While all human beings have the Christ Light within, and are able to work with and use it, this Light is rarely ever fully realized.  Christ Jesus was a man who fully realized it.  There is much debate over who Jesus was, or whether he was even a historical person.  Some scholars present evidence suggesting Christ was a contrived character by the Romans and their historian Josepheus (an Israelite turn-coat) used as a tool for political control.  It is stated that he is a “composite’ of multiple characters from various religious and mystery school traditions.  The understanding I have is that Christ Jesus indeed did live.  Did he live when the bible suggests he lived?  Maybe, but maybe he lived a little earlier.  I don’t even know if he was indeed an Israelite, as the early Gnostic sects that taught the initiations of Christ the Logos (Word) were from all throughout Egypt, the Middle East, and Greece prior to the time attributed to Jesus.


Perhaps he was a revered teacher or advanced initiate in a mystery school who took the teachings to the masses.  Mystery schools were ancient centers of spiritual initiation and learning.  Precursors to modern secret societies, nearly all of the branches of modern knowledge and learning came out of these mystery schools.  This mystery school initiate would be a man who reached not only enlightenment, but a state of mastery over his body that allowed him to transmute into what is known as the “light body”- an ability said to be possessed by the most adept Taoist masters of the far-east.  Perhaps this man, being an anomaly due to his age and spiritual development developed a following and a mystery school.  Perhaps those of the more established orders of mystery tradition (maybe even some of a darker persuasion) grew jealous of this man’s abilities and saw him as a threat.  Perhaps the local governing body felt this way too.

creating a heavenly body

At some point, this man would have been betrayed by one of his followers, and crucified (probably on a tree).  Crucifixion was practiced by pre-Roman Persians, Macedonians, and Carthaginians, all of whom would have had active mystery school traditions.  However, having been a master of such an incredible degree, he would have undoubtedly been able to separate his light/spirit body from his flesh body and/or consciously go into the land of the dead and then return to his body and transmute the flesh to light entirely.


Christ Jesus, Yeshua Ben Joseph, or whatever the man’s name was; brought what were once secret teachings and initiations to the people.  He made spiritual growth and development that had only been available for a select chosen few, available to everyone.  There would have been many in his day that would have seen this as reprehensible.  They would have wished to silence this man.  However, any attempts to halt this transfer of the power was and is in vain.  The destruction of his physical body and the even more vile perversion of his message and teachings is still not enough.  This man has made the Solar Initiations and the voluntary evolution of human consciousness available to us in such a way that they became etched into the Earth and our very DNA.


In the end, the details of the story may only be known to the record book of creation, also known as the Akasha.  At some point in the middle part of the first “half” of humanity’s journey on this planet, a man was born.  This man’s body as well as his karma, was perfected and purified over many lifetimes so he would be capable of being the fully-realized embodiment of the spirit and consciousness of the Sun/Son; the Christ; in human form.  You may ask, “Why was this necessary?  Why would a great being like the Sun wish to become a man?”

Since the dawn of humankind, there have been great mystery traditions that performed initiation rituals centered on a great cosmic drama.  This involved the primordial Earth; which was seen as the physical incarnation of the great Mother- the feminine principle of the cosmos; and her lover, the primordial Sun.  This story also involved the being known as Saturn or Satan as Christians would come to know him.  When the material universe was being brought into existence, it is said that Saturn, the force of death and darkness attempted to strangulate the forces of life embodied within the Mother.  Thankfully for all of creation, the Sun/Son arrived and shined His Light onto the darkness and “the darkness comprehended it not”


It is said at this point the young, lion-like sun roared in victory, bringing the world into existence.  There was a time when the Sun and the Earth were one, until eventually the Sun moved on, claiming His place in the sky.  However, the forces of Saturn continued with its mission of causing matter to grow into denser and denser states of existence.  While it was necessary for this to happen, it was also necessary for the Sun/Son to step in once again to bring balance and re-inject that Life as only the Son can do.  Without this intervention the entirety of creation would have been calcified with all vibrancy and spirit squeezed out completely.  Thankfully this did not happen.


Toltec mythology; the wisdom tradition of the peoples of Meso-America recognized the sun as the source of life and light for the plantet, carrying and manifesting the message of creation throughout the solar system. As the sun perceives and reflects what is known as “the dream of Earth”, it knows the evolution of the “human dream”.  This is part of why it was necessary for this incarnation to happen in human form.  As the conscious “eyes and ears” of creation, human beings have a pivotal role to play in the “Great Work” of spiritualizing matter until all sense of separateness and illusion is dissolved.

Christ Jesus lived the Solar Initiations- the pattern and story of the Sun.  By doing this he made it possible for human beings to develop an internal relationship and path to the divine that had not been available before then.  By developing that relationship with the Christ within and living the mysteries, we affix the Light of Christ onto the wooden cross of our material existence.


It is said in the mystery traditions that the primordial Sun for a time was one with the Earth before separating, which was needed for physical human life to evolve and develop.  Within the Order I was initiated under, it is understood that when the Sun/Son incarnated as the man we have come to know as Christ Jesus and was crucified, his blood; his very essence went into the Earth, unifying with her.  At this point, Christ Jesus became the Oversoul (a spiritual atmosphere of sorts) of the planet.  The primordial lovers were united once again, and an element of balance was brought back to Earth.


It is also important to understand this as happening on an archetypal level as well.  Christ Jesus and his story is the story of humanity.  It is the Hero’s Journey as coined by Joseph Campbell- the timeless tale of the human experience towards discovering his/her higher nature.  Christ Jesus lives through us in our human experience when we receive and accept “the call” (see Tough Love posting).  We realize him in fullness when the mind, heart and will become balanced in a way that reflects the Light that dwells within us; the Love that we are shown through the Creator to our fellow beings; and living and understanding and working in harmony with the Life force that flows through all creation.


As I pointed out in my Spiritual Maturity posting, Christ is the archetype of the re-ascended man; referred to as the “Last Adam” by some theologians and mystics.  For those unfamiliar with the concept of an “archetype”, author, Jungian councilor and Buddhist practitioner describes archetypes as:

“the most ancient and universal ‘thought forms’ of humanity.  They are living entities, psychological instincts, or information fields that pattern human perception and experience… archetypes are like blueprints… to our experience.  They are the invisible stage managers behind the scenes of the world theater… Archetypes are not produced by us nor are they objects of the mind, but are self-existing, autonomous factors that are their own ‘living subjects’… they organize, inform and give shape to both the outer and inner dimensions, the world and our experience.” 

It is very likely that the story of Christ Jesus as written in the bible, is a composite of astrotheology, internal spiritual experience, archetype, and the life of a flesh and blood man.  The ancients understood allegory in a way that is completely foreign to the modern mind with its “black or white” thinking.  Learning and understanding this has never taken away the reality of Christ Jesus for me.  If anything, it has given his story a richness and depth I would have never imagined.  In the end, whatever way you slice it Christ IS the “reason for the season”.



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