“It’s not just about you. You’re part of a social order. You’ve got to make your own contribution to it. You can’t opt out… I think we should become increasingly intolerant of parents opting out… Why should we let parents opt out? Sorry. We’ve decided to go on the green and stop on red. And when anybody violates that, it causes chaos…”
– William Schaffner, MD.

The above quote is from Dr. William Schaffner, who was quoted extensively as an “expert” in a recent article on WebMD entitled, “Should Vaccination Be a Personal Choice?” As stated in the article, Schaffner is a professor of preventative medicine at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. What wasn’t mentioned was that Dr. Schaffner serves as a paid consultant to numerous pharmaceutical giants, including Merck & Co. Schaffner also is a member of a data safety evaluation committee for experimental vaccines for that same company. So why does that matter? It’s good to have side jobs, right? Read on.


This article is one of many that have been written in the slurry of media frenzy surrounding the Disneyland measles outbreak like the article out of the London Guardian which announced: “Measles Outbreak Spreads in U.S. After Unvaccinated Woman Visits Disneyland” – This article explained how seven people in a Disneyland hotel came down with measles and concluded that the actual identity of patient zero (the original disease carrier) was in fact unknown.

Make no mistake about it, this is indeed happening because people aren’t getting themselves and their kids vaccinated- but not in the way you may think. So back to Merck or Merck Sharp and Dohme, as it is known internationally- Merck was founded originally as a German Company that moved to the U.S. and was later confiscated and re-established as an American company after World War I, and is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world grossing $44 billion in 2013.

Merck has a legacy in the United States healthcare industry and is one of the most influential companies in American healthcare. It could be said that Merck wrote the book on healthcare- literally- the “Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy” is the best-selling medical textbook in the world.

Merck Manual

This really begins under the leadership of George W. Merck., who was president of the company from 1925-1950. The overall influence of Merck was boosted greatly when George Merck led the War Research Service, which initiated the U.S. biological weapons program during World War II. U.S. Secretary of War (now Defense) Henry L. Stimpson initiated development of biological warfare research and development to counteract a perceived threat from other nations deemed as such. Stimpson sought out a civilian agency to spearhead this program because as he stated to President Roosevelt:

“Entrusting the matter to a civilian agency would help in preventing the public from being unduly exercised over any ideas that the War Department might be contemplating the use of this weaponry offensively.”

In a document entitled “Origins of the U.S. Biological Warfare Program” which was drawn from an article the author wrote for “Scientific American”, author Barton J. Bernstein explains how George W. Merck spearheaded a program in which major biologists and physicians initiated secret work in 28 major universities in the United States, focusing on study and development of things like Anthrax and botulism. The biological weapons program continued its “official” life until 1973 at the end of the Vietnam War, with Merck and Co. continuing its involvement. The list of ethically-questionable and downright atrocious actions perpetrated by this program on military personnel as well as civilians is well-documented.

origins of US biowarfare

bioweapons < Another PDF Document Regarding the U.S. Bioweaons Program

After merging with Philadelphia-based pharmaceutical company, Sharpe and Dohme, Inc., Merck became the largest drug manufacturer in the U.S. This also brought extensive marketing expertise, sales and distribution, as well as vaccine technology to Merck. In 1963 Merck, under the guidance of leading microbiologist Maurice Hilleman developed the MMR vaccine.

At the present time Merck is the SOLE producer of both measles vaccines that are administered to children across the United States and have a major market internationally. However, the past year has not been overly kind to this business giant or to the MMR vaccine. A recent article out of the Wall Street Journal states:

“Merck and Co.’s fourth-quarter sales declined on a stronger U.S. dollar and patent expirations for top drugs, while a weaker-than-expected 2015 outlook and new concerns over prospects for an experimental hepatitis C treatment weighed on Merck shares.”

The article went on to state: “Shares of Merck tumbled 3.5% to $58.88 in recent trading Wednesday… Sales in the quarter fell 7.4% to $10.48 billion from the year-earlier quarter, short of analysts’ estimates.”

An article out of CNBC was a little less subtle: “It has been a roller-coaster ride of a year for Merck, complete with M&A and corporate bloodletting intended to swing the company’s numbers northward…But slumping sales of some of its standout products, and an ongoing slide in profits, signal more work to come.”

Profit margins notwithstanding, Merck has also not been without its fair share of controversy in the past few years. Back in 2005 there was the issue where Merck was caught manufacturing a false “medical journal” specifically to advertise and give credibility to its products. The publication was the Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine, which only lasted for six issues before it was “outed”. The publication had the look of a peer-reviewed medical journal, but contained only reprinted or summarized articles—most of which presented data favorable to Merck products—that appeared to act solely as marketing tools with no disclosure of company sponsorship.

Below are 2 PDF Documents Detailing the Aforementioned Statements:

Merk Hires Fake Medical Journals For Trial

Alliance for Human Research Protection – Merck Paid Elsevier to Publish Phony Peer-Review Journal

In 2009, there was a bit of controversy when it was discovered that Merck along with the Schering-Plough Corporation had paid a collective $400,000 to fourteen university medical professors to promote a new cholesterol-lowering drug by delivering speeches to medical professionals and attending advisory meetings. It was later found that this drug, while raking in 7 billion dollars in sales had little to no value to most patients.

doctors < PDF Document entitled “Financial Conflicts of Interest in Medicine”

Then in 2010, two virologists that worked for Merck filed a federal lawsuit against their former employer under the False Claims Act, alleging the company lied about the effectiveness of their MMR vaccine. It has also come out recently that Merck senior management attempted to pay off its own vaccine scientists to remain silent about the fraud.


Chatham Primary Care in North Carolina also sued Merck stating that the company had known for a decade that its MMR vaccine is far less effective than the 95% that it tells the government it is. Merck needs to maintain this “95% efficacy” claim in order to maintain its status as the only manufacturer licensed by the FDA to sell the MMR vaccine in the U.S. The suit is still ongoing.

This isn’t the first time that Merck has had some issues surrounding one of its vaccines. Between 1955 and 1961 Merck developed a polio vaccine using kidney cells from African rhesus monkeys. It was later discovered that these monkeys contained what became known as the SV40 virus, even though it was dormant in them. This virus has been admittedly linked to various forms of cancers and immunodeficiency diseases that were unknown before the 1970s. And while most new versions of the vaccines did not contain this virus, it was known by some in the medical communities that some older batches were in circulation among certain populations until quite recently.


The virus was named for the effect it had on African green monkey cells. The complete viral genome was sequenced in 1978 through the work of Maurice Hilleman and others. A taped interview of Dr. Hilleman reveals that this polio vaccine created a snowball effect:

Dr. Edward Shorter: Tell me how you found SV40 and the polio vaccine.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: Well, that was at Merck. Yeah, I came to Merck. And uh, I was going to develop vaccines. And we had wild viruses in those days. You remember the wild monkey kidney viruses and so forth? And I finally after 6 months gave up and said that you cannot develop vaccines with these damn monkeys, we’re finished and if I can’t do something I’m going to quit, I’m not going to try it. So I went down to see Bill Mann at the zoo in Washington DC and I told Bill Mann, I said “look, I got a problem and I don’t know what the hell to do.” Bill Mann is a real bright guy. I said that these lousy monkeys are picking it up while being stored in the airports in transit, loading, off loading. He said, very simply, you go ahead and get your monkeys out of West Africa and get the African Green, bring them into Madrid unload them there, there is no other traffic there for animals, fly them into Philadelphia and pick them up. Or fly them into New York and pick them up, right off the airplane. So we brought African Greens in and I didn’t know we were importing the AIDS virus at the time.

CDCSV40 < Documentation from the CDC Regarding the SV40 Virus

CDC&SV40 < Documentation about the SV40 Virus in the Polio Vaccine

It should also be noted that MANY people who received the polio vaccine also contracted what was called a “polio-like illness” later on. It was also found that exposure to things like radiation will trigger the SV40 cancer virus to become active in humans later in life. The CDC recently admitted the link between the polio vaccine, SV40 and cancer on its web site and that millions may have been affected. However the CDC has apparently since removed that statement.


The CDC has been having headaches of its own recently as well. This past summer, there was a raging scandal at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) that didn’t get much play in the mainstream media. It centered round a chemical and biotech engineer and researcher out of Batelle/Pacific NW National Laboratory in Richland, WA named Brian Hooker and his numerous dialogues with a CDC scientist and researcher by the name of Dr. William S. Thompson. Thompson had worked on a report for the CDC’s National Immunization Program investigating the link between the MMR vaccine and autism back in 2004.


After being in contact with Dr. Thompson and others back in 2002-2003, Hooker was told by the CDC in 2004 that he could no longer contact CDC scientists due to his son being in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, stating he was “suing the CDC”. This was an untrue statement as the NVICP is a “no fault” program. Legislation was passed during the Regan administration stating that the manufacturers and administrators could not be faulted due to any injuries or deaths occurring from a vaccination.

After years of veritable silence, Hooker was contacted out of the blue by Dr. Thompson. They spoke in a series of recorded conversations over a period of 10 months in which Dr. Thompson laid out what Hooker described as “gross malfeasance and out and out fraud in the CDC”. Thompson began by informing Hooker of other ways he could access CDC data and studies of vaccines and autism.

Thompson coached Hooker in how to analyze the data, and when compelling data points came up showing that the link had indeed been hidden, Thompson would describe HOW it had been hidden. Dr. Thompson stated that the CDC had found the same relationship Hooker had from his scientific analysis, but instead of making it public, they would use “dubious” statistical methods to make it “go away”, or would out and out cover up the relationship.

Specifically a study was done in 2004 among African-American males in the Atlanta area in 2004. The findings of the study showed a direct correlation between the timing of the first MMR shot and autism in these children. Dr. Thompson was one of the authors of this study and he found these correlations and took them to his superiors. At this point he was specifically told to break protocol and do what he could do to dilute the statistics so the report would not show this relationship. One of the ways this was done by “disqualifying” children who did not have what were considered “valid” birth certificates. This caused the pool of subjects to shrink, causing the data and the correlation to be far less conclusive.

cdc autism study

Dr. Thompson also told Hooker of other instances where he had received “top-down” pressure to skew and cover-up data around thimerosol, the mercury-based preservative that was in the MMR vaccine until recently (it is still in many versions of the flu shot). Due to this continuous data manipulation at the CDC, research on autism had been set back by about a decade.

So why was there such pressure at the CDC to cover this up? Dr. Thompson explained to Hooker that the CDC had a very gross conflict of interest due to the fact that the majority of the vaccines in the U.S. are bought by the CDC directly from the vaccine manufacturer and distributes them to the state public health department. In the case of the MMR vaccine, that manufacturer is Merck.


Thompson described the top-down pressure to manipulate data came from as high up as the president of the CDC, who at that time was Dr. Julie Gerberding. Dr. Gerberding was the head of the CDC from 2001 to 2009. After resigning she went on to become the president of Merck and Co.’s Vaccine Production Division. Dr. Thompson stated that having doctors go between the agency and the pharmaceutical industry was commonplace at the CDC.

Below is PDF Documentation Displaying Gerberding’s Positition at Merck:


FINAL Remarks by Julie Gerberding

The debate surrounding the measles outbreak has had a very emotional and simplistic dialogue dividing people who vaccinate their children against people who do not.  We also tend to view medial science as this pure and incorruptible institution, run by people with a Christ-like standard of ethics.  But as we are beginning to see, there may be much more than meets the eye to this story and that the motivation for all of this measles hysteria may very well not be the well-being of the children.

As we move forward in this, continually ask yourself, “Who REALLY benefits from all of this?  And why is such a push happening NOW for everyone and their mom to buy a product to prevent what is not generally a fatal disease?”

As always, I have done my best to provide documentation and references for the above statements.  I encourage folks to do their own research on this issue as well, and encourage feedback.  Namaste.


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