“I saw the Sun and it seemed to me I was seeing a glorious goddess; To Her I bowed for one last time in this world of Time.”

Sólarljód – the Song of the Sun st. 41


Over the years I have found myself time and again delving into the ancient Celtic holy days as a part of an intrinsic desire to further connect with my Scots-Gaelic (and probably Gallic) roots, which I see as part of my personal spiritual practice. Yet I am also a large part English, which is a component I had never really honored in the past. This is no doubt due to some anti-English sentiments I have felt because of the horrifically oppressive and even genocidal treatment of my Scottish and Irish folk at the hands of the English, a disdain for the seemingly degenerate monarchy that arose post-Norman conquest, and a general contempt for the British Empire. Interestingly I had ancestors that fought for the Colonists as well as an ancestor who was a major British general during the American Revolution. Personally, I feel that these ancestral “brothers’ wars” have an effect on us at a genetic and soul level, creating a source of internal division and conflict to be worked through.


Recently though, my view of my “Englishness” has changed as I began to look further back in history at the Germanic tribes known as the Anglo-Saxons that settled the British Isles in the early part of the last millennium with a sense of wonderment and intrigue. The Celtic and Germanic (as well as Nordic) peoples can essentially be seen as different branches of what are known as “Indo-Aryan” or “Indo-European” peoples, and one can pretty easily discern from looking at me with my fair skin, long facial structure, and large blue eyes that I am quite “Teutonic” (Germanic/Indo-Aryan). These Germanic peoples had similar myths and festivals as their Celtic cousins. One of these festivals was what was known as “Yuletide”- a festival of drinking and merriment as well as connecting to the supernatural. This festival would have lasted from the Winter Solstice into the second week of January. The eighth century scholar, Bede, speaks of this as an important time for the Anglo-Saxons:

They began the year with December 25, the day we now celebrate as Christmas; and the very night to which we attach special sanctity they designated by the heathen mothers’ night — a name bestowed, I suspect, on account of the ceremonies they performed while watching this night through.

It should be noted that December 25th during that time was in accordance with the Julian calendar. In the Gregorian calendar system that is used today, this date correlates with December 20th- right around the time of the Winter Solstice. This Saxon “New Year” or what they referred to as “Modranect” or Mothers’ Night, was a celebration that was connected to the rebirth of the Mother Earth, as the Solstice brought about progressively longer days. The rituals and ceremonies conducted would have been linked to fertility and a celebration of the coming new life of spring. In fact, the traditional decoration of holly and ivy were used as representations of masculine potency and feminine protective nurturing. Freyr and his sister, Freyja, the Saxon god and goddess of fertility, would have been honored at this time.


But there was of course, another major figure that would have been subject of praise and reverence during this time of the Solstice- that of course would be the goddess Sól herself. Referred to in Old High Germanic language as “Sunna”, this was of course the goddess of the Sun. The ancient peoples were well attuned to the vital role the Sun played in the creation and nurturing of life in the Earth, and no place would this have been more understood or celebrated than the cold lands of Northern Europe. The time of the Winter Solstice was seen as the miraculous birth or re-birth of the Sun after seemingly being taken by the increasing darkness and death that appears leading into the winter months. The climax took place on the day of the Solstice itself, which was and is the “longest night”.

The Poetic Edda (a sacred Norse-Germanic prose) known as the “Vafthrudnismál” describes the apparent death and rebirth of the Sun at the Solstice in stanza 47:

A daughter is birthed by Elf-Splendor (the Sun goddess) after she is swallowed by the wolf. She (the New Sun) shall ride as the gods are dying the old paths of her mother.

In the Norse-Germanic mythology, the Sun was a goddess who drove a golden chariot across the sky (similar to Apollo or Helios in Greek mythology) while being pursued by the wolf of darkness. The wolf would eventually devour the Sun on the day of the Solstice, only for the Sun to be miraculously reborn, hence starting the cycle anew. This “death and rebirth” of the Immortal Sun was also something that was understood to happen not only on the yearly cycle, but was also reflected in larger cycles of time, as this was part of the events that take place at Ragnarok- the end of the Age.


In her article, “The Old Norse Yule Celebration – Myth and Ritual”, author Maria Kvilhaug describes some of the symbolism behind this:

In Norse mythology, the wolf is a creature of Hel and the Underworld, representing death as well as related issues such as desire, life-force, survival instincts, hunger and greed. Not an evil creature but a formidable one and often an opponent, unless you learn to steer it like the giantesses Hyrokkin (“Fire Spinner”), Hyndla (“She-Wolf”) and the god Odin (“The Spirit”) appear to do. In the case of the Sun, we may safely assume that the wolf who eats her represents death, and death is in Norse myths not a fixed state but a transition phase associated with dark and coldness – and winter.

Kvilhaug explains that Sól herself was understood by the Germanic peoples to be an essential element of the Cosmos:

There are a few fragmented myths and texts about her which show that she was essential to the order of cosmos, to time and to the creation of life on Earth: She came from the southern realms of heat (same as the norns and the valkyriur) threw her right hand around the “steeds of heaven” (the planets?), claimed ownership to her “halls” (the planets?) and shone her rays upon the rocks of the “hall” called Earth, which then began to sprout forth green growth.


This notion of the Sun as a goddess is somewhat of a deviation than what many who are familiar with mythology and esoteric lore are familiar with. Typically we see the Sun most commonly represented and understood as a masculine principality, seeding the Earth with the Light that is the progenitor of life- commonly understood masculine traits and functions. From Horus, to Apollo, to Jesus, to Quetzalcoatl, the solar deities we are familiar with are all male. So how do we explain this apparent deviation?

Culturally, women were revered in Celto-Germanic society and they lived in a far more egalitarian fashion with men than did the peoples of the Mediterranean and Middle East, where much of the institutionalized “patriarchy” so maligned by feminists arose. In fact, women themselves had property rights as well as the ability to divorce her husband, which was something that was later done away with under Roman-Semitic Christianity. This reverence of the goddess figure may reflect this cultural difference between the peoples of the North and the peoples of the more Southerly lands. But I think we can go a little deeper with this as well.


It should be understood that all beings possess both masculine and feminine traits. In the physical world, this is most obviously characterized by hormonal structures like testosterone and estrogen. While both men and women carry both of these, it is testosterone that will typically be more dominant in men, making them more “manly” than women. Obviously this is a gross over-simplification but I think you get the point. This concept is articulated in the Principle of Gender, found Hermetic text known as “The Kybalion”:

Gender is everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes

The Sun has previously stated masculine quality of “seeding” life, but it also has the feminine quality of nurturing the seed of life as well. It could also assumed that as we move further away from physical matter and towards pure spirit, things like gender become less fixed, meaning that an entity existing in a higher and lighter vibrational state can more readily shift at will from masculine predominance to feminine predominance and vice versa.


Another interesting difference from this story and other “Sun Birth” stories, is that here we see a female Sun giving birth to another female Sun, without any sort of apparent “seeding” process. At first glance, this appears to contrast the Nativity story of the Virgin Mary giving birth to Christ Jesus, who was conceived by the seed of the Father God. Something that is often overlooked with that story though, is that it is the Holy Spirit, and not God “The Father” who technically seeds Mary with Jesus. Gnostic and other esoteric traditions have long understood the Holy Spirit to in fact be female in nature. The Nativity is a story describing how the Christ Light- the Light of the Eternal Sun- miraculously emerges out of the Womb of the Great Mother, which is the Void of Darkness from which the Light of Creation emerges. The Sun in the sky is the supreme physical manifestation of that Light.

Many scholars of Norse-Germanic mythology point to Sól as being a prominent deity from an older, “Proto-Indo-European” culture due to linguistic connections from Sanskrit, Gaulish, and Slavic peoples among others. Recent archaeology has pointed to a period of time in the ancient past where the primary deities were female. This has been noted in Egypt, the Near East and India. Some speculate this was a time that was right around the “Flood” event. It is later that we find a switch to the rise of male deities being the most prominent. As I have speculated in previous articles, (which is correlated by the work of various scholars and stories like the creation saga of the Bock Family) much of the mythology and archaic wisdom from the Celto-Germanic peoples may very well have been a holdover from a much older system of knowledge than that of the Roman and Semitic systems that eventually sought to absorb or obliterate them.

It perhaps that the understanding of Sól comes from a time when the idea of self-regeneration or even asexual reproduction like some plants may have been something that was experienced by humans. This may have been a time before “male” and “female” as we understand them to be, existed in humans. Perhaps it would have been a time when humans could create with the power of light and sound alone, without need for physical procreation, as we have come to know it. If so, that would be a most archaic form of knowledge that would harken back to the Satya Yuga or “Spiritual Age”, before the full descent into physical matter and flesh. Of course this too is somewhat speculation, but I find the notion intriguing nonetheless.

We could also be dealing with a different incarnation of the Sun altogether. I have had spiritual teachers who have stated that they understood the previous incarnation of the Sun or “Christ”, to be Isis- one of the many faces of the Goddess. Likewise, Mayan prophecy states that we are living under the “Fifth Sun”. It is perhaps that each incarnation of the Sun takes either a feminine or masculine form. All evidence points to us currently being under a masculine incarnation with the prominence of male solar figures like Christ Jesus. The Solar Goddess worshiped by the ancient Germanic peoples again, may have been a holdover from the previous age.

In any case, by the time of the Norse-Germanic myths that most are familiar with from Viking lore, Sól appears to have been separated into multiple different goddesses, most notably Freyja and Idunn– who was seen as a life-giving golden goddess:

There dwells in the valleys a knowledge hungry goddess The Seed of Yggdrasill (the Universe) sinking down the Ash (the Universe) of the lineage of Elves her name is Idunn (Stream Returns to Source) (She is) the oldest child of the Inner Ruler´s (and she is) the youngest child


This notion of “Elfin lineage” mirrors the story of Sól in the Vafthrudnismál which states that she is “birthed by Elf-Splendor” (anyone else thinking Christmas Elves?). Maria Kvilhaug explains:

Apart from being the “seed” of the universe and one that returns (cyclically?) to the point of origin, It is the elfin lineage that gives Idunn´s “secret identity” away – if not as the Sun herself so at least as one of the goddesses who inherited the essential attributes of the older Sun goddess… elves representing souls may have been important during the time that counted down to the Winter Solstice as well as during Yule. Then we should bear in mind that the Sun goddess was not only called Sól (Sun) but also Alfrödull – which translates as “Elf Shine, “Elf Splendor” or “Elf Wheel”. Thus she is the wheel or shine or splendor of the elves, which ultimately represented souls.

An association to the Sami Sun goddess is appropriate here, since the Sami goddess Beaivi Nieida, the “Sun Maiden”, was considered the source of all souls. The souls came to Earth as rays from the Sun Maiden, and were received by the Earth goddess Matahrakka, whose three daughters distributed and protected the souls when entering the wombs of female individuals.

This notion of the “Sun Maiden” as the source of all souls, which come to Earth as rays of the Sun is mirrored in Toltec mythology as is articulated by Toltec Shaman Don Miguel Ruiz:

Light is a living being. There are billions of different vibrations of light. Light carries all the information for any kind of life on Planet Earth. Mother Earth transforms the information in the light from the Father Sun to create life. The DNA in each of our cells is a ray from the Sun condensed into matter by Mother Earth.

The information carried by the light is known as the silent knowledge. The silent knowledge is stored and passed on in DNA; therefore our bodies contain the codes.
All knowledge that exists is in the light. Light is the way stars communicate from one to the other, just as light is the way one atom communicates with another atom.

Each human has a frequency of light, which is always connected to the Sun, like a river to Earth…”

The great myths that tell the story of the cycles of the Cosmos also take place within each of us individually; “As above, so below; as below, so above”. Sól is the Soul, which encapsulates the Divine Self and resides in our Sol-ar Plexus. It is the Light and the essence of Life that makes up our DNA. We are born of the Light and when we move through the darkness, we give birth to a fuller realization of that Light within us. Yule is a time to reflect on what that means and take action necessary to ensure the alchemical birth the Sun from inside of us, extending its loving Light to our family, our friends, our folk, humanity, and all life in Earth.


Yuletide Blessings and Merry Christmas 🙂





Ex·trem·ist (n):
Somebody who holds extreme or radical political or religious beliefs;
(adj): involving, typical of, or motivated by extreme opinions, especially in politics or religion.

Rad·i·cal (adj):
Favoring or making economic, political, or social changes of a sweeping or extreme nature.

Ter·ror·ist (n):
Somebody who uses violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, to intimidate, often for political purposes.

The above listed terms and their definitions are ones that we as Americans, as well as people in Western nations in general, have become all too familiar with. Here in the States, the “War on Terror” has officially gone on for over 14 years now, and shows no sign of stopping. As myself and many others have previously stated, it is not something that is ever meant to end, as it enriches the Military Industrial Complex both in military operations abroad, as well as domestic surveillance and the construction of a federalized police state at home.

At this point, I feel it would be laboriously repetitive for me to go further into how all that works at this point. What I want to look at here is the narrative being established and the deeper meaning behind it. A recent interview with sociopolitical and media narrative researcher and analyst, Jay Dyer presented a deeper perspective about the whole “radical extremism” narrative that is playing out on both sides of the media. This was something that I felt compelled to explore myself.

The whole world now is on red alert because of the actions of the “newest face” of Islamic extremism, ISIS. The Paris Attacks last month, and now the more recent San Bernardino mass shooting/terror attack have got the world gripped in a state of fear and panic. President Obama even gave a rare prime time speech to address the issue, which was obviously done to create hype around the incident. While tragic and definitely a bit “close to home” for me as I work with people with developmental disabilities, the narrative around the event is somewhat suspect. First we have a mass shooter drill happening to take place at the same time as the supposed event. Second, we have what was originally described as three assailants reported officially reduced to two (we saw a similar occurrence around the Colorado Theater Shooting narrative). Third, we have the police stepping aside and letting all who wish essentially ransack the suspects’ home on live television before even conducting an investigation of the crime scene, essentially destroying any ability to connect anyone else directly to the attacks.


However, what I find intriguing is the “battle” between the left and the right over who the “most dangerous” extremist group is. If you look at the Right Wing, NeoCon media (i.e. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc.), they will hammer home the point that it is Islamic extremism that is the greatest threat to our safety and security, coupled with the migrant “surges” happening from the southern border. They will state that more needs to be done abroad to destroy ISIS and that their large fan base is so numerous that Islam itself is an existential threat to America. This was recently echoed by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, who cited examples of Islamic communities celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers during 9/11 and the recent events of soccer matches, among the reasons why any and all Muslims need to be prevented from entering the U.S. until the nation can “figure out what the hell is going on”.

On the Left, we have the “Liberal” media (i.e. MSNBC and pretty much every other major news outlet) stating that while ISIS is bad, the “real threat” in America is not Radical Islam, but rather the “white male” mass shooters such as Dylann Storm Roof (I still have a hard time believing that one) and the recent shoot-up of a Colorado abortion clinic by the almost equally strange “Robert Dear”; as in “Robert, dear, can you take out the trash?” In either case, both these men were supposedly motivated by a sort of extreme “Right Wing” ideology, be it racism, or fundamentalist Christianity, it was vehemently opposed to the ultra-politically-correct ideals of the “Liberal” Left.

In either case, both support a sort of “lockdown” policy to “keep this from happening again”. The Right favors a closing of the border, militarism, and greater surveillance to prevent Islamic extremists and other undesirable “non-Americans” from being able to do us harm. The Left favors severe gun restrictions, “hate” speech restrictions for politically incorrect language and ideas, and greater surveillance to prevent dangerous White extremists and other “hate groups” from being able to do us harm. So what do both of these policies have in common? Obviously, both share the belief that it is centralized government power, rather than a self-reliant, self-sufficient and otherwise empowered citizenry, that is the key to “keeping us safe”. But there is something else going on here as well.

faces of terror

One thing that is happening across the board in the media that we should pay close attention to is the back and forth substitutions of the words “extremist“, “terrorist“, and “radical“.  This is done deliberately so that we equate anyone that have “extreme views” (i.e. views different from mainline establishment thought) with terrorists, regardless of whether or not these people are actually use aggressive violence towards others.  This is the current that underlies the whole “terrorism” narrative on both the Right and the Left side of the Power Structure.  In truth, this isn’t a war on “terrorism” at all.

What do Religious fundamentalists (Islamic, Christian, etc.), White Nationalists (or Black Nationalists, or Hispanic Nationalists, etc.), Sovereign Citizens, Anarchists, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and “Conspiracy Theorists” all have in common? They all have strong ideologies or opinions that in some form or fashion create competition and opposition to the dominant power structure and the elite that control it. These are ideologies that supersede the allegiance to the State in the minds and hearts of those individuals who subscribe to them. These are ideologies that if left alone, threaten the power monopoly of the State, which is why the State will either seek to infiltrate and “co-opt” them, so as to use them for its own purposes, or it will seek to destroy them.

Let’s briefly take a look at each of these different ideologies that cause the State so much concern:

Religious fundamentalism or “extremism” is what is on is on everybody’s tongue right now. Religious fundamentalism is typically the strict adherence to a particular religion and its doctrine. Fundamentalists tend to hold to a literal or “exoteric” interpretation of their religion, and tend to be “traditionalists”- meaning they believe in traditional families and cultural moral values.  While most religious fundamentalists are not violent, the belief in any sort of “Higher Power” that supersedes the State is going to be targeted and demonized.  Likewise so will any ideologies around moral virtue or traditionalism that are not “State-endorsed“.  At the same time the State will drum up fear of these ideologies in the public mind to enhance its own power and control. While particular fundamentalist ideologies like violent Islamic extremism (which is typically government enabled and funded), are used to de-stabilize various regions resistant to Globalism, the goal is ultimately for these ideologies to be absorbed into a Corporate Global Monoculture based in consumerism and debt slavery.

Nationalism, while not as much of a focal point in the States, is really gaining steam in Europe. Nationalism is the belief that the state, acting as an extension of a particular culture, tribe, folk, or race needs to remain sovereign and maintain the ability for self-determination, free of influence or pressure from outside nations or groups. The various Nationalist movements are demonized heavily in the media there, as well as here to a lesser degree. Factions of the Power Elite have used Nationalism to their advantage in the past, but as the power structure moved full swing into a Trans-National Globalist system with the conclusion of World War II, any form of Nationalism is now seen as an enemy of “progress”. We would do well to understand that the one of the primary purposes of World War II was to crush folkish Nationalism and usher in a “cosmopolitan” Globalist system.


Sovereign Citizens or “Freeman” essentially reject the notion that the State has any legitimate authority over their lives. They understand the “LEGAL NAME” as it appears in all CAPS on your birth certificate, driver’s license, and any court documents to be different than the actual flesh and blood human person. The LEGAL NAME is a corporate entity, and one’s consent to it essentially makes one property of the State and the power structure behind it. Sovereign Citizens and Freeman use this legal understanding to separate themselves from the State, most notably from paying taxes, particularly income taxes (which are unconstitutionally levied by a private bank). The State cannot exist without funding from private citizens, so naturally, anyone with this sort of ideology and understanding is seen as a threat. Far from violent, Sovereign Citizens typically just want to be left alone.  You can read for yourself: Global SOv Handbook_0

Anarchists have a similar ideology to Sovereign Citizens, as they do not believe in the legitimacy of the State or government at all whatsoever. Anarchists do not believe that any group or individual has the right do declare itself as an authority over another. Anarchists believe that any imposition upon an individual’s free will (including taxation and imprisonment) that isn’t self-defense is immoral and illegitimate. Anarchists have been given a bad rap due to the use of violence in protest settings which have mainly been perpetrated by agent provocateurs rather than actual anarchists; particularly in recent decades. The public has been conditioned to fear the word “anarchy” and link it to chaos. Anarchy in fact does not mean “without rules”, it means “without rulers”. This makes those who subscribe to it a natural enemy of the State.


Libertarianism could be considered as “Anarchy Lite”. Libertarians share many of the same beliefs as Anarchists, but believe in some form of severely limited representative government. As the State seeks to continuously expand itself, Libertarianism is seen as an enemy, although their ideology of unrestricted markets can tend to play into the hands of Corporate Globalism. Libertarians also tend to be anti-imperialism, which puts them at odds with the Military Industrial Complex that steers much of U.S. foreign policy. Libertarians often identify as “fiscally conservative” but “socially liberal”.

Constitutionalists are similar to Libertarians in ideology, but specifically hold allegiance to the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. However, many Constitutionalists also tend to be conservative Christian and “pro-life”, while Libertarians tend to lean towards “pro-choice”. Constitutionalists reject the idea that the Constitution is a “living document” open to free interpretation that changes with the times. This ideology is particularly troublesome to the U.S. Federal Government as it has increasingly sought to expand its power and influence both at home and abroad, far beyond the scope outlined in that document. If one looks at the definition of the word, it would in fact be the Federal Government that would be defined as “radical”.


Within the category of “Constitutionalists”, we have a large portion of active and retired U.S. Military Service members. These are men and women who swore an oath to the Constitution and it is no small wonder that returning veterans are at the top of Homeland Security’s “Terror Watch List” (here’s the pdf of the report: rightwing).  In fact, police chiefs have justified their Homeland Security funded military weapons and vehicles due to the “threat” of “Constitutionalists” and “veterans” who have “the ability and knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques”. Throughout history, it has been the military and their codes of honor that has proven to be the biggest thorn in the side of political despotism.

Lastly we have “Conspiracy Theorists”. This has been a blanket term used to apply to pretty much anyone that believes that governments lie or that small groups of people meet in secret and make plans. While these “Conspiracy Theorists” run the gamut as far as areas of focus, from false-flag terrorism to U.F.O. cover-ups, nearly all of them point to secrecy, deception and outright lawless actions being perpetrated by the State in the past or in the present. Naturally, the State does not care for this and seeks to marginalize anyone who points to any wrong doing on the part of the power structure.

Another thing that tends to link “Conspiracy Theorists” is a “belief in a New World Order conspiracy”. So what is the New World Order exactly? Aside from just being a concept mentioned in speeches by both former President George H. W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton, and far from some fantasy construct of a dystopian sci-fi novel, the “New World Order” is nothing more and nothing less than the logical end-result of Trans-National Corporate Globalism. It is a gigantic corporate merger- a consolidation of power and influence by select financial and corporate interests, their shareholders as well as the politicians and bureaucrats they have under their thumb. It is a group of cartels with who work together to enhance mutual interests and dominate world markets and resources.

corporate man

The stated goal is to create a “one world government” ruled by a sort of “neo-feudalistic serfdom”, with a form of Socialism/Communism for the masses, while the “feudal lords” sit in offshore tax havens and fortified compounds. For those familiar with the “company towns” of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it could be likened to that on a global scale. In fact, the nature of sovereignty erasing trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership is evidence of this.

The subject as to who these “feudal lords” that sit atop this “pyramid” has long been debated. Count Richard von Coudenhove–Kalergi, founder and President of the Pan-European Union, which was the predecessor of the E.U., was a big-time power player in the Globalist movement. The Count gave us a somewhat of a clue of who these “lords” might be with this statement from his 1925 book, “Praktischer Idealismus”:

From the European quantity people… two quality races rise up: blood aristocracy and Jewry… both believe in their higher mission, of their better blood… The superiority of their spirit predestines them to become a main factor of the future nobility.

It should be noted that the British-Dutch-German royal family are the prime shareholders of Dutch Royal Shell Oil Corporation and the largest land owners in the world. Meanwhile Jewish elite financial empires like N.M. Rothschild and Goldman-Sachs influence interest rates and hold sway over major global financial lenders like the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements– the central bank of central banks like the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve. It was these financial interests as well as their counterparts on Wall Street that funded both the Zionist and Bolshevik movements of the early 20th century. Historically, the financial/merchant class has worked with aristocracy to enhance one another’s interests and power for centuries.

The late Carroll Quigley, former Georgetown University Professor and mentor to former President Bill Clinton wrote the encyclopedic-length work of dry non-fiction “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time”, in which he detailed with optimistic enthusiasm the mechanisms of what he referred to as the “Anglo-American Establishment”. The Anglo-American Establishment describes the alliance between the British Empire and the elite financial and corporate interests that were behind it (i.e. Rothschild) and the emerging American Empire and its financial and industrial titans like J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. The forming of the much-celebrated “Special Relationship” between the U.S. and Britain in the late 19th century was at its core founded on a belief in the need for Anglo-American hegemony across the globe. As the British Empire declined, the American Empire took its place.

After the Anglo-American Establishment emerged victorious in World War II, a new entity emerged, referred to by President Eisenhower as the “Military Industrial Complex”, which acted as the “bulldog” for the financial and corporate entities who sought to get nations into debt they could not pay back, so they could then pillage their resources. The Military Industrial Complex was there to make sure that happened. Controlled primarily by the American WASP elites with ties to Zionism, this combine of arms dealers and weapons manufacturers used the power and influence they had gained in the Second World War to make sure that the war never ended. The creation of entities like the CIA as well as other Military Industrial Complex entities and operations helped to ensure this through use of false-flag terror, psychological warfare, narcotics trafficking, sex trafficking, manufactured revolutions, assassinations and puppet dictators.

With the spread of Corporate Globalism, new players like China entered into the equation. While western interests had covertly financed the Communist Revolution of Mao Tse Tung for decades, Communist China remained an “enemy” in the eyes of the general public through the Vietnam War. However, in the mid- 1970s China was “opened” to western markets- a move led by then U.S. Envoy to China and later CIA Director, George H.W. Bush. This was the beginning of the new chapter of the strange love-hate relationship between China, their elites like the Li family, and the Anglo-American Establishment. The Corporate Globalists love China due to their unending supply of cheap labor and complete disregard for the environment and human rights. Meanwhile those who are on the military and finance side of things know that China is still out for China, and not really “in” with the Judeo-Anglo-American Establishment, which seeks to be the dominant force in the world as it has for the last nearly 200 years.

The New World Order is a comprehensive system of dominance in financial, corporate, and government spheres where the most ruthless rise to the top, while the rest of the world is kept in a compartmentalized state. It is a system tailor-made for psychopaths. While there is infighting and backstabbing, as there is “no honor among thieves”, there is cooperation in the manner of a group of cartels. Judeo-Zionist, Anglo-American, and European elites primarily drive it, however players like the Saudis and the Chinese have played an increasing role in the past few decades. It has been said that millionaires see the world as a “playground”, while billionaires see the world as a “proving ground”, and this is certainly the case here as this is no “millionaires club”. The primary ideology is that of “Social Darwinism” and the belief that the 0.0001% who are in this “club” have a duty to direct the course of human civilization and lead the masses of the human population down “the right path”, with or without their consent.

However, these are also people who deeply understand the Law of Karma, which is why they always say what they are going to do in white papers, dry academic works, etc. before they do it. Silence, apathy, ignorance and disbelief from the general public equates to consent, as the information and stated goals of these folks is readily available. Likewise, they use “grunts” like the police and the military to do their dirty work, thereby skirting the immediate repercussions of Karma. They understand human psychology to an incredibly sophisticated degree and are masters at playing groups off against one another in order to advance their goals and create “order out of chaos”.


This is the “New World Order” in a nutshell. It is the Global Corporate Mega-State. This is an entity that has been constructed in the darkness of secrecy away from the light of inquiry, but now has become more vocal and blatant with its actions, as its dominance has caused it to grow in chutzpah and arrogance. Needless to say, this system as a whole is not something that most people would consent to if they were fully aware of it, which is why anyone sounding the alarm about any aspect of this is going to be ridiculed, demonized, or worse by the establishment.

So let’s be clear: governments aren’t afraid of terrorism. Governments have used terrorism for quite some time to advance their own power. What governments are afraid of are ideologies that compete with their own. The State and the individuals behind it know their real power lies in their hold over the minds and hearts of their populace. If that is gone, it is only a matter of time before they are as well.

We should note that it is increasingly accurate to use an impersonal term like “the State” in reference to the U.S. Government as it no longer matters who “the face” is, since we have a dictatorship of Executive Branch bureaucracies and the corporate interests that control them. Policies shift focus and move faster, but never really “change”. This is a State that has not been “for the people” for a long, long time. Similar statements can be made of most governments that are in existence today.

So that leads us to the question of what exactly is the ideology of the State and the emerging Global Corporate Mega State that ultimately seeks to completely absorb it? First and foremost, the State seeks to establish itself as God (although it will never say that). The State wants you to look to it for life and sustenance. The State wants you to look to it and only it, for safety and security. The State wants women to see it as provider, children to see it as parent, and men to see it as master. The State wants to destroy human sexuality and even human imagination because of the power it has to create without the approval of the State. The State will tell you what is moral and virtuous. The State will take your ideas and your movements and make them work to advance its own goals. All things belong to the State.  The State will let you have whatever does not threaten its power.

The State wants the “poor and oppressed” to look to it for hope, opportunity, and charity which it will give in exchange for loyalty and the elimination of its enemies. The State must crush any and all competition. The State must silence any and all dissent or ridicule. The State will choose what words and language is appropriate. The State will decide what sort of science and technology you can and can’t have. The State wants you to consume more and more. The State wants you to be self-absorbed and apathetic. The State wants you to care about frivolous things and obsess over mindless entertainment. The State wants you to believe you can only be what it says you can be. The State wants you to believe everything its “experts” and media pundits tell you.  The State will write history.  The State will tell you what is true or false.The State must dictate your reality.

The State wants you to cheer it on, no matter what it does. The State demands tribute and it demands sacrifice. The State will tell you that it is virtuous and honorable to pay your tribute to the State. The State cannot survive without it. The State thinks there are too many people and that threatens its ability to maintain power and control. The true nature of the State is that of a parasitic entity. It may give a tiny little bit, but then it takes oh so much more. Like a cancer it grows and grows. The State wants you in its cage until you die broke and in debt. The State will say what is good is evil and what is evil is good. The antithesis of Light, Life and Love, the State as we know it is an archaic holdover from the Kali Yuga and represents darkness, death and fear. The State is a vampiric illusion that only exists because we have put our faith and energy into maintaining it.

This is the State as it has come to be. This is the Global Corporate Mega-State. It is “Left Wing” as well as a bit “Right Wing”. It is all about you having any sort of “freedom” that keeps you dumbed-down, distracted and self-absorbed. It wants to take all of your money as you slowly die from the diseases that it creates or allows to be created in a variety of ways. It tolerates homogeneous, watered-down religion, just as long as your actions in the world are passive and subordinate to the State, and your life remains primarily focused on tribute and support of the State. It wants you to serve it until you no longer serve a purpose. It wants you to believe you are weak, powerless, and ugly. But in truth, it knows how powerful you truly are and is scared to death of that.

At the end of the day, an “extremist” is anyone who does not agree with the legitimacy of the power monopoly of the State and its attempt to dictate reality. An “extremist” sees the State’s attempt to become God for what it is. An “extremist” isn’t a threat because he or she uses bombs, or guns, or other fear-based tactics. An “extremist” is a threat because he or she isn’t afraid to use words and ideas to create a different version of reality than the one the State approves of. The Word and the Imagination are humanity’s most powerful tools, which is why the State seeks to suppress and control them with such vigor.


So in closing, my question to you, dear reader, is this: where do you stand? Do you stand with the State? Or do you follow a “Higher Power”? Will you be an “extremist”? Or will you be absorbed into the Global Corporate Mega-State?

Humanity is at a fork in the road, and the time is coming where we will all have to make the “hard choice”.  Honest, sincere, conscious action will be required of us.  What manner of action will depend on one’s own strengths and abilities, but in any case, it will require honest action and it will take every ounce of heart and courage we have.

There is a rough road ahead indeed, and the temptation will be there to just put our head in the ground and “go along to get along” and hope we go unnoticed.  But we may be wise to remember the words of Tuskegee Airman and Air Force Lt. Col. Hiram Mann:

“No man survives when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails, and those who cry ‘appease, appease’, will be hanged by those they tried to please.”

Namaste and God Bless.



“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”

– Gospel of John 1:1-4

The past few weeks I have actively and passively contemplated the ancient Vedic interpretation of time cycles or “Yugas”. I touched upon this somewhat in my article about the “Abrahamic Question”, but something happened this past Monday night that has prompted me to explore it further. That night I sat in meditation when I began to receive what you might describe as visions and glimpses into the “other side”. It was though I was opened up and the Light from inside of my core began receiving information from a Light source that was beyond me as an individual. Toltec shaman Don Miguel Ruiz beautifully describes this Light:

Light is a living being. There are billions of different vibrations of light. Light carries all the information for any kind of life on Planet Earth. Mother Earth transforms the information in the light from the Father Sun to create life. The DNA in each of our cells is a ray from the Sun condensed into matter by Mother Earth.

The information carried by the light is known as the silent knowledge. The silent knowledge is stored and passed on in DNA; therefore our bodies contain the codes.

All knowledge that exists is in the light. Light is the way stars communicate from one to the other, just as light is the way one atom communicates with another atom.

Each human has a frequency of light, which is always connected to the Sun, like a river to Earth…”


One of these “visions” or components of “Sun/Son-Light data” I had that night had to do with the cycles of the Yugas. For those who may not be familiar, the Yugas describe cycles of time and are found in the ancient Sanskrit texts known as the Vedas. They are described as being divided into four cycles:

Satya Yuga: which could also be referred to as the “Spiritual Age”. This would be a time when humanity existed in its purest form, closest to the Divine.  This would be when the Spiritual Body was formed/upgraded.
Treta Yuga: which could also be referred to as the “Mental Age”. This would be a time when humanity harnessed the awesome power of mind.  This would be the time when the Mental Body was formed/upgraded.
Dwapara Yuga: which could also be referred to as the “Energy Age”. This would be a time when humanity understood and harnessed the energy fields that permeate existence.  This would be the time when the Energetic or “Astral” Body was formed/upgraded.
Kali Yuga: which could also be referred to the “Material Age” or “Dark Age”. This would be a time when humanity was fully engrossed in physical survival and furthest from divine potential.  This would be the time when the Physical Body was formed/upgraded.

It is understood in the Vedic tradition that humanity has come down through these Ages, and is now making its way back up. In his book, “The Holy Science”, Sri Yukteswar, the teacher of the famous Paramhansa Yogananda (author of “Autobiography of a Yogi”), argued that we are in fact currently in the Dwapara or “Energy Age”, rather than still in the midst of the Kali Yuga as others may state. This can be correlated historically by the energy and technological revolutions that have taken place in the last century.


The Yugas can likewise be correlated with Biblical tradition as well, with the Garden of Eden story representing the Satya Yuga (Spiritual Age). After the “fall”, human behavior and consciousness seems to slowly degenerate until we reach the story of Jesus, which would have taken place during the Kali Yuga, a time that needed the Sun/Son of God to incarnate more than any other. Then, at end of the Bible in “Revelation”, we have the vision of “the New Heaven and the New Earth”, which can be seen as a return to the Satya Yuga.

For quite some time now I have had a fascination with the notion that the evolution of human life and civilization is not the steady upward linear progression that we have been taught in school, with we modern humans being at the pinnacle of evolutionary development. According to the Vedas, as well as various other esoteric traditions and mystics, humanity actually in a sense “devolved” or better, “descended” from a higher state of vibrational existence into dense matter. We then hit a point where going any denser would have been detrimental to the Creation, at which point, we began to ascend back up towards the state of existence we came from.

However, I have come to understand that this process is not just a straight “up and down and then up again” movement like a ball bouncing or something of that effect, which would imply that we are merely retracing steps, although there certainly appears to be a component of “rediscovery” in this process. But it also appears that humanity as it goes back on the upswing, it changes or “evolves” (almost like a two steps forward/one step back thing- a dance perhaps?). This means that humanity in the new Satya Yuga or Spiritual Age will be different from the humanity that existed in the old.

That being said, it isn’t that I don’t “believe” in evolution, I just think it is a FAR different process than we have been told by our intellectual authorities (like most things). This would make the whole process take on the visual form of a “U” or something to that effect.


This brings us to my “vision”. As I sat there open to the Light and flickering imagery of beings and symbols, I saw the shape of the Yuga progression that I described, but I saw that it was a wave- like a sound wave or a light wave. It was as though it was a song:

The (song) causes matter in the cosmic womb to vibrate, to dance and form patterns. In inner group esoteric circles this process is sometimes known as ‘the dance of the substances’. After a while it causes matter to coagulate into a variety of strange shapes.

What we are seeing here, then, is the Sun singing the world into existence.” (Mark Booth- “Secret History of the World”)

The “Word” or “Logos” as described in the Gospel of John, which was based off much older esoteric knowledge, describes a sound and makes the sound synonymous with light, both things the science of this “Energy Age” have found to vibrate and move as waves. Specifically like what is known as a “sine wave”:




Theoretically, while the wave has a definite beginning or “Source”, it has no clear end. This was what I saw in my “vision”:


For the longest time I had held onto this notion that this arc of descent into matter and renascent into spirit was a one time thing. This vision showed me that it appears to be a continual process. The image of the Yugas as a cyclical process that I found when researching this bit of “gnosis” seems to confirm this:

Main-Yuga-Spiral-without-pe1bMy external search for understanding how this all works led me to what is known as “Simple Harmonic Motion”, which is essentially motion created by vibration, in this case sound vibration. An article out of Live Science entitled “What is Simple Harmonic Motion” illustrates this:

When a musician strums a guitar, the vibration of the strings creates sound waves that human ears hear as music. When a guitar string is plucked, it moves a certain distance, depending on how hard the guitar player strums. The string returns to its starting point and travels nearly the same distance in the opposite direction. The vibrational energy of the string is dissipated in the form of sound. This causes the distance the string moves, or the amplitude of the vibrations, to decrease gradually. The volume of the sound fades until the string eventually falls silent.

Of course, there is much, much more one can read and learn about the principles of simple harmonic motion in physics. However I think the point I’m getting to here can be summed up by simply comparing two images:


yuga circle and sine

The process of the Creation and the “time” in which it occurs appears to be a sort of “harmonic motion” taking place on a sine wave (or multiple sine waves).  Equally intriguing for me is the appearance of the encircled cross, better known as the “Celtic Cross” in the harmonic motion formula.  Researcher Crichton Miller has actually proven that this was used as a navigation and time-keeping device, and likewise points to the ancient priest class as being the “keepers of time”.

celtic cross marine navigator

Even looking at the processes of history, from economic cycles, to social cycles, to the rise and fall of empires, to climate and sun cycles, all of these things can be graphed as various forms of sine or Kondratiev Waves”. Named after Russian economist, Nikolai Kondratiev, these waves were originally graphed to show economic trends. This was mirrored by the work of economists Edward Dewey and Edward Dakins. They found that waves of behavior exist throughout all aspects of human life. They also found that these often tended to mirror solar activity.





These things, as well as the dominance of various archetypes and spiritual forces over the direction of creation could all essentially be overlaid on top of the primary wave cycle of the Yugas:


So what does this all mean? It means that in theory this process of creation and the descent and renascent cycles of humanity on a large scale is potentially unending, since sound waves never truly end, although they certainly do change and dissipate. It also means that we may not be at the beginning of this “wave of time”, that is to say that what we believe to be “the beginning” may not be.  I am most definitely not the first person to vocalize this in one form or another, but I am certainly inspired by it nonetheless.

It could also mean that like a music score, there would be multiple “waves” harmonizing at the same time like instruments in an orchestra or singers in a choir. This would make us both the singers and part of the song itself, as in the end, the two become indistinguishable.  This means that we can potentially tap into this sound-wave of creation if we are able to understand how to do so (and indeed there is evidence that some may have already).  If we learn how to read the music of creation, the potentials are seemingly endless.

As far as applications for this sort of understanding, researchers like Dr. Joseph Farrell have pointed out the potential that the understanding of the sort of “deep physics” could bring us to- both good and bad.  The technology that could be created and the understanding that could be gleaned would be beyond the sort of “dead-end” physics model that the majority of mainstream science makes the general public privy to.  I believe that understanding and harnessing this would truly be the pinnacle of this new “Energy Age“.


It is the most grand and complex symphony ever created; each harmony, each crescendo; as it takes us up and down into the very highest soprano and into the deepest bass tones. It invites us to actively participate in the symphony, even though we already are, if unknowingly.  This is a musical epic that makes Wagner’s Siegfried or Beethoven’s 9th Symphony seem as trite as a Miley Cyrus song.

So does this mean that the song is “predetermined” and therefore infallible? I would say yes and no. Like any band or orchestra, there are always people who may mess up a chord or play out of tune, or even attempt to sabotage the entire thing. But typically the orchestra will play until the song is finished, as the show must go on. But perhaps it is more like a “jam band”, where one musician plays off another creating a seemingly endless melody that takes everyone involved on a journey to parts unknown.  In either case, or any other, I suppose we should all make sure we practice and tune our instruments, because we are all playing in the Divine Orchestra and it’s showtime!


Namaste and God Bless.