While all human beings have the Christ Light within, and are able to work with and use it, this Light is rarely ever fully realized.  Christ Jesus was a man who fully realized it.  There is much debate over who Jesus was, or whether he was even a historical person.  Some scholars present evidence suggesting Christ … More HAPPY SOLSTICE AND MERRY CHRIST-MASS (part 2)


“Tough love may be tough to give, but it is a necessity of life and assurance of positive growth.” T.F. Hodge A while back, I read a posting on a forum where someone was asking about Jesus “alienating” some he spoke to by seeming to condemn their actions (ie. the Pharisees). Jesus, while compassionate towards … More TOUGH LOVE


Many across the nation have been in a state of protest over the past few months regarding the case of Mike Brown and Darren Wilson. This state was intensified after the grand jury finding of Darren Wilson not needing to be indicted last week. I have been watching this whole drama being played out and … More RACE-“ISMS”