“Do not lean too much on the wisdom and virtues of your rulers nor of your matrons because if you want to prevail, everyone must guard over their own passions and over the common good.”  – The Book of Adela’s Followers Leaders serve to guide a people and reflect their morals and virtues.  However, all … More SELF-GOVERNANCE


“The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.”  – Confucius When it comes to race and ethnicity, I accept racial and ethnic differences as a biological reality and a spiritual reality.  These things are part and parcel with genetics and DNA which I believe (and science is beginning to … More THE SUPERIOR MAN


“From WRALDA comes the beginning and the end; all things are glorified through him.” (The Writings of Adelbrost and Appolonia) Through the process of WR-ALDA composing His symphony that is the story of the Universe, He seeks to eventually raise all matter to the same Light and energy vibration of His Spirit. All men reach … More ALPHA & OMEGA


“society and human fellowship will be best served if we confer the most kindness on those with whom we are most closely associated.”              – Cicero (we are one world together, equal and united in our religion of pop culture, consumerism and “the big game”) One of the failures of the New Age movement is … More UTOPIAN DYSTOPIA


“WR-ALDA is ALL in ALL, for He is eternal and everlasting.” The Writings of Adelbrost and Appolonia The Son is the Sun that traverses the sky in ALL His Glory and Splendor; the Light and Life of the World; who becomes the Eternal godman that is the blueprint for greatness and salvation. The Mother is … More HOLY FAMILY