot, and Frya out of warm dust. When the last came, WR-ALDA breathed His spirit upon her in order that men should be bound to him.  When she was full grown she took pleasure and delight in the visions of WRALDA.

They received WRALDA’S ‘seed’ into them, and so they each bore twelve sons and twelve daughters; twins each Yuletide. All of mankind has come from these.”

– The Book of Adela’s Followers

Image (2)


December is upon us, the winter solstice is nearly here, as is the time known as Christmas or “Yule”.  And regardless of how one feels personally about this time of year known to mass society as the “Holiday Season”, there are nevertheless certain things that are almost unanimously associated with it.  Things like holiday parties, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and of course, snow.

When you spend fourteen years of your life living in Maine, you tend to get a little tired of snow, particularly as an adult.  However, even at almost forty, there is still something about walking outside on the night of a first snow in Maine.  The quiet stillness of the night air.  That temperature that’s cold, but not “too cold”.  And of course, the iconic and almost mandatory catching of snowflakes on one’s tongue that brings me back to the playful wonder of childhood- even if just for a moment.

There has always been some kind of magic about snowflakes, and perhaps there is nothing more truly “magical” than the way they are shaped; or rather, the way the are designed.  As children, we would create snowflake designs out of paper, making elaborate designs and hanging them on our walls.  However, even our most spirited and elaborate designs inevitably pale in comparison to the masterful design work of Nature.

If one does an image search online, for “snowflakes under a microscope” you will find numerous different elaborate designs- many of which look just like the decorations that we make to adorn our walls and Yule/Christmas trees.


Now, while they say “no two snowflakes are alike“, there is a general form and structure that they typically tend to have in common.  One major common element that snowflakes tend to share is a generally hexagonal shape.

Hexagons are found all throughout Nature, from crystals to honeycombs to insect eyes, to conjoining bubbles to the north pole of Saturn to bonding carbon atoms; it would seem, as an article out of Nautilus suggests, that “nature prefers hexagons“.

The scientific explanation is a simple matter of conserving space and energy:

Why hexagons, though? It’s a simple matter of geometry. If you want to pack together cells that are identical in shape and size so that they fill all of a flat plane, only three regular shapes (with all sides and angles identical) will work: equilateral triangles, squares, and hexagons. Of these, hexagonal cells require the least total length of wall, compared with triangles or squares of the same area. So it makes sense that bees would choose hexagons, since making wax costs them energy, and they will want to use up as little as possible—just as builders might want to save on the cost of bricks. This was understood in the 18th century, and Darwin declared that the hexagonal honeycomb is ‘absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax.‘”

Although typically balked at by mainstream science, the area of study known as “sacred geometry” sees the hexagon as a sacred structure from which the Golden Ratio; the mathematical formula from which “Divine Proportion” or perfect balance derives throughout both the natural world and in the world of men when it was crafted by master masons.

Returning back to the snowflake, we see contained within the hexagonal frame, a “skeletal” structure of six spokes, which then branch out into more elaborate and unique patterns.  This six-spoke wheel pattern also shows up in sacred geometry in multiple ways outside of just being the framework of a hexagon.

One of these is a symbol known as the “Seed of Life“.  Although the symbol itself has been around for millennia, the name itself, along with that of the “Flower of Life“- a symbol comprised of multiple “Seeds of Life”, is a modern invention.  The symbol itself, resembling something akin to a six-petaled flower, and is typically created by seven overlapping circles of the same diameter.

And while the specific original meaning of these symbols, appears to have been lost, they appear throughout the ancient world much the same way as the swastika (the symbol of the polar navigational stars rotating around the Axis Mundi) does.  First documented in the second millennium BC, these symbols appeared to have three major applications:

“1: A Flower:  As the name rosette (French, “little rose”) implies, the figure resembles a flower.  A tradition of using geometrically stylized flowers, leave, and branches as decorative elements originated in Mesopotamia and continues to be used today.

2:  The Sun:  The rosette has been used to represent the Sun, with the petals as rays.  The Sun has a close association with the number six.   While it has four stops during its daily motion (east at dawn, south at noon, west at dusk, north at night), it has six on its yearly journey.  It rises and sets at its furthest north during July solstice, furthest south during December solstice,  and rises due east and sets due west during both equinoxes.

3:  Spiritual Protection:  Several cultures believe the rosette is apotropaic, used to avert bad luck.  The central six petals signify blessings in Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs.  Likewise hexagonal geometric figures, including those we call the Seed of Life and Flower of Life, were used in Eastern Europe as “thunder marks”.   Associated with Perun, the Slavic equivalent of the Norse Thor, they were carved on homes to protect from dangers like lightning.”



Top row, left to right:  Variations on the central rosette on 17th century BCE Greek coins, an early 15th century CE Arabic tile, and the Gundestrup cauldron of Denmark. Bottom row, left to right:  Examples of the rosette net pattern on a 1stcentury BCE mosaic in Israel, a monastery window on Crete, and a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci. Courtesy of

Many contemporary sacred geometry practitioners and enthusiasts see the Seed of Life as being representative of the Seven Days of Biblical Creation and the origin of all things:

The Seed of Life is a stage before the shape known as the Flower of Life which produces the ‘Fruit of Life’. The Fruit of life is the blueprint of the universe; it contains every atom, molecular structure, life form and eventually everything in existence. Therefore, all things existing can be built from the shape of the seed of life.”

seed flower


Another place we find this “Seed of Life” design commonly used may seem somewhat strange at first, as it is routinely used in the designs of the barn stars or “Hex Signs” of the Pennsylvania Dutch.  These barn stars were and are painted within a circular boarder and were commonly hung on the outside of barns, but were also present in various other places throughout the homestead and made up an integral part of Dutch/Germanic folk art.


And while the tern “hex” tends to conjure images of witch curses and things of that nature, these Hex Signs were used to provide protection and bring prosperity and love to those that used them.  In fact, the word “Hex” actually just means the number six, rather than some sort of magic spell:

Like other immigrants, they (the PA Dutch) brought their old world language, dress, traditions and art to their new home.. The “fancy” (non-Mennonite/Amish) farmers also decorated their large German style bank barns with colorful geometric patterns. Six-pointed star designs were very popular. The German word for six, ‘sechs’, sounded like hex to their English-speaking neighbors. In time these “hex” patterns became commonly called hex signs. This custom persists today.”

The “Hexologist” sees each piece as a “painted prayer“, and uses an array of colors and designs, each one having specific meaning and function:

These bright, colorful designs had meanings or legends. Families selected a hex sign based on color, design and its meaning. Some of the more popular symbols included: hearts for love, birds (called distelfinks) for luck and happiness, tulips for faith, and stars for good luck. The colors used for painting were also carefully chosen because of their added meaning. Blue conveyed protection, white purity, green abundance and red strong emotion.”

But like many European folk remedies and traditions, these Hex Signs became associated with idolatry, black magic and witchcraft- things that were violently persecuted at times in the Old World as well as Puritan America.  However, that these symbols were seen as “un-Christian” by anyone, would not be an incorrect judgement.  Like a great many things in European folk culture, the symbolism of the Hex Sign has its roots deep in the archaic past- long before such a thing as “Christianity” existed.

We already saw that the “earliest known” depictions of this symbol dates back to the second millennium BC, but myself and others would argue that it goes back even further than that, and its origins are indeed, quite “Dutch“.

In The Oera Linda Book; that controversial manuscript that came out of the region known as “Frisia” in the Netherlands; we find a symbol referred to as “The Yule“:

pag045 zinnebeeld

Depicted above are the signs of the Yule, which is the primal symbol of WRALDA and of the potential or the beginning from which time came; the Carrier that must forever go around with the Yule.

From this Frya formed the set hand which she used for her Tex.  When Vesta was Honorary Mother, she made running or continuous script from it.  The Witking, that is Sea King, Godfreiath the Old made separate numbers for both set and running script.  It is therefore not too much that we have an annual festival to celebrate it.  We must eternally bring thanks to WR-ALDA that he let his spirit flow so strongly over our forefathers.

The Fryans understood this symbol, the Yule, to represent the underlying structure; the Order from which ALL things in the world of men, from architecture to writing should be modeled after in order to be Truly representative of WR-ALDA’s Divine Laws.


However, to the ancient Fryans, Yule would have represented even more than just a celebration of Divinely-inspired ancestors; it would have been a celebration of the birth of mankind:

Wralda, who alone is whole and eternal, created the potential. Time began and wrought all things; the very Earth herself. Earth bore all grasses, herbs and trees; all cherished and all despised creatures. All that is good and cherished, she brought forth by day, and all that is evil and despised, she brought forth by night.

After the twelfth Yule festival She (Earth)gave birth to three maidens: Lyda out of glowing, Finda out of hot, and Frya out of warm dust. When the last came, WR-ALDA breathed His spirit upon her in order that men should be bound to him.  When she was full grown she took pleasure and delight in the visions of WRALDA.

They received WRALDA’S ‘seed’ into them, and so they each bore twelve sons and twelve daughters; twins each Yuletide. All of mankind has come from these.”

It is here we perhaps have the true origins of “Christmas” and the story of the Divine becoming man,  linking back to this Fryan myth of the rather miraculous birth of the primary root races of humanity.  And with the “binding” of man (particularly the children of Frya) to WR-ALDA through the Breath of Life is strangely reminiscent to the concept of a “covenant“- something which figures HEAVILY in the Biblical mythos.

Moreover, one can find traces of certain Western esoteric versions of the creation myth, involving the somewhat violent ‘shaping’ of the primal mists of Earth by Time or “Saturn“.  A similar violence is found in the various Gnostic creation myths where it is the Demiurge, the creator of the material world, who in some stories rapes the Goddess Sophia or Eve, creating the world and all within in.  This Demiurge is also portrayed as using the Power and Substance of the True Unknown God in order to create the world and claim it as his own.

In The Oera Linda Book, Time is not seen as this semi-demonic figure, but simply an element that came out or the Divine Creator which in turn, brought about the creation of all other things in the material universe.  Oera Linda scholar, Jan Ott says this of the linguistic connections in the book, the figure of “Time” and the Yule:


… Carrier (KRODER/-AR) and his Yule (JOL) or Wheel of Time. Related are the concepts Time (TID), the Beginning (T.BIJIN) and what I translate as the Potential (T.ANFANG, Dutch/German: aanvang, Anfang).

 ‘Kroder’ must be related to Krodo/Crodo, known from German-Saxon sources and Chronos from the Greek tradition. These were both associated with time.

 ‘Jol’, most well known today as ‘Yule’ is still the more original name for the traditional Northwestern European midwinter celebration. In the Scandinavian languages the word also still means wheel.

The Yule is the Wheel of Time that allows for all things to manifest here in the world.  It is ultimately not a curse, but a tool for evolution and unfoldment into greatness.  It is the force that moves creation into existence- the Seed of Life.  

This same “seed” lives within us and can be made manifest.  It is the Self- the internal Sun.

This time of year is a time to reflect on the True nature of Creation.  A time to reflect on the nature of the Sun/Son that gives us Life and Light as it appears to die and be reborn in strength.  It is a time to connect with the Earth Mothers, our ancestors, the rhythms of Nature and the Divine Spirit of WR-ALDA.

Earth Mothers

Honor and Glory to the Earth Mothers.

I see them cloaked in the Splendor of WR-ALDA

At Yule they gave birth to Mankind.

Now Redeemed are their children in the coming of Krist, the Lord of the Sun,

The Logos of WR-ALDA.

I see them standing with me.

Lyda and Finda, standing alongside their Sister,

Our Mother Frya,

Working together for the Common Good,

Shining in Glory in the Light of Krist.

The Light of WR-ALDA.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings and Merry Yule to you and yours.


“Mankind love and hate, but WRALDA alone is just.  Therefore WRALDA alone is good, and there is no good without him.”

  • The Writings of Adelbrost and Appolonia


Emotions stem from the minds of men.

The minds of men are inherently self-interested, and therefore no true universal justice can emerge from them of their on volition.  The small, ego-driven minds of men tend to lack the true perspective to see beyond the small and often petty interests of themselves and their various identity groups.

But the Mind of WR-ALDA exists in a state of purity and clarity beyond emotion.

It is from this state of being- this Mind and Essence where all things that are truly good and just emerge.  Only the total, all-encompassing mind that houses all existence can bring true justice to all beings.

It is only when we are able to tap into the Mind and Essence of the ALL IN ALL that we are able to rise above the weak and imperfect state of our emotions, see things with clarity and truth, and come anywhere close to true justice and goodness.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“Men should not seek in the Earth’s bowels for gold, or silver, or precious stones to which they cling and destroy love.  To adorn your wives and daughters, give them sufficient pure water.”

  • The Writings of Frethorik and Wiliow


These days, we often associate the expression of love with the giving of material things.  “Diamonds are forever” and Tiffany and Co. sorts of things.

This is hollow.

The Waters of Life; the Life and Love of the Christos; of WR-ALDA; does not live in these things, but rather lives in the caring for, providing for, and in general being there for those we love.

Let us focus our efforts on making sure our loved ones have spiritual nourishment, rather than material and temporal adornments to be locked and horded away.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“The biggest ego-trip is believing you are ego-free.”

– Steve Moyer

About a decade ago I used to work with this fellow in his early 20s, who, after watching the movie “The Secret” began telling everyone he was “God”.

For those not familiar with the film, it is based off the book of the same name written by an Australian television writer named Rhonda Byrne.  The book/film is essentially about using the Law of Manifestation and things like “vision boards” to manifest whatever job, relationship or possession you desire into your life.  The idea of “creative visualization” had been a big component of the pop-New Age movement since the 1970s.  However, “The Secret” somewhat rejuvenated that fad, as Rhonda Byrne appeared on Oprah and sold millions of books and DVDs showing people how to “manifest their dreams“.

However, “The Secret” and the pop-phenomenon it generated were not without their critics- even from within the “New Age“/Hay House-type community that Byrne was essentially a part of.  Dr. Wayne Dyer once criticized “The Secret” for being too ego-oriented, and not stressing enough the idea of doing for others.

wealtha and ab

But getting back to the fellow who said he was “God”.  After seeing the film, this fellow would walk around the seafood market/restaurant we both worked at, telling our co-workers and pretty much anyone else who would listen not only that he was God, but that they were God, too (whether they wanted to hear it or not).

This guy essentially watched a movie, believed what it said, and became a proselytizer for a new “faith”.  And he did so in what was often a very arrogant and condescending manner- particularly when folks didn’t agree with him.

Now, “The Kybalion” and the Hermetic tradition in general speaks of the idea that while man is God or “THE ALL IN ALL”, in the sense that he contains a piece of the Divine within him and is capable of manifestation in his own right (hence the concept of being made in the image of the Creator); nevertheless, he is not THE ALL.  The relationship of man, to THE ALL as stated in “The Kybalion“, is like that of a character in a play, to that of the playwright.  The character inevitably contains part of the writer, but only a small part.

When my co-worker saw “The Secret“, he latched onto a part of a spiritual truth and took it as the whole thing.  In this case, that truth is the Divinity of man and his relationship to WR-ALDA.  But the falsehood comes from the idea that it is really JUST man in complete mastery of his full potential that does ALL great things.

Much wickedness has come from this misinterpretation.

When I was younger, I used to be very excited about the spiritual visions and realizations I was receiving from my Shamanic work, etc. and would often feel the need to “preach it“, and talk in a cryptic/aloof/self-important manner regarding my experiences.

However, as I grew older, I eventually learned that outside of certain circles and forums, you don’t go around talking about this stuff this way to “normies“. Not because you sound crazy, but because you aren’t doing anything but confusing them.

While condemned by many in our democratic world as “elitist”, the old secret mystery initiations were elitist for a reason.  If a person had not reached a certain level of maturity, they would not be let into the mysteries, as they believed (and rightly so) that spiritual and metaphysical truth in the hands of someone who was not ready for it, could prove dangerous to themselves and others.

But while the mysteries aren’t around the way they were anymore, there seems to be inherent within the fabric of Creation, a sort of iron law that states that if one is not mature enough to receive a truth, even if he hears it, he will not understand it (or at least not fully).

These are people that will latch onto an experience and tell it on the mountaintops, believing they are enlightened, as there are no systems in place anywhere anymore to test or refute this.  In this democratic world where everyone’s opinion and experience is held up as “equal”and “valid”, how much of an experience is real as opposed to how much is misinterpretation and delusion is almost irrelevant.

To me, Jim Carrey’s demeanor in the above video, and the way he addressed the reporter smacks more of this sort of “enlightened” arrogance or “spiritual egotism”, than anything else. Or perhaps a better term would be spiritual “immaturity“.

And given his recent, somewhat bizarre artistic obsession with President Trump (not to mention his general comedy style), Carrey’s level of maturity could perhaps be called into question.


The immature or lower ego loves nothing more than to be “puffed up”.  Nothing will do that like feeling or believing that you have somehow transcended the ordinary reality that most people spend every waking moment of their lives confined in.  Again, this is speaking from experience from bouts with my own “spiritual egotism“.

Half truths and misinterpretations are rife in this ego-driven New Age of spiritual seeking.  Even Prince Ea’s statement that we are not our bodies is still only half true, because we aren’t, but at the same time, we absolutely are.

To clarify: We are the Self, which creates our body(ies) as a vehicle. The physical body is the vehicle of the Self, but it is also the extension of the spiritual body, which in turn, would be an extension of the soul/Self “body”. But as I understand it, we are not just “the Void

I’ve always looked at this “I am not the body” business as really more about training one’s mind to break free of identifying solely with the material, as most people tend to be very rooted in their physical bodies and their lower ego. It’s a way of training yourself to look beyond that which is only perceivable by the 5 senses- a meditation mantra, essentially.

But as I’ve said before, there was a reason for the levels of initiation. People today may indeed have the potential be more “spiritually receptive“; but I seriously question if the fast food/buffet way in which spiritual material seems to be disseminated now is has helpful as so many seem to think it is.

Again, there was good reason why every Joe Shmoe wasn’t taught this stuff without a serious initiation structure behind it- and I don’t think modern people are as “evolved” as we like to believe we are, just because we live in a more “sophisticated” society.

fire marshall bill

Nevertheless, we DO need to seek Spiritual Truth in this inherently deceptive world.  However, while we’re on that quest, we would do well to maintain humility and discernment, and not rest our hats on the first spiritual experience we have (or the 200th).  Remember, ALL our experiences are ultimately filtered through our minds- and in this modern world, our minds are exceptionally fragmented and chaotic, so we need to bare this in mind.

Don’t be a Jim Carrey.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“And folk to come, ayont the sea,

May hear the yowl of the Banshee,

And frae the water-kelpie flee,

Ere a’ things cease,

And island bairns may stolen be

By the Folk o’ Peace.”

– Andrew Lang


Just south of the small town of Ballard, Utah outside there is an infamous piece of land that has been given the unsettling moniker of “Skinwalker Ranch“. Its name is derived from the local Ute Amerindian tribal lore, which states that the ranch itself is located along “the path of the Skinwalker“.

In the lore of the Navajo peoples and other Amerindian tribes of the “Four Corners” region of the southwestern U.S., a “Skinwaker” is a shaman/medicine man who has “attained the highest level of priesthood in the tribe, but chose to use his or her power for evil by taking the form of an animal to inflict pain and suffering on others.”

According to the legend, in order to become a Skinwalker, the sorcerer must do, what according to the local Amerindian tribes is the most evil of deeds- the intentional killing of a close family member.  According to the late outdoor survival guide, researcher and founder of “Crypto Four Corners“, J.C. Johnson; the Skinwalker is initiated into what is a secretive cult of dark sorcerers- the price of initiation being the sacrifice of a parent, sibling, spouse, or child.


After completing this task, the shaman gains immense power, and is essentially transformed into a supernatural being; capable of shape-shifting into the animal whose pelt they were initiated with.  They will then go prowling about, harassing and terrorizing whomever they are taken to for the purposes of either a personal or professional nature (i.e. they are contracted out).

Whether this transformation is done through masterful illusion work (as has been practiced in various psychospiritual mystery cults the world over), or if the Skinwalker is truly able to bend the fabric of matter (or both); the bottom line is that the Skinwalker is extremely hard to catch.

However, when they are caught, according to Johnson, they are dealt with in the most harsh manner as they are seen to have essentially given up their humanity due to the sheer wickedness of their actions.  Navajo legend has it that once someone is able to successfully track a Skinwalker and learn his true identity, he must pronounce the sorcerer’s name in full.  When this happens, the Skinwalker will fall ill and/or die for their wicked deeds.

Tribal policing of the supernatural is a very secretive thing, but many within the Amerindian community will at least acknowledge such a thing exists, even if they refuse to talk about it.  To this day, among a great number of these peoples, the Skinwalker is seen as a very real, and very dangerous being, that is seldom mentioned or discussed out of fear of attracting his ire.

While these legends have been around for centuries, and persist across the southwest, it is not just its association with tribal lore that has garnered Skinwalker Ranch its reputation. Reports of poltergeist activity, disembodied overhead voices, mysterious flying objects, cattle mutilations and animal disappearances, crop circles, “Bigfoot”, shadowy humanoid figures, extinct prehistoric animals, strange underground metal-on-metal sounds described as sounding like “machinery“, and aggressive orbs of light that terrorize humans and animals.

One particularly disturbing incident occurred when a group of three dogs was reported chasing one of these “orbs”. The owners saw them go into the woods after it, only to hear a horrible cry, and find no trace of the animals except three piles of oily black goo, as though they had been “vaporized”.

In all the occurrences of sightings of entities by ranch hands and those that later came to study the place, these beings seem to appear out of nowhere, materialize into visible bodies that even had significant weight at times, only to then vanish again. There are reports of witnesses tracking strange creatures only to have their tracks suddenly disappear with no trace of the beast.

In one instance, an actual opening was seen to appear above the ground resembling what could only be described as a “portal”, opening in this world, but showing a strange alien light on the other side. Stranger still, from this opening a shadowy humanoid figure appeared to literally push the portal open and step out, disappearing into the shadows, with the portal closing behind it.

The seemingly unending cycle of strange occurrences at the ranch drew the attention of real-estate tycoon, Bob Bigelow, founder of the “National Institute for Discovery Science” (NIDS), which was created to study UFOs, the paranormal and other phenomena that Bigelow saw as having never been subjected to serious, well-funded scientific investigation. Bigelow bought the property and conducted studies with a team of people from across the STEM fields, many of whom had government backgrounds of one kind or other. At one point, Bigelow even received funding from the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program– a secret, but unclassified U.S. government program.


In 2016, Bigelow sold the ranch to the somewhat mysterious “Adamantium Holdings“; a corporation that is based out of Georgetown, Guyana and apparently does business in precious metals and mining (any comic nerd will tell you ‘adamantium’ is the fictitious indestructible material that Wolverine’s claws are made of).

However, in the Jeremy Corbell documentary “Hunt of the Skinwalker“; of which the video clip above is a trailer for, the head of Adamantuim Holdings and new owner of the ranch (whose identity is kept confidential) states that they are now continuing private research essentially where NIDS left off.

The documentary itself is based on the book of the same name by biochemist Dr. Colm Kelleher (who worked for NIDS at the ranch) and TV journalist George Knapp (whose unreleased tapes provided the basis for Corbell’s film). Both men have been speaking about the paranormal events at the ranch since the book’s release in 2005.

On a personal note in regards to the film, while I was taken in by the stories and documentation presented as I had not heard of any of this prior; and while the production value was decent; the director unfortunately seemed as though was modeling his documentary style after Michael Moore, inserting his “personal journey of discovery” into the film as sort of the “other” main narrative- complete with cliche scenes of him staring at a wall with pictures and news-clippings with lines connecting them.

In a 2017 interview, Dr. Colm Kelleher spoke of the frustrations of attempting to apply empirical scientific method and procedures with “non-repeating phenomena” that don’t seem to obey the general laws of physics. He also spoke of a general consensus among those working at NIDS that there seemed to be an over-arching “consciousness” that would seem to toy with them, playing games as to when and how it presented itself.


In an article I wrote three years ago entitled, “The Thinning of the Veil“, I looked at descriptions of paranormal encounters and compared them with descriptions of “lower entities” (demons, siths, etc.) from folklore and esoteric writings.  I am picking up that topic again, as the events described above have roused and unsettled me in a particular way, that I wish to use this essay as a way of “fleshing out“.

But first I want to go back to a work I mentioned briefly in “The Thinning of the Veil“, which describes another attempt at serious investigation into encounters with the paranormal.

In 1891, renowned Scottish poet, novelist, literary critic, and folklorist/anthropologist, Andrew Lang (publisher of Lang’s Fairy Books), re-published an obscure work along with his commentary on it, under the title “The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies“.

The work was originally penned in 1691 (but not actually published until 1815) by a Scottish scholar and minister named Robert Kirk, under the incredibly lengthy title: “The Secret Commonwealth or an Essay on the Nature and Actions of the Subterranean (and for the most part) Invisible People heretofore going under the names of Fauns and Fairies, or the like, among the Low Country Scots as described by those who have second sight, 1691.”


In a similar spirit of folks like Dr. Kelleher, George Knapp and Bob Bigelow, Kirk sought to collect what were generally understood to be honest and truthful accounts by those who experienced or were close to those that had encounters with the Siths (pronounced shees):

“These Siths or Fairies, they call Sleah Maith, or the ‘Good People’, it would seem, to prevent the dint of their ill attempts, (for the Irish used to bless all they fear harm of;) and are said to be of a middle Nature between Man and Angel, as were Daemons thought to be of old; of intelligent studious Spirits, and light changeable Bodies (like those called Astral,) somewhat of the Nature of a condensed cloud, and best seen in Twilight. These Bodies be so plyable through the subtlety of the Spirits that agitate them, that they can make them appear of disappear at pleasure.”

In his commentary, Lang remarks how Kirk “treats his matter in a scientific spirit, as if he were dealing with generally recognized phenomena“.

Among the rural Gaelic peasant folk, “Sith” was essentially a blanket term for any number of strange, entities that seem to materialize and de-materialize at will, and often torment and abduct humans as well as animals (particularly livestock).

At the time Kirk was conducting his investigations, Western Europe was entering into what became known as the “Enlightenment“.  Ironically, having spent most of its existence as a rural outpost in the hinterlands of Europe, Scotland became the producer of some of the most influential minds of the Enlightenment.  The rational, scientific, and ultimately, materialistic spirit of the Enlightenment was embodied in figures like David Hume, Adam Smith and James Watt– all of whom were Scots that were integral to shaping the modern world.

This ideal that was taking over societies throughout Europe would come to operate in direct opposition to the rural peasant folk; eventually causing them to be forced off the land they had been on for generations, and forced into the cities and factories to work, eventually losing connection to the land and the old folk customs and traditions.

The shepherds and farmers that lived in the Scottish lowlands were in tune with the land in a supersensible way.  Throughout history, “sophisticated” urbanites would often marvel at the uncanny ways the peasant could seem to communicate and understand the animals and plants in his or her environment.  This deep knowing that existed from being rooted to a place and a simple way of life for generations; a way of life rooted in the Natural world.

Was it this rooted-ness to the land that enabled these rural peasant folks to see and perceive what others rooted in the life and mindset of the city could not?

Or was there something about the land itself?

Or is it a bit of both?

Perhaps befitting of his own legacy, the end of Rev. Kirk’s life is shrouded in an air of supernatural mystery. While Kirk supposedly was supposedly cremated, with his remains placed in a tomb at the east end of the Aberfoyle churchyard where he ministered, it has been reported that the remains are not there.

Stranger still are the words of his successor at the church, the Rev. Dr. Grahame, who, according to Lang, stated in his “Sketches of Picturesque Scenery” that “as Mr. Kirk was walking on a dun-shi, or fairy-hill, in his neighborhood, he sunk down in a swoon, which was taken for death.


In his retelling of the account, Andrew Lang quotes famed Scotsman Sir Walter Scott, who said this of Kirk’s legendary disappearance:

After the ceremony of a seeming funeral, the form of the Rev. Robert Kirk appeared to a relation, and commanded him to go to Grahame of Duchray.

‘Say to Duchray, who is my cousin as well as your own, that I am not dead, but a captive in Fairyland; and only one chance remains for my liberation. When the posthumous child, of which my wife has been delivered since my disappearance, shall be brought to baptism, I will appear in the room, when, if Duchray shall throw over my head the knife or dirk which he holds in his hand, I may be restored to society; but if this is neglected, I am lost for ever.‘”

According to Lang, apparently what appeared to be the apparition of Mr. Kirk did appear at the baptism and was “visibly seen“. Unfortunately though, Duchray was so astonished by the occurrence, that he could do little more that stare with slack-jaw, and hence did not complete the task that was needed in order to restore Kirk to this reality.


Of all the factors generally looked upon as contributing to the creation of folk tales from across the world, experiences of rural, native farming, herding, “peasant” folk with paranormal entities that seem to live in certain remote to semi-remote areas is almost never discussed.

Looking at these stories, it becomes difficult for me not to conclude that much of what we call folktales, and in particular, faerie lore, might be actual re-tellings of paranormal encounters from the perspective of individuals who would have seen, understood and described the world in ways very different from that of a modern American.

Indeed, the paranormal in and of itself is an area of human experience that is rarely discussed or looked into with any degree of seriousness.  It is perhaps more comfortable to nervously laugh and ridicule those who cite personal experience with these entities, than it is to accept what the ramifications of what proving the existence of these things would be to us, our society and our world.

At Skinwalker Ranch, the researchers found that digging in the ground seemed to agitate this phenomena, causing paranormal activity to take place.  Again, we have ties to the ground and the Earth, which along with the sounds of metal-on-metal underground, is reminiscent of Northern European and Eurasian tales of dwarves; as well as a consistent theme of the faeries being associated with the Underworld.

Myths, legends and folklore from around the world describe strange, seemingly otherworldly entities that dwell beneath the Earth.  Does this correlate with the numerous accounts of modern-day UFO and “cryptid” taking place around caverns and bodies of water, with the beings often seen as originating from them?

But beyond this, I see an ethical question that lies in the middle of all this- one that may force itself upon more and more of us as the Veil seems to thin:  These beings will often inflict a vast array of trauma upon humans and animals.  What do we do about this?

This idea of studying them is all well and good, but the fact remains that they act in a malicious manner towards life on this plane- and we humans are the stewards of life on this plane.   These astral beings are NOT “gods”‘ and they are NOT our superiors, and it would be right for one to bring them heel if they act in a way that causes harm to us those we are charged to protect.

Stories of men and women who have proven themselves superior to these sorts of beings are found throughout esoteric histories.  The story of King Solomon tricking and binding the Goetia demons, forcing them to build his temple, only to then lock them away in various objects reminds us that even in our somewhat fallen state, we are the ones who are made in the image of the Creator.


And while to many, the existence of these sorts of entities and their potential to cause harm, may seem something so fringe that, even if true to some extent, are inconsequential to our lives.  But I might argue that the rise of things like Artificial Intelligence and what appears to be a gravitational pull towards human consciousness to merging with “the machine.  With the construction of an artificial non-physical reality, what would the potential be for beings that are adept in navigating between different levels of reality to find their way into that one?

While this perhaps sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, I would say that some sort of confrontation with the Sith in one of the virtual worlds envisioned by both gamers and transhumanists, may be more of a possibility than we may want to think.

Perhaps even stranger still, is the idea of developing “occult technology“.  Although the idea of fusing science with what is seen as “the occult” is not really new, if such a technology were created with modern capabilities that enabled us to magnify psychic energy, or perhaps even pass through the other side of “the Veil“- and if the work of Tesla and others on ether technology is truly capitalized upon, the latter may be possible (if it hasn’t already been done); then we theoretically would be able on a more level playing field when it comes to confronting such entities.

Perhaps one day such technology may be employed in a sort of conflict that we could have never imagined.

But in the meantime, it is probably best not to go around challenging paranormal entities, which can vary GREATLY in power and intelligence, to a fight.  In his book, “The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook“, psychic energy worker and mystic Robert Bruce gives the following warning about confronting negative non-physical entities, or “Negs“:

It is unwise to openly challenge or abuse Negs, verbally or mentally.  Doing so could antagonize them and make matters worse…

It is also very unwise to let Negs know you are aware of them and what they are.  Negs generally try to hide their true existence.  If Negs drop the pretense, the gloves come off, and problems and phenomena can escalate.  Please take this caution seriously.

It is worth noting that these things cannot seem to stand the Light of the physical and spiritual Sun/Son.  When we first and foremost, maintain a relationship with the Self; the Light within, and fill our atmosphere with that Light, while simultaneously calling down the Light of the Christ above; the Light of WR-ALDA.

An old teacher of mine used to continuously stress “staying grounded”; meaning staying clearheaded, sober, and generally out of trouble.  He would stress working on ourselves to become strong mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually- because exploiting weakness is what these things do.

In closing, I want to go back to the Skinwalker and the idea of gaining psychic and temporal power through communion with lower entities.  The temptation of gaining power through access to these lower realms and entities is something that has been with us for a very, very long time.

And when one compares the phenomena of cattle mutilations (of which Skinwalker Ranch had many) in which the bodies appear to have been drained of blood; with the per-requisites for exsanguination (being bled to death) of all ritual slaughters within that of Judaic and Islamic religious rite (which would have had their roots in earlier Middle Eastern traditions of ritual sacrifice); one could go so far as to suggest that these ancient “deities” that were said to have demanded these types of blood sacrifice, were not deities at all.

Following this thought, it would not be a stretch to assume that the priest class that did these blood sacrifices, did so at the behest of these entities after forming some sort of pact or “covenant” with them- no doubt with the promises of some sort of “reward” for their service.

Those dark priests and sorcerers who knowingly enter into pacts with these lower entities (as opposed to those that are genuinely deceived in some way), are often motivated by the desire to gain something (power, knowledge, wealth, etc.) in a very worldly or temporal way.

But there is always a cost.  And sometimes that cost can be rather steep.  So be warned.

In closing, I will cite a passage from the book, “Psychic Self-Defense“, in which the famed British occultist Dion Fortune makes the following statement in regards to those that look to take such short cuts:

Those who choose to graduate into a Black Lodge… do so with their eyes open, and experience must be their teacher.  One cannot feel that they deserve much sympathy if their experience is a painful one.  The person I am out to help is the person who is a victim, not the one who is hoist to his own petard (creates his own problems).  The man or woman who, rejecting the steady grade of the Way of Initiation, chooses to go up with a rocket had better come down with the stick.”

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies

“Psychic Self-Defense”



“It is common knowledge that blood is essential for human life in the body.  But the blood has a much greater function than this.  It is the seat of the memory of the soul, of the subconsicous memory, and of all the experiences that a being has acquired.”

  • Fr. Paul Blighton


Samhain, aka. “Halloween”, is a time when it was said that “the Veil” between this world and the ethereal realms becomes thin.  It is said during this time, greater connection and interaction with spirits is possible.   It was my having this understanding of Samhain/Halloween that led to it becoming the first non-Christian holiday that turned into a true “holy day” for me.

I have nostalgic and even romantic memories of of Samhain from my first years learning to practice “shamanism“, guided primarily by the books I read and the experiences I had, both in Nature and in my shamanic journey-work.  I remember fasting and staying up all night before Samhain- fasting and sleep-deprivation both being techniques used by shamans the world over.  Then, after working at the fish market all day, I rode my bike out to the wildlife sanctuary out by the beach, seeking guidance from the Nature “spirits” that presided there, as well as from my own spiritual helpers that I had been working with at the time.

However, among the Celtic peoples, Samhain was not just a time when strange, mysterious, and at times, frightening spirits were able to make contact with the mundane world; it was also believed to be a time when the spirits of one’s own dead ancestors would return to feast with their living descendants.

Although I did not begin practicing shamanism with the intent of connecting with ancestral spirits and archetypes, it was what eventually occurred.  While initially, my journeys seemed to depict a scenery more akin to the Amerindian medicine tradition (as that was what the majority of the instructional material I could find was based on), I soon became instinctively drawn toward more organic archetypes; i.e. those of a distinctly Northern European quality.  It was these more “familial” archetypes that became the primary archetypes I worked with.

The “soul’s journey” that takes place within the shamanic trance state brings one face to face with the vastness of the world(s) that lies within their very being.  It only makes sense that the ancestors and ancestral archetypes that reside within one’s very DNA would also inhabit that vast interior landscape.

The ‘As Above, So Below Principle’ of metaphysics, refers to the notion that on all planes/levels of existence, a certain sort of uniformity or consistency exists within them and between them.  When we apply this basic Principle with an understanding of what is now the well-established science of genetics and DNA research, it seems to be fairly certain that the essence of our ancestors would reside within our psycho-spiritual body just as it does within the physical body; within our blood.

The notion of blood as a symbol for someone’s essence; essentially their soul; is a concept I became intimately familiar with years later as I trained to be ordained as a priest within an esoteric Christian order.  And while the bulk of the teachings and philosophy stem primarily from the founders’ involvement in Hermetic Qabalah, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and New Thought; practice a Communion sacrament that is done in a similar traditional-style to that of the Roman Catholics pre-Vatican II– with the priest’s back to the congregation during the ritual, and the receiving of the Communion by the congregation while kneeling.  It could almost be seen as a sort of New Age Traditionalism.


Within the Communion, the wine/blood becomes the essence of Christ Jesus, which is then consumed by the participants.  It becomes as such, conducting the energies from the Highest Spiritual realms, infusing them into matter; into form; into “the body”.

This bringing of the spiritual realities into the body, according to Father Paul, founder of this Order, was the function of not only the sacramental “blood”, but also of blood in the literal sense:

It is common knowledge that blood is essential for human life in the body.  But the blood has a much greater function than this.  It is the seat of the memory of the soul, of the subconscious memory, and of all the experiences that a being has acquired.  It is the vital medium carrying the vital life force and we see this because blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body.

You might consider the vascular system… to be a tree of life, whose root is in the heart.

The consciousness of man is released through the blood, that is, the action of the blood results in certain modifications of the bodily fabric.  These modifications are in the nature of refinements affording greater opportunity for the expression of the subtle impulses from the soul.

Within the blood are set up vibrations and patterns by which the future estate of man is to be determined.  The blood is the medium by which external phenomenal circumstances are carried inward to be incorporated into consciousness, and by which the consciousness of the soul in its turn flows outward to determine and direct the activity of the personality…

… the blood is the mediator between the physical body of man and the soul of man…”

This concept is echoed by my fellow Order priest, Michael Maciel in his book “World Priest“:

The physical substance of blood carries the spiritual vibrations of the heaven worlds—the intelligence and characteristics of our soul. Just as our soul is in continuous contact with God, so is our blood in continuous contact with our soul, primarily through the air we breathe (pneuma, ruach, spirit, prana). And in turn, our physical structure, our body, is in continual contact with our blood. Correlation. These systems are nested within each other; they form an unbroken chain from the Godhead to our being in the world.

  • God
  • Soul
  • Blood
  • Body

We bring Earth and heaven together by offering ourselves as the interface. When we live in the world as a soul and Self, it is our blood that carries the vibration of those essential qualities. It is our blood that acts like an antenna that continually transmits spiritual frequencies into our flesh, which in turn radiates those qualities into the space around us.

Reach up through the octaves of your being and feel the spiritual presence within your blood—the light, the consciousness, the Christ. This is where your life is! When you focus your attention there, you are inviting the Christ Being into your body. Your blood is your point of connection.

With the blood being the point of spiritual connection, would that not make “your blood“, not just your deceased ancestors, but your family, your folk, your ethnos; would that not make these not just “illusions” in physical matter, but rooted in the Spiritual realms?

Within the Indo-European spiritual and philosophical traditions, there is the notion of the soul having three parts.  While they have variances depending on what region of the vast area of Indo-Aryan influence we are looking at.  However, for the sake of this topic, it more than suffices to say that they generally break down the in the following manner:

  1. That part which is strictly of the individual, concerning the various strivings and desires of the various levels of the ego.
  2. That part which is belonging to the family, ethnicity and race; i.e. the Folk.
  3. That part which is belonging to Logos/God- the Highest Self that is pure Spirit.

In the three part body model taught by Father Paul, these would correlate to the Physical Body, the Spiritual Body and the Soul/Self Body respectively.

However, in the modern West it is essentially taboo to think or speak about things in ethnic terms- particularly if you are of European descent.  Hence, the modern spiritualist or “New Age” view of the individual is that he consists of an ego that needs to be subdued or outright destroyed, and a Higher Self that he ultimately seeks to merge with and become in some way.

The idea of any sort of familial, ethnic or (‘gasp‘) racial component of a person’s spiritual makeup is nowhere to be found.  Meanwhile, anyone insisting that these things do play an important role will simply find themselves lectured about the “illusion of matter” and perhaps the “illusion of separation“, as these things only have to do with the physical body (supposedly) according to those of the modern Western “New Age” mindset- which unfortunately it seems that many, if not most, of those within or associated with my ordaining Order are infected with.

Ironically, as has been previously shown, race and ethnicity are inherently spiritual realities according to the very spiritual philosophies that inform so much of their worldview.

Even the Eastern religions that so many of these New Agers have adopted in one way or another, have a strong ethnic component.  Ancestor veneration has always had a strong presence throughout Asia (as well as Africa and Latin America), and plays a major role in all the religions that developed there.  It is only in the universalist-oriented West where these things have been stripped of their original ethnic components to make them more marketable.

ancestor v

The recognition of the spiritual significance of the ethnic group is even recognized in certain non-Western Abrahamic sects like Russian Christian Orthodoxy and of course, Judaism.

The ethnic component is what roots a spiritual tradition to the people it came from.  It is the unique constitution of a people physically, psychically and spiritually, that allows them to perceive the Spiritual realms and express them in the manner they do.It is the honor and recognition of this third, “missing” component of a person’s spiritual life.

Looking at the prevalence with which the Marxist/globalist/universalist neurosis seems to have infected the minds of so many spiritually-minded people, it seems only natural to conclude that we are missing something here.

We need a holistic spirituality that takes into consideration not only the individual and the Divine, but also that of the ethnos from which the individual arises.   We must move towards the Divine as COMPLETE Beings.  Therefore, we must gather and recompose those lost and denied fragments of themselves, and purify them in the Light of Christ.

The ancients knew the blood, the essence of their ancestors, coursed through them, giving them power and resolve to do great things.  So is this true today with our ancestors.

Let us honor them by bringing them back into our spiritual lives.

Let us honor them by bringing care for their legacy and their folk, our folk, back into our “regular” lives…

Honor the Ancestors5

My ancestors

My grandmothers and grandfathers

Those who lived and loved, and fought and died that I may live

Those whose legacy lives on in my blood and in my Spirit

I honor you

I ask for your guidance

And I invite you to be here with me 

To heal and be whole in the Light with me

In the name of Our Most Blessed Mother Frya

In the name of WR-ALDA, of Frya, and of Freedom, Samhain blessings unto you, your ancestors and your folk.





“In modern life, instead of people growing ‘older and wiser,’ people can simply grow older and older. People can live longer and longer without becoming any wiser for it.”


Since time immemorial, the elders among a people always held a special place of high esteem.  They were understood to be the members of a society who had spent their lives contributing to and serving their family, their community and their tribe/nation.  These were the men and women who laid the groundwork so the tribe could survive and thrive.

After these men and women were done with their normative duties of raising a family and doing the sorts of work that is required of the able bodied, they did not “retire” away from the life of the community, but on the contrary, they became an even more integral part of it.

These elders became the “wise men/women”, who  served their people by freely offering their wealth of experience and wisdom gained from real experience and hardship.  Hence, they became in many cases, the true leaders of a people- at times even beyond the sovereign, who quite often looked to these sorts of people for guidance.  In other societies, the council of elders essentially WAS the governing body.

The elders of the traditional society had the people’s admiration and respect because they earned it.

This is no longer the way things are.  We no longer have a class of elders who can guide us through their maturity, experience and wisdom.  We have a class of “olders“; a generation whose wisdom and maturity seems almost completely undifferentiated from that of their younger counterparts.

And while this transformation of elders into olders was a process that took multiple generations, and can be seen as intimately tied to industrialization and modernity; the Baby Boomers were the first to fully embody this shift where the post-child-rearing age members of the society went from being a class of wise men and women, to essentially being a class of old children.

Now there has been a surge of vitriol directed at this generation of Western “olders” (i.e. the Baby Boomer generation) in the mainstream/liberal media, scapegoating them as the cause of the rise in Nationalism that seems to threaten the “Liberal World Order“; which was established just after World War II by those in favor of a global capitalist system unconstrained by the boundaries of nation states.

Many pundits have blamed the Baby Boomer generation for the Brexit vote, that caused Britain to “begin processes” to leave the European Union.  In fact, the influence of Baby Boomers on the Brexit vote has caused left-leaning political “scientists” like Heath Pickering to propose giving Baby Boomers less of a vote, under the premise that they will not have to ‘live with the consequences of their political decisions

This idea was quickly picked up by pseudo-journalistic entertainment outfits like VICE, who published an article detailing Pickering’s opinions entitled, “Brexit Proves Baby Boomers Should Get Less of a Vote“.



But let’s be sure not to be mislead by the deceptive voices of the mainstream/liberal media.  The Baby Boomers that have been used as the scapegoat in the Brexit decision were those that lived primarily in the working class and rural areas of the U.K.- those who lived among the populations who were most detrimentally effected by the E.U.’s economic immigration policies.  They were voting for cultural, economic, and in many cases, literal survival.

These Brexit Boomers came from people who were not able to maintain the disconnected philosophy of  ivory tower liberals and rich-to-upper middle-class urbanites, who themselves, ironically, were culturally and economically sheltered from the consequences of their political decisions.

Here in the U.S., there is also a lot of venom being spewed against the Baby Boomers, essentially blaming them for the election of Trump, with many Baby Boomers themselves, like Bryan Blakely of Colorado, lamenting what they see as the failures of their generation, and even seeking some form of atonement:

We succumbed to the comfortable temptations of self-interest, left politics to others, and were blind to the rise of the ultra-conservative right (funded then, as now, by the Koch brothers and their fellow billionaires). We sat idly by as the affable Ronald Reagan set in motion policies (flattening the income tax, destroying unions, revoking the fairness doctrine) that have led to the destruction of the middle class and the rise of billionaires (who now buy politicians and dominate our politics).

We leave you a world where the two-income family is the inescapable norm, where day care replaces parenting, where it’s harder to buy a home, save for your children’s education, your retirement, or achieve an education without incurring massive debt. And under President Donald Trump, things will only get worse: The rich will get richer — and they will buy more politicians as the middle and lower classes decline in influence and economic standing. 

We let this happen: We ignored the lessons of Vietnam and Watergate. We allowed the lionization of Reagan, we made Trump possible. Many of us are trying to make amends. Help us.

There is much truth to this statement.  The Baby Boomers essentially milked the prosperity created by their parents’ and grandparents’ generation; and gave little in return.  The Neoconservative ideals that came to the forefront in the Regan/Bush administrations, have wreaked havoc on the world and aided in the overall socioeconomic decline of America in particular.

But let’s be clear- the problem with the Baby Boomers came LONG before so many of them “bought in” to the more nakedly capitalist neoliberal/neoconservative ideology.  It wasn’t because they abandoned the idealistic and faithful to the “core values” of the 60s Cultural Revolution, that caused the rise of all these things that so many no lament.

It was because they didn’t abandon these “values”, that ultimately caused the Baby Boomers to be act as a subversive and corrosive force in the West.  It was because of  Neo-Marxist ideals that they saw as virtue; ideals that were pushed on them in their spoiled naivety,  that caused them to become the generation that truly “lost the West” for their children and their descendants.


The internationalist ideals of Marxism were merged with the internationalist ideals of capitalism (not that they were ever TRULY separate), and became what is now known as the “Liberal World Order”.  Since the 1960s, these liberal/Marxist values became absorbed into the consumer capitalist system, culminating with “Social Justice” messaging being used in commercials.

Meanwhile, the “revolutionary” Neo-Marxist Critical Theory that was first disseminated by their college professors, has now become the lens through which college students come to understand the world.  Similarly the “triumphant values” of the various Neo-Marxist-inspired movements of the 1960s have become saturated in the media, helping to create the phenomenon known as “Cultural Marxism“.

The Baby Boomers rebelled against the traditional values of their parents in a way that was unprecedented.  They did not just to “come into their own”, but rather they almost seemed to resent what their ancestors had built for them as being “unfair” towards those their Marxist professors had told them were “oppressed“.

Their worldview existed as a negation of that world that had given birth to them.  They ultimately sought to tear down and invert nearly every single cultural norm and value that existed in the West at that time.  They were the first zealots of the “American Bolshevik Revolution” (a “revolution” being taken up by the Millennials).

The Baby Boomer generation were perhaps the most economically “privileged” generation to ever exist.  However, they shirked the responsibilities and became a generation that completely disregarded their role in carrying forward the material, cultural and spiritual wealth that is the legacy of their ancestors, to their descendants.  Instead, they seemed to chose to primarily “help” themselves, or those that had little-to-no connection to them.

This was largely due to a misguided resentment towards not only their parents’ generation, but Western culture as a whole; which in turn was disseminated to them through the intentionally subversive indoctrination taking pace at universities, as well as the influence of popular cultural figures like Timothy Leary, Alfred Kinsey, and the musicians that came out of Laurel Canyon.

The 1960s and its aftermath saw the concept of freedom turn from something that required self-reliance and responsibility; to what was essentially the ability to “do whatever I want“- without consequence of course.  America essentially went from having a mature, adult conception of freedom, to one that is akin to that of the child who finds his/her parent’s rules “oppressive“.

The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s is was what allowed for the integration and expansion of what has become the ideology of modern corporate globalism– the goal of World War II.  But now this system is falling apart due to its own unsustainable nature- and it is being touted as a travesty by sheltered college students, idealistic liberal grandparents and greedy hedge fund managers- all of whom see ensuring its survival as being one and the same as moral “goodness“.


It should come as no surprise that members of this 60s generation that protested seemingly anything and everything, are now “leading the charge” against President Trump.  Ironically, it was also the Baby Boomers that were the first generation to have television in the home from cradle to grave; the irony coming from the fact that the both the creation of Trump as a media personality and the “outrage” directed against him, is due in LARGE part to what people see and hear on TV- and the fact that they were raised to believe it was true.

This brings us to perhaps what is the most personally troubling aspect of the degeneration of our elders into olders, and that is their actual behavior.

During and after the Trump campaign, I found myself astounded at the generally childish behavior that people my parents’ age and older were displaying on line and in the streets.  I lost a great deal of respect for people that I had once held in fairly high esteem.  It was as if they were simply older, greyer versions of what they had been as kids in the 60s; almost as if their minds had been fossilized.

But this problem goes far beyond Trump hysteria or anything outright political.

We live in an age of the “cool mom” and the “hip dad” archetypes; where adults are more concerned with proving they’re “chill” or “with the times”, rather than actually proving they’re adults.  The result of this is children who don’t actually have parents, and end up being “raised” by other children- either figuratively or literally.

The Baby Boomers legacy is one of tearing down the “outdated” values and norms of Western society, and creating a vacuum; a hollow void that subsequent generations have been aimlessly rushing to fill with endless pleasure and distraction, while having no sense of meaning or purpose outside the shallow and superficial.

This has left a stunted, broken population with skyrocketing rates of suicide, mental illness, and degenerative disease; constantly striving to fill the void left by the destruction of a society rooted in Values beyond that of the material.

Humanism and Marxism’s attempts to secularize the idea of the “ideal human condition” has created only cheap counterfeits and destructive abominations- which are the results of any attempt to divorce the Spiritual dimensions from the affairs of this world, which is what secularization is.

The economic and political destruction overseen by the Baby Boomers as lamented by the left is largely material and ultimately, superficial.  The most serious damage is that done to the very fabric of their societies, due to the moral and spiritual corr of their beliefs and actions.

All that being said, we must be mindful that while it is certainly right to hold accountable and take to task those that are behaving in a way that is truly endangering the survival of the group (even if it is our own family), we must be careful never to slip into resentment- especially not resentment of one’s own family; the closest thing to an extension of one’s self that exists in this world.

That was what got us into this mess in the first place.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“I have named no Eeremoeder, because I know none, and because it is better for you to have no mother than to have one you cannot trust.”

  • The Writings of Frethorik and Wiliow


The Folk Mother is gone; subverted and run out by the wicked priests.

The Good King is dead; his body devoured by the ravenous oligarchs.

We live in an age where our leaders have failed.

We live in the age where those good souls who should have authority hand it to those who simply desire power.

We live in an age where the law no longer represents the authority of Divine Order, but rather serves to uphold the power of mercantilism, usury and materialism.

We live in an age where our governments are no longer legitimate.

We live in an age where it would perhaps serve us best to reside in a world operating in a state of tribal anarchism, rather than to be ruled as slaves to false and decaying institutions.

We live in an age of the darkness before the dawn.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.