“Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

– Matthew 5:38


“Ye have heard it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”.

This quotation goes back to the Code of Hammurabi, created by the Semitic First Babylonian Dynasty king of the same name.  Unlike the preceding Sumerian codes that focused on compensating the victim of the crime, Hammurabi’s laws were particularly focused on physical punishment of the one who committed the crime.

One could argue that as a result of the influence of the Semitic culture of Babylon that eventually seeped into the west as the result of trade and empire, the more brutal, punishment-based laws of the Semitic world and the consciousness that created it, spread to Europe and to the European peoples.

Much of what is seen as “justice” is actually little more than revenge through a third party.

As without, so within.

There is a particular tendency in many towards internal self-flagellation.  Here in America, this is rooted largely in the Puritan consciousness of so many of our ancestors, and its hyper-morality.

While we no longer live in that sort of culture per se, the cultural, ethnic and racial consciousness of the people of the United States have retained these values, albeit in a sort of watered down, then re-mixed version of them (totalitarian humanism).

When many of us see what we judge to be wrong, immoral or evil, we seek to suppress it, seek to punish and even destroy it.  This is mirrored in both the external world around us, and the internal world within.  We will often feel resentment towards ourselves for even being susceptible to such a condition.  I know I do.

Jesus sees the folly of attempting to go blow for blow with this “evil”, we see within us, and the state of dis-ease that can create.  This ties into his statement of how a house divided cannot stand.

Jesus goes on to say “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil..”.

To resist something implies a combative stance; to go against something head to head: force-to-force. This can create the conundrum of the unstoppable force against the immovable object, which results in nothing getting anywhere.

100_0608For years I have attempted to do battle with what I would subconsciously see as “evil” within me. I have tried to outsmart it, I have wrestled with it, I have fought it, and in the end, I am just kicking the crap out of myself.

All this would just cause me to feel worse, which would in turn just feed my addictive behavior, and the self-destructive cycle would inevitably perpetuate itself.

The truth of the matter is that it is an impossible thing to fight, because it was not some external “thing” at all. It was me; those parts of me that have been dejected, rejected, diseased and weakened due to my own fear, trauma, pain, resentment and self-loathing.

By trying to battle and hurt this “it”, I am really just battling and hurting myself.

I find peace when I stop trying to fight it head on (and I certainly could not outsmart it).

When I simply surrender to my “Higher Power” (WRA-ALDA, The ALL, The ONE, God, the Monad, etc., etc.), I can walk in another direction; forge another path.  When I am in this place, I am as they say in martial arts, “like water”- clear, fluid, and adaptable to whatever uncertainty or unpleasantness that may come.

“:but whosoever smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

When I have the strength and courage of Christ, I can stand face to face with the unpleasant or “evil” thing, unmoved.  I am hit.  Not because I didn’t do anything, but simply because sometimes, you’re gonna get hit.

And you do.  But it doesn’t hurt.  Or at least it doesn’t hurt as bad as you may have thought it would.

Invigorated and perhaps even slightly emboldened, I offer the other cheek; not in weak, cowardly subordination, but as a way of indicating that I am un-phased and unharmed by what would have taken down others, and perhaps even myself at another time.

However, the process of reaching this point is typically not a “one-and-done” deal, and tends to require repeated acceptance and letting go. I recognize the source of the hurt and self-loathing that came from being stuck in the pain of past events, some of which were very repressed and recessed.  At which point I then had to allow them to move and be released.

And then do my best to tend to the wound itself, while simultaneously working to keep it from being “re-infected” by toxic beliefs and emotions caused by my own mental chatter.

For me, this can be achieved through a combination of prayer in the moment, journaling, expressive art, connecting with and authentically speaking to another human being, and being of service to someone else.

despairWhen we attempt to forcefully do battle with ourselves, it inevitably creates more suffering. After we recognize what it is, we need to understand it. We need to understand what it wants and what it wants to express. These things within us that cause so much suffering are usually the psyche’s attempt to deal with past trauma. Once again, this principle can be applied to both the individual psyche, and the collective psyche of the human species. Trauma causes separation of the psyche.

At its very worse, intense or prolonged trauma can create such a detachment that it can give rise to a variety of physical and mental diseases.  One of the most severe of the mental conditions caused by extreme trauma is psychopathy.

A psychopath is typically understood to be someone who is completely consumed by his/her own ego and feels no empathy towards anyone whatsoever.  They are almost reptilian in a way.

Recent studies have found, psychopaths seem to inherently rise to the top of government and corporations. This is because the power structure that governs this planet is psychopathic in its very nature, as it serves its own interests through manipulation and is completely detached from concern for the true well being of the human population and the planet as a whole.

This corporate-sponsored attitude of selfish detachment has trickled down to the consciousness of the masses through the corporate/government controlled media and society as a whole, causing immense damage.

Collectively we are constantly experiencing “little traumas” through our media, and the “news” and entertainment it provides for us.  These simply build on top of the psychological wounds already inflicted by family and other relationships, and through the various cultural institutions that shaped our belief systems and seem to govern our lives.

American PsychoWe have allowed ourselves to become separated from the Earth and her cycles, from our family and neighbors, and from our own inner being.

We have held onto the individual and collective traumas of the past, while continuing to allow ourselves to be traumatized by the world around us.

It is time to let all of this go.

Trauma is an inevitable part of this three-dimensional existence, and it is our ability to recognize and move through that trauma and express it in a non-harmful way that pushes us through the next threshold of spiritual evolution. Once we have consciously done this, we will no longer feel compelled to re-create the situation of trauma within ourselves or project it onto others.

When we refuse to acknowledge the “ugly” parts of ourselves and cast them away in judgment, like any neglected or abused child, they will inevitably lash out at us in some way. That it is why it is crucial that we be compassionate with ourselves in this process.

No actual part of us is “evil”.

What we call “evil” is often simply the results caused by being severely out-of-sync with the Laws of Nature and the vibration of the Higher Self.  It is what happens when we give into the weakness and vice that keeps us from evolving into the greatest version of ourselves we can be.

Or it is simply a moral judgement led by beliefs and emotions.

When we do the work to clean out our belief systems and habits; when we show compassion to our underlying wounds; then we can effectively move out of the way and allow the healing to take place within us and through us. We can then take those same principles of compassion and loving-kindness and facilitate the healing work to our brothers and sisters in the “external” world.

Let’s do the work.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’s Blessings.





“The problem is not toxic masculinity; it’s that masculinity is toxic.”

  • Lisa Wade


The above quotation is from an article entitled “The Big Picture: Confronting Manhood After Trump” , and it is authored by Lisa Wade, a sociology professor at Occidental College.  The perspective taken is pretty “cookie-cutter” modern feminism, paying lip-service to the standard talking points of toxic masculinity, rape culture, and a “gender revolution”.

Now, I could easily pick apart the article for the sake of discrediting it.  I could point to quotes within the article like “We need to start honest about what being a man has come to mean“, and speak of how a woman is really ill-equipped to engage the topic of what being a man means– just as a man would be ill-equipped to delve into what being a woman has come to mean.

But I’m not going to do that.  I’m going to talk about the very real problem of “toxic masculinity”.

Like most of her peers, Prof. Wade espouses the belief that masculinity is simply a social construct like everything else, and as such, masculinity is a belief system that can and should be discarded.  But the problem is that it’s not.  Masculinity is the expression of the Divine Masculine Principle as it manifests in human men; just as Femininity is the expression of the Divine Feminine Principle as it manifests in human women.

But despite this misconception, toxic masculinity is indeed a real thing.  But it is not that masculinity is toxic, it is that masculinity has become toxic.  This problem stems not from masculinity, but from the modern society it resides within.

Masculinity can be a fierce, wild thing, and almost always seeks, consciously or unconsciously, to manifest a progenitive legacy of some kind.  This is something that needs discipline and direction, but it isn’t a matter of getting it to “behave”- we’ve already tried that; it’s called human domestication, and that’s part of the problem as men have created a cage for themselves and thrown away the key.

The key was the initiatory rites of passage of traditional societies, and the brotherhood and community that supported them.  These initiations served as a way of not only bringing the individual fully into the tribe and the responsibilities that came with it, but it was also very much about the alignment with the individual with the greater forces of Heaven and Earth.

With women, Nature gave them an in-built initiation through the fertility cycle, and the suffering and rewards that came through it (with the apex of that being childbirth).  In traditional societies, these initiations were celebrated amongst the women.  These initiations helped bring the women to a place of maturity and responsibility within the tribe.

Lacking this sort of in-built rite of passage, the men had to go out and create their own initiations that allowed them to experience the journey of suffering, a point where they essentially “break” (the death) and then finally, the (re)birth, which was essential for stepping into the fullness of adulthood.  These rites were seen as being absolutely crucial for maintaining a healthy society.

But these sorts of initiations by and large are gone.  Now there is of course groups like the Freemasons and organizations like the military, but these things are by and large shells of their former selves or in general, scorned by a large swath of the greater society.  The male initiation that involves any sort of real suffering or violence for the purpose of strength is called “hazing” and seen as a barbarous and archaic thing that doesn’t belong in modern society, and is the realm of “rapist” frat boys and criminal gangs.

But this perception is due to the fact we have created a society that doesn’t really allow for a true initiation. The “initiations” of the average man are measured through navigating the education system, sexual conquest, substance abuse, and climbing the corporate/financial ladder.

This reality becomes exacerbated when we look at the state of the two pillars that supported the initiation rite: brotherhood and community.

It was once understood and respected that it was important for men to be in the company of other men for support and guidance.  In times past, they were all men who would have had the deeper understandings brought to them through the initiations and productive existence within the tribe after.

But now, male bonding is commonly a case of arrested-development full or partial “man-babies” fully devoted to leisure and narcissistic self-fulfillment- whatever that might mean at the time .  And perhaps more importantly, conversation between men has become shallow and inauthentic.

After the brothers, it was the community; the greater tribe; that provided the support and structure for the man to fulfill the purpose of his initiation.  But this would have been an involved and inter-connected community.  Nowadays, people are more isolated then ever before, lost in their technology, not knowing one’s neighbors has become commonplace, and deep conversation is almost unheard of unless it involves spewing venom about a political “enemy”.

Men need more than this.  We need the face-to-face with death in as real a manner as we can without actually dying (the point of those doing the initiating was to ensure you lived, while believing death was a possibility), and then experiencing the face-to-face with Spirit that we are so open to after surviving a harrowing ordeal.  I don’t think our socially acceptable, “canned” initiations are cutting it- in fact, it’s obvious they aren’t, or modern western men (along with the women) wouldn’t be turning into sociopaths.

This isn’t the natural state of masculinity.  This is the state of a sick and diseased masculinity, rotting away in the comforts and confines it created for itself.  Society must have a return to true initiation rites.  Society must be restructured in a way that allows for men to be as they were naturally meant to be, if we wish to stem the tide of rage that comes from men who feel bound and shackled to a world that hates them.

To quote an African proverb:

If you do not initiate your young men into the tribe, they will come back and burn down the village just to feel the heat.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’s Blessings.


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For millennia, humans have worked with the deeper mythic and archetypal structures that exist in the universal and folk consciousness. Likewise, they have utilized the associated symbols of these archetypes for the purpose of spiritual growth and development as well as for the purpose of exerting influence.

Specific symbols are often tied to a particular folk or culture, and are more effective within a particular folk soul. As a man of Teutonic-Gaelic descent, certain representations of archetypes and symbols resonate with me in a manner that is genuine and workable, while others do not. For me a Celtic Cross or a Germanic Sunwheel will resonate with me and effect me in a way that a West African Adinkra symbol will not.

Symbols are tied into our individual and collective subconscious, acting as a sort of “lock and key” mechanism. These symbols have the power to reach into our psychological depths and have the ability to influence us and direct us, even if we are unaware of it. This is why they are used in spell work as well as in modern advertising. Symbols can be used to manipulate just as effectively as they can be used to empower.

I am sure that if you look at certain mythic archetypal symbols from around the world, you too will find those that resonate with you in a deeper way than others. My advice is simply to follow that soul resonance and be open to the journey it takes you on.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’s Blessings