“Masculinity is a sacred thing- and yet it’s been demonized and disprivileged in the Western world, regarded as just an excuse for brutality.  Masculinity is about self-control; it’s about respect and power that’s ventilated when it’s necessary to use it.”

  • Jonathan Bowden


One of the primary beliefs of modern feminism is essentially that men would be better (i.e. more “well-behaved)  if they were more like women.

The issues of violent crime, sexual assault and suicide perpetrated by men in the modern era have caused a great amount of fear in modern western society, particularly among women and particularly those of a modern feminist persuasion.  And the solution to this problem, as laid out in feminist-produced films like “The Mask You Live In” and the curriculum based off said film that is being pushed into a growing number of schools and universities (and sponsored by Axe- purveyor of carcinogenic male beauty products); is that men need to “get in touch with their emotions”.

And this is not wholly untrue.

Modern western men are emotionally isolated and have for a long time lived in a world where expressing any sort of vulnerability or authenticity was frowned upon, causing men to “keep it bottled up”- and keeping anything bottled up inevitably leads to unwanted consequences.

But this problem is not some sort of side effect of “socially constructed” masculinity that has been around for centuries that we are now just learning how to deal with, due to our more “enlightened” state as a modern society.  Rather, it is a side effect of modern society and the removal of men from their traditional roles and support structures and placing them in a world where they became little more than an economic integer- a creature of mass production and consumption.

But even having men’s support groups (a modern substitute for tribe) and learning how to “get in touch with our feelings” will not solve the crisis of masculinity and its tendency towards “anti-social” and even criminal behavior in the modern world.  This is because in its prescription for what was wrong with men and how to solve it, modern feminism and its backers in corporate state chose to demonize and attempted to cut-off the “Warrior” aspect of male consciousness rather than embrace it.

This is because modernity is terrified of the warrior class- even though it still begrudgingly needs it in order to fulfill its aims of geopolitical and social control (until AI is at a point where it can replace it).

The warrior class makes the average modern person somewhat uncomfortable- even when they are in a somewhat obligatory and insincere way saying, “Thank you for your service”.

The warrior class lives in a world the average modern person prefers to pretend doesn’t exist.  These are men who are intimately connected with, and in many ways, comfortable within the realm of violence and death.  The average western modern person is terrified of these things and wants nothing to do with them.

The warrior is versed in violence and does not fear death.  But the true warrior is not motivated by the egoism of the immature hero or the sadist, but is grounded in honor, duty, mission and the glory of serving those he is bound to.

In our modern, post WWII and Vietnam era, war and violence are seen as utterly abhorrent and is resented and feared by the western masses.  But this has not always been the case.  For millennia, the martial and warrior classes of a society were respected and revered for their strength, courage, honor and willingness to their die to defend their people.  This was expressed in the stories of King Arthur, the Norse Eddas, the Homeric Epics, the Vedas, and Japanese martial texts like The Book of Five Rings and The Art of War.

The understanding that life in this world was one very much rooted in conflict of one sort or another was central to this ethos.

The warrior ethos was part and parcel with much of what would be considered pre-Christian Indo-European culture.  And even with the introduction of Christianity and the infusion of Semitic ideals into the cultures of European peoples, the martial valor of European culture still lived on through institutions like Chivalry.

The doctrine of universal love of Christianity found itself able to co-exist and even become somewhat infused with the warrior ethos of European man from the early medieval period up through the Enlightenment.

But modernity changed all that.

With modernity came mass-scale industrialization- including the industrialization of mass slaughter and death.  The honor and glory that was seen in the old forms of warfare were now all but gone.

There is little glory in being blown to bits by a helicopter machine gun or an IED.

Up until the last century, it was common for the Western aristocracy to be military men who proudly served in battle.  But now, military service is seen very much as a “war of the ants” where it is the poor and underclass almost exclusively, who march often blindly into a veritable meat-grinder.

And even what little honor and glory that CAN be gleaned from industrialized warfare is now seen as an archaic abomination by modern liberal society- as are the men who would be “warriors”.

For this is a society that has largely cast out the warrior, for the warrior off the battlefield is seen as a threat to the “peace” and “safety” of the society he was ready to die to protect.  This is because the functional mindset of the warrior is of a dangerously masculine type that is linked by modern culture to that of fascists and terrorists.

We have been taught to fear the warrior.

The collective trauma of the industrialized warfare of the 20th century and their accompanying political narratives have completely reshaped public perception.  What was once honored and respected became reviled and feared.

Modernity cast its shadow onto the warrior.

Even with television commercials and segments about “supporting the troops”, it is done in a sort of “hands off” manner, where these men are quietly put “over there” as sort of odd ducks that can’t fit into modern society.

The ideals of the military and police; the modern “warrior caste”; are in truth, antithetical to the modern globalized commercial liberal order it is charged with protecting.  These institutions are paired more and more with violent criminals and terrorists when observing the “crisis” of “toxic masculinity” and its tendency towards violence.

But violence is inherent in Nature, and it has always been the warriors that stood on the precipice of that violence, forming the human wall between it, and the elements of society that needed to be sheltered and protected from it.

In the book, “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine”, authors Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette stated:

We live in a time when people are generally uncomfortable with the Warrior form of masculine energy… This is the age in the West of the ‘soft masculine’ and it is a time in which radical feminists raise loud and hostile voices against the Warrior energy. In liberal churches, committees are removing such ‘warlike” hymns as ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ and ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ from the hymnals.”

Moore and Gillette went on to state in criticism of feminism and modern liberalism’s attempt to re-design a less-aggressive, less-threatening man:

We can’t just take a vote and vote the Warrior out. Like all archetypes, it lives on despite of our conscious attitudes for it. And like all repressed archetypes, it goes underground eventually to resurface in the form of emotional and physical violence.”

The idea that we can simply treat a timeless, eternal archetype as a simple socially-constructed aberration that can be “trained out” of men is the height of modern arrogance and disconnectedness.

Unless we instill in our young men the discipline, courage and honor necessary to utilize the Warrior archetype of Masculinity in a healthy and functional way, we will continue to create either neurotic, effeminate men who are unable to protect themselves or anyone else, or insensitive bullies/predators who simply seek violence and domination for selfish gratification.

The Warrior needs to be integrated, not shunned- and there should be no greater indicator of this than how absolutely terrified and resentful the Western masses are of it.

Let us strive to once again find a way of being where the virtues of the loyalty, honor and courage are once again things worth living and dying for.

Let us strive to be able to fearlessly stare death in the face, unphased and even welcoming of its glory.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.





“The problem is not toxic masculinity; it’s that masculinity is toxic.”

  • Lisa Wade


The above quotation is from an article entitled “The Big Picture: Confronting Manhood After Trump” , and it is authored by Lisa Wade, a sociology professor at Occidental College.  The perspective taken is pretty “cookie-cutter” modern feminism, paying lip-service to the standard talking points of toxic masculinity, rape culture, and a “gender revolution”.

Now, I could easily pick apart the article for the sake of discrediting it.  I could point to quotes within the article like “We need to start honest about what being a man has come to mean“, and speak of how a woman is really ill-equipped to engage the topic of what being a man means– just as a man would be ill-equipped to delve into what being a woman has come to mean.

But I’m not going to do that.  I’m going to talk about the very real problem of “toxic masculinity”.

Like most of her peers, Prof. Wade espouses the belief that masculinity is simply a social construct like everything else, and as such, masculinity is a belief system that can and should be discarded.  But the problem is that it’s not.  Masculinity is the expression of the Divine Masculine Principle as it manifests in human men; just as Femininity is the expression of the Divine Feminine Principle as it manifests in human women.

But despite this misconception, toxic masculinity is indeed a real thing.  But it is not that masculinity is toxic, it is that masculinity has become toxic.  This problem stems not from masculinity, but from the modern society it resides within.

Masculinity can be a fierce, wild thing, and almost always seeks, consciously or unconsciously, to manifest a progenitive legacy of some kind.  This is something that needs discipline and direction, but it isn’t a matter of getting it to “behave”- we’ve already tried that; it’s called human domestication, and that’s part of the problem as men have created a cage for themselves and thrown away the key.

The key was the initiatory rites of passage of traditional societies, and the brotherhood and community that supported them.  These initiations served as a way of not only bringing the individual fully into the tribe and the responsibilities that came with it, but it was also very much about the alignment with the individual with the greater forces of Heaven and Earth.

With women, Nature gave them an in-built initiation through the fertility cycle, and the suffering and rewards that came through it (with the apex of that being childbirth).  In traditional societies, these initiations were celebrated amongst the women.  These initiations helped bring the women to a place of maturity and responsibility within the tribe.

Lacking this sort of in-built rite of passage, the men had to go out and create their own initiations that allowed them to experience the journey of suffering, a point where they essentially “break” (the death) and then finally, the (re)birth, which was essential for stepping into the fullness of adulthood.  These rites were seen as being absolutely crucial for maintaining a healthy society.

But these sorts of initiations by and large are gone.  Now there is of course groups like the Freemasons and organizations like the military, but these things are by and large shells of their former selves or in general, scorned by a large swath of the greater society.  The male initiation that involves any sort of real suffering or violence for the purpose of strength is called “hazing” and seen as a barbarous and archaic thing that doesn’t belong in modern society, and is the realm of “rapist” frat boys and criminal gangs.

But this perception is due to the fact we have created a society that doesn’t really allow for a true initiation. The “initiations” of the average man are measured through navigating the education system, sexual conquest, substance abuse, and climbing the corporate/financial ladder.

This reality becomes exacerbated when we look at the state of the two pillars that supported the initiation rite: brotherhood and community.

It was once understood and respected that it was important for men to be in the company of other men for support and guidance.  In times past, they were all men who would have had the deeper understandings brought to them through the initiations and productive existence within the tribe after.

But now, male bonding is commonly a case of arrested-development full or partial “man-babies” fully devoted to leisure and narcissistic self-fulfillment- whatever that might mean at the time .  And perhaps more importantly, conversation between men has become shallow and inauthentic.

After the brothers, it was the community; the greater tribe; that provided the support and structure for the man to fulfill the purpose of his initiation.  But this would have been an involved and inter-connected community.  Nowadays, people are more isolated then ever before, lost in their technology, not knowing one’s neighbors has become commonplace, and deep conversation is almost unheard of unless it involves spewing venom about a political “enemy”.

Men need more than this.  We need the face-to-face with death in as real a manner as we can without actually dying (the point of those doing the initiating was to ensure you lived, while believing death was a possibility), and then experiencing the face-to-face with Spirit that we are so open to after surviving a harrowing ordeal.  I don’t think our socially acceptable, “canned” initiations are cutting it- in fact, it’s obvious they aren’t, or modern western men (along with the women) wouldn’t be turning into sociopaths.

This isn’t the natural state of masculinity.  This is the state of a sick and diseased masculinity, rotting away in the comforts and confines it created for itself.  Society must have a return to true initiation rites.  Society must be restructured in a way that allows for men to be as they were naturally meant to be, if we wish to stem the tide of rage that comes from men who feel bound and shackled to a world that hates them.

To quote an African proverb:

If you do not initiate your young men into the tribe, they will come back and burn down the village just to feel the heat.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’s Blessings.


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“The goddess’s festivals are institutionalized license. They celebrate and tolerate disorder. They are occasions when social rules are in abeyance and deviance from norms is articulated. Through symbolic inversion they attack the basic categorical differences between male and female, human and animal, young and old.’


The shattering of boundaries between sexes and the deviations of social norms with the point of creating “disorder” has been the stated goal of the various “Marxist-style” cultural revolutions that came out of the Frankfurt School .  These belief systems then made the slow march through the institutions, culminating with movements like the Sexual Revolution, Second and Third Wave Feminism, and LGBT “Pride”.

These revolutionary movements were not only about the disenfranchised looking for equal footing in society, but were at their roots about toppling the “Patriarchy” and dismantling the existing social order.  This hypersexualized “upside-down” disorder which has slowly normalized the replacement traditional roles and the traditional orders of society, was and is the cult of the Semitic goddess InannaIshtar playing itself out in the world.

We have been living our lives in the carnival of Inanna-Ishtar as the existing orders have been stripped and torn down through philosophical and ideological movements like Modernism, Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism as well as the numerous wars, revolutions and conflicts of the past century that occurred on a scale and scope never before seen.

Now it could be argued that there was some of the “nurturing” aspect of the Feminine present at the end of this Age with the advent of socialism and the social safety-net, i.e. “the welfare state”, as well as the emotional coddling that arises out of the culture of political correctness.  But ultimately these “nurturing” institutions in and of themselves can only take.  They cannot produce or create on their own.  When the Feminine Polarities attempt this, monstrosities are created as seen in the myth of Sophia and the Archons.  Thus there comes a point where the Masculine Principle is needed to rein things in or things begin to break down, which is what is beginning to happen here in the West economically, as well as societally as the burden on the artificial system reaches its limit.

With both the cultural movements and the cultural wars, the focus has been almost entirely bent towards destabilizing and “tearing down” to the point where nothing remains of the old societies.  This is what then allows for a “New Order” to be shaped out of the Masculine Principle.  But the question is, do we really understand the Masculine Principle well enough to work with it consciously to shape a world that is more aligned with the Laws of Nature and Creation, or will we be forced to remain as spectators and cheerleaders for those who do understand it?  The Kybalion illustrates this:

The majority of persons rarely employ the Masculine Principle but little and are content to live according to the thoughts and ideas instilled into the “Me” from the “I” of other minds…  The strong men and women of the world invariably manifest the Masculine Principle of Will, and their strength depends materially upon this fact. Instead of living upon the impressions made upon their minds by others, they dominate their own minds by their Will, obtaining the kind of mental images desired, and moreover dominate the minds of others likewise, in the same manner. Look at the strong people, how they manage to implant their seed-thoughts in the minds of the masses of the people, thus causing the latter to think thoughts in accordance with the desires and wills of the strong individuals. This is why the masses of people are such sheep-like creatures, never originating an idea of their own, nor using their own powers of mental activity.

This is why knowing and understanding the Principles and being able to utilize them in a conscious and functional manner is more important than ever.  We have an opportunity now as things begin to break down to create something entirely new.  But we need to be vigilant, because the Old Age always tries to stay beyond its time and will attempt to plant its seeds in the New.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.