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Image Copyright Jim Warren

There are certain schools of esoteric thought that suggest that as man became more capable of independent thought, the trade-off was that our lifespan decreased, as this thinking process took vital energy.  This suggests that thinking was perhaps something intended to be used with focused intent and precision rather than something to be done haphazardly and non-stop.  Various spiritual traditions focus on training and quieting the mind in meditation, etc., with the goal of living our day-to-day in this state of quiet or even silent mind.

So, what is the point of it, this thinking business- particularly if we are of the perspective that things like belief systems and worldviews, which are byproducts of thinking, are ultimately unproductive?  I was asking that as I was walking outdoors the other night.  The answer that almost immediately came to me was one word- imagination.  Imagination is the ability to create with the mind.  Nothing human beings bring into the world (outside perhaps of procreation and other bodily things) can be made manifest without it first existing in the mind through active imagination.  The more vivid and focused the imagination, the greater potential for creation.  This is what I and many others understand being made in the image of the Creator means.

However, imagination is a tool, and can be used in constructive or destructive manners.  It can be used to create beauty and life, or ugliness and death.  As an artist, I cannot help but think of visual art, and the various trends that have happened throughout its history, and the state of “high art” now, which has become increasingly focused on the grotesque. Our world of modernity with all of its creations of degeneracy and death is the canvas many are now observing with a critical eye.

We are constantly receiving input into our senses and into our minds.  These things all have the potential to be used as elements in our creations.  This is perhaps where things like discernment and logic come in, where we validate whether what we are taking in is something that we need to or should use as elements in our creation.  All of this takes vigilance and mindfulness.

Often, many of us simply find ourselves reacting in the moment to what we take in through the senses.  Quick reaction is appropriate when we need to respond to actual physical danger, but most of the time, this is not happening.  We are reacting to what someone else has created rather than creating for ourselves.  It is through discipline and focus, which is most effectively attained by being “plugged in” to Source, is how I believe we can learn to align our imagination and will to create that which is aligned with Light, Life, and Love.  This is how we can create the New Heaven and the New Earth.


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