“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life”
– John 14:6


There is and has been for centuries, a tendency, especially among men to ignore the feeling/emotional aspect of consciousness. They would prefer to move straight from thought to action, removing feeling and emotion from the equation. This centuries-old suppression/repression of the feminine aspect of consciousness has played out through the removal of the Divine Feminine from the Holy Trinity of Christianity (although Catholics still venerate the Virgin Mary as an important, but still lesser figure) as well as the other patriarchal religions.

We have also seen this played out in centuries of degradation, suppression, and repression of women in general, which has resulted in untold violence and abuse.  This history of institutionalized abuse and the resentment it has caused created a backlash that has since been used as a divide and conquer gambit by the political class in recent decades through increased manipulation of the feminist movement, seeking to replace men with the state as partner and provider.

Women's Liberation Movement

This is all due to men and patriarchal society not wishing to deal with the emotional content of its collective subconscious. However, this feminine aspect WILL manifest in us whether we choose to incorporate it consciously or not. When we refuse to recognize fully the emotional effect of what our conscious mind takes in and subsequently puts out, then our actions are stunted and perverted. The conscious mind receives as well- this is its feminine component, as all things have both gender components, it is just the nature of its primary functions that determines how it is “labelled”.

When our thoughts, feelings and actions are not aligned, we are divided internally. When we are divided internally, chaos and misfortune appears in our lives- the stronger the internal division, the greater the degree of chaos and misfortune. However when we bring these three elements into harmony with one another, we bring ourselves to a point of “unity” consciousness- we are internally united. The Laws of Creation always shift towards unity and will show up in our lives accordingly.

We do this by living the mantra, “As I think, so I feel, so I act.” When I was living in my addiction, I would be consciously plotting on how I could get another “fix”, but I would simultaneously feel how wrong it was to hurt myself and those I cared about. But I would run over these with my thoughts of how bad I wanted to act out and my actions would result in me doing so. I was living in a state of internal division.

04 (2)

Now, through the work of knowing myself and my thought patterns and triggers and consequences of doing so, I do not think of how to act out and think of other more important things, I feel that it is wrong for my life to act out, and I choose through connecting to the higher will to act in a different way than before. The key is honesty, as true unity only comes when we truly think and feel a certain way and our actions reflect that, as opposed to lying to ourselves.

This is done by first knowing our own thoughts and beliefs, as well as knowing and understanding the thoughts and beliefs being imposed upon us from society and the mass mind. It is done through knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world around us (and within us). The opposite of this is willful ignorance and blind acceptance of false belief systems about ourselves and the world around us.

Second, we need to deal with our emotions as they come and express them in a healthy manner. Ignoring them or stuffing them down creates what the Tibetans called “black bags”, which muddy and poison the waters of our subconscious and manifest as destructive habits and patterns in our lives and the world at large. This need for expression of feelings and emotions is where creative outlets such as writing, visual art and expressive movement can play such a crucial role. This is also where the need to listen and be “in tune” with our feelings comes in. We follow our heart. Our heart knows what is right and wrong. True morality is etched onto our heart by the hand of God.


This manifests true care. When we know and understand the truth of things and feel it in our heart- when we are not afraid to feel. This is opposed to care of the fickle and selfish whims of ego and being apathetic towards what we deep down know is right.

It takes courage to do the right thing- especially when we are afraid of the opinions and reactions of others. It takes courage to activate the divine Will and not just follow the crowd. This is how we manifest right action. Consciously understanding truth with the mind, then feeling the true care for and desire to birth this truth we are then moved to give the truth life through our actions.

This action can be working for social change, feeding the homeless, doing kind deeds for others, or just saying a kind word and being a supportive ear for someone in need. For me right now, my “divine child” is sharing what I know and understand as truth in this blog, with the hopes that at least one person somewhere out there will find it helpful or inspiring and perhaps be able to spread that to others.

The opposite of right action taken with conscious understanding is the unconscious rash action of foolishness or the complete non-action of laziness and cowardice. I think it is safe to say that nearly all of us have been guilty of unconscious action or cowardly or lazy inaction multiple times throughout our lives.

In the story of “The Wizard of Oz”, author L. Frank Baum inserted this alchemical truth of the triune importance of mind, heart and courage/will. The Scarecrow lacked a brain, i.e. mind or true knowledge. The Tin Man lacked a heart, i.e. true care. The Lion of course lacked courage, the will to face fears and take right and true action. These were allegorical characters that represented this triune need of the individual to “acquire” these things, or rather bring them into conscious realization. As it is takes these three things to be used in harmony within the individual to perform the Great Work that is needed.


This bringing of balance manifests itself through what the Taoists referred to as the three Tan Tiens. These are energy centers located in the physiology of the head, the heart, and just below the navel. The third Tan Tien I mentioned is utilized extensively in martial arts practice. This is the energy center that draws up our root power from the Earth and drives our movements and actions. These energy centers act as transformers for the energetic currents that surround us and feed our life force or Chi.

The process of bringing these power centers into balance and alignment also brings the masculine and feminine aspects of our consciousness into harmony as well. Physically residing in the left and right hemispheres of the brain, respectively; or more accurately, they are being received from the Great Mind that surrounds us and being transmitted into the physiology by the brain. These masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness give birth to the Christ Child within when brought into unification.

This forms an internal cross within us; with the horizontal unification and balance of the ‘right-brain’ feminine aspect and the ‘left brain’ masculine aspect of one’s consciousness, along with the vertical unification and harmonizing of the Mind, Heart and Will (the center of action and courage) of the individual. Think of yourself as a musical instrument that is ever in the process of being tuned to play increasingly beautiful music. Right now, humanity is just beginning to rediscover its song- the song of creation.


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