Once they came and asked:If you are not a witch, what are you doing with the eggs that you are always carrying with you? 

Minerva answered:These eggs are the symbols of Frya’s councils, in which our future and that of the whole human race lies concealed; time must hatch them and we must keep watch that no harm comes to them.”

mary mags

Our folk, along with the people of Finda and Lyda (the Amerasiatic and Negroid races, and their offshoots) are in a continual and cyclical process of unfoldment; of becoming. 

This is also true for us at the level of the individual as well.

However, like the chick in the egg or the caterpillar in the cocoon, we must take care that our process of spiritual becoming is protected- particularly when it is in its infancy; when it is at its most vulnerable to corrupting influences.

Let us nurture and protect the seed of our spiritual becoming so it can blossom into the brilliance of spiritual maturity.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“Finda’s folk shall contribute their industry to the common good, Lyda’s folk their strength, and we our wisdom. Then the false priests shall be swept from the Earth. WRALDA’S Spirit shall be invoked everywhere and always; the laws that WRALDA instilled into our consciences in the beginning shall alone be listened to.”

  • The Writings of Frethorik and Wiliow


In a recent conference entitled “The Art of Happiness and Peace” held in Malmö, Sweden, beloved Tibetan religious leader, the Dalai Lama stated in regards to the current migrant crisis gripping Europe that “Europe belongs to the Europeans,” and that refugees should ultimately return home to “rebuild their own country“.

This is a man who is genuinely regarded as one of the most “spiritually evolved” human beings on the planet ultimately advocating the principles of nationalism.

Let that sink in.

In recent years it would seem that nearly every religious and spiritual leader in the progressive mainstream have held publicly lauded the “virtues” of multiculturalism, whilst simultaneously condemning nationalism as essentially being ‘spiritually backward‘.

Of course, I disagree with that. But apparently so does the Dali Lama… and Ken Wilber.

Long before he introduced me to Ron Paul, Alex Jones and the 9-11 truth movement, my old sensei introduced me to the Integral philosophy of Ken Wilber – a philosophy which takes on the Herculean task of seeking to integrate ALL areas of human knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Some may be familiar with Wilber and may scoff at my devoting an article to his perspective, being that he has very much couched himself with the commercial “New Age” movement, and has been endorsed by Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Deepak Chopra.

And then there was his (and the entire Integral community’s) unfortunate alignment with and defense of Rabbi Marc Gafni, a former Orthodox Rabbi-turned-Integralist who was indicted in Israel for child molestation..

However, like Wilber, I believe in utilizing what’s RIGHT with someone’s philosophy, rather than focus on what’s wrong with it- or them.

In his book, “A Brief History of Everything“- a book that essentially launched the “Integral Movement“, Wilber outlines the core model of Integral Philosophy in which an individual moves up through a scale of what Wiber describes as increasingly deeper, more holistic modes of consciousness. Beginning with the archaic/egocentric mode of consciousness at birth, the individual moves ideally moves up through egocentric, ethnocentric, worldcentric, kosmocentric, and “transpersonal” modes of consciousness as they develop and evolve spiritually- ultimately moving towards greater capacity for love, care and concern for others.


Wilber seems to pair each “mode” with the corresponding Chakra color that he feels represents where this consciousness lies in the person, starting with the archaic/egocentric at the Root Chakra, which corresponds with base-level consciousness; all the way to the Crown, which corresponds with the ascendant transpersonal. Every time a new level of consciousness is reached by the individual, they come to what Wilber refers to as a “fulcrum“.

One of these ascending levels of consciousness, as already mentioned, is what Wilber refers to as “worldcentric consciousness“. Here, Wiber describes the transition of an individual from ethnocentric/sociocentric to worldcentric consciousness:

You start out.. in fusion with the conventional roles and rules- you are identified with them, merged with them (and thus utterly at their mercy, a true conformist). Then you begin to differentiate or transcend them, gain some freedom from them, and move to the next higher stage.. whereupon you will sill have to integrate these social roles… But you have in general moved away from, or differentiated from, and exclusive identity with your sociocentric roles, and you particularly begin to scrutinize the rightness or appropriateness of your sociocentric or ethnocentric perspectives, which previously you would not- and could not- even question.

In short, you have gone from sociocentric to worldcentric. Another decline in narcissism. Another decentering, another transcendence. You want to know what is right and fair, not just for your people, but for all peoples. You take a postconventional or global or worldcentric stance. (And just as important, you are getting very close to a genuinely spiritual or transpersonal opening)

But while Wiber does attempt to loosely correlate these scales of ascending forms of consciousness with epochs in mainline linear history (IMO a mistake for multiple reasons), he makes sure to double down when asked (the book is in the form of an interview between Wiber and an unnamed interviewer) about socio-political movements and ideologies like multiculturalism. Wilber makes quite clear what I have been saying for some time, in that the ideals of the “multicults” require a degree of psychospiritual ascendancy and mastery that almost no one on Earth has achieved- and this creates problems:

Multiculturalism does indeed emphasize cultural diversity and universal tolerance. But this fulcrum-5 stance is a very rare and very elite and very difficult accomplishment..

Now you yourself might indeed have evolved from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric perspectives, and so you will easily understand that all individuals are to be accorded equal consideration and equal opportunity, regardless of race, sex, or creed. The problem is, most individuals that you treat with universal coverage do not share your universalism. They are still egocentric or ethnocentric to the core. So you are extending universal consideration to individuals who will absolutely not extend the same courtesy to you…

Multiculturalism does embrace the very noble drive to treat individuals equally and fairly, from a decentered and worldcentric perspective- everybody is equal in that sense- but then it confuses that high stance with the fact that getting to that high stance is a very rare accomplishment. It ignores the getting there, the developmental process that allowed it to embrace universal pluralism in the first place. So it then extends the results of the development to individuals who have not gotten to that stance themselves, and who are therefore willing to take your nice universal pluralistic stance and wipe their shoes all over it.

The statement above was originally published in 1996, but perfectly describes the crisis of migration into the West today, where we see incredibly tribal groups of people from the developing world migrating to the West, en masse, expressing an entitled indifference and even hostility towards the host populations who have been indoctrinated in such a way that their own altruistic nature is taken to the extremes of mental pathology.

Retired California State Long Beach psychology professor, Dr. Kevin MacDonald stated that Europeans; people of Northern and Western European descent specifically, had a tendency towards what is referred to as “pathological altruism”; where the altruistic tendencies in an individual or group is taken to such an extreme that it causes them harm.

Back to Ken Wiber and “A Brief History of Everything“. Wilber goes on to speak about the internal crisis of these “multicults” as he calls them, and the problems caused by attempts to impose this “worldcentric” stance of equality onto others who are not at that point:

Since their official stance is that elitism of any sort is bad, but since their actual self is an elite self, then they must lie about their actual self- they must conceal, distort, deceive…

All this is doing is contributing to the retribalization of America, by encouraging every egocentric and ethnocentric fragmentation and grievance politics, the politics of narcissism.

What Wiber is describing as “worldcentric” consciousness is essentially that which is able to comprehend at a deep level the interconnectedness of life and the fact that we are all creations of the ONE. This is reaching towards what would have been the perspective of a figure like Christ Jesus or perhaps some of the great sages and ascetics that have lived throughout history.

But comparing figures like this to those that are throwing tantrums on college campuses and neurotically screaming in the streets about “racism” and “Nazis” is comparing, to quote Tuhon Tom Kier,apples and a**holes“.

I would argue that many, if not most, of the people who espouse to these ideals publicly are knowingly or unknowingly holding this elite status fraudulently, which is why it comes out distorted.

If this is indeed a spiritual aristocracy, as Wilber is essentially saying it is, then the person who holds this elite status must have the purified vessel to receive it. If they do not, they can only maintain their power through deception and force.

This lack of rightful authority granted through achieving a state of spiritual aristocracy is why the left must shout down and silence ideological opponents. It is why governments and media in the West (especially in Europe) must perpetuate in endless campaigns of obfuscation and deception, while simultaneously passing “hate speech” laws to silence any dissent- all to cover up the glaring reality multiculturalism IS NOT WORKING.

The oligarchs in ever-loosening control of the West know that multiculturalism doesn’t work. There will ALWAYS be a dominant culture in any region. This is why organic traditional culture has been snuffed out and/or demonized from all angles, and replaced by an empty, vapid, materialistic consumer monoculture. The premise of “multiculturalism” that multiple groups of differing ethnicities, values and beliefs can equally share power in a single society is absolute nonsense and has never actually happened anywhere in history.

Multiculturalism is a lie.

Unfortunately, the average true believer on the street fails to realize how disingenuous the whole thing is, blindly parroting slogans and shouting down anyone they perceive to be “racists”, “bigots”, “xenophobes” and “Nazis”- i.e. anyone who disagrees with the religion of multiculturalism.


But again, most of these people are not operating from a perspective forged through deep spiritual insight that can only be gained through a life of asceticism, but rather from the messages and beliefs that they came upon through Pavlovian conditioning and media saturation.

This is not the same thing.

Seeing that all humans are conscious expressions of the same Divine Source, having that same Light within, is NOT the same as saying that all humans, “warts and all“, are essentially the same and as such, should all cohabit the same spaces. One must make some serious leaps and bounds of logic to arrive at this conclusion; a conclusion I sadly see rather frequently among well-meaning spiritual seekers.

The true scope of human diversity in the form of the 7+billion people there are on Earth is so vast that the average human mind can’t even begin to perceive without resorting to the use of the most vague and detached sorts of (mis)conceptions and the most superficial and sentimental sorts of caricatures- informed primarily through the lens of corporate-government schooling and Hollywood media as opposed to any genuine spiritual insight or guidance.

This is why the openly-admitted premise for globalization and multiculturalism centers around maintaining and bringing more people into “the global economy“; the Antichrist system that is the true god of this world.

Multiculturalism is not about having a spiritual awareness that recognizes ALL as part of the ONE. It never has been.

Multiculturalism is about building the world of Antichrist.


Which is why it’s falling apart..

Caring about the world means being practical, taking care of your people and your land first, while keeping a bigger picture in mind.

It’s thinking “globally” while acting locally and tribally/folkishly– and having the ability to understand that these things are NOT contradictory if we have the eyes to see.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.





“WRALDA is all in all, for he is eternal and everlasting.”

  • The Writings of Adelbrost and Appolonia

Blood and soil

WRALDA is THE ALL IN ALL because ALL things that exist are contained within Him.

Rather than being some imaginary man in the clouds, He is the Universe we live in and experience our lives- the totality of existence.

He is the ONE in whom we live and move and have our being.

He is the ONE who sings the world into existence through the vibration of light and sound- the Ground from which all that is known and unknown comes into existence.

He is the LIFE that surrounds and vitalizes us.

But He is also the personal LIGHT that lives within us.

That part of us which can never die.

The Eternal I AM that is the Eternal Light of Creation.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


 “Good fences make good neighbors.”

  • Folk proverb


“The Lord said to Joshua, ‘See, I have given Jericho into your hand… You shall march around the city, all the men of war circling the city once.  You shall do so for six days.  Also seven priests shall carry seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark; then on the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets… and when you hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city will fall down flat, and the people will go up every man straight ahead.”

When I was ordained into the Order several years ago, this passage from the Old Testament; Joshua 6:2-5, was read to me, as “life guidance“.  I have had varied feelings about the Old Testament (and the Bible as a whole) at various times in my life, and I found it considerably more difficult to read and comprehend than the New Testament, so I was somewhat perplexed by this passage.

There has been a complete inability to find any historical remains or evidence of a historical Jericho- so I wouldn’t find any answers there.  An interesting aside is that the name “Jericho” itself means “City of the Moon“, so if there is a historical narrative to this story, it could have to do with the destruction of rival Moon/goddess cults that very well may have existed and had power in ancient Canaan.

Was it something to do with walls or bringing down walls?  Did it have to do with the role of Joshua in the story?  Was it about what the priests did?

In the story of Joshua, the external moral or “exoteric” interpretation typically has to do with obeying God’s directives (Natural Law) and having faith in the ability of God to make the seemingly impossible happen.  Meanwhile the internal spiritual or “esoteric” interpretation tends to be seen as the awakening of the seven psycho-spiritual energy centers (Chakras), and the breaking down the “walls” of the mind/psyche- allowing a full integration of the human Self, and the experience of Christ Consciousness.


Obsessed with wanting to make sure I knew the right answer, I asked a couple of the priests in the Order about this.  To my surprise I was told that it wasn’t really about the story at all, but rather that it had to do with the number seven and Cheth, i.e. “The Chariot“- the seventh card within the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Cheth is also represented by the sign of Cancer- my birth sign.

And while my association with the Order has become estranged due to my sociopolitical and metapolitical stances, I do still find myself contemplating these experiences surrounding my time with them, my own spiritual journey, and how any of that can be of use to my people and humanity as a whole.

Now, this is not going to be a study on the Tarot or the Book of Joshua for that matter.  Rather I want to look at the meaning of the word “Cheth” itself, and how that meaning relates to the question that I have become obsessed with:

How do we integrate the natural human drive towards tribalism and the need for ethnic identity, with the “worldcentric” perspective that is manifesting as humanity as a whole evolves towards Absolute Spirit, which encompasses, transcends, and ultimately, is, ALL things?’

In other words, how do we as a collective humanity stay rooted and grounded while reaching toward godhood, so we do not spin off into ego, delusion, and ultimately self-destruction?

Because this is what I see when I see well-meaning spiritual seekers and even adepts, who have on some level, this sense of the true interconnectedness of all humans and all things- which IS a reality (despite its misappropriation); and I see these folks putting their energy, focus and even prayers into supporting this Antichrist system of globalism, which seeks ultimately to wrench out the spirit of man and turn him into an automaton.  This, as is see it, is our biggest “global crisis”.   This spiritual crisis this destructive entity known as “modernity” imposed when it sucked out the meaning and life from everything around it.  It effects ALL humans.

So, back to Cheth.  The word “Cheth” comes from the Hebrew word “Heth“, which literally means “enclosure“.  Cheth is also often said to mean “fenced field“.  In the book, “Jewels of the Wise“, a book on the Tarot written by Reverend Mother Helen Blighton, one of the founding figures of the Order, she states:

“A fence is built around a house or field to establish its rightful boundary lines and to permit intensive cultivation therein.  Similarly one builds the atmosphere around his own body as far out as his personal influence extends.  Within any ‘fenced’ area of influence, one plants or builds that which he wishes to produce for the good of himself or others.  Cheth’s work also encloses and protects the walled city behind him- a multiplication of the efforts of the Magician, who built the first house.

All fences are temporary, artificial boundary lines, for land extends undivided beneath them as it always did before they were built, and always will when they are gone.  The very nature of a fence necessitates that one day all must be broken down in order to do away with the false notion of separateness, and so that we may recognize and unite with the One God.  The temporary fence makes possible some specialization, as in gardening, and helps keep out alien influences while the crop is tended and its growth nurtured along.”

On a personal level, Cheth is about keeping out negative and potentially harmful influences that can stunt one’s spiritual growth.  We remove ourselves from those things and people that bring us away from doing the internal work necessary to prepare the vessel for spiritual evolution.

It is quite obvious that worldwide, humanity has A LOT of inner work to do- and there is no way such intensive work can be done en masse.  We need specialization.  We need focus.  This can only be done in an environment free of the excessive conflict, mistrust, isolation and chaos that ultra-diverse cosmopolitan societies foster.

We need to be honest with ourselves that this isn’t working and re-organize.

Due to the worldwide effects of modernity, coupled with the general side-effects of the “devolution” of man down through the denser planes (from which he is now just beginning to ascend), it would seem that what Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin refers to as “the Ethnos” of nearly all peoples has been fragmented and weakened infected with some form or another of “psychic disease” or “psychospiritual sickness“, which infects not only the individual, but also the culture and the society.

The term “Ethnos” stems from Greek meaning a nation, but not in the modern sense of the word, but rather the nation as the ethnic group that shares a common heritage, language, and culture.  It is through the unique constitution of a people in conjunction with their surroundings which is understood by many to form the basis of indigenous spirituality.

DhWMlGVX0AA3Fbc.jpg large

I would interpret the Ethnos as the Folk Soul or Consciousness through which the original organic spiritual transmission for that particular people entered into them and evolved through them.  It is this necessary-by-nature component of human spirituality and human life that has been wrenched out of us at every opportunity by modernity and universalist empire.

It has always been in the interest of Empire to destroy the Ethnos, which was in ancient times, one and the same as their religion.  It was the connection to their ancestors and their unique spiritual transmission as a people.  In other words, the Ethnos could be seen as the “chariot” that carried the Eternal Flame of the Heavenly Soul/Self and imparted its wisdom to a people that existed and functioned here on Earth.

Traditional Indo-European (and perhaps Old European/Fryan) understanding was that there were three parts of the soul: that part which was uniquely derived from the individual; that part which was derived from the Ethnos; and that part which was derived purely of the Divine Logos.

Modern religion and spirituality in the West, both mainstream and “New Age”, COMPLETELY ignores the spiritual component of man relating to the Ethnos, only seeing a dichotomy between the individual ego and the Divine.  The third party of the Ethnos, is typically only referred to in a degraded sense when listing the “illusions” created by our ego that we must overcome in order to attain enlightenment, salvation, etc.

Without spiritual sustenance,and a society and culture rooted in adherence to Laws of Nature and Creation, a person; a people will become sick, and as a result, their cultures and societies will become corrupt and perverse.  The Ethnos, which is the archetypal foundation of “Nationalism”, is a function of Nature- and we ignore it at our own expense.

What is happening now with this age of commercial globalization and the mass migration which tends to be the result, is that we have an intermingling of a wide array of psychic viruses begin brought into a mass society that is designed to feed, rather than fight them.

We see a similar phenomena playing out in the physical world with the spread of various types of exotic diseases into the west- many of which had been eradicated of never seen.  Evidence shows strong correlations to this rise of communicable diseases into the west correlating with the current migrant crisis in Europe as well as with illegal immigration in the U.S.

Nearly all cultures have become sick and diseased with the one-two-punch of descending into the Kali Yuga and being ensnared by modernity.  As a result, the people have become sick as well.  Therefore, this would rightly be more of a time of quarantine; or at least a general “turning inward” of peoples in order to fully integrate themselves as a people into the truth of Spirit and Nature; allowing them to become the most spiritually evolved versions of themselves they can be.

This should happen before any sort of mass integration of humanity occurs.  However, at the present it seems that there is a consorted effort to create a global monosociety that as a whole; as any honest, holistic assessment of the data would confirm; humanity is not ready to live in.  Hence why the “global village” is an oppressive global re-colonization project spearheaded by international finance, rather than the utopian village of human peace and solidarity dreamed of by New Agers and Trotskyites.


In The Oera Linda Book, there is a great emphasis put on the importance of societal and cultural morals- and the need to be on guard against potentially corrupting alien influences, which the Fryan law did not allow in any way.  The Folk Mothers knew of the “foul festivals” of the priests and the culture of the “slave peoples”.

The Mothers understood if these ideologies and cultures were allowed to take root in the minds and wombs of the Fryan people, then their freedom would be lost.

And that is what has happened.

While we have seen glimmers of a reemergence of true freedom within our greater folk, with societies such as Ukraine under the Cossacks and America under the Articles of Confederation; we have as a people, allowed ourselves to buy into the idea that freedom is simply satisfying our ego-driven self-interest and our irrational desires.

And now we are told that we need to become “one” will all of the peoples of the world, so that they to may adopt Americanism- the artificial culture of selfishness and desire that seeks to make the entire world like unto it.

This is not freedom.

This is not brotherhood.

This is not functional.

This is not real.

Right now, we need to find some way to contain the diseased cultures of man (including our own), so the mental and ultimately, spiritual sickness created within them as a result of modernity and “The Fall” (the descent of humanity into dense matter), can be healed and the trauma integrated, allowing for a reconnection to our primal Ethnos.

We need to re-group, re-organize, and re-strategize our societies and our cultures in a way that suits who we are and what we are to become at our greatest in WR-ALDA’S Glory.  We will harmonize our culture, our society and our lives according to Truth and the Laws of Nature and Creation; the Laws of WR-ALDA.

The notion that ethnic and tribal identity is part and parcel with hatred, destruction and death is false.  In the last 400 years since what could be seen as the beginnings of modernity and the globalist project, the Earth and all manner of life on it (including ourselves) have experienced man-made destruction and decay on a level hitherto unfathomable in the previous millennia.

We are currently seeing a complete re-terraforming of the Earth into something that will not be fit for anything organic.

And this has all been under the watch of our “enlightened” cosmopolitan merchant elites who through bribe, blackmail, and murder wrested the power of law away from the monarchy, used that power to enslave us, told us we were free because we didn’t have a monarch anymore.

This is the same “enlightened” cosmopolitan elite that later told us that Nationalism, which is about protecting the sovereignty of a people first and foremost; and also relates directly to the autocrat/monarch; is akin to stepping back into the primordial ooze and is ultimately a morally unacceptable stance.

But it does not mean you hate a man when you feed and clothe your family instead of his.  And it does not mean you hate another group by focusing on the health and well-being of your own.

It does not mean you hate the homeless guy on the street because you don’t allow him to come into your home and help himself to whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  It does not mean you hate economic migrants that (understandably) wish to do the same on a large scale.

A solid psychic “container” is necessary for deep psychospiritual work within a group, and a solid container requires trust and a common “mission“, to quote Master Chim.  These commonalities and shared experiences; this fellowship facilitates both healing and growth in the individual and the group.  These are all qualities that atomized, hyper-individualistic, hyper-diverse, cosmopolitan societies of modernity do not and cannot have, thus rendering them relatively incapable of facilitating any sort real meaning or purpose, and thus authentic spiritual growth stymies and falls flat.

In his book “Ethnos and Society“, Alexander Dugin states, as paraphrased by Alexander Markovics, that “Nationalism is herein only a mean to prevent the individualistic society from collapse, until it’s individuals are enlightened enough to leave the nation state behind as the artificial construct it is and integrate all nations into a global civil society.

Such a world was prophesied by Dela Hellenia and recorded in The Oera Linda Book:

But when the (false) priests think that they have entirely extinguished the Light of Frya and Jesus, then shall all classes of men rise up who have quietly preserved the truth among themselves…

Finda’s folk shall contribute their industry to the common good, Lyda’s folk their strength, we our wisdom.  Then the false priests shall shall be swept from the Earth.  WRALDA’S Spirit shall be invoked everywhere and always; the Laws that WRALDA instilled into our consciences in the beginning shall alone be listened to.  There shall be neither masters, nor rulers, nor bosses, except those chosen by the general voice.  Then Frya shall rejoice, and the Earth will only bestow her gifts on those who work.  All this shall begin 4000 years after the submersion of Atland, and 1000 years later there shall exist no longer either priest or oppression.

("Tree of Peace" by Josephine Wall)

The fence comes down eventually.  But we need to get to that point first..

Until then, we should be mending those fences, being good to our neighbors, and loving our people.  Let’s get our house in order before we invite company.

In closing, I leave you with a meditation on Cheth, from the book “Tarot Meditations” published by The Science of Man:

Cheth am I, the Fenced Enclosure

Standing as an atmospheric shell

To protect the inner growing Light of Self.

I fend of interference from without

Until Its splendor is full-grown,

Till it bursts forth, removing walls,

And starts to light the Way.

The victory I have won is conquest of the mind,

Which brings all Nature’s Mysteries

To initiates who are able to remain

Perceptive as a chalice to the Will of God.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.