“But although everything is in WRALDA, the wickedness of men is not from him.  Wickedness comes from laziness, carelessness, and stupidity; therefore they may well be injurious to men, but never to WRALDA.”

  • The Writings of Adelbrost and Appolonia


While we indeed exist as cells within the Body of WRALDA, we were given the unique gift of free will to forge our own destiny in a way no other created being has.  This was so we could consciously add to the evolution of WRALDA.

However, this power often leads us into trouble when we misuse it in selfish and careless ways; or when we choose to remain ignorant of our responsibilities in possessing this potential and are too lazy to take action- for goodness comes through right action. 

But no matter how far off the path we go, our foolish actions can do no real harm to WRALDA, who exists in a state beyond the illusions and delusions created in the petty minds of men.  These illusions and delusions only harm us and those around us.

God does not suffer along with us.  God exists beyond suffering.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“(W)e as priests are not immune to the prevailing winds of the mass mind. Whatever is happening “out there” will most likely affect us without us even being aware that it has. The pendulum of the world is always swinging, and unfortunately even the most “evolved” of us get swept away by it.

As priests, we have the duty to stand at the center point and dodge that sucker every time it comes whizzing by.”

  • Michael Maciel

When I am at the altar performing the Communion, I see myself as a place holder for all people, all races, all beings- a lighting rod into which the Christ Force comes through and spreads to all.

When I am in the world of daily living, there is an unavoidable duality of choices to make on any level at any moment. In the world of phenomena, I have a hierarchy of responsibilities and people that I have responsibilities to.

“Sides” in an immediate, moment to moment sense, are all but unavoidable. But on the level of the Absolute and the work of Spirit, I seek to work for the good of “All Beings”.

All that being said, these are strivings and we will almost inevitably fall short due to the limitations of living and functioning in the physical world. But we can and should, always seek to philosophically and spiritually align ourselves with the Higher Forces of Creation.

I am certainly all about disregarding any sort of “mass narratives” specifically designed to whip the masses into hysteria. But as ideology is the ideas and manner of thinking of a group, class or individual, I’m not sure having ideology of some kind or another can really be avoided without becoming a total relativist and/or an inactive nihilist (which is also a form of ideology).

Groups of people working together long term are going to form a “group mind” if they are cohesive. This cannot be avoided nor should it as its how any society forms. Ideology of some kind or another is what gives the foundation for any spiritual community. So technically, the priesthood has always been rooted in some type of ideology, as the priest needs to serve the community he is in.

The root of “ideology” means a “form” or “pattern” of “logos”. It is the mental pattern that becomes constituted in the expression of a people.

Patriotism, Democracy and Social Justice are all ideologies.

An ideology seeks to shape the world around it in some way. Father Paul once spoke of the desire to see a “representative Democratic United States of a World Government, for all nations”- the foundation for such a vision is totally ideological and could be seen by many in the Eurasian world as an ideology that is hostile and dangerous.

As the universe is mental in nature, ideology becomes the way in which consciousness takes form in a collective manner and acts upon the world.

The problem comes when ideologies are debased and not grounded in Nature and the Divine. Issues occur due to the substance of the ideology, the maturity and moral character of the people that hold it. Issues also come from the attempt to force incompatible ideologies to co-habit the same space.

Ideologies can be constructive or destructive, hence why it is so important that we recognize and understand not just the form, but the essence of whatever ideological currents we endorse.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“The word ‘Eva’ is too sacred for common use, therefore men have learned to say ‘Evin’.  Eva… means tranquil, smooth like water that has not been disturbed by a strong wind or something else.  If the water is disturbed, it becomes troubled, uneven but it tends to become calm again…

Eva is also a symbol for WRALDA’S Spirit, who remains eternally just and undisturbed even though the body may suffer.”

  • The Book of Adela’s Followers

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“And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.”

In Hebrew, the name “Eva” means “life“.  Here, “Eva” can be understood to represent the Self- that light and life within us that resides at the sol-ar plexus- the Living Christ Light within.

The nature of the Self is stillness and tranquility.

The power of the Self is that which can calm the rough waters of our disturbed emotions.

The Self is that part of us that is pure immortal divinity- WRALDA’S Spirit.

The Self is that which has never known the suffering of incarnation and has the perspective of the true universal good.

Seek the Self.  Seek the Christ within.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.