“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”
– Marcia Angell, M.D., F.A.C.P.- First female editor-in-chief of NEJM and one of Time Magazine’s 25 most influential Americans of 1997

Before I conclude with this extensive posting, a couple new things have happened since I began writing. First, Dr. William Thompson, the whistleblower at the CDC I discussed at length in part one, has apparently been given “immunity” (funny play on words, huh?) to testify before congress. One should keep in mind a couple things before going forward: first of all, Dr. Thompson STILL WORKS at the CDC, so obviously some sort of agreement was made after word of this all came out so he could keep his job.

Secondly, this will be the government investigating itself, and if you don’t think any of the members of congress have taken some “campaign contributions” from Merck or any other pharmaceutical company invested in maintaining the image of safety and legitimacy around vaccines, then I have a bridge I’ll sell you… it’s on the Moon.

The second new development is out of Washington State and is the introduction of legislation (Senate Bill 5822) which would allow pharmacists to order and administer ALL vaccines. Currently only the flu shot is given, so passage of this legislation (and the inevitable copycat bills that will pop up in other states) would expand the vaccine market EXPONENTIALLY. This would be a HUGE victory for the vaccine industry.

That being said, I want to reflect on all of this. Obviously I am passionate about this issue or I would not have spent the amount of hours it has taken to research this data and attempt to lay it all out in a coherent manner. I understand the importance of keeping the body- the physical expression of the spirit and soul- free of disease and toxic chemicals. Vaccination is at its best a weak substitute for building natural immunity, and at its worst a crippling and deadly mistake.

The litanies of chemicals that are used as “preservatives” in every vaccine administered to the GENERAL PUBLIC are degenerative neurotoxins whose effects sometimes onset quickly, but very often materialize slowly and are amplified by other synthetic chemicals that are introduced into the body. This will be the first generation that won’t outlive its parents and it’s not just due to obesity.


Instinctively people know something is wrong. Why are we getting more and more drugs prescribed to us and our children, while at the same time we are watching people getting sicker and sicker with new and exotic forms of “degenerative disease”- diseases not created by these ages-old viruses we are all terrified of? We instinctively know that pharmaceuticals and expensive procedures do NOT equate with better heath, wellbeing, and vitality, but something seems to be guiding us away from what is natural and instinctual.

Through the use of our trust in those people we have given the role of our protectors and trusted wise men and women, commercial entities with self-serving purpose and no real moral, ethical or social conscience that trumps the responsibility of maximum shareholder returns have distorted how we see health and wellness. Our view of health has ultimately become what will inevitably benefit the longevity of the corporation. You can eat all the fruits, veggies and whole grains the Food Pyramid tells you, but if your body breaks down through continued usage of toxic synthetic pharmaceuticals, IT WILL NOT MATTER.


So here’s the bottom line: we have an increasing number of “scheduled” vaccines that are full of toxins that are known to cause degenerative conditions typically in a sort of “time-released” manner. These vaccines are given at an early age. We then have all of these health issues in more and more children (many of which are listed in the vaccine inserts), who when taken to a doctor who was educated by the drug company textbooks, and are prescribed an array of pharmaceuticals that are also made by the manufacturers of the vaccines. These pharmaceuticals cause other degenerative issues, so they have to go back to the doctor who just give more vaccines and prescribes more drugs. Eventually their body degenerates to the point of being told they need expensive procedures, then more vaccines, then more drugs, then more side-effects, then more procedures, and so on until they’re broke and dead.

On an ethical level, the above scenario is MONSTROUS. However, if you are a business that wants to create customers for life, than it is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in creating cures, they need to create CUSTOMERS. That’s the real “hustle” here and that’s why we need to move as far away from these pharmaceutical companies, their products, and their often unwitting agents as we possibly can. Modern “heroic” medicine, while absolutely phenomenal at saving lives in emergency situations is an abject FAILURE in the realm of degenerative disease, and will continue to be so as long as it continues to align itself with the “disease manufacturer” itself.

This blog is ultimately about alchemy, so I will conclude on this topic in that perspective. Alchemy is the purification of the human being through understanding and skillful use of the Laws of Nature and Creation. Use of vaccines; despite the deafening claims of all the “high priests” of modern medical “science” and all of their media scribes and cult following; runs counter to the laws of nature. Vaccines pollute the body of the human being with a litany of synthetic toxins that interfere with the chemical and electrical workings of the body necessary for full integration of Mind, Body and Spirit.

The word “sin” is derived from a Greek archery term which means to “miss the mark”; to error. When we attempt to subvert and do an “end run” around the Laws of Nature and Creation, we miss the mark. It could be argued that since alchemy is, in one definition, the use of chemical and mineral compounds for the process of “transforming” the human being, then vaccination is a form of alchemy.

However, in traditional alchemy, certain processes are undertaken to capture the natural and vital life essence of the elements. Vaccination involves injecting diseased matter (live or dead) and synthetic (a false imitation of a natural substance) compounds into the human body. I would suggest that this process is alchemy of a dark kind- the kind that goes against the Laws of Nature and the Principle of Life.


Viruses in and of themselves are not “evil” and are a part of nature, whether we like it or not. Our attempt to “eradicate” a part of Nature, regardless of whether or not we are capable of understanding is extremely misguided. Humanity’s obsessive fear of death and these “invisible” killers works only in our own detriment. The fact that we say we want to destroy these viruses and then create new ones in labs is also a bit laughable. All we need to do is align ourselves with Nature and use her Nature’s tools to thrive. We don’t need to eradicate anything.

Western society has a very morbid terror and obsession with our concept of death and what we THINK it is. We fear death because we do not fully understand life. We do not understand Nature so we attempt to control it. This all leads to our own suffering and the suffering of our children and the suffering of those animals sentenced to be tortured and killed “for the greater good”. The greater good is a meaningless concept for those who don’t understand the Truth of Life- the fact that we ARE eternal. This has been known since time immemorial, but we have forgotten. Even many those who say they “believe” fail to know in their hearts.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what they feel is best for him or her. All I am saying is that if your goal is internal purification; having your mind and body resonate with the spirit, then injecting diseased matter and synthetic neurotoxins into your body probably isn’t a good idea. I’m also saying if you’re really concerned with your children getting disease, you probably don’t want to inject them full of chemicals that CAUSE disease.

horrible monster vaccination

People are scared right now, and fear completely constricts the mind and heart, causing one to seek quick and immediate, and often very rash “solutions”. Fear will ultimately make one more willing to abdicate their own personal power and responsibility to the “higher authority” who promises they can save them and those they love. It is also hard for people to admit that decisions they made and things they believed were wrong- especially if being wrong may have caused them to unknowingly harm their children.

Moving out of fear can be hard; especially when fear becomes a way of life. Admitting we were wrong can be hard; especially when we have never known things to be done any other way or have been told by people we trust that to go against their will could cause harm to those we love. However, when we discover who we truly are; when we understand how the Laws of Nature and Creation work; when we understand the Truth of the Principles of Light, Life and Love- then, and only then, can we move forward on the path toward true wellbeing and freedom from “dis-ease”.

I encourage folks to revisit the second part of my posting on “Rethinking Flu Shot Season” for tips on boosting immunity NATURALLY, and until next time, Namaste and God Bless.


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