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When watching the coverage of the Trump supporters storming the capitol building, I heard a so-called reporter for NBC news talking about how various politicians were lamenting over how “these people” were undermining one of the oldest, most sacrosanct processes of American democracy; a process that they took so much “pride” in. Some talking heads even went so far as to say “these people” were committing insurrection” and “treason by storming the halls of “democracy”. These people are already being labeled as “terrorists” and what are likely either planted or entirely fictitious IEDs and hangman’s nooses were allegedly found and linked to the “rioters”.

These people“…

I don’t know if I’m more reminded of Andrew Jackson’s inauguration party or when the when a French mob stormed the Bastille in Paris.

The political establishment in D.C. and their lapdogs in the corporate media have never been more elitist and disconnected than they are right now. Meanwhile the entire population is being pushed to the breaking point due to abuse and neglect by state and federal powers. People are losing everything and these smug politicians and corporate talking heads seem to do nothing but go out of their way to completely alienate them from this supposedly “democratic process“; a process in which, unfortunately, election fraud of all kinds is the norm, rather than the exception.

I’m not sure if I personally feel this was a good move by the political right or not, and they may very well just be pawns in what for them is ultimately a zero-sum game. But I do know their frustration is most certainly legitimate and the government they are protesting is not. It deserves zero respect and it’s safe to say that pretty much every D.C. politician and bureaucrat with any sway should probably be in jail. Meanwhile, these disingenuous media talking heads melodramatically wailing about the “sanctity” of the Constitution or the “democratic process” deserve nothing more than laughter and ridicule.

And as foreign leaders arrogantly condemn the actions of marginalized Americans as “undemocratic“; Americans frustrated with feeling increasingly like the government that is supposed to serve them is not only parasitic, but outright hostile to them, and represents interests other than theirs.

But this sentiment is taking place not just in America, but all over the world as people take to the streets in protest of illegitimate governments that serve internationalist oligarchs.

The system has lost its legitimacy. It does not serve you. It does not deserve your support.

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