“As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator… will do well to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope and movies and the radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate.”

  • Aldous Huxley forward to “Brave New World”


In the west, sex and sexuality are being pushed at earlier and earlier ages in both schools as well as the mental health system.  With a whole host of new gender pronouns being created seemingly every week, children are being taught that as the way to create and define your identity– that thing that establishes who you are as an individual. When this happens, one’s sexual orientation, preferences, and fetishes become the primary definers of who that person is and what they represent.

However, there are consequences to using one’s sexuality as the foundation of their identity (even if for some it is a secret), and it starts on the individual level which in turn effects society and culture. If you want to see the results of using sexuality your identity, go to a twelve step meeting with a group of sex addicts (a great many of which identify as gay or bi), and listen to them talk about how this very perspective and belief system absolutely wreaked havoc on their lives. The suffocating desperation of the sex addict is one that mirrors the muffled screams of a populace that has been by-and-large sexually poisoned.

The “Sexual Revolution” pushed into the mainstream by Jewish-American sexologist Alfred Kinsey and others, has turned out to be a form of slow acting poison.  One only needs to examine Kinsey and the “fruits of his labors” to see this.  While repressive attitudes are harmful to healthy sexuality, so is unrestrained hedonism and an obsession on all things sexual.  A healthy balance must be found, and unfortunately we are far, far from it- and the further we move away from living in harmony with the Laws of Nature and Creation as well as our own evolutionary makeup, the more difficult it will be to find it.

The world of the sex addict is very much a microcosm of what is happening on a larger scale across western society. It was seen in Weimar Germany. It spawned the Sexual Revolution. It is the Carnival of Ishtar; the festival of the Whore of Babylon– brought in by those that seek to use her destructive power to tear down what’s left of western society until nothing is sacred and nothing is left. Where a range of sexual “freedoms” are used as candy to entice the population into seeking a life of never-ending self-gratification. Meanwhile, institutions that held Western society together, like the nuclear family, are demonized and torn down. The sex addict goes in search of selfish pleasure to numb the paint of his life- and so has the Western world.

Let’s break the addiction.

Namaste and God Bless.



“At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There He is’, do not believe it.  For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect, if that were possible.”

  • Mark 24:23-24

Women's Strike For Peace-And Equality

There is a somewhat formulaic method for seeing the Christ Light that dwells within us- our internal Sun.  It is a practice that can be perfected over time, to a point where we can see and more importantly, feel this Living Light and Presence in the physical location of our Solar Plexus (referred to as such for that reason).  However, when it comes to seeing how that Light positively manifests itself in the world here at the crux of the New Age, things often tend to get a little sloppy- particularly when we are talking in terms of the socio-political.

So many among the various sectors of the “New Age” community have latched onto Neo-Marxist theories and movements such as Critical Race Theory and Third Wave Feminism, proclaiming these ideologies and their spokespersons to be all but the embodiment of the will of Christ here on Earth.  This very much could be seen to stem from the Baby-Boomer generation infusing of their socio-political belief systems in with their “New Age” spirituality.  In and of itself, this is a somewhat natural and recurring issue when religions come about, as religion tends to be a mirror of the people that produced it, but it needs to be recognized for what it is.

Unfortunately, there often tends to be somewhat of a haughtiness among many of these folks when declaring their ideology and belief systems to be akin to spiritual veritas.  And like the religious dogmas of old, these too were created by various entities for purposes of socio-political control and power.  However most within the movement would heavily deny this, proclaiming themselves as the vanguard of “Higher Consciousness” that is showing in all those who petition the government for unrestricted mass immigration (regardless of how incompatible the cultures), more equal than equal rights for women, and to give Black Lives Matter the reparations money they want.

Social media has seemed to only exacerbate this problem.  I see many well-meaning folks who post and re-post isolated quotes and memes (which tend to have no context) from various representatives of Neo-Marxist  socio-political philosophy, quite often with little real knowledge or understanding of the history and philosophies that these quite-often secular atheistic ‘humanists’ represent.  These well-meaning individuals instead take these quotes to mean what they want them to, rather than what they actually do according to the actual philosophical ideologies they stem from.

Unfortunately many of these well-meaning Baby-Boomer folks (sorry, but I gotta pick on the Boomers for this one) seem to be using a playbook from 1970.  Many of these Boomers (particularly that California-esque stock) don’t seem to realize that the movements they supported back then (some of which arguably had some real legitimacy) have LONG since swung out of balance, creating mutated degenerate ideological offspring that are almost unrecognizable from what Baby Boomers marched for and affirmed as virtuous nearly half a century ago.

Marxism is only designed to destroy, not build.  The desire of the Baby Boomer “radicals” seems to have been to dismantle what they saw as an “unjust society”.  Whatever merits that sentiment may or may not have doesn’t even matter, as it is ultimately not the destruction of the modern West I am all that concerned with.  The problem here is that the degenerate philosophies of Neo-Marxism are not just socially corrosive, but are ultimately corrosive and toxic for the spiritual growth and empowerment of the individual as well as the collective.  No one ever reached enlightenment by bitching about how oppressed they were.  And no one ever helped anyone reach enlightenment by telling them they were a helpless, faultless victim.

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Namaste and God Bless.





“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

  • Matthew 12:25

It’s almost impossible to walk through any inner-Portland neighborhood and not see at least one of the above-pictured signs adorning someone’s lawn.  The signs themselves are the product of a group called “Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX” (PDX being the airport abbreviation for Portland) and came about as a reaction to the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.  The group itself was formed to “actively resist the xenophobia, racism, misogyny, ableism, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Earth platform and policies of the new administration.”

The Nasty Women and their supporters view these various “anti-isms” as the antithesis of what they see as “their America”, and warranted or not, President Trump became the symbol of these things.  But the real problem with all of this “Our America” business lies in that the America that exists (or is desired to exist) for those that sport this sign does not represent the America and the American ideals of many, many of their fellow Americans.

America has become a nation so diverse in values and ideologies that it no longer really has any.  There is no longer any sort of real unifying common overarching mythos or set of ideals to unite the American people.  Meanwhile the old unifying values of freedom, liberty and self-reliance, along with the mythos of the Founding Fathers are quite-often scoffed at by those who see the aforementioned things as relics of a “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy“.  The leaders from this school of thought have long-sought to replace the old American mythos with one that is a complete inversion of the original.

Although the new American mythos has its origins with the Neo-Marxist cultural revolution of the 1960s, the roots of the rift in ideology goes back to before the American Civil War and stems from the differences between urban industrial society and rural agricultural society.  The modern left-leaning “liberal” ideology comes forth from the cosmopolitanism of urban society and reflects the needs, desires and values of such a society.  Meanwhile, the modern right-leaning “conservative” ideology derives from the homogeneity of rural society and reflects the needs, desires and values the people within it.

However, when the needs and values of one group clash with another, conflict arises, and with conflict there is the inevitable creation of the “enemy”.  This is what happened with the Civil War and only continued through the 20th century and the rise of Hollywood and the saturation of Neo-Marxism throughout academia and the media.  The white rural “redneck” is consistently portrayed as being the lowest form of humanity, possessing the both most ridiculous and vile character traits by Hollywood and pop-culture, as well as the “news” media.

This cultural rift is what led to the so-called “whitelash” that caused so many urban and urban-minded Americans to experience a severe and traumatic cognitive dissonance, as they were faced with the shock that the America and the “American values” they believed in (the ones that are portrayed as near-monolithic by the media and academia) is NOT the America that a large section of fellow Americans want or believe in.  This in turn led to said section of Americans being labelled as “wrong” in their morality by a less-than-humble establishment media and their parrots in social media.

However, I would argue that this ultimately isn’t a matter of anyone being ignorant, immoral or “evil”, but rather yet another affirmation that the virtues and ideals of urban cosmopolitan society are NOT universal and do not work for those who live in rural America (despite the haughty ivory tower pundits who insist they do).

When the virtues and ideals of one party don’t align with the other, that means the relationship isn’t working.  So how long do you stay in a relationship with someone whose values are the polar opposite of yours?  How long do you stay in a relationship that is filled with resentment?

How long can America maintain this relationship that isn’t working?  And how long should it?

Namaste and God Bless.




“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

  • Galatians 6:7

“The Law of Karma is also called the Law of Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction and ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’.”

  • Sham Hinduja

Agriculture concept, wheat in hands and green field


A lot of people get offended by the views and opinions I express here, as well as those I express across various social media platforms.  This has led to numerous online debates and conflicts with not only your typical ANTIFA and SJW-type folks, but with folks within my own Esoteric/Gnostic Christian Order.  The increasing controversy surrounding the various positions I espouse to has ultimately culminated in my being discharged from the position of service I held in the spiritual community I was a part of.  This dismissal was at the behest of the master teacher, who requested I no longer serve in the sanctuary, although still welcomed me to attend services and classes as a congregant.

In hindsight, I could see this split coming from a mile away, even though it still hit me pretty hard when he requested I step down.  And while my sermons were typically pretty tame and more esoteric/universalist in nature (although I did incorporate Nietzsche into a sermon once), it was what I was saying outside Sunday services that was often running counter to what the rest of the group went with.  This was creating conflict with multiple members of the group who could not reconcile how someone who said the things I said could also be a priest in the Order.

There are certain expectations many people have for spiritual leaders in New Age-type circles.  Unfortunately, one of these is the unspoken expectation that we should be in full agreement with the Liberal/Marxist ideals that pervade our modern culture (especially here on the American west coast).  And if you aren’t necessarily in full agreement, you should certainly not speak aggressively in counter to them- especially when it has anything to do with race or any of the other more controversial topics I tend to speak on.

But nevertheless, the more vocal I became with my views, the more people within the group became upset when they found out that I was an ordained priest within that Order.  I was no longer in full agreement with what the master teacher saw as the mission of the group he was leading.  I had unintentionally become a subversive element within the group, the bulk of which consists of Liberal baby-boomer, ex-hippie types.  And through my conversations with these folks, many tend to carry the sorts of Liberal/PC ideals and beliefs you would ascribe to that particular group.  This does not exactly describe me, so it made sense that I should step away from a leadership role, which for the time being, has equated to me stepping away from any kind of role.  And while there is no “de-frocking” within the Order- i.e. I am not ex-communicated and will remain an ordained priest until my death (and beyond), I am just now sans congregation.

The really interesting thing about what has become the dominant socio-political ideology represented in the members of my ordaining Order, is that the founder of the Order, Father Paul Blighton, was known for his favoritism towards J. Edgar Hoover and owning a copy of “None Dare Call It Treason”- a book written by famous American Protestant anti-Communist author and former Council for National Policy member, John A. Stormer.  In this book, Stormer warns America about the Communist infiltration of American society, politics and culture- something that turned out to be true in a number of ways.  Jewish-American intellectual and critic, Richard Hofstadter called the book a “masterful piece of folkish propaganda.”

A man from their grandparents’ generation, Father Paul’s socio-political leanings seemed to contrast the “peace, love and social justice” baby-boomers that studied and were ordained under him.  Father Paul was bringing the essence of what had begun to manifest during the various New Thought and Occult Revival movements of the pre-World War II era that were based off a sort of infusion of Hermeticism and Eastern spirituality, to a wider, younger audience.

However, what seemed to happen in many respects is what happened to the New Age movement as a whole, which was that it got diluted with the Neo-Marxist social programming that the baby-boomer generation were the real beta-test subjects for.  Father Paul’s message appeared to become mixed with the message of Cloward and Piven and “A Course In Miracles”, creating what at times appears to be a sort of dissonance of thought and an incompatibility of ideology.  This seems to have become magnified in this new more polarized political paradigm we seem to have entered.

Of course, from the perspective of Self none of this really matters, but when it comes to doing functional work in the world of duality and manifestation that we live in, it quite often does.


The biggest areas I have found myself in disagreement with what seems to be the majority of the members of my ordaining Order has been my position on socio-political things like equality, rights, privilege, racism, multiculturalism, and the overall moral stance of the “Regressive Left”- and the belief that holding to these ideals is somehow synonymous with spiritual virtue.  My position continues to be that these ideals are little more than abstractions- fabrications that do not exist in any true form.  Not only do I contend that these ideals do not exist outside of utopian fantasy, but I argue that the constant attempt to force them to exist runs counter to the Laws of Nature and Creation whose function it is to keep all things in balance and harmony.


Social justice and the notion of “privilege” (i.e. white male privilege) have their roots in Neo-Marxist Critical Theory.  The basis of this thought is that there is a class of “oppressors” and a class of the “oppressed” (i.e. victims).  The oppressors are traditionally whites, and in particular white men and the “white male patriarchy”.  It is this group that Critical Theory describes the need to re-educate so that they do not oppress, while the “oppressed” are completely blameless and faultless.

The idea of “privilege” in Neo-Marxist theory is incompatible with the notion of karma.  Wellesley professor Peggy McIntosh- the lady who essentially defined the modern concept of “white privilege”; describes this as an “invisible package of unearned assets”.  If we understand karma, we understand that NOTHING we have in this life- good or bad- is “unearned”.  The only wrong done when it comes to “privilege” is when we don’t have gratitude for our situation.

The founder of the Order, Father Paul Blighton, when asked the question, “Why do some people seem superior to others?”; had the following response:

“We begin each incarnation where we left off in the last, and a little higher.  If the last one ended with high aspirations, with no hatred, no injustices, or cruelties, then early in this incarnation this higher development has to manifest, regardless of the station in life, the environment or outer education.  In this sense we are not all born equal, because our present life is due to a great extent to what we made it in our last incarnation.  There are those who start early in this life to overcome the bad effects of the last incarnation, and finally end this one in a much higher state than they came into it… Past experiences have become amalgamated into the reality of what we are.”

But despite this very clear position that we essentially have and get what we deserve in life, a great many members of the Order and the New Age community continue to pay lip service and attempt to give legitimacy to the concept of “white privilege” and its relation to the “oppression” of minorities.

The definition of white privilege is a direct contradiction to the law of karma and the teaching that we reap what we sow.  This notion that we do not earn what we have, good or bad, is contradictory to spiritual teaching and the notion that our lives are the result of our living prayer.  Unless we believe in an unjust universe where karmic law does not exist, how can any “privilege” carried by an individual or group of individuals be unearned or unfair?


The idea behind karma is that there is Justice in the highest, most true sense woven into the fabric of creation itself; and that it is self-regulating like the processes of the human body, as we are a microcosm of the larger processes of Nature and Creation.

Many esoteric traditions, including my own, also acknowledge the existence of freedom of choice and free will when it comes to the situations of our lives.  This not only has to do with our chosen actions or thoughts and what those will bring to us, but the idea that on the Other Side before incarnation, we have a certain amount of choice as to the experiences and tests we will be put through that are not necessarily part of any karmic debt.


Now, it is worth noting that it is known in many esoteric circles that karmic debt can be absolved in this lifetime by manners other than suffering and tribulation.  And there are even methods of lessening the karmic impact of intentions through use of proxies and patsies, most of the general public remains ignorant of these things.

And since we do reap the fruits of the thoughts and deeds we sow in this life and the previous one(s), there are no real victims in this world, only volunteers.  In the cause and effect scenarios of our day-to-day life, this rings true for every physically and mentally capable adult.  Our lives are the summation of our choices and deeds.  When we squander opportunities or make poor, lazy, or ignorant choices and act on these, we suffer and we do not thrive.  You choose whether you will work that easy, low-paying job or figure out how to be an entrepreneur.  You choose to spend your money on a new flat screen TV or a new I-phone rather than saving it, or investing it something that will benefit you and/or your family in a more long-term and meaningful way.  You choose whether you act like an  self-respecting adult or a self-absorbed child.

From a spiritual perspective, and from the teachings of my own spiritual lineage, it is argued that we ultimately choose what we will experience in this life from the perspective of Soul/Self.  Now we are not just talking about karmic baggage from past lives, but the actual gaming out of a life mission of sorts in the higher realms before incarnation.  We choose much of what we experience from the perspective of an undying Soul and Self that can never truly be harmed or destroyed.  Remember, from the perspective of the eternal Self/Soul, suffering, oppression and death don’t really matter as they have no effect on the Self, which is eternal and unchanging.

Now there are some that are somewhat uncomfortable with this hardline karmic perspective.  These are people who are easily caught up in the emotions of suffering and ask me questions such as:

Would you be comfortable telling a child who lost a parent or a person whose family member was killed through some act of brutality, or a child tormented daily by bullies that it’s their own fault that they are suffering, because they asked for it and wanted to have it happen?”

To which I reply:

No, that would serve no useful purpose except to further traumatize the child. A child cannot emotionally process and understand things in a way an adult can (although sadly a great deal of modern adults are emotionally children). That’s why we typically delay talking to children about complex issues. You teach the child how to cultivate strength and cope with these things in a healthy and productive manner so they don’t fall into a cycle of victimhood for the rest of their lives, perpetuating their own trauma.”

But I will not treat adults like children- regardless of their emotional capacities.  Adults need to understand the consequences pf their actions (or inactions) and learn to accept them, not be shielded from them.  It is this acceptance of hardness of reality and the weight our decisions truly hold, that breeds strength to rise above our shortcomings and understand just how much power we really have.

And while it is appealing to that part of ourselves that identifies with “the victim”, this Critical Theory/Social Justice belief system is just that- a belief system.  It is the low-hanging fruit that those who might seek to embody true compassion and justice can grab onto and keep company with those who care little about spiritual development and seek to do little more than lament about their own victimhood and perceived powerlessness.  This is done while seeking to take away the free will of those they see as their “oppressors”- as all social justice-inspired policies inevitably seek to do.  On the other end, those who have been indoctrinated to believe that they are part of this “oppressor class”, have the sort of “original sin” complex that you described.

Ultimately, Neo-Marxism and all of its fruits lack any sort of spiritual foundation or practice, but rather seek to change behavior through a form of human “dog-training”, while using subtle nuances, doublespeak, and schoolyard-style peer-pressure and bullying.  This has resulted in a sort of dogmatic neurosis among “believers”.

As far as my feelings surrounding oppression, I am not denying that certain forces and institutions exist, which I have discussed in depth in the past.  However, the effect they have on us is less out of our hands then we think.  And let’s be clear that I have never said anywhere that the people that run things are necessarily doing so because of “good karma” in a moral sense. They run things because they are focused and tireless in their intent and “mission”; they understand how to utilize the Law of Manifestation in a way others do not; there is not an element of their psyche that disagrees with their moral convictions or their actions- and inner unity is the key to utilizing the Law of Manifestation; and they know the value of using other people to do the real dirty work, thus skirting a good deal of moral karma and passing it onto the patsies.

We need to understand that when we’re talking about “karma”, what we’re ultimately talking about is the Law of Cause and Effect, which, like the other Laws and Principles, works on a level beyond our own limited self-interested senses of morality.


It was taught in my Order that one should not necessarily move out of sense of guilt, obligation, or pity and give money to a homeless man, as we are not privy to his karma or mission of his soul.  Rather we are encouraged to listen to the voice of Self for guidance as to how to proceed as it knows truth.

When charity is mechanized through bureaucratic processes and corrupted through special interests in both the government and many of the large philanthropic organizations, it becomes a mockery of itself.  In the case of government in particular, “charity” is typically collected in the form of taxes, which are ultimately enforced by threat of violence.  This process entirely removes the free will and communication with Self that was present in the scenario of the homeless man.

It is important to understand, as anyone who has gone from “rags to riches” will undoubtedly attest, poverty is first and foremost a state of mind.  Anyone who grew up around poor people or were poor themselves can attest to the way that poor people tend to gravitate towards material status symbols to give themselves comfort in an illusion of wealth.  Often, they will prioritize obtaining these things rather than seriously working to understand how money works and how to get themselves out of the cycle of poverty.  Now I will admit this may be considerably more difficult in places like Africa, and parts of Asia and Latin America, but in the western world, there are no excuses except your own- regardless of your race, ethnicity or gender.

For many, these things I say may come off as cold and insensitive, as I am basically stating that people have their lot in life through Divine Justice.  To some, this is reminiscent to many of the Hindu caste system where the poor were understood to be poor because of karmic debt, and therefore, they must not be helped or aided in any way.  Karma is understood to be the “effect” in the Principle of Cause and Effect.

And while I do see the poor as being poor due to the choices mad in this and previous lifetimes; I do NOT believe that this means we should under no circumstances work to help them alleviate their suffering.  We are here to help one another up Jacob’s Ladder towards human godliness.  However, I am of the school of thought that teaching a man to fish is FAR more beneficial to him and the world than simply giving him a fish.



In Zoroastrianism, the ancient Aryan religion of Persia founded by a sage from the Caucasus Mountains named Zarathustra; there exists a philosophy of “Vairya”, which translates to “Desirable Dominion”.  This comes from taking the principle of Asha, which is thinking and understanding that is in alignment with Cosmic Order and applying it to a justly governed society.  This principle was promoted by figures like the legendary Persian emperor, Cyrus the Great.

Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire, was renowned for his extraordinary humanitarianism.  Unlike most other imperial conquerors, Cyrus never plundered or had mass-executions, and would actually improve the living conditions of the subjugated populations.  His reputation proceeded him to such an extent that in some cases when Cyrus would come through, the soldiers of targeted area would lay down their arms as they knew Cyrus was going to improve their living conditions and treat them better than the despot that currently ruled.

While Cyrus the Great is often referred to as the founder of human rights, this idea becomes conflated when comparing it to our modern definition of the term.  Cyrus’ policy was very much rooted in the Zoroastrian ethos and worldview, which was essentially a demand for improvement and pressure for the human being to strive for greatness and even godliness.  This idea contrasts the modern notion that you are entitled certain things regardless of the effort one puts into self-improvement and service- i.e. you “get” without having to “give”.  When Cyrus worked to better the lives of the peoples he conquered, it was with the understanding that he was giving these people the tools to help embody the principle of “Spenta Mainyu” in themselves.

Spenta Mainyu” in Zoroastrianism is said to be the main essence of their primary deity, Ahura Mazda (whose name translates to ‘Titan of Wisdom’) and is represented by the eternal flame.  This flame is understood to be Promethean in nature and is the fire of innovation and the creative principle.  Zoroastrian practitioners seek to embody this Spenta Mainyu through the conscientious free choice to champion the progressive advancement of cosmically-aligned wisdom and knowledge on the Earth.  This philosophy is ultimately about taking personal responsibility for the ascension of humanity and giving humans the tools they need to do that.

The idea here is that we look to “raise up” others by giving them the tools they need to raise up themselves, as there is an obligation to cultivate this consciousness of Spenta Mainyu and create the utopia of the Desirable Dominion where we have a society of sages dedicated to living according to Natural Law Principles.  Again, this idea is completely removed from the modern conversation around rights and welfare, where people are “owed” without the obligation to contribute anything more than finance through taxation.

There was also the understanding that the justly governed empire was akin to a walled garden, and required “weeding”, i.e. the removable of incompatible or subversive elements that were incongruent to the values espoused by Spenta Mainyu and Its Six Rays which were Cosmic Order, Best Thinking, Desirable Dominion, Wholeness, Ever-Deepening Serenity, and Vitality.  In other words, there was only a “right” to live within the Desirable Dominion if you lived in accordance with its Principles- you do not have “rights” to the fruits of the Dominion simply because you exist.  While it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom, we do not just get it bestowed upon us without some amount of effort and striving on our part.


This desire for equity of chance and equality of outcome stems from the desire to be rid of the Natural Law Principle of Cause and Effect that seems to cause man so much discomfort.  This Principle works to assure stability, order and Ultimate Justice in the Kosmos.  It is also a driving force behind life, death, and the forces of Nature that man has so long attempted to shield himself from to an ever-greater degree.

While it can’t be denied that the ability to ensure steady supply of food, shelter and overall social stability has allowed man to not only survive, but thrive; it is also hard to deny honestly that this natural inclination has led to a sort of neurosis in “civilized” humanity to shield itself from certain processes of nature that it perceives threatens not only the existence of their physical bodies, but the things that it is attached to.

These attachments are those possessions, institutions and beliefs that the various segments of the human population believe is a part of itself.  The natural processes that threaten these attachments and institutions include death, disease, famine, weather and natural disasters, as well as the more basic primal and tribal nature of man’s own being.

However, humanity, particularly those of us in the west it seems, wish to ultimately shield ourselves from the consequences of our own choices and actions.  This desire to remain unaccountable can be found at the upper echelons of government and corporate institutions, all the way down the individual who is on homeless or state assistance, and everywhere in between to varying degrees.

It is the perspective of these “lower castes” that the ideologies of both Marxism AND Judeo-Christianity seeks to appeal to.  This victim theology and slave morality has been used for centuries to create a world of people who are little more than physically mature children- emotional, entitled, self-centered and disconnected from the Laws of Nature.

We must counter this impulse towards our lower nature by moving in the opposite direction towards institution of a natural aristocracy.  Here we seek to become the greatest version of ourselves we can be, while seeking to raise up our brothers and sisters in our spheres of association and influence.  I believe EVERYONE is capable of this in some form or fashion.

In the end, having a world where we are all striving to be as warriors, sages and priest kings (or queens) is going to be a far more positive and productive one than a world where our only aspirations are to be taken care of like children and to make sure we ‘get what we deserve’- because we already do.


Namaste and God Bless.

“I recognize the manifestation of undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life”

– from the Qabalistic Tarot affirmation prayer, ‘This is Truth about the Self’


“These stories are intricate and complicated — far more so than reality or official explanations”

  • University of Miami political science professor Joseph Uscinski


As many have heard by now, major news outlets have reported that this past Sunday, a man by the name of Edgar Maddison Welch brought a pistol as well as an AR-15 assault rifle (there’s that evil gun again) to Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington DC.  Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident, while “official” reports state that Welch told police officers that he had “read online that the Comet restaurant was harboring child sex slaves and that he wanted to see for himself if they were there. He stated that he was armed to help rescue them. He surrendered peacefully when he found no evidence that underage children were being harbored in the restaurant.”

As bizarre as the whole scenario sounds on the surface, it has become a capstone in the new war on “fake news”- a talking point that began during the election and the growing concern over the movement behind Trump.  This was publicly addressed by President Obama and has been literally parroted by every major news outlet.  This narrative has been carried to the point of comprising a literal list of alleged “fake news” sites– which lists satire news sites like “The Onion” alongside anti-globalism news sites like “Infowars”.


The main target of this new campaign against “fake news” are what are labeled “conspiracy theories”.  Now this is a term that is thrown around A LOT.  In fact, CNN recently published an article online in response to the Comet Ping Pong incident entitled “Why people believe conspiracy theories like ‘pizza gate’”.  After outlining the incident, the article’s author, Gregory Krieg goes into what could best be described as an emotional mini-rant- something that is sadly more and more commonplace in supposed “real news” today:

The flourishes of the conspiracy theory pursued by Edgar Maddison Welch, a bogus and convoluted tale that casts Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats as the leaders of a child sex ring, are no more or less profane than so many others bouncing around the internet’s seedier corners.”

The article then taps social psychology (which is struggling with credibility) and political science (uuum, yeah…) professors who conclude that one of the main “problems” with the discernment of “real” and “fake” news has to do with the saturation of information since the revolution of the internet and then social media.  A major complaint in the campaign against “fake news” has been the ability for alleged “fake news” outlets to create the same sort of echo-chamber effect that mainstream media has had a monopoly on for the last several decades.

After lamenting about conspiracy theories “coming out of the closet”, so to speak, the CNN article moves into a sub-headline entitled “Preying on weakness and creating the ‘other’”, where Krieg begins with another horrendously biased mini-rant on supposed conspiracy theories:

The most prominent channels may change over the decades, but the insidious nature of the misinformation spreading these days is not fundamentally different from the lies peddled a half-century ago.”

Krieg then consults University of Utah history professor Bob Goldberg who describes these “conspiracy theories” as “an antidote to powerlessness because giving the responsibility, pointing the finger, targeting someone gives people a sense that they know what’s happening.”

After which, Krieg throws his summation in there stating, “Conspiracy theories tend to spring from those two prominent desires — creating a feeling of control where it doesn’t exist and defining an enemy where it is absent or difficult to define.

The article then moves on to portray “conspiracy theorists” as “bullying and hurtful” people who are “trying to silence the victims and survivors of horrendous tragedies”, according to Abby Clements, who claims to have been working as a second-grade teacher during the infamous Sandy Hook event.

The article refers to “pizza gate” as an “invention” to make what one can only glean from this article as the otherwise faultless Hillary Clinton and her associates as what Professor Goldberg refers to as “your enemy” and “the other“.

Professor Goldberg explains how this reasoning is used to elevate this “other” as someone “who has committed treason, someone who has betrayed the country,” deserving to be “punished”.  Because nothing ever came out that would have ever suggested that Hillary Clinton or her associates did anything that resembled treason…

The article closes by expressing the need for more effective “fact checkers” and cites the example of Lt. General Flynn- a supporter of Trump- committing a logical fallacy, which is ironic because the article was full of them, such as ad hominem and appeal to authority.

If anything, this article, with its periodic emotional rants and lamenting of “conspiracy theorists” as intolerant bullies who are trying to “silence” people is both a wonderful example of psychological projection and as well as a great snapshot of the sad creature mainstream journalism has become and why people are moving to supposed “fake news” sites for their information.  If anything, this article should be re-written and re-named as “Why people don’t believe CNN”.


A conspiracy is defined as “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful”.

A conspiracy theory is defined as “an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy without warrant, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors. Conspiracy theories often produce hypotheses that contradict the prevailing understanding of history or simple facts. The term is a derogatory one.”

Note that the term is referred to as “derogatory”, which means a “critical or disrespectful attitude”.

A “conspiracy theorist” is defined as “a person who holds a theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups

According to Florida State University professor Lance deHaven-Smith’s 2013 book “Conspiracy Theory in America”, the phrase conspiracy theory was deployed in the 1960s by the CIA to discredit people who questioned the official story around the JFK assassination, which was most famously questioned in the Oliver Stone film, “JFK”.  Now, this action in and of itself was technically illegal, as the CIA was not supposed to be operating domestically, although this was revealed to most certainly be the case with the Church Committee Hearings.  Of course, now, with the repeal of the propaganda ban back in 2013, government-created news is now legal, putting the U.S., led by the CIA, on par with the most esteemed journalism that was found in authoritarian paradises like the Soviet Union and East Germany.

Over the years, many things have been labelled “conspiracy theories” that were later revealed to be actual fact, such as La Cosa Nostra, the information in the Pentagon Papers, CIA drug running (Iran Contra), the Federal Reserve being run by private banking interests or the fact that the Bilderberg Meeting was an actual thing.  And while there are certainly wild ones out there literally based in outer space, the reality of people in high places meeting in secret and doing illegal and immoral things is a fact of history and a fact of life.

Does this mean there is one monolithic group out there running everything? No. The world is made up of groups of people who vie for their own interests, whatever they may be. Some are certainly more powerful and exert more control and influence than others, but that is the basis of it. And when said interests converge with that of other groups, these groups will often work together. The “goodness” or “badness” often lies in the fact that the interests of these groups are very different from what yours or mine may be- and sometimes that difference in interest means our own ability to thrive or even survive.

For example, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal was negotiated in secret by corporate boards and came out piece by piece that it was designed to strictly serve the interests of multinational corporations and override any laws that would stop it.  Now this can and should to be understood to be detrimental to large groups of people and the lands they inhabit.  However, if you are on the other side, this deal may be helping you provide what you see is a better life for yourself and people you care about- even if that’s a relatively small number of people.  And knowing that people may attempt to derail the deal that is beneficial for you and your group, obviously operating in secret is the best way to go.

These things aren’t “conspiracy theory”- they are the machinations of history and human nature, as well as business.  This is how the world of men works, and will continue to until something beyond what we have ever seen or known happens.


In regards to “Pizza gate”, I must admit that I have intentionally been keeping from reading or listening to much about it because I find the topic of child sex trafficking extremely upsetting.  However, the sad fact is that the rich and powerful been caught involved in pedophilia and sex-trafficking numerous times over the years.

Most have already forgot about Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney grilling Donald Rumsfeld over major arms manufacturers like DynCorp being involved in sex trafficking or the numerous accounts of child sex abuse in the entertainment industry.

While it is certainly true that people will make loose correlations to explain things, it is also true that they will want to explain away that which makes them very, very uncomfortable. And if the idea of the people we have placed on pedestals as being the leaders of culture and society does not make you very, very uncomfortable, then I don’t know what does.

Now I don’t know the full story around Edgar Maddison Welch, other than the fact he was/is an actor and that he has served to shift some public focus away from stories of high crimes within the DC beltway elite and shift it toward the “dangers” of “fake news”.  As a rule, I am always skeptical when it comes to these “shooter” stories- especially when they occur at politically convenient times.

The mainstream media has been caught lying and spreading misinformation over and over and over (remember those weapons of mass destruction?), making this whole “fake news” campaign extremely ironic.  And while they lament against those who believe in “conspiracy theories” that target the favored sons and daughters of DC, they push their own conspiracy theory around Russian influence and intrigue to the point where the House of Representatives have quietly passed a bill to counter Russian “fake news” and its “reporters”.  Many of the accused Russian fake news agents are American Alt-Right and anti-globalism outlets.

Meanwhile mainstream pundits are calling for a sort of re-education in order to combat this “fake news” and counteract its “goal” according to CNN, which is to “erode trust in mainstream media, public figures, government institutions”- which of course has not happened organically due to said figures and institutions being caught lying and obfuscating repeatedly.

All of this should have anyone who believes in free speech a bit worried.

Regardless, let’s say we take the story of Comet Ping Pong gunman incident for absolute truth.  The real problem then is not “conspiracy theories”, but how people take and handle information- any information they receive.  This then becomes a larger issue of emotional maturity and grounded-ness, stemming from living in a society that has veered far from any sort of basis in nature and nurture of true human nature as well as potential.  These are not problems that can be resolved by censorship and corporate government strong-arming

Three years ago, the shooter who opened fire at a conservative lobbying group, Floyd Lee Corkins, cited his reasoning as being that they were on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate group watch list, which is accepted by many people to be a “legitimate” source of information.

The reality is that there will always be unbalanced people out there, but strictly using guilt by association to discredit a stream or source of information, whatever that may be, is error.


In response to the aforementioned CNN article, my teacher and mentor wrote the following:

We need to develop true discernment and not knee-jerk react to postings that titillate or support our biases. All of us on every side of every issue!

People are instinctively drawn to whatever supports the worldview and belief system they hold, and deem “un-credible” that which does not. That is human psychology and human nature.  However, worldviews can be expanded, but that can only happen from within the individual.

I traversed the political landscape personally and professionally over the years, and in so doing, I learned how to take truth and commonalities from news and articles from the gamut of sources- Democrat, Socialist, Libertarian, Anarchist, Christian Conservative, mainline Republican, Alt-Right, Ethno-Nationalist, and a whole slew of “conspiracy” sites.  No one perspective or political ideology has a monopoly on truth- or falsehood.  This is yet another application of “separating the wheat from the chaff”.

Now I understand that this can be hard for a lot of people, as our attachment to various fears, beliefs, and identities can prevent us from hearing or reading what seems to be diametrically opposed to what we may have been taught is “good” and “true”.  But black and white thinking is not a strength, and all things have positive and negative within them.  Ignoring and writing off information as complete lies and BS simply based on the source is error- this is even true when it comes from the mainstream media.  What typically is presented is not so simple as truth or lies, it is quite often a mixture of the two.

But regardless of all that, while we need true full-spectrum discernment and use of critical thinking, it is perhaps even more crucial that we maintain control of the emotional reactions that we may have to what we read or hear.  We cannot control what anyone says or does, but we can and must learn to control our own actions.  True freedom requires that we act rather than re-act.  In order to do this we must learn how to stay centered in Self/Higher Power, or at least learn how to move to that place as quickly as possible.

We are living in exciting and tumultuous times now, so it is more important than ever that we stay grounded in the reality of Nature and Creation, and that Ultimate Reality that exists beyond all of it.  Let us have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Namaste and God Bless.


“The desire to destroy Germany is not new. For over 300 years England and France have fought against Germany’s right to consolidate its states… Hate against Germany has been taught for centuries… We do not teach our people hate against the British or French. But in their countries they are relentless with their hate campaigns. One day these brain-washed people will become the new government and then Germany will not know what hit it. This is why I am building up a defense.”
– Adolph Hitler: speech at the Sportpalast Berlin on January, 30th 1940


The Germanic Folk Spirit has played a special role in the history of humanity.  For those not familiar, a “Folk Spirit” is a collective informing consciousness of a people created through genetics, metagenetics and the unique interaction between the Earth and the Heavenly Bodies in an area of prolonged generational habitation.  If one looks at history, one might see what was a sort of consciousness “counter-current”.  The philosophy of spirituality, science, and society coming out of Germany differed from that of the dominant “empire” at the time, be it Rome, London or Washington D.C.  In one way or another, the Germanic peoples and the Germanic Folk Spirit have competed with the sort of materialistic and monopolistic philosophies of the Roman Empire (The Caesars and the Vatican), the British Empire, and later the American Empire, as well as others who shared their philosophies and ideologies.

Since at least the Middle Ages (and undoubtedly before that), the land of the Rhine and Danube Rivers has produced some of the greatest artists, musicians, scientists, alchemists and mystics the world has ever seen.  It is this land that gave birth to Meister Eckhart, Christian Rosenkreutz, Paracelsus, Bohme, Luther, Goethe, Hegel, Nietzsche, Steiner, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Schauberger, and many others.  Author Jonathan Black speaks of a certain spiritual impulse that rose out of the Germanic lands (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as well as parts of Belgium and France):

As.. materialism.. took root and spread, the opposing impulse arose in Germany- an idealism alive to the varieties, the subtleties and the anomalies of the human experience.  The great tradition of idealism in German philosophy includes Johann Georg Hamann, known as ‘the Magus in the North’, Fichte, Schelling, and later Rudolf Steiner…”

During World War II, this beautiful German land was scorched, incinerating men, women, children, the elderly, as well as a host of animal and plant life.  The horrors enacted upon the German civilian population by the combination of the bombings and the pillage, rape and torture by the Red Army produced incredible trauma in the psyche of the German people.  The suffering would continue for those east of the “Iron Curtain” for decades after half of Europe was essentially given to the Soviets.

The common narrative around the beginning of World War II in Europe is that “Germany started it” to fulfill super villain, Adolf Hitler’s “mad dream” of world domination and an Aryan Empire.  It is taught that this was Hitler’s goal from the get go, and that he re-armed massively during the build up to the war in order to accomplish this vision.  However, this was not exactly the case.  Contrary to popular belief, Hitler did not assign priority to the manufacturing of military hardware prior to the outbreak of World War II, but rather focused on things like housing construction and improving conditions for the German working man and his family.  Likewise, international trade and economic restrictions imposed on Germany  after the NSDAP came to power made a massive arms build-up a little challenging.


When the war finally broke out, Hitler and the NSDAP used strategy, not sheer military might, to gain the upper-hand during the early part of the war. By and large, much of Hitler’s “advances” into countries like Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland were in fact taking back territory that was held by Germany before the World War I and the implementation of the Treaty of Versailles. Many within were former German citizens who were welcoming reunification with Germany.  And while some may argue that Germany’s actions of moving into Poland and France was a “power grab” (and in some ways it was)again, these nations both held territory whose populations were ethnically German, and belonged to Germany prior to the Treaty of Versailles, and it was these regions that were occupied by Germany, while the areas that were not being “taken back”, remained under the governance of Poland and France.

As far as Poland, Germany technically only took back the pre-Treaty of Versailles German territory where ethnic Germans still lived, while leaving the rest of Poland to be run by the Polish government. Likewise, Germany had a “non-aggression” pact with Stalin, who also invaded Poland around the same time as Hitler while Britain turned a blind eye (Britain declared war on Germany for invading Poland). It was when Hitler found that Stalin had plans to launch a full on invasion of Europe that he launched the ill-fated preemptive strike on Communist Russia.


Hitler would see the encroachment of Communist uprisings across Europe coupled with the advancement of Stalin’s forces as reason for Germany to step up as a defender of Europe and leader in a sort of united Pan-Europeanism. Of course, the German occupation of European nations would have been done first and foremost to protect Germany from the Soviets, many of the “Nazi sympathizers” within the leadership of nations like Finland, Hungary and France, shared the NSDAP concern of advancing Communist power and willingly allied with Germany, seeing it as a strong leader in the fight against Communism. Of course at the end of the day, motives and reactions to Germany’s exertion of influence varied across occupied Europe.


By the end of the war, it would be the Communist Red Army that was allowed to march into Germany, raping and pillaging everywhere they went. This was something that severely upset U.S. General Patton, who could have taken Berlin before the Red Army in a much more humane fashion, but was not allowed to by Allied Commanding General Eisenhower. After the war, Patton became increasingly outspoken of his criticism of the Communist Russians and the fact they had essentially been given half of Europe. Shortly after the war, Patton died in a hospital in Germany after a minor vehicle accident. Many believe he was killed to silence him. In Patton’s diary, he recorded a correspondence between him and French General Alphonse Juin who told Patton:

It is indeed unfortunate, mon General, that the English and the Americans have destroyed in Europe the only sound country – and I do not mean France. Therefore, the road is now open for the advent of Russian communism.

German cities were absolutely leveled by the ferocious carpet bombing of the British and American forces. The supply rail lines were bombed out and the labor camps like Auschwitz that provided most of the raw supplies needed for the war effort were falling into chaos due to pandemic outbreaks of Typhus (which was spread by lice in particular) and the inability to get food and medical supplies. The German military was suffering massive casualties to the point where the NSDAP was recruiting youths and elderly men to fight to defend Germany from the advancing Communist hordes. In the end, though, NSDAP Germany would fall, and the Nuremberg “Show-Trials” would use torture and outlandish and unreliable “testimony” to make Germany an example to the world.


After the war, Europe was utterly devastated, and since then, no European nation has risen to the status that Germany did prior to the war. The creation of the E.U., which essentially signs on member nations to a shared debt (owned by Jewish-founded banking establishments like Goldman-Sachs) and rule by an unelected bureaucracy, ensures this. Likewise, the utter despair that dwelled behind the Communist “Iron Curtain” dwarfed anything that the Fascists or the NSDAP had created. This further served to weaken and demoralize Europe as did the U.S.-N.A.T.O. organized false flag terror campaigns created fear and instability in the heart of Europe for years after the war. Destabilization is a tried-and-true tactic of globalism to take out any potential resistance or competition.

While some may argue that Hitler was intentionally put into power by the actions of the banking establishment, the overwhelming historical evidence suggests that this can only be seen as true if it was done by proxy- which is that Hitler and the NSDAP were co-opted and infiltrated by agents working for the International Banking interests and somehow manipulated unwittingly into taking actions that would create conditions for another war. This would have been steered by those who wanted a Second World War to achieve what the First World War did not, i.e. a permanent global governing body (i.e. the United Nations) and the establishment of the State of Israel, among other things.

Likewise, there are those who sight Hitler’s relationship with Bernhard Stempfle, a Catholic Priest (critic of Jewish atheism and alleged Jesuit) who  helped Hitler write “Mein Kampf” as proof that Hitler was a Vatican agent or patsy.  It is believed by some that it was in fact Stempfle that wrote “Mein Kampf” and not Hitler, and that Hitler was used to further promote what were in fact Jesuit Vatican interests and agendas in Europe.  However, it is interesting to note that Stempfle was one of the NSDAP’s political enemies that were “eliminated” during the infamous “Night of the Long Knives

Hitler himself was a master politician, able to reach out to and convince wealthy industrialists and the common folk alike to work towards the common goal of a strong Germany and a strong German people. Does this mean he was a double agent of some kind? I don’t think so. If one reads his writings, I believe his love and sense of duty to Germany and the German people was very real, and held over from his days as a soldier. While you certainly can’t be a master politician without learning to compromise, and certainly the threat of annihilation by the Allies made for some difficult sacrifices, but I don’t think he ever willingly or intentionally “sold out” the German people.


Others argue that there is evidence of Hitler being drugged before his alleged suicide attempt, and then taken to Argentina by his secretary, Martin Bormann during the Nazi “exodus” at the end of the war. Some researchers have suggested that he was an agent of some kind, put in place to stir up the environment for another world war, and then allowed to escape to safety after his “mission” was completed. In either case, the evidence seems to be either lack of evidence or quotes from the Soviets stating that Hitler escaped, or that a cover-up ensued to ensure the world he was dead for P.R. purposes. However, other researchers dispute this and state that while there was most certainly a large emigration of Nazi officers and funds from Germany to South America after the war, Hitler was not among those that made the trek.

Researcher Dr. Joseph Farrell suggests that Hitler and the NSDAP managed to escape to South America and else where with secret technology they had developed to create a form of colony separate from the Anglo-American-Zionist establishment. Farrell argues that a “Nazi International” organization exists as a sort of self-interested bulwark against the Anglo-American-Zionist establishment. He also provides a great deal of evidence of “Ether” technology based on the science of men like Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla, as well as the Vedas, being developed. Things like the “Nazi Bell” and various forms of “flying discs” were said to have been developed by the S.S.’s secret science program. It was this technology that was reportedly confiscated (at least some of it) by General Patten at the end of the war. Dr. Farrell concludes that the Reich’s development possession of this sort of technology was the “secret” reason for the war, and that most of the post-war U.F.O. sightings were the result of this technology being used by both the Anglo-Americans and the remnants of the NSDAP.


Indeed, German science was cutting edge at that time (television existed in Germany a good decade before it did in the U.S.), and it appears that “rocket science” was just scratching the surface of it. This is of course why German scientists were brought to the U.S. during “Operation Paperclip” after the war. This has been used as “proof” of a ‘Nazi conspiracy” to infiltrate the U.S., but again, this is more “cartoon history”. The rest of the story is that these scientists had three options: work for the U.S., work for the Soviets, or die. Given the reputation of the Soviets, it’s no small wonder so many German scientists came here, but it does not make it an infiltration, if anything, these men were co-opted and used by more powerful interests than their own, who had a different agenda than the Reich.

I am not a worshipper of Adolf Hitler or National Socialism. I don’t worship politicians and political parties, regardless of how intriguing some of their ideas and rhetoric may be. I do not agree with Statism and many of the tactics used by the National Socialists. I am vehemently opposed to totalitarianism and police state tactics. I am opposed to locking up political dissidents in internment camps. Likewise, I find it appalling to incarcerate innocent men, women and children who have not committed a crime because they are seen as potential enemy combatants by the government. However we should remember that this was done in the United States as well with people of Japanese as well as German ethnicity. Likewise the “dehumanization of the enemy” type of propaganda that was created in Germany targeting public perception of Jews and Communists, was also mirrored in the U.S. and other Allied nations towards the “Axis of Evil”.


I am of course, opposed to any sort of medical testing done through deception, manipulation or coercion (although the majority of the stories around Dr. Mengele and company are either seriously embellished or completely fabricated). Again though, this is something that the U.S. government has been guilty of on numerous occasions throughout the last 70 years. Neither am I a fan of things like coerced sterilization, race mixing laws or many of the other components associated with state-sponsored Eugenics that was a part of NSDAP Germany such as the Nuremberg race mixing laws (supported by the Zionists and not fully supported by Hitler). But again, we would do well to have appropriate historical context and know that these ideas and practices originated in the Anglo-American world, not Nazi Germany.

It is worth noting that the racial supremacy ideas that have long been associated with Nazi Germany are caricatured and often understood by the general public through the rhetoric of modern day Neo-Nazi Skinhead groups (many of whom have been federally infiltrated and are headed by federal operatives, i.e. Hal Turner).  As evidenced from later speeches, dialogues and writings Adolf Hitler’s notions of “racial purity” changed from his ideas he wrote about in “Mein Kampf” 20 years earlier. By the time of the war and the “Holocaust”, he saw the German people as a mixed people rather than of “pure stock”.  In fact, the evidence of Hitler’s “racism” can be seen in the words of African-American Olympian, Jesse Owens:

When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour (Hitler) in Germany… Hitler didn’t snub me -it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram.

Hitler saw the idea of a common Germanic “folk culture” to be the uniting factor. It was this folk culture that he used to unite and invigorate a demoralized the German people across a very entrenched class system. A united and culturally reinvigorated German people and the possibility of the same thing happening in Europe as a whole was a dangerous thing for the powers of Globalism and the Judeo-Zionist and Anglo-American combines behind it- the very reason why modern European Nationalist movements like Golden Dawn are so heavily demonized in the media.

It is this “Folk Culture” and its use of ancient Indo-European symbols like Runes and the Swastika that lie much at the heart of claims that the Nazi’s put some kind of spell on the people of Germany. The Swastika is an ancient Sun symbol and can be found all over the world. Sadly, it is now seen in the west as THE symbol of evil. It could be argued that the demonization of our sacred symbols of empowerment is an end unto itself, but that is a discussion for another time.dd89b46d1c83ad3d5be961c94e351e6a

A major component around the sort of evil “mystique” that has been given to Hitler and the NSDAP has been the rumored use of “occult” magick to cast a literal spell on the German people. Much of this centers around rumors and tales around the members of the S.S. and the symbol of the Swastika. This occult element has been employed to a great deal in Hollywood with films like “Indiana Jones” and “Hellboy”, and makes up a substantial part of certain alternative and conspiracy literature. The fact of the matter is that there was an interest in the occult and mysticism throughout the western world during the first part of the 20th century among intellectual circles.  Germany was no exception with mystic and occult orders and societies like the Rosicrucians, the Thule Society, the Vril Society, and Anthroposophy.

Rather than being “evil” or “good”, these “Occult” symbols are a tool, and are used by governments, corporations, and religions all over the world.  Austrian mystic (and no friend to the NSDAP) Rudolph Steiner was pointing this out when he said:

Be certain that these people who are now bringing this sign to Central Europe- they know exactly what they are doing.  This sign works.”

Looking at the complete turnaround from demoralized decay, to unified strength, this talisman certainly did “work”.  The myths and legends behind them have been used to motivate and inspire tribes of humanity for millennia. Just because the NSDAP understood the power of certain symbols on the German Folk Consciousness, does not automatically imply that they were employing them for sinister or strictly self-serving ends. In fact, it could be argued that what they were really doing was trying to awaken the archetypal folk soul of the people, as opposed to put them into some sort of trance.


This demonization of the Swastika, Folkish Nationalism, and other philosophies and ideologies of Nazi Germany is part of the programming we have been subject to that teaches us to think: “If Hitler/the Nazis did something then that something is automatically bad because Hitler/the Nazis are bad so likewise everything they do or believe is going to be bad.” This is line of logic is a textbook “logical fallacy”. The fact of the matter is that the German were empowered under the NSDAP in a way they have not been since. The uniting of a people under common values and a unique shared identity is a dangerous thing for those who wish to eradicate the concepts of sovereignty and self-determination in favor of a world where corporations literally own people and nations.

Hitler’s idea of a greater “Folk” culture for Europeans through shared heritage and symbolism, and his view of Germany as needing to take a leadership role in promoting this “Pan-Europeanism” (similar to Japan’s Pan-Asianism), has been twisted into a story of Hitler wanting to “conquer the world” and that if the Allies didn’t win, we’d all be speaking German. Hitler and Pan-Europeanism with its emphasis on folkish nationalism was seen as a way of beating back the sort of cultural oblivion that Marxism openly sought. It is a similar sort of “cultural oblivion” that people all over the world are facing as Globalism seeks create one Hollywood/Madison Avenue “monoculture” ruled by big banks, big corporations and the idea that “we are all the same” like cogs in a machine.


Indeed World War II can be summed up as “Globalism vs. Nationalism”. On one side you had proponents of a global “mono-culture” implemented through a synthesis of socialism/communism for the masses and exploitative crony capitalism for those on top. On the other side you had an alliance of nations who wanted to preserve their national sovereignty, self-determination and ethnic uniqueness, allied for that common cause. Globalism won. The world we live in today- and the agencies and institutions that control it (UN, CIA, IMF, etc.) are the direct result of that “victory”. It is basic criminal psychology to project one’s immoral or amoral behavior onto another. It wasn’t Hitler that wanted to “take over the world”- it was the men who said he did… and they pretty much did. While the time since World War II has been called “The Long Peace” (as large nations have only fought wars by proxy with one another since, i.e. Vietnam) it can be argued that slavery could be likened to peace when no one is fighting back.

When the various claims surrounding National Socialism and pre-World War II Germany are looked at in a different lens, we see a much different picture than what is presented to us in western film and television. We see actions with somewhat understandable motives and realistic situations, as opposed to the popular taglines of “racist insanity” on the part of Hitler and the Nazis, and a sort of “mass-hypnosis” being used on the German people. People were terrified of Communism and the cultural oblivion it promised in favor of “equality”, and the nightmare scenarios been seen in places like the Ukraine with the Holodomor. A “strongman” type arose to push back, and yeah, grab a little power for himself and the NSDAP leadership along the way.


And once the “death camp” narrative is understood to be fraudulent (see Thought Crimes: Questioning Zionism, Communism, the Holocaust, and the Founding of Israel), the bottom falls out of this story of “Nazi Evil”, giving us a much more grounded version of reality.  This version actually puts Hitler’s Germany and World War II itself in its proper context. Again, I am not looking to deify Hitler and the NSDAP; I am looking to relegate their role to its proper place in historical reality, as opposed to the Dr. Doom meets Jack the Ripper comic book super villain role they have been assigned to play. When the childish “comic book” stories are thrown out and events are put into proper context, the world we live in now, the one that was shaped by that war, makes A LOT more sense.

The belief system constructed around Hitler and the “Nazis” is a testament to the seemingly monolithic power of Hollywood, the global media, and western academia to manufacture and sustain belief systems in the modern world through illusion, “smoke-and-mirrors”, and political correctness. Of course, no one has been more devastated by this belief system than the German people themselves, who have been racked by a collective guilt, demoralization and self-hatred that is leading to the outright destruction of them as a nation and as a people at this very moment.

Unlike the philosophy of the NSDAP, many modern day German leaders don’t even pretend to be concerned with the well-being of the German nation or the ethnically German families who have called that land home for milennia.  People like  Joschka Fischer, ex Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany agree with the strategy of keeping Germany on a short rope:

“Germany is to be contained from outside and heterogenized from the inside by influx, ‘diluted’ so to speak.”

Others like Attorney Gregor Gysi, the Jewish-German head of The Left party in Germany. Gysi, praise the inevitable destruction of the indigenous Germanic population.  Gysi and others within German leadership state that the German people were morally obligated to their doors to unlimited “refugees” from North Africa and the Middle East because of the actions of the Nazi Party. Gysi actually refers to Germans who protest the massive migration influx as “Nazis” and praises the German population crisis:

Every year more native Germans die than there are born. That is very fortunate. It’s because the Nazis are not very good at having offspring.


The Holocaust story and the other “evils” of the Nazi regime would be used to force financial reparations from the German taxpayer, as well as be used to indoctrinate schoolchildren through trauma.  The Holocaust narrative has caused generations of Germans not even alive for the war to hold onto a sense of guilt and self-loathing for themselves and their ancestors.  This guilt-based indoctrination has caused such a neurosis in the German collective consciousness that they dare not speak ill of anyone who is Jewish as described by the “Jewish Daily Forward” article entitled “German Left Haunted by the Holocaust- Split over Israel”:

“Growing up in reunified Germany, Eva Meyer remembers being overwhelmed by the Holocaust studies that were part of each school year. Meyer and her classmates were assigned to read books about the Holocaust. They heard personal stories from Holocaust survivors. They had to write essays about the Holocaust, too.

Learning so intensively about the horrors committed by Germans left her feeling shame and guilt, Meyer said. But that same education communicated something else:

‘There is Israel, and that’s the solution,’ Meyer said, describing the role that was assigned to the Jewish state in her education. ‘That’s the salvation. It makes you feel better. All the shame and guilt is not that bad, because there is Israel and everything is fine now. And whatever Israel wants — give it to them. And whatever a Jewish person wants — don’t ask, just give it. That’s what I learned about it.’”

In his article for the London Guardian entitled, “The Loneliness of Being German“, German-Irish novelist Hugo Hamilton states how “The emotional attachment to home, to the land, to the place in which you are born, is something hereditary that lies deep in the human psyche…” and how “In the process of exorcising the Nazi crimes, generations of Germans also denied their own heritage and severed an emotional link with their own people…”

Hamilton explains how Germans “In effect, they became a homeless people, and still are. The physical destruction of German cities, the occupation by foreign armies, was overcome by adapting and rebuilding. But the intellectual homelessness was more profound, and included a ruthless defection from anything that had a spiritual link with the German soul. There is an unacknowledged loneliness in being German… They have been to hell and back with guilt, and their overriding sense of duty towards their victims is unheard of in any other society.”

Many, both Jews and Gentiles believe that the people of Germany “got what’s coming to them” and that the results of WWII was “karma”.  But what do we say when we know how many of these “crimes” are a complete fabrication?  If this karma or is it a group of well-meaning, good-hearted, but unfortunately naive people being mentally, psychically and spiritually crippled and enslaved, while getting financially fleeced in the process.  Now with the “Refugee” Crisis, Germans are forced to move out of their homes and apologize for being racist after being sexually assaulted  in places like Cologne, while the German government cracks down on anything deemed as “anti-migrant hate speech

I believe that deep down, there sincere desire among many who sing the praises of German “extinction” to see this spiritual impulse that rose from the Germanic Folk, and the industriousness and creativity that comes from it, exterminated from the Earth.  As a man of Anglo-Saxon lineage, the German people are my people. The German people are also the family of my fiancée, who still has family living in Germany today. These Germans are the family and kin of my future children, and I will not stand silent as this manufactured, one-sided guilt is used to cripple and crush the spirit of my  Germanic folk, ultimately pushing them towards oblivion.

However, as bleak as things may seem, I don’t think Theodore Kaufman’s vision in “Germany Must Perish!” will come to pass. The mystic Folk Spirit of the Germanic People, as well as the European Peoples as a whole, is not something that can be snuffed from the face of the Earth, as it is at its core the extension of something immortal.





“I emphasized that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit.”

– Jewish Wall Street mogul Bernard M. Baruch: Presidential Advisor during World War I & II and associate of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill


The Treaty of Versailles and its intentional economic ruin of Germany is what laid the foundation for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Worker’s Party) or NSDAP.  They would later be dubbed “Nazis” by the British and American press.  The crippling economic sanctions coupled with the runaway inflation of the German currency during the post-war Weimer Republic led to the absolute economic ruin of Germany. This runaway inflation was caused by reckless financial speculation by the primarily Jewish banking establishment in Germany and Europe, who were tied to the Banking Investment Houses in London and New York that triggered the Great Depression. As a disenfranchised, but decorated war veteran, Hitler saw German families starving, pushing around wheel barrows of useless currency while these Jewish banking and merchant elites lived quite well in Germany and neighboring Austria, where Hitler spent much time in his younger years. During a 1940 speech in the Sportpalast Berlin, he would reflect on this time:

Who can even recall the reality of the situation of those years: the despondency of the collapse of 1918; the tragedy of the year 1919; and then all those years of economic decay domestically; the continuation of the enslavement; the poverty of our Folk; and, above all, the utter hopelessness of those years! Even today the memory of these years profoundly shakes us when a great nation slowly lost not only its belief in itself, but all hope for earthly justice in this world. During this entire period, this “democratic” Germany hoped in vain, pleaded in vain, and protested in vain. International finance remained brutal and squeezed our Folk ruthlessly to the utmost. The statesmen of the Allied Nations were hard hearted. In cold blood, they declared that we were twenty million Germans too many.”


In the case of the Jews, Hitler (and many others in Europe as well as America) saw them as having been destructive to the German nation and its people since Germany was the first to ‘emancipate’ them- that meant they had the same rights as the citizen of that nation. Historically certain “rights” and privileges only applied to the hereditary people of the tribe or kingdom. Those “outside” or rather those not under the jurisdiction of the tribe or kingdom would have not had the protection of the tribe or kingdom. Our idea of civic nationalism or “citizenship” like what was developed in the “democratized world” is pretty new. After being emancipated, the Jews developed the reputation of using the privileges of newly awarded government protections and privileges to operate in a subversive and self-serving manner at the expense of the native ethnic population.

Jews hadn’t been citizens before, as they were seen as and behaved as outsiders- keeping socially exclusive to themselves, except during business operations, however, much of this separation between the Jews and the Europeans was self-imposed. The Jews saw themselves as needing to stay socially separated from the gentiles or “goyim” they did business with. It was taught in the Talmud that Jews had a different set of guidelines in dealings with those outside the Jewish community (that is not to say that historically most peoples have tended to treat those outside the tribe different).

Jews, like Gypsies, were traveling merchants, and would go from city to city setting up shops and banks, and were typically involved in many different forms of trade (including the Slave Trade). It is in banking and lending where the Jews were able to attain the most power and influence. It is in their business practices where they developed a less than stellar reputation among the Europeans who had a different set of ethics for dealings amongst themselves than for dealings with those “outside the tribe”, than did the Jews. It was a reputation for fraud and political subversion (like assisting the Islamic conquest of Spain) that was the major reason the Jews were expelled 110 times from 90 different nations and kingdoms over a millennia. Much of the frenzy around Jews in Christian ideology and “Blood Libels” was (at least in part) propaganda put out by the church or the nobility to get the public support for Jewish expulsion due to disputes over debts and interest on said debts and struggles over political power and influence.


Hitler viewed the practices and policies of Jewish businessman and politicians to be self-serving to their own desires, which in turn was detrimental to the German people as a whole, causing them suffering and hardship. Hitler believed that it was a lack of connection to the German people that allowed these Jewish bankers and politicians to behave in such a manner. He saw the Jewish social exclusiveness as indicative to the notion that they were an “alien” and ultimately “parasitic” race of con-men and hustlers, who live off the labor and livelihood of their “host” societies.


Hitler and the NSDAP also saw cohorts in this “conspiracy” being Freemasons, who often held political office and worked with these International Bankers, advancing their agenda through legislation. Likewise, Freemasons were also later persecuted and imprisoned. Hitler saw the corruption in modern politics as a whole as being enabled by the democratic governments set up by statesmen who were members of Freemasonic lodges. It was this collaboration that Hitler saw as the internal “sickness” that allowed Germany to have the crippling Versailles sanctions. Hitler saw these men as selling out the best interests of their fellow Germans and destroying the pride of Germany:

To strengthen his political position he [the Jew] tries to tear down the racial and civil barriers which for a time continue to restrain him at every step. To this end he fights with all the tenacity innate in him for religious tolerance—and in Freemasonry, which has succumbed to him completely, he has an excellent instrument with which to fight for his aims and put them across. The governing circles and the higher strata of the political and economic bourgeoisie are brought into his nets by the strings of Freemasonry, and never need to suspect what is happening.


Hitler understood the Weimar media establishment as being subversive to German nationalism, and the interests of the German people as a whole. Like in America, the media establishment was predominantly Jewish. Hitler would restrict Jewish ownership of radio and newspapers, and use political power to promote what he saw as a healthy and uplifting folkish patriotism to emotionally rejuvenate a destitute and demoralized people. Hitler did similar “housecleaning” in academia, politics and the arts, which he saw as having similar issues of promoting the sort of morally ambiguity and selfish individualism that Hitler saw as the “root cause” of Germany’s external social and economic woes.

Hitler saw that German cities like Berlin become places where families were no longer safe, teeming with prostitution, pornography, pedophilia and sex trafficking. Hitler saw the fact that the theater owners and the “smut-peddlers” were predominantly Jewish in ethnicity (many of whom would go to America to found the American Porn Industry) as yet another justification for the economic and social persecution he would later impose. He also saw a deeper issue with a predominant influence of Jewish politicians, academic leaders, and media moguls in Germany. He saw their actions as selfish and subversive to the general welfare of the German people. While some may see this as creating a sort of “morality police”, those German families who saw their quality of life (and the safety of their children) improve were often thankful.


Most importantly of all, Hitler (as well as other European Nationalists) saw the very real threat of Communism and Bolshevism in Europe, and the absolute horror it had caused in Russia. Hitler saw the very real fact that Jews were in positions of leadership throughout the Communist Party in all its forms as reason number one for their forced expulsion and later internment in prison labor camps. He saw the pincer attack of Capitalism driven by greedy Jewish financiers and Communism driven by disgruntled Jewish revolutionaries, and the destruction it had caused, to be ample enough proof that this needed to happen. While we may find it somewhat black and white to say that forced internment of civilians without trial is wrong, we still inevitably make those judgments from a position of historical “privilege” and lack the context of living in Germany at that time.

When Hitler and the NSDAP got into power and began to severely restrict and limit Jewish avenues to wealth and power in Germany, it drew the ire of the extremely cohesive and resourceful international Jewish community, which organized an international boycott of German industry and goods in March of 1933, shortly after the election of Adolf Hitler. There was even a rally of 40,000 that assembled in Madison Square Garden. Due to the large influence of the international Jewish community in the western media, this boycott spread to the gentile community as well. As a result the NSDAP government in turn, encouraged Germans to boycott Jewish shops and services, although with far less impact than that of the Jewish-organized international boycott.


Once again, the government and media propaganda machine that was active during World War I began to demonize Germany and beat the drums of war. However this time the rhetoric became even more incendiary and antagonistic. A good example of this was a book written by Jewish American author Theodore N. Kaufman entitled “Germany Must Perish!” Published in 1941 (just before Germany declared war on the U.S.) and acclaimed by the New York Times, Kaufmann’s book infuriated NSDAP Germany by making incendiary comments that Hitler and the NSDAP used as proof of the dangerous and subversive nature of “International Jewry”, and their hatred of the German people in particular. One such statement was:

This time Germany has forced a total war upon the world. As a result, she must be prepared to pay a total penalty. And there is one, and only one, such Total Penalty: Germany must perish forever! In fact—not in fancy!… the only way to accomplish that is to remove the German from the world. . . . There remains then but one mode of ridding the world forever of Germanism— and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind.”


Another book with a similar message was “A Program for the Jews and an Answer to all Anti-Semites; A Program for Humanity” published in 1939 by Marxist Jewish Author Harry Waton. In the book, Waton stated that “Jews are far more numerous and infinitely more powerful than the fascists are. Not that the Jews fear the fascists or have reasons to fear them, but the fascists fear the Jews, and have good reason to fear them.”

Like “Germany Must Perish!”, this book provoked the concerns and fears of NSDAP Germany with statements like: “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth . . . The Jews will become the masters over the whole earth and they will subordinate to themselves all nations.

This sort of propaganda added fuel to the fire in the need for what became termed “The Final Solution”, which was not an expensive and resource-wasting gassing/extermination program, but rather was the plan for yet expulsion of the Jews (and any other Communists)- this time from all of Europe completely. This was Hitler and the NSDAP’s intent until the Allied carpet bombing and Soviet advances stalled his attempts to transport the Jews into mid-Eurasia. Hitler wanted to expel the Jews to the neither-reaches of Russia (arguably part of the reasoning behind Operation Barbarossa), and then secure Europe in a manner that kept them from returning.

Meanwhile, propaganda was also released by anti-German elements of the gentile Anglo-American establishment like the book “Conversations with Hitler”. The only record of Hitler stating he wanted to “take over the world”, “Conversations with Hitler”, printed as “The Voice of Destruction” in the U.S. in 1940, was later presented as evidence at Nuremberg. However, Swiss historian Wolfgang Haenel spent five years diligently investigating the memoir before announcing his findings in 1983. Haenel was able to conclusively establish that the author’s claim to have met with Hitler “more than a hundred times” is a lie. The words attributed to Hitler, he showed, were simply invented or lifted from many different sources. Haenel also found evidence that a prominent British journalist named Henry Wickham-Steele, who was known to be a right-hand man of Sir Robert Vansittart, perhaps the most vehemently anti-German figure in Britain, helped to produce the memoir. In addition, one of Germany’s most influential periodicals, “Der Spiegel” concluded in an article published in 1985 that Rauschning’s Conversations with Hitler “are a falsification, an historical distortion from the first to the last page


A careful study of the lead up to World War II and the rhetoric exchanged on all sides will show that the most vehement antagonism was directed towards Germany and was coming out of the Allied camp, specifically from Britain and the international Jewish leadership. Interestingly, many in the U.S., including many industrialists backed NSDAP Germany, and actually shared Germany’s concern over Jewish power in both Capitalism and Communism. Many spoke out against Communist International and their openly stated goal of a world Communist empire.

There was in fact a coup planned by elements within the American industrialist and business class to overthrow F.D.R. due to concerns of Communist and Zionist infiltration within the government. While the plot was foiled, the concerns of these business leaders were later confirmed in the book “My Exploited Father-In-Law”, by Roosevelt’s son-in-law, Col. Curtis B. Dall, which detailed the activities of Jewish influentials like the Warburg banking family and Secretary of the Treasury for the Roosevelt Administration and accused Communist, Henry Morgenthau. Morgenthau was the author of the infamous “Morgenthau Plan” for postwar Germany, calling for Germany to be partitioned into separate independent states, stripped of all heavy industry and forced to return to a pre-Industrial Revolution agrarian economy. Morgenthau was also a part of the Bretton Woods Conference at the end of World War II, which established globalist entities like the IMF and the World Bank.

Despite international demonization, Hitler was extremely popular in Germany and admired all over the world and was even Time Magazine’sMan of the Year”. Hitler was elected by German people through a popular election, to the position of German chancellor. Of course it can be argued that the events of and around the Reichstag Fire that allowed Hitler and the NSDAP declare a State of Emergency, which allowed them to set up a form of martial law, were somewhat questionable and possibly orchestrated through false-flag tactics.


This State of Emergency and martial law (which was actually enabled by the Weimar Republic Constitution established pre-NSDAP power) declared by Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP after the Reichstag Fire in 1933 was done (according to NSDAP leadership) to secure Germany from the wave of Jewish Communist terror attacks and assassinations that were running rampant throughout Germany as well of the rest of Europe at the time. At that time, this was seen by many as reasonable and justifiable given what had been occurring. But it was somewhat of a totalitarian society nonetheless, and there were certain guidelines for conduct and speech and the like that some did not care for. It was clear that those living in German society were to put Folk and the National Identity above their own individualistic desires. Hard-line individualists were certainly not a fan of Hitler’s German Police State, but the NSDAP saw self-interested individualism as antithetical to the wellbeing of a nation:

This state came into being, and all states come into being, through overcoming interests of pure personal will and individual selfishness. Democracy steers recklessly toward placing the individual in the center of everything. In the long run it is impossible to escape the crisis such a conflict will produce.”

While demonization of the NSDAP began as soon as they came to power, the fact remains that the actions of the National Socialist government enabled a social and economic “180” that astonished the world. Someone during that time may tell you how Hitler and the NSDAP turned Germany into and economic powerhouse in three-year’s time, while the rest of the world was still deep into an economic depression. Upon taking power in 1933, Hitler and the NSDAP implemented radical sweeping changes including pulling Germany out of the League of Nations; banning the Communist Party in Germany and arresting its leaders; replacing the national Marxist Trade Unions with smaller company unions; establishing the NSDAP as Germany’s only political party; refusing to make any more reparations payments on the Versailles Treaty; taking control of Germany’s Reichsbank and issuing debt-free currency; restricting Jewish ownership of radio and newspapers; cutting taxes and providing tax incentives for mothers to stay home and raise their children; rebuilding infrastructure and initiation of projects like the Autobahn Highway system.

Hitler’s state-sponsored social and development programs, backed by a German currency based off the production of the German people rocketed Germany to an unfathomable economic recovery and boom. Even the regularly praised “New Deal” of President Roosevelt was rife with corruption and financial boondoggling, and had nowhere near the efficiency and overall success rate of the German work programs. It was World War II and the U.S. dollar reserve currency status that came out of Bretton Woods that rebuilt the U.S. economy and turned the U.S. into a “superpower”, not FDR’s “New Deal”.

The philosophy of meritocracy was heavily promoted in National Socialist Germany, meaning that the individual was praised and promoted within the various avenues of society based on his merit and work, rather than any pre-determined class or social status. This philosophy eventually drew the resentment of the German Aristocracy; many of whom held had positions of high rank within the German military. They saw the rise to power of a man from an upper-middle-class family, as being antithetical to what Germany should be. It was these men who sought assassinate Hitler and gave information and military secrets to the Allies that ultimately led to German defeat in World War II.


It can be argued that it was National Socialism, with its emphasis on meritocracy, family and promoting vacations to the countryside and cruises, while maintaining good wages and working conditions, was the real “worker’s paradise” as opposed to the oppressive Communism, which essentially promoted the opposite of those things. Hitler understood that it was the uniting of the German people under folkish nationalism and a sense of the needs of the community trumping the desires of the individual:

We have overcome our internal division! Destructive forces took a grip on Germany. But constructive National Socialism has overcome this force. It has refused to allow the existing state of affairs and undertaken its modification. It changed the method of eradicating the state of affairs by saying: ‘We want to change this state of affairs by gradually permitting the non-possessing classes to partake in the national wealth and by educating them in how to partake in it.‘”

Hitler with animals

Much of the NSDAP leadership were also classical environmentalists and believed in animal rights. Vivisection (animal testing) was banned under the NSDAP government. Having the goal of building in harmony with their environment, the NSDAP pioneered “sustainable development” long before anyone knew what it was. The designs for NSDAP roadway and infrastructure projects were ecologically sound as well as aesthetically pleasing, as aesthetics and “classical” beauty in art and sculpture was highly prized by the NSDAP, who sought to produce a sort of “New Renaissance” and do away with what they saw as subversive and ugly modern art and architecture.


Of course, the Anglo-American and Judeo-Zionist powers that wished to establish the system of Globalism that we live under today understood that in order for this system to come to full fruition, Nationalism, especially the “Volkisch” Nationalism that was gaining strength and momentum in Europe, would need to be crushed.  Likewise, any and all “sympathizers” to this ideology in Britain and the U.S., needed to be marginalized and silence.  With the inevitable declaration of war by the Anglo-American establishment, any supporters of Hitler or National Socialist ideology, were now marginalized and seen as enemy sympathizers.  This included both British Royalty and wealthy American Industrialists.

In the third and final installment of this series, I will talk about the factors that surrounded the outbreak of the war and the results that linger still today.  I will also get into some of the “conspiracy theories” around Hitler and the NSDAP as well as the spiritual/occult side to all of this.



“(We are fighting) to defeat the most dangerous conspiracy ever plotted against the liberty of nations, carefully, skillfully, insidiously, clandestinely planned in every detail with ruthless, cynical determination.”
– British Prime Minister Lloyd George: speaking about Germany during World War I


If you go up to anyone on the street and ask the question, “Who was the most evil man that ever lived?” the vast majority will undoubtedly say one name: HITLER. No one person throughout the entirety of history has been more demonized and vilified than Adolf Hitler, and no entity more so than the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSGWP or NSDAP in German); aka. “The NAZIS”. To this day, to call someone a “Nazi” is to liken them to an ultra-racist, aggressively oppressive, freedom-hating, genocidal maniac. But the question is, how much of our perception around Hitler and the “Nazis” is rooted in actual fact and how much of it is rooted in propaganda? Also, what was their actual motivation for doing what they actually did?

To get a clear picture of what brought Hitler and the NSDAP to power, we need to have a firm rooting in historical context. To many, the rise of Hitler has been seen as a phenomenon that cannot be explained outside of some form of “mass hypnosis”.  Much of this is cartoonish, one-dimensional thinking, that lacks context and historical perspective. When we objectively look at history in totality, with a solid understanding of basic human psychology, things make a lot more sense. Sadly, even many with “spiritual sight” get sucked into the  emotional propaganda and the concrete belief system built around this period. So let’s look at why decent German people would have popularly elected a “madman”. In order to do that, we need to look at the history surrounding Germany and Europe before, during and after World War I, so we can provide context for the NSDAP’s rise to power.

For Germany, this really begins with the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. After thwarting Napoleon III’s (nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte) advances, Prussia and a confederation of smaller German states unify under Kaiser Wilhelm I and Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck. With the defeat of France, this newly unified Germany was now the economic powerhouse of Europe with one of the most powerful professional armies in the world The Prussians were renowned for their military prowess, and in fact, their model for training their soldiers was used to model the American education system. Imperial Germany also began to acquire a small number of colonies to extract resources. This created a bit of uneasiness and contempt in the seat of global economic power that resided within the British Empire at the time.

The British Empire and more importantly the corporate and financial interests that controlled it through the City of London (a sovereign state within a state like the Vatican or D.C. except instead of churches or statehouses it’s banks) had a near-complete monopoly of economic power and control of resources at this point in history- something that continues to this day. In a recent article for the London Guardian, journalist George Monbiot describes how the City of London Corporation “has exploited this remarkable position to establish itself as a kind of offshore state, a secrecy jurisdiction which controls the network of tax havens housed in the UK’s crown dependencies and overseas territories. This autonomous state within our borders is in a position to launder the ill-gotten cash of oligarchs, kleptocrats, gangsters and drug barons… It deprives the United Kingdom and other nations of their rightful tax receipts.”

Monbiot goes on to say that the sovereign, unaccountable City of London Corporation “has also made the effective regulation of global finance almost impossible… the absence of proper regulation in London allowed American banks to evade the rules set by their own government. AIG’s wild trading might have taken place in the US, but the unit responsible was regulated in the City. Lehman Brothers couldn’t get legal approval for its off-balance sheet transactions in Wall Street, so it used a London law firm instead.

This economic empire operated in the same manner a century and a half ago. This empire wished to maintain this power, and did not like the competition that arose out of middle Europe. Throughout the latter part of the nineteenth century, it was the slight-of-hand “diplomacy” of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli during the Congress of Berlin after the Russo-Turkish War, that created seeds of contentment and mistrust among Germany and her allies in continental Europe; specifically Czarist Russia- Great Britain’s other economic competitor. This fostered the environment that would isolate the economic competition and lead to World War I; this strategy was a tried and true tactic of the British Empire- the strategy of divide and conquer. Disraeli was Britain’s first Jewish-born Prime Minister, “who was always true to his race and proud of his origin.

It was Disraeli who once stated,The Lord deals with the nations as the nations deal with the Jews.

It was also during this time that the Communist movement of Europe began to gather real momentum. Founded by Jewish-German philosopher, Karl Marx, Communism called for a “dictatorship of the proletariat” (the working class) and an overthrow of the “bourgeois” (the moneyed industrialist class). Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” outlines the road to a “utopian society” in three phases. The first phase is a revolution that overthrows the oppressive bourgeois, setting up a dictatorship dedicated to “the common good” (as opposed to rights of the individual).

This begins the second phase where once the dictatorship is established; the government takes centralized control of all aspects of society- property, transportation, education, industrial production, agriculture, regional planning, communications, and labor. Simultaneously, a Central Bank (i.e. the Federal Reserve) is established which proceeds to lay a heavy progressive income tax on the population.

This then takes us to phase three, where in theory, the centralization of power will create a society where the dictatorship of a few select is eventually no longer required. The dictatorship will then be relinquished in favor of a popular democracy of sorts, where ALL the proletariat (men and women) has a say in the workings of government and society. I say “in theory” for phase three because that last phase has NEVER happened in ANY Communist government in history.

The rise of the Communist movement would bring mainland Europe to the brink of chaos, with continued rioting and repeated assassination attempts on European leaders. Communists attempted to assassinate German leader Kaiser Wilhelm I twice in less than a month’s time! There was a concerted movement here to bring down the old monarchies and nobilities of Europe (interestingly, this never really caught on in Great Britain, although there was definitely abuse of the “proletariat” happening there as well).

After the death of Kaiser Wilhelm I, his 29-year-old son, Wilhelm II took the throne. The younger Wilhelm was a bit more pragmatic towards the communist movement and did not want to “crush the Reds” like his father did. He believed that if Germany became more “democratic” it would pacify them. This would prove to be a false assumption. Wilhelm II also turns his back on then-ally Russia in an attempt to get better relations with Great Britain, as his grandmother was on the throne there anyhow. Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck had crafted this alliance with Czarist Russia, but the young Kaiser severed this by refusing to re-sign the Reinsurance Treaty and dismissed Bismarck shortly thereafter. However, by that time the monarchy in Britain had become more of a “face” of power. The real power lied in the financial interests that were at that time largely represented by the Rothschild family of international financiers.

Poster - House of Rothschild, The_04

To quote Lawrence Joffe in his “Complete Illustrated History of the Jewish People”:

In the 19th century the Rothschild name exemplified wealth and success, and so it remains today. Their story is only one chapter in the story of Jewish financial prowess.

The Rothschilds “arguably founded the first transnational corporation” (Joffe) with banking branches in Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Naples and Paris. Again, according to Joffe’s “History of the Jewish People”, in the U.K., Nathan Mayer Rothschildfounded the brokering house N.M. Rothschild. The Rothschild family was soon handling most English financial dealings with the Continent. Nathan’s branch funded the British war effort against Napoleon… Between 1818 and 1835 Nathan Mayer issued 26 British and foreign government loans. In 1824 he floated the Alliance Assurance Company and the following year he helped the Bank of England avoid a liquidity crisis.

Usury is the lending of money at and exorbitant rate of interest. It needs to be understood that this is what international financiers like the Rothschilds did then, and this is what international financial institutions continue to do now. If there was one good thing the Catholic Church ever did it was the outlawing of usury, but by this time the Church did not wield that kind of political power. Through usury, the financial institution gets the one taking the loan locked into debt they cannot pay back due to ridiculously compounding interest. This causes the lender to assert the right to take property, resources, etc. as modes of payment. This is how international finance capital works.

Joffe also states that Rothschild was “famously discreet, and used similarly cautious agents to courier funds… Above all he understood the value of accurate and speedy information. His private intelligence service learned the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo a day before the British Government.

However, what is not stated in this book about the intelligence surrounding the Battle of Waterloo was that Rothschild used this information to start a rumor in the financial circles that Britain had lost that battle, causing investors to panic and sell off stocks, which Rothschild interests bought for pennies on the dollar. An interesting modern-day correlation is the recent revelation that NSA Data had been used by select corporations to get an edge on market competitors- the more things change…

After the passing of N.M. Rothschild, his eldest son Lionel succeeded him as head of the London branch that was based within the City of London. Under Lionel the bank financed the British government’s purchase of the Suez Canal in 1875 as well as Cecil Rhode’s colonial exploits into Africa. Lionel’s son, Alfred de Rothschild, became a director of the Bank of England in 1869, a post he held for 20 years. Alfred was one of representatives of the British Government at the 1892 International Monetary Conference in Brussels. According to Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett, Lionel also had an alleged affair with and sired several children to Queen Victoria of England.

The Rothschild Dynasty was the latest and greatest of the elite Jewish banking oligarchs that made inroads into British aristocratic society by acquiring their properties and titles, and thus mixing themselves with the aristocracy, and by the nature of the British representative system, they came closer and closer to the government. This was enabled after Oliver Cromwell and Charles I readmitted Jews into England in the mid-1600s as they had been expelled back in 1290 by Edward I for practicing usury. The Rothschilds followed the example of Jewish banking oligarchs like Sampson Gideon, and used this favorable climate to seize the reigns of the British military and naval machine in order to seize control of riches and resources across the globe. It was British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli; Rothschild “front man”, and the man who bestowed upon Queen Victoria the title of “Empress of India” who stated:

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

The British and French branches of the Rothschild bank also financed and became the largest shareholders of the DeBeers diamond mines in South Africa in 1905. An interesting saga came out of this at the end of the World War I when Jewish-German diamond magnate Ernest Oppenheimer took advantage of German investor panic at the end of the war and was able to seize the German diamond assets that had initially broken the monopoly the British had on diamonds. Oppenheimer would go on to head up DeBeers and be knighted in England.

In 1904, the Entente Cordiale was signed between Britain and France. This series of agreements put an end to centuries-old conflict between the two nations, along with the Triple Entente between Britain, France, and ally-of-convenience Russia, effectively isolated Germany and her ally, Austria-Hungary. Former German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck saw the storm coming and on his deathbed in 1897 stated that One day, the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.”

Due to border rearrangement spearheaded by British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli at the Congress of Berlin, many ethnic Serbs found themselves under the rule of Austria-Hungary, who were ethnically and culturally very different from the Slavic Serbs. This caused a culture clash that spearheaded with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary by a group of Serbian Nationalists. Kaiser Wilhelm II attempted to convince Austria-Hungary to engage in talks with Serbia, but it was of little avail, as Austria-Hungary soon declared war on Serbia anyhow.

This started a chain reaction, bringing ethnically Slavic Russia in the war to defend its ally Serbia, which brought Germany into the war to defend Austria-Hungary, which brought France and the UK into the war on the side of Russia, which brings Russia’s rival the Ottoman Turks in on the side of Austria-Hungary and Germany. This began a bloody conflict, which brought death and destruction on a scale that had never been seen before. I’m not going to get into a blow-by-blow analysis on the various battles and tactical maneuvers of this war. What I am focusing on here is Germany’s role and how this was portrayed to the rest of the world.

In the press, Germans were demonized and dehumanized, often portrayed as barbaric monsters that raped women, cut off the hands of children, and impaling babies on bayonets and nailing them to doors. Other stories included that of German soldiers using the bodies of their own fallen soldiers to manufacture soap. This particular narrative would be recycled and repackaged for the Second World War as one of the more fantastical elements of the Holocaust story.

Images and stories depicting the supposed atrocities of German soldiers circulated around Britain and France, but lacked any sort of evidence to back up these allegations. Officially sanctioned by the British establishment, the publication of the infamous Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages, better known as “The Bryce Report”, was translated into 30 different languages in 1915, and although nearly every story produced within was eventually discredited, the damage had already been done as these false atrocity stories to rile up British and French youths to go to war with the evil “Hun”.


Despite the “Special Relationship” with Britain that was being promoted by the political establishment in the United States at the turn of the 20th century, the American public typically saw themselves as separate and removed from Great Britain and her affairs. In fact, the voices of impartiality during the war tended to come from American journalists. Roger Lewis of the Associated Press wrote:

To let the truth be known, we unanimously declare the stories of German cruelties, from what we have been able to observe, were untrue. After having been with the German army for two weeks, and having accompanied the troops for over one hundred miles, we are not able to report one single case of undeserved punishment or measure of retribution.”

Irwin Cobb of the Saturday Evening Post also correlated the apparent falsification of German Barbarity:

We found numerous rumours after investigation to be without foundation. German soldiers paid everywhere for what they bought, and respected private property and civil rights. We found Belgian women and children after the battle of Buissière to feel absolutely safe. A citizen was shot in Merbes-le-Chateau, but nobody could prove his innocence.

John T. McCutcheon of the Chicago Tribune confirmed:

Refugees, who told about cruelties and brutalities, could bring absolutely no proof. The discipline of the German soldiers is excellent; no drunkenness. The Burgomaster of Sorle-sur-Sambre voluntarily disclaimed all rumours of cruelties in that district. For the truth of the above we pledge our word of honor as journalists.

However, this voice of reason out of the American press would eventually turn into hysterical war drums. On May 7th, 1915, the British luxury liner, the RMS Lusitania, left New York for Britain with 1959 passengers and, unbeknownst to the passengers, some 600 tons of explosives, 6 million rounds of ammunition, and 1,200 cases of shrapnel shells. The German Embassy however, was aware of this and attempted to warn those planning to travel aboard of the danger they would be in, by attempting to place ads in major U.S. newspapers, but were in most cases, denied. The ship set sail and was deliberately maneuvered into dangerous waters by Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill, who then relieved the ship’s military escort. It was at that point German U-Boats fired upon and sank the liner, killing nearly 1200 passengers aboard, including 128 Americans. However, America was a different nation then, and it would take a bit more than a ship sunk in a war zone to get a nation “wary of foreign entanglements” to jump into what was still seen as “Europe’s war”.


By the end of 1916, the German–led Central Powers had the decisive advantage. France had suffered terrible casualties, the British forces were neutralized by a German U-Boat blockade, and Russia was becoming embroiled in what would become an incredibly bloody civil war. No German lands were occupied whatsoever. It was at that point, the Kaiser made a peace offering on behalf of the Central Powers with no strings attached. However, the British Empire and those who were in control of it had another trick up their sleeve.

The Balfour Declaration was a letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur J. Balfour to Baron Walter Rothschild, banker, politician, and leader of the British Jewish community. The letter essentially sealed the deal in which the British government agreed to create a Jewish homeland in British-occupied Palestine in return for Rothschild utilizing his connections to mobilize the power and influence of Jewish community in the United States with the goal of getting the U.S. to enter the war on the side of Britain and her allies.

British Prime Minister David Lloyd George later stated to the Palestine Royal Commission in 1937:

In this critical situation it was believed that Jewish sympathy or the reverse would make a substantial difference one way or the other to the Allied cause. In particular Jewish sympathy would confirm the support of American Jewry, and would make it more difficult for Germany to reduce her military commitments and improve her economic position on the eastern front… The Zionist leaders gave us a definite promise that, if the Allies committed themselves to giving facilities for the establishment of a national home for the Jews in Palestine, they would do their best to rally Jewish sentiment and support throughout the world to the Allied cause. They kept their word.”

It was at this point the propaganda machine was turned on full force towards the American public. Jewish-American-owned media outlets like Reuters and the New York Times resurrected the Lusitania and hyped the supposed Zimmerman Note; which was an allegedly intercepted telegraph from Germany to Mexico asking for alliance if the U.S. entered the war; as an intention of Germany to war with the United States. The manufactured horror stories of German barbarism were mass-marketed for American consumption by the “father of public relationsEdward Bernays, nephew of the famed Jewish-Swiss psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud.

Two of American President Woodrow Wilson’s closest advisers, Felix Frankfurter and Louis Brandeis were avid “Zionists” and influential in convincing the President to act in favor of Britain and the Allies. In April of 1917, Wilson convinced Congress to issue a declaration of war, and two months later, he instituted a very unpopular military draft, attempting to rally young men to the cause of “freedom” by using Bernays’ slogan: “Making the world safe for democracy.”

In 1918, after a successful spring offensive, labor strikes organized by trade unions within Germany halted the supply of much-needed munitions to the front. This event would come to be known as The Stab-in-the-Back, by Adolf Hitler, a veteran of the war. By this time, much of Organized Labor within Europe had been permeated by Marxist ideology of the “liberation of the proletariat” as well as the Labor Zionism of Jewish-French-German philosopher Moses Hess. The organizers of these strikes were young Jewish “revolutionaries” who saw what was going on in Russia and sought to use this as an opportunity to create a “worker’s paradise” in Germany. It has been extensively documented and proudly admitted that Jews were well represented in every revolutionary organization at the time and continue to be so today.


By 1918, Russia had fallen completely to the Bolshevik Revolution organized by Russian Vladmir Lenin (whose grandfather was Jewish) and Jewish-Russians Leib Bronstein, aka. Leon Trotsky and Julius Cedarbaum, aka. Julius Martov. Funded out of London and Germany by the Rothschild and Warburg banking conglomerates in partnership with the Jewish-American Schiff banking family out of Wall Street. This revolution completely destabilized Russia (a wary ally of and historical adversary to the British Empire), resulted in the brutal murders of Czar Nicholas II and his wife and children, and culminated in what was known as the “Red Terror”- a period marked by mass arrests in the middle of the night, executions, and brutally bizarre methods of torture. These atrocities were carried out by the Jewish-Russian-runCheka”, i.e., secret police and resulted in the murder of as many as 100,000 Russians. When U.S. Ambassador to Russia, David Francis, visited in January 1918, he noted:

The Bolshevik leaders here (Russia), most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a world-wide social revolution.”


The above statement illustrates what was one of the primary concerns/fears and motivating factors of Adolf Hitler in his dealings with Germany (and later Europe) and its Jews. This idea of the danger presented by the “International Jew” was also shared, oddly enough, by a man who would become one of Hitler’s primary nemesis- future British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. In his February 1920 article for the London Sunday Herald entitled “Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People”, Churchill spoke highly of Zionism and what he referred to as “National Jews”, who would say, “I am an Englishman practising the Jewish faith.

He saw the “National Jew” being contrasted by what he and many others referred to as “International Jews”:

The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt (founder of the nihilistic Bavarian Illuminati)  to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing… It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”

Unfortunately, the subversive activities of these “International Jews” became so intensified in Germany and throughout Europe just prior to and during the Second World War that Hitler and the NSDAP (Nazis) saw no other choice then to lock up ALL Jews who had remained in Europe into prison labor camps, regardless of whether or not they were practicing subversive tactics or not. The prison labor camps and the whole “Holocaust” narrative is of course, a deep topic in and of itself, and something deserving of an entire article devoted specifically to it. Again, the point here is to really flesh out some understanding as to why Hitler and the NSDAP espoused to the philosophy adhered to and enacted the policies they did, beyond the simplistic “scapegoat” and “world-domination” memes we are given in most high school and even college-level history books.

By the fall of 1918, the war had essentially reached a stalemate, with neither Germany nor the Allies being able to achieve a decisive victory. However, the internal social and political establishment of Germany began to crumble. Jewish-German Communists Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht founded the “Spartacus League“, which later became the Communist Party of Germany. Aided by Jewish-Hungarian Bela Kun, the group attempted to take advantage of post-war chaos and stage a coup in Berlin. Fearing the same fate as the Czar, Kaiser Wilhelm fled to Holland. While a group of veterans known as the Freikorps reclaim control, the Communists continually attempt to seize power.

The Allied powers took advantage of the internal destabilization that was taking place in Germany and did not invite Germany to take part in the Paris Peace Conference, where a series of treaties were devised to reorganize Europe and establish the world governing body known as the League of Nations– the precursor to the United Nations- which had been a primary goal of the war from the outset (although it soon dissolved due to nations like the U.S. refusing to ratify the treaty). It was out of this that the Treaty of Versailles was established which included the following provisions:

1. Germany accepts 100% responsibility for the war

2. German armed forces restricted to 100,000 men

3. The industrial German Rhineland will be occupied by French troops for the next 15 years.

4. Kaiser Wilhelm should be tried for “offenses against international morality”

5. The German region of West Prussia is carved out and given to the new nation of Poland. (Millions of West Prussians are forcefully expelled from their homes, and East Prussia is left isolated from the rest of Germany)

6. The German Sudetenland region is put under the rule of the new nation of Czechoslovakia.

7. The new state of Austria is forbidden from uniting with their Germanic brothers in Germany.

8. Germany is stripped of her African colonies. Britain, France, & Belgium take them over.

9. The coal-rich Saar region of Germany is placed under League of Nations control for 15 years. During this time, its coal is to be shipped to France.

10. The Baltic Sea port city of Danzig is separated from Germany and declared a “free city.”

11. Germany is forced to pay massive war reparations in the form of money and natural resources. The crushing debt payments, equal to 1 Trillion dollars in modern currency, will devastate the German economy and soon cause a hyperinflationary monetary collapse.

There can be no mistaking that the objective here was to literally rob Germany blind while demoralizing and economically crippling the nation so that it could not pose a threat to the hegemony of the Anglo-Zionist Financial and Corporate Empire.  This war was not about “spreading democracy”, it was economic power and control. After the war was over, President Woodrow Wilson confirmed this point:

Is there any man or woman let me say, is there any child who does not know that the seed of war in the modern world is industrial and commercial rivalry? …This was an industrial and commercial war.

The methods of war have certainly changed greatly in the last 100 years since World War I (1914-1918), but the reasons have not. It’s funny how this is by and large a sort of “forgotten war” in the public eye (especially now that pretty much every veteran of WWI has passed). Many of us only know there was a World War I because Hollywood loves to make movies about World War II, and so we know there had to be a “one” before the “two”.  Now that we have set the stage, in part two, I will get into the rise of Hitler and the NSDAP, as well as some of the various narratives that surround this period of history that shaped the world as we know it today.




“The masses of people are carried along, obedient to environment; the wills and desires of others stronger than themselves; heredity; suggestion; and other outward causes moving them about like pawns on the Chessboard of Life. But the Masters, rising to the plane above, dominate their moods, characters, qualities, and powers, as well as the environment surrounding them, and become Movers instead of pawns. They help to PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE, instead of being played and moved about by other wills and environment. They USE the Principle (of Cause and Effect) instead of being its tools. The Masters obey the Causation of the higher planes, but they help to RULE on their own plane.”

– The Three Hermetic Initiates speaking in “The Kybalion”


Throughout human history, the knowledge of controlling one’s own perceptions was taught to students of spiritual knowledge by the mystics; however, let us recall the Principle of “as above so below; as within so without.” There was also the knowledge of how to control the perceptions of others through concentration and extending the mind outwards is a focused manner. Extending the mind can be done obviously through concentrated thought, but also in every other manner a human can express a thought; i.e. words, writing, symbols, art, song, dance, etc. Extending the influence of the mind into the world is the basis of prayer, magick, and sorcery in addition to being the way culture and the society that grows from it is formed. One of the most ancient ways ways of creating and preserving a culture is through the stories it tells.


All races and all cultures across the Earth have had their own folk stories, legends and myths, of course some are more localized and some are widely known by people across the world. One of these ethnic cultures whose “stories” are known throughout the world is the Jewish people. One of the most notable and qualities of the Jewish people has always been their talent for “storytelling”. From the tales of the Torah and the Talmud, to the Jewish folktales fables of Eastern Europe told by the “Wise Men of Chelm“, to the modern stage and cinema, the talents abilities of these “Wandering Storytellers” to spin a tale that draws the listener/viewer in emotionally through tapping into certain aspects of their psyche has been undeniable.


image courtesy of

Outcasts in part due to the cultural and social exclusiveness inherent in Judaism, Jews were excluded in certain aspects of Eastern European and Russian society due to their strong and insular group identity, as well as a somewhat negative reputation in business and finance practices towards non-Jews or “goyim” (cattle). This appears to be the reason many Eastern European Jews turned to Communism– a resentment for Eastern European society due to real, embellished and fabricated wrongs and an intense desire to see it transformed to their moral ideals.

This historical resentment has likely contributed to the reasons modern Judeo-Globalist elitists like George Soros use their money to promote and enable social chaos and destabilization programs in the Ukraine, which borders Russia. Because of these issues with Eastern European culture, which has historically been influenced by Russia due to the bond of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, many Jews in Eastern Europe choose chose to either become Communists or emigrate to America, which had been historically welcoming of Jews. Many of these Jews migrated to professions within cultural institutions like academia, literature, news media, music and theater.

At the turn of the 20th century, Jewish-American men like the Gershwin brothers thrived producing and composing on Broadway while others such as Paul Reuter and Adolph Ochs displayed a seemingly natural tendency towards media monopoly with their ownership of major news outlets like Reuter’s newswire and the New York Times. Moving into the newly developed motion picture industry seemed a natural progression for a people who seemed to thrive in the “culture business”.

The advent of the motion picture camera in the early part of the 20th century changed the world forever. From the outset, Jews were involved in both the production and promotion of the motion picture industry in both Europe and the United States. In his book, The Complete Illustrated History of the Jewish People, Jewish South African journalist Lawrence Joffe describes the movement of Jews into Hollywood:

At first promoters and producers, then directors, scriptwriters, actors and composers, by 1912 Jews had set up over a hundred production companies in California, and were pivotal to the creation of the eight super-firms…

Almost to a man… the Jewish movie moguls were born into poverty. Carl Laemmle, the 10th of 13 immigrant children, managed a clothes shop before running a string of nickelodeons and in 1912 founding Universal, the first big studio. Louis Mayer joined the junk trade at 8, owned a New York theatre-chain at 22 and produced the epic Birth of a Nation in 1915, aged 30. Adolph Zukor, who founded Paramount pictures in 1917, was born in Hungary, emigrated at 15 and peddled fur garments.

A similar rags-to-riches story applied to the Warner Brothers, sons of a Jewish cobbler from Poland. In 1927 they amazed the filmic world by harnessing new technology to produce the first ‘talkie’. Starring Al Jolson, ‘The Jazz Singer’ presented Jewish family dilemmas about tradition and assimilation to a mainstream audience.

Today, the longevity and dominance of film studios like Warner Brothers, Metro Goldwyn-Meyer, and NBC-Universal are a testament to the legacy of the Jewish pioneers of Hollywood and the film industry. In an op-ed article entitled Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon posted in the LA Times in December of 2008, renowned Jewish American journalist and author, Joel Stein talks about the entertainment industry’s “open secret”:

Jews totally run Hollywood.

How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

The person they were yelling at in that ad was SAG President Alan Rosenberg (take a guess). The scathing rebuttal to the ad was written by entertainment super-agent Ari Emanuel (Jew with Israeli parents) on the Huffington Post, which is owned by Arianna Huffington (not Jewish and has never worked in Hollywood.)

The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish.

As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between ‘The 700 Club’ and ‘Davey and Goliath’ on TV all day.

However, the “rags-to-riches” tale of Jewish dominance in the American film industry has somewhat of a dark side to it (as do most tales of dominance). In his review of Neal Gabler’s book, An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, writer Jack Wikoff describes what might be considered less than ethical business practices by these early film moguls in order to achieve a monopoly in the film industry:

These men acquired this control because of an excellent sense of what the public would buy, intense personal drive, group solidarity as Jews, a willingness for hard work-and — a lot of shady dealing. Gabler describes how Adolf Zukor and Carl Laemmle illegally used Edison cameras without paying the royalties and how Louis B. Mayer cheated the producers of Birth of a Nation by falsifying his bookkeeping, thereby making as much as $500,000 on the exhibition of that one film in 1915.

Of course, dirty dealings and questionable ethics in business are certainly not relegated to Jewish film moguls, although they certainly have developed a reputation as being particularly “slimy” over the years, with numerous testimonies and allegations of prostitution, sexual exploitation and abuse as well as pedophilia within the Hollywood community. However, the real thing that we need to consider for this conversation is what was being done with this new medium of film and what were the motivations behind doing it. Jewish-American actor, Ben Stein in an article for E! Online stated:

The ex-furriers who created Hollywood were Eastern European Jewish immigrants, and all of the great edifice of fantasy-making in Hollywood is their handiwork. Names like Zukor and Lasky and Goldwyn and Cohn are the foundation of mass culture in America and the world… There is a much quoted note that it took all these Eastern European Yiddish-speaking Jews to create the lasting, worldwide image of America and what America is–the mass culture mirror that America likes to hold up to its face.”

These Jewish film moguls created their vision of America and the ideal culture through the silver screen. While their brothers in Eastern Europe shaped the culture through politics, these men shaped it through storytelling. Little by little, bit by bit, the general became enamored by the “movies” and began to mimic and emulate the behaviors and ideals they saw on the movie screen. It became clear that Hollywood was not just “reflecting” certain cultural ideals and values in the American people, it was creating them.

In a speech during a Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by the Democratic National Committee back in 2013, Vice President and self-described “Zionist”, Joe Biden payed homage to the role of Jewish leaders in the culture industry for molding the American public’s perceptions:

What affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else?… It wasn’t anything we legislatively did. It was ‘Will and Grace,’ it was the social media. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. That’s why I was so certain that the vast majority of people would embrace and rapidly embrace [gay marriage]. Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.



As the ability of film to be used as a medium for spreading cultural ideas and behaviors became increasingly evident, large corporations began to partner with the film studios to market their products. It was on Madison Avenue in New York City that corporate advertising began, and still exists as a dominant force today. One of the pioneers of corporate advertising was Edward Bernays, the “Father of Public Relations” and nephew of famed Jewish psychotherapist, Sigmund Freud. Bernays pioneered Madison Avenue advertising and marketing campaigns for the tobacco industry among numerous other large businesses and corporate conglomerates.

One of the most famous publicity stunts Bernays orchestrated for the tobacco companies was when he had several famous actresses line up in the front of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and light up cigarettes, which until that time, had been seen as something “un-lady like”. The tobacco companies used the admiration that women had for these actresses, calling cigarettes Torches of Freedom, and associating them with the feminist movement. It worked quite well, creating the image of the sexy, independent, and fashionable smoking woman.

Noticing his knack for shaping public opinion, the U.S. Government recruited Bernays in its P.R. campaign to get a reluctant and isolationist American public behind the First World War. The U.S. Government itself, being pressured into joining the war effort by International Banking interests (primarily Judeo-Zionist) based out of Britain and Western Europe. It was Bernays who was charged with bombarding the American public with embellished and outright fabricated stories of “atrocities of the Hun”, which would be repeated in an even more effective and sophisticated manner during World War II. Bernays also came up with the slogan “Making the world safe for democracy”. In his 1928 book, Propaganda, Bernays referred to his experience working for the various “powers that be”:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.

After the First World War, Hollywood and Madison Avenue continued to develop increasingly sophisticated methods of molding public desires and opinions, and during the Second World War, the propaganda machine was put into high gear, mobilizing the patriotism of the American public to fight a war in Europe that was not truly in their best interest. This propaganda marketing was so successful and so sophisticated; it continues to be effective to this day and is evidenced by the large volume of World War II and “Holocaust” movies produced by Hollywood as well as international (typically Jewish) filmmakers seemingly every year.

It was during and after World War II that the relationship/partnership between the U.S. Government, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue (and of course, International Finance) really became solidified. The post-war release of television brought the ability for this finely crafted visual “programming” of the population into individual households across America, and eventually the world. Television would become the ultimate way for those working in Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Washington D.C., and elsewhere, to extend their mental sphere to people all over the world. The mass media is a way to send all the aspects of the extension of an individual or a group mind, as well as that mind’s desires, to people all over the world.


Shortly after World War II, President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act, which created agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA). These were and still are essentially entities whose purpose for existence is to further the interests of what President Dwight D. Eisenhower referred to in his farewell address as the “Military Industrial Complex”. These entities whose public “mission” was foreign intelligence gathering so that another Pearl Harbor-type event did not happen again, were in fact created to ensure that the War never really ended. Military weapons manufacturers and defense contractors had gained an unprecedented amount of wealth, power and influence, and sought to hold onto that power at any cost. Truman himself stated that “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.”

The Military Industrial Complex, with their front groups like the CIA, partnered with Global Mega Corporations and International Usury Finance, both of which had been empowered with the creation of organizations like the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund directly after World War II. This combine of the old American (as well as Anglo) WASP establishment and the Judeo-Zionists in finance and media proceeded to organize the biggest mafia-style racketeering operation the world had ever seen. This sort of partnership between White European elitists and Jewish opportunists has been going on for centuries, growing in scope and complexity, suffering from time to time from factional in-fighting,

In the post-World War II Globalist system, International Usury Finance would take the lead, and offer loans to developing nations with interest attached that would be impossible to ever repay. It would then make part of the deal that select Global Mega Corporations would be allowed to come into the nation and essentially pillage resources and create a slave-wage labor force. The ultimate goal was the natural progression of the same goal that has existed in the minds of those who desire power throughout known history: consolidation of power and control of resources and populations.

In many cases, the job of the CIA (often working in tandem with other intelligence agencies like British MI6 and Israeli Mossad) would be to run psychological operations or “psy-ops” on the populations through various media and propaganda outlets to work on the consciousness of the populace so they were receptive to and cooperative with the overall agenda of the intelligence agencies and their corporate partners.

If a leader or a population were uncooperative, the Military Industrial Complex would often create and arm resistance movements and stage assassinations to install a government that would control the populace and enable the larger agenda, or they would simply send in the CIA Jackals to “take out” whoever was standing in the way. The CIA has been linked to numerous assassinations of world leaders since its inception. It is even well established thought that the CIA was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy after he came to fully grasp their tactics and motives, and refused to comply.  Kennedy stated “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”

In the recently published book, “The CIA in Hollywood: How the Agency Shapes Film and Television”, author Tricia Jenkins outlines what many have known for years and what was until recently illegal under U.S. law, which was the direct use of the film industry as well as various television and news media outlets to conduct psychological conditioning (i.e. propaganda) operations on the American public via orders from the various Executive Branch “alphabet soup” agencies (CIA, NSA, DHS, CDC, FDA, etc.). Former CIA director William Colby stated, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

The CIA specifically has conducted psy-ops through the use of media propaganda on foreign soil to manipulate populations in a manner that suited their aims for decades. However it came out in the 1975 Church Committee Hearings that the CIA used news media outlets to push propaganda and conducted illegal operations on U.S. soil, and it had done so since its inception. Talking about the CIA’s role in the media in a meeting with President Regan in 1981, former CIA director, William Casey stated “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

The base of operations for one of these illegal psy-ops on U.S. soil took place at Laurel Canyon in southern California during the 1960s where the CIA and military intelligence got into the music business, and like film and television, Jews were (and still are) dominant as producers and record-label owners.

The music and lifestyles that was promoted by these various music and counter-culture celebrities that came out of Laurel Canyon, etc. were designed to discredit the anti-war movement among older and more conservative populations and repel those folks from taking part in it. They were also designed to create a generation of hedonistic, “burnt-out”, “peace-nicks”, that were so passive and detached from reality that they would no longer pose any sort of real threat to the establishment and their agenda.


During the 1960s and 1970s, the CIA conducted a large, multi-subject experiment and program of psychological manipulation and control known as “MK-Ultra”. One of the techniques used for mental manipulation of subjects was the use of LSD to create a schizophrenic state in the test subject. LSD is an extremely potent hallucinogen and (unlike meth) can only be manufactured in a relatively sophisticated lab setting by an experienced chemist. LSD slowly began to make its way into the streets of America, while “gurus” like Professor Timothy Leary were given television time to promote the drug to America’s youth.

From LSD in the 60s, to Cocaine in the 70s and 80s, to the recent Opium/Heroin epidemic, the CIA has a long history of pushing drugs onto the streets of America, using that money to further fund their operations. The intelligence agencies have historically taken part in drug smuggling (which was a specific tactic of the British Empire) and sex trafficking (slave trade) to not only further fund themselves and further demoralize and debase the population, causing destabilization.

It was during this time when the values presented to Americans via the television and film screen began to slowly degenerate and become increasingly violent, decadent, vapid, and hyper-sexualized. The prevalence and cultural acceptance of pornography (also pioneered and dominated by Jewish moguls) went hand-in-hand with the various “liberation” movements of the 60s and 70s, which were steered by Intelligence Agencies and promoted and inspired by various Jewish academics, psychologists, social activists and those working in the “culture industry” working in tandem with the various intelligence agencies.

A new culture was slowly being developed and promoted for America. It was done incrementally, over the course of a few generations, as it was understood that anything too far from the course would be rejected and rebelled against. In the course of 3-4 generations, we went from Beaver getting advice from his father to Miley Cyrus dressed as a doll and twerking on stage during prime time. The moral degradation of western culture with the progressive move into decadent materialism and Cultural Marxism didn’t “just happen”. At the end of the day, Joseph McCarthy was right.

So how does this sort of programming happen? The primary method of “attack” for weaponized media is to assault our definitions and perceptions of truth and reality. Once this becomes debased, the rest one can then be reprogrammed with a new reality. This is done in the sort of hard-core trauma-based mind control experiments done by Intelligence Agencies to create an individual that can be utilized as a dupe, patsy or even an assassin.  This is done by splintering an individual’s psyche through trauma. This is done in a more subtle way to the general public through television and the mass media.

Make no mistake, the terrorist attacks and mass shootings like 9-11 and Sandy Hook are a form of mass trauma-based programming that are partially or in some cases, completely staged productions for the media and public consumption in order to generate a sort of fear-based neurosis and obedience in the general public.


To quote former Jewish American Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”  To many, “truth” is nothing more than what allows them feel comfortable in their own skin; what they can “deal with”, and to many, that means believing what EVERYONE ELSE believes as truth- being safe in the majority.

Let’s recall Joe Biden’s earlier quote on Jewish leaders in the entertainment industry, and the implication that television and social media can be used to change the cultural values of a population. What this means is that the entertainment industry has the potential and the ability to shape what a society feels is right or wrong. This results in the ability of the media to shape what a society believes to be true or untrue, as most people nowadays use emotional reasoning, and will generally gravitate towards what they feel as “right” as being the ultimate truth.

So how is this done? The most effective propaganda is that which appeals directly to our emotions. If we look at the mind of a person, we can essentially break it down into three basic parts: conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind. Our emotions and feelings tend to arise at the point where our conscious mind meets our subconscious mind. In our day-to-day life of work, family, and social lives, we are operating primarily in the realm of conscious mind as we conduct tasks, make decisions, and navigate reality.

However, when we sit down and “zone out” with out favorite television PROGRAM, we tend to stop performing all of those tasks of the conscious mind, which also serves as a sort of filter for information- a sort of “B.S. filter”. This is particularly true when we are watching something that is supposedly “pure entertainment” like a sitcom or a crime drama. We shut down our critical thinking centers and stop analyzing, just opening ourselves to the experience of being “entertained”. We let down our guard.

The unconscious mind responds to colors, symbols, archetypal imagery, and primal fears. Meanwhile the subconscious mind tends to respond to more complex emotional cues and triggers relating to personal experiences. Together they are the prime target of advertising and “behavior placement” in TV and films. It is the “guardian”, i.e. the conscious, critical-thinking mind being asleep, that allows the subconscious and the unconscious to be preyed upon. Archetypally this is akin to the man of the house being asleep while his wife and child are preyed upon, or the warriors of a tribe being put in a trance by a sorcerer while the women and children of the village are violated, abducted and murdered.

Those not familiar with the concept of behavior placement are more than likely familiar with product placement. This is where you will see, for example, the main character of your favorite TV show drinking a Coke, then see a commercial or two for Coke during that time slot as Coca-Cola is a sponsor of that program. The idea is that since you like and identify with your “TV friend” you will want to emulate them and drink Coke. Behavior placement works in a similar way, but in a slightly more complex fashion.

Again, we’ll use Joe Biden’s quote stating that programs like “Will and Grace” were what shaped the general public’s attitude about gay marriage as an example. This shaping of cultural perceptions is done through use of TV characters you grow to identify with and even “love”. You develop empathy for them and their situations. You think they’re “cool” and want to be like them in the same way a child adores and emulates puppets and cartoon characters.

It is through this empathy and identification with these characters that behavior placement happens. We form a make-believe friendship in our subconscious as we identify with the plights of the characters. We then may begin to take on the values and morals that they espouse to, just as we might tend to with any other real-life friend (that’s why mom didn’t want you hanging out with the “bad kids”).

We then may begin to identify with and even desire the world the program portrays as this simulated vicarious relationship develops. A well-known example of this is the “Hollywood Ending” that so many people want for every aspect of their lives. When watching a television program, you can rest assured that pretty much anything to do with politics, gender roles, and controversial social issues on a TV show would be considered behavior placement, as the “behavior” that the producers are wishing to place you into is the point-of-view and actions of the main characters or “heroes” (even though many modern TV “heroes” would not be considered so by traditional Western standards).

When I was doing door-to-door canvassing our primary goal was to appeal to the emotions of a prospective donor. In one particular organization I would come armed with a picture of our boss’ kid looking sickly juxtaposed next to a corporate CEO stating how much he made while children went unable to receive medical care. This simple imagery appealed to the emotional center of the person, and the objective was to bypass any sort of real sophisticated policy discussion about “who’s going to pay for this?” or “how is this going to be implemented?” which I’m sure many who financially supported “grassroots” efforts to get Obamacare may wish they had asked these sorts of questions.


This method of shaping cultural opinion through media is often used to create perceptions in the public mind that the media establishment wishes them to perceive as “facts” and true events, again through appealing to emotional reasoning and the imposition of a brand of “morality”. Recent examples of this can be seen through the generation of memes through the mainstream as well as through social media regarding the Middle East refugee crisis, specifically with the comparison of “refugees” to Jews fleeing the “Holocaust” in World War II. This “refugee/holocaust” narrative is something the establishment mouthpieces are using to guilt Americans into “getting with the program“.

Recent articles out of The Huffington Post, The Nation, Politico, and The Chicago Tribune among others, ALL follow this particular talking point. Talking points are typically generated from a centralized source such as a government or corporate agency or think-tank and disseminated to the various news outlets. In this case, it appears the source of this particular “talking point” is current CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt. Greenblatt called upon the spirit of Nazi-Jewish Persecution and the “Holocaust” in an attempt to guilt and shame the American people in his op-ed for the ADL’s own website entitled “Closing the Borders to Refugees: Wrong in the 1930s, and Wrong Today”:

…in January 1939 another poll asked whether the U.S. government should permit ‘10,000 refugee children from Germany—most of them Jewish—to be taken care of in American homes.’ An astounding and shameful 61 percent said no.

In May of 1939 the St. Louis carrying 937 German refugees—mostly Jews fleeing the Third Reich—set sail for Cuba. Most had applied for U.S. visas. Turned away from Cuba, as the St. Louis sailed so close to Florida that the passengers could see the lights from Miami, they appealed to President Roosevelt to give them safe harbor. With public opinion opposed to lifting the stringent immigration quotas or to make an exception for the ship’s passengers, the St. Louis returned to Europe. Almost a quarter of the passengers perished in the Holocaust.

Today, the world faces the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Almost 60 million people around the world have been forcibly displaced from their homes. The war in Syria, fueled by the unparalleled brutality of ISIS, is largely responsible for the spike. And once more—shamefully—there is a push for the United States to turn a blind eye to the suffering of refugees and shut our doors to those in need.”

It should be noted that Jewish American author, Robert I. Friedman highlighted in his book “Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America” that the Anti-Defamation League pressured and eventually convinced the FBI to call of investigations of individuals with known affiliation to the Jewish-Russian Mafia who also sought “refugee status” back in the 1970s, stating that doing so would be “anti-Semitic”. This is the same Anti-Defamation League that has had ties to the Jewish Mafia since the days when infamous Jewish American mobster, “Bugsy” Siegel established Las Vegas (now dominated by Jewish American billionaire Sheldon Adelson).

In this article we have mentioned the “refugee poll” where Americans voice a politically incorrect opinion. This is a meme that has been popping up all over social media these days thanks to “AJ+”, i.e. Al Jazeera for millennials. Al Jazeera being the news media organization owned by the government of Qatar– one of the oil-rich Arab Gulf States that is refusing to take refugees, while being linked to the funding of Islamic terror groups. Now we will use this refugee poll as an example showing how a meme on social media can be used to shape public opinion.

As the refugee poll begins to be spread around on social media, often initiated by the organization or individuals that originated it, it can then be amplified though the echo chamber that social media creates, making a new “meme”. This effect causes this the core message carried by the meme to become amplified; where it can then be promoted as well as enforced through a sort of peer-pressure, that social media and any other modern social institution inevitably creates. The pushers of the meme will then often shout down those who would disagree with ad-homonym attacks where the dissenter is ostracized and attacked as a racist, a Nazi, an anti-Semite, etc., etc., causing critics to be silenced out of fear of social ostracizing and embarrassment.

As an aside, it is may be worth noting that much of social media openly partners with U.S. Intelligence agencies to collect data on the general public while tracking the trends in public opinion through complex algorithms.


It is ingrained into us to desire to “fit in”. This desire is so strong that many will change what they know to be right or wrong to simply “belong”. This starts at childhood with our family and is further refined through schooling and institutionalized peer-pressure. This is how the newly uploaded behavior/thought pattern, after being implanted into the subconscious of a large group of people takes root and becomes self-enforced as a sort of new cultural dogma or belief system. This is how human beings are trained what to think and feel.

We live in a bubble inside of a bubble. If the physical world is indeed holographic in nature, than the world the majority of us who live in modern culture experience life that is even more of an illusion. For multiple generations now, our beliefs, our culture, what we believe is and is not true about every aspect of the world has been defined to us by someone else who saw it in a movie somewhere. We have major news networks owned by major Hollywood movie studios (i.e. NBC-Universal). Does anyone see something wrong with this? Perhaps it is high time that we as a culture, as well as individuals, took a look at our ideas and our beliefs, while thinking of these words by psychotherapist and motivational speaker, Dr. Eldon Taylor:

We’ve come to a point in our lives where it’s fair to ask, ‘what was the last original thought (I) had?’ The way you walk, the way you talk, the vocabulary you use; all of these things are built into the expectation you have of yourself, based on the role you have chosen to play in the ‘theater’ of life, as it has been defined to you.


Years ago I had a brief debate with a friend who parroted a claim by his professor that art could only follow culture and not the other way around. I did not agree, although I did not have the understanding to articulate as I am here. Any serious study of the psychological effects of words, music, symbols, pictures, and movements on an individual or group would soon realize that was not the case. Visual arts, musical arts, and performing arts are all “art”, and all involve influencing the psyche of the viewer in some way to be effective. Anything that can reach into your psyche has the potential to influence it if allowed.

What is happening here is that another world is being created inside the one our physical bodies laugh, cry, work and love. An artificial bubble has been placed around us and is being continually upgraded. It is a media bubble that taps into, amplifies, steers and molds our fear and weakness. It gives us ideas and beliefs that we may not have otherwise held because we allowed ourselves to be weak and susceptible. It is a world of fear and illusion manifesting through our weakness.

Those who have the focus and concentration to project their mind in a unified manner with other “like minds” are building the world they perceive: a world that sees reality as a prison, rather than a classroom. People who live in this world don’t really want money, as many naively claim; they use money. But what they really want is pleasure and then power- that is the progression of greed and most people in modern society suffer from it. Power to rule the prison they perceive.

Recently I saw a discussion on whether there was a “conspiracy” of a few, or if it was the mental cluster known as “the mass mind” that was to blame for the hiding or “occulting” of certain knowledge or information. I will say that if we look at the “human as cell” model I presented earlier, it is both. If look at the example of a virus or other seemingly negative entity somehow coming into an existence in the BODY, we can see how this might be similar to the selfish and destructive individuals credited/blamed for the “disinformation program” accepted to the general public, and the desires and beliefs they adhere to.

There have ALWAYS been groups of individuals who kept certain knowledge from those not deemed ready to fully understand it.  That was a foundation for the ancient Mystery Schools and later Secret Societies like the Rosicrucians.  This hiding occulting of knowledge can be seen as good or bad depending on motivations.

Regardless, at the end of the day, it is the general public who is in a state where the virus; whatever you want to name it; can do its work and create a sort of viral cancer, causing the human “cells” to turn on each other and destroy themselves. But it is weakness and ill-health within the individual cells as well as their cell groups that allows the virus to take hold in the first place. The symptoms of an illness are simply the body trying to purge itself and bring itself back to balance. The same could be said of the suffering and “illness” in the individual as well as the collective humanity and all its components.

In the end, a society and its leaders will be reflections of one another, archetypally though it is the King who is ultimately responsible for living in accordance with the Law, so the people and the land don’t fall into ruin.  But the question becomes in this day and age; who is playing the role of the King?  Is it really those we have chosen, or allowed to lead us?

We are now at a point in history where any sort of natural aristocracy we had in the past has fallen into decay.  Perhaps it is now time for each of us to gather the strength to pick up the sword and scepter and become the King- the Sovereign who is master of himself and unchanged by external impulses and forces.

So next time you turn on the television, or go see a movie, or log on to social media, look at the various messages that are being pushed. Why might be a motive for pushing these messages? What might they be trying to say to you? What are they trying to get you to think or want or believe? Who would benefit from getting you to buy into or believe what is being presented?

Television and media in general is constantly advertising and “marketing”. If it is not actual products, its ideas and belief systems that others wish to impose upon us. So next time you watch your favorite TV shows or log onto social media, keep your critical thinking mind active and see what the program is trying to download into your consciousness. Or better yet, turn the TV off, log off Facebook and experience reality without having someone else define it for you.

Namaste and God Bless.

THOUGHT CRIMES: Questioning Zionism, Communism, the Holocaust and the Founding of Israel


“Growing up in reunified Germany, Eva Meyer remembers being overwhelmed by the Holocaust studies that were part of each school year. Meyer and her classmates were assigned to read books about the Holocaust. They heard personal stories from Holocaust survivors. They had to write essays about the Holocaust, too.

Learning so intensively about the horrors committed by Germans left her feeling shame and guilt, Meyer said. But that same education communicated something else:

‘There is Israel, and that’s the solution,’ Meyer said, describing the role that was assigned to the Jewish state in her education. ‘That’s the salvation. It makes you feel better. All the shame and guilt is not that bad, because there is Israel and everything is fine now. And whatever Israel wants — give it to them. And whatever a Jewish person wants — don’t ask, just give it. That’s what I learned about it.’”

– From the May 10th 2015 article, “German Left Haunted by the Holocaust- Split over Israel” written by Yermi Brenner and published in the “Jewish Daily Forward”

One of the primary motivations I had for starting this blog was the idea that personal alchemy and spiritual transformation went hand-in-hand with the quest for truth and the de-construction of illusions and belief systems. This premise has led me to delve into some topics and ask some questions that may have made some folks uncomfortable and maybe even a little angry. This will undoubtedly be the case with the topic I am going to delve into today. What I am presenting here is the culmination of a year and a half of deep research.  For months I have debated as to the most appropriate way for me to address this issue. I suppose I could have just left it alone, but my own personal journey led me to it and if nothing else, this blog is about my own perspectives on the reality matrix we experience, my quest to understand and make sense of it, and my burning desire to deconstruct it to its bare bones.

When I was in fifth grade I was introduced to the “Holocaust”. We watched films like “The Dairy of Anne Frank” as well as various documentaries. We learned that the Nazis were the most evil mass-murderers of all time, using gas chambers as well as other horrific means of torture and mutilation to maim and kill. We looked at books that showed pictures of emaciated concentration camp victims and described horrible stories of family members being killed in front of one another. This sort of trauma-based “education” continued at various points throughout my schooling where books like Eli Weisel’s “Night” were required reading. The conclusion I reached was that Nazis were megalomaniacal mass-murderers who sought to take over the world and create a “master race” of blonde-haired, blue-eyed “supermen”, while they exterminated six million Jews due to irrational racist hatred.


This programming I received pretty much ran as normal up until about a year and a half ago. As the “external” version of my search for the truth about history and our reality (which compliments my internal spiritual search) led me to information that I had never come across before. I was not searching for this information, but rather it sort of “found me”. Sure, I’d heard of people who supposedly didn’t believe the Holocaust happened, and were labeled “Holocaust Deniers”, like the former president of Iran, but I never really looked into what might make them believe that. I pretty much bought the line that it was simply due to blind, irrational hatred and “anti-Semitism” and took that as a subliminal cue not to investigate the matter further. I mean nobody wants to be labeled “Nazi” or a hateful “anti-Semite”, right? But the presentation of what was for me completely new historical evidence laid out in a very scholarly, rational way sparked my curiosity.

Before this time, any and all “evidence”- testimonies and the like, that I had seen or heard or read about the Holocaust were very “emotionally driven”; as in it was very obviously looking to trigger an emotional reaction rather than encourage intellectual inquiry. So I researched scholarly works done by numerous historical “revisionists”- people who conduct deep research into historical events and find evidence that things might have happened differently than the standard, textbook account of things. Revisionists will often find historical evidence of various inconsistencies that conflict with and contradict the mainstream narrative of an event.  The conclusions I reached have been often reluctant ones that I came to over a lengthy period of inquiry.  I didn’t really WANT to believe this, but in the face of the evidence, I felt I had no choice if I was going to hold fast to the quest for Truth.

So all that being said, I figured the best way to tackle this topic is simply to present a list of 100 interesting and puzzling points and questions that came up for me when I did my own research into the narrative of the Holocaust, as well Zionism, Communism and the founding of Israel. I just ask that you do your best to put aside any emotions around the subject and look at these points objectively. More importantly, I challenge you to research any or all of these points and questions for yourselves:

1. The May 1897 edition of “The Open Court” religious magazine speaks of the revolts in Roman occupied Judea in led by Bar Cocheba “in which nearly six million Jews lost their lives”.

2. What is the significance of the “Ye shall return minus 6 million” prophecy laid out by Jewish-American Rabbi Benjamin Blech in his book “The Secrets of Hebrew Words”?

3. Why were there NUMEROUS (approx. 271) newspaper articles and various other publications that stated that “six million Jews” were in peril and/or being killed in Europe from 1900 to 1945?


4. The political movement known as Zionism was founded in Europe in the 1800s to establish a homeland for the Jews living in Europe. While various nations were offered, including territory in East Africa by the British Empire, the leaders of the movement insisted on Palestine, which at the time was occupied by the Ottoman Empire.

5. This movement included Lord Rothschild of the U.K., who was a member of the wealthiest and most influential banking family the world has ever seen. Today, the Rothschild family continues to hold trillions of dollars in assets including Rothschild Investment Trust (now RIT Capital), which as of 2008 reported $3.4 billion in assets.

6. In the late 19th century in Britain several Anglicanized Sephardi and Western Ashkenazi families, dubbed ‘the Cousinhood’dominated Anglo-Jewish society. This old elite put up stiff resistance to the mass flux of eastern European Jews that were moving en masse to Britain. Could this have provided a motivation for the elite British arm of the Zionist movement to seek to put these “lesser Jews” somewhere else?

7. What happened to the people of rich medieval kingdom of Khazaria on the Black Sea who mass-converted to Judaism and what is the factual basis of the “Times of Israel” and “Haaretz” and others stating that the majority of Ashkenazi Jews (which make up the majority of Jews) are actually a mix of Eastern European and Central Asiatic tribes? Would this therefore mean that the notion of Palestine being ancestral lands and a “birthright” are somewhat of a falsehood?

8. At the time of the establishment of Zionism, the British Empire was at the height of its power. At the political helm was master politician, Jewish Anglo Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. The largest financial power within the British Empire and arguably the world was the Jewish Rothschild banking dynasty, who also had operations in mainland Europe in France and Germany. Meanwhile in the United States, Jewish American financiers like Schiff and Warburg were powerhouses on Wall Street and Jewish Americans like Paul Reuter and Adolph Olcs ran Reuters and the New York Times- two of the most influential media outlets in the world to this day.

9. What were the circumstances around the debt that the Ottoman Empire supposedly owed the Rothschild banking interests and how did Palestine end up being territory of the British Empire?

10. According to the American Jewish Committee, there were approximately 15,688, 259 Jews in the world in 1939.  After World War II, the New York Times cited there being approximately 18,700, 000.  How would there have been such a population spike if  a mass-genocide of 6 million Jews had indeed taken place?

11. In 1917, during the height of World War I, a letter was sent from Britain’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Walter Rothschild. Known as “The Balfour Declaration” it publicly stated full support by the British Government for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Why would the most powerful Empire in the world and a notorious exploiter of peoples across the globe be so willing to accommodate a “disenfranchised minority”?

12. In 1937, former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George addressed the Palestine Royal Commission in regards to the Balfour Agreement: “In this critical situation it was believed that Jewish sympathy or the reverse would make a substantial difference one way or the other to the Allied cause. In particular Jewish sympathy would confirm the support of American Jewry, and would make it more difficult for Germany to reduce her military commitments and improve her economic position on the eastern front… The Zionist leaders gave us a definite promise that, if the Allies committed themselves to giving facilities for the establishment of a national home for the Jews in Palestine, they would do their best to rally Jewish sentiment and support throughout the world to the Allied cause. They kept their word.”

13. If Jews throughout the world were truly a voiceless and persecuted minority, why was the most powerful Empire in the world courting their influence to help them win a war against their most powerful economic competition in Germany?

14. In America, the man in charge of wartime propaganda was Jewish American Edward Bernays.  Known as the “Father of Propaganda”, Bernays created PR and marketing as we know it, and worked for some of the biggest industries around to market their products.

15. In February of 1920, future British Prime Minister Winston Churchill wrote an article for the London Sunday Herald entitled “Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People”. I highly suggest folks read this if they are not already familiar with it.

16. The Communist Bolshevik Revolution that brutally overtook Russia were led my and Jewish-Russians Leib Bronstein, aka. Leon Trotsky and Julius Cedarbaum, aka. Julius Martov. Vladimir Lenin was also a quarter Jewish. The intellectual founder of Communism, Karl Marx, was a Jewish German. To this day, many people revere these men as heroes. Financial interests out of London and New York reportedly provided funding for these men and their revolution.

17. After the brutal murders of Czar Nicholas II and his wife and children, the Bolsheviks carried out what was known as the “Red Terror”- a period marked by mass arrests in the middle of the night, executions, and brutally bizarre methods of torture. These atrocities were carried out by the Jewish Russian-run “Cheka”, i.e., secret police and resulted in the murder of as many as 100,000 Russians.

18. Jewish South African Lawrence Joffe notes in “Complete Illustrated History of the Jewish People”: “Jews were enthusiastic unionists in the early 20th century… A large number were anarchists or Communists…

19. When U.S. Ambassador to Russia, David Francis, visited in January 1918, he noted: “The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a world-wide social revolution.

20. In 1918 Jewish-German Communists Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht founded the “Spartacus League”, which later became the Communist Party of Germany. Aided by Jewish-Hungarian leader Bela Kun, the group attempted to take advantage of post-war chaos and stage a coup in Berlin. Fearing the same fate as the Czar, Kaiser Wilhelm fled to Holland. While a group of WWI veterans known as the Freikorps reclaim control, the Communists continually attempted to seize power.

21. The primary force that decorated WWI veteran Adolf Hitler feared as a threat to Germany and Europe as a whole was Communism. The major leaders of the movement throughout Europe were Jewish.  Likewise, this very real fear of Communism was the driving force behind the various “anti-Semitic” Nationalist movements that swept across Europe prior to World War II.

22. The death toll under Communist regimes in the 20th century was 94 million people. This is a good 14-15 times the amount of deaths attributed to National Socialist Germany by mainline historians. So why is it is trendy and fashionable to wear and display Communist symbols and propaganda, use Communist slogans and why is it acceptable to openly identify as Communist, when even displaying the Swastika, an ancient Indo-European spiritual symbol is seen as evil and to even agree with any of the tenets or philosophies of National Socialism is seen as unforgivably monstrous?

23. The only record of Hitler stating he wanted to “take over the world” is taken from a book entitled , “Conversations with Hitler”, printed as “The Voice of Destruction” in the U.S. in 1940, was later presented as evidence at Nuremberg. However, Swiss historian Wolfgang Haenel spent five years diligently investigating the memoir before announcing his findings in 1983. Haenel was able to conclusively establish that the author’s claim to have met with Hitler “more than a hundred times” is a lie.  The words attributed to Hitler, he showed, were simply invented or lifted from many different sources. Haenel also found evidence that a prominent British journalist named Henry Wickham-Steele, who was known to be a right-hand man of Sir Robert Vansittart, perhaps the most vehemently anti-German figure in Britain, helped to produce the memoir.  In addition, one of Germany’s most influential periodicals, “Der Speigel” concluded in an article published in 1985 that Rauschning’s Conversations with Hitler “are a falsification, an historical distortion from the first to the last page ”  Meanwhile, Communist International or “Comintern” that was run out of Russia during that time openly stated they wanted to establish a worldwide Communist regime in numerous documents and no one knows about it.

24. If the Nazis were a brutal racist regime, why were there volunteers from Africa, the Middle East and India fighting on behalf of the Germans against the Communists and the British Empire?

25. Who has heard about the Anti-Comintern Pact between Japan and Germany? Who is aware that interests within the United States funded Mao and the Communist takeover of China and Southeast Asia?

26. Joseph Stalin, or “Uncle Joe” as FDR referred to him, was one of the most brutal dictators of the 20th century, yet he was an ally of the United States. Why did this change after the war and what if any role did the purge of the likes of Trotsky and other Jewish revolutionaries from power during the war years and taking a more nationalistic stance play in the relationship turning sour?

27. In March of 1933, shortly after the election of Adolf Hitler, there was a call by the international Jewish community to organize a worldwide boycott on German goods. There was even a rally of 40,000 that assembled in Madison Square Garden.

28. In the 1939 book “A Program for the Jews and an Answer to all Anti-Semites; A Program for Humanity” Marxist Jewish Author Harry Waton stated that “Jews are far more numerous and infinitely more powerful than the fascists are. Not that the Jews fear the fascists or have reasons to fear them, but the fascists fear the Jews, and have good reason to fear them.” In the book he also stated “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth . . . The Jews will become the masters over the whole earth and they will subordinate to themselves all nations.

29. In 1941, Jewish American author Theodore Kaufman wrote a book that was praised in the New York Times entitled “Germany Must Perish!” which essentially called for genocide of the German people. This was a good 3 years before there was public knowledge of any “Holocaust”.

30. If Hitler and the Nazis wanted to “kill all the Jews” why was their documented policy always emigration? First with the “Transfer Agreement” to Palestine, where German Jews were set up with financial transfers and land to immigrate to Palestine, then afterwards with the plan in which the German government pleaded with the international community to allow a Jewish colony under strict supervision in Madagascar, and then finally the plan to evacuate Jews out of Europe into the Ural Mountains in Russia as was found when the British broke the German “Enigma” code.

31. Why did the British put a stop to Jews immigrating to Palestine from Germany and turn them back at gunpoint?

32. Why did a German Foreign Office circular bulletin of June 22, 1937 state that: “In view of the anti-German agitation of international Jewry, Germany cannot agree that the formation of a Palestine Jewish state would help the peaceful development of the nations of the world“? Given the issues with Israel and its neighbors since its founding, could this be considered an accurate assessment?  Why was Germany not the only nation that thought letting Palestine be an independent Jewish-controlled state as opposed to being under the auspices of the British, etc. was a bad idea for peace in the region and the world?

33. Forensic science shows that bodies that have been killed by poison gas turn a bright reddish color, however no photos of supposed victims of Nazi gas chambers displays this feature. Why in the over 1,000 autopsies performed on camp prisoners was there no evidence of death by poison gas found?

34. Why did the Jewish Zionists approve of the Nuremberg anti-race mixing laws?

35. The NSDAP (Nazi) government is renowned for being notoriously meticulous with paperwork and documenting EVERYTHING. So why is there no documented order from Hitler or any sort of central command to exterminate Jews via gas chambers? Why is all “proof” of such a thing taken from secondary sources?

36. Why is the only “documented evidence” of the gas extermination story that can be found from the war years in the form of propaganda leaflets dropped from the air by the Allies?

37. Official records from the time show that there were 4.5 million Jews in Nazi-controlled territory. Since the war, 4.3 million Jews have lodged claims for compensation as “Holocaust victims”. If 6 million Jews supposedly were killed, something doesn’t add up here.

38. Official German documentation actually reveals a total of 201,812 deaths in the camps- to me that sounds like a more realistic statistic than “6 million”.

39. Why did the placard outside Auschwitz “mourn 4 million murdered” in 1948, only to drop to 1 million decades later?

40. “The Diary of Anne Frank” is arguably the most famous “Holocaust” story out there. However, few realize that Anne Frank did not die in “the gas chamber”, she died of Typhus.

41. Why did Anne Frank’s father admit to transcribing parts of the diary?

42. Why does virtually no one know of or discuss the epidemic of Typhus that ran rampant throughout the camps during the last months of the war- the same time when the supposed “Final Solution” was implemented?  Likewise, why is no one told that the primary cause of this as well as the starvation was the Allied bombing of supply lines going to the camps?

43. Why did General Patton cite how 800 prisoners at Buchenwald were inoculated with a typhus vaccine (which didn’t work)?  Why would you vaccinate people you are planning on killing in a gas chamber?

44. One of the major sources for imagery of the piles of emaciated bodies was Bergen-Belsen camp- which was one of the camps that was hit hardest by the Typhus epidemic.

45. Typhus is a disease that causes massive dehydration and diarrhea, and turns the victim into an emaciated skeleton. This disease is typically carried by lice, and a pesticide called Zyklon B was used to de-louse clothing to prevent spread in the camps. Zyklon B was later claimed to have been used to “gas Jews”.

46. Lizzie Van Zyl was a victim of typhus and died in the British concentration camps that were set up during the South African Boer War. Folks might recognize her (I know I did) as her image has been used in numerous history books and “documentaries” about the WWII Holocaust, claiming she was a victim of Nazi concentration camps.

47. Why do the original German architect plans of Auschwitz show no gas chambers?

48. Why did forensic chemical examination of Auschwitz disprove use of Zyklon B in “ruined gas chambers”?

49. Why did the Auschwitz Camp Museum admit that the “gas chamber” it shows to millions of tourists every year is a fake?

50. Why did Israeli and Polish university archaeological digs at the Belzec and Sobibor camps fail to find any evidence of “gas chambers”?

51. Why are the “carbon monoxide” gas bottles on display at Majdanek camp labelled as carbon dioxide?

52. Why do the “gas chambers” at Majdanek have glass windows, baths and real working showers?

53. Why are none of the “gas chambers” hermetically sealed in a manner that would actually keep gas from escaping and killing the people who stood outside?

54. Why has the story surrounding the method of “gassing” changed multiple times?

55. Why did the Smithsonian say a terra-cotta tile imprinted with the logo of Polish terra-cotta manufacturer Dziewulski i Lange was a “Star of David” and state it was evidence of the existence of a Jewish gas chamber at the televised Treblinka archaeological dig in 2013?

56. Why would a German government who needed to use prison labor to support the war effort, was suffering immense casualties and going broke fighting a war on either side of them go through the cost and expense of setting up such an elaborate operation to exterminate Jews when it would have been infinitely easier and far more cost effective to just shoot them?

57. Why did U.S. General Patton state after the war that the U.S. had “fought on the wrong side”? Why was he killed shortly thereafter?

58. Why did French anti-Nazi resistance fighter Paul Rassinier, who was imprisoned at Buchenwald “death camp” from 1943 to 1945 state that the main atrocities that occurred at the camp were perpetrated by Communist prisoners rather than the S.S. Officers? Why did he state that the gas chambers were “vague rumors”? And why are his accounts not widely published like other, more sensational tales?

59. Camp directives required that the SS keep a “safe distance” between themselves and the inmates, for security and health reasons. The actual day-to-day administration of the camps was left to the tender mercies of the so-called “Kapos,” who were charged by the SS with keeping “order” among the inmates.

60. Why was the reputation of Nazi soldiers among civilians far better than those of the Allied forces?

61. Among the accusations projected towards the Nazis was intentionally starving prisoners to death in the camps. However, it was the Allied forces that carpet-bombed German cities and the railways that took food and provisions to the camps, causing the epidemic levels of disease and starvation that took place in the camps at the end of the war.

62. Why did Heinrich Himmler, chief commandant of all detention facilities, issued an order stating “The death rate in the camps must be reduced at all costs” on December 8th, 1942?  Why are there multiple documented letters and telegraphs from concentration camp heads begging for medical supplies and provisions for inmates to the point of getting aid from the Red Cross if the goal was to exterminate them? Meanwhile no such aid was permitted for the millions who died in the Soviet Gulags, and the Red Cross was not allowed in.

63. Why did the Red Cross state on pages 73 and 74 in Vol. 111 of its report on the camps that “Civilians deported (to the camps) on administrative grounds, who were arrested for political or racial motives because their presence was considered a danger to the State or the occupation forces were placed on the same footing as persons arrested or imprisoned under common law for security reasons.“?

red cross auschwitz
64. If the statements from the Red Cross are true, why do the official record of the Nuremberg Trials state that the camps had such things going on as Jews being fed to eagles and bears in cages, Jews being made into sausages, pedal-driven brain-bashing machines, Jews being made into lampshades, mass-electrocution extermination rooms, people being dumped into burning pits, and other wild tales of cartoonish violence (which later made their way into best-selling “historical” novels) that seem like something from an episode of “Itchy and Scratchy”? Should we believe that the International Red Cross collaborated with the Nazis to cover up the grisly murder of Jews?

65. The first reports of the Holocaust came from newspapers out of the Soviet Union. Anyone familiar with the Soviet regime knows that their “journalism” was little more than government propaganda and contained little by way of objective facts.

66. The stories of “Angel of Death” Dr. Mengele and his murderous medical experiments relied primarily on the testimony of one man, Miklos Nyiszli. There was actual no documentation that Dr. Mengele or anyone in his charge murdered anyone.

67. Miklos Nyiszli also originated the notion that 3 bodies could be fully cremated to ash in 20 minutes in one muffle of a cremation oven. Any mortician who has cremated a body will tell you that it takes more than 20 minutes for the water to fully evaporate from a full grown human body. The real capacity of such installations, as declared by Topf engineer Kurt Prüfer, who designed the furnaces, and Karl Schultze, who designed the blowers, was one single body per muffle per hour.

68. Why is it still taken as fact among many that the Nazis “made soap out of Jews” when even the Israel Holocaust Museum says it’s a myth?

69. Why has the story of the Holocaust repeatedly failed to stand up to forensic testing of the various concentration camp sites?

70. All German men of fighting age were fighting the war, so the manufacturing for the war effort was coming primarily from the camps. Why would the Nazis want to exterminate their labor force?

71. Why has the number of German concentration camps reported to be “death camps” shrank in number multiple times since the end of the war and why were the camps labelled as “death camps” primarily relegated to the ones that existed behind the “Iron Curtain” beyond the scope western investigation in the postwar years until the early 1990s?  Doesn’t basic criminology attest to a lie or a cover-up when a story continuously changes?

72. Why do the post-war memoirs of Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, and Charles DeGaulle mention nothing of a systematic genocide of Jews?

73. Why were German P.OW.s admittedly forced to alter a shower room at Sachenhausen camp to make it look like a gas chamber and why was this same construct demolished by the Soviets in 1952?

74. Why were the majority of Jews who did get imprisoned in the concentration camps from families and sects who opposed Zionism?

75. Why was Judge Wilhelm Staeglich forced to resign from his job, stripped of his doctoral degree, and have his book banned in 1973 after publishing testimony of his experience of the camps?

76. Why is it a crime punishable by fines and/or imprisonment in many European countries (particularly those around Germany that would potentially understand German) to speak out against or even question any aspect the official narrative of the Holocaust?  Why was German citizen Ernst Zundel extradited from Canada and imprisoned in Germany on a 12-year sentence for writing and speaking on the Holocaust?  Why is there no other historical period or event that is subject to these kinds of laws?  Why would truth need to be protected in such a manner?

77. Who is aware that the infamous pile of dead bodies at Bergen-Belsen was actually made by Allied soldiers to dispose of them?  In fact, The infamous video of piles of dead bodies being bulldozed into a mass grave was taken by Allied cameraman, and the driver of the bulldozer was in fact a British soldier.

78. Why was the lawyer of a Holocaust revisionist sent to prison for “defending her client too vigorously”?

79. Is it not interesting that it was the Holocaust story that finally garnered the appropriate sentiments from the international community for the U.N. to approve a sovereign Jewish state in Israel, which a decade earlier had been vehemently opposed?

80. Why does Israel continue to collect what now has accumulated to hundreds of billions of dollars in “reparations” from the German government via the taxpayer, most of whom are now too young to have had anything to do with the Nazi regime?

81. Why didn’t the U.S. go to war with Israel when Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats attacked the Navy technical research ship, the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967?

82. Why is there so much hysteria around Iran having nuclear capability when it was only recently de-classified that Israel itself had nukes that it obtained through illegal backroom deals with elements in the U.S. government? Has Israel not shown itself to be a hostile nation in its own right?

83. Why does the United States, via the taxpayers, continue to give aid and weapons to Israel, and why do politicians in D.C. continue to drum on this notion of a “special relationship” and the idea that “Israel’s welfare is our welfare”?

84. Is there a factual basis for “The Zionist Plan for Greater Israel” and if so, what role does that potentially play in U.S. foreign policy?

85. Why does Israel have its own lobbying group (AIPAC) in D.C.? Why is AIPAC one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the country?

86. Why are the conditions Israel has imposed on Palestine and the aggressions taken toward the Palestinians not considered genocidal?  Why isn’t the charge of anti-Semitism used when describing Israel’s actions towards Palestinians, who are also Semitic peoples?

87. Why are calls to “Boycott and Sanction” Israel referred to by the mainstream media as “anti-Semitic”?

88. Why are Israeli children indoctrinated with the idea that any day there will be another “Holocaust”?

89. Why did the President of the World Jewish Congress state that every single European country, along with the United States, were complicit in the alleged Holocaust?

90. Why did the World Jewish Congress accumulate roughly $7 billion in Holocaust Compensation money? Isn’t that supposed to go to actual Holocaust victims?

91. Why would Israeli diplomat Adi Farjon say Israel had no interest in full normalization of relations with Germany and that maintaining German guilt about the Holocaust helps Israel?


92. Why was Israeli jazz-musician Gilad Atzmon banned from Israel for publicly questioning the Holocaust and criticizing “Jewish power”?

93. The Nuremberg Trials presented testimony from German P.O.W.s that were extracted under “interrogation”, which were used as evidence of the Holocaust and other “war crimes”. However Judge Edward L. Van Roden was part of a commission by the U.S. Army to investigate misconduct and later wrote in his book, “American Atrocities in Germany” that out of 139 cases of treatment of alleged German “war criminals” who were investigated by the commission—and who were subsequently put on trial by the American Military Tribunal in Dachau after World War II—“137 of these Germans were tortured by having their testicles crushed.”

94. Other interrogation methods included brutal beatings, placing a hood over prisoners and punching them in the face with brass knuckles, breaking their jaws, knocking out their teeth, putting them on starvation rations, and subjecting them to solitary confinement. The prisoners were then presented with prepared statements to sign. Isn’t the reason why torture is not considered a truly effective interrogation method due to the fact that it will compel the person being tortured to confess to whatever the torturer wants them to- even if it’s not true?

95. The vast majority of the “evidence” presented to confirm the “reality” of the crimes of the Holocaust has been from eyewitness testimony. Anyone with any background in criminal justice will tell you that eyewitness testimony is the least reliable form of evidence, and any serious charges relying solely on eyewitness testimony rarely stick.

01 Jan 1946, Nuremberg, Germany --- The defendants at the Nuremberg Nazi trials. Pictured in the front row are: Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess, Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Wilhelm Keitel and Ernst Kaltenbrunner. In the back row are: Karl Doenitz, Erich Raeder, Baldur von Schirach, and Fritz Sauckel. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

96. Why did the Jewish American Anti-Defamation League pressure and eventually persuade the FBI to call off investigations of “Soviet refugees” with ties to the Russian-Jewish mafia, stating that doing so would “foster anti-Semitism”(as highlighted in the book “Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America” by Jewish American author, Robert I. Friedman)?

97. The majority of German officers claimed no knowledge of the camps at the Nuremberg Trials with the exception of Rudolf Höss, the former Commandant of Auschwitz, who signed a document stating that he had overseen the slaughter of two and a half million Jews. Höss remarked, “Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and half million Jews. I could just as well have said it was five million Jews. There are certain methods by which any confession can be obtained, whether it is true or not.” Decades later, an account was published of how Höss had been tortured for three days and nights without sleep by a British army team in order to extract that statement. In a letter to his wife, Höss apologized for his ‘confessions’ and explains that they had been extracted from him under torture

98. On Sept. 25, 1945, Thomas Dodd, who was the second in command on the American prosecution team at Nuremberg, stated “You know how strongly I feel toward those who preach intolerance of any kind. With that knowledge, you will understand when I tell you that this staff is about seventy-five percent Jewish.” How could any sort of fair and impartial verdict be reached here?

99. One of the major points used for propagating the idea that Nazis were evil is the notion that they believed they were a sort of “Master Race” who saw Jews and anyone who was “not pure Aryan” as lesser. Is it not interesting that esteemed Jewish Community leaders like Rabbi Mendel Schneerson have stated “The body of a Jewish person, is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all other nations of the world. Bodies of the Gentiles are in vain. An even greater difference is in regard to the soul…A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.” Likewise, Jewish activist and “Holocaust survivor” Eli Wiesel stated, “Everything about us is different; Jews are ontologically exceptional.” Wouldn’t these be considered statements of racial supremacy as well?

100. During World War II, Jewish American Hollywood film directors like Frank Capra worked for the U.S. government and were integral in shaping public perception of the war, including what was seen of the concentration camps. Now the Holocaust “brand” in film and books is a multi-billion dollar industry. A film about the Holocaust is a shoe-in for an Oscar. No other historical period or event gets this sort of PR.


There are many, many more points and questions that can be and have been posed surrounding this whole situation, but I’m hoping that if folks have made it this far they will take away this one point if nothing else- the case is FAR from being closed when it comes to the events surrounding this period in history. There have been volumes written on the subject of Holocaust as well as World War II revisionism. The meticulous work of people like Dr. Nick Koellerstrom, Jurgen Graf, Eric Hunt, Peter Winter and many others paint quite a different picture of what happened at the camps. Meanwhile the work of authors like Richard Tedor and Veronica Clark provide a different perspective of what was going on in NSDAP Germany as a whole.

While the details and events of NSDAP Germany as it relates to its role in World War II is a deep topic that is beyond the scope of this article, the actual root of the conflict can be summed up as “Globalism vs. Nationalism”. On one side you had proponents of a global monoculture implemented through a synthesis of socialism/communism for the masses and exploitive crony capitalism for those on top. On the other side you had an alliance of nations who wanted to preserve their national sovereignty, self-determination and ethnic uniqueness. Globalism won. The world we live in today- and the agencies and institutions that control it (UN, CIA, IMF, etc.) are the direct result of that “victory”. It is basic criminal psychology to project one’s immoral or amoral behavior onto another. It wasn’t Hitler that wanted to “take over the world”; it was the men who said he did.  Adolf Hitler gave the proverbial finger to the International Banking Cartel by removing Germany’s currency from the International debt-based system.  Unfortunately it was the German people paid the price.

Adolf Hitler addressing Nazi rally

I am not a worshipper of Adolf Hitler or National Socialism. I don’t worship politicians, regardless of how intriguing some of their ideas and rhetoric may be. I do not agree with statism and many of the tactics used by the National Socialists. I am vehemently opposed to totalitarianism and police state tactics. I am opposed to locking up political dissidents in internment camps. Likewise, I find it appalling to incarcerate innocent men, women and children who have not committed a crime because they are seen as potential enemy combatants by the government. However we should remember that this was done in the United States as well. I am of course, opposed to any sort of medical testing done through deception, manipulation or coercion. Again though, this is something that the U.S. government has been guilty of on numerous occasions throughout the last 70 years. Neither am I a fan of things like coerced sterilization, race mixing laws or many of the other components associated with state-sponsored Eugenics that was a part of NSDAP Germany. But again, we would do well to have appropriate historical context and know that these ideas and practices originated in the Anglo-American world, not Nazi Germany.

It is also worth noting that the racial supremacy ideas that have long been associated with Nazi Germany are caricaturized and often understood by the general public through the rhetoric of modern day Neo-Nazi Skinhead groups (many of whom have been federally infiltrated and are headed by federal operatives, i.e. Hal Turner). It should be noted that as evidenced from later speeches, dialogues and writings Adolf Hitler’s notions of “racial purity” changed from his ideas he wrote about in “Mein Kampf” 20 years earlier. By the time of the war and the “Holocaust”, he saw the German people as a mixed people rather than of “pure stock”. He saw the idea of a common Germanic “folk culture” to be the uniting factor. It was this folk culture that he used to unite and invigorate a demoralized the German people across a very entrenched class system (Hitler was a very skilled and pragmatic politician). Hitler, the NSDAP and many other European leaders, as well as many within the Jewish community, saw Jews as distinct and separate from this European folk culture, which had its roots in ancient Indo-European (a.k.a. Aryan) traditions, customs and symbolism.

06-Postcard-2013-erntedanke-01I realize that much of the evidence I have presented here starkly contradicts what is now seen as “common knowledge”. Let’s be honest though, the vast majority of the “knowledge” most have around this subject came from a film or a television screen. As I have gone into detail in past articles, the presentations on the screen are generally designed to first and foremost appeal to emotions and subconscious desires, bypassing the logical centers of the brain. When we watch a film like “Schindler’s List” or listen to the “testimonies” of Holocaust survivors from Hollywood documentaries, logic, intellect and rationality are completely neutralized by the strong emotional response elicited. This is the desired result, and if our desire is having an informed society, this method of “being informed” is EXTREMELY dangerous and leaves people open to manipulation. Hollywood should NOT be teaching us about history. A look at some of the  archived footage of some of Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation survivor interviews may show why.


It should also be clear to anyone remotely familiar with the history of Hollywood and the long-standing relationship between the U.S. Federal Intelligence and Hollywood dating back to before World War II that a movie disputing the narrative of murderous genocidal Nazis and the Holocaust will NEVER be made. One should also note that it was Jewish immigrants that founded the major Hollywood film studios in the early part of the 20th century. This isn’t “anti-Semitism”; this is historical fact, as is the fact that the eight major Hollywood studios are run by Jewish execs today. However, agencies like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center state that making such observations is “dangerous”. But that still didn’t stop Jewish American author and journalist Joel Stein from stating the following in his 2008 article in the L.A. Times entitled, Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon:

The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews… As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between ‘The 700 Club’ and ‘Davey and Goliath’ on TV all day.

I think the word we’re looking for here is “chutzpah”. Stein closed out the article in similar fashion, which is worth repeating just because:

“I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

Do with that last quote what you will, but the point is here that the narrative presented out of Hollywood is going to be one-sided. There is also the matter that the Holocaust has become a “new religion” among an increasingly secularized international Jewish community. A Pew Research Center poll found that a whopping 73% of Jews polled (a solid majority) believed that “Remembering the Holocaust” was what was “Essential to Being Jewish”- not observing Jewish law, not being part of a Jewish community, not leading an ethical/moral life, not even caring about Israel.  The Holocaust has been used to unite Jews of varying levels of faith (or lack thereof) across the world. Various Rabbis and other Jewish leaders have voiced criticism and concern over this, as well as the Holocaust being used to “evoke fear and paranoia” as was the concern of Jewish American actress, Natalie Portman.  Sadly, the Jewish community the world over is indoctrinated in the fear that another Holocaust WILL happen if they let their guard down.

I think it is unfortunate that there is such a wall around this subject and that the list I just compiled will probably get me labelled a “white supremacist anti-Semite who wants to kill Jews” among some people. If I were in Germany, I would get fined or imprisoned for doing this. I don’t hate Jews. I have friends that are Jewish if not religiously, ethnically and they are wonderful, warm and loving people. I have dated and loved two Jewish women in my life.   However, I feel that seventy years is long enough. We have witch hunts taking place to imprison the elderly like 94-year-old former SS accountant Oskar Groening for accessory to what is now 300,000 “murders” (a significant drop from 1.5 million) at Auschwitz. This case has been praised for being the first case of “someone not physically involved in murder to be convicted.” Does anyone else see something wrong with this? Where were the convictions for the Atomic Bomb or the innumerable atrocities that were perpetrated by the Red Army?

Defendant Oskar Groening arrives for his trial in Luneburg April 21, 2015. A 93-year-old former bookkeeper at Auschwitz goes on trial in Germany on Tuesday, accused by prosecutors of being an accessory in the murder of 300,000 people, even though he was not involved in any actual killing at the notorious Nazi death camp. The trial of Groening, who was 21 and by his own admission an enthusiastic Nazi when he was sent to Auschwitz in 1942, may turn out to be one of the last big Holocaust trials because so few Nazis suspected of committing crimes during World War Two are still alive. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer

As evidenced by the quote from the beginning of the article, the German people have been completely demoralized and straddled with an inhuman amount of guilt, while they are literally extorted for cash. This cash is then pocketed by large organizations and a nation that commits genocidal acts on its neighbors while screaming persecution when they fight back. Meanwhile the Israeli population is brainwashed into believing they are the perpetual victims and the world is out to get them. This is insanity. This is a just cause for moral outrage. But to speak out against this is to be an “anti-Semite” and in the world of political correctness that is as bad, if not worse than being labelled a “racist”.

Cognitive dissonance is a condition that occurs when a person is presented with information that directly contradicts what they believe to be true. There are typically one of two things that can occur from this scenario: Either the person uses logic and reason and does research into the evidence presented, making an informed decision from that. Or the person has an emotional response and lashes out in some way against the information and the person presenting it. I am sure there are people reading this who are experiencing this, and that’s okay. The ego is a strong force in the human psyche, and pride is one of its primary attributes. Nobody WANTS to admit they’ve been fooled. It’s embarrassing- especially when we’re certain we’re right about something. It is even more difficult when there are emotions attached to this belief.

Feelings of anger will inevitably arise, the question is, how do we direct it? Do we “shoot the messenger”? Attacking someone’s character doesn’t actually disprove what they said. Or do we transform anger into motivation and drive to find out what the truth actually is for ourselves? I don’t want anyone to just believe what I say, any more than I would want them to believe Hollywood, the government, or anyone else who would have a vested interest in creating and maintaining this or any other narrative.

DenialWhen one questions the Holocaust narrative, they are called “deniers”, which is a modern-day facsimile of a “heretic”. These deniers are attacked on a personal level, and their very moral character is called into question. They are often called “heartless”, and other like terms. To those who may respond in such a manner I say this: There is a time to lead with your heart and there is a time to lead with your head. While empathy and compassion and letting our heart guide us is good for a lot of things, analyzing and discerning the nature of historical events is NOT one of them. I am not saying we should not feel emotion or empathy for the suffering that took place, but I am saying that we would do well to keep our emotions on a leash if we want to see things clearly.

At the end of the day, why would we want to hold onto a belief in such a horrific story if it there were so much factual evidence disputing it? Why are Holocaust movies and books so popular? Is it really about “honoring the dead”, or is it something closer related to the cultural fascination with serial killers and horror/torture movies? And if so, what does it say about our collective psyche when our strongest attachments are around death and suffering?

One question I would implore anyone to ask when looking into the Holocaust is “who has the most to gain and who has the most to lose?” What does a man like Dr. Nick Koellerstrom have to gain from publishing a book that cost him his tenure? What does anyone who speaks out against this narrative have to gain? Ridicule, ostracization, fines, imprisonment? Meanwhile, what do they have to lose? Everything in some cases. Conversely, what do the various governments and international power players involved in maintaining this narrative have to gain by perpetuating it? The world as we know it and the structures that have control over it are the result of the victory of Globalism and its proponents during World War II.   The narrative around the demonization of Hitler and “the Good War” is what was used to convince the public to go along with everything that was set up as a result. Likewise, the Holocaust is the cornerstone of the foundation of the Zionist State of Israel- and the power that the leaders of that nation and their associates hold. If the Holocaust narrative falls, theoretically the whole thing falls apart. It also means that Iran was right– and we definitely can’t have that.

The justification for the “speech laws” around the Holocaust in Europe is that stating these kinds of things will incite violence against Jews. However, this has already been happening to the point where the Israeli government is calling for the Jews of Europe to exodus to Israel. The violence against Jews of less than “elite” class and status has been blamed on rhetoric from groups like the Golden Dawn in Greece who blame Jewish bankers from banking institutions with Jewish names like “Goldman-Sachs” for their role in tanking Greece’s economy and selling off their natural resources for pennies-on-the-dollar.

However, the sad truth is that vast majority of the Western European population where these attacks have been so domesticated and broken by the culture of political correctness that has a stranglehold on Europe that they are just not a threat to the Jews or anyone else. This is a people who are singing songs while they allow themselves to be kicked out of their homes to make way for anyone who claims to be a Syrian refugee, even if they’re obviously from Africa.

Europe antisemitism

No, native Europeans are not presenting a physical threat to the Jewish population. In fact a study put out by the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy shows that the actual physical violence perpetrated on European Jews in the last 15 years is being committed by Muslims living in Europe to a “disproportionate” extent. However, much like the gang rapes of Swedish women, the media WILL NOT report that as this is seen as “racist”, and would prefer to demonize right-wing nationalist groups and people doing the “Quenelle”. However when you have high profile shootings at bat mitzvahs by men with names like Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, you can’t help but pause for a moment. However, according to Israeli-American actress and the founder of the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, Barbara Lerner Specter, this “resurgence” of anti-Semitism is a side effect of Europe’s multicultural “transformation”:

“I think there’s a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time, Europe has not yet learned how to be multi-cultural and I think we’re going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which MUST take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic… societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multi-cultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

Now we have a surge of young, fighting-age men flooding into Europe, while Europe’s Jews are being told throughout the media that Europe is no longer safe for them and they need to come to Israel. But I thought Netanyahu built a wall said they couldn’t take refugees because Israel was “too small” of a country?  But then again, I also heard some land might be opening up in neighboring Syria…

Meanwhile, anti-Globalist Nationalists like Vladimir Putin are demonized and likened to Adolf Hitler, while intelligence agencies and men like Jewish Hungarian billionaire George Soros admittedly fund a destabilizing civil war on the doorstep of Russia. I’m not “lionizing” Putin, as he has instilled incredibly draconian anti-Holocaust denial laws to cover Russia’s ass for their crimes in World War II as well, however, he is still promoting national sovereignty and calling out the Anglo-American power structure. Likewise, BRICS (the coalition of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) openly challenges the financial hegemony of the IMF and World Bank. Indeed, while the names may have been changed, and the methods may have evolved, the game is still the same. It is no secret that history does indeed repeat itself- especially when the masses are ignorant about what happened the first time around.

Namaste and God Bless.