Law is enforced through threat of violence. Period. No one has the right to use force or coercion to get anyone to do anything against their will, regardless of how altruistic one thinks their reasons for doing so are.


It has always saddened me to see again and again and again, activists who may be moved by an impulse to action that is good at heart, but they seem to lack the creative consciousness to do anything more than make a plea to the government, which can never do anything without use of threats, coercion, or force. You cannot create a loving, caring, compassionate society through the use of threats and coercion and violating the free will of others. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. It is as if people get these glimpses of higher consciousness perspective, but as they move into action, they lose sight or get scared and fall back into the old habitual ways of thinking, being, and “getting things done”.


True peace will NEVER be achieved through coercive force and manipulation. We achieve peace when we get in touch with that Light within us and begin to see and love our neighbor as ourselves. Would we approve the use of threats, violence and coercion on ourselves? Of course not.


This concept of justice that we have inherited in not based on true justice, which is already written into the programming of the universe and does not require our assistance. Our concept of “justice” is based in revenge. It is revenge carried out by a third party; nothing more. Revenge is a base-consciousness desire that is tied to our ego and our attachments. There is nothing positive that comes from a revenge mindset, whether it is government sanctioned or not. Forgiveness is the key here. We forgive those who wronged us as we forgive us for wronging ourselves. Forgiveness is about freedom, not cell walls. Until we realize this and act to change and purify our own consciousness, there will be no justice for Mike Brown, or Darren Wilson, or anybody else for that matter.



All of us reap what we sow throughout our lifetimes, and our ability to understand and work with this Law- a true Law- determines our lot in life. In reality, there are no true victims here. What we get is a result of what we have chosen to put our attention on; what beliefs we have chosen to subscribe to; and how we have chosen to act or not act. EVERYTHING we think, say and do MATTERS- in this life and the next, and the next, and the next and the next.



Whether we choose to believe in a cultural identity of self-absorbed materialistic narcissism sprinkled with sex, drugs and violence; or whether we choose to believe in a cultural identity that says we have the right to be an authority over others and have the right to restrict and take away the free will of others, because we are “just doing our job”. The bottom line is, you will reap the rewards and consequences of whatever identity and belief system you adopt. I have experienced this in my own life and know this to be true.


I feel compassion for Mike Brown and I feel compassion for Darren Wilson, but I don’t feel “sorry” for either of them. Death is simply a transition to another form of life. Mike Brown’s violent end may very well have absolved him of some karmic debt from this or a previous life and may grant him the opportunity to have a clean slate next time around. As for Darren Wilson, the road may very well be long and hard for him, but it is the dark times that allow us the opportunities to achieve the greatest amounts of growth and personal insight. It is these times that “test our metal” and show us what is truly important in life.

May we all pray for Mike Brown to have a safe journey to his next destination, wherever that may be at this point; and may we also pray for Darren Wilson to find internal truth and serenity. Finally, we should pray that compassion and understanding rule over division and violence, and that the illusions of the old ways of thinking and being be dissolved as the New Age brings us back towards Home.



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