“It is common knowledge that blood is essential for human life in the body.  But the blood has a much greater function than this.  It is the seat of the memory of the soul, of the subconsicous memory, and of all the experiences that a being has acquired.”

  • Fr. Paul Blighton


Samhain, aka. “Halloween”, is a time when it was said that “the Veil” between this world and the ethereal realms becomes thin.  It is said during this time, greater connection and interaction with spirits is possible.   It was my having this understanding of Samhain/Halloween that led to it becoming the first non-Christian holiday that turned into a true “holy day” for me.

I have nostalgic and even romantic memories of of Samhain from my first years learning to practice “shamanism“, guided primarily by the books I read and the experiences I had, both in Nature and in my shamanic journey-work.  I remember fasting and staying up all night before Samhain- fasting and sleep-deprivation both being techniques used by shamans the world over.  Then, after working at the fish market all day, I rode my bike out to the wildlife sanctuary out by the beach, seeking guidance from the Nature “spirits” that presided there, as well as from my own spiritual helpers that I had been working with at the time.

However, among the Celtic peoples, Samhain was not just a time when strange, mysterious, and at times, frightening spirits were able to make contact with the mundane world; it was also believed to be a time when the spirits of one’s own dead ancestors would return to feast with their living descendants.

Although I did not begin practicing shamanism with the intent of connecting with ancestral spirits and archetypes, it was what eventually occurred.  While initially, my journeys seemed to depict a scenery more akin to the Amerindian medicine tradition (as that was what the majority of the instructional material I could find was based on), I soon became instinctively drawn toward more organic archetypes; i.e. those of a distinctly Northern European quality.  It was these more “familial” archetypes that became the primary archetypes I worked with.

The “soul’s journey” that takes place within the shamanic trance state brings one face to face with the vastness of the world(s) that lies within their very being.  It only makes sense that the ancestors and ancestral archetypes that reside within one’s very DNA would also inhabit that vast interior landscape.

The ‘As Above, So Below Principle’ of metaphysics, refers to the notion that on all planes/levels of existence, a certain sort of uniformity or consistency exists within them and between them.  When we apply this basic Principle with an understanding of what is now the well-established science of genetics and DNA research, it seems to be fairly certain that the essence of our ancestors would reside within our psycho-spiritual body just as it does within the physical body; within our blood.

The notion of blood as a symbol for someone’s essence; essentially their soul; is a concept I became intimately familiar with years later as I trained to be ordained as a priest within an esoteric Christian order.  And while the bulk of the teachings and philosophy stem primarily from the founders’ involvement in Hermetic Qabalah, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and New Thought; practice a Communion sacrament that is done in a similar traditional-style to that of the Roman Catholics pre-Vatican II– with the priest’s back to the congregation during the ritual, and the receiving of the Communion by the congregation while kneeling.  It could almost be seen as a sort of New Age Traditionalism.


Within the Communion, the wine/blood becomes the essence of Christ Jesus, which is then consumed by the participants.  It becomes as such, conducting the energies from the Highest Spiritual realms, infusing them into matter; into form; into “the body”.

This bringing of the spiritual realities into the body, according to Father Paul, founder of this Order, was the function of not only the sacramental “blood”, but also of blood in the literal sense:

It is common knowledge that blood is essential for human life in the body.  But the blood has a much greater function than this.  It is the seat of the memory of the soul, of the subconscious memory, and of all the experiences that a being has acquired.  It is the vital medium carrying the vital life force and we see this because blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body.

You might consider the vascular system… to be a tree of life, whose root is in the heart.

The consciousness of man is released through the blood, that is, the action of the blood results in certain modifications of the bodily fabric.  These modifications are in the nature of refinements affording greater opportunity for the expression of the subtle impulses from the soul.

Within the blood are set up vibrations and patterns by which the future estate of man is to be determined.  The blood is the medium by which external phenomenal circumstances are carried inward to be incorporated into consciousness, and by which the consciousness of the soul in its turn flows outward to determine and direct the activity of the personality…

… the blood is the mediator between the physical body of man and the soul of man…”

This concept is echoed by my fellow Order priest, Michael Maciel in his book “World Priest“:

The physical substance of blood carries the spiritual vibrations of the heaven worlds—the intelligence and characteristics of our soul. Just as our soul is in continuous contact with God, so is our blood in continuous contact with our soul, primarily through the air we breathe (pneuma, ruach, spirit, prana). And in turn, our physical structure, our body, is in continual contact with our blood. Correlation. These systems are nested within each other; they form an unbroken chain from the Godhead to our being in the world.

  • God
  • Soul
  • Blood
  • Body

We bring Earth and heaven together by offering ourselves as the interface. When we live in the world as a soul and Self, it is our blood that carries the vibration of those essential qualities. It is our blood that acts like an antenna that continually transmits spiritual frequencies into our flesh, which in turn radiates those qualities into the space around us.

Reach up through the octaves of your being and feel the spiritual presence within your blood—the light, the consciousness, the Christ. This is where your life is! When you focus your attention there, you are inviting the Christ Being into your body. Your blood is your point of connection.

With the blood being the point of spiritual connection, would that not make “your blood“, not just your deceased ancestors, but your family, your folk, your ethnos; would that not make these not just “illusions” in physical matter, but rooted in the Spiritual realms?

Within the Indo-European spiritual and philosophical traditions, there is the notion of the soul having three parts.  While they have variances depending on what region of the vast area of Indo-Aryan influence we are looking at.  However, for the sake of this topic, it more than suffices to say that they generally break down the in the following manner:

  1. That part which is strictly of the individual, concerning the various strivings and desires of the various levels of the ego.
  2. That part which is belonging to the family, ethnicity and race; i.e. the Folk.
  3. That part which is belonging to Logos/God- the Highest Self that is pure Spirit.

In the three part body model taught by Father Paul, these would correlate to the Physical Body, the Spiritual Body and the Soul/Self Body respectively.

However, in the modern West it is essentially taboo to think or speak about things in ethnic terms- particularly if you are of European descent.  Hence, the modern spiritualist or “New Age” view of the individual is that he consists of an ego that needs to be subdued or outright destroyed, and a Higher Self that he ultimately seeks to merge with and become in some way.

The idea of any sort of familial, ethnic or (‘gasp‘) racial component of a person’s spiritual makeup is nowhere to be found.  Meanwhile, anyone insisting that these things do play an important role will simply find themselves lectured about the “illusion of matter” and perhaps the “illusion of separation“, as these things only have to do with the physical body (supposedly) according to those of the modern Western “New Age” mindset- which unfortunately it seems that many, if not most, of those within or associated with my ordaining Order are infected with.

Ironically, as has been previously shown, race and ethnicity are inherently spiritual realities according to the very spiritual philosophies that inform so much of their worldview.

Even the Eastern religions that so many of these New Agers have adopted in one way or another, have a strong ethnic component.  Ancestor veneration has always had a strong presence throughout Asia (as well as Africa and Latin America), and plays a major role in all the religions that developed there.  It is only in the universalist-oriented West where these things have been stripped of their original ethnic components to make them more marketable.

ancestor v

The recognition of the spiritual significance of the ethnic group is even recognized in certain non-Western Abrahamic sects like Russian Christian Orthodoxy and of course, Judaism.

The ethnic component is what roots a spiritual tradition to the people it came from.  It is the unique constitution of a people physically, psychically and spiritually, that allows them to perceive the Spiritual realms and express them in the manner they do.It is the honor and recognition of this third, “missing” component of a person’s spiritual life.

Looking at the prevalence with which the Marxist/globalist/universalist neurosis seems to have infected the minds of so many spiritually-minded people, it seems only natural to conclude that we are missing something here.

We need a holistic spirituality that takes into consideration not only the individual and the Divine, but also that of the ethnos from which the individual arises.   We must move towards the Divine as COMPLETE Beings.  Therefore, we must gather and recompose those lost and denied fragments of themselves, and purify them in the Light of Christ.

The ancients knew the blood, the essence of their ancestors, coursed through them, giving them power and resolve to do great things.  So is this true today with our ancestors.

Let us honor them by bringing them back into our spiritual lives.

Let us honor them by bringing care for their legacy and their folk, our folk, back into our “regular” lives…

Honor the Ancestors5

My ancestors

My grandmothers and grandfathers

Those who lived and loved, and fought and died that I may live

Those whose legacy lives on in my blood and in my Spirit

I honor you

I ask for your guidance

And I invite you to be here with me 

To heal and be whole in the Light with me

In the name of Our Most Blessed Mother Frya

In the name of WR-ALDA, of Frya, and of Freedom, Samhain blessings unto you, your ancestors and your folk.






“In modern life, instead of people growing ‘older and wiser,’ people can simply grow older and older. People can live longer and longer without becoming any wiser for it.”


Since time immemorial, the elders among a people always held a special place of high esteem.  They were understood to be the members of a society who had spent their lives contributing to and serving their family, their community and their tribe/nation.  These were the men and women who laid the groundwork so the tribe could survive and thrive.

After these men and women were done with their normative duties of raising a family and doing the sorts of work that is required of the able bodied, they did not “retire” away from the life of the community, but on the contrary, they became an even more integral part of it.

These elders became the “wise men/women”, who  served their people by freely offering their wealth of experience and wisdom gained from real experience and hardship.  Hence, they became in many cases, the true leaders of a people- at times even beyond the sovereign, who quite often looked to these sorts of people for guidance.  In other societies, the council of elders essentially WAS the governing body.

The elders of the traditional society had the people’s admiration and respect because they earned it.

This is no longer the way things are.  We no longer have a class of elders who can guide us through their maturity, experience and wisdom.  We have a class of “olders“; a generation whose wisdom and maturity seems almost completely undifferentiated from that of their younger counterparts.

And while this transformation of elders into olders was a process that took multiple generations, and can be seen as intimately tied to industrialization and modernity; the Baby Boomers were the first to fully embody this shift where the post-child-rearing age members of the society went from being a class of wise men and women, to essentially being a class of old children.

Now there has been a surge of vitriol directed at this generation of Western “olders” (i.e. the Baby Boomer generation) in the mainstream/liberal media, scapegoating them as the cause of the rise in Nationalism that seems to threaten the “Liberal World Order“; which was established just after World War II by those in favor of a global capitalist system unconstrained by the boundaries of nation states.

Many pundits have blamed the Baby Boomer generation for the Brexit vote, that caused Britain to “begin processes” to leave the European Union.  In fact, the influence of Baby Boomers on the Brexit vote has caused left-leaning political “scientists” like Heath Pickering to propose giving Baby Boomers less of a vote, under the premise that they will not have to ‘live with the consequences of their political decisions

This idea was quickly picked up by pseudo-journalistic entertainment outfits like VICE, who published an article detailing Pickering’s opinions entitled, “Brexit Proves Baby Boomers Should Get Less of a Vote“.



But let’s be sure not to be mislead by the deceptive voices of the mainstream/liberal media.  The Baby Boomers that have been used as the scapegoat in the Brexit decision were those that lived primarily in the working class and rural areas of the U.K.- those who lived among the populations who were most detrimentally effected by the E.U.’s economic immigration policies.  They were voting for cultural, economic, and in many cases, literal survival.

These Brexit Boomers came from people who were not able to maintain the disconnected philosophy of  ivory tower liberals and rich-to-upper middle-class urbanites, who themselves, ironically, were culturally and economically sheltered from the consequences of their political decisions.

Here in the U.S., there is also a lot of venom being spewed against the Baby Boomers, essentially blaming them for the election of Trump, with many Baby Boomers themselves, like Bryan Blakely of Colorado, lamenting what they see as the failures of their generation, and even seeking some form of atonement:

We succumbed to the comfortable temptations of self-interest, left politics to others, and were blind to the rise of the ultra-conservative right (funded then, as now, by the Koch brothers and their fellow billionaires). We sat idly by as the affable Ronald Reagan set in motion policies (flattening the income tax, destroying unions, revoking the fairness doctrine) that have led to the destruction of the middle class and the rise of billionaires (who now buy politicians and dominate our politics).

We leave you a world where the two-income family is the inescapable norm, where day care replaces parenting, where it’s harder to buy a home, save for your children’s education, your retirement, or achieve an education without incurring massive debt. And under President Donald Trump, things will only get worse: The rich will get richer — and they will buy more politicians as the middle and lower classes decline in influence and economic standing. 

We let this happen: We ignored the lessons of Vietnam and Watergate. We allowed the lionization of Reagan, we made Trump possible. Many of us are trying to make amends. Help us.

There is much truth to this statement.  The Baby Boomers essentially milked the prosperity created by their parents’ and grandparents’ generation; and gave little in return.  The Neoconservative ideals that came to the forefront in the Regan/Bush administrations, have wreaked havoc on the world and aided in the overall socioeconomic decline of America in particular.

But let’s be clear- the problem with the Baby Boomers came LONG before so many of them “bought in” to the more nakedly capitalist neoliberal/neoconservative ideology.  It wasn’t because they abandoned the idealistic and faithful to the “core values” of the 60s Cultural Revolution, that caused the rise of all these things that so many no lament.

It was because they didn’t abandon these “values”, that ultimately caused the Baby Boomers to be act as a subversive and corrosive force in the West.  It was because of  Neo-Marxist ideals that they saw as virtue; ideals that were pushed on them in their spoiled naivety,  that caused them to become the generation that truly “lost the West” for their children and their descendants.


The internationalist ideals of Marxism were merged with the internationalist ideals of capitalism (not that they were ever TRULY separate), and became what is now known as the “Liberal World Order”.  Since the 1960s, these liberal/Marxist values became absorbed into the consumer capitalist system, culminating with “Social Justice” messaging being used in commercials.

Meanwhile, the “revolutionary” Neo-Marxist Critical Theory that was first disseminated by their college professors, has now become the lens through which college students come to understand the world.  Similarly the “triumphant values” of the various Neo-Marxist-inspired movements of the 1960s have become saturated in the media, helping to create the phenomenon known as “Cultural Marxism“.

The Baby Boomers rebelled against the traditional values of their parents in a way that was unprecedented.  They did not just to “come into their own”, but rather they almost seemed to resent what their ancestors had built for them as being “unfair” towards those their Marxist professors had told them were “oppressed“.

Their worldview existed as a negation of that world that had given birth to them.  They ultimately sought to tear down and invert nearly every single cultural norm and value that existed in the West at that time.  They were the first zealots of the “American Bolshevik Revolution” (a “revolution” being taken up by the Millennials).

The Baby Boomer generation were perhaps the most economically “privileged” generation to ever exist.  However, they shirked the responsibilities and became a generation that completely disregarded their role in carrying forward the material, cultural and spiritual wealth that is the legacy of their ancestors, to their descendants.  Instead, they seemed to chose to primarily “help” themselves, or those that had little-to-no connection to them.

This was largely due to a misguided resentment towards not only their parents’ generation, but Western culture as a whole; which in turn was disseminated to them through the intentionally subversive indoctrination taking pace at universities, as well as the influence of popular cultural figures like Timothy Leary, Alfred Kinsey, and the musicians that came out of Laurel Canyon.

The 1960s and its aftermath saw the concept of freedom turn from something that required self-reliance and responsibility; to what was essentially the ability to “do whatever I want“- without consequence of course.  America essentially went from having a mature, adult conception of freedom, to one that is akin to that of the child who finds his/her parent’s rules “oppressive“.

The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s is was what allowed for the integration and expansion of what has become the ideology of modern corporate globalism– the goal of World War II.  But now this system is falling apart due to its own unsustainable nature- and it is being touted as a travesty by sheltered college students, idealistic liberal grandparents and greedy hedge fund managers- all of whom see ensuring its survival as being one and the same as moral “goodness“.


It should come as no surprise that members of this 60s generation that protested seemingly anything and everything, are now “leading the charge” against President Trump.  Ironically, it was also the Baby Boomers that were the first generation to have television in the home from cradle to grave; the irony coming from the fact that the both the creation of Trump as a media personality and the “outrage” directed against him, is due in LARGE part to what people see and hear on TV- and the fact that they were raised to believe it was true.

This brings us to perhaps what is the most personally troubling aspect of the degeneration of our elders into olders, and that is their actual behavior.

During and after the Trump campaign, I found myself astounded at the generally childish behavior that people my parents’ age and older were displaying on line and in the streets.  I lost a great deal of respect for people that I had once held in fairly high esteem.  It was as if they were simply older, greyer versions of what they had been as kids in the 60s; almost as if their minds had been fossilized.

But this problem goes far beyond Trump hysteria or anything outright political.

We live in an age of the “cool mom” and the “hip dad” archetypes; where adults are more concerned with proving they’re “chill” or “with the times”, rather than actually proving they’re adults.  The result of this is children who don’t actually have parents, and end up being “raised” by other children- either figuratively or literally.

The Baby Boomers legacy is one of tearing down the “outdated” values and norms of Western society, and creating a vacuum; a hollow void that subsequent generations have been aimlessly rushing to fill with endless pleasure and distraction, while having no sense of meaning or purpose outside the shallow and superficial.

This has left a stunted, broken population with skyrocketing rates of suicide, mental illness, and degenerative disease; constantly striving to fill the void left by the destruction of a society rooted in Values beyond that of the material.

Humanism and Marxism’s attempts to secularize the idea of the “ideal human condition” has created only cheap counterfeits and destructive abominations- which are the results of any attempt to divorce the Spiritual dimensions from the affairs of this world, which is what secularization is.

The economic and political destruction overseen by the Baby Boomers as lamented by the left is largely material and ultimately, superficial.  The most serious damage is that done to the very fabric of their societies, due to the moral and spiritual corr of their beliefs and actions.

All that being said, we must be mindful that while it is certainly right to hold accountable and take to task those that are behaving in a way that is truly endangering the survival of the group (even if it is our own family), we must be careful never to slip into resentment- especially not resentment of one’s own family; the closest thing to an extension of one’s self that exists in this world.

That was what got us into this mess in the first place.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“I have named no Eeremoeder, because I know none, and because it is better for you to have no mother than to have one you cannot trust.”

  • The Writings of Frethorik and Wiliow


The Folk Mother is gone; subverted and run out by the wicked priests.

The Good King is dead; his body devoured by the ravenous oligarchs.

We live in an age where our leaders have failed.

We live in the age where those good souls who should have authority hand it to those who simply desire power.

We live in an age where the law no longer represents the authority of Divine Order, but rather serves to uphold the power of mercantilism, usury and materialism.

We live in an age where our governments are no longer legitimate.

We live in an age where it would perhaps serve us best to reside in a world operating in a state of tribal anarchism, rather than to be ruled as slaves to false and decaying institutions.

We live in an age of the darkness before the dawn.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Matthew 22:37-39


The above quote is one of the most oft-quoted verses from the Bible.  I would also argue that it’s one of the most abused, duping millions of good-hearted people into giving time, energy and resources to people on the other side of the world, while many in their own nations are homeless and starving.

In this day and age, the idea of “love thy neighbor as thyself” has been espoused by many to mean that followers of the teachings of the man known as Jesus should be expected to view every human being on Earth as their “neighbors”.   Furthermore, many preach that in this context, these “neighbors” deserve whatever charity we can muster.

But is this really what was being implied in the above passage?

First, let’s look at a basic definition of the word “neighbor”:

  1. Somebody who lives or is located very close by, for example, on the same street or in the same town
  2. A person, place, or thing located next to another or very nearby
  3. A fellow citizen

So for the first two primary definitions, the idea of a “spatial” definition or proximity is given.  A neighbor is understood to be someone who lives near you- not on the other side of the world.

The last definition, a “fellow citizen” expands this concept.  A citizen is a member of an established group of people that have taken up a common agreed upon identity.  While they may be “individuals”, they share a common set of ideals, values, morals and goals that supersede any individual differences they may have among them.  This is group identity.  To be of service to one who shares your overarching group identity is to be of service to yourself as well.

Now, that we’ve established a basic definition, we should take a moment to look at where this commandment has its origins, which was way back in the Old Testament; Leviticus to be precise.  And if you haven’t read Leviticus, it’s a painfully laborious read.  It pretty much entails the Hebrew God, YHVH telling Moses and Aaron what the Israelites should and should not do- and what will happen if they screw up.

Leviticus is where “the Law” is first given to Moses, who in turn gave it to the recently liberated Israelites (which YHVH reminds them of every other breath).  Leviticus is also where we first hear the “love thy neighbor” commandment, when in Leviticus 19:18, YHVH tells Moses, “Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”.

I placed emphasis on “thy” to highlight the correlation between the understanding of a “neighbor” as someone who was part of the tribe- in this case the united tribe of the Israelites.  They were most certainly not referring to every human being on Earth- be it as it was known then or as it is with our expanded “global awareness”.

Now some argue that this included the “strangers” or “aliens” (depending on what version of the Bible you have) that traveled with the Israelites.  Leviticus 25:35 speaks on charity for these “strangers”:

And if thy brother be waxen poor, and fallen in decay with thee; then thou shalt relieve him: yea though he be a stranger, or a sojourner; that he may live with thee.

Now, that sounds like an obligation to take “strangers” into one’s home (or town, or city, or nation).  But it should be noted that these “strangers” were understood to be people that lived and traveled with the Israelites, which means they were allowed in.

Now, without even going into how “God” proceeds to talk about the proper way of putting such folks into indentured servitude, etc. a few paragraphs down, what really should be understood was YHVH’s expectations of these “strangers”.  This was articulated in Leviticus 18:26 before he started talking about being all nice and stuff:

Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgements, and shall not keep any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you

So as the Israelites migrated out of Egypt, there were others that migrated with them who had either a relationship of partnership/alliance or a relationship of servitude with the tribe.  Regardless of status, YHVH made one thing abundantly clear- everyone under his watch and protection, had to follow his rules.  This included not only the Israelites, but those that traveled with them in any capacity.  Everyone here was bound by the covenant with YHVH- Israelite or not.

This goes back to the definition of “neighbor” we looked at earlier as not only someone who lives in close proximity, but someone who shares a basic code of ethics and a common goal (they were all looking for the “Promised Land”).  It could even be argued that the latter definition is really far more important than the former.

Many people don’t seem to realize that Jesus quoted heavily from the Old Testament, and his “great commandments“, are a reiteration of these Old Testament laws, not a reinterpretation.

In other words, Jesus was not talking about everyone– far from it.  Remember, Jesus said himself:

I was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”

It has always been a universal that “birds of a feather flock together”.  I remember canvassing and quickly noting the phenomenon of neighborhoods by and large having a certain group consciousness.  You always had neighborhoods that were more receptive than others.  This wasn’t by coincidence.  This is based on the idea that people when left to their own devices, will choose to live among people that are similar to them ideologically (as well as ethnically).

However, in this troubled time of forced integration, the concept of “neighbor” is being redefined into something it never meant.  While all people share the phenomenon of human consciousness, human experience and the Divine Self, they do not share experience and values.  The idea that there is some universally understood set of moral values that is prevalent among all peoples is complete falsehood.

A “neighbor” is someone who lives in proximity to you that at least on some fundamental level shares a common set of values and identity to you.  It is not someone who simply shares the Earth with you.  Sadly though, in our urbanized, isolated, multicultural world, the neighbor who shares the same apartment complex might be just as distant- just not geographically.  Diversity has ruined much of the cohesion, trust and sense of community that used to exist in these places.

In this age of globalism and mass migration, we are taught that we are “all one”.  I am not going to get into the details of the philosophy behind this, as I have already done so multiple times.  But this imposed perspective of creating a world that is best for corporate globalism, has caused a bit of an obfuscation of the whole notion of “love thy neighbor” among a great many people.

The “global community” or “global village” is a hollow abstraction created by Neoliberal ideologues to justify the endless pillaging of the globe as something that “brings us together“.  This is utter nonsense that far too many people take to be gospel.

Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia is not my neighbor- and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t consider me his.

Love your REAL neighbors.

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WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.





“Everything is ideological.

  • Jonathan Bowden


(art courtesey

The word “ideology” was originally coined by French enlightenment aristocrat, Antoine Destutt de Tracy, who originally conceived it as “the science of ideas“.

The etymology of the word means a “form” or “pattern” of “logos“.

In modern terminology, ideology refers to “a collection of normative beliefs and values that an individual or group holds for other than purely epistemic reasons.”

In the modern world, any ideology that is not superficial and hyper-malleable is looked upon with suspicion.  When an ideology becomes unmovable by the Corporate State, or does not suit its purposes, it becomes dangerous.

Man is inherently tribal in nature and forms the strongest bonds with others to work for some kind of collective mission that is quite often centered around some form of collective ideology.

Ideology is the ideas and manner of thinking of a group, class or individual. Morality could be seen as ideological. Particularly when said morality is not universal. For example, much of the moral ideology of the West is not shared by much of Eurasia.

As the universe is mental in nature, ideology becomes the way in which consciousness takes form in a collective manner.

It is substance of the ideology and the maturity and moral character of the people that hold it that is the problem with ideology; not that ideology exists in the first place, or even that some appear to conflict.

Problems occur when people of severely conflicting ideologies attempt to/are forced to live among one another, when they probably shouldn’t.

There has not always been this “culture of the masses” that saturates everything, where the need to sway  to go along with certain social-political ideologies. Hence you have a degraded, dumbed-down, hyper-emotional conversation around everything, because of a perceived need to appeal to the lowest common denominator so the masses get on board.

I am certainly all about disregarding any sort of “mass narratives” specifically designed to whip the masses into hysteria. But as ideology is the ideas and manner of thinking of a group, class or individual, I’m not sure having ideology of some kind or another can really be avoided without becoming a total relativist and/or an inactive nihilist (which is also a form of ideology).

Groups of people working together long term are going to form a “group mind” if they are cohesive. This cannot be avoided nor should it. Ideology of some kind or another is what gives the foundation for any spiritual community. So technically, the priesthood has always been rooted in some type of ideology, as the priest needs to serve the community he is in.

Patriotism, Democracy and Social Justice are all ideologies as they all stem from the values and beliefs of particular groups of people.

An ideology seeks to shape the world around it in some way. As the universe is mental in nature, ideology becomes the way in which consciousness takes form in a collective manner and acts upon the world.

But when ideologies are debased and not grounded in Nature and the Divine, they are ultimately erroneous and harmful. Issues can occur due to the substance of the ideology, the maturity and moral character of the people that hold it.

Ideologies can be rigid or flexible; constructive or destructive.

May the ideologies we hold serve the Highest Good of spirit, folk and freedom.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.