“In Denmark, there is a very different understanding of what ‘freedom’ means… they have gone a long way to ending the enormous anxieties that comes with economic insecurity.” – Sen. Bernie Sanders Denmark has become a talking point on what I would call, “the Fox News Right”, because it has long been touted by the … More DENMARK!


“Politics is show business for ugly people.” Paul Begala I hate politics. Eight years ago Gov. Jesse Ventura wrote a book called “Democrips and Rebloodlicans”, which was about how BOTH the Republicans and Democrats were akin to gangs; which were in turn owned by and large owned by different oligarchical interests who sometimes competed and … More THE GRUBBY GAME


“You must guard against false shame, which always harms love.” The Writings of Frethorik and Wiliow In our society, we are often very preoccupied with the perceptions of others. “What does this person think of me?“, we will ask ourselves over and over again. And while this need/desire for social acceptance can be healthy, as … More FALSE SHAME