“The ancient pseudo-science of astrology, which attempts to predict the future by the motions of the planets, may have a bit of science in it, after all. This week Radio Corporation of America, no easy prey to superstition, announced in the RCA Review that it is successfully predicting radio reception by a study of planetary motions.”

– Time Magazine article: “RCA Astrology”- No Author given; April 16, 1951

©Photo. R.M.N. / R.-G. OjŽda

Perhaps the most fundamental concept I have found necessary to grasp in order to understand the meaning behind the “Mysteries” of Christianity (and pretty much every other major religion) is the idea that the human being is a microcosm (a miniature copy or representation of a larger whole) of the universe. This means Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars, and whatever realities lie between and beyond that. I might add that this understanding also opens the doors to making sense of what on the surface appears to be randomness and even chaos in the world around us and within us.

All of these things are represented within our being from our seemingly limitless consciousness right down to cellular, molecular, electro-chemical, and even atomic processes. The atom itself resembles a little solar system in its makeup and function. We reflect the energy and processes of these mysterious objects in the sky. It is well established that the Moon affects the tides as well as people’s mental states. Similarly it is known that the Sun affects the weather and climate patterns, as well as our own ability to create vitamin D3, which we need in order to maintain general health and wellness.


However, mainstream science seems to want to stop with that and tends to deny that any of the other planets or stars have any affect on life here on Earth whatsoever, aside from the occasional meteorite pelting us. But there is science that has been done to show that the planets do indeed have some form of measurable affect on our environment in some capacity, as the quotation from Time Magazine illustrates. Likewise, whatever affects the environment inevitably affects US. Indeed the effect of the heavenly bodies on the Earth is something that humanity has known on one level or another for a very, very long time.

Beyond the Sun, Moon and planets, we have the stars. The stars, particularly the stars that make up what we know as the constellations of the Zodiac, were very important to the ancients. It was through reading the stars and the way the Sun (as well as the Moon) seemed to have specific qualities when passing in front of them that allowed the ancient priest and elite class to record their history, as well as understand the passage of the epochs and patterns of history. This knowledge would have also been used by the elite class to stay in power and manipulate events to their benefit. This knowledge was not necessarily something the common uninitiated man or woman possessed. Author Chricton E. M. Miller wrote in his article, “Stick, Stones and the Zodiac- Breaking the Seal”:

“Measuring time and distance was a power only available to a few and only passed through the family of rulers or through mystery schools to suitable initiates, while the general masses were seen, at the time, as filled with disease and avarice, lacking either
personal responsibility or intelligence… Clearly, the common man, who was
considered profane, was not allowed to know Priestly knowledge about Time, or their belief that God’s work was the creative combination of the Sun’s energy in the moment, and/or that the Creation was measurable from Time immemorial.”


Now it would appear that this issue of time eliteism has been resolved as every electronic device on the market has a clock, and every Joe Schlubb is encouraged to purchase multitudes of these. However this is still a very superficial version of time that pretty much is there just to get us to work when we are required to be there. No doubt the agrarian peoples of the ancient world knew how to tell time in accordance with the motions of the sun and the moon, but again this is still a task-oriented version of time. This sort of small-scale timekeeping does not make it necessary to understand the deeper notions of time that are alluded to in Miller’s quote. Even if they could navigate with the stars, they did not necessarily understand them and how they related to the past, present and future. It is this deeper understanding of time that we will be looking as we examine the story of the Exodus of Moses and then the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus.

What we are going to look at are the passing of astrological ages, and how they affect the history and consciousness of humanity. These Ages occur due in part to a phenomenon known as the “Procession of the Equinoxes”. During this time the Sun appears to rise within the region of a particular constellation for a period of approximately 2,000-2,500 years. The transition point from one ruling constellation or “House” happens on the spring equinox, which is a major reason why Easter and Passover fall around this time. This process continues through all twelve constellations during what is known as a “Great Year”, which translates to approximately 25,920 solar years.


These astrological ages were known by the ancient astronomers and learned class as periods of time that paralleled major changes in the development of the culture, society and politics of humanity, as well as potential changes or shifts within the Earth Herself. Many are not aware that the Bible is filled with references to these astrological changes.

The Bible itself is a synthesis of re-workings of the myths and allegories of the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Phoenician and Greek mystery traditions (the major influences in the world at the time) that speak to the microcosm-macrocosm concept. This is then overlaid with a sort of semi-historical fable-ism and behavior placement (stories that show consequences and rewards for behaving in the manner the ruling class wanted, as well as laying out the Hebrew “commandments” and laws). This was a written compilation of what had been oral traditions up to that point. Arguably, this book has been compiled and edited by everyone from the Hebrew Scribes and Priests, to the ruling classes of Babylon and Caesar’s Rome, right down to the Roman Catholic Church.

The nature of the “historical” origins of the Bible, particularly the Exodus, is an interesting subject in and of itself. There is strong archaeological evidence that traces the Israelites of the Bible back to the Hyksos, a nomadic tribe of Semitic peoples originally thought to have been from central Asia. Known as the “Shepherd Kings”, the Hyksos made their way into Canaan before continuing on to Egypt, where they conquered and ruled from 1700-1550BC. There is debate as to whether the conquest was by direct conquest or gradual migration, infiltration, subversion and coup. However the Egyptians under the pharaoh Ahmose I, eventually expelled the Hyksos, pursuing them across northern Sinai into southern Canaan. Interestingly, St. Jerome and Irish Archbishop James Ussher both put the birthdate of Moses right in this time period at 1592BC and 1571BC respectively. Although Moses, like Jesus is a figure of historical controversy and uncertainty who may possibly be based in part on a real person or persons, and in part on mythic heroes of the ancient world.



During this time, the Hyksos leaders would have learned from the great mystery traditions of Babylon and Egypt (The word “Israel” is a synthesis of the Egyptian mother goddess Isis and sun god Ra, along with the Phoenician/Canaanite god, El). It was more than likely here the Hyksos learned the secrets of the procession of astrological ages and how important it was to recognize them and work with their influence to maintain order.

We see this astrological symbolism in the story of Moses, where the blood of the Passover Lamb was smeared on the doors of the Israelites in Egypt during the Plagues. The sacrifice of the Passover Lamb was an honoring of the Age of Aries, the ram and the celebration of the fortune this age would bring. This was the age of the “Promised Land”. Historically, this would have been the period of time these stories were first “scribed”. Through the Lamb/Ram, the Israelites were liberated.


However, the Israelites quickly forgot the promises of this New Age, and sought to go back to the old ways of the previous Age, and began worshipping the Golden Calf while Moses was on Mount Sinai; for those who aren’t familiar, the Age of Aries the Ram is preceded by the Age of Taurus the Bull. Moses was furious with how quickly the people lost faith in the promise of the New Age and the liberation it had allotted them.


What the above story illustrates is that the previous Astrological age always tries to stay beyond its allotted time, specifically as it relates to the way the age manifests within the consciousness of humans- particularly the attached and grasping mind that fears change. It is a battle between the illusion of fixed or static consciousness and the reality of fluid or moving consciousness. I also find it interesting that the Israelites worshipped a calf, which seems as either a way of trying to create the illusion that the conditions they were attached to will remain forever the same- forever young; or it is a way of highlighting the phenomena of attempting to re-brand the Old Age/Order as the “New Age/Order”, which is something that is being attempted once again in modern times.


The Israelites would eventually gather themselves and move forward to live by the commandments of the Age and get the Promised Land that came with it. In the story of Joshua we see the Israelite’s taking down the walls of Jericho with the sound of the Ram’s Horn as commanded by the Canaanite/Hebrew tribal god, Yahweh/YHVH. Throughout the Old Testament it is shown what happens when a nation of people does and does not live according to Laws of the Ages. Another moral that can be taken from is that we gain freedom and liberation when we act in harmony with the greater Laws of Nature and Creation.


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