“White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19…”

Of course George Floyd had COVID too.  But this was probably the ONE occasion the media didn’t say the seemingly ever-present invisible “scourge” of humanity was the cause of death…

No, the cause of death was something allegedly far more insidious and deadly- the “virus” known as “White Supremacy”.

Right now, America is living through another “pandemic”; and this time it is a pandemic of racial hysteria that dwarfs what we saw in the lead-up to the 2016 Elections.

In the wake of the alleged death of George Floyd (which is riddled with inconsistencies and strange coincidences) and the protests/riots that have “spontaneously” popped up across the country and the globe, a new wave of racially based insanity has ensued, with politicians, corporations, and entertainment outlets all bending over backwards to the emotionally-driven demands of “activists”, in order to show their support for this new secular religion.

It has gotten to the point where apparently even the publishers of Webster’s Dictionary are going to change the dictionary definition of racism to appease black activists, who want to insert the Neo-Marxist sociology definition of the word, which redefines “racism” as something to do with power and hierarchy, rather than something that is applicable to anyone.

It has gotten to the point that statues of any and all dead white European males are being vandalized and destroyed across the Western world- and its institutions are all but giving these actions their blessings as if in an act of penance for their original sin of being a  beneficiary of the evil and oppressive system of “White Supremacy“.

So at this point should it be shocking that we have “health experts” signing a letter about “White supremacy“?  The following is from a recent NPR article:

But the risks of congregating during a global pandemic shouldn’t keep people from protesting racism, according to dozens of public health and disease experts who signed an open letter in support of the protests.

But of course, this is not “science”.

This is politically-charged divisive rhetoric, skewed to an (intentionally) narrow understanding of the modern world.  And it is done to promote a situation that elements of the corporate state want to see unfold in this country.

This is why the coverage of the lockdown protests and the George Floyd protests in the media have been quite different.  The media has painted the lockdown protestors as being selfish patsies for sinister right-wing puppet masters; while painting the George Floyd protestors in a largely sympathetic light (except for Fox of course), and talking nothing of “astroturfing” (corporate/big foundation-funded protests and campaigns) and of course, mocking any mention of the name “Soros..

The “dozens” of health experts that “signed” this document are citing, particularly in the case of the COVID “pandemic”, but also in a general sense, that blacks are often at greater risk for health issues due to their living conditions.  This makes sense as black Americans often tend to live in densely populated urban areas, often low-income with untold number of environmental hazards from the air, the water, the infrastructure, and even their devices.

Of course these environmental factors of disease are rarely ever addressed, or if they are, they are often dismissed by a media that would rather focus on viruses and things that can make their corporate sponsors in the pharmaceutical companies richer; rather than truly address the multitude of factors to disease, which in a great many cases, would end up in hefty lawsuits to the very companies (big petrochemical/big pharma/big agribusiness) that seek to enrich themselves off of these “health crises“.

But the rural, low-income, mostly white areas are often poisoned too.  Just ask the people of Eastern Oregon and Washington near the old Hanford nuclear plant.

The internationalist oligarchs that run this predatory, parasitic system do NOT identify with the “white race” or seek to promote its interests.  They do not care about advancing the “supremacy” of peoples of European heritage.

In fact the elite ruling class sees the vast majority of the European or European-descended population as their most dangerous underlings; a servant/managerial class that has long-outlived its usefulness and has become more than a little headache for the international capitalism as it operates in the West with the rise of Nationalism and Identitarianism.

Ultimately, this unnatural parasitic system oppresses everyone and everything on Earth.

This idea of “White supremacy” is from an old playbook that is no longer truly relevant to modern times, and at this point is more of a creature of the Hollywood news media and Neomarxist academics than anything else. And it’s being used to fan flames of resentment, pitting segments of the population against one another.

And to make matters worse, the scarlet letter of “White supremacy” is attached to every society in Western Europe as well- even if they didn’t have African slaves or colonies..

Now this is not to say that some of the narrative of “Whiteness” and “White supremacy” isn’t rooted in historical fact.  In his two-volume work, The Invention of the White Race, writer, amateur historian and activist Theodore W. Allen, went through original source documents to uncover how America’s ruling classes created the category of the “white race” as a means of social control. Allen, and his associates and followers have contended that as a result of this, “white privileges have enforced the myth of racial superiority, and that fact has been central to maintaining ruling-class domination over ordinary working people of all colors throughout American history.

The socio-economic structure referred to by black American lecturer and activist bell hooks as the “imperialist white-supremacist capi­talist patriarchy” is ultimately the form of mercantile, exploitative commercial empire that had its initial flowering in Britain, and then moved to America as the U.S. ultimately took Britain’s place on the world stage in the 20th century.

But it needs to be understood that these commercial empires, of what was dubbed the “Anglo-American Establishment” by deceased Georgetown Professor, mentor to Bill Clinton, Carroll Quigley; were and are a by and large a predatory oligarchy that have fed off and exploited the mass of their white European populations, at times quite brutally, far longer than any other group of people.  But in they were also used as an enforcer and managerial class in the colonies, and as such were the ones that designed and shaped those settlements and the societies within them

But aside from the unavoidable presence of dominant group privilege; which is the phenomenon where a society ultimately reflects the history, values, culture and preferred ways of self-governance of the founding stock of that society, which in America and the West, this is referred to as “White Privilege”, and said to be a by-product of this “White Supremacy” (and as such, is inherently evil and needs to be done away with); the white population is just as exploited and just as enslaved as everyone else.

And in spite of whites being degraded as a social group by academia, the media, and a large portion of the government, being told they are inherently racist, these European-designed societies in the West are FAR more egalitarian and welcoming of outsiders into their societies and the various institutions that comprise them, than any other on Earth.

Now I’ll admit it, I’ve laughed at “racist” jokes. Why? Because they were funny. And anyone growing up in the 90s who watched “In Living Color” did too, because that show was full of them. However, I never saw this as something to be done in malice.  I feel this way about pretty much all “racially-charged” humor- even the “offensive” cartoons from the 1930s and 1940s.   I see white people as the brunt of many black comedians’ jokes and I don’t get offended, because white people can do some pretty silly shit.

The problem comes when there is true malice, resentment, hatred and/or desire for violent action behind these things; or conversely, when certain groups become “untouchable”, and claims that any criticism of them of them needs to be silenced and abolished- by force if necessary.

To use a virtue-signal cliche, I have and have had friends who are not of the same race or ethnicity as me, so I don’t have any issue with associating with anyone just because of what group they are apart of. However, I also don’t have an inherent moral issue with people who would prefer not to associate with certain types of people. I may not agree with them, but I don’t think it makes them “bad people”. Ultimately, this is me being being philosophically consistent with my belief in the right for people to live and associate as they choose.

Unless you are actively calling for or perpetrating ACTUAL violence against a person or group based simply on race/ethnicity, you should not be labeled some sort of criminal.

But because I feel this way; because I will morally defend certain ideas as being at most, no worse than any others deemed as “acceptable“; I am some sort of traitor in the eyes of a modernity that has sought to snuff out certain ideas it sees as dangerous to itself.

At the end of the day, the “antiracists” that see racism everywhere and dedicate their lives to “fighting” racism ultimately create the problem. When one issue of racism in society seems to be resolved, something else becomes “racist”. The ever-expanding list of “microaggressions” has led to an ever-expanding definition of what racism is, an hence, what it means to be “racist”.


It was this sort of hysteria around racism; the sort of hysteria that is ramping up to new levels of insanity at the moment; that really helped pushed me “right-wards”, as I saw it as an increasing attack on the freedom of speech and expression that an artist and writer inherently cherishes. And honestly, the hysterical reactions of people around what words people said, provoked my internal trickster to want to mock and laugh at such reactions.

Ultimately I believe in tact and being kind, compassionate and sensitive in your communications with others. But I also believe in holding people accountable and only giving respect to people acting respectable..

Unfortunately, this is a consequence of living within this Empire of capitalist modernity with it’s diverse pool of cheap labor. Again, the more culturally, ethically and ideologically diverse a population is, the harder it will be for them to get along, the more they will ‘step on each others toes’ and cause offense to one another, and hence, the more the state will need to impose order through force (ie. “hate speech” laws, affirmative action laws, etc.).

I believe human diversity is a beautiful thing and that all the different races and ethnicities are amazing and special, and each have their own unique gifts to offer to greater humanity. I believe that no race or ethnicity is “superior” to another, just different and these differences should be acknowledged and respected. I believe members of every race and ethnicity should be proud of their ancestors and their culture.

But ultimately, this unnatural parasitic system we all live under, oppresses (and kills) pretty much everyone- albeit in seemingly different ways at times.

This idea of “White supremacy” is from an old playbook, that is no longer truly relevant to modern times, and is more of a creation of the Hollywood news media and Neomarxist academics than anything else. And it’s being used to fan flames of resentment, pitting segments of the population against one another.

Can everyday people be “racist”? Sure. But your uncle’s racist joke is not fueling a militarized police force, that at the end of the day, would happily put their figurative (or literal) boot on his neck too should he step too far out of line. And despite what the Hollywood and the news media it owns would have you believe, the KKK hasn’t had real power since before WWII, and criminal gangs of violent Neo-Nazi skinheads have next-to-no power in society-at-large.

The truth is, the ruling class ABSOLUTELY HATES (and always has) the rural white population in America which is why as individuals and as a group, they are labeled as “backwards, ignorant racists” by academia, the media and the “enlightened” urban left-liberal population.

Now all of this is not to say that there has not been a specific targeting of black communities by revenue-collecting state, the prison industrial complex and an increasingly federalized and militarized police force; or by a media that has sought to exploit and corrupt the black community through the glorification of gang and prison culture.

This is also not to discount the destruction and havoc wrought on the very moral fabric of that people by the flooding of drugs into their neighborhoods by the same network of criminal gangs and corporate government operatives that are flooding the trailer parks; or the decimation of black-owned businesses during desegregation; the establishment of a new “plantation” with the public housing projects in the 60s; or the war on the black family through welfare incentives and promotion of toxic culture.

Ultimately, the black population has been molded into a political weapon, largely unwittingly, programmed through academia and the media to resent the general white population, and blame them for all of their hardships. And their purpose is to help foment chaos and division so America can continue to be gutted and fleeced while the population is distracted fighting among themselves.

Now this is not to say that conflict of some kind wasn’t always inevitable, due to having two VERY culturally, ethnically and yes, racially distinct and different peoples attempting to co-govern the same society. Tribalism is very much a real and natural thing in human beings (birds of a feather..), and ethnically homogeneous societies generally tend to be more peaceful- that is what it is.

However, these issues have ALWAYS been exacerbated by the ruling class, as fanning the flames of conflict and division between various groups within a population (i.e. “divide and rule”) has been a tactic of elites and states for millennia.

The people that sit atop the institutions of global capitalist modernity are self-interested internationalist oligarchs that see themselves as not beholden or accountable to peoples or nations; sitting apart, above and superior to pretty much everyone in ethnic group and every race.

Moreover, these self-interested plutocrats see it as their duty to decide the fate of humanity and the planet. These elites see the vast majority of the population as either helpless, hapless animals who are too dumb and ignorant, and ultimately too “dangerous” to be allowed to exercise too much ACTUAL freedom; or they see them as increasingly useless parasites that have outlived their usefulness and are simply using up food and natural resources that this handful of “superior” people believe they need for themselves- particularly after they have pillaged, raped and scorched the Earth into a toxic wasteland with their corporate industrialism and mad science.

And as human labor becomes increasingly obsolete, they ultimately either want the mass of the human population dead (after they’ve gotten every bit of labor and wealth they can from us) or transformed and inserted into some sort of AI hive (and I’m not exaggerating when I say that).

In either case, the result will likely be the further disconnection of the bulk of humanity from Nature and the ability to develop the true emerging psychospiritual capacities that are our evolutionary birthright- and perhaps outright extinction…

And that’s ALL of us. Not just black or brown people.. And it’s time we all got on the same page with that, because the future of not just black children or white children, but ALL children are in grave danger from what is being created right now.

Children of Frya (Caucasians), Children of Finda (Asiatics/Amerindians) and Children of Lyda (Africans/Aboriginals), it’s time we stop fighting and start cooperating.  We don’t all necessarily need to live in the same spaces together, but we DO need to work together.

We need to rediscover ourselves and our true nature, so we can be capable of cooperating and problem solving from that place of Truth and Wisdom, so we can build truly healthy societies, and take back our world before it’s too late

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.

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