“We’re all in it together.”

  • Winston Churchill
(I'm sorry for this...)

Perhaps its the Gen X and/or the jaded ex-paid-activist in me, but phrases like “we’re all in this together” and “we are one” seem to have become meaningless slogans.

What does it mean to be “in this together?”  What does that look like?  How does that function?

Is it that we need to maintain and strengthen the neoliberal economic and cultural empire that created the very problems that we seek to overcome?  And do we in turn need to continue to feed the mindset of desire above all else that made it possible?  Do we really just need a better version of the same thing?  A more “inclusive” version of it?  Because that’s all pretty much anyone, save for a very, very few, ever really does.

Until the consciousness of people changes, none of these utopian visions everyone has will function with out some sort of totalitarianism.

Either we agree this ain’t workin’ and reorganize ourselves into more functional cohesive societies; or we continue to press for more of the same and watch the cancer metastasize- because the open borders and state socialism that everyone is calling for is just a more over-arching version of the predatory capitalism (i.e. state-sponsored usury) that created so much of the mess we are dealing with.

Everyone is always going to need to be focused to some degree on things needed for survival until physical death no longer exists.  However, I think the question is, ‘what ELSE are they focused on?’. 

The greatest philosophers and spiritual teachers did not need cozy shopping center eco-lofts with unrestricted access to all the comfort, pleasure, and distraction the state can buy- in fact, many had nothing at all. 

Christ Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world;“.

The the Eternal can be sought and obtained regardless of unfulfilled want and desire.

In the meantime, we may want to focus on separating ourselves from the parasitic system as much as possible and hopefully building tribes and communities (and perhaps even societies) based upon Divine and Natural Principles that foster the spiritual growth and evolution of their brothers and sisters.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“You cannot serve both God and Mammon.”

  • Matthew 6:24


If one goes to the Movement For Black Lives (the political organizing/lobbying arm of Black Lives Matter) website you will read a list of demands for “reparations for past and continuing harms.” (i.e. slavery, Jim Crow laws, violent police incidents, etc.), and a vague plan to lobby for said “reparations“.

This group is perhaps ironically (perhaps not) backed financially to the tune of $100 million by the Ford Foundation– an organization with deep ties to both the CIA that introduced crack-cocaine into the inner cities and the “urban renewal” programs of the 50s, 60s and 70s that turned the inner cities into what we know today.

Of course, large multi-national corporations and their front foundations have been funding these sorts of causes since the Civil Rights era as a greater and greater number of people have “won” the “right” to participate within (i.e. be absorbed into) the larger framework of the global economic order, becoming in a sense, re-enslaved by it, with the chains existing on more of a psychic/psychological or even spiritual level, as opposed to the physical chains of chattel slavery.

This illustrates just another example of the “inconvenient truth” that hovers above all these left-leaning “social justice” political organizations-  that despite seemingly high-minded ideals and emotional slogans of “solidarity”, at the end of the day, it’s all about money… and power. 

From Marx’s “Capital” to the various social justice movements of the 1960s that turned into corporate foundation-funded political lobbying organizations that do business promoting things like the “wage gap“; nearly all social justice movements are at their core, about money, being “owed” a certain amount of it based off your oppression status, and that a utopia can and will be achieved through “fair and equal” distribution of it.

None of these “social justice” movements really want to upend the inherently vampiric global economic system… they just want to be the ones who are in control of it.

Despite the media’s tendencies towards the most sensational and atrocity-driven stories and narratives, the immigration/migrant crisis is almost completely driven by money.  Proof of this can be found both with the major corporations and foundations sponsoring and promoting the “one world” policies and propaganda; stating the declining west needs to be “invigorated” by a massive third world influx to remain economically viable; and with the various testimonies of migrants themselves, the majority of which are completely driven by desire for more money and wealth for themselves and their family.

From the point-of-view of both the international corporation and the migrant, these desires are certainly understandable, but we should not confuse the pursuit of capital and expanding markets with a “humanitarian crisis” that can be solved through “economic justice”.

This pipe-dream of making the global economic system “equitable” is at the heart of social justice politics and something I worked for and propagated professionally for several years.  I went door-to-door selling hope for cash (as well as check and card).  I worked long hours and was saturated in social justice jargon and propaganda.

Then I realized it was total bullshit.

While these movements preach “economic fairness” and even put forth “strategies” on how to achieve said fairness; ultimately these groups and the people that comprise them have little-to-no conception of how the economic system actually worked.

Sadly, the belief that one can somehow make a system that is vampiric, unnatural, and inhuman in its very nature and essence, some how more “fair and just” is one of the most persistent utopian fantasies of liberal ideologues across the West.

It is a delusion that has carried a heavy price.

The idea that something can be transformed into something entirely counter to its very essence, while absurd, is part and parcel with the sort of magical thinking and fairy-tale utopianism that characterizes the infantile and immature mindset of the Western masses.

Any honest look at the global economic system and its history would show that it is inherently exploitative, amoral at best, and that this is something that cannot be changed.  Fantasies of creating equity or “equality” within such a system is akin to wishing to find a way to make a car into a television.

Everyone wishes the monster was not a monster, but it is because that is what it was created to be.

And “greater democracy” will not save us either.

Oligarchs love democracy, which is why they have spent so much energy and resources in spreading it to the world.  This is largely due to the fact that in such a system, oligarchs have free reign use their financial power to buy politicians and bureaucracies, while using that same power and influence to direct and steer the masses through emotional propaganda so they think, do and feel what they want them to.  Democracy can only work with a truly virtuous population- something we do not have by any measure.

If people want real change, they are going to need to find ways to separate from this monstrous system- not petition it to somehow be “less monstrous“.

The economic system doesn’t care about “fairness” other than the fairness of the top spots within the system going to those that understand it the most and have the power to manipulate it and make it work for them.

The only “economic justice” that will ever happen within the globalized economy is what we are already seeing- those that manage the economic system continue to consolidate wealth and power at the top, while a mass “proletariat” is created who survive upon and worship the crumbs they are given and remain ignorant and complacent so long as their neighbor doesn’t have more than them.

A nation that is under the yoke of this system- as America is and has been since the latter-half of the nineteenth century- is completely castrated and can only work within its confines until it breaks free of the international monetary system and charts its own course (as NSDAP Germany and nearly all of the most vilified regimes in the last century have done or attempted to do).

The United States as we know it is a corporate entity- from Washington D.C. to local municipalities.  It’s laws are mercantile codes and statutes.  It’s empire, like that of the British Empire it succeeded, is a globalized entity centered around financial hegemony, resource control, and the turning of all life into a commodity to be bought and sold on the international market.

And through globalization, the Judeo-Anglo-American Empire and the oligarchs that run it have sold this system to the world.

As long as institutions like the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the World Bank exist (institutions the average SJW barely understands); as long as men and women who believe in the internationalist ideology of “Davos Man“; are put in place as “leaders”; and as long as people continue to equate what is best for the global economic system with “moral goodness”, there will be no “social justice”.

At the present moment, I would say the majority of people have three primary material (as opposed to spiritual) strategies outside of suicide when it comes to dealing with this system:

a. Be victimized by the system: Continue to operate within the system as a wage slave and/or a tax/debt slave, periodically petitioning the various institutions that direct and control your life for more bread and circus, while giving it your undying support and devotion.  Or perhaps join some “social justice” cause and pretend to “fight the system” while simultaneously feeding it and being fed by it- and maybe get beat up by some cops.  Or just become a criminal.outright..

b. Use the system: Learn how “money” works as in-depth as possible and use that knowledge to enrich yourself, your family and your tribe.  Treat it as a “game” to be leveraged so you no longer need to be restricted by it.  From Napoleon Hill to Robert Kiyosaki- there’s plenty of resources out there for those who are capable of maintaining the discipline, focus, and commitment necessary to utilize them.

c. Separate from the system: Go the the homestead/commune and/or the off-the-grid/sovereign citizen route, and seek to separate yourself, your family and your tribe from the system as much as possible. Now one can go to varying degrees here, from somewhat self-sufficient semi-suburban homesteading, to use of alternate forms of currency and bartering, to seeking outright (untaxed) land ownership, a rescinding of tax status, rejection of the LEGAL NAME.  However, one should use discretion, as the more you attempt to separate yourself from the corporate state, the more the corporate state will use its resources against you- so I might advise only taking on a fight you honestly know you, your family, and your tribe can handle.

 Now of course there are a myriad of ways we can straddle these various stages of dealing with the global economic system and the utilize the various advantages each stage contains.  In the end, it depends on what level of hardship we are prepared and willing to endure for more freedom.  Of course in reality, most of us would not be prepared to handle the more “extreme” degrees of freedom, as we are so used to being “taken care of”.

But whatever one’s strategy, our ultimate goal should be for ourselves, our family and our tribe to be moving towards strength, wisdom, mastery and freedom.

From the temple priests and money-changers of the ancient Semitic world; to the Renaissance dark alchemy of the banking clans who created value from nothing; to the finance of Bolshevism by international capitalists; to the allegedly “unavoidable” globalization of international capital markets; the history of the world has largely been about the increased consolidation of all life under this system of smoke and mirrors, designed to feed and justify any and all desires- no matter how unnatural or unhealthy they may be.

This system has ALWAYS been supported by slavery of one form or another.

This system is the subversion and inversion of the Higher spiritual principles and the enthronement of the lower principles of materialism and base desire.

This system imitates the true Life Force and falsely places itself as the energetic current (currency) that gives all things value and power and sustains all life.

This system sees ALL LIFE as economic activity and commodity that can be bought, sold and degraded.

This system is INHERENTLY anti-Christ, as are all the institutions and ideologies it creates to support and validate itself.  The feel-good imagery and propaganda of Coke commercials are the mask it wears.

When a friend of mine graduated with a degree in economics, he told me on his last day of class, his economics professor told him that the entire economic system is “bullshit” and only exists because people believe in it.

Perhaps it’s time we stopped believing in bullshit.

Perhaps it’s time we stop focusing our energy on maintaining and “improving” our prison and instead focus on creating societies based on the Laws of Nature and Creation and with the mission of facilitating psychospiritual growth and development.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


On Principal and Interest: Hermetic Magick and the Lords of Time

The Global Sovereign’s Handbook



“society and human fellowship will be best served if we confer the most kindness on those with whom we are most closely associated.”

             – Cicero

(we are one world together, equal and united in our religion of pop culture, consumerism and "the big game")

One of the failures of the New Age movement is its failure to distinguish spiritual truth from the beliefs and ideologies of the baby-boomer generation that launched it.

They have attempted to fuse the inevitably elitist pursuit of gnosis with the collectivist belief systems of that generation that were rooted primarily in the struggle of the masses; the struggle of the mass mind that focuses on temporal and worldly power as its keys to salvation.

The values of the 60s have now a creature of the mass mind and are bought and sold within the packaging of entertainment and consumerism.  Meanwhile, the cultural values that existed before in the West have been rejected rather than integrated.

The “rights” that most continually call for are simply the “rights” to partake in special privileges, based off membership to a specific “victim class” within a socio-economic system that is vampiric, degrading, anti-human and ultimately unnatural in its essence.

I see little value in preserving or protecting any of this.  I see no value in enhancing it.

Belief systems tend to lead to diversion from the Way; pain and suffering are temporary and necessary; and death is ultimately an illusion. But the Liberal and Marxist values of western modernity grasp, claw and struggle desperately with all these things, because they are inherently materialistic and anti-spiritual in nature.

I look at personal suffering as a process or at very least, an opportunity for strengthening and becoming (if we so choose to take it)- not something to be eliminated at all costs. I see the same holding true for a group of people. Within mass suffering lie the keys to mass social becoming so long as we can actively move through it and learn from it, and so long as the resulting mythos is based in strength and overcoming and not resentment, victimhood, or conversely, extreme guilt and self-loathing for ancestral “sins of the past”.

The Enlightenment planted important seeds, but its dream of equality and rule by inherently rational and “free men”, became rule by the emotional masses; ideologically giving rise to both the murderous “Red Terror” and the cancerous Anglo-American policy of turning of the Earth into a commodity.

Ideologically, the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s were the death throes of the Enlightenment, with “freedom” becoming about hedonism and a tearing down of western society in every respect.

But now the ideals of that time, which were a peaking of a cthonic feminine, have in turn lost their virility and gone into decline and decay. Now we see a re-emerging of the warrior masculine convulsing the west. Unfortunately, the emotional immaturity of the population with its service to the desire body, cause these impulses of the divine masculine and feminine to be shadow versions of themselves that are in a sense, perversions.

Personally, I’m not interested in creating some multicultural utopia that eliminates human inequality, conflict and suffering- all of those things are at present, still necessary realities and pressures tailored to strengthen our spirit. I’m interested in creating a functional society that best facilitates the psycho-spiritual evolution of humanity- which will, in time, lead to less of the ills we are so desperate to be rid of.

History and science have shown human beings function more cohesively in like-groups, so I’m all for that. The desire to force everyone into this sort of superficial “one world together” based off the feel-good marketing gimmicks of political campaigns and Coke commercials is erroneous.  This only leads to conflict and division among competing ideologies and incompatible cultures- hence the drive to unite all under a consumerist and materialist monoculture that can be reprogrammed with the latest updates from the mass media. It’s just a desire for empire with a feel-good packaging.

The collective hive mind being worked towards is not the same as that of the organic community. The masses are not sages or anything close to it, so a society that would only be fit for spiritually enlightened individuals should not be superficially imposed upon the mass of humanity unless we want it to fail and create more suffering in the process.

Before joining Lenin for the Bolshevik Revolution, Leon Trotsky stated that once the Bolsheviks came to power and their system of mass quality was fully imposed, there would be a Goethe, a Byron, a Wagner on every street corner; and that a sort of golden age of human brilliance would be achieved through a dictatorship of the proletariat.

This of course, was not what happened.

All attempts at equality and fairness on a mass societal level will only create a system that presses down on differences, seeking to stamp them out, rather than seeking to uplift. The utopia of equity cannot exist in our urbanized and globalized world. I believe that only a return to smaller group or communal structures could even begin to make such a vision functional.

But this process begins within.

The “oneness” we are seeking is the re-union of the internal elements of oneself, a re-unification with Nature and Spirit and loving those who are connected to me- not a mantra for open borders and the dreams of multinational corporations and a “global” political elite that no longer feels tied to directly serving the people it represents.

WRA-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


But there’s two tendencies that can’t be integrated into Western life… and they’re the far Right and what’s called religious fundamentalism. They’re the two areas that can’t be drawn in.”

  • Jonathan Bowden


In Jungian psychology, “the shadow” is understood to be the elements within an individual’s consciousness that are not integrated or “drawn in” to his or her identity.  It is the part(s) of ourselves that we do not wish to be seen or acknowledged.

The shadow is the repository of all the traumas (both major and minor) that we have experienced, but not adequately moved through and integrated into our personality; our being.

The shadow is the part of ourselves we wish did not exist… but it does.

Internal alchemists understand that integrating the shadow is key to become a whole, actualized human.  This is especially true as there are not only “negative” elements of ourselves that we reject that go into the shadow, but positive elements as well.  This is referred to as the “gold” in the shadow- our internal treasure that unlocks our true potential.

However, the shadow is not just an individual phenomenon.  Just like there is collective human group consciousness among both small and large groups of individuals connected by blood and/or culture, so too is there a “collective shadow”- the elements within a group that remain unassimilated into the greater whole.

After the Presidential elections, there was an idea being floated by “spiritual celebrities” like Deepak Chopra that the new President and the movement(s) behind him were in fact the embodiment of America’s collective shadow:

If Trump is the latest expression of the shadow, he isn’t a bizarre anomaly… When the shadow breaks out, what’s wrong is right. Being transgressive feels like a relief, because suddenly the collective psyche can gambol in forbidden fields. When Trump indulges in rampant bad behavior and at the same time says to his riotous audiences, ‘This is fun, isn’t it?’ he’s expressing in public our ashamed impulse to stop obeying the rules…”

However, Chopra displays a very dualist and rather unsophisticated view of the shadow, depicting it as an inherently negative and undesirable thing that hopefully will “go back underground”.  Chopra speaks against both denial and full surrender to the shadow, but also speaks nothing of integrating it- the very thing that the Jungian school that invented the term insists needs to be done.  Rather, Chopra speaks of the shadow as a somewhat cartoonish villain, reassuring those fearing the threat to “good” modern liberal values that “the shadow never wins in the end.”

But Trump and “Trumpism” is just the latest face put on a boogeyman that has haunted the Internationalist Liberal Empire for over a century; the latest name for modernity’s shadow.

In the social code of western modernity, it is unacceptable to be intolerant to nearly all groups of people- except religious fundamentalists and the far right.

One of the great fears among liberals in the U.S. that was drummed up during the Bush Administration and never really went away is that of a “fundamentalist Christian dictatorship” that would strip away all the “progress” (i.e. abortion) of the last few decades and take away every special right granted to every special class of people.

Ironically, the fundamentalists haven’t held any REAL power since the post-WWII era.

One of the great fears of the Neo-Marxist vanguard left is that of a return to “fascism” by a surge in power by “Neo-Nazis” and the KKK- who also haven’t held any REAL power in the west since WWII.

These people, we are told, are ignorant, xenophobic racists, rednecks, terrorists, and even “Nazis” with an “evil” ideology.  Therefore, we as a culture and a society are given a green light to mock, ridicule, belittle and in some cases, even assault and kill “those evil people”.  Why?  Because their beliefs we are told, if left alone, will “inevitably” lead to oppression and genocide.

But what are these beliefs really?  What are the core elements of this shadow?

Both the far-right and fundamentalism are tied to the anti-modernist school of thought known as Traditionalism.  One interesting historical side note is that many surviving NSDAP (“Nazis”) to Islam after WWII; Islam being one of the most fundamentalist, life-dominating religious practices there is- a complete and total submission to that way of life.

The primary difference between the left and the right ideologically is belief in equality vs. belief in inequality.  Of course, this belief has largely been squeezed out of the modern political right and has become the realm of the far-right “Nazis”.

At its most spiritual level, the far-right believes that inequality produces a sort of spiritual aristocracy and a hierarchy where everyone has a clear role in society.

The primary difference between fundamentalist religion and non-fundamentalist religion is that there is a designated, tried and true “right way” of religious and spiritual interpretation, versus the “this means what I want it to mean” of the modern secularized liberal “universalist” religions.

Perhaps even more importantly, fundamentalism tends to require a complete and utter surrender to a religious way of life that consumes their life in a way that most modern westerners couldn’t even comprehend.

Both the far-right and fundamentalism are fiercely tribal, focusing on taking care of their own.

Both are militant and warrior-like in their convictions.

So we have tribalism and the belief in helping one’s own people first; we have the inequality of Nature as a moral truth and good as it creates the pressure needed for evolution, which in humans ultimately creates a natural/spiritual aristocracy; we have the practice complete submission and devotion to an Absolute set of morals and ideals that comes from “Above”, which takes a tremendous amount of discipline along with the fierce conviction that these things supersede any allegiance to the modern corporate state.

These are warrior virtues.

These are the ideals that have been part of traditional human life across cultures for eons.

But now, these are ideals that are completely incompatible with modern liberal society and seen as “evil”.

But yet these are things that are archetypal and still reside strongly within the human collective consciousness- and not as remnants of an “old age”, but things that are perennial and timeless.  They are in our very DNA- if not in form, in essence.

And it is the essence and core of these virtues and practices of Traditionalism that needs to be re-integrated into the modern human experience, rather than shunned as some sort of pariah.

It would be a true “blending of opposites” on a societal level; a kind of “social alchemy“.

The shadow MUST be integrated in order to become what we are truly capable of becoming in our fullness.  And the slow, rotting stagnation of liberal society and the legacy of the Enlightenment is proof of this.  We may have more money and less death, but inside we are hollow and vapid.  We need the gold of this shadow to revitalize and put substance back into humanity.

But if these things are truly completely incapable of being integrated into modern society and are completely incompatible with it; what are we to do if we want a truly holistic society that elevates humanity to the next level?

Build another one.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.


In the secular world of modernity, God is dead.

Belief in an absolute Divine Order and the traditions that arose around such a concept, has been replaced by the secular religions of modernity: secular humanism, multiculturalism, capitalism, Marxism, the Holocaust, Civil Rights, reductionist materialism, consumerism and of course, pop culture.

These things have become entrenched in our lives and have become the new “gods” that are worshiped  by the masses.  This is the true religion for the masses.  This is the religion that seeks to bring everything to a state of near-universal inclusiveness by bringing everything down to the lowest common denominator.

Exceptionalism and any sort of natural “aristocracy” are shunned.  The spiritual is obfuscated and made “marketable”.

The pseudo-religions of modernity are based on salvation in one way or another through economic enhancement.  The belief in the absolute power of the economic system and the dark alchemy it stems from.

Despite all the fluffy feel-good rhetoric and jargon about “rights and freedom”, money is the true god of ALL the pseudo-religions of modernity.

We are told it is wrong to seek any sort of personal greatness outside of what is approved by the mass culture.  To do so is to “oppress” those who would rather not make such a heroic effort.

Fundamentalism and far-Right views are presented in all avenues of modern culture as the abyss of ignorance and evil.

Any ideology that cannot be assimilated or subservient to the global corporate state MUST be marginalized, hated and destroyed.

These things are the pariahs of modernity.

So let us too be pariahs in modernity.

Let us forge the way into the New Age.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.






I do my best to be fair in my personal dealings with others.  I do my best to treat others how I would want to be treated.  I do my best to be kind, hospitable, or at least somewhat cordial to most people.

But I don’t treat everyone the same.  Because they’re not.

One could argue that even fairness comes with some in-built assumption of equality; be it of an equality of social status in some way within a group, or even the general humanist assumption that one deserves to be treated fairly simply because they are human.

It could be further argued that these assumptions have led to an expectation, not on the individual who feels they are on “the short end of it”, doing what is necessary to acquire some sort of an equality of capabilities; but rather now being conditioned to expect an equality of outcome regardless of personal effort.

Now, one might say, “No, we just want equality of opportunity“, but then we have the problem of what this looks like and where guaranteeing opportunity for one is taking it away for another.

I think fairness can be achieved to an extent in small tribes and culturally homogeneous societies.  Smaller, more tight-knit societies will naturally be better equipped to meet the needs of its members.

But I think this quest for socio-economic fairness in a globalized sense is a pipe-dream and a waste of time.  Far too often, this quest for global utopianism has people focusing on “the struggle” of foreign peoples and the affairs of far corners of the Earth, while neglecting their own families, their own communities and their own personal spheres of influence.

Fair means “in accordance with rules or standards“.

Global “fairness” necessitates a sort of standardization.  This means the “rules” would be the same for everyone.  But who creates these rules?  And how are they to be expected to put aside their own group loyalties to benefit the rest of the world?  And doesn’t standardization on a mass-scale inevitably create something that cannot deal with the unique and specific needs of diverse groups and individuals?  How can what is fair for someone in Africa be the same for someone in Ukraine?

If the world was naturally “fair”, would not the entirety of the inhabited Earth would have been land suited for agriculture?  Is Nature wrong, too?

And really, isn’t this modern ideal of fairness just about reaffirming the belief in the all-encompassing power of Mammon as this “fairness” business is ultimately measured by what is deemed “equal” access to money and consumer goods?

Who owns this money?  Who creates it?  Are we really not just asking to play someone else’s game with their pieces?

Is the key to human spiritual growth and development the ensured access to the imaginary socio-economic levers of power?  Is the key to human happiness ensured success in that world?

Is life supposed to be fair?

Just some thoughts.

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.

BLOOD, BOND, & SOIL: Responsibilities of Incarnation

“I cannot defend my family, if everybody is my family.  I cannot help my brother, if everybody is my brother.”

  • Justin “Master Chim” Garcia


In times past, charity and service first towards one’s family, and then extended outwards to their fellowship/tribe, their community, their folk and their nation, was seen as virtuous and selfless.  Now, it is seen as virtuous for us (particularly those of European descent) to give our energy and resources to peoples that are as far from being like us or connected to us, as possible.  At the same time we are indoctrinated with the belief that if those we are “looking out” for are organically connected to us or anything like us at all, we are practicing selfishness, xenophobia and racism.

This is what happens when we allow virtue to be governed purely by emotion.  Emotions are easily manipulated.

This is what happens when strong societies become weak through degnerate decadence and internal resentments.

When we incarnate, our “mission” is to unlock the full potential of this version of ourselves.  In order to achieve this, we seek to amplify the strengths of both the physical and psychic (mental, emotional, etc.) bodies and the genetic and metagenetic factors unique to us and this incarnation and the land and people that includes within our sphere of influence.

One of these strengths would be the strength gained through being in integrity with ourselves and those we have given some sort of oath of service and alliance with (spoken or unspoken).  Outside of some sort of emotional schism or trauma, we will naturally seek to help those we are personally connected to.

If some sort of trauma has taken place, however, these traumas and the resulting beliefs and habits created, can essentially serve as “light blockers”- things that interfere with the natural expression of Self and soul.  These things that obfuscate, dim, or block the natural expression of light come from a variety of places- family, friends, teachers/education system, the mass media, the mass mind…  They create schisms between and resentment towards family, friends, communities, nations, races (outwardly and inwardly), and even nature itself.

Resentments towards our family, tribe, race, etc. are things that need to be worked through and transmuted for us to be functional, as resentment is psycho-spiritual poison.


We function best when we follow deep nature.  And man’s deep nature is that of a living, breathing, speaking, and miniature sun.  The Self which physically resides in the solar plexus, acts as our internal sun, and is who we truly are.  And like the sun, our light, warmth and heat (of ALL kinds) naturally extends outwards, with the most warmth and light given the closer in proximity it is.

Extending outward from body and Self, we have the outward extending natural feelings of closeness and sense of responsibility of immediate family, tribe, community, nation and/or folk.  This is part of the function of incarnation.  And to be functional, we give of ourselves proportionately according to whom is closest the incarnated sun that each human is.

These people and our relationships with them, become our personal “solar system”, with which we are charged with maintaining and strengthening the bonds within as much as we are capable (and they are willing).

Through right action in our localized spheres, we extend goodness to the entirety of humanity and the Earth.  But when we start deviating from that natural hierarchy of responsibilities, we become dysfunctional in our priorities.  This epidemic of misplaced and dysfunctional altruism coupled with internal resentment of things like family, nation and race (with white people in particular) has become a great bane on western society.

We are giving housing and resources to people coming from other lands, who have no loyalties to us.  Meanwhile there are those in our own community, in our own nation, maybe even in our own family, who are sick, hungry, homeless, and in physical danger.


This is not functional.  This is not virtuous.

Most of us need to be honest with ourselves and admit that we primarily feel compelled to help the unknown and unseen foreigner due to our emotions, rather than due to some “higher calling“.  We see the pictures and videos.  We read the stories.  We respond to them.  We believe them.  And if the story/image is potent enough, we can become traumatized by them (even if we may not realize it).  We get an inevitable emotional reaction because in that moment we are imagining somehow, some way, we are there.  Maybe we even see ourselves as them.

This is the magic of empathy.  This is also the danger of it.

If we don’t know how, or we find ourselves unable to transmute these emotions, we can become stuck in reaction/trauma mind.  Thus any resulting “altruism” becomes tainted by unbalanced, reactionary, selfish and self-seeking motivates.  Immature emotionally and spiritually, the average mainline Christian or the secular “white savior” really just wants to stop the pain these unresolved feelings of empathy creates.  This scramble to soothe the pain, overrides logical processes such as seriously thinking of the long-term effects of what he or she is getting behind, or whether there is a better, more functional outlet for their compassion.

These people are virtuous because they care about someone other than themselves- but I would argue that their compassion, and perhaps more importantly, the energy and resources inspired by that compassion, is quite often misplaced.

This unresolved story-driven emotional empathy can become toxic and lead to toxic emotions like resentment.  Many well-meaning “white allies” of causes/organizations like “Black Lives Matter” often tend to “share in the struggle” with these groups in a mental and emotional sense.  This emotion-driven empathy, more often than not, seems to extend to resentment towards those the “disadvantaged” would say caused them to be so.  This sort of resentment has caused much social conflict and societal damage in the post-WWII western world.

This is why it is important for us to be grounded in function and know and understand our connections of blood, bond and soil.  This way we are not led and bled as individuals and as societies, by the fickle, easily-manipulated, and often quite self-serving pull of the emotions.

We are ALL part of The ONE- but that ONE expresses itself in localized groups and individuations.  We need to work within the framework set for us, rather than do what “makes us feel good” because we can.  Conscious “free will” means that we have the power to choose to go against Natural Law- but that doesn’t mean we should.

Yes, we can and should keep the elevation of ALL of humanity as a focus in our thoughts, deeds, and prayers.  But when we work in the world of time and space, our capabilities are going to inherently be limited.  We can’t help every individual everywhere in a direct manner- and that’s okay, because we don’t need to.  We just need to worry about keeping our side of the street in order and lead humanity by example.

There is a bumper sticker saying that goes “Think globally.  Act Locally“.  As best as my finite mind can comprehend the evolutionary process of the entirety of humanity, I hope to contribute to it in a positive manner.  And the way I primarily work is through service those I am bound to, who in turn, work to those they are bound to, and the love created by that web extends outwards to the entirety of humanity, in one way or another.

Through deeply loving one person, you love all people as that love will inevitably radiate out to all it comes in contact with; unless their hearts are closed to it.

And just because one loves and seeks to take care of their tribe first, this does NOT automatically mean hate or wish to subjugate, oppress, and genocide others.  This is a belief founded on what is just bad history; Marxist Hollywood spectacle history.

I want to see you and yours (whoever that may be), be the greatest and highest potential incarnations of your-Self and your tribe that you all can be.

Honor and serve blood, bond and soil.


Namaste and WRA-ALDA’s Blessings.



“It is so easy to ‘pick sides’, to add our voice to one ideology or another, to align ourselves with one worldview or another. But just because it is so easy and comes so naturally to us to do so doesn’t mean we should give in to this baser instinct.

We are continually confronted with the option of choosing words and ideas that are either life-affirming or polarizing. We cannot have it both ways. When we lend our voice to the polarizing influences that are so prevalent we become part of the problem. Choosing to align with Self, which is the very antithesis of polarizing, brings Light into this world. Choose Light Always!”

~Master Matthias

Violent Clashes Erupt at

There has been much talk about how we as Americans, have become a “polarized society”.  And while many will nearsightedly point to the last election and the current president as the progenitor of this, any objective look will see that this issue of a polarized America has been around a while.

But when we are talking about “polarizing” and “picking sides”, I think it is wise for us to take a look at the definition of the word we are using:

polarized; polarizing

transitive verb

1 : to cause to vibrate in a definite pattern

2 : to give physical polarity to

3 : to break up into opposing factions or groupings

  • a campaign that polarized the electorate

4 : concentrate 1

  • recreate a cohesive rock community by polarizing … an amorphous, fragmented audience

Most people tend to use the secondary definition of dividing into ideological camps, when discussing polarity and lamenting its effects.  However, I think the first definition, the scientific one, is really more accurate in describing the reality of the situation- which is to create a specific vibratory pattern by intentionally directing or even restricting light vibrations.

When we use a polarizing filter on a camera, it gives clarity and focus to subjects that would have otherwise been indistinguishable due to the over-saturation of light in the shot- it defines things.


When we “polarize”, we are focusing our light vibration in a specific direction for a specific purpose, as opposed to leaving it in its resting state- which is essentially practicing a loose form of magick.  We are making defining a perspective- an element of reality.

Now, choosing sides in our current social-media-inspired understanding, typically refers to taking a side on some hot-button socio-political issue, group or event, that when it comes to day-to-day life for most of us, are typically quite inconsequential (or at very least not NEARLY to the degree they are made out to be). But the reason we all seem to care about these issues, is because we see the “other side” to be in some way a threat to us, our loved ones; or our own personal “moral sensibilities” and our abstract concepts of the utopian world.

The problem then becomes our inability to accurately perceive the threat or lack thereof portrayed. Is this something that is staring me in the face right now, threatening those I love, or is this some “threat” that I have no actual connection to other than I read about it somewhere or saw it on TV.  This is the problem of living in the post-WWII artificial media reality.

Most of us are freaking out over the world that is being presented to us, not necessarily the world that IS (which REALLY needs our attention).

Of course, the world that is, also demands we divide into camps- that’s what families are; that’s what tribes are; that’s what communities are. In this respect, we can have the option of not taking sides until we don’t.

When the interests of one “camp” conflict with the “camp” I have pledged an oath of service to and its ability to survive and thrive, then it’s time to take sides. When someone is legitimately threatening the life of a loved one, the time for being impartial is over. It is then time to say:

Yes, you are part of the godhead, just as I am, and due to the responsibilities that I have taken on with this incarnation, I will dutifully send you back to it.

But most of the stuff we are so divided over has little to do with the people and groups we are truly connected to and have any duty of service to at all. Most of the time we’re just fighting other people’s battles and spouting other people’s ideologies.

This isn’t really making things better.

Let’s stop being “sol-diers” for the wars of rival gangs that are not our own.

Let’s get back to reality and the people and things that really matter.


Basic Awareness Meditation

Developing Contact With Self

Prayer and the Law of Manifestation




“As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator… will do well to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope and movies and the radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate.”

  • Aldous Huxley forward to “Brave New World”


In the west, sex and sexuality are being pushed at earlier and earlier ages in both schools as well as the mental health system.  With a whole host of new gender pronouns being created seemingly every week, children are being taught that as the way to create and define your identity– that thing that establishes who you are as an individual. When this happens, one’s sexual orientation, preferences, and fetishes become the primary definers of who that person is and what they represent.

However, there are consequences to using one’s sexuality as the foundation of their identity (even if for some it is a secret), and it starts on the individual level which in turn effects society and culture. If you want to see the results of using sexuality your identity, go to a twelve step meeting with a group of sex addicts (a great many of which identify as gay or bi), and listen to them talk about how this very perspective and belief system absolutely wreaked havoc on their lives. The suffocating desperation of the sex addict is one that mirrors the muffled screams of a populace that has been by-and-large sexually poisoned.

The “Sexual Revolution” pushed into the mainstream by Jewish-American sexologist Alfred Kinsey and others, has turned out to be a form of slow acting poison.  One only needs to examine Kinsey and the “fruits of his labors” to see this.  While repressive attitudes are harmful to healthy sexuality, so is unrestrained hedonism and an obsession on all things sexual.  A healthy balance must be found, and unfortunately we are far, far from it- and the further we move away from living in harmony with the Laws of Nature and Creation as well as our own evolutionary makeup, the more difficult it will be to find it.

The world of the sex addict is very much a microcosm of what is happening on a larger scale across western society. It was seen in Weimar Germany. It spawned the Sexual Revolution. It is the Carnival of Ishtar; the festival of the Whore of Babylon– brought in by those that seek to use her destructive power to tear down what’s left of western society until nothing is sacred and nothing is left. Where a range of sexual “freedoms” are used as candy to entice the population into seeking a life of never-ending self-gratification. Meanwhile, institutions that held Western society together, like the nuclear family, are demonized and torn down. The sex addict goes in search of selfish pleasure to numb the paint of his life- and so has the Western world.

Let’s break the addiction.

Namaste and God Bless.


“At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There He is’, do not believe it.  For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect, if that were possible.”

  • Mark 24:23-24

Women's Strike For Peace-And Equality

There is a somewhat formulaic method for seeing the Christ Light that dwells within us- our internal Sun.  It is a practice that can be perfected over time, to a point where we can see and more importantly, feel this Living Light and Presence in the physical location of our Solar Plexus (referred to as such for that reason).  However, when it comes to seeing how that Light positively manifests itself in the world here at the crux of the New Age, things often tend to get a little sloppy- particularly when we are talking in terms of the socio-political.

So many among the various sectors of the “New Age” community have latched onto Neo-Marxist theories and movements such as Critical Race Theory and Third Wave Feminism, proclaiming these ideologies and their spokespersons to be all but the embodiment of the will of Christ here on Earth.  This very much could be seen to stem from the Baby-Boomer generation infusing of their socio-political belief systems in with their “New Age” spirituality.  In and of itself, this is a somewhat natural and recurring issue when religions come about, as religion tends to be a mirror of the people that produced it, but it needs to be recognized for what it is.

Unfortunately, there often tends to be somewhat of a haughtiness among many of these folks when declaring their ideology and belief systems to be akin to spiritual veritas.  And like the religious dogmas of old, these too were created by various entities for purposes of socio-political control and power.  However most within the movement would heavily deny this, proclaiming themselves as the vanguard of “Higher Consciousness” that is showing in all those who petition the government for unrestricted mass immigration (regardless of how incompatible the cultures), more equal than equal rights for women, and to give Black Lives Matter the reparations money they want.

Social media has seemed to only exacerbate this problem.  I see many well-meaning folks who post and re-post isolated quotes and memes (which tend to have no context) from various representatives of Neo-Marxist  socio-political philosophy, quite often with little real knowledge or understanding of the history and philosophies that these quite-often secular atheistic ‘humanists’ represent.  These well-meaning individuals instead take these quotes to mean what they want them to, rather than what they actually do according to the actual philosophical ideologies they stem from.

Unfortunately many of these well-meaning Baby-Boomer folks (sorry, but I gotta pick on the Boomers for this one) seem to be using a playbook from 1970.  Many of these Boomers (particularly that California-esque stock) don’t seem to realize that the movements they supported back then (some of which arguably had some real legitimacy) have LONG since swung out of balance, creating mutated degenerate ideological offspring that are almost unrecognizable from what Baby Boomers marched for and affirmed as virtuous nearly half a century ago.

Marxism is only designed to destroy, not build.  The desire of the Baby Boomer “radicals” seems to have been to dismantle what they saw as an “unjust society”.  Whatever merits that sentiment may or may not have doesn’t even matter, as it is ultimately not the destruction of the modern West I am all that concerned with.  The problem here is that the degenerate philosophies of Neo-Marxism are not just socially corrosive, but are ultimately corrosive and toxic for the spiritual growth and empowerment of the individual as well as the collective.  No one ever reached enlightenment by bitching about how oppressed they were.  And no one ever helped anyone reach enlightenment by telling them they were a helpless, faultless victim.

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Namaste and God Bless.