Once they came and asked: “If you are not a witch, what are you doing with the eggs that you are always carrying with you?”  Minerva answered: “These eggs are the symbols of Frya’s councils, in which our future and that of the whole human race lies concealed; time must hatch them and we must … More THE EGG OF BECOMING


“Finda’s folk shall contribute their industry to the common good, Lyda’s folk their strength, and we our wisdom. Then the false priests shall be swept from the Earth. WRALDA’S Spirit shall be invoked everywhere and always; the laws that WRALDA instilled into our consciences in the beginning shall alone be listened to.” The Writings of … More MULTICULTURALISM ISN’T “SPIRITUALLY EVOLVED”


“WRALDA is all in all, for he is eternal and everlasting.” The Writings of Adelbrost and Appolonia WRALDA is THE ALL IN ALL because ALL things that exist are contained within Him. Rather than being some imaginary man in the clouds, He is the Universe we live in and experience our lives- the totality of … More THE ALL IN ALL