“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Matthew 22:37-39


The above quote is one of the most oft-quoted verses from the Bible.  I would also argue that it’s one of the most abused, duping millions of good-hearted people into giving time, energy and resources to people on the other side of the world, while many in their own nations are homeless and starving.

In this day and age, the idea of “love thy neighbor as thyself” has been espoused by many to mean that followers of the teachings of the man known as Jesus should be expected to view every human being on Earth as their “neighbors”.   Furthermore, many preach that in this context, these “neighbors” deserve whatever charity we can muster.

But is this really what was being implied in the above passage?

First, let’s look at a basic definition of the word “neighbor”:

  1. Somebody who lives or is located very close by, for example, on the same street or in the same town
  2. A person, place, or thing located next to another or very nearby
  3. A fellow citizen

So for the first two primary definitions, the idea of a “spatial” definition or proximity is given.  A neighbor is understood to be someone who lives near you- not on the other side of the world.

The last definition, a “fellow citizen” expands this concept.  A citizen is a member of an established group of people that have taken up a common agreed upon identity.  While they may be “individuals”, they share a common set of ideals, values, morals and goals that supersede any individual differences they may have among them.  This is group identity.  To be of service to one who shares your overarching group identity is to be of service to yourself as well.

Now, that we’ve established a basic definition, we should take a moment to look at where this commandment has its origins, which was way back in the Old Testament; Leviticus to be precise.  And if you haven’t read Leviticus, it’s a painfully laborious read.  It pretty much entails the Hebrew God, YHVH telling Moses and Aaron what the Israelites should and should not do- and what will happen if they screw up.

Leviticus is where “the Law” is first given to Moses, who in turn gave it to the recently liberated Israelites (which YHVH reminds them of every other breath).  Leviticus is also where we first hear the “love thy neighbor” commandment, when in Leviticus 19:18, YHVH tells Moses, “Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”.

I placed emphasis on “thy” to highlight the correlation between the understanding of a “neighbor” as someone who was part of the tribe- in this case the united tribe of the Israelites.  They were most certainly not referring to every human being on Earth- be it as it was known then or as it is with our expanded “global awareness”.

Now some argue that this included the “strangers” or “aliens” (depending on what version of the Bible you have) that traveled with the Israelites.  Leviticus 25:35 speaks on charity for these “strangers”:

And if thy brother be waxen poor, and fallen in decay with thee; then thou shalt relieve him: yea though he be a stranger, or a sojourner; that he may live with thee.

Now, that sounds like an obligation to take “strangers” into one’s home (or town, or city, or nation).  But it should be noted that these “strangers” were understood to be people that lived and traveled with the Israelites, which means they were allowed in.

Now, without even going into how “God” proceeds to talk about the proper way of putting such folks into indentured servitude, etc. a few paragraphs down, what really should be understood was YHVH’s expectations of these “strangers”.  This was articulated in Leviticus 18:26 before he started talking about being all nice and stuff:

Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgements, and shall not keep any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you

So as the Israelites migrated out of Egypt, there were others that migrated with them who had either a relationship of partnership/alliance or a relationship of servitude with the tribe.  Regardless of status, YHVH made one thing abundantly clear- everyone under his watch and protection, had to follow his rules.  This included not only the Israelites, but those that traveled with them in any capacity.  Everyone here was bound by the covenant with YHVH- Israelite or not.

This goes back to the definition of “neighbor” we looked at earlier as not only someone who lives in close proximity, but someone who shares a basic code of ethics and a common goal (they were all looking for the “Promised Land”).  It could even be argued that the latter definition is really far more important than the former.

Many people don’t seem to realize that Jesus quoted heavily from the Old Testament, and his “great commandments“, are a reiteration of these Old Testament laws, not a reinterpretation.

In other words, Jesus was not talking about everyone– far from it.  Remember, Jesus said himself:

I was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”

It has always been a universal that “birds of a feather flock together”.  I remember canvassing and quickly noting the phenomenon of neighborhoods by and large having a certain group consciousness.  You always had neighborhoods that were more receptive than others.  This wasn’t by coincidence.  This is based on the idea that people when left to their own devices, will choose to live among people that are similar to them ideologically (as well as ethnically).

However, in this troubled time of forced integration, the concept of “neighbor” is being redefined into something it never meant.  While all people share the phenomenon of human consciousness, human experience and the Divine Self, they do not share experience and values.  The idea that there is some universally understood set of moral values that is prevalent among all peoples is complete falsehood.

A “neighbor” is someone who lives in proximity to you that at least on some fundamental level shares a common set of values and identity to you.  It is not someone who simply shares the Earth with you.  Sadly though, in our urbanized, isolated, multicultural world, the neighbor who shares the same apartment complex might be just as distant- just not geographically.  Diversity has ruined much of the cohesion, trust and sense of community that used to exist in these places.

In this age of globalism and mass migration, we are taught that we are “all one”.  I am not going to get into the details of the philosophy behind this, as I have already done so multiple times.  But this imposed perspective of creating a world that is best for corporate globalism, has caused a bit of an obfuscation of the whole notion of “love thy neighbor” among a great many people.

The “global community” or “global village” is a hollow abstraction created by Neoliberal ideologues to justify the endless pillaging of the globe as something that “brings us together“.  This is utter nonsense that far too many people take to be gospel.

Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia is not my neighbor- and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t consider me his.

Love your REAL neighbors.

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WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.






“Finda’s folk shall contribute their industry to the common good, Lyda’s folk their strength, and we our wisdom. Then the false priests shall be swept from the Earth. WRALDA’S Spirit shall be invoked everywhere and always; the laws that WRALDA instilled into our consciences in the beginning shall alone be listened to.”

  • The Writings of Frethorik and Wiliow


In a recent conference entitled “The Art of Happiness and Peace” held in Malmö, Sweden, beloved Tibetan religious leader, the Dalai Lama stated in regards to the current migrant crisis gripping Europe that “Europe belongs to the Europeans,” and that refugees should ultimately return home to “rebuild their own country“.

This is a man who is genuinely regarded as one of the most “spiritually evolved” human beings on the planet ultimately advocating the principles of nationalism.

Let that sink in.

In recent years it would seem that nearly every religious and spiritual leader in the progressive mainstream have held publicly lauded the “virtues” of multiculturalism, whilst simultaneously condemning nationalism as essentially being ‘spiritually backward‘.

Of course, I disagree with that. But apparently so does the Dali Lama… and Ken Wilber.

Long before he introduced me to Ron Paul, Alex Jones and the 9-11 truth movement, my old sensei introduced me to the Integral philosophy of Ken Wilber – a philosophy which takes on the Herculean task of seeking to integrate ALL areas of human knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Some may be familiar with Wilber and may scoff at my devoting an article to his perspective, being that he has very much couched himself with the commercial “New Age” movement, and has been endorsed by Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Deepak Chopra.

And then there was his (and the entire Integral community’s) unfortunate alignment with and defense of Rabbi Marc Gafni, a former Orthodox Rabbi-turned-Integralist who was indicted in Israel for child molestation..

However, like Wilber, I believe in utilizing what’s RIGHT with someone’s philosophy, rather than focus on what’s wrong with it- or them.

In his book, “A Brief History of Everything“- a book that essentially launched the “Integral Movement“, Wilber outlines the core model of Integral Philosophy in which an individual moves up through a scale of what Wiber describes as increasingly deeper, more holistic modes of consciousness. Beginning with the archaic/egocentric mode of consciousness at birth, the individual moves ideally moves up through egocentric, ethnocentric, worldcentric, kosmocentric, and “transpersonal” modes of consciousness as they develop and evolve spiritually- ultimately moving towards greater capacity for love, care and concern for others.


Wilber seems to pair each “mode” with the corresponding Chakra color that he feels represents where this consciousness lies in the person, starting with the archaic/egocentric at the Root Chakra, which corresponds with base-level consciousness; all the way to the Crown, which corresponds with the ascendant transpersonal. Every time a new level of consciousness is reached by the individual, they come to what Wilber refers to as a “fulcrum“.

One of these ascending levels of consciousness, as already mentioned, is what Wilber refers to as “worldcentric consciousness“. Here, Wiber describes the transition of an individual from ethnocentric/sociocentric to worldcentric consciousness:

You start out.. in fusion with the conventional roles and rules- you are identified with them, merged with them (and thus utterly at their mercy, a true conformist). Then you begin to differentiate or transcend them, gain some freedom from them, and move to the next higher stage.. whereupon you will sill have to integrate these social roles… But you have in general moved away from, or differentiated from, and exclusive identity with your sociocentric roles, and you particularly begin to scrutinize the rightness or appropriateness of your sociocentric or ethnocentric perspectives, which previously you would not- and could not- even question.

In short, you have gone from sociocentric to worldcentric. Another decline in narcissism. Another decentering, another transcendence. You want to know what is right and fair, not just for your people, but for all peoples. You take a postconventional or global or worldcentric stance. (And just as important, you are getting very close to a genuinely spiritual or transpersonal opening)

But while Wiber does attempt to loosely correlate these scales of ascending forms of consciousness with epochs in mainline linear history (IMO a mistake for multiple reasons), he makes sure to double down when asked (the book is in the form of an interview between Wiber and an unnamed interviewer) about socio-political movements and ideologies like multiculturalism. Wilber makes quite clear what I have been saying for some time, in that the ideals of the “multicults” require a degree of psychospiritual ascendancy and mastery that almost no one on Earth has achieved- and this creates problems:

Multiculturalism does indeed emphasize cultural diversity and universal tolerance. But this fulcrum-5 stance is a very rare and very elite and very difficult accomplishment..

Now you yourself might indeed have evolved from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric perspectives, and so you will easily understand that all individuals are to be accorded equal consideration and equal opportunity, regardless of race, sex, or creed. The problem is, most individuals that you treat with universal coverage do not share your universalism. They are still egocentric or ethnocentric to the core. So you are extending universal consideration to individuals who will absolutely not extend the same courtesy to you…

Multiculturalism does embrace the very noble drive to treat individuals equally and fairly, from a decentered and worldcentric perspective- everybody is equal in that sense- but then it confuses that high stance with the fact that getting to that high stance is a very rare accomplishment. It ignores the getting there, the developmental process that allowed it to embrace universal pluralism in the first place. So it then extends the results of the development to individuals who have not gotten to that stance themselves, and who are therefore willing to take your nice universal pluralistic stance and wipe their shoes all over it.

The statement above was originally published in 1996, but perfectly describes the crisis of migration into the West today, where we see incredibly tribal groups of people from the developing world migrating to the West, en masse, expressing an entitled indifference and even hostility towards the host populations who have been indoctrinated in such a way that their own altruistic nature is taken to the extremes of mental pathology.

Retired California State Long Beach psychology professor, Dr. Kevin MacDonald stated that Europeans; people of Northern and Western European descent specifically, had a tendency towards what is referred to as “pathological altruism”; where the altruistic tendencies in an individual or group is taken to such an extreme that it causes them harm.

Back to Ken Wiber and “A Brief History of Everything“. Wilber goes on to speak about the internal crisis of these “multicults” as he calls them, and the problems caused by attempts to impose this “worldcentric” stance of equality onto others who are not at that point:

Since their official stance is that elitism of any sort is bad, but since their actual self is an elite self, then they must lie about their actual self- they must conceal, distort, deceive…

All this is doing is contributing to the retribalization of America, by encouraging every egocentric and ethnocentric fragmentation and grievance politics, the politics of narcissism.

What Wiber is describing as “worldcentric” consciousness is essentially that which is able to comprehend at a deep level the interconnectedness of life and the fact that we are all creations of the ONE. This is reaching towards what would have been the perspective of a figure like Christ Jesus or perhaps some of the great sages and ascetics that have lived throughout history.

But comparing figures like this to those that are throwing tantrums on college campuses and neurotically screaming in the streets about “racism” and “Nazis” is comparing, to quote Tuhon Tom Kier,apples and a**holes“.

I would argue that many, if not most, of the people who espouse to these ideals publicly are knowingly or unknowingly holding this elite status fraudulently, which is why it comes out distorted.

If this is indeed a spiritual aristocracy, as Wilber is essentially saying it is, then the person who holds this elite status must have the purified vessel to receive it. If they do not, they can only maintain their power through deception and force.

This lack of rightful authority granted through achieving a state of spiritual aristocracy is why the left must shout down and silence ideological opponents. It is why governments and media in the West (especially in Europe) must perpetuate in endless campaigns of obfuscation and deception, while simultaneously passing “hate speech” laws to silence any dissent- all to cover up the glaring reality multiculturalism IS NOT WORKING.

The oligarchs in ever-loosening control of the West know that multiculturalism doesn’t work. There will ALWAYS be a dominant culture in any region. This is why organic traditional culture has been snuffed out and/or demonized from all angles, and replaced by an empty, vapid, materialistic consumer monoculture. The premise of “multiculturalism” that multiple groups of differing ethnicities, values and beliefs can equally share power in a single society is absolute nonsense and has never actually happened anywhere in history.

Multiculturalism is a lie.

Unfortunately, the average true believer on the street fails to realize how disingenuous the whole thing is, blindly parroting slogans and shouting down anyone they perceive to be “racists”, “bigots”, “xenophobes” and “Nazis”- i.e. anyone who disagrees with the religion of multiculturalism.


But again, most of these people are not operating from a perspective forged through deep spiritual insight that can only be gained through a life of asceticism, but rather from the messages and beliefs that they came upon through Pavlovian conditioning and media saturation.

This is not the same thing.

Seeing that all humans are conscious expressions of the same Divine Source, having that same Light within, is NOT the same as saying that all humans, “warts and all“, are essentially the same and as such, should all cohabit the same spaces. One must make some serious leaps and bounds of logic to arrive at this conclusion; a conclusion I sadly see rather frequently among well-meaning spiritual seekers.

The true scope of human diversity in the form of the 7+billion people there are on Earth is so vast that the average human mind can’t even begin to perceive without resorting to the use of the most vague and detached sorts of (mis)conceptions and the most superficial and sentimental sorts of caricatures- informed primarily through the lens of corporate-government schooling and Hollywood media as opposed to any genuine spiritual insight or guidance.

This is why the openly-admitted premise for globalization and multiculturalism centers around maintaining and bringing more people into “the global economy“; the Antichrist system that is the true god of this world.

Multiculturalism is not about having a spiritual awareness that recognizes ALL as part of the ONE. It never has been.

Multiculturalism is about building the world of Antichrist.


Which is why it’s falling apart..

Caring about the world means being practical, taking care of your people and your land first, while keeping a bigger picture in mind.

It’s thinking “globally” while acting locally and tribally/folkishly– and having the ability to understand that these things are NOT contradictory if we have the eyes to see.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.





 “Good fences make good neighbors.”

  • Folk proverb


“The Lord said to Joshua, ‘See, I have given Jericho into your hand… You shall march around the city, all the men of war circling the city once.  You shall do so for six days.  Also seven priests shall carry seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark; then on the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets… and when you hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city will fall down flat, and the people will go up every man straight ahead.”

When I was ordained into the Order several years ago, this passage from the Old Testament; Joshua 6:2-5, was read to me, as “life guidance“.  I have had varied feelings about the Old Testament (and the Bible as a whole) at various times in my life, and I found it considerably more difficult to read and comprehend than the New Testament, so I was somewhat perplexed by this passage.

There has been a complete inability to find any historical remains or evidence of a historical Jericho- so I wouldn’t find any answers there.  An interesting aside is that the name “Jericho” itself means “City of the Moon“, so if there is a historical narrative to this story, it could have to do with the destruction of rival Moon/goddess cults that very well may have existed and had power in ancient Canaan.

Was it something to do with walls or bringing down walls?  Did it have to do with the role of Joshua in the story?  Was it about what the priests did?

In the story of Joshua, the external moral or “exoteric” interpretation typically has to do with obeying God’s directives (Natural Law) and having faith in the ability of God to make the seemingly impossible happen.  Meanwhile the internal spiritual or “esoteric” interpretation tends to be seen as the awakening of the seven psycho-spiritual energy centers (Chakras), and the breaking down the “walls” of the mind/psyche- allowing a full integration of the human Self, and the experience of Christ Consciousness.


Obsessed with wanting to make sure I knew the right answer, I asked a couple of the priests in the Order about this.  To my surprise I was told that it wasn’t really about the story at all, but rather that it had to do with the number seven and Cheth, i.e. “The Chariot“- the seventh card within the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Cheth is also represented by the sign of Cancer- my birth sign.

And while my association with the Order has become estranged due to my sociopolitical and metapolitical stances, I do still find myself contemplating these experiences surrounding my time with them, my own spiritual journey, and how any of that can be of use to my people and humanity as a whole.

Now, this is not going to be a study on the Tarot or the Book of Joshua for that matter.  Rather I want to look at the meaning of the word “Cheth” itself, and how that meaning relates to the question that I have become obsessed with:

How do we integrate the natural human drive towards tribalism and the need for ethnic identity, with the “worldcentric” perspective that is manifesting as humanity as a whole evolves towards Absolute Spirit, which encompasses, transcends, and ultimately, is, ALL things?’

In other words, how do we as a collective humanity stay rooted and grounded while reaching toward godhood, so we do not spin off into ego, delusion, and ultimately self-destruction?

Because this is what I see when I see well-meaning spiritual seekers and even adepts, who have on some level, this sense of the true interconnectedness of all humans and all things- which IS a reality (despite its misappropriation); and I see these folks putting their energy, focus and even prayers into supporting this Antichrist system of globalism, which seeks ultimately to wrench out the spirit of man and turn him into an automaton.  This, as is see it, is our biggest “global crisis”.   This spiritual crisis this destructive entity known as “modernity” imposed when it sucked out the meaning and life from everything around it.  It effects ALL humans.

So, back to Cheth.  The word “Cheth” comes from the Hebrew word “Heth“, which literally means “enclosure“.  Cheth is also often said to mean “fenced field“.  In the book, “Jewels of the Wise“, a book on the Tarot written by Reverend Mother Helen Blighton, one of the founding figures of the Order, she states:

“A fence is built around a house or field to establish its rightful boundary lines and to permit intensive cultivation therein.  Similarly one builds the atmosphere around his own body as far out as his personal influence extends.  Within any ‘fenced’ area of influence, one plants or builds that which he wishes to produce for the good of himself or others.  Cheth’s work also encloses and protects the walled city behind him- a multiplication of the efforts of the Magician, who built the first house.

All fences are temporary, artificial boundary lines, for land extends undivided beneath them as it always did before they were built, and always will when they are gone.  The very nature of a fence necessitates that one day all must be broken down in order to do away with the false notion of separateness, and so that we may recognize and unite with the One God.  The temporary fence makes possible some specialization, as in gardening, and helps keep out alien influences while the crop is tended and its growth nurtured along.”

On a personal level, Cheth is about keeping out negative and potentially harmful influences that can stunt one’s spiritual growth.  We remove ourselves from those things and people that bring us away from doing the internal work necessary to prepare the vessel for spiritual evolution.

It is quite obvious that worldwide, humanity has A LOT of inner work to do- and there is no way such intensive work can be done en masse.  We need specialization.  We need focus.  This can only be done in an environment free of the excessive conflict, mistrust, isolation and chaos that ultra-diverse cosmopolitan societies foster.

We need to be honest with ourselves that this isn’t working and re-organize.

Due to the worldwide effects of modernity, coupled with the general side-effects of the “devolution” of man down through the denser planes (from which he is now just beginning to ascend), it would seem that what Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin refers to as “the Ethnos” of nearly all peoples has been fragmented and weakened infected with some form or another of “psychic disease” or “psychospiritual sickness“, which infects not only the individual, but also the culture and the society.

The term “Ethnos” stems from Greek meaning a nation, but not in the modern sense of the word, but rather the nation as the ethnic group that shares a common heritage, language, and culture.  It is through the unique constitution of a people in conjunction with their surroundings which is understood by many to form the basis of indigenous spirituality.

DhWMlGVX0AA3Fbc.jpg large

I would interpret the Ethnos as the Folk Soul or Consciousness through which the original organic spiritual transmission for that particular people entered into them and evolved through them.  It is this necessary-by-nature component of human spirituality and human life that has been wrenched out of us at every opportunity by modernity and universalist empire.

It has always been in the interest of Empire to destroy the Ethnos, which was in ancient times, one and the same as their religion.  It was the connection to their ancestors and their unique spiritual transmission as a people.  In other words, the Ethnos could be seen as the “chariot” that carried the Eternal Flame of the Heavenly Soul/Self and imparted its wisdom to a people that existed and functioned here on Earth.

Traditional Indo-European (and perhaps Old European/Fryan) understanding was that there were three parts of the soul: that part which was uniquely derived from the individual; that part which was derived from the Ethnos; and that part which was derived purely of the Divine Logos.

Modern religion and spirituality in the West, both mainstream and “New Age”, COMPLETELY ignores the spiritual component of man relating to the Ethnos, only seeing a dichotomy between the individual ego and the Divine.  The third party of the Ethnos, is typically only referred to in a degraded sense when listing the “illusions” created by our ego that we must overcome in order to attain enlightenment, salvation, etc.

Without spiritual sustenance,and a society and culture rooted in adherence to Laws of Nature and Creation, a person; a people will become sick, and as a result, their cultures and societies will become corrupt and perverse.  The Ethnos, which is the archetypal foundation of “Nationalism”, is a function of Nature- and we ignore it at our own expense.

What is happening now with this age of commercial globalization and the mass migration which tends to be the result, is that we have an intermingling of a wide array of psychic viruses begin brought into a mass society that is designed to feed, rather than fight them.

We see a similar phenomena playing out in the physical world with the spread of various types of exotic diseases into the west- many of which had been eradicated of never seen.  Evidence shows strong correlations to this rise of communicable diseases into the west correlating with the current migrant crisis in Europe as well as with illegal immigration in the U.S.

Nearly all cultures have become sick and diseased with the one-two-punch of descending into the Kali Yuga and being ensnared by modernity.  As a result, the people have become sick as well.  Therefore, this would rightly be more of a time of quarantine; or at least a general “turning inward” of peoples in order to fully integrate themselves as a people into the truth of Spirit and Nature; allowing them to become the most spiritually evolved versions of themselves they can be.

This should happen before any sort of mass integration of humanity occurs.  However, at the present it seems that there is a consorted effort to create a global monosociety that as a whole; as any honest, holistic assessment of the data would confirm; humanity is not ready to live in.  Hence why the “global village” is an oppressive global re-colonization project spearheaded by international finance, rather than the utopian village of human peace and solidarity dreamed of by New Agers and Trotskyites.


In The Oera Linda Book, there is a great emphasis put on the importance of societal and cultural morals- and the need to be on guard against potentially corrupting alien influences, which the Fryan law did not allow in any way.  The Folk Mothers knew of the “foul festivals” of the priests and the culture of the “slave peoples”.

The Mothers understood if these ideologies and cultures were allowed to take root in the minds and wombs of the Fryan people, then their freedom would be lost.

And that is what has happened.

While we have seen glimmers of a reemergence of true freedom within our greater folk, with societies such as Ukraine under the Cossacks and America under the Articles of Confederation; we have as a people, allowed ourselves to buy into the idea that freedom is simply satisfying our ego-driven self-interest and our irrational desires.

And now we are told that we need to become “one” will all of the peoples of the world, so that they to may adopt Americanism- the artificial culture of selfishness and desire that seeks to make the entire world like unto it.

This is not freedom.

This is not brotherhood.

This is not functional.

This is not real.

Right now, we need to find some way to contain the diseased cultures of man (including our own), so the mental and ultimately, spiritual sickness created within them as a result of modernity and “The Fall” (the descent of humanity into dense matter), can be healed and the trauma integrated, allowing for a reconnection to our primal Ethnos.

We need to re-group, re-organize, and re-strategize our societies and our cultures in a way that suits who we are and what we are to become at our greatest in WR-ALDA’S Glory.  We will harmonize our culture, our society and our lives according to Truth and the Laws of Nature and Creation; the Laws of WR-ALDA.

The notion that ethnic and tribal identity is part and parcel with hatred, destruction and death is false.  In the last 400 years since what could be seen as the beginnings of modernity and the globalist project, the Earth and all manner of life on it (including ourselves) have experienced man-made destruction and decay on a level hitherto unfathomable in the previous millennia.

We are currently seeing a complete re-terraforming of the Earth into something that will not be fit for anything organic.

And this has all been under the watch of our “enlightened” cosmopolitan merchant elites who through bribe, blackmail, and murder wrested the power of law away from the monarchy, used that power to enslave us, told us we were free because we didn’t have a monarch anymore.

This is the same “enlightened” cosmopolitan elite that later told us that Nationalism, which is about protecting the sovereignty of a people first and foremost; and also relates directly to the autocrat/monarch; is akin to stepping back into the primordial ooze and is ultimately a morally unacceptable stance.

But it does not mean you hate a man when you feed and clothe your family instead of his.  And it does not mean you hate another group by focusing on the health and well-being of your own.

It does not mean you hate the homeless guy on the street because you don’t allow him to come into your home and help himself to whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  It does not mean you hate economic migrants that (understandably) wish to do the same on a large scale.

A solid psychic “container” is necessary for deep psychospiritual work within a group, and a solid container requires trust and a common “mission“, to quote Master Chim.  These commonalities and shared experiences; this fellowship facilitates both healing and growth in the individual and the group.  These are all qualities that atomized, hyper-individualistic, hyper-diverse, cosmopolitan societies of modernity do not and cannot have, thus rendering them relatively incapable of facilitating any sort real meaning or purpose, and thus authentic spiritual growth stymies and falls flat.

In his book “Ethnos and Society“, Alexander Dugin states, as paraphrased by Alexander Markovics, that “Nationalism is herein only a mean to prevent the individualistic society from collapse, until it’s individuals are enlightened enough to leave the nation state behind as the artificial construct it is and integrate all nations into a global civil society.

Such a world was prophesied by Dela Hellenia and recorded in The Oera Linda Book:

But when the (false) priests think that they have entirely extinguished the Light of Frya and Jesus, then shall all classes of men rise up who have quietly preserved the truth among themselves…

Finda’s folk shall contribute their industry to the common good, Lyda’s folk their strength, we our wisdom.  Then the false priests shall shall be swept from the Earth.  WRALDA’S Spirit shall be invoked everywhere and always; the Laws that WRALDA instilled into our consciences in the beginning shall alone be listened to.  There shall be neither masters, nor rulers, nor bosses, except those chosen by the general voice.  Then Frya shall rejoice, and the Earth will only bestow her gifts on those who work.  All this shall begin 4000 years after the submersion of Atland, and 1000 years later there shall exist no longer either priest or oppression.

("Tree of Peace" by Josephine Wall)

The fence comes down eventually.  But we need to get to that point first..

Until then, we should be mending those fences, being good to our neighbors, and loving our people.  Let’s get our house in order before we invite company.

In closing, I leave you with a meditation on Cheth, from the book “Tarot Meditations” published by The Science of Man:

Cheth am I, the Fenced Enclosure

Standing as an atmospheric shell

To protect the inner growing Light of Self.

I fend of interference from without

Until Its splendor is full-grown,

Till it bursts forth, removing walls,

And starts to light the Way.

The victory I have won is conquest of the mind,

Which brings all Nature’s Mysteries

To initiates who are able to remain

Perceptive as a chalice to the Will of God.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.






“In Denmark, there is a very different understanding of what ‘freedom’ means… they have gone a long way to ending the enormous anxieties that comes with economic insecurity.”

– Sen. Bernie Sanders

Denmark has become a talking point on what I would call, “the Fox News Right”, because it has long been touted by the democrats and the general left, as this sort of “socialist paradise”- and that if America would just adopt a similar program, everyone would be happy.

Personally, I have been hearing about this Scandinavian “socialist utopia” since my days of campaigning for universal/single payer healthcare i.e., “Medicare for all” about a decade ago.  And of course, it came to prominence most recently with Bernie Sanders mentioning it during the 2015/2016 Presidential race- and continuing to do so.

So, the pretty Fox News teleprompter reader rattles off some fluff about economics in two vastly different countries, ultimately looking to “convince” the audience that socialism won’t work in America because of these other making the argument almost exclusively about socialism supposedly making people lazy and un-industrious; and hence, why it is bad and why it would be bad for America. Then the Danish politician refutes her very poorly constructed argument, and once again vindicates Danish socialism for starry-eyed Americans that dream of it being implemented here.

The problem is that the REAL reason why Danish “socialism”, or anything of the sort, would not work in America is NEVER addressed.

In a 2006 article out of the Migration Policy Institute (an organization funded by the Carnegie Endowment) entitled, “Denmark: Integrating Immigrants into a Homogeneous Welfare State“, the author states how in Denmark, “the welfare state was designed on the basis of a culturally similar citizenry, and the Danish economy has successfully adapted to a variety of international challenges by taking advantage of institutions built around a powerful sense of civic solidarity.”

Another interesting point comes from a 2017 article out of Business Insider on Danish immigration (Denmark having some of the more strict immigration laws in western Europe), where Danish Finance Minister Kristian Jensen is quoted stating:

Roughly speaking, immigration from western countries helps government finances while immigration from non-westerners imposes costs..

In other words, on average, people who migrate from countries with populations more like them are a boon to their country; while people who migrate from countries with populations less like them, will tend to be more of a drain.

It isn’t rocket science.

But apparently it’s “racist”.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll probably say it again, the real reason this Denmark-style socialism that everyone is praising wouldn’t work in the United States because we are NOT a culturally similar citizenry and we probably have less civic solidarity then we’ve ever had.


Socialism is based on providing for the common good.  The common good is a consensus among a particular group of people in a particular place about what is right and good for their society to survive and thrive.  This ultimately originates with the “ethnos“- the universe of shared meaning that a people has, which is rooted in its language, culture and traditions.

The more you have multiple languages, cultures and traditions within a society- particularly if these languages, cultures and traditions are incompatibly different or even hostile towards one another; the more difficult, if not impossible, it becomes to agree on a common good.  If no one can agree on a common good, you cannot have socialism or any true variant of it.


What you will have instead is tyranny and empire.

Most people clamoring for this sort of universal socialism here in America tend to come from one of two camps: those who are motivated by envy, resentment and entitlement; and those who are motivated by the genuine, although often emotion-driven, desire to stop human suffering (both that of others and their own).

It is unfortunate that so many people in this country seem to suffer without things like affordable health coverage or what is considered a “living wage“.  However we need to understand that this is the price of living in a society that is centered around self-interest and the satisfaction of desire.

We need to put our good intentions in the right direction.

The truth is nationalistic socialism can and does work.  As a matter of fact, the most dramatic socio-economic success stories come from social nationalist nations like NSDAP Germany or General Park Chung-Hee’s South Korea.

But internationalist socialism; this notion of being entitled to a nation’s benefits regardless of where you’re from or what you’ve actually contributed to that society; does not.

But modernity is all about taking without giving anything back.

Give back.

Give back to your people.  Whoever they may be.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.





“It makes a white man cringe that the greatest man ever born is BLACK! He’s so great that a bunch of white people from all over the world decided to make he’s birthday an internationally celebrated day… You will hear about Nelson till you die.”

Secular Saints

As many are aware, the world has been celebrating the postmortem 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, former leader of South Africa and the African National Congress (ANC)- a celebration that has been turned into an international, almost religious celebration led by the United Nations.

Nelson Mandela himself is very much a folk icon in Africa, and is seen by many as some sort of saint– a sentiment echoed by any and all notable figures in the western neoliberal establishment.

For millennia men have vaulted up certain men above all others; heroes and sages of whom great stories were told.  Some men were even euhemerised; turned into gods- the personifications of the archetypal forces.

The idea that humans could, through initiation, through pursuing strength and through maintaining purity, embody these forces while alive and/or dead.  This was a foundational philosophy of gods and civilizations of all sorts.

In the past, these heroes, sages and saints were understood to be cultural figures that represented the virtues and desires of a specific group of people.  Ultimately, these men were seen as legitimately encapsulating elements of the archetypal and Divine, serving to re-orient a fallen consciousness to the Higher.

But now,we live in a secular world that has disregarded the Divine Natural Order as the basis for a just and good society.  Now what is “just and good” is about people being able to reap the benefits of material wealth and luxury; i.e. “progress“.

This is the new “kingdom of heaven” promised to the masses through these saints of revolution; the promise of “justice” through material comfort and prosperity.

This is a world where the Natural Order is subverted and domineered by the oligarchs; a world that seeks to sniff out any shred of aristocracy or virtue.

When man and his societies are not oriented towards the Divine, his heroes will not be either.  This has become the case in our modern world where the Divine Natural Order has been inverted to serve the desires and passions of the oligarchs and the general public that has been groomed to emulate them.

But at the same time, humans still instinctively desire the leader who symbolizes and encapsulates virtue- something that is apparent whenever some figure is tarnished or taken down by scandal.

The ruling oligarchy long ago found the common person’s desire for virtuous leadership  as something that could be exploited for their own gain.  Hence, through mass-media and standardized education, new heroes, new sages, new saints (at least in their portrayal) are now imposed onto the “international community” (i.e. the Western-led democratic neoliberal order) as figures for ALL to emulate, adore and worship as demigods; regardless of cultural or ethnic background.

These new “secular saints” are those that represent “freedom, justice, and democracy“- the ideals of the Western world; while all inconvenient truths are scrubbed away.  Cleansed and repackaged for mass-consumption, these figures become the prophets of the new world religion of the United Nations and modernity, with their quotations (real or fabricated) adorning everything from government buildings, to urban cultural centers, to greeting cards.

These men (and women) are said to be the greatest example of our “shared humanity” at its greatest- and to say otherwise is to be a heritic against the UN-led religion of secular modernity and its political “sages“.

For example, to point out Mandela’s culpability in the atrocities both committed directly and sanctioned by the Communist ANC, both during AND after Apartheid (which has led to a mass-exodous of Boer farmers into Russia); not to mention the fact that Mandela and the ANC only siphoned off the wealth and infrastructure created during Apartheid is to commit heresy against the religion of modernity.

In fact, the entire premise for the claims of Whites stealing of land and resources by colonizing South Africa is historically false, as what became South Africa was essentially uninhabited when the White settlers arrived, and it wasn’t until later on after Cape Town had been established that the black African tribes from the north migrated down and eventually decided they wanted “in” on what the colonists had built.

But any historical fact that tarnishes the legacy of the secular saint is deemed to be heretical and morally wrong- particularly one seen by the global establishment as being as important as Mandela obviously is.

The figure of Mandela can be seen as representing this next phase of the Empire’s evolution, where the peoples the Empire conquered in an earlier form are assimilated into this new “global humanity” with their cultural heroes becoming those of a fabricated global monoculture.

Of course hero worship and the cherry-picking and obfuscation of historical data to create a favorable image to match legend is nothing new to modernity.  The American Founding Fathers are surrounded by all sorts of “bad history“.

But is more bad history for the sake of a feel-good story really what we need?  Especially when the gory details of that story give such insight as to what is happening to the West right now.

Is Mandela or any of the other secular saints of modernity truly representative of the Highest potential of all humans- or is it simply about the creation of a global humanity to be ruled over by the oligarchs who run the U.N. and believe they know what is best for everyone on Earth.

A myth is meant to be productive and have us reach for our highest potential.  But when a myth like this and others like it through their insertion into the mass mind, serve to bring guilt, envy, resentment and discord to society at large, can we really say it’s a “good thing“?

Personally, like I told Samantha Colee, I have no interest in joining this Mandela cult.  To me, he is really only a hero to those who desire who feel they are entitled to wealth and power that another group possesses- or those that naively or ignorantly believe in the fairy-tale of the “Rainbow Nation“, and that “fighting inequality” is somehow possible or or even good.

This is particularly true when it seems that to many in South Africa, “fighting inequality” is extracting “justice” and retribution of all kinds from the white population in an emotional fervor.

There are many things you could call men who are motivated by these passions, but “saint” probably isn’t one of them…

The U.N. website stated that ” The Centenary is an occasion to reflect on (Mandela’s) life and legacy, and to follow his call to “make of the world a better place.

If such an event can inspire people to do some ACTUAL good in their communities, then I will concede that the legacy of Mandela is not entirely without its merit, regardless of whether it is based in the distortion and fabrication of history.

However, ultimately I don’t think we need to enshrine this man as some sort of pseudo-religious figure for us to seek out opportunities to show kindness and be of service to the people and place around us.

Show kindness to the world around you.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.








“[L]et it be brought forth placed on the divine law, the word of God; let a crown be placed thereon, by which the world may know, that so far as we approve of monarchy, that in America THE LAW IS KING. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other.”

  • Thomas Paine; “Common Sense”


Many within the Libertarian/Constitutionalist/Patriot camps will often proudly echo the above sentiments of Thomas Paine, stating that the United States is a nation united under “rule of law”- which is ultimately enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, which themselves have become viewed by many in these camps as sacred and divinely inspired documents.

But if this is true, why is the history of the United States seem to be an increasing strife and displeasure among greater segments of the population as to what this rule of law should or should not do?  And why has their been a continued “need” for the Federal Government, from its inception, to put down those individuals and movements whose ideas are too far removed from its interests.

Traditionally, the laws of a society existed to serve the common good of the people that lived within it.  The notion of a “common good” is derived from the specific physical, mental, and spiritual needs shared in common by a particular group of people as derived from the universe of shared meaning derived from shared language, culture and tradition.

This idea of the common good was heavy throughout the political theory of the medieval Christian world, but the idea really goes back into antiquity and can be found encoded in ancient Fryan law:

“Whenever laws are made or new rules established, it must be for the common good, but never to the advantage of individual persons, or to individual families nor to individual states or anything that is singular.”

The common good was the purpose of the law, which in its ideal form is meant to be a mirror; an earthly manifestation of the Divine Laws of Nature and Creation.  The mirroring of the Divine Principles (albeit to inevitable degrees of imperfection) is what gave the law authority in the eyes of the people and the virtue of its representatives that gained respect, admiration and cooperation from the people.  This differed from the outright ruling through coercive power that became the norm for governments beginning with the Renaissance/Enlightenment periods to the present-day.

The larger and more diverse a society becomes culturally, ethnically, racially and/or religiously, the fewer specifics the people within the society will have in common.  This makes developing a specific idea of what the common good entails, increasingly difficult, and as such, any definition given will be general and vague.

The proof of such a watering down of the common good in modernity can be seen in the attempts of liberal humanists to illustrate the commonality of a “global humanity” by pointing out the most general and base-level physical and emotional commonalities that humans share with each other (as well as with all other mammalian life)- and state that as a result of such very basic shared traits, any group of people should have no problem living amongst one another within a shared society.

Of course such a society could only maintain order through militant standardization through coercion and indoctrination in all areas of social life and personal thought..

Such philosophical and ideological grasping at straws shows the movement of modernity away from Traditional societies based on Higher Principles and ethnos, and a descent into gross materialism as the doctrine globalism continues to erode all but the most superficial elements within human societies.

Perpetually increasing diversification of a society through both external factors such as immigration, and internal factors such as the increased acceptance of divergent and oppositional socio-political ideas by the citizenry, inevitably results in a lack of consensus among the various factions of the society as to what constitutes the common good.  One only needs tune into the various political debates happening everywhere in this country to realize that there is NO CONSENSUS among the greater population as to what the common good here is.

The Constitution is only three pages and no one seems to agree on what it says.

When a society cannot agree on what the common good is, then it becomes impossible for the law to represent and serve it.  Law that does not serve the common good comes to serve the specific self-interests of powerful groups and factions operating within the society.  And when law no longer serves the common good, it degenerates into a tyranny that requires coercion and deception to hold the society together, turning its citizens into vassals, serfs and slaves.  In the case of the United States, it is a tyranny of the oligarchy.

This is why a monoculture based in consumerism and distraction has been pushed onto Americans and the world through the American machine.  But shared commonality through love of pop-culture and I-phone apps is rootless and superficial, and thus establishes no real cultural cohesion.

This is why modern “democratic” governments inevitably need to rely on increasingly blatant and absurd lies and spin to quell the population while backing it up with increasingly more totalitarian and oppressive measures to maintain social stability/control when the masses become restless.

When taking all this into consideration, it would seem that the diagnosis is painfully apparent:

While successful in other ways, the United States of America as a grand experimental nation of people free and united under the rule of law, is a failure.

Can it be salvaged?  Should it be?  Sadly, I’m really not too sure on either.

Unless perhaps, the Anti-Federalists can make a comeback after 240 years on the bench…

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.









“society and human fellowship will be best served if we confer the most kindness on those with whom we are most closely associated.”

             – Cicero

(we are one world together, equal and united in our religion of pop culture, consumerism and "the big game")

One of the failures of the New Age movement is its failure to distinguish spiritual truth from the beliefs and ideologies of the baby-boomer generation that launched it.

They have attempted to fuse the inevitably elitist pursuit of gnosis with the collectivist belief systems of that generation that were rooted primarily in the struggle of the masses; the struggle of the mass mind that focuses on temporal and worldly power as its keys to salvation.

The values of the 60s have now a creature of the mass mind and are bought and sold within the packaging of entertainment and consumerism.  Meanwhile, the cultural values that existed before in the West have been rejected rather than integrated.

The “rights” that most continually call for are simply the “rights” to partake in special privileges, based off membership to a specific “victim class” within a socio-economic system that is vampiric, degrading, anti-human and ultimately unnatural in its essence.

I see little value in preserving or protecting any of this.  I see no value in enhancing it.

Belief systems tend to lead to diversion from the Way; pain and suffering are temporary and necessary; and death is ultimately an illusion. But the Liberal and Marxist values of western modernity grasp, claw and struggle desperately with all these things, because they are inherently materialistic and anti-spiritual in nature.

I look at personal suffering as a process or at very least, an opportunity for strengthening and becoming (if we so choose to take it)- not something to be eliminated at all costs. I see the same holding true for a group of people. Within mass suffering lie the keys to mass social becoming so long as we can actively move through it and learn from it, and so long as the resulting mythos is based in strength and overcoming and not resentment, victimhood, or conversely, extreme guilt and self-loathing for ancestral “sins of the past”.

The Enlightenment planted important seeds, but its dream of equality and rule by inherently rational and “free men”, became rule by the emotional masses; ideologically giving rise to both the murderous “Red Terror” and the cancerous Anglo-American policy of turning of the Earth into a commodity.

Ideologically, the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s were the death throes of the Enlightenment, with “freedom” becoming about hedonism and a tearing down of western society in every respect.

But now the ideals of that time, which were a peaking of a cthonic feminine, have in turn lost their virility and gone into decline and decay. Now we see a re-emerging of the warrior masculine convulsing the west. Unfortunately, the emotional immaturity of the population with its service to the desire body, cause these impulses of the divine masculine and feminine to be shadow versions of themselves that are in a sense, perversions.

Personally, I’m not interested in creating some multicultural utopia that eliminates human inequality, conflict and suffering- all of those things are at present, still necessary realities and pressures tailored to strengthen our spirit. I’m interested in creating a functional society that best facilitates the psycho-spiritual evolution of humanity- which will, in time, lead to less of the ills we are so desperate to be rid of.

History and science have shown human beings function more cohesively in like-groups, so I’m all for that. The desire to force everyone into this sort of superficial “one world together” based off the feel-good marketing gimmicks of political campaigns and Coke commercials is erroneous.  This only leads to conflict and division among competing ideologies and incompatible cultures- hence the drive to unite all under a consumerist and materialist monoculture that can be reprogrammed with the latest updates from the mass media. It’s just a desire for empire with a feel-good packaging.

The collective hive mind being worked towards is not the same as that of the organic community. The masses are not sages or anything close to it, so a society that would only be fit for spiritually enlightened individuals should not be superficially imposed upon the mass of humanity unless we want it to fail and create more suffering in the process.

Before joining Lenin for the Bolshevik Revolution, Leon Trotsky stated that once the Bolsheviks came to power and their system of mass quality was fully imposed, there would be a Goethe, a Byron, a Wagner on every street corner; and that a sort of golden age of human brilliance would be achieved through a dictatorship of the proletariat.

This of course, was not what happened.

All attempts at equality and fairness on a mass societal level will only create a system that presses down on differences, seeking to stamp them out, rather than seeking to uplift. The utopia of equity cannot exist in our urbanized and globalized world. I believe that only a return to smaller group or communal structures could even begin to make such a vision functional.

But this process begins within.

The “oneness” we are seeking is the re-union of the internal elements of oneself, a re-unification with Nature and Spirit and loving those who are connected to me- not a mantra for open borders and the dreams of multinational corporations and a “global” political elite that no longer feels tied to directly serving the people it represents.

WRA-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“For centuries Jews had been of a different religion, now pseudoscience marked them as a separate race.”

  • British actor Laurence Olivier narrating the BBC miniseries “The World at War”

The narrative of the preceding documentary clip is typical of what you will find taught in any school or university in any part of the Judeo-Anglo-American Empire or its vassal states (i.e. the EU.).  Indeed, the idea of an almost cartoonish “Nazi” belief that the Germanic peoples had the right to rule over, oppress and ultimately genocide all the other peoples and races because they were “the master race”, was propagated and repeated to me throughout schooling and the media.

In the West we have been saturated with this narrative for decades and it is a multi-million dollar industry.

What I learned during my time of mandated compulsory “education” on the Holocaust and Nazi/NSDAP Germany during WWII was that the NSDAP used “pseudoscience” (and then gold stars) to label the Jews as a separate race.  This, I was told, made it easier for them to “other” them from the ethnically German peoples and make them “scapegoats” for their problems.

However, the irony of the demonization of the NSDAP stance that the Jews were a separate race from that of the German peoples, is that this was essentially the view that a great many, if not the majority of Jews in Europe had in practice.

This irony became even more pronounced when in 2012, “The Jewish Daily Forward“- one of the oldest Jewish-American publications, put out an article entitled, Jews Are A ‘Race’ Genes Reveal“.  This article highlighted a book published by medical geneticist and professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, Harry Ostrer entitled, “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People”:

Jews exhibit, he writes, a distinctive genetic signature. Considering that the Nazis tried to exterminate Jews based on their supposed racial distinctiveness, such a conclusion might be a cause for concern. But Ostrer sees it as central to Jewish identity.

For centuries, the Jews viewed themselves as a “chosen people” that had to be set apart in ethnic and cultural purity, so they could be fit to fulfill what they saw as their duty to intellectually, culturally and spiritually “lead” humanity out of the darkness of ignorance, oppression, and immorality- as they defined it

Unfortunately in practice, the principle of Jewish tribal exceptionalism has often tended to manifest itself as policies and practices that are seemingly antagonistic and even hostile towards the rest of the “tribes of man”- particularly those with whom they share space with.

Aside from the oft-leveled charges of usury and other ruthless and deceptive business practices, in recent times, Jews in power often tend to promote the slow deracination, homogenization, and general “leveling out” of all other cultures into one mass of humanity.  Meanwhile, these Jews themselves (or at least those of the Zionist or Orthodox persuasion), would either openly proclaim or quietly maintain in their own personal life and business, the preference for Jews to remain an ethnically/culturally separate people from all others, and a general support for the State of Israel.

Tribalism.  The way humans are.

This tribal and somewhat aristocratic view is a view that is ironic due to the overwhelming amount of Jewish leaders within Marxism and general “leftism”.  This Jewish “aristocracy” was praised by Count Richard Coudenhouve-Kalergi, ideological father of the modern multicultural European Union:

Russian Bolshevism constitutes a decisive step towards this purpose where a small group of Communist spiritual aristocrats govern the country…  The general staff of both… are recruited from Europe’s spiritual leader race, the Jews.

From the European quantity people… the mass, two quality races rise up: blood aristocracy and Jewry… both believe in their higher mission, of their better blood… The superiority of their spirit predestines them to become a main factor of the future nobility.”

From ancient times it was understood that blood was a living gateway to the metaphysical and archetypal dimensions.  Certain High spiritual impulses would be carried among a true spiritual nobility; a person of valor and virtue who thus those traits on spiritually, through the blood of your descendants.

These Divine Evolutionary Impulses descended into humanity through these people’s genetics.  This is why kings were seen as gods.  This is the root of the modern aristocracy, who through the generations, have fallen into degeneracy.

Of course, there are well-documented physical and psychological problems that can develop as the result of an extended practice of keeping strict maintenance to a kind of “blood purity” within a family or tribe.  Especially as inevitably after generations, what may have been a bloodline with a new, vital and virile spiritual message or impulse to deliver to the world, slowly degenerated and decayed as all but the Eternal does.

From their inception as a people, the Jews have historically seen themselves as a “people set apart”.  In Biblical times and through the present in more orthodox sects, it is the Jews themselves as essentially a people that needed to remain separate from the outside culture and be extremely selective on which if any, non-Jews to let in.

This was initially understood so as to keep pure the “transmission” of YHVH (the supreme god/archon of the elements of matter and the material world; i.e. Saturn) through them as an ethnic people from Abraham on.

However, there are now generations of Jews who have come to see the Holocaust, rather than the Torah, as what defines Jews as a people.  Many of these young, particularly American Jews are becoming increasingly anti-Zionist and see the ethno-nationalism of Israel of giving legitimacy to the “Nazi” ideology of the Alt-Right.

It is perhaps the very narrative that ultimately garnered the international sympathies and support needed to have a fully Jewish-controlled Palestine (now Israel), that is beginning to tear at the unity of “the tribe” in a seemingly significant manner.

Perhaps there is a serious conflict within “Judah” as to what should be the future of Israel and the Jewish people as a truly distinct racial, ethnic, or even cultural entity.

Perhaps the globalist universalism exported from the Abrahamic world that is coming home to roost.

Perhaps the recent situation with the embassy in Jerusalem is the signal that it is indeed the “End Times”, and that the great “Battle of Megiddo” will commence.  And perhaps in the ashes will rise the transhumanist AI utopia of Neom, which is currently being developed in Saudi Arabia; or “Greater Israel”…

Perhaps there is some element of truth to the teachings of some Catholics that the Bible, particularly the New Testament, was criticizing the Jews for rejecting the Logos, represented in Christ Jesus, and instead embracing what Dr. E. Michael Jones calls “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” in the figure of Barabbas.


Whether event, allegory or both, perhaps the notion of a people rejecting the true Light of Christ, the Light and Divine Rule of the Sun/Son and the ordering principle of the Logos, in favor of the more Saturnian, materialistic element of creation, and the destruction or a “tearing down” of the other “orders” around them has some truth to it.

This impulse can be seen in much of the radical left Enlightenment liberal ideals of Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality of the French Revolution.  It was this same ideology that got carried to the extreme into Jewish-led Communism.

Communism is an internationalist political ideology, and is related in philosophical heritage to the Critical Theory created, taught and regurgitated in universities by a large number of Jews.

Critical Race Theory (a subcategory of Critical Theory) teaches that race is a social construct and to suggest otherwise leads straight to oppression, lynching, concentration camps and gas chambers.  In this theory ALL nationalism and open tribalism is immoral- even in Israel.

This belief of supreme equality spouted by Neo-Marxists and liberals inevitably conflicts  with famed Holocaust speaker Elie Wiesel’s claim that “Jews are ontologically exceptional” compared to all other groups of people.

Jews are well known for their dedication to “preserving G-d’s morality”- whether this is truly seen as a divine or a secular duty is almost of secondary importance.

But what happens when the morality of a group conflicts with itself?

A house divided cannot stand“.

The “morality” of internationalism and universalism is also echoed by certain Jewish globalist hedge fund managers who have declared Israel and its nationalism as roadblocks to “progress”.  This is the ideology of the internationalist, cosmopolitan “Davos Man” who is a “citizen of the world”, free to take from whatever land he wishes.

It is perhaps a sort of “cold war” between those Jews in positions of power of with a Zionist or Orthodox view (AIPAC, Chabad, the Jewish-Russian mafia [even criminal Jews get protected international asylum in Israel], etc.) and those of a more globalist/atheist view that we see going on now- particularly within the U.S.

This conflict of the left and right within political Judaism was written about long ago by Winston Churchill in “Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Jewish Soul”.

But perhaps as some seem to believe, it is ALL, as those within the pro-wrestling business would call; “A work”.  The President is a WWE Hall of Famer after all…

Rudolf Steiner saw the Jewish people having at one time, carried an important spiritual impulse into humanity.  However, over time, it has gone into its twilight as a new impulse begins to emerge.

Julius Evola saw the Jewish and other Semitic peoples as somewhat “spiritually antagonistic” to the Aryan/European race.

But at the end of the day, it is up to each tribe to solve its own problems.

And us to solve ours.

Only the Jewish people themselves can solve their issues as a people; as a race; whatever they may be.

Only they can decide what sort of role they will play in the future evolution of humanity as a whole, in a necessarily post-Abrahamic age.

Even though the Old Age is trying to stay beyond its time…

So let’s hope, for the good of all beings, this undeniably clever, talented, influential, powerful, and persistent group chooses to embrace, rather than reject the Logos within themselves.

Let us pray that they can find the True Jerusalem; the “City of Peace” within.

And let’s hope we do the same.


Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.


Israeli TV: Alt Right makes American Jews question Jewish ethnocracy in Israel from intereuroinfo on Vimeo.



ORIGINS OF WORLD WAR II: The German Question (Part 1)


“Welcome my son; welcome to the machine…”

  • Pink Floyd

Globalism is the idea that the needs of the “global community” as a whole supersede those of the individual nation, and that the political and business leaders of a nation should ultimately be committed to this ideal.  However, contrary to popular belief, this “global community” is not, nor has it ever been,  the collective nations and peoples of the world.  The “global community” is the community of international finance capital and multinational corporations – entities who have no allegiance to any individual nation or group of people.

In the past it’s been called “Imperialism”, it’s been called “Colonialism”, and now it’s called “Globalism” – the name has changed, but the goal has always been the same. It is Globalism that has been lifted up as the “virtuous ideal” of “progressive” Western society.

Globalism is “multiculturalism”.

Globalism is nations without borders.

Globalism is people without cultural identity outside of commercial consumerism.

Globalism is international trade deals like NAFTA and TPP that place the bottom line of multinational corporations above the interests of a nation and its people.

Globalism is slave factories in China with suicide-prevention nets outside the windows.

Globalism is select multinational corporations having monopoly and complete control over all technology and resources.

Globalism is financial oligarchs literally owning the world through debt.

Globalism is a technocracy of the elitist specialist class.

Globalism is the imposing of “Cultural Marxism” on the general population, causing us to become completely demoralized, debased, and deracinated.

Globalism is the use of technology, pharmacology and ideology to transform humanity into diseased, neurotic, race-less, sexless, gender-less, automatons- interchangeable, dispensable, and replaceable- like cogs in a machine.

Globalism is “world peace” because there are no wars among slaves.

Globalism is the Old Age attempting to hang on to its power by re-branding itself.

Globalism is NOT evolution, as it works against the Laws of Nature, and as such, it cannot survive.

Organic spiritual evolution cannot truly happen within the mass blob of a global monoculture.  This global society would be one that completely erases all differentiation of organic culture, while simultaneously imposing a uniform artificial one.  With a population of 7 billion people, any institution or system that vast would be completely unmanageable unless it was able to accomplish the complete separation of man from Nature and his full insertion into the Machine.

This would be what Rudolf Steiner referred to as the “Incarnation of Ahriman”- the coldest depths of materialism.

So what is globalism?  Globalism is something that must and will inevitably die, collapsing and crushing itself under its own monstrous, unnatural weight.

But it isn’t dead yet…

Don’t go into the machine.

Namaste and God Bless.





“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;”

  • The Book of Revelation 21:1


The idea of a future utopian or “Golden Age” is not a new one.  It has been around for pretty much all of recorded history and in one way or another informs the doctrine of pretty much every religion.  Even in the West during this secular age of humanist materialism, this archetype is very much alive and well in the dreams of those who wish to see all races, colors, and creeds unite in a borderless world without conflict, shouting from the mountaintops the credo: “We are one”.

And, to risk the potential ire of many of my readers, I have to confess that I am not opposed to that.  I am not inherently opposed to the idea of a sort of unified super-humanity, where the various races and tribes in their most spiritually evolved state contribute their various gifts, and in essence merge to create one collective being, essentially becoming “one”; even if that means evolving into one homogenous race. 

Of course, I should add that I am referring to this happening in a way that is congruent with the Laws of Nature and for the spiritual evolution of mankind.  In fact, I personally believe that this is inevitable, as all things return to their root essence eventually.

Most esoteric philosophy understands humanity to have come from a sort of root archetypal “one-ness”, known in Qabbalism as “Adam Kadmon”- the human prototype.  Then, according to Theososphy, (which itself draws from much older esoteric traditions), this archetypal humanity divided and evolved into the myriad of sub-races and ethnicities that we know today, as well as many we do not.  It was also understood by these esoteric scholars, mystics and clairvoyants that at some point in the distant future, these separated branches of humanity will once again merge into a state of one-ness after its evolution on the plane of Earth is complete.

But this time isn’t now or any time remotely close to it.

Those pushing for mass migration, diversity, multiculturalism, and miscegenation through media, politics, academia and religion are undoubtedly calling upon this incredibly powerful archetype of the future Golden Age of racial unity.  However, at this current stage of humanity’s development this is only sowing seeds for great future conflicts- a “Clash of Civilizations”.

With the notable exception of the mainstream cosmopolitan culture that has been ingrained into the societies of Western Europe and the Occident (U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia) by its liberal urbanite ruling class; the vast majority of the peoples of the world are still EXTREMELY tribal.  Africa still has enormous issues attempting to deal with this fact since they “united” as western-style nation-states and imposed western-style parliamentary governments after World War II.  The Middle East is notorious for its tribal wars, particularly among the Sunni and Shi’a branches of Islam.  In Latin America we find countless examples of brutal tribal conflicts among the various narco-terrorist organizations that essentially control much of the region.

And while individuals of different races and ethnicities are very much capable of cooperation and harmonious living, it is a basic observable sociological fact that this dynamic changes with the importation of cultural groups en masse.  Large groups of culturally alike people will inevitably seek to shape their environment to fit their specific culture.  And most cultures are not as egalitarian or eager to accommodate and please “the other” as the liberal White West.

You can have one lion and one lamb lay down peacefully with one another like in an episode of “Unlikely Animal Friends” (one of my favorite TV shows).  But if you move a pride of lions in amongst a flock of sheep, the sheep WILL get eaten every time– especially ones that are weak and sickly as is the case with modern Western society.

Of course, not all White Westerners are on board with all this, as evidenced by the backlash coming out of the rural and working-class communities in the last presidential election as well as the surge in ethnically-conscious Identitarianism in Europe.  These movements are not head-scratching anomalies as media pundits and “experts” seem to think.  Nor is it a “step backward” as so many Baby Boomers and establishment-types are lamenting as their legacy appears to crumble before their very eyes.

No.  It is none of that.

What the resurgence of the “tribal” mindset among White Westerners signifies is that the “progress” of the myriad of attempts to impose morality through legislation and indoctrinate the West through operant conditioning via the various media, educational and religious was by and large a castle made of sand.  The unified, kum-ba-ya vision of multiculturalism shared by well-meaning liberals and profit-seeking global corporations was an idyllic fantasy that was not grounded in the reality of the world as it is- the reality of the present state of human consciousness.

I think Manly P. Hall put it best when he stated the following in a lecture on the future of humanity:

In our way of thinking, we are trying to push a way of life that is not mature into tomorrow, so as to make tomorrow the fulfillment of the unfinished experiments of today.”

Perhaps one of greatest errors in all this lies in the fact that the attempt to change the world from as it is, was done almost completely through psychological conditioning and indoctrination.  This conditioning was/is imposed by external pressures and for many, the internal voice of neurotic guilt that is often the effect of such conditioning.  And even as successful as this technique has been in much of the West, it is not sustainable and as stated earlier, the rest of the world has not gotten on board with this program.

You cannot lift something up to a higher level if you are operating from a lower one.

Even commercial globalization, with its importation and marketing of the superficial monoculture of  Hollywood and Madison Avenue have still not managed to get the citizens of the world to drop their more organic cultures altogether and unite over their love of I-phones, fast food, television shows and the global economic system.

In fact, if you listen to talks given on diversity, inclusion and globalization, once you get through the emotion-based marketing pitch, the real bottom line becomes quite obvious.  Entrepreneur, TV host and public speaker James Sun put it best in his TED Talk promoting diversity and globalization.

Marketers want us to be one big group- because it’s cheap.

Here we find a driver for diversity based in ever-expanding and competing and globalized consumerism- all base level, materialistically-minded incentives.  But any honest look at the recklessly-expanding monopolies of globalization shows that it is ultimately an unsustainable system that is equivalent to the snake that devours itself.  And while business itself is not inherently bad, when we have come to value material wealth and commerce to such a degree that it becomes the very foundation of our laws and ethics as has happened, we have most certainly strayed long off the path.

The world this is creating is not the “multicultural utopia” of Coke and Nike commercials, but rather a weaponized, Technocratic police state that seeks to “keep the peace” with an iron fist among the various culturally incompatible sects of the population, while the world descends into environmental decay and neo-feudalistic serfdom.

But perhaps this is what we need to wake up.

However, if we choose to see this as a future we’d rather not have for ourselves or our descendants, then perhaps we should consider putting the brakes on all of this and direct our focus on the only thing that really matters- spiritual growth and development, which starts at home.

You cannot genuinely love and accept the other until you genuinely love and accept yourself- ALL OF YOU.  What I’m talking about is internal spiritual alignment and syncing with and understanding the Laws of Nature and Creation.  This needs to be done individually and culturally.

As I stated earlier, the West and America in particular is culturally sick, and has been for a long time.  And to make matters worse, we are inviting incredibly tribal people who are fleeing hardship of one form or another into an increasingly divided house of deracinated lepers.  This will do nothing but relieve temporal suffering in exchange for greater suffering in the long term.

We need to heal our culture through creating institutions based in true spiritual development, including the re-institution of psycho-spiritual initiations, REAL education (not schooling), and institutions and economies that work with the Laws of Nature, rather than against them.  When this is achieved, then we can discuss “merging” with other cultures if we so choose.  But we MUST get our own house in order first.

I believe it will only be when the individual tribes, cultures and races of men are in spiritual alignment with themselves, that any sort of “One World, One Humanity” will be possible without violence and coercion.  Or if we have to fight some sort of aliens or something…

Unfortunately, the only way I can see the sort of radical shift in our culture necessary for all this taking place (again, barring invading extraterrestrials) is if we withdraw from the globalized system of usury and mercantilism that underlies every aspect of our lives and dictates the bottom line of nearly every institution in the modern world, rooting out like a cancer- or have it collapse from under us.  Either way, this would inevitably create much suffering, but I believe we must think long term here.

The culture of instant gratification has created a desire to be rid of anything that causes us discomfort and pain, be it from our own perceived suffering or someone else’s.  But if we truly want to heal the world and bring humanity into a spiritually elevated state, we must bite the bullet and let the discomfort and suffering occur- even if it means people will die.  We can’t give what we don’t have, no matter how much we want to.

Evolution is a slow process, but a necessary one.  So in closing, I’ll quote Master Po from the old TV show “Kung Fu“:

Patience grasshopper, patience.

Namaste and God Bless.