“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government…”
– Thomas Jefferson- The Declaration of Independence

Mainstream pop-culture in present-day America tends to denounce anyone who refers to the above quote in any other context than in a history class, as anything from “crazy right-winger” or “teabagger”, to “extremist” and “terrorist”. We see it over and over again depicted in television and movies- the crazy right -wing extremist with their conspiracy theories about government tyranny being a domestic terrorist (and a racist because they’re usually white men), with a stockpile of guns and ammo, living in an underground bunker.


A recent CNN article responding to last month’s “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism” stated the following:

“They’re carrying out sporadic terror attacks on police, have threatened attacks on government buildings and reject government authority… A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism”

The article went on to say:

“Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention… The Homeland Security report, produced in coordination with the FBI, counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010… The government says these are extremists who believe that they can ignore laws and that their individual rights are under attack in routine daily instances such as a traffic stop or being required to obey a court order.”

We are essentially led to believe that people who are label themselves as “sovereign citizens” or have any number of “qualifiers” to be labelled as such, (‘preppers’, anti-government, pro-constitution, etc.) are dangerous and want to go on shooting sprees and ultimately overthrow the government. We have profiles of these classes of people given to local law enforcement by Homeland Security and the FBI (see the MIAC Report).

miac-strategic-report <Missouri Information Analysis Center report on Militia Movement

However it should be noted that the FBI has a well-documented tendency to provocateur and enable terrorist activity that it then “thwarts” (sort of like fire departments starting fires that they then put out in order to maintain funding). Furthermore, I challenge folks to look into these 24 cases cited (which is a very small number in statistical terms) for themselves and see what they find.


This ramped-up fear of right-wing “extremism” brings back memories of the Oklahoma City Bombing. It should be noted that the FBI has been involved in a case surrounding the 1995 bombing and the family of a eyewitness to the events leading up to the bombing, Kenneth Michael Trentadue, who was later found hanging in his cell after being picked up on unrelated charges shortly thereafter. Local Fox 13 out of Utah reported last year:

“Jesse Trentadue said John Matthews, whom he claimed worked as an undercover government operative in the militia movement in the 1990s, had been contacted by an FBI agent and told ‘it would be best if he didn’t show up to testify.’… Trentadue told FOX 13 that Matthews had known convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh and worked for the government in an operation targeting the patriot militia movement known as ‘PATCON.’… ‘He was part of an operation the FBI ran for a decade during the ’90s where they would infiltrate, and it’s questionable whether they incited the right wing,’ he told FOX 13… To bolster his case, Trentadue introduced into evidence an FBI lead sheet that had been heavily redacted. It claims that the ATF and FBI had ‘prior knowledge of the bomb’ and the agencies had attempted to set up a ‘sting operation and did not take the bomb threat seriously.’”

Again, the FBI and other federal agencies have been caught enabling and creating terror attacks many, many times. However this has not stopped the narrative of the dangerous “lone” right-wing extremist from being parroted in the media repeatedly. One may even recall that before the suspects of the 2013 Boston Bombings were chosen, the immediate response all over the media by the “reporters” and pundits was that it was an act of right-wing domestic terrorism. You might recall that some aspects of that “label” were still pinned to the Tsarnaev brothers after the fact (ie. 9-11 “truth-er”, Alex Jones follower, etc.).

So who are these “extremists” really? Who are these people we are being taught to fear? More often than not these are veterans and rural folk and people who want to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and want to be left alone- especially when it comes to government. Many of these folks don’t believe in the legality of the income tax (and there is MUCH historical and legal evidence to back that claim up) or the national security state. These are people who want to “throw off the chains” of what they see as an increasingly intrusive and oppressive government.


These folks can tend to be “separatists” or even “secessionists” when it comes to government. They want to, as Jefferson stated “throw off” government and live life and raise their families according to their own terms, morals and values. These folks will often tend to migrate toward rural areas and try and live “off the grid”. My question is that if these are people whose every action seems to be geared towards being self-reliant with a strong desire to simply be left alone, then why are they deemed as being so dangerous to society?

Obviously the first thing pointed at by the media and pop-culture is the fact that these “extremists” believe in the right to “keep and bear arms”- and not just in a hunting sense. It is hard to ignore the “echo chamber” created in the media regarding owning firearms for the defense of oneself, one’s family and one’s community as an overtly negative thing that inevitably leads to the deaths of innocent schoolchildren and police officers.


This reminds me of a recent anecdote a friend of mine told me about when he and another co-worker of his were discussing strange inconsistencies regarding 9-11. At one point, another co-worker of theirs overheard them and vehemently chastised them for being “conspiracy theorists” who would potentially go and “shoot up a school”. This is the sort of fear-based mindset being disseminated to the public regarding anyone who questions the government.

All that aside, I have there to be a less-overt characteristic of this “sovereign citizen equals domestic terrorist” narrative; and this involves the difference between what it means to “throw off” government versus what it means to “overthrow” government- something that many, including myself until recently, never thought any distinction between the two terms.

To “throw off” is essentially the severance of ties or the ending of a relationship. Think of throwing off the covers in the morning. The blankets are still intact (hopefully) and no damage has come to them, they just aren’t on you anymore. To “throw off” a government means you separate from that governing body and establish a different form of “governance” elsewhere. It is a separation- like separating from a spouse- “you do your thing and I’ll do mine”. The act of throwing off or separating is in and of itself a nonviolent act. Violence typically only happens when the party being separated from attempts to “hold on” to the relationship and maintain it through use of violent force, coercion, extortion, manipulation and/or other methods of control.

“Overthrow” on the other hand, is inherently forceful and more often than not, violent. Overthrow inevitably involves one individual or group imposing their will upon another. It is about physically forcing someone to abdicate or cease what they were doing so you can do it “your way”, which is the “better way”. Overthrow is a battle of egos. When a government is overthrown, it involves a forceful takeover or “coup” through the use of violent force, coercion, extortion, manipulation and/or other methods of imposing the will.

Historically speaking, the American Revolution was a “throwing off”, as the colonists did not seek to go to London and overthrow the British government. They simply wished to separate and live independently. Conversely, the French Revolution was an “overthrow”, as the palace was stormed, the monarchy and government officials (an everyone with any sort of remote connection to them) was executed, with the “overthrowers” setting up shop in their place and paving way for a dictatorship.


The vast majority of revolutions are “overthrow” revolutions. It should also be noted that the VAST majority of those revolutions created a more oppressive government than the one they got rid of. The Bolshevik Revolution that established the Soviet Union in Russia and surrounding territories in 1917, and the vast amount of suffering and death it caused is one of the best examples of this principle.

We are led to believe that these “sovereign citizens” are domestic terrorists who want to overthrow the government, when in truth they simply want to throw off the government and be left alone. The word “sovereign” means “self-rule”- this is the ideology of the sovereign citizen- one of self-determination, self-sufficiency and self-rule. This ideology is exactly why they are so dangerous to government. The government is well armed doesn’t actually fear attack, but it does fear the removal of the resources it gets from its compliant citizens.

Government cannot exist without a population to rule over and accept its ruling status. If it does not have this basic source of food, it withers and dies. And yes, while government is made up of “individuals”, individuals fall victim to a sort of gang or mob mentality when involved in any sort of large institutional body, which is compartmentalized and maintained by a top-down authority structure.  This loss of individuality and the desire to please authority creates a sort of “hive mind” that turns the institution into a sort of machine; the larger the government or institution or corporation, etc., the greater this phenomenon.

I would also add, the larger the government, the more resources it needs to sustain itself. These resources are typically taken from its “citizens” in the form of taxation, property, labor, etc.


The sovereign is dangerous because his/her IDEA is dangerous to the life of the state, because if people were to separate themselves from the Federal and State government system, “ending their relationship” to it, then the way of life for the politicians, bureaucrats, and the corporate interests that use the system to enrich themselves would be over. This is why Homeland Security has been stating these sovereign citizen groups as more of a threat than Al-Qaeda. If people were to realize that they are capable of surviving and thriving without the authority of a governing class and the “safety” and “infrastructure” it claims to provide, then government as we know it would be without a job.

We are taught to equate government with society and civilization. We are even taught in western society that “we are the government”, but when was the last time we were in a cabinet session or involved in creating legislation or setting foreign or even domestic policy? Having us vote every few years is akin to letting your two-year-old bang his toy hammer on the piece of wood you’re using to build his new bedroom. However, many are coming to realize that our government doesn’t serve the interests of the people at large. It serves the interests of the moneyed class. Statism (a belief system in which the state should have substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs, and trump the rights/needs of the individual) is tied to mercantilism. Author Richard Hoskins stated the following:

“The Merchant must establish a King to protect him and promote his interests.”

We may see monarchy as a thing of the past, but so-called “democratic” governments still operate under the same basic principles as the old feudal systems of serfdom. The state has the “right” to tax and micromanage your life because you live on ITS land (outright property ownership practically non-existent with property taxation); just as a king or a noble had the “right” to tax and micromanage the lives of the serfs who lived on their land. And the king and nobility, while “land rich”, were forever in debt to the merchant and banking class who financed their endeavors- the more things change…

However, history is like a mosaic and most folks are looking at it up close. This may be part of the reason why we still believe we need government like mom, or dad, or even God. We are taught that the world could not exist in any sort of livable manner without it. And many of us BELIEVE this in some manner. We are taught that those who don’t contribute to and comply with government and its wishes aren’t “pulling their weight in society” and are anti-civilization and dangerous. The truth is, if everyone stopped paying their income taxes tomorrow, the sky would not fall and human civilization would go on.


We are taught that those who go against the wishes of government want to destroy our way of life. We are taught to believe we NEED government. Why do you think such a spectacle is made every time a “government shutdown” looms? It is to further cement into the consciousness that government is the sustainer of human civilization and order. The truth is, we don’t need government to survive. Our ancient ancestors did not; the lone settlers who established homesteads in the old west did not, and neither do we. We have just become comfortable and accustomed to abdicating our power to others.

This is why WE fear people who would “overthrow the government”. We believe we need it to keep us safe and maintain order, as we have forgotten how to do these things ourselves. We have become detached from who we are to the point where we have forgotten our roots as beings from the Mother Earth who have within ourselves her infinite wisdom, least of which is how to survive and protect ourselves and our families.

We should look at how we are persecuting and fear-mongering around these sovereign citizens and how it has become socially acceptable to do so with historical perspective. We look at them as dangerous outsiders, lashing out at them for the way they see and live life and labelling them as “enemies of the state” due to their desire for separateness and their unwillingness to support the government and mainstream commercial pop-culture. Because of their affiliation we view them as those that would subvert and destroy our way of life. Of course there are going to be unbalanced and violent people in any strata of society and any socio-political movement, but to single out and label whole group of people as dangerous based on their ideology and how they want to live their life and because of the actions of a small number of individuals (many of whom had links to government infiltration groups) is wrong. This is why many Jews and Communists and other political “undesirables” were rounded up and put in forced labor camps in Nazi Germany. This is the EXACT same ideology and justification. We are told to be tolerant of everyone, EXCEPT these people.


Government is not morality and it is not community, even though it seems to masquerade as such. While we see a constant megaphoning of “doing our part” when it comes to complying with government, we see and hear very little when it comes to promoting individual communities looking out for their own local interests and associating freely. We don’t need government to build community nor do we need it to tell us what is right and what is wrong. These things are “written on our hearts”. Human beings need to be allowed to learn and grow and build relationships in a natural, organic way, rather than constricted and molded to meet the needs and desires of the governing class and the merchant and banking oligarchs that feed of the power of the government and the livelihood of the people.

Belief in external authority and helpless dependence upon external entities like government and its ideology of collectivism runs counter to the inherent individuality and self-determination of the true spiritual seeker. The true spiritual seeker seeks mastery over him or herself and recognizes this self-mastery or self-rule, aka. sovereignty cannot be achieved through threats, manipulation, or force from any external entity or from themselves. We cannot overthrow our lesser nature and character defects and we certainly can’t have someone else do it for us. We cannot use force to get the ego out of its seat of power and control. We need separate ourselves from our counter-productive “thinkings and doings” that keep us in a state of internal division and chaos. We “throw off” these things and surrender to a new way of doing and being.

Screenshot 2014-10-20 at 11.28.39 PM

As Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas, “..when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner… then will you enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

This can be looked at as uniting this inner sovereignty of BEING with the outer sovereignty of DOING. And while we realize and readily accept that we may have responsibility and ties to those we have chosen to bring into our lives, we recognize and maintain this as all done by our own free will, and we refuse to accept imposition by an external “authority” that demands and involuntary and compulsory relationship we did not ask for, as if it is our “birth right”.

Our birth right is the willful and voluntary discovery of and building our relationship with the Divine Light within that is our connection to the universe and the limitless potential that comes with it. The realization of this limitless potential, completely unbound from the restraints of our would-be rulers or “archons” (both internally and externally), is FAR more dangerous to the state and the established “order” than owning a gun or not paying taxes. They just don’t believe we can ever do it, but I do. I KNOW we can.


“Let our Mind, Heart and Will be Unified in the Light of Christ and Moved to Action by the Holy Spirit.”



“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life”
– John 14:6


There is and has been for centuries, a tendency, especially among men to ignore the feeling/emotional aspect of consciousness. They would prefer to move straight from thought to action, removing feeling and emotion from the equation. This centuries-old suppression/repression of the feminine aspect of consciousness has played out through the removal of the Divine Feminine from the Holy Trinity of Christianity (although Catholics still venerate the Virgin Mary as an important, but still lesser figure) as well as the other patriarchal religions.

We have also seen this played out in centuries of degradation, suppression, and repression of women in general, which has resulted in untold violence and abuse.  This history of institutionalized abuse and the resentment it has caused created a backlash that has since been used as a divide and conquer gambit by the political class in recent decades through increased manipulation of the feminist movement, seeking to replace men with the state as partner and provider.

Women's Liberation Movement

This is all due to men and patriarchal society not wishing to deal with the emotional content of its collective subconscious. However, this feminine aspect WILL manifest in us whether we choose to incorporate it consciously or not. When we refuse to recognize fully the emotional effect of what our conscious mind takes in and subsequently puts out, then our actions are stunted and perverted. The conscious mind receives as well- this is its feminine component, as all things have both gender components, it is just the nature of its primary functions that determines how it is “labelled”.

When our thoughts, feelings and actions are not aligned, we are divided internally. When we are divided internally, chaos and misfortune appears in our lives- the stronger the internal division, the greater the degree of chaos and misfortune. However when we bring these three elements into harmony with one another, we bring ourselves to a point of “unity” consciousness- we are internally united. The Laws of Creation always shift towards unity and will show up in our lives accordingly.

We do this by living the mantra, “As I think, so I feel, so I act.” When I was living in my addiction, I would be consciously plotting on how I could get another “fix”, but I would simultaneously feel how wrong it was to hurt myself and those I cared about. But I would run over these with my thoughts of how bad I wanted to act out and my actions would result in me doing so. I was living in a state of internal division.

04 (2)

Now, through the work of knowing myself and my thought patterns and triggers and consequences of doing so, I do not think of how to act out and think of other more important things, I feel that it is wrong for my life to act out, and I choose through connecting to the higher will to act in a different way than before. The key is honesty, as true unity only comes when we truly think and feel a certain way and our actions reflect that, as opposed to lying to ourselves.

This is done by first knowing our own thoughts and beliefs, as well as knowing and understanding the thoughts and beliefs being imposed upon us from society and the mass mind. It is done through knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world around us (and within us). The opposite of this is willful ignorance and blind acceptance of false belief systems about ourselves and the world around us.

Second, we need to deal with our emotions as they come and express them in a healthy manner. Ignoring them or stuffing them down creates what the Tibetans called “black bags”, which muddy and poison the waters of our subconscious and manifest as destructive habits and patterns in our lives and the world at large. This need for expression of feelings and emotions is where creative outlets such as writing, visual art and expressive movement can play such a crucial role. This is also where the need to listen and be “in tune” with our feelings comes in. We follow our heart. Our heart knows what is right and wrong. True morality is etched onto our heart by the hand of God.


This manifests true care. When we know and understand the truth of things and feel it in our heart- when we are not afraid to feel. This is opposed to care of the fickle and selfish whims of ego and being apathetic towards what we deep down know is right.

It takes courage to do the right thing- especially when we are afraid of the opinions and reactions of others. It takes courage to activate the divine Will and not just follow the crowd. This is how we manifest right action. Consciously understanding truth with the mind, then feeling the true care for and desire to birth this truth we are then moved to give the truth life through our actions.

This action can be working for social change, feeding the homeless, doing kind deeds for others, or just saying a kind word and being a supportive ear for someone in need. For me right now, my “divine child” is sharing what I know and understand as truth in this blog, with the hopes that at least one person somewhere out there will find it helpful or inspiring and perhaps be able to spread that to others.

The opposite of right action taken with conscious understanding is the unconscious rash action of foolishness or the complete non-action of laziness and cowardice. I think it is safe to say that nearly all of us have been guilty of unconscious action or cowardly or lazy inaction multiple times throughout our lives.

In the story of “The Wizard of Oz”, author L. Frank Baum inserted this alchemical truth of the triune importance of mind, heart and courage/will. The Scarecrow lacked a brain, i.e. mind or true knowledge. The Tin Man lacked a heart, i.e. true care. The Lion of course lacked courage, the will to face fears and take right and true action. These were allegorical characters that represented this triune need of the individual to “acquire” these things, or rather bring them into conscious realization. As it is takes these three things to be used in harmony within the individual to perform the Great Work that is needed.


This bringing of balance manifests itself through what the Taoists referred to as the three Tan Tiens. These are energy centers located in the physiology of the head, the heart, and just below the navel. The third Tan Tien I mentioned is utilized extensively in martial arts practice. This is the energy center that draws up our root power from the Earth and drives our movements and actions. These energy centers act as transformers for the energetic currents that surround us and feed our life force or Chi.

The process of bringing these power centers into balance and alignment also brings the masculine and feminine aspects of our consciousness into harmony as well. Physically residing in the left and right hemispheres of the brain, respectively; or more accurately, they are being received from the Great Mind that surrounds us and being transmitted into the physiology by the brain. These masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness give birth to the Christ Child within when brought into unification.

This forms an internal cross within us; with the horizontal unification and balance of the ‘right-brain’ feminine aspect and the ‘left brain’ masculine aspect of one’s consciousness, along with the vertical unification and harmonizing of the Mind, Heart and Will (the center of action and courage) of the individual. Think of yourself as a musical instrument that is ever in the process of being tuned to play increasingly beautiful music. Right now, humanity is just beginning to rediscover its song- the song of creation.



“Let’s put you in the position of a ‘child of wisdom’ so you have that… Zen mind or ‘beginners mind’… but you also have the wisdom of the adult, so you become this fresh force in the universe which is…very opposed to external authority because it isn’t necessary…because we are standing on our own two feet and realizing that the ‘authority’ emanates within us. If psychology helps us achieve some of that freedom, then it falls upon us to educate ourselves to be our own psychologists and psychiatrists… to identify things; to formulate better patterns of behavior; to learn how to bring the heart and the mind in closer connection..”
– Neil Kramer, author and philosopher

The concept of the “Trinity” or “Tri-une Being” permeates all spiritual traditions. Those of us brought up in or around the Judeo-Christian tradition are probably familiar with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit/Ghost concept popularized by the Catholic Church. I am going to be delving into this basic principle of reality and how it presents itself in our lives through the Hermetic/Natural Law Principle of Correspondence which states, “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

I’m going to start on the ground floor and get into the reality that I talked about in my posting entitled, “Preparation for Step One”, which was that our thoughts, feelings, and actions are interconnected. Not only are they interrelated, but they are where “the rubber meets the road” when it comes to how Trinity shows up in our daily lives.

Our conscious thinking mind rules our existence (at least for most of us). It tells us what we are seeing, what we are hearing and most importantly, it judges the truth or falsehood about these things (albeit not always correctly). Every thought has a life of its own- a potential direction and purpose, as well as a “back-story”- the reason why we are thinking this particular thought in this way. These thoughts arise out of “the Void” of raw awareness- the place of potentials.

Our thoughts are what we use to create our world. Right now, each word I am writing (and then typing) is born as a thought from the Void of awareness before it is ‘manifested’ on a page, and then a computer screen. Our thoughts are a mirroring of the creative potential and expression, or “Father” of the universe (as above, so below; as below, so above). This is seen as a “male” principle due to what happens next after the thought arises. Let us recall the Hermetic/Natural Law Principle of Gender: “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”


As you are sitting there, I want you to think of your most beloved pet, or a good experience you had with a friend, partner or family member. Now, how do you feel? Hopefully you feel happy or joyful, but whatever the feeling(s), no doubt you probably FEEL something (or at least I hope so). This is because our thoughts are the progenitor (ie. Father) of our emotions and our actions. The conscious thought creates this by ‘impregnating’ the sub-conscious mind with its seed. Our subconscious mind is our feeling mind. This is the “feminine” and undoubtedly the most complex aspect of our Trinity.

We humans are feeling creatures. We feel all the time, with or without thoughts to stir anything up. However, when thoughts are injected into this feeling aspect of our consciousness, then emotions are created. Emotions are stronger than feelings by order of magnitude due to the force of the conscious thinking mind “stirring the waves” of the subconscious feeling mind. Emotions are produced when on some level, we truly care for or about someone or something.

It is this true care that moves the feminine aspect of our conscious being from her still and receptive state as Holy Ghost to her active state as Holy Spirit. Now this is more of a responding state of action, as opposed to the male form of initiative activity. She has been impregnated with the thought seed, and now she experiences the “labor” of emotion that will give birth to action.

Action is the “Son” of thought and feeling/emotion (again it is a male principle due to its general nature of pure initiative action); the nature or intensity of the action is typically relative to the nature or intensity of the relationship between thought and feeling and the emotions generated. Every action we take, even just speaking a sentence or getting up out of our chair, is formed in this way. This process is determined first and foremost by the focus and nature of our attention.


Remember, what we focus our attention upon is what we manifest. However do not misinterpret this as saying that what we choose not to focus on is not real or deserving of our attention. This point of view is nothing more than a trick of ego attachment- something I will be getting into at a later time. Remember, the ego is our sense of separateness and self-preservation. Ego is an aspect of the conscious mind that has fooled most people into believing it is the totality of the mind. With that, I will leave you until next time. Namaste.