SELF Reflections II


See and encourage the true potential of others.  Be consistent.  Create beauty and share it with the world.  Speak words of empowerment and upliftment.  Be ever mindful of your thoughts, words and actions; no matter how seemingly trivial, they affect more than you could possibly imagine.  Work to maintain a place of balance in yourself: so you think, so you feel, so you do.  Laugh often and see the humor in life; especially when it’s hard.  Express your love to others; especially those who may not know how you feel.  Build new relationships, while being sure to nurture the ones you already have.  Let go of the “wrongs” of the past; whether they were done by yourself or others.  Love EVERY PART of yourself; especially those parts you might see as ugly or scary.  Be kind to your body; show it love and care for it as you would a beloved pet.


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