“Harvard, with its well-publicized medical school, has received $8,764,433 of Rockefeller’s Drug Trust money; Yale got $7,927,800; Johns Hopkins $10,418,531; Washington University in St. Louis $2,842,132; New York’s Columbia University $5,424,371; Cornell University $1,709,072, etc., etc.,”
– Morris A. Bealle, investigative journalist, and former Washington Times editor.


According to the previously mentioned WebMD article, “Should Vaccination Be a Personal Choice?” the “scary new research” that linked the MMR vaccine to autism “has since been discredited”. They are of course referring to Dr. Andrew Wakefield out of the U.K. who, if one was to listen to the mainstream press, would think was the only person to ever do any sort of research finding such correlations.

This is very much a falsehood, but keeping things overly simplistic makes it easier to make it look like the opposition is a small isolated minority of “cooks”. On a side note, the article “discrediting” Wakefield has been proven to be fraudulent in its claims, and Dr. Wakefield is suing the individuals involved for things like liable and slander. And if you weren’t sure, Merck was the company creating the MMR vaccines in the U.K. as well.

As a matter of fact in early 2005, the Los Angeles Times obtained a memo from Merck and Co. where senior executives were concerned with mercury levels in their vaccines. The memo was authored in 1991 and revealed concerns of 6-month-old children getting dosages of mercury that were 87 times greater than what were considered safe doses. According to Dr. Maurice Hilleman in a memo to the president of the company’s vaccine division:

“When viewed in this way, the mercury load appears rather large.”



However the mercury was not removed until nearly two decades later. However, the mercury is gone from the MMR shot (it’s still in many brands of the flu shot), so what’s the problem with these “anti-vaxxers” now? One only need read the insert document that accompanies the MMR vaccine and read the potential side effects to understand. These potential side effects include: diarrhea, vomiting, anaphylactic shock, diabetes, pancreatitis (which can lead to a HOST of other issues later down the road), measles-like rash, and atypical measles.


But according to Dr. Paul Offit; another “expert” quoted extensively in the WebMD article “Should Vaccination Be a Personal Choice”; there is nothing to worry about in regards to the increasingly intensive vaccine schedule for children, which has risen dramatically in the last 30 years to 49 doses of 14 different vaccines by the age of 6. According to Offit, “You certainly don’t overwhelm the immune system by giving vaccines when recommended, and there’s everything to be lost… If you add up all the immunological components of vaccines today… It’s nothing… it’s literally a drop in the ocean of what you encounter and manage every day…”


However, what Offit is referring to is naturally occurring bacteria that bombard the human immune system on a daily basis, NOT synthetic chemicals injected into a human child. However, Offit is right when saying there is “everything to be lost”, as he has had a close relationship with Merck and Co. for many years. Offit has served as a paid consultant and was one of the creators of Merck’s RotaTeq rotavirus vaccine. Offit’s royalties from the sale of this vaccine are estimated between 29 and 50 million dollars.

comment51 < PDF Documentation Referencing Paul Offit’s Conflicts Of Interest

Paul-Offit-1306181 < PDF Documentation Referencing Paul Offit’s Conflicts Of Interest

FishervOffit1 < PDF Documentation Referencing Paul Offit’s Conflicts Of Interest

This brings to mind the quote from former editor-in-chief of “The New England Journal of Medicine”, Dr. Marcia Angell:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

However, the problem here lies with not just a few vocal “experts” with conflicts of interest. The problem goes much deeper than that. If you recall, I stated earlier that the “Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy” is the BEST-SELLING medical textbook IN THE WORLD. When a for-profit pharmaceutical company is publishing the most widely used textbook for the “education” of healthcare professionals in the world, then a GLARING conflict of interest will inevitably exist in the medical professional as a whole.

The main driver of any publicly traded corporation is by its nature going to be PROFIT. Therefore, any venture it is going to spend capital to undertake will be one designed to insure maximum profit for the company and the business as a whole. A pharmaceutical company publishing a medical textbook is about creating and ensuring a long-term market. Therefore the information the company would be disseminating would logically be geared toward maintaining and increasing profit and consumer base. That’s simple business logic.

Merck Manual- Century of Med Publishing

This is why the healthcare system is designed around “managed care” and the use of pharmaceutical products as opposed to any form of natural cures or disease prevention. There is no profit to Merck or the pharmaceutical industry by saying that various plants and herbs can ward off or even cure disease, so why would they publish that information? They wouldn’t. That would not be a smart business move. Couple this with a recent survey that found only 27% of U.S. medical schools currently meet the MINIMUM target of 25 hours set by the National Academy of Sciences for class time on nutrition, and you see that the issues with our healthcare system being compromised by pharmaceutical business interests starts at the fundamental level of the education of our medical professionals.


More and more people are beginning to feel that the medical industry does not have the best interests of them and their children as their top priority, resulting in what is being described by the press as a “generation of anti-vaxxers”. This has resulted in more and more people refusing to get their children vaccinated, which is not helping business at both Merck, who produces the vaccines and the CDC, who purchases the vaccines. All the talk about public safety and the rest of it aside, people not purchasing your product and calling not only its safety, but its effectiveness is BAD FOR BUSINESS.


Many folks in the general public really fail to see that the healthcare business is a business, and like any other corporation in this day and age, Merck is beholden to its shareholders to maximize its profits first and foremost. And let us not forget, that the CDC also has a bit of a stake in Merck’s financial success as well, and both are mutually hurt when the reputation of the other comes into question.

This is what happens when government agencies and large corporations become codependent in such a manner as has happened in the United States. If one falls, they both fall; and if the public loses its trust in confidence in the entity which would inevitably happen if any true wrongdoing was EVER admitted in the sphere of public health, then the WHOLE PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM COLLAPSES- and that is DEFINITELY bad for business.
So in this scenario, we can see the following:

1. A large multinational corporation with a legacy of working very closely with agencies within the U.S. government and a history of what could be considered “questionable” ethics. This same corporation has been seeing its profits fall over the past year, as well as continued headaches of lawsuits that have tarnished its reputation.

2. A large government agency with relational and financial ties to the aforementioned corporation. This agency also has a history of conflicts of interest within its workings. This agency has been troubled with whistleblowers that are tarnishing its credibility- something it ABSOLUTELY MUST PRESERVE in order to remain as any kind of authority.

3. A body of leading medical professionals in key positions of influence who have financial ties to the aforementioned pharmaceutical corporation as well as relational ties to the aforementioned government agency, and therefore a vested interest in the success and credibility of both. Any damage to the credibility of these organizations would be damage to the credibility of these individuals, which would be bad for their personal business.

4. A legion of healthcare professionals across the globe who have been educated that “good medicine” is equated with the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

5. A growing number of people who no longer have faith in these corporations, agencies or individuals. This has resulted in these “non-believers” no longer purchasing the products or abiding by the policies that keep these various entities profitable and relevant.

So it appears we have a bit of a problem here, so we need a solution. Luckily, the dream that you wish can come true at Disneyland. We’re going to put aside speculation on how measles got to Disneyland for the time being and we’re going to look at what’s really important- the ABSOLUTE HYSTERIA that has been pushed on all sides of the media with this story. The immediate results of this have been a renewed fear and hysteria around what was once considered a relatively harmless childhood disease that was comparable in seriousness to chickenpox and FAR more rare.

There has also been a vaccination “believers” vs. “non-believers” divide, and a very serious and venomous persecution of “anti-vaxxers” that has gone so far as to call for legal action and imprisonment. Loud public shaming and name-calling is a classic tactic of shutting down any kind of rational debate. The reason for this is that the nature of the debate on the ground an emotional one, rather than one guided by logic, and this has to do with one word that is hammered over and over and over again- CHILDREN.


With the media and the pundit’s lead, the debate around the measles outbreak is about “the children”- vaccines being needed to “protect the children” and people who don’t vaccinate being ones who would “hurt” or even “kill” the children. This dialogue is DELIBERATE, and appeals to the base instinct of human beings to protect their young. This creates and a fearfully emotional and protective response that more often than not bypasses the regions of reason and logic- and no one ever makes good decisions from a fearful state of mind.

Ebola didn’t get this kind of frenzy, but then again there were no stories regarding American children coming down with or being potentially threatened by Ebola. But Ebola didn’t really have a vaccine to sell, and if you look across the airwaves, the pharmaceutical industry has a very strong presence on pretty much every channel. Regardless of whether you’re watching Fox News, MSNBC or CNN, the pharmaceutical industry is a unifying force in politics and news reporting like no other.

On the legislative level, we see state after state attempting to pass legislation making vaccination mandatory and exemptions for schools and public sector jobs near-impossible. It could be noted that Merck was on record of spending well over $6 million on lobbying both sides of the aisle in recent elections. We also see private institutions giving in to public pressure and hysteria generated by the media as daycares, amusement parks and various other businesses require employees to be vaccinated.

In Oregon, lawmakers are looking to require that parents get some kind of “education about vaccines” before they can refuse shots for school aged children. Legislators here are “very concerned” about the low vaccination rates happening here, even though last I checked ONE case had been reported so far in the state this year.

Washington, California, Michigan and Minnesota are looking at passing similar legislation, according to Diane Peterson, an associate director at the Immunization Action Coalition- a nonprofit launched in 2002 “with sole funding from the CDC” and a member of the Immunization Alliance, which was founded in 2008 to restore confidence among parents due to the vaccine controversy and the related controversies in autism- in other words a public relations or “PR” organization.

Essentially what we have here with this whole Disneyland measles scare is a MASSIVE PR STUNT designed to restore confidence in the medical authorities and sell their products. Let’s break this down again: Merck’s profits are falling, they’re being sued, their reputation is repeatedly being tarnished, and the public is not buying their products. The CDC is being marred in controversy and losing credibility as a reputable authority- which it needs in order to maintain funding and continue to have legitimacy as a government entity- and it has already paid for a bunch of vaccines that people aren’t taking.

So if you are Merck and the CDC how do you solve this problem? You manufacture and/or take advantage of a situation and create a crisis mentality in the population through the media; whipping them into a frenzy around disease and fear for their children’s lives. The “unbiased experts” now line up and espouse that the problem lies in people not vaccinating their children. At this point the CDC can re-establish itself as the reputable savior of public health and be the guiding light to a panicked public, directing the public that all they need to do to solve this problem is “get the vaccine”- the vaccine that Merck makes. This also allows pressure to be put on legislators to create legislation making vaccination mandatory, ensuring a steady long-term flow of income for Merck and Co.

This is what happens when you have the problem of “State-Sponsored Scientism”– which is dogmatic (rooted in belief and authority) scientific theory and practice that is anointed with legitimacy by the power and influence of the state and preached and followed like a religion.

As always, I encourage you to investigate any and all of these points on your own,  If any of this information conflicts of what you believe or feel you know to be true, then I encourage you to look into it even more.


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