“You have seen how quickly I provide assistance.  Do the same to your neighbor.  Do not wait until someone begs you; the afflicted would curse you, my matrons would erase your name from the book, and I would have to denounce you as a stranger.”


(Neighbors helping neighbors after Hurricane Harvey [photo courtesy])

Christ Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

We should strive to be kind and helpful to those around us and to those connected to us.  In serving them, we serve our own spiritual growth and evolution.

Service allows us to get out of ourselves- our own selfish desires and unproductive mental chatter; allowing us to reach towards the Higher.

Let us seek opportunities to be of service to those around us in our neighborhood, in our community, and most importantly, to those that are connected to us by blood or bond.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“In Denmark, there is a very different understanding of what ‘freedom’ means… they have gone a long way to ending the enormous anxieties that comes with economic insecurity.”

– Sen. Bernie Sanders

Denmark has become a talking point on what I would call, “the Fox News Right”, because it has long been touted by the democrats and the general left, as this sort of “socialist paradise”- and that if America would just adopt a similar program, everyone would be happy.

Personally, I have been hearing about this Scandinavian “socialist utopia” since my days of campaigning for universal/single payer healthcare i.e., “Medicare for all” about a decade ago.  And of course, it came to prominence most recently with Bernie Sanders mentioning it during the 2015/2016 Presidential race- and continuing to do so.

So, the pretty Fox News teleprompter reader rattles off some fluff about economics in two vastly different countries, ultimately looking to “convince” the audience that socialism won’t work in America because of these other making the argument almost exclusively about socialism supposedly making people lazy and un-industrious; and hence, why it is bad and why it would be bad for America. Then the Danish politician refutes her very poorly constructed argument, and once again vindicates Danish socialism for starry-eyed Americans that dream of it being implemented here.

The problem is that the REAL reason why Danish “socialism”, or anything of the sort, would not work in America is NEVER addressed.

In a 2006 article out of the Migration Policy Institute (an organization funded by the Carnegie Endowment) entitled, “Denmark: Integrating Immigrants into a Homogeneous Welfare State“, the author states how in Denmark, “the welfare state was designed on the basis of a culturally similar citizenry, and the Danish economy has successfully adapted to a variety of international challenges by taking advantage of institutions built around a powerful sense of civic solidarity.”

Another interesting point comes from a 2017 article out of Business Insider on Danish immigration (Denmark having some of the more strict immigration laws in western Europe), where Danish Finance Minister Kristian Jensen is quoted stating:

Roughly speaking, immigration from western countries helps government finances while immigration from non-westerners imposes costs..

In other words, on average, people who migrate from countries with populations more like them are a boon to their country; while people who migrate from countries with populations less like them, will tend to be more of a drain.

It isn’t rocket science.

But apparently it’s “racist”.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll probably say it again, the real reason this Denmark-style socialism that everyone is praising wouldn’t work in the United States because we are NOT a culturally similar citizenry and we probably have less civic solidarity then we’ve ever had.


Socialism is based on providing for the common good.  The common good is a consensus among a particular group of people in a particular place about what is right and good for their society to survive and thrive.  This ultimately originates with the “ethnos“- the universe of shared meaning that a people has, which is rooted in its language, culture and traditions.

The more you have multiple languages, cultures and traditions within a society- particularly if these languages, cultures and traditions are incompatibly different or even hostile towards one another; the more difficult, if not impossible, it becomes to agree on a common good.  If no one can agree on a common good, you cannot have socialism or any true variant of it.


What you will have instead is tyranny and empire.

Most people clamoring for this sort of universal socialism here in America tend to come from one of two camps: those who are motivated by envy, resentment and entitlement; and those who are motivated by the genuine, although often emotion-driven, desire to stop human suffering (both that of others and their own).

It is unfortunate that so many people in this country seem to suffer without things like affordable health coverage or what is considered a “living wage“.  However we need to understand that this is the price of living in a society that is centered around self-interest and the satisfaction of desire.

We need to put our good intentions in the right direction.

The truth is nationalistic socialism can and does work.  As a matter of fact, the most dramatic socio-economic success stories come from social nationalist nations like NSDAP Germany or General Park Chung-Hee’s South Korea.

But internationalist socialism; this notion of being entitled to a nation’s benefits regardless of where you’re from or what you’ve actually contributed to that society; does not.

But modernity is all about taking without giving anything back.

Give back.

Give back to your people.  Whoever they may be.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.





“Politics is show business for ugly people.”


I hate politics.

Eight years ago Gov. Jesse Ventura wrote a book called “Democrips and Rebloodlicans”, which was about how BOTH the Republicans and Democrats were akin to gangs; which were in turn owned by and large owned by different oligarchical interests who sometimes competed and other times worked in co-operation for common aims.

Sadly, Washington D.C. as a whole has operated in this manner since its inception- it’s just gotten progressively more corrupt and more blatant in said corruption.

Most Americans have little more insight into these people than anyone else they see on TV or read about online or in the papers.  Barack Obama was essentially a media celebrity; as is the current president- albeit in a different way.  The stories we hear about these people are often about as factual as a storyline in a sitcom.  And yet people believe that keeping tabs on the carefully pre-packaged political drama of the day is being “informed“.

The people I have known and worked with in leftist politics talk about “stats” and “players” just like a sports fan would.  In reality, there is little difference between followers of sports and followers of politics.  It’s always about the players; the politicians who have little-to-no actual power.  No one really pays attention to who OWNS the team.

I can’t say this enough times, enough ways- it’s an illusion.

This is why I focus on the deeper essences of these things- because that’s what I know is real.

The never-ending Trump election meddling nonsense and all the rest of it is a sideshow– a distraction for the dumbed-down general public.

However, if we do want a REAL political story, one only need look into the collapsing U.S. dollar and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (a Eurasian economic alliance) looking to establish an alternative reserve currency to it.  The U.S is BROKE.  If there is a mass-dumping of the dollar, a lot of people are going to have it really rough to say the least.

But that is not the type of simple, emotion-filled sensationalism that the mass media deals in.


Honestly, I think the best thing people can do is to spend less time obsessing over all of these people and events they have no real control over;  let alone any actual way of confirming how much of what they think they are seeing/hearing is real.

I think people should do what they need to get themselves and their families squared away in ALL ways, because there’s a real good chance things are gonna get dicey here- with or without Trump.

Get your house in order.

Deal with what’s in the REAL world in front of you.

Take care of those people you have responsibility to.

And for god’s sake, stop watching CNN..

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“Wonderful Lyda.  Of laws she knew nothing; her actions were governed by her passions.  To help the weak she would kill the strong, and when she had done it she would weep by their bodies.”

  • The Book of Adela’s Followers

When we allow our emotions to shape our beliefs and rule over us, dictating our way of thinking and acting in the world, the end result will always be to create more suffering four ourselves and others- regardless of how “right”, “just” or “fair” we feel we are in the moment.

The greatest trick of the Empire of Modernity is getting people to believe that indulging in the passions; that giving into the pulls of desire; is somehow rebellion against the power structure, when it is in fact feeding it.

We live in a society that feeds off the internal chaos we have within ourselves; as well as the external expressions of that chaos in all its forms, from compulsions, to addictions, to mental illness, to criminality.

This is why we first and foremost need to bring our inner world into a state of order- only through which will we attain a state of peace.

Only when our house is in order, can we oppose those that seek to destroy it.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“You must guard against false shame, which always harms love.”

  • The Writings of Frethorik and Wiliow


In our society, we are often very preoccupied with the perceptions of others.

What does this person think of me?“, we will ask ourselves over and over again.

And while this need/desire for social acceptance can be healthy, as it can hold our behavior in check and in account with members of our tribe, fellowship or community; it all too often turns into a vain obsession with appearances and social standings.

Constantly worrying about how people see us can be quite destructive- particularly when we project our own insecurities and obsessions with the perceptions of others onto our loved ones.

This obsession can be carried to such an extreme where some will feel overwhelming shame and even resentment towards loved ones to the point of denying any relation or connection to them.

All this to satisfy a desire for superficial acceptance from those whose opinions ultimately should not and do not matter.

Severing ties with family or denying the Truth of Christ in order to win the approval of strangers is not virtue; it is cowardice.

Let us desire not to be accepted into superficial relationships with superficial people; rather we should strive to be loyal to those who we are bound to through deeper connections and love them, “warts and all“.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you.