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It’s a New Year, so I figured it was time for me to post a new blog, since I haven’t really done any per se, for a little over two weeks. However, I have certainly been busy adding to the site in other ways. Folks may have noticed some additions to the pages bar at the top of the screen where there once was just a “Home” and an “About” page that took you to my user profile. I have recently figured out how to add to that, and encourage folks to take a few moments to click on the various tabs at the top of the screen. The content of these pages (of which I am still not finished) form the core of the teaching I am putting forth here.

Folks who have been following me for a while will no doubt recognize the Universal 12 Steps as now having their own page(s). If you click on that tab, you will see a drop down menu where you can click on any of the 12 step lessons I have completed thus far (yes, I realize I haven’t gotten all the way to twelve yet 😉). Another old blog posting that now has its own page is my post on “Alchemy and the Great Work”, as this is one of the most thorough descriptions of what I am looking to put forth her that I have written thus far.

There is also quite a bit of “new stuff” up there. First we I have created an “Introduction” page that briefly describes what folks can expect from my work and what I wish them to take away from it. I have also created a page outlining the Hermetic Principles of occult-mysticism, as I reference these frequently throughout my work. There is also a page entitled the “Last Adam”. This was originally going to be a regular blog posting, but I felt it belonged as a permanently visible page at the top. This essentially describes my perspective of the figure of Christ Jesus as the archetypal ascended man that we should strive to become as opposed to a messiah that we wait to come and save us.

Finally we have a page entitled “Barriers to Self-Actualization”. This is based on a model by former occultist and activist Mark Passio, along with my own insights. This also has a drop down menu if you click on it that will take you to original work of mine describing each of these “barriers”, as well as some ideas as to how to overcome them. I am really proud of this work and will be promoting this on social media soon. I will be looking to add another page section describing some of the various spiritual exercises that I have spoken of and have in my personal arsenal. I am also probably going to create a page going into some of my work and experiences around shamanism, archetypes and folk consciousness.

People who have followed my work of the past year and three months since I started on this blog have probably noticed a variety of avenues and twists and turns in the subject matter I have covered and perhaps even the tone in which I cover it. I originally made this as a sort of an online archive for sermons I wrote. However, this has evolved since first and foremost, I no longer write the sermons I give. I soon used this platform to expand into “political” views.

Many people see this as something that needs to be kept separate from spiritual work, and I recently had someone say they wished that my political writing could be done under a separate “alias” from my ordained name, but I feel that would be disingenuous and honestly, I don’t believe in this notion that “religion” and politics should be separate. Indeed, for the vast majority of human history, it has been the spiritual leaders that took charge in the “political” life of the community. Much of this idea of keeping religion out of politics was manufactured by men who saw religion as an opposition to their agendas.  In the U.S., this idea was further cemented by the institution of 501 c 3 tax exempt status for churches. This was essentially a government payoff of the churches, giving them tax breaks in exchange for silence in political affairs, as historically the churches in America had been somewhat troublesome in regards to government power grabs and general amoral behavior.

Likewise, I find inspiration in the Black Robe Regiment of the American Revolution and modern-day “black robes” like Pastor Chuck Baldwin, who preach the spiritual duty to point out and overcome tyranny of all kinds. While I don’t share many of their more fundamentalist views on Christianity, I find kinship in their undying love for human liberty and innate desire to throw off the oppressive institutions that seek to constrain human potential.

So in 2016, the political posts will continue, but they also will  evolve in scope and perspective, as I seek to focus on the root of the issue and less on the branches. I realize that my political writings appear to have garnered the most attention, with my writings on the “Muslim Question” getting a fair amount of attention as well as controversy. But at the same time, this is not a strictly political or current-events blog, and the purpose of my writing about these things is not to simply expose them just for the sake of exposing them. I am not a journalist, nor am I trying to be, and I became concerned that by focusing too much on some of these particulars, readers coming in may be misled as to the true aims behind what I’m putting out there.

This concern is what led me to post the page links at the top of the screen. I want visitors to the site to have clear view and access to the core fundamental teachings that describe what this blog is really about- psycho-spiritual transformation through the dissolution of belief systems and illusions, while working toward spiritual realization through the rediscovery of the Self and the Laws of Nature and Creation. I do not want this point to be obfuscated with folks just “going down the rabbit hole”, but never bothering to come out through the Light on the other side.

As I ended last year, I began to make increasing mention of the Yugas and will continue to do so in 2016. I find a great deal of understanding through contemplating them, and I find them far simpler to understand and work with than the somewhat nebulous and disagreeable Zodiac Ages. My upcoming post (or series of posts?) will be talking about the Dwapara Yuga or “Energy Age” we are currently really getting into, and the role that the whole “Climate Change” debacle plays in this.

In 2016 I will continue to explore taboo subjects like folk and race from a spiritual perspective as well as from the perspective of a  Celto-Germanic (white) man. I will continue to talk about the Global Corporate Mega State and call into question the power and influence of a Jewish elite who continually cry persecution while simultaneously persecuting others.  These are those referenced in Revelation 2:9 when it states “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

In 2016 I will do my best to “call a spade a spade”, without falling into the trap of divisiveness and unproductive finger-pointing. More importantly, I will continue to call into question the over-arching spiritual philosophy of Abrahamism that is at the core of much of the ills of the world. Abrahamism is the archetype of old Cronus (Saturn), who seeks to eat his children who would eventually overcome him and take his place as ruler.

In 2016 I will look to further strip away the plastic wrap surrounding modern culture and the beliefs that stem from them. I will continue with joy to dismantle various beliefs and assumptions that are seen as “institutions” in one form or another.  Likewise, I will continue to show how these things are reflected in each and every one of us, and what we can do to change this.

In 2016 I will delve further into the archetypal realm and some of the work I have done and continue to do with it. I will share some of the visions from various journeys, visions, and dreams from my personal past. In 2016, I plan on sharing a bit more of me with my readers.

In 2016 I will look to maintain a healthy balance of writings that get to the root causal factors of a problem, as well as what we can do to solve it.  In 2016 I will also strive to interject some “weird stuff” as well as some “feel-good” stuff into the mix here every now and then to keep things lively and lighthearted.

In 2016 I will continue to explore and delve into the Sun-being known as the Christ and the archetypal figure of Jesus, as well as the perspective of European pagan, Indo-Aryan as well as many other other mystery traditions and mythologies surrounding these things.

In 2016, things will happen that I have no way of predicting, which is quite exciting (maybe Donald Trump will be elected president??). If anything, I am sure there will be A LOT to write about, so, HAPPY 2016 EVERYONE!!

Namaste and God Bless!


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