“We’re all in it together.”

  • Winston Churchill
(I'm sorry for this...)

Perhaps its the Gen X and/or the jaded ex-paid-activist in me, but phrases like “we’re all in this together” and “we are one” seem to have become meaningless slogans.

What does it mean to be “in this together?”  What does that look like?  How does that function?

Is it that we need to maintain and strengthen the neoliberal economic and cultural empire that created the very problems that we seek to overcome?  And do we in turn need to continue to feed the mindset of desire above all else that made it possible?  Do we really just need a better version of the same thing?  A more “inclusive” version of it?  Because that’s all pretty much anyone, save for a very, very few, ever really does.

Until the consciousness of people changes, none of these utopian visions everyone has will function with out some sort of totalitarianism.

Either we agree this ain’t workin’ and reorganize ourselves into more functional cohesive societies; or we continue to press for more of the same and watch the cancer metastasize- because the open borders and state socialism that everyone is calling for is just a more over-arching version of the predatory capitalism (i.e. state-sponsored usury) that created so much of the mess we are dealing with.

Everyone is always going to need to be focused to some degree on things needed for survival until physical death no longer exists.  However, I think the question is, ‘what ELSE are they focused on?’. 

The greatest philosophers and spiritual teachers did not need cozy shopping center eco-lofts with unrestricted access to all the comfort, pleasure, and distraction the state can buy- in fact, many had nothing at all. 

Christ Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world;“.

The the Eternal can be sought and obtained regardless of unfulfilled want and desire.

In the meantime, we may want to focus on separating ourselves from the parasitic system as much as possible and hopefully building tribes and communities (and perhaps even societies) based upon Divine and Natural Principles that foster the spiritual growth and evolution of their brothers and sisters.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“‘If, then, your god is so exceedingly good, why does he not turn away the evil?’ asked the priests.

Minerva answered: ‘Frya has brought us to the path, and the carrier, that is Time, must do the rest.  For all calamities there is counsel and remedy to be found, but WRALDA wills that we should seek it ourselves, in order that we may become strong and wise.  If we do not do that, he leaves us to our own devices, in order that we may experience the results of our wise or foolish conduct.'”

  • The Book of Adela’s Followers


There is a cure for every ailment; a solution to every problem.

Seek and ye shall find.

Ask and it is given.”

But we cannot sit around and wait for someone else to do the work of seeking and asking for us.

The pressure, discomfort and even the suffering we experience creates the conditions necessary for developing strength on all levels when we seek to find the right path through said difficulties.

We ultimately are able to do this by tapping into the Christ Self within and knowing WR-ALDA’S Spirit.  We do this by following the Way.

But if we choose to be lazy or to do things “our way“; meaning the way of the self-seeking ego; we experience the results of our action or inaction; we reap what we sow.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“You cannot serve both God and Mammon.”

  • Matthew 6:24


If one goes to the Movement For Black Lives (the political organizing/lobbying arm of Black Lives Matter) website you will read a list of demands for “reparations for past and continuing harms.” (i.e. slavery, Jim Crow laws, violent police incidents, etc.), and a vague plan to lobby for said “reparations“.

This group is perhaps ironically (perhaps not) backed financially to the tune of $100 million by the Ford Foundation– an organization with deep ties to both the CIA that introduced crack-cocaine into the inner cities and the “urban renewal” programs of the 50s, 60s and 70s that turned the inner cities into what we know today.

Of course, large multi-national corporations and their front foundations have been funding these sorts of causes since the Civil Rights era as a greater and greater number of people have “won” the “right” to participate within (i.e. be absorbed into) the larger framework of the global economic order, becoming in a sense, re-enslaved by it, with the chains existing on more of a psychic/psychological or even spiritual level, as opposed to the physical chains of chattel slavery.

This illustrates just another example of the “inconvenient truth” that hovers above all these left-leaning “social justice” political organizations-  that despite seemingly high-minded ideals and emotional slogans of “solidarity”, at the end of the day, it’s all about money… and power. 

From Marx’s “Capital” to the various social justice movements of the 1960s that turned into corporate foundation-funded political lobbying organizations that do business promoting things like the “wage gap“; nearly all social justice movements are at their core, about money, being “owed” a certain amount of it based off your oppression status, and that a utopia can and will be achieved through “fair and equal” distribution of it.

None of these “social justice” movements really want to upend the inherently vampiric global economic system… they just want to be the ones who are in control of it.

Despite the media’s tendencies towards the most sensational and atrocity-driven stories and narratives, the immigration/migrant crisis is almost completely driven by money.  Proof of this can be found both with the major corporations and foundations sponsoring and promoting the “one world” policies and propaganda; stating the declining west needs to be “invigorated” by a massive third world influx to remain economically viable; and with the various testimonies of migrants themselves, the majority of which are completely driven by desire for more money and wealth for themselves and their family.

From the point-of-view of both the international corporation and the migrant, these desires are certainly understandable, but we should not confuse the pursuit of capital and expanding markets with a “humanitarian crisis” that can be solved through “economic justice”.

This pipe-dream of making the global economic system “equitable” is at the heart of social justice politics and something I worked for and propagated professionally for several years.  I went door-to-door selling hope for cash (as well as check and card).  I worked long hours and was saturated in social justice jargon and propaganda.

Then I realized it was total bullshit.

While these movements preach “economic fairness” and even put forth “strategies” on how to achieve said fairness; ultimately these groups and the people that comprise them have little-to-no conception of how the economic system actually worked.

Sadly, the belief that one can somehow make a system that is vampiric, unnatural, and inhuman in its very nature and essence, some how more “fair and just” is one of the most persistent utopian fantasies of liberal ideologues across the West.

It is a delusion that has carried a heavy price.

The idea that something can be transformed into something entirely counter to its very essence, while absurd, is part and parcel with the sort of magical thinking and fairy-tale utopianism that characterizes the infantile and immature mindset of the Western masses.

Any honest look at the global economic system and its history would show that it is inherently exploitative, amoral at best, and that this is something that cannot be changed.  Fantasies of creating equity or “equality” within such a system is akin to wishing to find a way to make a car into a television.

Everyone wishes the monster was not a monster, but it is because that is what it was created to be.

And “greater democracy” will not save us either.

Oligarchs love democracy, which is why they have spent so much energy and resources in spreading it to the world.  This is largely due to the fact that in such a system, oligarchs have free reign use their financial power to buy politicians and bureaucracies, while using that same power and influence to direct and steer the masses through emotional propaganda so they think, do and feel what they want them to.  Democracy can only work with a truly virtuous population- something we do not have by any measure.

If people want real change, they are going to need to find ways to separate from this monstrous system- not petition it to somehow be “less monstrous“.

The economic system doesn’t care about “fairness” other than the fairness of the top spots within the system going to those that understand it the most and have the power to manipulate it and make it work for them.

The only “economic justice” that will ever happen within the globalized economy is what we are already seeing- those that manage the economic system continue to consolidate wealth and power at the top, while a mass “proletariat” is created who survive upon and worship the crumbs they are given and remain ignorant and complacent so long as their neighbor doesn’t have more than them.

A nation that is under the yoke of this system- as America is and has been since the latter-half of the nineteenth century- is completely castrated and can only work within its confines until it breaks free of the international monetary system and charts its own course (as NSDAP Germany and nearly all of the most vilified regimes in the last century have done or attempted to do).

The United States as we know it is a corporate entity- from Washington D.C. to local municipalities.  It’s laws are mercantile codes and statutes.  It’s empire, like that of the British Empire it succeeded, is a globalized entity centered around financial hegemony, resource control, and the turning of all life into a commodity to be bought and sold on the international market.

And through globalization, the Judeo-Anglo-American Empire and the oligarchs that run it have sold this system to the world.

As long as institutions like the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the World Bank exist (institutions the average SJW barely understands); as long as men and women who believe in the internationalist ideology of “Davos Man“; are put in place as “leaders”; and as long as people continue to equate what is best for the global economic system with “moral goodness”, there will be no “social justice”.

At the present moment, I would say the majority of people have three primary material (as opposed to spiritual) strategies outside of suicide when it comes to dealing with this system:

a. Be victimized by the system: Continue to operate within the system as a wage slave and/or a tax/debt slave, periodically petitioning the various institutions that direct and control your life for more bread and circus, while giving it your undying support and devotion.  Or perhaps join some “social justice” cause and pretend to “fight the system” while simultaneously feeding it and being fed by it- and maybe get beat up by some cops.  Or just become a criminal.outright..

b. Use the system: Learn how “money” works as in-depth as possible and use that knowledge to enrich yourself, your family and your tribe.  Treat it as a “game” to be leveraged so you no longer need to be restricted by it.  From Napoleon Hill to Robert Kiyosaki- there’s plenty of resources out there for those who are capable of maintaining the discipline, focus, and commitment necessary to utilize them.

c. Separate from the system: Go the the homestead/commune and/or the off-the-grid/sovereign citizen route, and seek to separate yourself, your family and your tribe from the system as much as possible. Now one can go to varying degrees here, from somewhat self-sufficient semi-suburban homesteading, to use of alternate forms of currency and bartering, to seeking outright (untaxed) land ownership, a rescinding of tax status, rejection of the LEGAL NAME.  However, one should use discretion, as the more you attempt to separate yourself from the corporate state, the more the corporate state will use its resources against you- so I might advise only taking on a fight you honestly know you, your family, and your tribe can handle.

 Now of course there are a myriad of ways we can straddle these various stages of dealing with the global economic system and the utilize the various advantages each stage contains.  In the end, it depends on what level of hardship we are prepared and willing to endure for more freedom.  Of course in reality, most of us would not be prepared to handle the more “extreme” degrees of freedom, as we are so used to being “taken care of”.

But whatever one’s strategy, our ultimate goal should be for ourselves, our family and our tribe to be moving towards strength, wisdom, mastery and freedom.

From the temple priests and money-changers of the ancient Semitic world; to the Renaissance dark alchemy of the banking clans who created value from nothing; to the finance of Bolshevism by international capitalists; to the allegedly “unavoidable” globalization of international capital markets; the history of the world has largely been about the increased consolidation of all life under this system of smoke and mirrors, designed to feed and justify any and all desires- no matter how unnatural or unhealthy they may be.

This system has ALWAYS been supported by slavery of one form or another.

This system is the subversion and inversion of the Higher spiritual principles and the enthronement of the lower principles of materialism and base desire.

This system imitates the true Life Force and falsely places itself as the energetic current (currency) that gives all things value and power and sustains all life.

This system sees ALL LIFE as economic activity and commodity that can be bought, sold and degraded.

This system is INHERENTLY anti-Christ, as are all the institutions and ideologies it creates to support and validate itself.  The feel-good imagery and propaganda of Coke commercials are the mask it wears.

When a friend of mine graduated with a degree in economics, he told me on his last day of class, his economics professor told him that the entire economic system is “bullshit” and only exists because people believe in it.

Perhaps it’s time we stopped believing in bullshit.

Perhaps it’s time we stop focusing our energy on maintaining and “improving” our prison and instead focus on creating societies based on the Laws of Nature and Creation and with the mission of facilitating psychospiritual growth and development.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


On Principal and Interest: Hermetic Magick and the Lords of Time

The Global Sovereign’s Handbook



“The priests asked: ‘What is the purpose of the dog on your right hand?’

Minerva replied: ‘Does not the shepherd have a dog to keep his flock together?  What the dog is to the shepherd I am in Frya’s service.  I must watch over Frya’s flock.'”

  • The Book of Adela’s Followers

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The function of the Mothers was to look after the morals of the Fryan people; to guide them back to the path of right action and virtue when they strayed, much as the sheep dog looks after a flock and makes sure they do not stray.

In this Age, it would appear to have been left up to us to guide and watch over our own morals and virtues, as our modern leaders seem to have failed quite completely in this respect.

It is therefore that we must learn to follow that Divine Light of the Christ Self that resides within us.  We develop a relationship with it and use it to bring ourselves back to moral centeredness when we stray.

When we are of this moral uprightness, we can then be a guiding light to others who have strayed on their path.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“Asking ‘am I being kind?’ is the ultimate tool for creating awareness. The next time you’re about to argue, complain, consume unhealthy food, yell at a loved one, or even litter, take a deep breath and inquire within: ‘am I being kind?’ By pausing and internally posing this question, you will not only become more aware, you’ll begin to make kindness toward yourself and all of life a daily practice.”

There are some people you only meet once and they somehow make a lasting impression on you.  For me, Michael J. Chase was one of those people.

It was a little less than ten years ago, when I was working as a field canvasser (door-to-door political ‘salesman’) for a Maine-based “progressive” political organizing/lobbying group.  It was a warm summer day and we were canvassing the city of Biddeford.

Biddeford, was an old mill town that had fallen on less than prosperous economic times like most other mill towns in the northeastern U.S.  Theoretically, reaching out to those who are struggling is good when you are “organizing” for a state-run single-payer health care system that would theoretically cut out-of-pocket health care expenses (theoretically).  At the doors we were trained to use sales techniques and emotional triggering to (hopefully) drum up enough anger and resentment towards greedy insurance company CEOs to inspire “action”.

Unfortunately, reaching out to the poor and working class it isn’t always great when you are needing people to give you money so you can keep your job.

It also didn’t help that Biddeford is one of the few cities in the U.S. where French (at least the Canadian version of it) is the primary language of a large segment of the population- and I could remember about five words after taking two years of French over a decade earlier.

Needless to say, I was not having a great day.

Eventually I came to a lovely home that was set back in a more rural-ish part of Biddeford.  It was surrounded by lush greenery and in the parking lot, I noticed a van that had the name “The Kindness Center” painted on the side of it.  My heart leapt a bit, as I thought I’d struck “gold”.

Kindness Center?” I thought, “These people are DEFINITELY going to give me money!“.

At that time, I was still under the erroneous assumption that most truly good-hearted and kind people were left-leaning and “progressive“.

So, I knocked on the door, and Michael answered.

The thing that struck me most, still to this day, was the man’s presence.  I’d not felt anything like it before, and would be hard pressed to say if I really have since.  Not in that way.  It was an almost overwhelming presences of “goodness”, for like of a better word.  An intense vibration of which I could write a thousand words and never come close to describing.

I gave my “rap” (canvassing lingo for the script and messaging we’d use at the doors), and Michael listened.  But he wasn’t giving me money.  He expressed a wariness of political groups and stated that he would need to look into it.  I did not try to convince him or give another round of “asks” (i.e. dropping my “price”).

I was so enamored by the energy I felt coming from him, I completely dropped the whole reason I was there in the first place.  There was something deeper I wanted; something more important than the politics of envy.  I asked him about the “Kindness Center” he had, at the time, only recently started.

Michael told me of how he had been in an incredibly dark and selfish place, when life put forth a series of circumstances that completely changed his outlook on life.  From that moment on, Michael dedicated his life, not to “fighting social injustice“, but to promoting kindness in the simplest, most practical, and most organic ways possible.

I was talking to a living, breathing sage in the truest sense- something FAR more important to me than political agendas or “making quota“.  I left with empty hands and a full heart.

In the often heavy metaphysical and metapolitical things I get into here, kindness tends to get overlooked.  I’m sure that some may even find it curious that a “far-right” site with a heavy masculine warrior theme and a slogan that translates to “conquer or die“, would even care about kindness.  And they would be quite mistaken.

Kindness equates to Mercy- a virtue in the Samurai warrior’s code.

In my view, kindness, perhaps more than anything else, is how we truly “ride the tiger of modernity”, rising above its false and superficial values and residing in a place of action that is real and genuine.

Now, I am not referring to “kindness” as giving money to various corporate-sponsored charities or posting on Facebook about how the impersonal state needs to bring in waves of migrants that you will most likely never interact with.

This is not kindness.  This is virtue signaling.

Kindness has nothing to do with faceless bureaucracy or government programs.

Kindness would be taking someone who has fallen on hard times into your home.

Kindness is face to face.

Kindness is personal and in person.

Kindness is getting your hands dirty.

Kindness is giving without expectation of getting.

Kindness is action, not emotion.

Kindness is selfless service.

Kindness is what we should do our best to show everyone we come into contact with, regardless of race, color, religion or creed.

Plato said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle“.

Kindness saves us from falling into depression and despair- both when we receive it and more importantly, when we express it.

Kindness makes the unnatural world of modernity a little more like heaven, as kindness literally infuses this world with the Light of Christ.

Aesop said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Kindness is virtue.

Kindness is strength.

Kindness is love.

So let us be kind to one another.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you.