BLOOD, BOND, & SOIL: Responsibilities of Incarnation

“I cannot defend my family, if everybody is my family.  I cannot help my brother, if everybody is my brother.” Justin “Master Chim” Garcia In times past, charity and service first towards one’s family, and then extended outwards to their fellowship/tribe, their community, their folk and their nation, was seen as virtuous and selfless.  Now, … More BLOOD, BOND, & SOIL: Responsibilities of Incarnation


“The masses of people are carried along, obedient to environment; the wills and desires of others stronger than themselves; heredity; suggestion; and other outward causes moving them about like pawns on the Chessboard of Life. But the Masters, rising to the plane above, dominate their moods, characters, qualities, and powers, as well as the environment … More THE GAME OF LIFE


“It is so easy to ‘pick sides’, to add our voice to one ideology or another, to align ourselves with one worldview or another. But just because it is so easy and comes so naturally to us to do so doesn’t mean we should give in to this baser instinct. We are continually confronted with … More POLARIZED