Over the past 15 years or so, I have gone through radical shifts in my political ideology.  From being a counter-culture rebel for rebellion’s sake- believing in the right to smoke weed freely and completely cynical towards government and politics; to what could best be described as a conflicted “progressive-libertarian”- who was anti-war, anti-corporatocracy, believed in “good government” and promoted civil liberties; to what would be described by many as an “anarchist”- from the Greek an-archon, which means “without rulers” not “without rules”(contrary to popular belief).  The major constant behind all of these ideological shifts has been a continually evolving understanding of what I would best describe as the Divine Principle of Free Will, as well as a dash of natural contempt for authority and authoritarianism.

anarchyThis understanding of free will and a slowly matured understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of government led me to the following conundrum: If every human being is at his or her core a divine being that is endowed with the Divine Light of the Creator of All Things, then how does any other human being have a right to claim themselves as an “authority” over another and impose their will in anything other than a completely open and voluntary manner?  Obviously a primary response might be, “well, sometimes people violate the free will of others and need to be punished for their violations so hopefully they don’t do it again”.

Okay, even if we are to take that a violation of the free will of another somehow obligates the violator to surrender their own free will, still the question remains, who is given that right, that power to enforce some sort of over-arching authority or “law”?  Better yet, why are a select few people awarded that power and authority that the rest of us are told we do not have?  What makes them qualified to wield that sort of power?  These are questions many don’t bother asking, preferring to accept things as “just the way it is”.

Others may say this is part of what is known as the “social contract” in which peoples within a society “willingly” give up a certain amount of freedom in exchange for order and protection.  This is of course, order and protection maintained by a third party, i.e. government (via the police, Homeland Security, the military, etc.).  If individuals, families and communities were actually charged with defending themselves, there would be no need for anyone to give up any liberty.  This can also be said for things that involve taxes and taxation.  There leads us to the question as to whether you could honestly say people “willingly agree”  to comply with these social contracts, when many feel they have no real choice unless they ultimately want to face the barrel of a government enforcer’s gun.

My questions regarding whether there can be or ever was any such thing as a truly legitimate government or authority led me to look into the governing systems of my ancestral folk- the ancient Celtic and Germanic tribal peoples of Europe.  In the book entitled “The High Kings: Arthur’s Celtic Ancestors”, author Joy Chant describes how “tribal interdependence made for a society wherein each individual had value, where for example women were equal to men, and children had legal rights rather than being at the disposal of their parents.  Rulers were usually elected from among an eligible group rather than succeeding by right, and their authority was far from absolute; a King was subject to law, and his people could pass judgment on him.”

MI+Celtic+high+kingIn Celtic society, the king or queen was chosen from the warrior or “protector” class of those who had proven themselves especially skilled in battle.  His primary duty was the protection of the tribe or clan.  The closely related Teutonic or Germanic peoples of Europe had a similar role for their king or chief.  Often times, a king would only be chosen to lead during a time of war.  There was a naturally wariness of despotism among Northern European peoples.  In pre-Christian Germanic society there were three basic tiers: the king, the nobility, and the freemen (men and women who are not slaves or serfs).  The Roman general, Tacitus described how tribal matters were settled:

“About minor matters the chiefs deliberate, about the more important the whole tribe.  Yet even when the final decision rests with the people, the affair is always thoroughly discussed by the chiefs. [… At the assembly, w]hen the multitude think proper, they sit down armed.  Silence is proclaimed by the priests, who have on these occasions the right of keeping order.  Then the king or the chief, according to age, birth, distinction in war, or eloquence, is heard, more because he has influence to persuade than because he has power to command.  If his sentiments displease them, they reject them with murmurs; if they are satisfied, they brandish their spears.”


We see in both the Celtic and Germanic tribal structures, there was a general sense of what would be considered an equal say to a large extent.  This was not uniform, across all tribes and nations, but definitely appears to be a dominant trend in Northern European tribal structure.  It is this vein of consciousness that brought forth documents like the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights along with the “democratic republics” that are seen as the hallmark of freedom.  The tribal egalitarianism of the Celto-Germanic peoples differed greatly from the more overtly patriarchal and at times greatly oppressive empires of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East.  It was this latter form of ruling consciousness that was eventually implanted into the rest of Europe first through the old Roman Empire, then through its “rebirth” as the Roman Catholic Church.


In Celtic societies it was the “learned class” of bards, druids and ovates, rather than the warrior class of kings and nobleman that were the true leaders of society.  Arising out of the Indo-Aryan Brahman class of Ancient India and out of the Pythagorean Mystery Schools of Europe, these were men (and women) that were keepers of the law and the sacred Word of the ancient oral traditions.  They were the healers, the teachers, the priests, the philosophers, the poets, the historians, the musicians, the architects, the astronomers and the keepers of time and the calendar.  These were men and women of legendary abilities and attainment who reportedly trained for upwards of 20 years to hold this important position.


However, unlike those Celts of the warrior nobility, the Roman Empire could not come to terms with or assimilate these dissident intellectuals and conducted a campaign to systematically eradicate the druids.  Sadly, most of their knowledge appears to have died with them.  Most of what we have left is the somewhat biased writings of the Roman conquerors and the later writings of the Irish Catholic Monks.  It is this class of individuals that has truly captured my imagination and been the source of much contemplation as I attempt to understand the nature and role of human governance, what went wrong, and what if anything could possibly be done to move towards a form of right governance.

12380361The druids with their combination of cultural sophistication, deep philosophical and mystical understanding combined with their reverence for the natural world and understanding of its core workings is the archetype of the enlightened man.  Now is this to say that all druids were necessarily “enlightened” beings or that all druidic practices would be suitable for this or the coming Age?  No.  But this archetype of the man or woman that goes through intense and rigorous spiritual initiations to the point of real purification; this archetype of the “Renaissance Man” who is learned of the true arts and sciences and understands and knows how to utilize the Laws of Nature and Creation; this archetype of the enlightened man who is grounded in true morality- this is what we need to be demanding our leaders embody if they are to be worthy of holding any sort of position of power or authority over the rest of us; which means that the VAST MAJORITY of men and women that currently hold a position of power, have no business doing so.

Our leaders need to be living representations of incorruptibility, virtue, honor, wisdom, and understanding, representing the highest forms of human aspirations and potential, not the lowest.  Unfortunately, those who rise to the top of the political and corporate ladders are more often than not the very opposite of “moral” or “incorruptible”, and are often selected due to “fraternal” ties or showing that they will do “whatever it takes”.  Our leaders who we allow to become our rulers are by and large just as enamored with the trappings and vices of the material world as any one else walking the street.  In truth, many of the most powerful and influential leaders have far more skeletons in their closet than the average man or woman.  These men and women are the opposite of the spiritually attained druid or the noble warrior.


Our modern-day “leaders” are not required to undergo any training or testing to prove themselves honorable or ethical outside their ability to present an image to the public.  Politicians are often groomed (or blackmailed) by the powers-that-be and installed due to their ability and willingness to advance a socio-political and/or economic agenda.  When it comes to the general public, leaders are often chosen for little more than catchy slogans, good campaign rhetoric and ability for us to “identify” with them-to win the “popular vote”.

First, we are not actually electing leaders we are electing RULERS.  Leaders lead the people by example- by noble and honorable words and deeds.  Rulers give edicts and commands to the people that they are required to follow, even if the rulers themselves do not (how many times have you heard of government “officials” skirting or exempting themselves from the law somehow and getting away with it?).  Secondly, the general population consciously and/or unconsciously wants rulers that are in tune with the Mass Mind of the people- this is the collective lower mind that most of humanity resides in.  This is the mind that is drawn to vice, power, control, and greed.

business manager handshake isolated with hundred dollar money

When we select leaders or rulers who appeal to this mind, we will never really rise to anything other than what we have right now.  All the best legislation in the world- left, right or center- will NEVER be anything more than temporary Band-Aids.  We don’t need leaders and rulers who are like us, we need leaders who are better than us; and by better I mean if we’re going to have leaders or rulers, they need to be men and women of the utmost moral character who are among the highest examples of living human potentiality.  They should be representative of what we can be, not what we are.  We need men and women who can lead us out of the lower vibrations of the Mass Mind not cater to them, and the policies and ideologies promoted by both sides of the political spectrum do just that.

Some may feel I am being unfair towards those who are in positions of power.  Some may feel that my demands or expectations are unrealistic, and that the possibility of men and women of such attainment and virtue existing is just as unrealistic.  First, I should state right off the bat that I myself do not feel that I am anywhere near ready to take that sort of position either.  I still have a lot of learning and growing to do yet.  I am not through being educated or initiated to that point, and that is my point.  That being said, there are indeed men and women who DO fit these criteria, and I have met them.  Unfortunately, our current control-based system of government does not tend to attract these types.


What it ultimately boils down to is that our leaders and our society lack the sort of real education and initiations needed to turn out anything close to a qualified “statesmen” or government “authority”- be it a president or a cop.  This is why government as we know it doesn’t work and this is why government as we know it can’t work- EVER (at least not for those of us who are among the governed).  Monarchy, oligarchy, republic, democracy, socialism, communism, fascism- it doesn’t matter.  Yes that is a bold and definitive statement and I am 100% certain of this.

Many in the western world have been brought up with this notion that WE are the government.  To those that still believe this I ask when the last time was that you were consulted about fiscal or foreign policy?  Did you agree to the traffic laws and taxation systems that generate billions in government revenue each year?  And do we still honesty believe that our representatives truly “represent” our interests?  Why do we think these lawyers and corporate climbers are even capable of representing our interests?  Do we believe they will set selfish interests aside so as to be of service to the people?  Remember, they are public “officials” now, not public servants- that means something.

39347_10150240840085471_435917560470_13960066_993902_nDo we for some reason believe these “officials” to be incorruptible?  If so, why?  Have we not seen enough incidents of government corruption across the board to know that isn’t true?  What makes us think things will be different come next election?  A real look at campaign contributions as well as voting records and policies espoused by most government “officials” and agencies would probably show that our governments “officials” indeed do represent someone, but that someone isn’t “we the people”.  And it has been this way for a long, long time.

All that being said, in a way, we DID agree to all of this.  We agreed by saying nothing.  We agreed by “going along to get along”.  We agreed through compliance.  We agreed to allow ourselves, our family and our folk to be fleeced and relegated to debt slavery and taxation serfdom.  We agreed by choosing to remain in the dark and let “someone else” handle the big problems, which was the same trapping of the despotic governments of old.  The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  We did not remain vigilant and our “Great American Experiment” has failed.  The majority of human consciousness wasn’t ready for the responsibility of true freedom yet.  We don’t need to get down on ourselves about it, I’d argue it was almost inevitable.  We certainly don’t need to waste time trying to “change the system”?  What we do need to do is learn from our mistakes and move on.


The current systems of governance across the globe are failing and rotting.  The great experiment of “liberal democracy” and representative government are in their death throws.  International Usury, Corporate Globalism, Medical Authoritarianism, the Military Industrial Complex, the war on “extremism”, forced multiculturalism, and the weird cult of political-correctness has successfully subverted and eroded the sovereignty, self-determination and liberty of the people that liberal democracy promised.  This is why we need to let go of our ingrained attachment to “reforming the system” and admit its failure.  At that point we can throw off (not overthrow) this system entirely and create something new for ourselves.

Namaste and God Bless.




SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT IS THE POINT OF LIFE.  There is NOTHING ELSE.  The Spiritual growth and development of ourselves as individuals, of humanity collectively and of the Earth as a whole- that’s really all there is to this life. Work, family, friends, romantic relationships, leisure, politics and all the other events and activities that make up life in a physical body (good AND bad) are really just opportunities that serve as catalysts and enablers for spiritual growth and development.  They are not ends in and of themselves.  They are a means to the end that is spiritual growth and development.  We aren’t doing or experiencing these things just for the sake of doing or experiencing these things.  We are doing it for the sake of spiritual growth and development, and whether or not we realize or accept that fact does not really matter.

Spiritual growth and development will ALWAYS be the point and will ALWAYS occur no matter how “unspiritual” or toxic our chosen lifestyle is.  We will inevitably ascend through the levels of consciousness back to Source.  This may take lifetimes depending on our chosen stage of development but it will happen.  Regardless of circumstances that we find or put ourselves in, the ascension of the spirit through way of its growth and development CANNOT BE STOPPED. It can definitely be slowed down, but it can’t be stopped.

When we look at life through this perspective, things suddenly have greater meaning and purpose that wasn’t there before.  I’m not just working so I can afford food, rent or a wedding, or do fun things, or so my future children can have a decent life or so I can be comfortable before I die.  I’m not even just trying to live as full and happy of a life as possible so that I don’t have regrets when this body dies.  It’s bigger than that and it doesn’t end when this physical body dies.

I, like all of you, am a player in the Great Game of Spirit (a.k.a. the Great Work).  And if you don’t currently understand all the rules, strategies and nuances of this Game don’t worry, you will 😉  These “rules” are written in the patterns of Heaven and Earth, they are recorded in our DNA and etched into our very Soul.  When we align Mind, Heart and Will we can use it and when we look within, we can KNOW it.

Namaste and God Bless.



“In the darkness something was happening at last. A voice had begun to sing. It was very far away and Digory- the first child to explore Narnia- found it hard to decide what direction it was coming. Sometimes it seemed to come from all directions at once… But it was, beyond comparison, the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. It was so beautiful he could hardly bear it… The Voice rose and rose, till the air was shaking with it… The Lion was pacing to and fro about that empty land and singing his new song. And as he walked and sang the valley grew green with grass. It spread out from the Lion like a pool. It ran up the sides of the hills like a wave.”

– from “The Magician’s Nephew” by C.S. Lewis

In recent weeks, animal rights activists, celebrities and the mainstream media in general have been in an absolute furor over the poaching of animal “celebrity”, Cecil the Lion by American dentist and “big game hunter” Dr. Walter Palmer. Much has been made of the way the semi-domesticated Lion met his end, being lured out of the safety of the wildlife refuge he called home, then being shot with a crossbow. The lion then bled and suffered over several hours until he was finally tracked down and shot.

cecil protest

While Palmer admittedly regrets what he did, maintaining that he was deceived by local guides in regards to the legality of the hunt, there have been calls to extradite him to Zimbabwe to face criminal charges. As of writing there have been over 100,000 signatures collected by Palmer’s fellow Americans calling to send the dentist to Zimbabwe to be tried. The Obama administration has promised to investigate the situation.

Mugabe Zimbabwe

It should be noted that Zimbabwe is well known for being an incredibly brutal regime and is on the list of one of the top violators of human rights in the world. The people of Zimbabwe have suffered much under the current regime and live on an average of $900 USD a year. Long-standing (35 years) dictator, Robert Mugabe (whose government collects the money for these big-game safaris) recently condemned “white safaris” while dining on baby elephant at a lavish birthday bash held at his estate. This is also the same Robert Mugabe who once stated “The only white man you can trust, is a dead white man.” While African race-relations is not really the subject today, I think it is worth noting that Dr. Palmer might not be facing what Americans consider “justice” if some get their wish.

800px-Sidney_Hall_-_Urania's_Mirror_-_Leo_Major_and_Leo_MinorWhile the actual killing took place on the first of July, the event wasn’t really brought into the public consciousness until later that month. The slaughter of the Lion in the Mass Mind coincided with the time of year the Sun began to move into the constellation of Leo the Lion according to tropical astrology, which is from July 23 to August 27. With each news story, each televised plea for justice and retribution on the lion’s behalf, he is slaughtered again in the public consciousness, becoming an increasingly powerful symbol or archetype. The archetype transcends mere physical form, able to effect consciousness on a mass scale.

So what is the significance of slaughtering the Lion? Leo the Lion is the astrological sign long equated to the Sun and the Lion itself is an ancient Sun symbol. At the beginning I quoted the writing of C.S Lewis, who was well known to have filled his Narnia Chronicles with esoteric Christian symbolism. Chief among this symbolism is the character of Aslan, the lion king of Narnia. Those who read the books or saw the movies may recall the scene where the Witch and her minions sacrifice Aslan in a dark ritual. We should also recall that Aslan volunteered to be sacrificed, and was then triumphantly resurrected.


The Lion represents the Sun, the Sun is the Christ, and the Christ is the Light of the World- in EVERY sense of the word. To be specific, the Lion represents the Christ as He appeared at the beginning of Creation. He is the Light that “shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.”


In his book, “The Secret History of the World”, author Mark Booth details the esoteric mystery teachings taught by the mystery schools and secret societies over the millennia. Central to the story is the drama of the Sun (Light), Saturn (Darkness) and the Earth (Creation). The following excerpt describes the Sun bringing life to the world after his victory over the darkness:

“In the eye of imagination the Sun is a beautiful and radiant young man with a leonine mane. He rides a chariot and he is a musician. He has many names- Krishna in India, Apollo in Greece. Arising in splendour in the midst of the storm, he pushes back the darkness of Saturn until it becomes like a giant dragon or serpent encircling the cosmos.

The Sun then warms Mother Earth into new life, and as he does so, he gives vent to a great, triumphal roar that reverberates to the outer limits of the cosmos. The roar causes matter in the cosmic womb to vibrate, to dance and form patterns. In inner group esoteric circles this process is sometimes known as ‘the dance of the substances’. After a while it causes matter to coagulate into a variety of strange shapes.

What we are seeing here, then, is the Sun singing the world into existence.”

This primal archetype of raw creative vitality is the first incarnation of the Divine Light that we read about in the Bible. The second incarnation of this Light takes a much more vulnerable form- that of a child. This brings us back to the realm of current events.

Just before the Cecil the Lion story came out, there was the considerably less-covered outrage over the Planned Parenthood videos. For those not familiar, a pro-life group went undercover for a year, posing as representatives from the biotech industry looking to buy aborted infant organs for stem cell harvesting. They then took abortion doctors from Planned Parenthood clinics out to dinner and secretly filmed the doctors agreeing to sell the infant parts and describing how the process is done.


Planned Parenthood has since declared the videos “fraudulent” and the mainstream media has pretty much taken them at their word. It should be noted that while the group are portrayed as a perpetual victim under constant attack from the right, Planned Parenthood has major corporate as well as large foundation sponsorship. Couple this with Planned Parenthood being a steadfast Democratic Party contributor with the president of the organization having made some 39 visits to the White House, and having the very vocal support of the P.O.T.U.S., it is safe to say that Planned Parenthood is very much a part of the power structure and by no means a “defenseless” non-profit.


The scandal not surprisingly created uproar on the right, but was largely dismissed by the left-dominated mainstream. It has incited conservative pundits, Republican legislators and presidential candidates to call for the de-funding of Planned Parenthood and to morally contrast the outrage over aborted human children and the outrage over a poached lion. However, in an editorial article for “The Weekly Standard”, writer Jeffrey Anderson points out that the two stories actually share striking similarities:

“In both cases, the killing was senseless and barbaric. The loss was great, the gain empty, and the means gruesome. In both cases, the victim’s innocence stands in vivid contrast to the killer’s selfishness. The developing children off of whom Planned Parenthood profits have plainly not wronged anyone, and Cecil was a semi-domesticated lion who seemed to like (or at least not to mind) the presence of human beings, often moving within a few feet of them yet never using his great might to cause them harm. And in both cases, the… killer decided that the victim had more value dead and carved up into pieces than alive and whole.”

All that being said, my purpose here is not really to go into an emotional discussion on the ethics of animal trophy hunting or abortion. I do see trophy hunting as a lack of reverence and a reaffirmation of separation from nature. Likewise I do see the media reactions and non-reactions as a way of re-affirming what could best be described as a continued devaluation of human life in mainstream culture. But I also understand that with all events and stories that are brought into the Mass Mind, there are multiple levels upon which the drama takes place and can be understood, as well as multiple ways in which the energy created can be utilized.

As I stated earlier, the second incarnation of the Christ was that of the Divine Child. The child represents innocence and purity. The younger the child, the closer he/she is to pure virgin consciousness. When we first incarnate as infants in the womb, before we develop identity, speech, memory, etc. that is what we are: pure virgin awareness and spirit incarnated in flesh. It is this pure, wordless awareness that is the place we return to when we are in deep meditation. It is this purest form of life energy that has been the target of human child sacrifice over the millennia. When a blood sacrifice is made, life force energy is freed from the physical body, available to be transformed, transmuted and/or absorbed.

With the Planned Parenthood controversy, we have the sacrifice of the archetype of the Divine Child, another aspect of the Christ, in the Collective Psyche. With these sorts of “institutionalized sacrifices”, we have people conducting them who are largely unaware of the symbolism behind what they are doing or the energy released by doing it. So is the result of materialism and separation. But I might suggest that not everyone within the power structure is so ignorant to the deeper meaning of procedural sacrifice.


So thus far we have the “public” sacrifice of the Lion of Leo; the Lion of the Sun, coinciding with the sacrifice of the Divine Child that is done in a more secretive, hidden or “occulted” manner. Both of these archetypes being aspects of the Christ, who is the Sun, and the timing of these sacrifices being brought into public consciousness is taking place around the time when the Sun is moving into the constellation of Leo, which is the sign of the Sun. If you recall my previous posting, the ancient Lammas or Lughnassadh holy day is a Sun festival that takes place around August 1st, and this festival was indeed a festival of sacrifice.

So you might ask, “who” is behind these “sacrifices” in the physical world as well as the psychic and archetypal realms and why? For clues we look to the words of renowned 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in his masterwork, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” and its discourse entitled “Of the Three Metamorphoses”:

“But in the loneliest desert the second metamorphosis occurs: the spirit here becomes a lion; it wants to capture freedom and be lord in its own desert.

It seeks here its ultimate lord: it will be an enemy to him and to its ultimate God, it will struggle for victory with the great dragon.

What is the great dragon which the spirit no longer wants to call lord and God? The great dragon is called ‘Thou shalt’. But the spirit of the lion says ‘I will!’

‘Thou shalt’ lies in its path, sparkling with gold, a scale covered beast, and on every scale glitters golden ‘Thou shalt’.

Values of a thousand years glitter on the scales, and thus speaks the mightiest of all dragons: ‘All the values of things- glitter on me.

‘All values have already been created, and all created values- are in me. Truly, there shall be no more ‘I will’!’ Thus speaks the dragon.

My brothers, why is the lion needed in the spirit? Why does the beast of burden, that renounces and is reverent, not suffice?

To create new values- even the lion is incapable of that: but to create itself freedom for new creation- that the might of the lion can do.

To create freedom for itself and a sacred No even to duty: the lion is needed for that, my brothers.”

lionbeatingdragonRecall the earlier quote from Mark Booth’s “Secret History of the World” in which he states how the Sun Lion, i.e. the Christos in His primordial form, “pushes back the darkness of Saturn until it becomes like a giant dragon or serpent encircling the cosmos.”

Nietzsche’s dragon is Saturn- the god of limitations, materialism and death. He is the god of “thou shalt” indicating he is the father of laws and time. The robes of the ancient orders of Saturn were black robes. What color is a judge’s robe? The dragon’s scales glittered of gold and he boasted as to how he had established the value of all things. This is materialist economics and social ordering that establishes law for its own sake. He is the father of lies, as the big lie is that the material world is all that there is. He is the reaper with his scythe, as death is the ultimate limitation.

This is a force that is beyond the physical planet that bears its name. This is the force that is synonymous with what Christ Jesus referred to as “the god of this world”. This coincides with Saturn’s title among the ancients as “Rex Mundi”, or King of the World. Saturn is Satan, Satan is Saturn, and the power structure that has dominated this planet for millennia is subservient to his aims, which is nothing less than the calcification of matter and the elimination of the Spirit of Life and Higher Consciousness. This has been the aim of the Saturnine darkness from the very beginning.

The Light, Life and Love that is the Great Christ is by its very nature in direct opposition to the forces of Saturn. Likewise the forces of Saturn want nothing more than to continually assert their dominance over Light, Life and Love at every opportunity and on every level of consciousness.

To Saturnian consciousness, the public slaughter of the Lion in Leo represents a symbolic “defeat” of Saturn’s ancient nemesis from time immemorial in this continual “cosmic war”. We can also see it as the attempt to crush the impulse of freedom that stands in opposition to the dragon, as seen in Nietzsche’s “Of the Three Metamorphoses”. Through the archetypal death of the Sun Lion, Saturn would have us believe that all hope is lost, and that his order is all that there is and ever will be. However, this “defeat” is nothing more than an illusion, as that is really all Saturn has in the end, as the Sun/Son proves to us that death is the ultimate illusion.

myth-cronus-1620-RubensThe symbolism behind the more “occulted” and obfuscated practices of the abortion industry have their roots in the ancient story of Saturn or Chronos (think chronology) devouring his own children for fear of the prophecy that one of them had the divine potential to overthrow and kill him. Saturn/Satan continually seeks to devour these strong life energies as he continues his war against the Sun/Son, as each human contains the Sun/Son of Man- that Divine Light, which is the core of every human being.

In Nietzsche’s “Of the Three Metamorphoses”, it is the child that is the final metamorphoses of spirit. This is because “The child is innocence and forgetfulness, a new beginning, a sport, a self-propelling wheel, a first motion, a sacred Yes… Yes, a sacred Yes is needed, my brothers, for the sport of creation: the spirit now wills its own will, the spirit sundered from the world now wins its own world.”

Saturn attempts to destroy what has the power and potential to overthrow him. The child represents the fresh start of a new age, a new paradigm. Saturn is always the representation of the old age and paradigm that always wants to hold on to power and will do so through the most deceptive, subversive and brutal of means. This narrative can be found in the slaughter of newborn children by King Herod in his attempts to snuff out the true “king” who was Christ Jesus. But in the end, this desperate attempt to cling to power is always a fruitless venture. We are at the end of the Kali Yuga- the Age of darkness and materialism, and the end of the Age will happen no matter what these forces try and do.

divine child of the ages

However, Saturn is not just destruction for destruction’s sake, he serves a purpose. Mark Booth explains “Saturn’s intervention introduced into creation… the potential for individual objects to exist- and therefore the transition from formlessness to form. In other words, because of Saturn there is a law of identity in the universe…”

If it was not for the force of Saturn continuously working to pull spirit into dense matter, we would not be able to experience form and do the Great Work of purifying all levels of existence through thought, word and deed. While on the one hand, the forces of this world can seem geared toward devolution and annihilation, and they are; but from a higher perspective we can see that these “pressures” are needed to refine us into a more powerful expression of Spirit in this world. This means that the energy of destruction and darkness can be used for positive ends.

While many mourn the loss of life that has occurred, we should remember that in this sort of sacrificial death one has potential to become immortalized and have greater impact than they had in physical life. That is why martyrs are so powerful. Consciousness can take the archetypal energy that is unleashed in the sacrifice and utilize it for the purpose of change and creation of something new. This is why the Saturnian power structure hates martyrs and attempts to subvert and obfuscate the movements they create.

Sacrifice is an inherent principle that exists in nature, as elements, plants, and even animals sacrifice of themselves in some form or fashion to create and maintain the Web of Life. Saturn plays a pivotal role in this, as it is “because of Saturn’s influence that everything that lives contains the seeds of its own end” (Mark Booth; Secret History of the World). However, there also the sacrifice of the mindsets of materialism and separation- the things in us that belong to Saturn that allow us greater power and vitality; this is the example of the Sun/Son. The struggle for balance of higher and lower natures of man can be seen in the 8th card of the Major Arcanum in the Tarot, “Strength”.

maj08I am not going to come out and say that Cecil the Lion or the aborted infants chose on a spiritual level to be sacrificed as part of some greater cosmic plan simply because I don’t know. But there is indeed always a greater cosmic plan and it is played out in the transition from one Age to the next, in which ALL beings play a role. This is the duel of Saturn/Satan and the Sun/Son, which will continue until all things return to the Source of All.

On the cosmic scale of time, it is the Old Age itself that becomes the sacrifice, even though its Saturnian instinct causes it to scrape and claw to hold on. Meanwhile the New Age is born as the Divine Child. This cannot be done without the victory of the Lion of freedom over the Dragon of tyranny. The Ages are shifting, and Saturn is slowly going to lose his grip on the world. He will always try and perform his parlor tricks and we need to be aware of them, so we don’t find ourselves under his spell. However, once you know the magician’s secret, it isn’t magic anymore.

Namaste and God Bless.


“And he took the bread, and gave thanks, and brake it and gave unto them, saying, ‘This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.’ Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, ‘This cup IS the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.’”

The Gospel of Luke 22:19-20


In ancient times, the Celtic and Germanic peoples of Europe would celebrate Lammas, or “Loaf Mass” around August 1st.  This festival marked the height of summer and the time when the crops were ready for the first harvest, specifically the wheat harvest.  It was customary to bless a loaf of bread made from the wheat, and in Anglo-Saxon England, this bread may have then been employed in a magick ritual.  This ritual was later “Christianized”

This festival was known as “Lughnassadh” in even earlier times, named after the Celtic Sun god, Lugh.  In Ancient Ireland, races and games were held in his name and that of his mother, Tailtiu, which may have been funeral games in honor of Tailtiu who died of overwork clearing the plains of Ireland for agriculture. lughnasadh-deities

The primary myths surrounding this time have to do with sacrifice, either of the Goddess of the Land or the God of the Sun.  We see this in the myth of the Sacred King, who is understood to be an aspect of the Sun Deity.  This is an ancient legend wonderfully retold here by Lady Spring Wolf:

“In the green land of old, the men and women walked the fields in hunger. They would eat of those that walked in fur, fin and feather, and thanked them for their sacrifice.  But their gifts were not enough for the people to live.  They would eat of the wild fruits of the Earth, but that was not enough.  They would forage the wood and eat of the wild berries, mushrooms and gourds, but this was not enough.

As they looked for fruits and berries, as they hunted for fur, fin and feather, their homes could not be built.  The roofs leaked in rain, the rooms stood cold for lack of fire, the land could not be tilled.  For all of these gifts of food must be found, and hunted, and a home cannot be built on its own.

The Sacred King saw the men and women in their suffering.  He watched, waited, and thought upon it for a time, and his face grew grave and sad.  He spoke to the Lady, and said, ‘I must die.  The land will be fertile and the earth will bring forth a harvest and the people will live and grow.’

The Lady sobbed and fell on her knees.  She grieved for Her Lord and watched him leave for the fields beyond.  The Lord traveled to the center of the land and he fell upon his sword, and died.  The blood of his body flowed through the land and covered it in red.

The Great Mother buried the Sacred King in the Earth, returning him to her womb, and mourned his passing from the land of life.

Winter wrapped the world in ice and snow.  Covering the land with a gentile white blanket that hid the sleeping life beneath it’s frozen splendor.

The Great Mother covered the face of the sky with dark clouds, and her tears of rain poured from there in cascades and torrents.  The Tears of the Mother melted the snow and ice, and covered the ground in wetness.

Time passed and the Sun warmed the ground, and a green shoot appeared, poking its head out from the womb of the Mother.  The green shoot grew as the days grew, longer and taller, until the golden hair of the Sacred King once more waved proudly in the wind; until the Grain of the Fields stood, row upon row, as far as the eye could see; until the Bounty of the Mother, the Sacred King Himself, stood upon the world, ready to be harvested.

The great Mother looked out upon the green fields, and saw the wind caressing the face of the Sacred King.  ‘That was well done,’ she whispered upon the wind, ‘But it pains me to see you die once again.’

‘It is as it must be,’ He said, ‘And does it not show them that Death is an illusion.  It is just another change in a multiverse of change?’ he added.  ‘And through their harvest, they strive and survive.  They eat and grow.  Their houses are built, their fires burn and their bread bakes for the harvest. And all this is a good thing.’

‘You are right,’ She sighed with sadness, ‘But I just wish it could have been done in a kinder way.  The Lady still mourns your sacrifice and each year it will be so.  Her tears will fall and her heart will ache, for her love has left her side.’

‘Change is never easy, Great Mother.’  He spoke, lowly, ‘But it is as it is, nonetheless.  The fields are green, and the harvest is plentiful.  The people are well and the land will grow again’.

Thus it was, and so it is, and ever more shall be so!”


Here we have the “self-sacrifice” of the Sun, the “Sacred King” for the benefit of the people.  Remember that Christ Jesus is referred to as a “King”, as well as the “Son of Man”.  Jesus allowed himself to be sacrificed so that humanity might be “saved”, just as the Celto-Germanic Sun God of pre-Christian days did.  This is a recurring theme that is as old as humanity itself.  This sacrifice of the Sun that is alluded to in the myth extends to the wheat, barley and corn that is harvested from the Earth.

At the “Loaf Mass”, the people harvested the wheat for making the bread that would help them survive the colder months.  They recognized the “sacrifice” of the Sun, which was slowly beginning to wane and diminish in power.  The Sun gives of Himself so that we may live.  In the 1899 book, “Aryan Sun Myths: The Origin of Religions”, author Elizabeth E. Titcomb states that “All Indo-Germanic nations have worshiped crucified saviours and overwhelming proof was obtained that the sun-myths of the ancient Aryans (Indo-Europeans) were the origin of the religion in all of the countries which were peopled by the Aryans.”


In later centuries in England, there was born the legend of John Barleycorn- the God who sacrificed himself for the Goddess of the Land and for the harvest.  Below is an excerpt from “The Ballad of John Barleycorn”:

corn_king_by_charles_vess“There were three men come out of the west their fortunes for to try
And these three men made a solemn vow John Barleycorn should die.
They ploughed, they sowed, they harrowed him in, throw’d clods all on his head
And these three men made a solemn vow John Barleycorn was dead.
They let him lie for a very long time till the rain from heaven did fall
And little Sir John he throw’d up his head and he so amazed them all.”

Going back to the Sacred King story as retold by Lady Spring Wolf, we also see the story of a tribe of humans moving from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to an agrarian lifestyle.  In Mesoamerica, we have the legend of Quetzalcoatl, the legendary “Sun King” of Mexico that brought the “light of knowledge”- specifically the knowledge of agriculture, to the people.

Picture2 QUETZALCOATL AAS THE MAIZE GODThe development of agriculture was imperative to the development of complex civilizations, simply due to the fact that it freed up time that would have been spent hunting and gathering.  We see this problem described in the story:

“As they looked for fruits and berries, as they hunted for fur, fin and feather, their homes could not be built.  The roofs leaked in rain, the rooms stood cold for lack of fire, the land could not be tilled.  For all of these gifts of food must be found, and hunted, and a home cannot be built on its own.”

With the coming of agricultural society, the relationship to Spirit also changed.  In hunter-gatherer societies, this relationship was primarily focused on manifesting a successful hunt.  This is illustrated (literally) in the cave paintings found in the caverns of France and Spain.  But when all time and energy was no longer going into searching for food, there was time for deeper inquiries into the nature of reality.  This allowed for man to “build” a spiritual “house” in a way that had not been possible in hunter-gatherer times.

However, the ancient Europeans knew of a deeper level of existence to the Sun that just what appears as a blazing disc in the sky.  They also knew of the Sun’s deeper relationship to mankind.  In his book, “Celtic Mysteries”, author John Sharkey talks about an interaction with the Sun God Lugh, and the warrior hero of the Ulster Myth Cycle, Cu Chulainn:

“In one episode, when the champion is badly wounded and needs a respite, the Sun God Lugh himself appears… ‘Who are you?’ Cu Chulainn asks the ghost warrior.  ‘Your father from the Outerworld am I… Lugh, son of Ethliu.  Sleep a while Cu Chulainn,’ says the radiant warrior, ‘and I will oppose all during that time.’…

In the Cu Chulainn story, the Sun God materializes to take over the functions of the warrior, who by dying for three days can remain mortal.  In this bardo state he can ascend the three mystical worlds of the Celtic afterlife: from earth-body to the physical spirit and finally into the radiant soul-light in which the Sun Himself is manifest.  When Cu Chulainn sleeps he becomes joined to his own embodied radiance, inhabiting all worlds at once…

This easy movement between the human warrior hero and his otherworldly archetype, the Sun God, is a common practice in every kind of Celtic Story.”

Lugh and Cu ChulainnIn my initiation into the Mysteries, I was taught how to see what is referred to as the “Self” in meditation.  The Self and the Soul that encapsulates it is physically located in the Solar Plexus (yes Solar as in “Sun”- there is no other meaning to the word).  Visually, it appears to me as a dark luminescence, like a black light, with a corona and a bright center that is still somewhat hard to look at directly for a lengthy period of time.  It feels like joy and laughter.  I am able to “see” it by closing my eyes and focusing my attention on that region of the body.

Father Paul Blighton referred to the Self as “a cell in the body of the Father… situated in man’s spiritual body basically, but it can be seen through the physical when the veil between the two worlds is removed, with the attainment of God-realization.”

Father Paul also stated that the “center of one’s Self is like the sun.  It is a reflection of the great Sun- the Christos… The Self is the sun of our body, of our universe.”


The Sun sacrifices itself so that we may have life in a physical sense AND in a spiritual or “metaphysical” sense.  The Self or “Inner Sun” sacrifices part of Its Divine Essence when it incarnates part of Itself into matter.  But this incarnation is what allows for a new type of spiritual growth and development to take place.

Like the suffering people in the story of the Sacred King, we too often find ourselves too distracted with “surviving” to tend to our own houses and when this happens, we do indeed suffer.  We suffer from the pains, depressions, and sicknesses that all have their prime root cause at the separation from our true nature- the nature of the Self.  But the sacrifice of Christ Jesus- the Sacred King of this Age- has helped bridge that gap of separation and opened up a direct link to Self and a possibility of spiritual growth and development that wasn’t there before.  We just have to make time for it and nurture and develop our relationship with it.

Developing a true relationship to Self- to the Divine within, inevitably takes sacrifice.  We need “to separate the wheat from the chaff” and let go of those ways of being that no longer serve us, giving ourselves in service to the Higher Impulses of Truth, Knowledge, Compassion, etc. This is our Bread of Life.


Namaste and God Bless.