“Equality is one of the primary ideological tactics that Empire uses to maintain control in the modern era. The practical application of equality dissuades people from the revolutionary business of true personal liberation. It shuts down inner unfoldment and concentrates day-to-day thinking and activities on outside distractions. It keeps people on the hamster wheel.

Here’s my take on it. Equality does not exist – because the universe has no need for it. The only thing that we all have in equal measure and of equal value is our state of aliveness. That aliveness brings a unique opening for growth as spirit descends temporarily into matter. On this expedition, the depth and quality of our being, through growth and purity of presence, is the only measure of value that is worth a damn. That is our equal opportunity. What we do with it is up to us. We generate our own value and it cannot be known by another. Everyone is at a different level of inner attainment and becoming. The animal, the soul, and the divine seek union in their own time, in their own way.”

– Neil Kramer, British philosopher and esotericist from his essay, ‘Cult of the God Men’

Every human being is born with the free will to choose his or her path in life. All human beings are equal insomuch as that they are all expressions of the same Divine Force that manifests itself in a myriad of ways and is at its core, Light. Human beings too, are at their core, this same Divine Light. This is where the concept of equality, which in our current understanding equates to a “right” to live the same way someone else does, ends.

There has been debate for a long time as to what rights people do or do not have. Some debate whether people actually have rights at all. Do people have the right to bear arms? What, if any, is the extent of the right of free speech? Is it a right to get an abortion? Is it a right to be able to obtain goods and services from a private business if said business does not want to associate with you based on your race, religion or lifestyle?

Bill of Rights straight

The whole concept of “rights” originated as an essentially western European concept, and really took form during the Enlightenment period of the 18th century (although the Magna Carta, did serve as somewhat of a pretext back in the 13th century). Rights were, for all intents and purposes, a construct to counteract what were becoming viewed as the “non-rights” of monarchy and government. The most famous institution of this idea is of course, the Bill of Rights, which are the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution. More recently we have had the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which serves in essence to affirm that all human beings have a right to the same standard of living and dignity.


I have really begun to question this whole notion of rights as of late, particularly after listening to a recent interview with a brilliant philosopher by the name of Neil Kramer. Do we really have “rights”, or is this indeed a “social construct”? After contemplating upon the Laws of Nature and Creation, I came to the conclusion that in truth, we do not have “rights”, as this idea does not seem to exist elsewhere in Nature. Rather, much of what we have come to see as “rights” are instead a combination of personal responsibilities and “non-rights”. For example, it is our responsibility to speak up for what we see as right and wrong and no one has the right to prevent us from doing so. Another example is that it is our responsibility to protect our privacy and no one has the right to violate that.

Let’s look at the much-maligned “right to bear arms”, which is basic right of self-defense. I don’t have a right to own a gun any more than I have a right to own a car or a computer. However, I do have a responsibility to defend my family and myself. Likewise, no government or individual has any right to keep me from doing so through force, coercion, theft, etc.

Let’s look at the natural world for a moment: no animal claims it has the right to defend itself or its offspring, but if it wants to survive and continue the propagation of its species, it better learn do so effectively. Again it is that animal’s responsibility to defend itself by any means it can. A lion does not see an antelope’s “right to live”, it sees it as food. The antelope doesn’t think, “Hey, this lion is trying to impinge on my rights.” The antelope simply knows he has the responsibility to outrun that lion if he wishes to live. Similarly the lioness has the responsibility to defend her cubs against a hyena. She doesn’t take the hyena to court. She does whatever she needs to do at that moment to ward off the attack, and then she goes about her business. Likewise, the pride does not go seeking out and eradicating (or even more laughably, attempting to imprison) the hyenas to ensure they don’t attack again. While rights do not exist in nature, the freedom to act does.


This applies to humans as well. If a person is causing or attempting to cause harm right then and there, we have the responsibility to defend our family, loved ones, others who may ask for our help in the moment, and ourselves. When the threat is neutralized with the least amount of force possible in the moment, then we go about our business. If we were all taught how to defend ourselves adequately and how to defend those who were unable to (children, elderly, handicapped, etc.), then this business of “hunting down” criminals would be unnecessary. Unless there is a direct attack going on, we should remain true to the “non-aggression principle”.

This idea of rights may have been a way to verbalize this concept in a simplified form so that it could be coded into law to “protect” the citizen against overreach of government and “mob” power, however it appears to have transformed into something else. I have continually stressed that nobody a “right” to force anybody to do anything against his or her will, regardless of whether or not we feel it is the “morally right thing” for them to do. This now brings us into the touchy waters of “civil rights”. This is the idea that “everyone” has the right to be treated “fairly” regardless of ANY qualities that any other individual or group would view as negative or undesirable, and not wish to associate with. This is the idea that everyone is entitled to exactly the same social and economic opportunities as everyone else.

While this utopian idea may tug at the emotional heartstrings and sound like a wonderful thing, it should be understood that this idea of “equality” is completely foreign in Nature. In Nature, it is the strong, fit, and most importantly, intelligent, that has greatest chances to survive and thrive. I am not saying that we as humans should behave strictly according to our animal nature (even though that may be a step up for many). What I am digging at here is how “right” has become code for “entitlement”. In essence it is saying, “I deserve a good life just because I was born, and if I do not have the same social and economic status and opportunity as that person or that group, it is because my ‘rights’ have been violated. It is not due to any fault or error or lack of initiative on my part.”

It is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to learn and grow from his or her own life experiences. If one takes the mantle of perpetual victim-hood, rather than recognizing their contribution to their lot in life and their potential to change it, then they will remain as “victims” to their perception of life. If folks do not align their consciousness with the deeper forces of Nature and Creation, they will remain acting as “pawns” on the chessboard for those who do. The requirements for obtaining this understanding are simply an open and questioning mind, an empathetic, caring and honorable heart, and the will to live a life that is devoted to something greater than selfish gain- a life with meaning. That’s pretty much it.

Human beings are subject to the consequences of their actions in this life. We can also postulate that past lives play a factor and that there are indeed those who are incarnated who have been around much longer than others. One can choose to look at childhood trauma and hardship as a sort of “penance” for wrongs committed in a past life, or as an opportunity to grow through trial. Personally, I find the latter perspective more productive and practical, even though I personally feel both to be true.

Human beings are also capable of incredible acts of creativity and resilience, despite the most overwhelming of obstacles. This is a truth that is beyond any setback that can be imagined due to race, sex, religion, orientation, class, physical or even mental capabilities. There have been great men and women that have risen out of the most abject poverty and oppression. These are ultimately men and women who, at some level, understood and used the Laws of Nature and Creation to their advantage. The Law cares not of your race or your wage. It is not overly complicated or difficult to understand. It just requires your time, patience and willingness to work with it.

With the unlimited resources of information available at the fingertips of even the poorest individual (at least in this country), there is really no reason that knowledge of the Law and the workings of the world cannot be obtained. There is no reason that knowledge of how to heal oneself and grow spiritually cannot be understood. The fundamentals are simple. However, if we choose to have such a level of self-importance that we are solely consumed with how our life “isn’t fair”, then we will fail to see the inherent opportunity that is written into the very Fabric of Creation. This is opportunity that those who strive for social and economic control can NEVER take away.


Am I saying that it is a good thing to say, “Hey you’re gay”, “ or “you’re black, so I’m not going to do business with you.”? No. Unless you know this individual or specific group of individuals to behave in a particularly deplorable and unhealthy fashion, there is no reason to continue the cycle of fear and resentment. Secondly, it is bad business, and it will work against you in this day and age. There is a good likelihood that your profits will be negatively affected without any form of government intervention. The consciousness of the people has already shifted to the point where they will simply vote you out of business by taking their money elsewhere. There is not a need for intervention of government force. No one has a right to say someone can’t receive goods or services from anyone. However, no one has a right to another person’s goods or services any more than they have a right to anything else they own.

I feel these same principles were true back when the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1968. Regardless of political spin and government intelligence activity at that time, there was still an organic movement that had been growing among Americans since the end of World War II. White Americans were already moving towards acceptance of African-Americans as fellows in business and social life long before Lyndon B. Johnson decided to take advantage of the political climate (people really weren’t liking him on the whole Vietnam thing) in 1968. At the forefront of this were organic boycotts of businesses that refused to serve blacks.

Were there still problems on BOTH SIDES? Yes. But government always moves far behind the consciousness of the people like a lumbering dinosaur, and always for its own agenda and political gain. I dare say that things like the Civil Rights Act, Affirmative Action, and even Political Correctness, however well intentioned at the grassroots level, only serve to hinder discourse and freedom of association, and have potentially caused more problems than they have solved.  Again, organic free movement of the people will always be more effective in enacting real change than the inherently controlling mechanisms of government.


The real problem has been with government making laws saying what people can and cannot do to the point of absurdity and people giving government that power. Be it “Jim Crow” or “Civil Rights”. We don’t have to agree with what someone says or does, but it is not our right to silence them (as is being done through “political correctness”) or force them to act against their will just because what they say or do hurts our feelings or offends us. Unless the individual is promoting or perpetrating real violence (not just saying “I don’t like them”) on an individual or group, there is no justification for interference in their lives.

There is of course, the issue with attempting to restrict movement of people in public territory, stating where people can and cannot go (city bus seats, city restrooms, etc.). However, the idea of “public” and “private” in terms of property and business has become obfuscated as the state continues to declare that it basically owns everything. Back to nature for a moment: animals are territorial and humans are no exception. It is natural to claim territory for one’s self and to utilize said land. No one has the right to impede upon the territory that someone is utilizing without invitation. When we begin to say “I have a right to occupy your territory”, this inevitably creates conflict. This is when we should behave as adult humans and not animals or children. Animals will quarrel in bloody conflict over territory. Children will run to the authority figure and have them settle the dispute, as they do not have the mental faculties or emotional maturity to settle the matter peacefully amongst themselves.

I’m sure someone somewhere will disregard the above statements as coming from someone with “White Male Privilege”, and that’s fine. Any “privilege” I may have (i.e. being a white male in a country whose infrastructure was founded by white males; above-average intelligence; artistic talents, etc.) has been earned through lifetimes of incarnation and a general understanding of the Laws of Nature and Creation. Any “disadvantages” I may have (born to rural working-class economic status; unstable family life; being bullied growing up; addiction, etc.) are due to Karma and choice, and are opportunities to be tested and grow spiritually. I am unapologetic for my “privilege” and I work to be un-resentful towards my “disadvantages”.

Now I am not going to deny that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the way that the modern human society and the economic forces that drive it are structured. Nor am I going to deny that the financial elite have used the economic power and ingenuity of the western nations to pillage and exploit the people and resources of the tropics for several centuries (I highly recommend people watch the miniseries or read the book ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’ to see how geography likely played a major role in allowing for this seeming “inequality”), while using various cultural institutions to justify this practice amongst the masses.

This system of control acts in near-polar opposition to any sense of the Laws of Nature and Creation. While other animals do fight amongst themselves for dominance within a group, there are no other animals that prey on their own kind in the way that certain humans do. Not even the warlike chimpanzee (yeah, chimps are pretty brutal and have tribal wars) act in the sort of predatory manner that has made up much of the foundation of “civilization”. The wars between races are akin to lions trying to completely wipe tigers off the face of the Earth. And NO species has the sort of self-loathing and self-hatred that is present within the psyche of SO MANY human beings and shows itself in our media and institutions, as well as our collective interactions with one another.

While we strive to further our evolution and realization as beings of Divine Light, we would be wise to maintain a close contact and understanding of the rhythms, patterns, and workings of nature; while at the same time not letting ourselves be guided solely by easily triggered and manipulated emotions which can fall prey to utopian ideals that are more about entitlement, jealousy and a playground concept of fairness, rather than about any true form of compassion or love for our fellow man.

Everyone has the choice to see life as a classroom or as a prison, regardless of whether they are in the suburbs, the ghetto, or a jungle village in Guatemala. Everyone has the choice to allow the Light to shine in them or to give themselves over to the darker, base desires and resentments. No matter how intense the fear or oppression, everyone ALWAYS has that choice.

To understand how this modern notion of equality (i.e. “sameness”) that drives much of today’s conversation around rights is an “alien” concept, we need only look at our celebrated institutions of athletics and academics. There is a natural hierarchy present in these things (and yes, there is undeniably a racial component to it as well, sorry). However, natural IN-equalities aside, every human being, regardless of race, gender or creed has an innate skill, talent, passion and purpose. Every human being has a gift to give the world. In some, this may be more obvious and seem to flourish naturally. In others it may take more time and effort to develop or even discover what it is. Even then, we will inevitably find others out there with similar talents and skills that are more skilled than we are. That is a natural occurrence, and no one has the right to impede anyone’s self-determination. However, it is up to us to either work harder in attempts to reach that level, or be creative and carve out a niche that is unique to our strengths and what we have to offer the world.


We are only “equal” in the fact that we are all born of and possessing the same conscious Light that is present within all beings throughout the universe. Everything else is earned. Earned through knowledge, skill, understanding, heart, perseverance, honesty, desire, honor, compassion, and love. Like snowflakes or facets on a diamond or cells in an organism, we are all unique perspectives and individuations of the One Divine Light that extends itself into creation. No one is “the same”.

A good life is earned, again, through understanding and utilizing the Laws of Nature and Creation. It is not a privilege granted by a piece of paper or by a group of people that claim to be a “governing authority. No matter how unjust things may seem it is up to us as individuals to make them better, organizing with other like-minded individuals to create our own systems that are more natural to human life and expression. While at the same time understanding that we do not have the right to force our will on others who wish to be left alone.

It is the responsibility of everyone to conduct themselves with respect, honor and compassion towards other beings (human, animal or otherwise); regardless of whether or not they happen to be a member of your “tribe”. This harmonious expression of the better angels of our nature can never be achieved in any sort of real or lasting way through force or coercion (from government or otherwise). The unwanted imposing of will upon someone else’s way of life will inevitably breed resentment and nothing else. It can only be achieved through the principle of “live and let live”, and simply treating others as we ourselves would honestly want to be treated. The better we understand this, and the better we understand the other Laws of Nature and Creation, the better we will be able to create a positive existence for ourselves and others, regardless of whatever shit the world wants to throw at us.

Namaste and God Bless.


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