“Do not lean too much on the wisdom and virtues of your rulers nor of your matrons because if you want to prevail, everyone must guard over their own passions and over the common good.”

 – The Book of Adela’s Followers

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Leaders serve to guide a people and reflect their morals and virtues.  However, all too often our leaders can and do fall short due to their own ego and shortcomings.  This flawed morality has sadly become a distinguishing characteristic of the “leaders” of modernity.

This is why it is perhaps more important than ever that we do the work necessary to control our emotions and base desires.

Crafting this sort of virtue and self-control enables us to serve and do right by our brothers and sisters, becoming a sort of spiritual nobility capable of leading and protecting our communities.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.”

 – Confucius

When it comes to race and ethnicity, I accept racial and ethnic differences as a biological reality and a spiritual reality.  These things are part and parcel with genetics and DNA which I believe (and science is beginning to prove) are the “receivers” that bring the subtler realms into the physical world.

However, I reject the notion that any group is “innately superior”- especially not based off genetic lineages (as the degeneration of hereditary aristocracy proves).  Certain groups will be better at certain things than others- just like individuals.

One could say that Northern Europeans are “superior” to sub-Saharan Africans when it comes to surviving and thriving in cold weather climates where long-term planning is key to survival during the sorts of winters Africans wouldn’t typically deal with.  Likewise, one could say that sub-Saharan Africans are “superior” to Northern Europeans at surviving and thriving in the brutal heat and harsh terrain of tropical and equatorial regions.

But this is circumstantial and relative.  And while I.Q. tests do indeed point to a certain display of cognitive”superiority” on average among certain racial groups, even the concept of I.Q. does not encompass all areas of human intelligence and knowing.  Different racial and ethnic groups will inevitably relate to and express the world in different ways as the interact with the land and the lineage that birthed them.

Being human is about more than just reasoning and problem solving.

In my view, if there is true “superiority”, it comes through initiation and the personal development of virtue and spirit- not resting on the achievements of your ancestors, or even more absurd, the color of your skin.

You are “superior” to the level that you’ve mastered your passions/emotions, live a virtuous life of honor and service, and have aligned with the Laws of Nature and Creation; aligned with the Christos.  And that “superiority” still depends on who is in the room with you.

It is the process of “becoming” that is what we strive for; as individuals, as tribal and folk groups, as racial and ethnic groups, and as a collective humanity.  But the process of growth and becoming inevitably creates hierarchies within individuals and groups of individuals.  The fact that all are at different places within their spiritual evolution makes inequality unavoidable.

We are equal inasmuch as we are all cells in the Body of WR-ALDA; in the Body of our Creator, the Most High God of ALL; and therefore we have a role and a function as part of that one great whole.

Is a liver cell “superior” to a blood cell; or is it “equal”?  Is a skin cell “equal” to a brain cell; or is it “equal”?  In what way?  These questions seem almost nonsensical in their arbitrariness, as all of these things make up the whole functional body and are key to its survival.  A liver cell is superior to a blood cell at being a liver cell, and vice versa.  A liver cell is equal to a blood cell in that they are both necessary in the function of the body.

Ultimately, it is not a matter of “superiority”; it is a matter of function.

We are ALL part of a functioning whole.  We just need to remember how that whole best functions- and how it doesn’t.

The wanderlust of colonialism (old and new) and mass-migration in modernity is driven primarily by capitalism, not Nature.  The members of the races of mankind all have places where they were best designed by God and Nature to survive and thrive… and places they weren’t.

So whatever our race, whatever our tribe, let us ALL strive to become the superior man in the way most natural to us so we can create a superior society for our people, and a superior world for humanity and ALL beings.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“From WRALDA comes the beginning and the end; all things are glorified through him.”

  • (The Writings of Adelbrost and Appolonia)


Through the process of WR-ALDA composing His symphony that is the story of the Universe, He seeks to eventually raise all matter to the same Light and energy vibration of His Spirit.

All men reach their greatest and highest potential through consciously raising themselves towards the vibration of WR-ALDA’S Spirit.

WR-ALDA is the Alpha and the Omega. He was at the beginning of time and will be at the end- both things that we will never fully comprehend.

But His Spirit flows throughout, and by tapping into this Spirit, we will know glory; we will know true Honor and Beauty- and we will be able to bestow these things on those around us.

WRA-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“society and human fellowship will be best served if we confer the most kindness on those with whom we are most closely associated.”

             – Cicero

(we are one world together, equal and united in our religion of pop culture, consumerism and "the big game")

One of the failures of the New Age movement is its failure to distinguish spiritual truth from the beliefs and ideologies of the baby-boomer generation that launched it.

They have attempted to fuse the inevitably elitist pursuit of gnosis with the collectivist belief systems of that generation that were rooted primarily in the struggle of the masses; the struggle of the mass mind that focuses on temporal and worldly power as its keys to salvation.

The values of the 60s have now a creature of the mass mind and are bought and sold within the packaging of entertainment and consumerism.  Meanwhile, the cultural values that existed before in the West have been rejected rather than integrated.

The “rights” that most continually call for are simply the “rights” to partake in special privileges, based off membership to a specific “victim class” within a socio-economic system that is vampiric, degrading, anti-human and ultimately unnatural in its essence.

I see little value in preserving or protecting any of this.  I see no value in enhancing it.

Belief systems tend to lead to diversion from the Way; pain and suffering are temporary and necessary; and death is ultimately an illusion. But the Liberal and Marxist values of western modernity grasp, claw and struggle desperately with all these things, because they are inherently materialistic and anti-spiritual in nature.

I look at personal suffering as a process or at very least, an opportunity for strengthening and becoming (if we so choose to take it)- not something to be eliminated at all costs. I see the same holding true for a group of people. Within mass suffering lie the keys to mass social becoming so long as we can actively move through it and learn from it, and so long as the resulting mythos is based in strength and overcoming and not resentment, victimhood, or conversely, extreme guilt and self-loathing for ancestral “sins of the past”.

The Enlightenment planted important seeds, but its dream of equality and rule by inherently rational and “free men”, became rule by the emotional masses; ideologically giving rise to both the murderous “Red Terror” and the cancerous Anglo-American policy of turning of the Earth into a commodity.

Ideologically, the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s were the death throes of the Enlightenment, with “freedom” becoming about hedonism and a tearing down of western society in every respect.

But now the ideals of that time, which were a peaking of a cthonic feminine, have in turn lost their virility and gone into decline and decay. Now we see a re-emerging of the warrior masculine convulsing the west. Unfortunately, the emotional immaturity of the population with its service to the desire body, cause these impulses of the divine masculine and feminine to be shadow versions of themselves that are in a sense, perversions.

Personally, I’m not interested in creating some multicultural utopia that eliminates human inequality, conflict and suffering- all of those things are at present, still necessary realities and pressures tailored to strengthen our spirit. I’m interested in creating a functional society that best facilitates the psycho-spiritual evolution of humanity- which will, in time, lead to less of the ills we are so desperate to be rid of.

History and science have shown human beings function more cohesively in like-groups, so I’m all for that. The desire to force everyone into this sort of superficial “one world together” based off the feel-good marketing gimmicks of political campaigns and Coke commercials is erroneous.  This only leads to conflict and division among competing ideologies and incompatible cultures- hence the drive to unite all under a consumerist and materialist monoculture that can be reprogrammed with the latest updates from the mass media. It’s just a desire for empire with a feel-good packaging.

The collective hive mind being worked towards is not the same as that of the organic community. The masses are not sages or anything close to it, so a society that would only be fit for spiritually enlightened individuals should not be superficially imposed upon the mass of humanity unless we want it to fail and create more suffering in the process.

Before joining Lenin for the Bolshevik Revolution, Leon Trotsky stated that once the Bolsheviks came to power and their system of mass quality was fully imposed, there would be a Goethe, a Byron, a Wagner on every street corner; and that a sort of golden age of human brilliance would be achieved through a dictatorship of the proletariat.

This of course, was not what happened.

All attempts at equality and fairness on a mass societal level will only create a system that presses down on differences, seeking to stamp them out, rather than seeking to uplift. The utopia of equity cannot exist in our urbanized and globalized world. I believe that only a return to smaller group or communal structures could even begin to make such a vision functional.

But this process begins within.

The “oneness” we are seeking is the re-union of the internal elements of oneself, a re-unification with Nature and Spirit and loving those who are connected to me- not a mantra for open borders and the dreams of multinational corporations and a “global” political elite that no longer feels tied to directly serving the people it represents.

WRA-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“WR-ALDA is ALL in ALL, for He is eternal and everlasting.”

  • The Writings of Adelbrost and Appolonia

The Son is the Sun that traverses the sky in ALL His Glory and Splendor; the Light and Life of the World; who becomes the Eternal godman that is the blueprint for greatness and salvation.

The Mother is the Substance of Mater/Matter out of which All is formed; the Mother Irtha that gives birth to form; the enveloping Darkness that form returns to.

The Father is WR-ALDA the Alvader; the Light that shines through the Sun/Son, through the Spheres, through the Stars; Ever-present and Eternal; The True Essence of All things.

WRA-ALDA’S Blessings unto you.


“Exalted Frya.  When she had thus spoken the earth shook like WRALDA’S sea.  The ground of Flyland sank beneath her feet, the sky became black and green from tears, and when they looked for their mother she had already risen to her watch star; then at length thunder spoke from the clouds, and lightning wrote in the sky, ‘Watch!'”

– The Book of Adela’s Followers


The Oera Linda Book describes how the ancient Fryan civilization eventually decayed and disappeared due to external and internal factors; overrun by a combination of successive migrations and invasions of Asiatic peoples led by priest-kings from the Asiatic steppes and the Levant; and taken down internally by infighting and rebellion.

The desire of the later Fryans would be to forsake the institution of Folk Mothers and Matrons as guiding figures in favor of men who would be instituted as hereditary monarchs:

For a long time we have had no mother, but that comes from our being come of age.  At present it suits us best to have a king to win back our lands that we have lost through the imprudence of our mothers.”

These new kings swore to “protect” the people from the seemingly unending threat of invaders from the East as well as within Europe itself, while promising to win back lost lands and essentially make the Fryans “great again”- in exchange for absolute obedience of course…

Descendants of exiled Fryans came back into western Europe from the Punjab, the Aegean and the Middle East, brought with them corrupting “foreign morals and customs”.  The customs and values of the Fryans eventually deteriorated, as did the Fryan civilization.

The Fryans eventually gave in more and more to taking up the trade of piracy and began to take slaves, thus “The Viking Age” was born:

After that Askar (King Adel IV) had become so connected with the Jutlanders (Jutes) and the Denmarkers (Danes), they all went pirating together; but it produced no good to them.  They brought all sorts of foreign treasures home, and just for that reason the young men would learn no trades, nor work in the fields; so at last he was obliged to take slaves; but that was altogether contrary to WRALDA’S wish and to Frya’s counsel.”

The taking of slaves was absolutely forbidden by the old Fryan law given by Frya; the law that valued freedom as the greatest virtue of all.  According to the text, it was ultimately their partaking of “the peculiar institution” that led to the karmic and civilizational decline of the ancient western Europeans:

Frya has said we must not allow amongst us any but free people; but what have they done?  They imitated our enemies and instead of executing their prisoners or letting them go free, they have despised Frya’s advice and have made slaves of them.  Because they have done so, Frya could no longer protect them: they took freedom away from others and that is certainly why they lost theirs.

The Oera Linda Book ends with the defeat of the disgraced hereditary King Askar and the fall of Europe to Asiatic pagans:

While all this was going on, the Magyars went about audaciously over the lands of our neigbours. Near Egmuda, where formerly the burgh Forana had stood, they built a church larger and richer than that which Askar had built at Staveren. They said afterwards that Askar had lost a battle against the Gauls (Phoenician-led Fryan exiles), because the people did not believe that Wodin could help them, and therefore they would not pray to him. They went about stealing young children, whom they kept and brought up in the mysteries of their abominable doctrines.”


I believe that the processes of history, both “good” and “bad” are necessary for the evolution of the individual, the folk and humanity as a whole.  The Fryans needed to fall as an act of initiation.  And while there was much suffering and deracination as a result of this, we still have been able to keep our core virtues alive and in tact (even if somewhat dispersed)which means they can be recovered.

Despite being ancient “imports”, the tradition of Indo-European shamanism and the myths and legends of the Norse/Germanic/Slavic gods and heroes, as well as those of the Celts and the Greeks, are part of us.  They are part of our makeup and group identity regardless of how that initially came to be.

The same statement rings true for European Christianity in its various forms.  Without its ideological/philosophical groundings and cultural influence, the European peoples would not have come to be who and what they are- for better and for worse.

Both the Central Asiatic pagan traditions and the Semitic Christian traditions preserved and in the case of Christianity, reintroduced, certain elements of the European folk psyche, while attacking others.  They became carriers for is the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the collective European consciousness respectively.

Christianity emerged during the most brutal and harsh period of European pagan dominance- the time of the Roman Colosseum and the Druidic Wicker Man.  With Christianity, there was a re-injection of the virtues of compassion and charity that had been touted by the ancient Fryans- virtues that had largely been overcome by the relative harshness of the pagan warrior ethos.  This of course, was a reemergence of the Divine Feminine virtues of the European Folk Consciousness.

However, the fanaticism and other imbalances of Catholicism and later Protestantism, led to a large-scale degeneration of the true European Masculine and its warrior ethos.  Hence, it became things like the works of Homer and The Eddas that acted to preserve this element of the European Spirit that might have otherwise been completely castrated by Christianity.

But in their implementation and practice, both European paganism and European Christianity became tools of political and social control by priest classes and the rulers they influenced.  Both were ultimately imbalanced and inherently incomplete versions of the perennial European spiritual tradition of the Fryans.

The Fryan tradition was a potent and powerful synthesis of both Masculine and Feminine aspects of our folk consciousness.  These perennial virtues lie at the heart of who we are as a people, which is why they will always come out in some shape or form regardless of whatever system we adopt or have imposed upon us.  This is perhaps most powerfully and beautifully illustrated in the following passage from Frya’s Tex:

Should it happen they want advice or something else from you, you should help them.  If they come to rob you, though, then fall upon them like a raging fire.

This is who we are; and it is these perennial truths and virtues that The Oera Linda Book contains and that ultimately allows it to transcend any debate on whether or not it is “real”.

WRA-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.