But there’s two tendencies that can’t be integrated into Western life… and they’re the far Right and what’s called religious fundamentalism. They’re the two areas that can’t be drawn in.”

  • Jonathan Bowden


In Jungian psychology, “the shadow” is understood to be the elements within an individual’s consciousness that are not integrated or “drawn in” to his or her identity.  It is the part(s) of ourselves that we do not wish to be seen or acknowledged.

The shadow is the repository of all the traumas (both major and minor) that we have experienced, but not adequately moved through and integrated into our personality; our being.

The shadow is the part of ourselves we wish did not exist… but it does.

Internal alchemists understand that integrating the shadow is key to become a whole, actualized human.  This is especially true as there are not only “negative” elements of ourselves that we reject that go into the shadow, but positive elements as well.  This is referred to as the “gold” in the shadow- our internal treasure that unlocks our true potential.

However, the shadow is not just an individual phenomenon.  Just like there is collective human group consciousness among both small and large groups of individuals connected by blood and/or culture, so too is there a “collective shadow”- the elements within a group that remain unassimilated into the greater whole.

After the Presidential elections, there was an idea being floated by “spiritual celebrities” like Deepak Chopra that the new President and the movement(s) behind him were in fact the embodiment of America’s collective shadow:

If Trump is the latest expression of the shadow, he isn’t a bizarre anomaly… When the shadow breaks out, what’s wrong is right. Being transgressive feels like a relief, because suddenly the collective psyche can gambol in forbidden fields. When Trump indulges in rampant bad behavior and at the same time says to his riotous audiences, ‘This is fun, isn’t it?’ he’s expressing in public our ashamed impulse to stop obeying the rules…”

However, Chopra displays a very dualist and rather unsophisticated view of the shadow, depicting it as an inherently negative and undesirable thing that hopefully will “go back underground”.  Chopra speaks against both denial and full surrender to the shadow, but also speaks nothing of integrating it- the very thing that the Jungian school that invented the term insists needs to be done.  Rather, Chopra speaks of the shadow as a somewhat cartoonish villain, reassuring those fearing the threat to “good” modern liberal values that “the shadow never wins in the end.”

But Trump and “Trumpism” is just the latest face put on a boogeyman that has haunted the Internationalist Liberal Empire for over a century; the latest name for modernity’s shadow.

In the social code of western modernity, it is unacceptable to be intolerant to nearly all groups of people- except religious fundamentalists and the far right.

One of the great fears among liberals in the U.S. that was drummed up during the Bush Administration and never really went away is that of a “fundamentalist Christian dictatorship” that would strip away all the “progress” (i.e. abortion) of the last few decades and take away every special right granted to every special class of people.

Ironically, the fundamentalists haven’t held any REAL power since the post-WWII era.

One of the great fears of the Neo-Marxist vanguard left is that of a return to “fascism” by a surge in power by “Neo-Nazis” and the KKK- who also haven’t held any REAL power in the west since WWII.

These people, we are told, are ignorant, xenophobic racists, rednecks, terrorists, and even “Nazis” with an “evil” ideology.  Therefore, we as a culture and a society are given a green light to mock, ridicule, belittle and in some cases, even assault and kill “those evil people”.  Why?  Because their beliefs we are told, if left alone, will “inevitably” lead to oppression and genocide.

But what are these beliefs really?  What are the core elements of this shadow?

Both the far-right and fundamentalism are tied to the anti-modernist school of thought known as Traditionalism.  One interesting historical side note is that many surviving NSDAP (“Nazis”) to Islam after WWII; Islam being one of the most fundamentalist, life-dominating religious practices there is- a complete and total submission to that way of life.

The primary difference between the left and the right ideologically is belief in equality vs. belief in inequality.  Of course, this belief has largely been squeezed out of the modern political right and has become the realm of the far-right “Nazis”.

At its most spiritual level, the far-right believes that inequality produces a sort of spiritual aristocracy and a hierarchy where everyone has a clear role in society.

The primary difference between fundamentalist religion and non-fundamentalist religion is that there is a designated, tried and true “right way” of religious and spiritual interpretation, versus the “this means what I want it to mean” of the modern secularized liberal “universalist” religions.

Perhaps even more importantly, fundamentalism tends to require a complete and utter surrender to a religious way of life that consumes their life in a way that most modern westerners couldn’t even comprehend.

Both the far-right and fundamentalism are fiercely tribal, focusing on taking care of their own.

Both are militant and warrior-like in their convictions.

So we have tribalism and the belief in helping one’s own people first; we have the inequality of Nature as a moral truth and good as it creates the pressure needed for evolution, which in humans ultimately creates a natural/spiritual aristocracy; we have the practice complete submission and devotion to an Absolute set of morals and ideals that comes from “Above”, which takes a tremendous amount of discipline along with the fierce conviction that these things supersede any allegiance to the modern corporate state.

These are warrior virtues.

These are the ideals that have been part of traditional human life across cultures for eons.

But now, these are ideals that are completely incompatible with modern liberal society and seen as “evil”.

But yet these are things that are archetypal and still reside strongly within the human collective consciousness- and not as remnants of an “old age”, but things that are perennial and timeless.  They are in our very DNA- if not in form, in essence.

And it is the essence and core of these virtues and practices of Traditionalism that needs to be re-integrated into the modern human experience, rather than shunned as some sort of pariah.

It would be a true “blending of opposites” on a societal level; a kind of “social alchemy“.

The shadow MUST be integrated in order to become what we are truly capable of becoming in our fullness.  And the slow, rotting stagnation of liberal society and the legacy of the Enlightenment is proof of this.  We may have more money and less death, but inside we are hollow and vapid.  We need the gold of this shadow to revitalize and put substance back into humanity.

But if these things are truly completely incapable of being integrated into modern society and are completely incompatible with it; what are we to do if we want a truly holistic society that elevates humanity to the next level?

Build another one.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.



“Masculinity is a sacred thing- and yet it’s been demonized and disprivileged in the Western world, regarded as just an excuse for brutality.  Masculinity is about self-control; it’s about respect and power that’s ventilated when it’s necessary to use it.”

  • Jonathan Bowden


One of the primary beliefs of modern feminism is essentially that men would be better (i.e. more “well-behaved)  if they were more like women.

The issues of violent crime, sexual assault and suicide perpetrated by men in the modern era have caused a great amount of fear in modern western society, particularly among women and particularly those of a modern feminist persuasion.  And the solution to this problem, as laid out in feminist-produced films like “The Mask You Live In” and the curriculum based off said film that is being pushed into a growing number of schools and universities (and sponsored by Axe- purveyor of carcinogenic male beauty products); is that men need to “get in touch with their emotions”.

And this is not wholly untrue.

Modern western men are emotionally isolated and have for a long time lived in a world where expressing any sort of vulnerability or authenticity was frowned upon, causing men to “keep it bottled up”- and keeping anything bottled up inevitably leads to unwanted consequences.

But this problem is not some sort of side effect of “socially constructed” masculinity that has been around for centuries that we are now just learning how to deal with, due to our more “enlightened” state as a modern society.  Rather, it is a side effect of modern society and the removal of men from their traditional roles and support structures and placing them in a world where they became little more than an economic integer- a creature of mass production and consumption.

But even having men’s support groups (a modern substitute for tribe) and learning how to “get in touch with our feelings” will not solve the crisis of masculinity and its tendency towards “anti-social” and even criminal behavior in the modern world.  This is because in its prescription for what was wrong with men and how to solve it, modern feminism and its backers in corporate state chose to demonize and attempted to cut-off the “Warrior” aspect of male consciousness rather than embrace it.

This is because modernity is terrified of the warrior class- even though it still begrudgingly needs it in order to fulfill its aims of geopolitical and social control (until AI is at a point where it can replace it).

The warrior class makes the average modern person somewhat uncomfortable- even when they are in a somewhat obligatory and insincere way saying, “Thank you for your service”.

The warrior class lives in a world the average modern person prefers to pretend doesn’t exist.  These are men who are intimately connected with, and in many ways, comfortable within the realm of violence and death.  The average western modern person is terrified of these things and wants nothing to do with them.

The warrior is versed in violence and does not fear death.  But the true warrior is not motivated by the egoism of the immature hero or the sadist, but is grounded in honor, duty, mission and the glory of serving those he is bound to.

In our modern, post WWII and Vietnam era, war and violence are seen as utterly abhorrent and is resented and feared by the western masses.  But this has not always been the case.  For millennia, the martial and warrior classes of a society were respected and revered for their strength, courage, honor and willingness to their die to defend their people.  This was expressed in the stories of King Arthur, the Norse Eddas, the Homeric Epics, the Vedas, and Japanese martial texts like The Book of Five Rings and The Art of War.

The understanding that life in this world was one very much rooted in conflict of one sort or another was central to this ethos.

The warrior ethos was part and parcel with much of what would be considered pre-Christian Indo-European culture.  And even with the introduction of Christianity and the infusion of Semitic ideals into the cultures of European peoples, the martial valor of European culture still lived on through institutions like Chivalry.

The doctrine of universal love of Christianity found itself able to co-exist and even become somewhat infused with the warrior ethos of European man from the early medieval period up through the Enlightenment.

But modernity changed all that.

With modernity came mass-scale industrialization- including the industrialization of mass slaughter and death.  The honor and glory that was seen in the old forms of warfare were now all but gone.

There is little glory in being blown to bits by a helicopter machine gun or an IED.

Up until the last century, it was common for the Western aristocracy to be military men who proudly served in battle.  But now, military service is seen very much as a “war of the ants” where it is the poor and underclass almost exclusively, who march often blindly into a veritable meat-grinder.

And even what little honor and glory that CAN be gleaned from industrialized warfare is now seen as an archaic abomination by modern liberal society- as are the men who would be “warriors”.

For this is a society that has largely cast out the warrior, for the warrior off the battlefield is seen as a threat to the “peace” and “safety” of the society he was ready to die to protect.  This is because the functional mindset of the warrior is of a dangerously masculine type that is linked by modern culture to that of fascists and terrorists.

We have been taught to fear the warrior.

The collective trauma of the industrialized warfare of the 20th century and their accompanying political narratives have completely reshaped public perception.  What was once honored and respected became reviled and feared.

Modernity cast its shadow onto the warrior.

Even with television commercials and segments about “supporting the troops”, it is done in a sort of “hands off” manner, where these men are quietly put “over there” as sort of odd ducks that can’t fit into modern society.

The ideals of the military and police; the modern “warrior caste”; are in truth, antithetical to the modern globalized commercial liberal order it is charged with protecting.  These institutions are paired more and more with violent criminals and terrorists when observing the “crisis” of “toxic masculinity” and its tendency towards violence.

But violence is inherent in Nature, and it has always been the warriors that stood on the precipice of that violence, forming the human wall between it, and the elements of society that needed to be sheltered and protected from it.

In the book, “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine”, authors Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette stated:

We live in a time when people are generally uncomfortable with the Warrior form of masculine energy… This is the age in the West of the ‘soft masculine’ and it is a time in which radical feminists raise loud and hostile voices against the Warrior energy. In liberal churches, committees are removing such ‘warlike” hymns as ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ and ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ from the hymnals.”

Moore and Gillette went on to state in criticism of feminism and modern liberalism’s attempt to re-design a less-aggressive, less-threatening man:

We can’t just take a vote and vote the Warrior out. Like all archetypes, it lives on despite of our conscious attitudes for it. And like all repressed archetypes, it goes underground eventually to resurface in the form of emotional and physical violence.”

The idea that we can simply treat a timeless, eternal archetype as a simple socially-constructed aberration that can be “trained out” of men is the height of modern arrogance and disconnectedness.

Unless we instill in our young men the discipline, courage and honor necessary to utilize the Warrior archetype of Masculinity in a healthy and functional way, we will continue to create either neurotic, effeminate men who are unable to protect themselves or anyone else, or insensitive bullies/predators who simply seek violence and domination for selfish gratification.

The Warrior needs to be integrated, not shunned- and there should be no greater indicator of this than how absolutely terrified and resentful the Western masses are of it.

Let us strive to once again find a way of being where the virtues of the loyalty, honor and courage are once again things worth living and dying for.

Let us strive to be able to fearlessly stare death in the face, unphased and even welcoming of its glory.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.




“For centuries Jews had been of a different religion, now pseudoscience marked them as a separate race.”

  • British actor Laurence Olivier narrating the BBC miniseries “The World at War”

The narrative of the preceding documentary clip is typical of what you will find taught in any school or university in any part of the Judeo-Anglo-American Empire or its vassal states (i.e. the EU.).  Indeed, the idea of an almost cartoonish “Nazi” belief that the Germanic peoples had the right to rule over, oppress and ultimately genocide all the other peoples and races because they were “the master race”, was propagated and repeated to me throughout schooling and the media.

In the West we have been saturated with this narrative for decades and it is a multi-million dollar industry.

What I learned during my time of mandated compulsory “education” on the Holocaust and Nazi/NSDAP Germany during WWII was that the NSDAP used “pseudoscience” (and then gold stars) to label the Jews as a separate race.  This, I was told, made it easier for them to “other” them from the ethnically German peoples and make them “scapegoats” for their problems.

However, the irony of the demonization of the NSDAP stance that the Jews were a separate race from that of the German peoples, is that this was essentially the view that a great many, if not the majority of Jews in Europe had in practice.

This irony became even more pronounced when in 2012, “The Jewish Daily Forward“- one of the oldest Jewish-American publications, put out an article entitled, Jews Are A ‘Race’ Genes Reveal“.  This article highlighted a book published by medical geneticist and professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, Harry Ostrer entitled, “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People”:

Jews exhibit, he writes, a distinctive genetic signature. Considering that the Nazis tried to exterminate Jews based on their supposed racial distinctiveness, such a conclusion might be a cause for concern. But Ostrer sees it as central to Jewish identity.

For centuries, the Jews viewed themselves as a “chosen people” that had to be set apart in ethnic and cultural purity, so they could be fit to fulfill what they saw as their duty to intellectually, culturally and spiritually “lead” humanity out of the darkness of ignorance, oppression, and immorality- as they defined it

Unfortunately in practice, the principle of Jewish tribal exceptionalism has often tended to manifest itself as policies and practices that are seemingly antagonistic and even hostile towards the rest of the “tribes of man”- particularly those with whom they share space with.

Aside from the oft-leveled charges of usury and other ruthless and deceptive business practices, in recent times, Jews in power often tend to promote the slow deracination, homogenization, and general “leveling out” of all other cultures into one mass of humanity.  Meanwhile, these Jews themselves (or at least those of the Zionist or Orthodox persuasion), would either openly proclaim or quietly maintain in their own personal life and business, the preference for Jews to remain an ethnically/culturally separate people from all others, and a general support for the State of Israel.

Tribalism.  The way humans are.

This tribal and somewhat aristocratic view is a view that is ironic due to the overwhelming amount of Jewish leaders within Marxism and general “leftism”.  This Jewish “aristocracy” was praised by Count Richard Coudenhouve-Kalergi, ideological father of the modern multicultural European Union:

Russian Bolshevism constitutes a decisive step towards this purpose where a small group of Communist spiritual aristocrats govern the country…  The general staff of both… are recruited from Europe’s spiritual leader race, the Jews.

From the European quantity people… the mass, two quality races rise up: blood aristocracy and Jewry… both believe in their higher mission, of their better blood… The superiority of their spirit predestines them to become a main factor of the future nobility.”

From ancient times it was understood that blood was a living gateway to the metaphysical and archetypal dimensions.  Certain High spiritual impulses would be carried among a true spiritual nobility; a person of valor and virtue who thus those traits on spiritually, through the blood of your descendants.

These Divine Evolutionary Impulses descended into humanity through these people’s genetics.  This is why kings were seen as gods.  This is the root of the modern aristocracy, who through the generations, have fallen into degeneracy.

Of course, there are well-documented physical and psychological problems that can develop as the result of an extended practice of keeping strict maintenance to a kind of “blood purity” within a family or tribe.  Especially as inevitably after generations, what may have been a bloodline with a new, vital and virile spiritual message or impulse to deliver to the world, slowly degenerated and decayed as all but the Eternal does.

From their inception as a people, the Jews have historically seen themselves as a “people set apart”.  In Biblical times and through the present in more orthodox sects, it is the Jews themselves as essentially a people that needed to remain separate from the outside culture and be extremely selective on which if any, non-Jews to let in.

This was initially understood so as to keep pure the “transmission” of YHVH (the supreme god/archon of the elements of matter and the material world; i.e. Saturn) through them as an ethnic people from Abraham on.

However, there are now generations of Jews who have come to see the Holocaust, rather than the Torah, as what defines Jews as a people.  Many of these young, particularly American Jews are becoming increasingly anti-Zionist and see the ethno-nationalism of Israel of giving legitimacy to the “Nazi” ideology of the Alt-Right.

It is perhaps the very narrative that ultimately garnered the international sympathies and support needed to have a fully Jewish-controlled Palestine (now Israel), that is beginning to tear at the unity of “the tribe” in a seemingly significant manner.

Perhaps there is a serious conflict within “Judah” as to what should be the future of Israel and the Jewish people as a truly distinct racial, ethnic, or even cultural entity.

Perhaps the globalist universalism exported from the Abrahamic world that is coming home to roost.

Perhaps the recent situation with the embassy in Jerusalem is the signal that it is indeed the “End Times”, and that the great “Battle of Megiddo” will commence.  And perhaps in the ashes will rise the transhumanist AI utopia of Neom, which is currently being developed in Saudi Arabia; or “Greater Israel”…

Perhaps there is some element of truth to the teachings of some Catholics that the Bible, particularly the New Testament, was criticizing the Jews for rejecting the Logos, represented in Christ Jesus, and instead embracing what Dr. E. Michael Jones calls “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” in the figure of Barabbas.


Whether event, allegory or both, perhaps the notion of a people rejecting the true Light of Christ, the Light and Divine Rule of the Sun/Son and the ordering principle of the Logos, in favor of the more Saturnian, materialistic element of creation, and the destruction or a “tearing down” of the other “orders” around them has some truth to it.

This impulse can be seen in much of the radical left Enlightenment liberal ideals of Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality of the French Revolution.  It was this same ideology that got carried to the extreme into Jewish-led Communism.

Communism is an internationalist political ideology, and is related in philosophical heritage to the Critical Theory created, taught and regurgitated in universities by a large number of Jews.

Critical Race Theory (a subcategory of Critical Theory) teaches that race is a social construct and to suggest otherwise leads straight to oppression, lynching, concentration camps and gas chambers.  In this theory ALL nationalism and open tribalism is immoral- even in Israel.

This belief of supreme equality spouted by Neo-Marxists and liberals inevitably conflicts  with famed Holocaust speaker Elie Wiesel’s claim that “Jews are ontologically exceptional” compared to all other groups of people.

Jews are well known for their dedication to “preserving G-d’s morality”- whether this is truly seen as a divine or a secular duty is almost of secondary importance.

But what happens when the morality of a group conflicts with itself?

A house divided cannot stand“.

The “morality” of internationalism and universalism is also echoed by certain Jewish globalist hedge fund managers who have declared Israel and its nationalism as roadblocks to “progress”.  This is the ideology of the internationalist, cosmopolitan “Davos Man” who is a “citizen of the world”, free to take from whatever land he wishes.

It is perhaps a sort of “cold war” between those Jews in positions of power of with a Zionist or Orthodox view (AIPAC, Chabad, the Jewish-Russian mafia [even criminal Jews get protected international asylum in Israel], etc.) and those of a more globalist/atheist view that we see going on now- particularly within the U.S.

This conflict of the left and right within political Judaism was written about long ago by Winston Churchill in “Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Jewish Soul”.

But perhaps as some seem to believe, it is ALL, as those within the pro-wrestling business would call; “A work”.  The President is a WWE Hall of Famer after all…

Rudolf Steiner saw the Jewish people having at one time, carried an important spiritual impulse into humanity.  However, over time, it has gone into its twilight as a new impulse begins to emerge.

Julius Evola saw the Jewish and other Semitic peoples as somewhat “spiritually antagonistic” to the Aryan/European race.

But at the end of the day, it is up to each tribe to solve its own problems.

And us to solve ours.

Only the Jewish people themselves can solve their issues as a people; as a race; whatever they may be.

Only they can decide what sort of role they will play in the future evolution of humanity as a whole, in a necessarily post-Abrahamic age.

Even though the Old Age is trying to stay beyond its time…

So let’s hope, for the good of all beings, this undeniably clever, talented, influential, powerful, and persistent group chooses to embrace, rather than reject the Logos within themselves.

Let us pray that they can find the True Jerusalem; the “City of Peace” within.

And let’s hope we do the same.


Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.


Israeli TV: Alt Right makes American Jews question Jewish ethnocracy in Israel from intereuroinfo on Vimeo.



ORIGINS OF WORLD WAR II: The German Question (Part 1)


“We must eternally bring thanks to WRA-ALDA that he let his spirit flow so strongly over our forefathers.”

  • The Book of Adela’s Followers

We inherit the legacy of our ancestors in many different ways- through our hair and eye color; our looks; our intelligence; and even through much of what we’d call our spirit.

Through the blood and the information contained within our DNA, we are linked to our ancestors and their metagenetic memory.

We also inherit the legacy of our ancestors through Western civilization.  People of European ancestry have built the most prosperous and stable societies in the world.

So today, let us give thanks and have gratitude in our hearts for all of the good things we have in our life due to the virtues of our ancestors.

Let us honor them by adding to and strengthening their legacy.

And most of all let us give thanks to WRA-ALDA for the unique gifts he has infused within the minds, hearts, and wills of the European peoples.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.





In the manifested Universe as we experience it at our scale, no living being embodies that triple and complete idea of Existence: — the everlasting, universal Law of constant change away from, and of untiring aspiration towards and ceaseless effort back to original Perfection, and the ineffable inner peace of Timelessness, inseparable from It — better than the everlasting and ever-returning Man ‘against Time’; He-Who-comes-back, age after age ‘to destroy evil-doers, and to establish upon earth the reign of righteousness’… the exceptional Kshatriya, who lives in Eternity, while acting in Time…”


As an author, teacher, political activist/prisoner, philosopher and spy for the Indian Nationalist resistance (who were aligned with the Triparte or “Axis” powers) against colonial-occupying Britain during WWII, one would be right to say Savitri Devi led a unique life.

Such a unique life almost requires an equally unique and controversial worldview.

It was through her experience coupled with her natural inquisitive intelligence (she studied philosophy and chemistry, earning two master’s degrees and a Ph.D) that she gained a unique and to many, rather controversial perspective and philosophy on life.

Devi was a part Greek, part French, part English, and as a result she identified as a “European”, rather than one particular nationality.  Devi had a very European nationalist outlook to her politics, and eventually became a staunch moral advocate for the then-recently deposed National Socialist regime in Germany.  Devi was arrested and banned from country after country for literature in favor of and morally defending the NSDAP (“Nazis”).

Spiritually, Devi was a pagan, and she believed in the need for Europeans to return to a pre-Christian form of “living paganism”.  In her own personal quest for this ideal, she went to India, became a Hindu and married a Brahman (who was also a Hindu Nationalist leader).

Devi was a woman of “extremes”, and went to the extreme ends of whatever she was directing her focus.  It was almost as though she was using an alchemical formula where by going to the extreme of one area of consciousness or another, you can thus capture all the other variations and vibrations of it on the way out to the pole.

Without a doubt the most controversial element of Devi’s philosophy was her view of Adolf Hitler.  Devi saw Hitler and his regime as being “against time”.  This essentially meant he was beyond good and evil; a force of Nature exhibits both “Lightning” and “Sun” qualities (destructive power harnessed for a life-affirming purpose) and seek to fight historical decay by using violent, Dark Age/Kali Yuga methods to achieve a “Golden Age” state of existence.

The violence brought about by the conflict that centered around Hitler and the NSDAP (a conflict that some say he always knew was inevitable), was one that was seen by Devi as needing to occur- it HAD to happen.  To Devi, the horrific suffering of the German people in particular, as well as the peoples of Europe as a whole, was a cleansing; a crucible through which they would be purged of the degeneracy and decay of the Old Age and brought into the New; born again in greater strength and glory like a Phoenix out of the fires of Dresden and Hamburg.

Now, one could argue whether or not the nation that is at the same time the economic engine of Europe while being completely self-loathing and humiliated, has passed through the crucible successfully.  However, recent events of Germans taking to the streets in greater and greater numbers to speak out against the efforts of their leadership to in essence, replace them, may be signs that this is taking place.

Things are unfolded in the realms of Spirit long before they are seen on Earth.

Regardless of one’s opinion of Devi, her philosophy around National Socialism or the current state of the German people, I feel the idea of a group of people going through an event of mass suffering and death as a way of “shedding old skin” is worth looking at.

I have spoken at length before about the Principle of Cause and Effect; the idea that ‘you reap what you sow’; Karma.  This is the notion that what you put out there in thoughts, words and deeds is a reflection of what you will get back (often in multiples).  This is the understanding that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  This is the knowing that if you use your free will to violate the Laws of Nature, there will inevitably be unpleasant consequences.

Karma is not “punishment” any more than pain is a “punishment” for stubbing your toe.  It’s simply a signal of an undesirable condition that cues us as to what NOT to do next time.  Of course, being that it is an active emanation of the timeless, the way it operates often seems to be delayed (although many, including myself, would attest to the increased speed of karmic “payouts” in recent times).

There is an inherent moral Law built into Nature and Creation, but it operates on a level beyond what we would typically see as “good and evil”.

It is believed by many that there are multiple levels of karma; extending outward from the individual, to the family, to the tribe, nation, race, etc.  It is here where things often seem to play out in a longer time frame, and often in a somewhat harder to grasp manner.

This would especially be true of mass “tragedies” like war and genocide.

What person of modern secular humanist sensibilities could possibly bring themselves to believe that a group of people who were “victims” of civilian bombings or genocides in some way spiritually “willed” for that to happen to them; that it was chosen by them and/or the guiding archetypes of their folk in order to bring them to spiritual strength through hardship; to bring them through the path of initiation in the ways that are suited to the Age?

When looking at the suffering of German civilians during and after World War II, many liberal humanists who do believe in karma of some sort, will often fall back on the sort of “hellfire and brimstone” of Protestant Judeo-Christian rhetoric, claiming that their suffering was punishment for the regime they allowed to rule over them.

But what if that isn’t true?

While Karma, Natural Law and the Principle of Cause and Effect are always in play, so too are the Divine Cycles of Initiation that play out on both individual and group levels.- the cycle of psycho-spiritual ordeal, death and rebirth.  Both can be extremely unpleasant to experience.  However, the pain of one is a symptom of a state of imbalance that can be avoided if proper care is taken; while the other is the sort of pain that must be gone through in order to become stronger, more evolved being.

It is the pain that comes from stubbing your toe vs. the pain that comes from working out.

The art is discerning which is which- which can be difficult…

However, this can be done when we are able to place our consciousness in the state that Devi refers to as “above time”; the place of the Higher Self.

But there are also men ‘outside Time’ or rather ‘above Time’; men who live, here and now, in eternity; who (directly at least) have no part to play in the downward rush of history towards disintegration and death, but who behold it from above — as one beholds, from a strong and safe bridge, the irresistible rush of a waterfall …”

It is from this place we reside beyond the temporal illusions of suffering and death.

This is a place beyond emotion, sentiment and attachment.  A place where all violence is impersonal and ultimately done to further evolve the Creation and its parts.

It is here that all chaos and violence are simply seen as chemical reactions in the alchemical process and nothing more.

This is the place where the BIG decisions are made.

Be in that place as much as possible.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.


HELLSTORM: Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany