“Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”

– Matthew 4:19


We are now going to shift our historical perspective to the first century AD- the start of the Age of Pisces the Fish, which followed the Age of Aries. This was a time of great upheaval in what had become known as Judea. This was the time of the Judeo-Roman Wars, the first of which was known as “The Great Revolt”, which lasted from 66-73AD. This resulted in a massacre of Judeans and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and eventually the entire city. Much of what is known as the “Apocalyptic Texts”, most famous of which is the Revelation of John would have been written during this time- a time when to the people of Judea, the world as they knew it was indeed coming to an end.

The Jewish/Roman historian Flavius Josephus placed the blame for the revolt on a sect of Judean nationalists known as the Zealots. Originating out of Galilee, this movement sought to incite the people of Judea to rebel against the occupying Romans and expel them from their land as they believed in their right to self-rule. The principle motivations behind this were due to Roman taxation policy and the requirement of worshiping Caesar as a god, as God alone was ruler of Judea. There were also tensions with the Judeans and the Greeks who inhabited the region under the Roman occupation, as well as growing frustrations with the Jewish elite class who profited under Roman rule.


Two principle leaders of the Zealot movement were Eleazar Ben Simon and Judas of Galilee. However and interesting passage out of the writings of Josephus suggests another individual may have played a prominent role during the Revolt:

“So Jesus the son of Sapphias, one of those whom we have already mentioned as the leader of a seditious tumult of mariners and poor people, prevented us, and took with him certain Galileans, and set the entire palace on fire, and thought he should get a great deal of money thereby, because he saw some of the roofs gilt with gold. They also plundered a great deal of the furniture, which was done without our approbation; for after we had discoursed with Capellus and the principal men of the city, we departed from Bethmaus, and went into the Upper Galilee. But Jesus and his party slew all the Greeks that were inhabitants of Tiberias, and as many others as were their enemies before the war began.”

JosephusbustNow, it should be noted that Jesus in Hebrew translates to “Yeshua” or “Jehoshua”, or “Joshua”. That being said, it is likely that name may have been quite common. In my research alone I have found at least two more men on historical record of that same name living around that time. One of which was a high priest (Jesus son of Damneus) and the other, Jesus Ben Ananias, was a man who went about Jerusalem four years before the Great Revolt, shouting in the streets and prophesying the city’s destruction. He was turned over to the Romans by the city’s leaders, where he was then tortured and released after being deemed insane. He shouted, “Woe once more to the city and to the people and to the temple, and woe to me also,” before he was struck in the head with a rock and killed.

The Talmud, the Jewish repository of traditional Jewish knowledge refers to a man named Jehoshua Ben Pandira. This was a man who is said to have been accused of being a wizard and fled persecution from the rabbi’s by going to Egypt. He was eventually arrested upon return and stoned to death, then crucified on a tree on the eve of Passover. The Talmud recalls this man as being born during the reign of King Jannaeus which was from 106-79BC. This Jehoshua was known for teachings as well as performing wondrous works and healings. This may potentially shed light on the anomaly of Christian sects appearing the better part of a century or more before Jesus was reported to have lived.

All this being said, I am not looking to write an essay on the reality of Jesus as an individual flesh and blood man, or the possibilties that he was a composite like the rest of the Bible, or even a collective incarnation among multiple men: however you slice it, Christ Jesus was the embodiment of the life-giving Light of the Sun and the sub-luminous Light that dwells beyond it, and the movement and materialization of these archetypal forces in the consciousness of humanity. If one reads the Gnostic writings that were rejected by the Catholic Church, there are many stories that show Jesus as a form of spirit that appears to people (i.e. Paul on the road to Damascus).326156a84a58c0b41b84bd807fb8b781

The story of Jesus is one that is meant to capture the imagination. Imagination is the key to beginning the spiritual journey. The imagination moves the passions and hopefully stirs one to delve into the deeper mysteries, so long as they have the courage to pursue them. Jesus the Christ was and is the embodiment of the human being in his/her purest state. This was a state that was becoming available through the progression into the Age of Pisces. This was a state of consciousness that was being born again within humanity. I know Christ Jesus as the archetype of the ascended man for this Age- a spiritual and super-conscious being that encompasses the entirety of the Earth as a presence that can be communed with when one’s heart and mind is open.

Early Christianity recognized they were a movent devoted to embodying the new realities and “commandments” of this burgeoning New Age of Pisces. Early Christians even called themselves “little fishes,” and a code word for Jesus was the Greek word for fish, “Ichthys.” This is the true meaning behind the “Jesus Fish” you see on the back of cars.

Stele_Licinia_Amias_Terme_67646Fish-IchthysWe see this same symbol at Osireion, the Temple of Osiris in Egypt, which dates from at least 1300BC, if not 2300BC. This may be reference to the previous Age of Pisces, which would have occurred nearly 30,000 years ago. Osiris was the great father god of the Egyptians who was killed by a family member- the dark sun god Set (as Jesus was killed by his Judean bretheren) only to be resurrected by his consort, Isis, the divine mother. The two were parents of the golden falcon god Horus, who was the young Sun and a predescessor of Jesus as the Son/Sun.


In Christ Jesus we saw the mystery of this cosmic drama realized in a fully human way. No longer were we looking at semi-human gods with unattainable powers, but were instead seeing the reality that this promise of eternal life and ascension can be realized for flesh and blood men and women in their current form. In essence the immortality of the gods becomes ours when we understand and more importantly live the deep teachings and mysteries of Christ.

The figure of the ascended God-Man, Christ Jesus- the fisher of men who was baptized in and walked on water; calmed the seas; performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes was the herald of what was then the New Age- the Age of Pisces. But the message of Jesus was at odds with the ways of the Scribes, Pharicees and Saudicees. These men now represented the clinging human consciousness that looked to hold onto the power and fortune the Old Age of Aries had brought them. They did not want to hear the new covenants and commandments that were necessary for humanity to thrive in this New Age.


We see with the persecution and the crucifixion of Jesus, the attempt by the Old Age to subvert and kill the New Age so as to maintain power. But the coming of the New Age and the inevitable shift in consciousness and reality that comes with it CAN NOT BE STOPPED. This holds true even when those who cling to the Old Age would try and subvert, subdue and destroy that spark, like the Phoenix, the New Age rises from its seemingly apparent death.


Now there are of course obvious references in the saga of the adult Jesus to the transition of the seasons from winter into spring, and the apparent “resurrection” of life that comes with it. It is also reference to the Pisces to Aries transition that happens (which is the reverse of how they are ordered in the great precession) at that time. And most importantly, it all has to do with the Sun/Son- the Light of the World. Again, this is another example of the reflection of macrocosm (i.e. the Great Year) into microcosm, which is in this case, our solar year.

image049According to the International Astronomical Union, the Age of Pisces is set to end around approximately 2597AD, when the March Equinox will cross over into the constellation of Aquarius. So as I’ve said before, the New Age of Aquarius is probably not actually here yet. But like the early Gnostic Christians, we can prepare our consciousness and get in tune with what is coming and many are. This involves a release of the old ways of thinking and doing on every level. Of course I strongly advise you to use discernment and not be fooled by the many attempts of the Old Age to rebrand itself as the New. Get to know yourself, as the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

When does the Age of Aquarius begin?

As with the transition period of any age, it is always a tumultuous time historically. We would do well to understand that and do what we need to prepare every aspect of ourselves for the inevitable great changes that WILL happen while starting to bring the consciousness of the coming Age into the present. This begins by getting in touch with not only the Laws and Workings of Creation on a “macro” scale, but understanding and working with these Laws as they are reflected and manifested within ourselves. With that I will leave you with a quote from my teacher and mentor, Rev. Matthias, and until next time, Namaste and God Bless.

“Christ nailed to the cross is representative of spirit being affixed to the ‘cross of matter’. This ‘affixing’ is an alchemic principle that binds consciousness with form. It is only when we are fully human that we can be fully divine and it is only when we are fully divine that we can be fully human… The Christ impulse born in us at Christmas must be bonded with the body and with material consciousness. We can only raise up or resurrect from death, that which we as spirit have fully attached to. That journey IS the Way of Solar Initiation.”


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