The debate surrounding politics and spirituality or religion is always a heated one. As a newly ordained minister priest who worked in the sphere of politics professionally for several years, I feel somewhat obligated to give my two cents on the issue.  There are many who are adamant about the “separation of church and state”, … More THE OLD DEBATE

SELF Reflections II

See and encourage the true potential of others.  Be consistent.  Create beauty and share it with the world.  Speak words of empowerment and upliftment.  Be ever mindful of your thoughts, words and actions; no matter how seemingly trivial, they affect more than you could possibly imagine.  Work to maintain a place of balance in yourself: … More SELF Reflections II

SELF Reflections I

Do the right thing; especially when the “wrong” thing happens.  Love, respect and honor ALL life.  Be courageous when you feel cowardly.  Speak the truth; especially when everyone else is satisfied with a lie.  Seek truth from ALL places, in ALL places.  Strive always for internal mastery and external freedom.  Do whatever you can to … More SELF Reflections I