What’s the problem with the world? You’ve lost your connection with Spirit.

This simple statement sums it all up.

Human beings have lost their connection with Spirit- in all senses of that word. Human beings have lost a sense of the Transcendent; of Higher Purpose; of a greater meaning of existence- for both themselves and the world they live in, outside of profit, comfort and pleasure.

While the “Fall” of humanity into this state has been going on arguably since man developed civilization, (or perhaps even earlier) the problem has become significantly more severe with the coming of the modern era. Now humanity worships itself, and sees the world as meaningless outside of the arbitrary definitions we give to it.

It is through connection with some form of spiritual path. Now, with the coming of the Renaissance and then the preceding ages all the way into the Spiritualist and New Age Movements, we have seen a push for a generally more individualistic form of spirituality, where everyone can be an “enlightened mystic“- so long as they subscribe to a sociology-politically left-liberal ideology.

However, any spiritual belief that has group/communal commitments beyond just going to a class or something of that nature, is looked upon with suspicion at best, and rife condemnation and violent intent at worst.

The modern world absolutely despises organized spirituality, as it works counter to the creation of a society where people are perpetually alone in the crowd. They have purpose and meaning that is given to them outside what is approved of by the corporate state.

But the spiritual path is our only true way out. So we must struggle and persevere against the demons of the modern world, and most importantly within ourselves.

We struggle to find still the waves until eventually, it is no longer a struggle- at least not as it was.

We find peace within ourselves in the Seat of Self; within the Light of Christ.

Whether we have a spiritual community or not, it is imperative we find that Light and hold onto it the best we can..

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