“We, Frya’s children, exist through WRALDA’S life- in the beginning insignificant and naked, but always advancing towards perfection without ever attaining the excellence of WRALDA.” The Writings of Adelbrost and Apollonia WRALDA is the essence of all Life, and we exist through that essence, which manifests as both a drive towards an upward and ever-progressing … More WRALDA’S LIFE


“Today’s liberal intellectuals, who pride themselves on scientific method and being ‘broadminded’, are the most narrow-minded, self-righteous and hate-filled bigots in the history of humanity. No primitive tribe worshipping with its witch-doctor was ever more vicious in its hatred and suppression of heretics than today’s Marxist intellectuals, anti-racists and liberals.”    – George Lincoln Rockwell … More ANTIRACIST