“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.  And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.  And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

  • Gospel of Luke Chapter 2 verses 10-14



In his prose, “The Jewish Question in the Spiritual World”, 20th century Italian mystic and philosopher Julius Evola wrote:

The term ‘Semitic,’ as everyone knows, has a broader connotation than the word ‘Jewish’… the Jewish element cannot be clearly separated from the general type of civilization that in ancient times spread throughout the eastern Mediterranean, from Asia Minor to the edges of Arabia.”

The ideals of the Northern European peoples, especially in their relationships with the land and nature and their egalitarian relationships between men and women were very different from the Roman/Semitic cultures who formed the foundation of the Christian religion as we know it.  These cultures were largely based in brutal patriarchal dominance and the idea that nature was something to be subdued and utilized.  Ironically, it is the latter culture that has become synonymous with “Whiteness” and the cultural institutions of White Europeans.  Indeed, what we will see is that this cultural label is something that was imposed upon Northern/Western Europeans by a hostile Roman/Semitic cultural empire, as Evola expressed:

What characterizes the spirituality of Semitic civilizations in general? The destruction of the Aryan synthesis of virility and spirituality. Among the Semites we have on one hand, a crudely material and sensualistic, or coarsely and ferociously warlike (Assyria) expression of the virile principle; on the other, a de-virilised spirituality, a “lunar” and predominantly priestly relationship to the divine, the pathos of guilt and atonement, an impure and disordered romanticism, and, beside it, almost as an escape, a naturalistic and mathematically based contemplativism.”

While there are many aspects that make up a culture, and many of them are arguably superficial, it is the archetypal myths and spirituality that truly define them.  The spirituality that came out of the Semitic world is primarily understood by those versed in deep astrology and esoteric studies to be a collection Saturnian/Jovian and Lunar cults- something I addressed in my article, “The Abrahamic Question”.  The people of the arid deserts of the Middle East had a particular veneration for the “gods” of the night sky, and would have undoubtedly had a different perception and relationship with the Sun than did the people of the cold northern climates.

Among the gods of the night sky, Saturn had a special place in the Semitic mysteries.  The Roman senator and historian, Tacitus declared that the Jews considered this planet to have the most powerful influence on human life.  In Hebrew, Saturn is named “Shabtai”, and the Jewish Shabbat is on Saturday, or “Saturn’s Day”.  Saturn is understood as the god of linear time and matter.  Saturn or Cronus in Greek myth, is also known for being jealous and violent (a trait ascribed to the God of the Old Testament), Saturn was the god that ate his own children for fear they would usurp him.  Saturn is the god who accepts the sacrifice of children be it their whole bodies or just a piece of their genitals (i.e. infant circumcision).  He is El, which some may recognize as from the Biblical “Elohim” in the Old Testament.


The Romans also shared this veneration for Saturn, and even had an ancient festival called “Saturnalia” on what would have equated to the 23rd of December on the modern Gregorian calendar.  This festival was remarkably similar in nature to the ancient Semitic festivals of the goddess Inanna-Ishtar, marked by continual partying, a carnival-like atmosphere that overturned the social norms.

It is understood in many esoteric and occult circles, that the sphere Saturn stands in opposition to the Sun disc.  Saturn is understood to represent linear time, law and restrictions, matter and death; while the Sun is understood to represent the life, growth and the eternal and boundless spirit that never dies.  Saturn has also always represented the Age that has passed, while the Sun rises to new life eternal.  This opposition is mirrored in the figures of Christ and Satan, who are in turn reflections of the Zoroastrian (Indo-Iranian/Aryan religion) Ahura Mazda and Ahriman.  Looking at things this way, we can perhaps appreciate a deeper significance in what became the Bible.

During the time of the Roman Empire it is no secret that there were sects of Jews that were essentially bought off by the Roman Empire.  There were of course the Pharisees and Sadducees, as well as the various houses of nobility and wealthy Jewish merchant and banking elites.  Later on there was even intermarriage between some aristocratic Roman and Jewish/Semitic families (something that is not uncommon among elite families of different kingdoms for political purposes among others).  However, many Jews at that time were becoming increasingly upset with not only the foreign occupancy, but the corruption of their own civic as well as religious leaders.  This led to a serious of revolts and rebellions in Roman-occupied Judea, all of which were crushed by the Roman Empire.

However, by the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in the 4th century AD, the Roman Empire- the largest empire the world had ever seen, had fallen into a cycle of decadence and decay.  Rome was splintering and having the issues that large empires attempting to hold onto vast areas of land while incorporating large diverse populations do.


Constantine allowed Christianity, which at that time was an outlawed collective of diverse underground mystery cults and Judaic reform/zealot movements scattered throughout the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern world.  Constantine called the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, which made “official” which of the beliefs of the various Christian sects would be incorporated and which would be deemed heretical, and established the Roman Catholic (Universal) Church.  This formed the basis of what would become the “state religion” of the new Roman Empire.

What became Roman Christianity was then fashioned into a political and ideological weapon.   While some say that Rome “fell” in 455 AD after the sack of Rome, the truth is Rome didn’t fall, it simply changed its face.  It would be through the Vatican and the enormous wealth and political power that it wielded, that the empire known as “Rome” would live on, and continue to impose its will upon the rest of Europe.

But fortunately, even this officially sanctioned state religion of a Saturnian Empire struggling to maintain power could not ignore the undeniable Solar mythos that thrived not only in Northern Europe, but in the Mediterranean European world as well.  From an esoteric perspective, it could be said that much of human history as we know it has been a back and forth “struggle” between the Solar impulse and the Saturnian- and the peoples that personified and embodied them in mind, heart and deed.

In addition to the cult of Saturn, there was another cult that operated in Rome right up until the time of the establishment of the Church, and that was the cult of Sol Invictus (“Unconquered Sun”).  This cult was particularly popular among the reputably brave and disciplined Roman soldiers, to whom Sol Invictus was their patron deity.  There are some scholars who also will argue that the date of December 25th chosen officially for Christmas, also coincides with and its holy day of Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Birthday of the Unconquered Sun). It is worth noting that references to this cult seemed to “disappear” right around the same time Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.  Of course, any casual study of Roman Christian symbolism will see that it is absolutely saturated with Solar references.


In the ancient Greco-Roman world, Jewish travelers and merchants who lived in the cosmopolitan cities like Athens and the Greco-Egyptian metropolis of Alexandria came in contact with Neoplatonic philosophy and its concept of “The Logos” or “Word”- the primal force of creation.  Many “Hellenized” Jews adopted these new ideas and infused them with their own beliefs- something that the nomadic Jews commonly did throughout their history.  One of the most famous of these Hellenized Jewish philosophers was Philo of Alexandria.

These “Gnostics” took a majority of their ideas from the Classical world, which in many respects, had been largely influenced by the Persian Aryan (that is what forms the root of “Iranian”) Empire, and its Zoroastrian religion.  The Persians were of course, Indo-Iranians are understood to be ethnic/racial cousins of the Indo-Europeans who included the Celtic and Norse-Germanic tribes.  The old Proto-Indo-Iranian religions have been shown by some scholars to have common themes that recur in the old Proto-Indo-European religions, particularly when it comes to solar symbolism and worship.  This again suggests a common cultural consciousness.


The Gnostic sects were known for a rejection of the Old Testament god as being an “imposter”- a blind arrogant “demiurge” who only created matter, but not the totality of the spiritual universe.  They were also known for the worship of the mother goddess Sophia, and her consort, the Christ.  Historically, Gnosticism could be understood as a reaction to the artifice and disconnection from that cosmopolitan life in ancient cities like Alexandria created.  These Gnostics were later deemed “heretics” and hunted down and persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Church could not ignore the Solar mythos that saturated Europe and was part of its Indo-Aryan folk heritage, so it did the next best thing- it co-opted it.  It is perhaps that the forces behind the Empire sought not only to use this new “religion” to re-establish its political control on the people of Europe and the Middle East, but also attempt to subvert and stamp out the true Light that was coming through the various philosophies that became known as Gnosticism.

At their heart, these Gnostic practices were aimed at empowering the individual to tap into the force of “Sol Invictus” within themselves, and discover that, as Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”.  If we look at the deep esoteric interpretation of the Nativity Story on a “macro” level is a story describing how the Christ Light- the Light of the Eternal Sun- miraculously emerges out of the Womb of the Great Mother, which is the Void of Darkness from which the Light of Creation emerges. The Sun in the sky is the supreme physical manifestation of that Light.

However, this story is just as potent as it relates allegorically to the individual.  We see that “cave” where the savior is born has been known by many adepts to be the human skull.  Mary and Joseph within us are known to represent the pituitary and pineal glands within the brain, as well as the feminine “receptive” and masculine “active” portions of consciousness.  When these are brought into harmony through deep meditation, the two appear to create an area of reflective light, which can almost seem to be akin to light bouncing off two mirrors.  This creates the “manger” within where the child of Light is born in the solar plexus.  When the child is born, the animals in the manger; our animal natures; are tame and brought to peace.  Both the humble shepherds and the wise Magi bow down before the Light of the internal Sun.

Looking at this narrative, we might perhaps see a degenerated elite class that pays lip service to the spirit of the Sun, but seeking to hold onto their finite power they keep the religion of Saturn in their fearful hearts.  Like King Herod in the Nativity story, they are perhaps in terror of their own inevitable obsoletion, they have turned to a religion of the old decaying father that tries to devour the new rising Sun/Son.  In contrast we see the spirituality of the virile Sun that is unconquerable and rises through the strong and honorable who have the within them the infinite Life and Love of the Eternal Light of Creation.  This is a spirituality that has undeniably been best embodied in the cultures and consciousness of the Indo-Iranian/Aryan-European peoples, which have been a much-maligned gift to the world.




“His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew but he himself. And he was clothed in a vesture dipt in blood; and his name is called The Word of God… And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”

– Revelation 19:12-16

During the celebration of holy mass in the chapel of the Carmelite Monastery 6 members of the OCDS community made promises to the Order.  Dr. Jason Bourgeois and Judy Hawkins professed their temporary vows for 2 years and David Travers, Suzie Megown, Kath
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Swiss psychologist Carl Jung has been touted by many as a pioneer into the “uncharted” realms of human consciousness.  One of the great “discoveries” (I use quotes for uncharted and discoveries because this was in fact a rediscovery of ancient knowledge and understanding) was that of what Jung referred to as “archetypes”.  In the book, “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetype of the Mature Masculine”, authors Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette describe the findings of Jung and those who followed in his footsteps:

Jung and his successors have found that on the level of the deep unconscious the psyche of every person is grounded in what Jung called the ‘collective unconscious’, made up of instinctual patterns and energy configurations probably inherited genetically throughout the generations… These archetypes provide the very foundations of our behaviors- our thinking, our feeling, and our characteristic human reactions.  They are the image makers that artists and poets and religious prophets are so close to.”

Jung understood archetypes to be the inhabitants of the mythic landscape of human consciousness- the wellspring from which the great myths and legends of all cultures arise.  Archetypes simultaneously shape human consciousness while being shaped by it.  While there are subcategories of archetypes and certain elements that are distinct to different races, ethnicities and cultures, there are certain archetypes that are universal to all humans.  The most important of these is the archetype of the King.

In times of old, human tribes and civilizations from China to Babylon, from Egypt to Britain, from the Congo to Mesoamerica, all had versions of what we would call “kings”- rulers who claimed a sort of “divine right” of rule.  Nowadays the notion of an individual human claiming divine right of rule is abhorrent to the modern mind accustomed to representative democracy and the like.  We tend to conjure up images of obese tyrants living in luxury while their subjects starve to death.  We see this tyrant justifying his cruelty and neglect toward the people by saying he had “divine right” to behave the way he did.  However, this is in fact the opposite of what the ancient understanding of what the embodiment of the King archetype was.

The Wonderful Story of Britain: King Arthur leads his men into battle
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One of the basic functions of the king could be understood of that of a protector and a guardian of the land.  Typically trained as a warrior, the king would be chosen for his leadership capabilities and his skill in battle.  The king would be charged with leading the warriors into battle, defending the people and the land from marauding invaders and rivaling tribes.  Warriors would not go to battle if the king was not fighting alongside them.  The king was a man of honor and virtue.  However, the king was understood to be something even more than these things.

The true legitimate king of antiquity was akin to Socrates’ vision of the “philosopher-king”- a spiritually attuned human being, initiated into the Divine mysteries whose role it was to bring the divine principles into Earthly form through the construction of society and the rules that held it together as well as giving/bringing blessing to the people and the land.  One may imagine the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt who were priest-kings of a supposedly semi-divine nature.  These would have been individuals who studied in the great mystery schools and underwent the great initiations into understanding the Divine Laws of Nature and Creation and had achieved a state of Self-Mastery.  These priest-kings would have been mediators standing in between the divine and earthly realms as a conduit.

However, in these ancient times, the kingship was a tentative position, and once the king was no longer able to embody these Divine Laws and Principles, he was removed from the throne, and in some cases, sacrificed.  The story of the sacrifice of the king is a part of ancient myth and lore as well.  In the archetypal sense (and at times the historical as well), the king is willfully sacrificed or even sacrifices himself, accepting his role as a channel for the divine forces of creation.  This can be seen in the ancient myth of “The Sacred King”.  The true king is wise and selfless, and understands that he is a conduit for something that is beyond himself as an individual of flesh and blood.  The true king sees his role in the seemingly endless cycle, hence the phrase that is chanted upon the coronation of a new king- “The king is dead.  Long live the king”.

The true king of ancient times was the embodiment of the great ordering principle of the universe- the creative force that molds the raw material from which all things are made in a right and orderly way.  This is the Divine Masculine Principle that creates the world from the stuff of the Great Cosmic Abyss, which is the Great Mother.  When Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”, he was embodying this ordering principle as well as stating that he himself was a medium for a power that was greater than he was.  Moore and Gillette explain this:

“[T]he king was the earthly conduit from the Divine World- the world of the King energy- to this world.  He was the mediator between the mortal and the divine… He was the central artery… that allowed the blood of the life-force to flow into the human world.”

We may recall the scene from the Last Supper where Jesus has the Apostles partake of the cup of “His blood”.  It was this rite that the Apostles brought into the world as the sacrament of Communion, in which all who wished could partake in the blood of the divine life-force and take it into their Being, becoming one with it.


It is also understood in the Christian mysteries that the greater power that anointed and embodied itself in the figure of Jesus was the Sun.  The Sun was understood to be the physical body of an invisible God- the Christos.  The masculine creative ordering principle has been associated with the Sun since great antiquity, with human kings from Pharaoh Akhenaten of Egypt to King Louis XIV of France associating it (right or wrong) as the source of their power and right of “divine rule”.

The true king as understood in antiquity was a steward and protector to the people- a kind of “all father”.  This concept would often be literal as well, as the lineage of the true king was seen as something that should be passed on to strengthen the people and the land.  It was understood at that time there was a spiritual component to genetic lineage and true nobility. Like the immortal gods who were his ancestors, the king took on the role as the literal and figurative patriarch of the people.


The king was seen as being in a sacred matrimony with the land, which was understood to be the Goddess Herself.  It was to Her and Her children (the people, as well as wild game and livestock) that the king was sworn to protect and serve until he was no longer capable.  The king’s true queen was understood to be the Goddess of the Land; the Goddess of the Earth.  It was she who had the ultimate say as to whether or not the king was fit to rule and be in union with her.  Gnostics understood this Goddess as the “Fallen Goddess” Sophia, who “fell” into Earth.  Many Gnostics and practitioners of the Mysteries understood both Mary the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene to be aspects or incarnations of this Goddess.

In “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover”, Moore and Gillette paint a very clear picture of what the role of the “Earthly” King was understood to be in these ancient times:

It is the mortal king’s duty not only to receive and take to his people the right social order of the universe and cast it in a societal form but, even more fundamentally, to embody it in his own person, to live it in his own life.  The mortal king’s first responsibility is to live according to Ma’at, or Dharma, or the TaoIf he does, the mythology goes, everything in the kingdom- that is, the creation, the world- will also go according to the Right Order.  The kingdom will flourish.  If the king does not live ‘in the Tao’ then nothing will go right for his people, or for the kingdom as a whole.  The realm will languish, the Center, which the king represents, will not hold, and the kingdom will be ripe for rebellion.”

It is following this Right Order; following “The Way”, that legitimizes the King.  Again, we recall Christ Jesus referring to himself as “the Way”- he was speaking as the living embodiment of this principle.  To this day, many followers of the teachings of Christ refer to themselves as “Servants of the Way“.

During the Middle Kingdom period of ancient Egypt, the prophet Nefer-rohu wrote of the disastrous consequences of what occurred when corrupt and illegitimate rulers who did not follow and embody the principles of Ma’at– interpreted as “Right Order”; sat on the throne of Egypt:

The land is completely perished… The sun-disc is covered over…. The rivers of Egypt are empty…. Damaged indeed are those good things, those fish ponds…. Everything good is disappeared… Foes have arisen in the east, and Asiatics have come down into Egypt….This land is helter-skelter…. men will take up weapons of warfare, [so that] the land lives in confusion.  Men will make arrows of metal, beg for the bread of blood, and laugh with the laughter of sickness…. [A] man’s heart pursues himself [alone]…. A man sits in his corner [turning] his back while one kills another.  I show thee a son as a foe, the brother as an enemy, and a man killing his [own] father.

Nefer-rohu then prophesized of a new king that would arise who would embody the principles of Right Order, restoring Egypt, driving out the invaders and setting things right with the Kosmos.


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Something happened as the Ages progressed and humanity came into the “Dark Time”, i.e. the Kali Yuga.  The kingly lineages became increasingly prone to corruption and tyranny.  They began to no longer serve the people, but rather their own self-interest and lust for power.  At the same time, members of the merchant class began to rise to prominence, corrupting the machinations of government.  Again, it is at this time the story of Christ Jesus takes place.  Born into obscurity, but having blood of the old kingly lineage, he had the task of raising the archetype of the king out of corruption- in essence bringing it back from the dead.  The rulers on the throne were illegitimate, and now the true king- the true embodiment of the king archetype had returned.  However, the way the throne would be reclaimed would be done in a way that was unheard of and is still at this point just beginning to become realized.

When Jesus bled into the Earth, the seeds were planted for something monumental.  However, it would be some time before the seeds began to sprout and grow.  As the gestation process was occurring, the illegitimate rulers maintained and continued their power.  But they were secretly aware of what was occurring and sought to corrupt, poison or crush any “seedlings” of the Christ event that they saw.

These illegitimate rulers are still firmly in control of the machinations of Earthly government to this day, and are attempting to tighten their grasp out of fear of the inevitable.  They believe that if they can manipulate, poison and destroy the soil of humanity and the Earth that they can hold onto their illegitimate power and keep the King from returning.  However, true power rests only to those who can embody the King archetype, which these men (and women) do not.  Anything else is illegitimate and will inevitably fall to its own internal corruption.


Jesus stated, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do;

It has been understood by students and practitioners of the Mysteries that the long-awaited “Second Coming” will not be the return of an individual, but rather the birth of a “Christened Humanity”- that is a humanity that acts and lives in “Christ Consciousness”.  The King archetype is returning to manifest not as one great individual who will lead humanity and the Earth to the promised land, but rather it is returning to each individual soul that is incarnated on Earth who has done the work to prepare themselves as a vessel appropriate for such an anointing.  To quote Hopi prophecy, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Christ Jesus sacrificed himself so that the Solar Initiations that were once relegated to a select few would be available to all of humanity.  It is understood by many in the esoteric traditions, that the work of Christ Jesus enabled a sort of “inner life” in every human being that had not been available before.  Christ made it possible for the sort of Self-Mastery that had only been possible for the most elite of incarnated beings to be available to everyone.  Christ Jesus made it possible for anyone to embody the archetype of the King if they were willing to do what was needed for the transformation to take place.  This is the true legacy of the man who was the incarnation of the Sun/Son of God and his lineage are all who are able to go through the initiation process of psycho-spiritual death and resurrection, and become an anointed being.


In order for this to take place, we have to allow the immature, selfish and fearful lower ego to die in order to claim our right to the “Throne”.  This “death” was the pivotal component of the ancient initiation process, which has seemingly been lost in modern culture (although is still present in some of the indigenous cultures that are also being wiped out).  The illegitimate rulers seek to keep us in a state of perpetual childhood so we cannot fully come into being as Sovereign Anointed Kings (and Queens).  This is why governments and societies are set up in the manner that they currently are and by and large have been for millennia.  Likewise, the initiations we are “allowed” to have in modern society are by and large things that either serve or don’t threaten the illegitimate system like graduations, job promotions, military service, sports, fraternities, etc.  Otherwise, they are things that only serve to degrade and corrupt the individual like gang initiations.  Even things like Freemasonic initiation rites are not what they once were.

During the periods known as the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, the ideas of Sovereignty; i.e. “Self-Rule” as well as Self Determination for not only nations, but individuals, began to resurface in European consciousness.  Many of these ideas stemmed from the ancient Celtic, Germanic and Nordic cultures, but were eventually either suppressed or wiped out by the illegitimate rulers.  These reborn ideals then began to spread throughout Europe and into the New World, culminating in the ideals expressed and carried out in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the idea of rule “for the people, by the people”.

However, the illegitimate rulers sought to twist and corrupt these “seedlings” and did so pretty successfully.  The problem was that while the people may have been ready for the external freedom that results from self-rule, most were still not mature enough and lacked the true personal responsibility and understanding required for internal mastery.  This made the people susceptible to moral corruption and cultural decadence, which eventually led to them losing sight of the little bit of self-mastery that had been achieved which had allowed for their external freedoms.  Each generation slipped into increasing decadence and childishness.  This is what has led to the predicament we find ourselves in today.


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We cannot have true freedom until we each learn to master our internal domain.  We master our internal domain by learning to control and harmonize our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions; as well as understanding and working in conjunction with the Laws of Nature and Creation.  Now this may sound simple, but for most people (myself included) actually having the discipline and willingness to sacrifice and surrender the childish and selfish ways of the lower ego can be extremely difficult.  Nevertheless this is exactly the process Christ Jesus said was necessary in the Gospel of Thomas when he said:

When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one. . . then you will enter [the kingdom].”

This work begins when one answers “The Call” of Life to begin the path of CONSCIOUS spiritual initiation (this in and of itself can take lifetimes).  It is at this point we begin “The Hero’s Journey” that mythologist and author Joseph Campbell pointed out was the central theme of the major myths and legends of humanity- including the story of Christ Jesus.  In this archetypal story, the hero is called (often reluctantly) to embark on a quest or adventure.  The hero then passes through a series of increasingly harrowing ordeals and initiations, climaxing in his/her confronting death itself in some form or fashion.  This culminates in the triumphant ascension or “resurrection” of the hero who is now changed from what he once was into something far greater.  It is a change as stark as the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.  In truth, the Hero is the young, immature version of the King, who goes through the ordeal in order to be able to legitimately claim the Throne.  It was only after the death and resurrection that Jesus was truly KING OF KINGS.


Looking at the world through this understanding of the King archetype, we can see that all the suffering, chaos, and environmental erosion currently taking place in the world is a direct impetus of illegitimate rulers who do not properly align with the King energy being allowed to hold power; combined with our own refusal to align with the King energy ourselves.  If we look back to the writings of the ancient Egyptian prophet, Nefer-rohu, we will see a startling amount of similarities between what his people were experiencing then under illegitimate rulership, and what we are experiencing now.  However unlike those ancient times, we now each have not only the potential but the responsibility to bring that King energy back into the world through ourselves and bring new life to a dying humanity and a dying planet.

We need to understand that this will not be achieved through electing politicians and giving more power to technocrats and oligarchs.  These are the illegitimate rulers who operate the illegitimate governing system, and any attempt to legitimize the illegitimate is an exercise in futility.  I believe human destiny begins with the move towards true Sovereignty; true Self-Rule; which leads to true freedom both internally and externally.  The idea of human self-governance should be the end goal here, but it is something that must be initiated from within ourselves, rather than something to impose externally through creating more laws and bureaucracies.

Of course I realize that individual humans are far from equal, most of all in their progress moving up the ladder towards this ultimate goal of becoming Anointed Sovereign Beings.  This process can take lifetimes.  I realize that most humans alive on this planet are not ready or even capable of Self-Rule at this time, and that a great deal of suffering will still need to occur before this reality will be manifested on a collective level.  But suffering, although unpleasant, is a crucial component in the process of Self-Mastery.  Suffering is the elixir of the strong.  Christ Jesus needed to suffer immensely before he could before his destiny of becoming KING OF KINGS could be fully realized.  But it is in the midst of our suffering where we have the opportunity to face and overcome the things that keep us from Self-Mastery, including the greatest fear known to mankind- death.

We are seeking to do nothing less than align our Being with the Divine Ordering Principle of the Universe.  I will again reference the wonderfully insightful work of Moore and Gillette to explain how this Principle can work in each one of us:

The King archetype in its fullness possesses the quality of order, of reasonable and rational patterning, of integration and integrity… in the psyche.  It stabilizes chaotic emotion and out of control behaviors.  It brings calm.  And in its ‘fertilizing’ and centeredness, it mediates vitality, life-force and joy.  It brings maintenance and balance.  It defends our own sense of inner order, our own integrity of being and of purpose, our own central calmness about who we are, and our essential unassailability and certainty in our… identity.  It looks upon the world with a firm but kindly eye.  It sees others in all their weakness and in all their talent and self-worth.  It honors them and promotes them.  It guides them and nurtures them toward their own fullness of being.  It is not envious, because it is secure, as the King, in its own worth.  It rewards and encourages creativity in us and in others.

In its central incorporation and expression of the Warrior, it represents an aggressive might when that is what is needed when order is threatened.  It also has the power of inner authority.  It knows and discerns (its Magician aspect) and acts out of this deep knowingness.  It delights in us and others (its Lover aspect) and shows this delight through words of authentic praise and concrete actions that enhance our lives.”

Austrian mystic, Rudolf Steiner understood the Christ Impulse to be the one that brought balance and harmony to the opposing forces of the manifest world.  This impulse brings order and blessing into the world and into our lives.  It is the realization and actualization of the Christ Impulse, which is one and the same as the King archetype, that will move us towards our destiny, which was alluded to when Jesus said in John 10:34, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods’?”tumblr_molh95uy0d1svb6rio2_1280

I do not believe the destiny of man is to simply return to our Source in order to be re-absorbed, becoming the same formless collective we emerged as in the beginning.  Nor do I feel we are simply to become child-like spirit beings frolicking in a heavenly paradise, living in a state of divine subjugation, and existing in a sort of angelic hive-mind: we aren’t going back to Eden.  Rather I feel our destiny is to continue the individuation process of the ONE that divided ITSELF into many, until each individual soul is the fully realized god-being that it is meant to be.  There is a difference between individuation and separation- one is reality while the other is illusion.  The full realization of the Solar Christ Impulse and the King energy is man’s path to godhood.  I see us each as individual souls destined to become divine immortal beings in a way that is different than what we were before.  We are evolving and are to become the new pantheon of immortal gods and goddesses- sacred kings and queens- ushering in the New Kingdom of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Namaste and God Bless.


“And they clothed him with purple, and platted a crown of thorns, and put it on his head, and began to salute him, ‘Hail, King of the Jews.’… And when they crucified him, they parted his garments, casting lots upon them, what every man should take.  And it was the third hour, and they crucified him.  And the superscription of his accusation was written over, THE KING OF THE JEWS.”

 – Matthew 15:17-26


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One of the main plotlines in J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic “Lord of the Rings” series revolves around the character of Aragorn, the rightful heir to the throne of the human kingdom of Gondor and descendant of King Elendil who first destroyed the evil sorcerer, Sauron.  However, after vanquishing the dark lord, the king chose to keep the wizard’s Ring of Power rather than destroy it, which ultimately brought ruin and decay to himself and his kingdom.  Shamed by his family’s legacy, Aragorn changes his name to “Strider” and lives in a state of self-imposed exile until he is finally called to take action against the forces of Sauron and step back into his rightful place as king in order to reunite the fractioned kingdoms of men.  This is a call that Aragorn answers quite reluctantly at first.

Another more recent work of fiction that captured the imagination of readers and later moviegoers around the world through its focus on intrigue, secret societies and religious conspiracies was author Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code”, and the series of novels and films that followed.  A central theme in that story revolved around a well-kept secret that Jesus was in fact married to Mary Magdalene and that the two had children together.  It was this “bloodline” of Jesus that was the true “Holy Grail”, which had been covered up by the Vatican for centuries.

The word Grail linguistically stems from the Sangraal, or Sangreal.  It was divided into San Graal or San Greal, which essentially means a “holy vessel”, but if it the parting of the letters is switched and spelled Sang Raal or Sang Real we have “holy blood.”  In mystical and alchemical symbolism, the bowl or chalice is a feminine symbol, so in this context it could have correlated to a “womb”- in this case the womb of Mary Magdalene containing the “blood” or genetic lineage of Jesus.


The concept for the Jesus bloodline/Holy Grail story that appeared in Brown’s books first appeared in the French 19th-century socialist politician, Louis Martin’s 1886 book “Les Evangiles sans Dieu”, as well as several other books by several other authors in subsequent decades.  However, perhaps the most well-known of these was the work of nonfiction by authors Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln entitled “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, which was published in 1996.  The essential concept, which was later delved into further more recently in Jeff Wilkerson’s “Sion’s Army: The Freemasons” is that Jesus was indeed a historical figure who was an exiled “priest-king”, descending from the ancient “Hebrew” patriarchs David and Abraham.

Now, I’m going to take some creative liberty and play off this basic plotline for a moment so as to provide context for a more in-depth exploration of the archetype of “the King” later on.  In the Old Testament we have the great patriarchal lineage that is stated to be from Noah, to Abraham, to David, to Solomon.  After that we saw a division among the Tribes of Israel and a collapse into decadence after their leaders and the people (repeatedly) broke their covenant with God.  This is what set the stage for the “Babylonian Captivity”.  Many scholars will agree that it was in Babylon that the Judaism that we know today was crafted, which is by and large a corruption of the original spiritual lineage.

This corruption grew as the Babylonian Empire eventually gave way to the Roman Empire.  Here we had the corrupt Pharisees and Sadducees, as well as the Jewish mercantile and political elitists working with the Roman Empire to maintain a sort of illegitimate power.  It is at this point we see the rise of the various ascetic and zealot movements that began to speak out against these corrupt classes of Jewish elitists (“The Synagogue of Satan”) who sought worldly power above God.  This is where the story of the man who would become known as “Jesus” is said to begin.

This time would have culminated approximately with the central point of the Kali Yuga (according to Sri Yukteswar’s interpretation).  This was the “Dark Age” where the forces of Satan/Saturn would have been felt at their strongest point.  It was a harsh and dangerous world back then.  Brutality was the order of the day and people suffered immensely.  This would have been the world Jesus was born into, perhaps at first, completely unaware of his lineage and ancestral connection to the ancient patriarchs.  But at some point he is made aware of this, which may have occurred in what are known as the “Lost Years”.  Perhaps this was the time when he might have rejected this and chose to live in a state of self-imposed exile similar to the character of Aragorn in “Lord of the Rings”.  Perhaps he too felt shame in the failure of his ancestors and what it brought upon the people.

But like Aragorn, Jesus eventually answered “the call” to fulfill the destiny of his lineage, and stood toe to toe with the seemingly overwhelming forces of darkness, culminating with his triumph over death.  Most are at least somewhat familiar with the rest of the story which culminated in the crucifixion at “the place of the skull” and the subsequent resurrection and the transmission of a spiritual “lineage” to a select group of disciples.  One of these disciples was Mary Magdalene.

In some of what have become known as the Gnostic Gospels, there is described a scenario where there appears to be an issue of jealousy amongst some of the Apostles, namely Peter, for Mary Magdalene’s “cozy” relationship with Jesus, with him kissing her on the lips and her sitting in his lap.  According to some scholars, there is record from the 1st century A.D. of a Yeshua ben Yoseph being married to a Mary of Bethany.  The Hebrew interpretation of Jesus’ name was Yeshua.  Some traditions maintain that Mary Magdalene was in fact a descendant of King Saul of the Tribe of Benjamin, who was later overthrown by David of the Tribe of Judah.  It is said that the marriage of the two would have been seen as reuniting the two remaining tribes, and the child produced would have been doubly seen as the rightful heirs to the throne.


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The story continues that after the crucifixion, the authorities sought out the Apostles and persecuted, imprisoned, exiled and even executed those that did not escape.  It is said that Mary Magdalene indeed did escape this fate and made her way to Gaul (France) either pregnant with Jesus’ child or with baby in tow (and some legends say Jesus’ mummified body). There were early Church writers who stated that Mary Magdalene, Lazarus, Joseph of Arimathea, Phillip, and several others went by ship to Marseilles on the coast of France.  Legend states that Joseph went on to England, where he established a church at Glastonbury. Lazarus and Mary Magdalene, however, are supposed to have remained in Gaul.  Today in France, tourists can visit the purported remains of both Lazarus and Mary Magdalene.  It is in France where the “bloodline” supposedly took root.  We also have the mystical Grail Tradition of legend coming out of this part of Europe around this time, with legendary kings like King Arthur and the Fisher King being linked to both the legendary Holy Grail as well as the personage of Jesus.

As an aside, I’m sure some may or may not have noticed an odd correlation with the exile and impregnation with a royal child story that was initially ascribed to Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew in particular.  We also find the name “Mary” given to both the mother of Jesus and the alleged lover of Jesus.  Could this situation have been something that was flipped in order to protect or hide identities or obfuscate a truth?  While the identity or non-identity of a historical Jesus has been and continues to be hotly debated, I think it is worth considering the real possibility that the claims of some researchers that history before 1500 AD had been completely re-written by the Roman Vatican.  From the destruction of the Library at Alexandria, to the extermination of the Druids, to the persecution and execution of early Christians, to the destruction of the Mystery Schools, there appears to have been a real attempt by the Roman Empire in its many forms, as well as its allies, to hide and destroy certain forms of knowledge and perhaps re-write history itself.  With this potential scenario, we could postulate that Jesus may have indeed been a “real” person, but the truth of his identity and his story has been used and obfuscated for political reasons, with the inconvenient parts flushed down the “memory hole”.

In any case getting back to our story of the “Holy Grail” and Mary Magdalene’s journey, we will find that it is also in France where we see the rise of the Merovingian Dynasty who the fifth through the seventh centuries.  The Merovingians were referred to as “sorcerer kings” or “priest kings”, and were said to have the ability to heal by the laying of hands and supposedly had clairvoyant ability and other psychic capabilities.  They are recorded as all having a distinct birthmark- a red cross- either over their heart or between their shoulder blades, which was said to testify as to their having “divine blood”.  This idea of the semi-divine “priest king” is something that goes back to the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  It is also interesting to note that the portraits of some of these Merovingian kings looks incredibly similar to the traditional western depiction of Jesus.


However, frequent wars on behalf of the Roman Vatican and the interests behind it, weakened the power of the Merovingians, while the lower aristocracy of dukes and counts began to take political power after being given concessions by the kings in return for their support.  This led to the corruption and fall of the Merovingian dynasty.  However it is said that a secret society of esoteric Judeo-Zionists originating out of Nazareth known as the Priory of Sion has played and continues to play a role in protecting and maintaining this royal bloodline and continues to seek avenues of power for it, although these avenues seem to have become increasingly corrupted.  Several researchers have concluded that this Priory of Sion played a role in the founding of the Knights Templar and later, the Freemasons, and are said to have played a hand in the American, French and Russian Revolutions.  This is another area of history that is debated, with contradictory evidence appearing on both sides, but I find the narrative intriguing nonetheless.

But as I stated earlier, the real theme I want to bring attention to and discuss moving forward here is this archetypal narrative of the “King lineage representing the highest, most noble and virtuous aspects of humanity; the capacity for a fall away from this state of spiritual virtue and the consequences of it; and the ability to return to this place of spiritual nobility by answering “The Call” of what Joseph Campbell would refer to as “The Hero’s Journey”.  These are all things I will be exploring in the second part of this article.

Namaste and God Bless.


“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire… And he was clothed with a vesture dipt in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses… And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations… And I saw the beast, and the kings of earth, and their armies, gathered to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.”

– The Revelation of St. John the Divine 19:11-19
 The Book of Revelation, illustrated by Chris Koelle

A while back I wrote about the internal Trinity of Mind, Heart and Will that exists within a human being.  Shortly thereafter, I was meditating in my Shaolin Kung Fu class when I came to a realization about the Triune nature of Jesus, and how it relates to that internal trinity of Mind, Heart and Will.

While many speak and praise Jesus as the wise teacher and compassionate healer, what is far less talked about, at least outside of what would be viewed as “extreme fundamentalist” Christianity, is the third and most controversial aspect of the personality of Jesus- that of the Warrior King.

The concept of being a warrior and doing battle is something that many people have learned to recoil from through societal or personal trauma. Much of this is a natural reaction to the horrors of modern warfare and the increasing public awareness of the self-serving and deceptive motivations behind it.

Family members and loved ones go to die overseas, while the “War on Terror” and the “War on Drugs” have been shoved down our throats and turned our own backyards into battleground. People are tired of war and often seek to run in the other direction from the mere mention of the word.

All that being said, it is no wonder that passages such as the above from Revelation, or the infamous “I came not to send peace, but a sword” passage from Matthew 10:34 tends to offend modern liberal Christian consciousness to the point where some deny that it was even stated at all.  I try to stay out of the truth vs. fiction arguments surrounding the historical Jesus. As for the inherent warlike nature of Revelation, one only need look at the turmoil that was taking place at the time it was being written to understand it.

So then, how do this concept of Christ Jesus the Warrior have any sort of positive translation or application to us modern day folks who may not be the “Hellfire and Brimstone” types?

0023aeaa6a680c05c37119To answer that question, I think we should look not at the principles and tactics of modern warfare, but rather the principles of traditional martial arts practice. One of the principles behind traditional martial arts practices is the idea of “being like water”- being loose and fluid in your movements and your mindset. This allows us to get a better feel for our opponent. This fluidity allows one to use the momentum of an opponent against them. The martial arts practice of Aikido is a perfect example of this.

I recently did an exercise where the group leader had us clasp hands with the person in front of us and we would both push towards one another while saying “My way”, showing the nature of one trying to exert their will directly onto another with the hopes of overpowering them. This contrasts nicely to the Tai Chi push/pull partner exercises where you remain fluid and rooted to the ground, simply wait for your partner/opponent to become too invested in their own desire to “win” and knock them off balance, rendering them vulnerable.

The “my way” exercise I see as an illustration of the modern warfare tactic of brute force and imposing will. This is also something a many of us do or have done in personal relationships as well to some degree. This differs from the rooted and fluid method of martial arts, where we remain adaptable to what happens around us, but still rooted in our own sense of Being. Then when the opportunity presents itself, we act in the calculated manner of the martial artist, never exerting more force than necessary.

This is the way of the spiritual warrior; the path I have been striving towards since the beginning of my conscious spiritual journey 13 years ago. I first discovered this concept when studying and practicing the principles of Toltec Shamanism. Gary Van Warmerdam, a student of Don Miguel Ruiz, describes the spiritual warrior as someone who “challenges the dreams of fear, lies, false beliefs, and judgments that create suffering and unhappiness in his or her life”.

I have discussed the idea of being mindful of our thoughts and belief systems, as well as the origins of these. However, to understand this concept of Christ Jesus as the Warrior, I think we need to incorporate more than just internal work, or work relegated to just ourselves.

The Buddhists also have a concept of a spiritual warrior, which is defined in a well-sourced Wikipedia entry as:

“One who combats the universal enemy: self-ignorance, the ultimate source of suffering according to Buddhist philosophy. A heroic being with a brave mind and ethical impulse. Different from other paths which focus on individual salvation, the spiritual warrior’s only complete and right practice is that which compassionately helps other beings with wisdom. The Bodhisattva ideal, the spiritual warrior who resolves to attain buddhahood in order to liberate others.”

Here with the Buddhist concept of the spiritual warrior, we have the added component of not just rigorous work with one’s self, but the desire to work with others in service to help them obtain liberation from self-ignorance. This self-ignorance could be seen as the root cause of the dreams of fear, lies, false beliefs and judgements the Toltec spiritual warrior seeks to liberate their individual selves from.

When working to help other beings, it is essential that we have compassion. It is also essential that we have “a brave mind and ethical impulse”. In other words, we need to have courage.

Courage is the heart of the warrior. In life it takes courage to do the right thing, when it seems the entire world is telling us the opposite. It takes courage not to give into peer pressure; whether it is from family, friends, coworkers, or society at large, and instead speak and live your truth as Jesus did. It takes courage to stand up to authority figures and expose that they are working for their own self-interest and leading society astray, as Jesus did with the Pharisees. It takes courage to stand up for those whom society has deemed as “wicked”, as Jesus did with the adulteress. It takes courage to stand up to the powerful institutions that are destroying the moral fabric of society, as Jesus did when he drove the Moneychangers from the Temple.

Jesus and Wall StI see this figure of Christ Jesus the Warrior King relating to the Will component of our internal being, while Jesus the Wise Teacher and Jesus the Compassionate Healer relate to the Mind and Heart respectively. These are all aspects of ourselves as well that can be “tapped into”, as Jesus is the archetype of what humanity is capable of becoming. The Warrior King gives us the courage needed to end the war within ourselves, becoming unified and creating internal sovereignty, or “self-mastery”.

When this happens, we are truly in a position create external freedom in the world, which as we know, is a VERY dangerous concept to those who desire any form of control, as the self-actualized, self-realized individual who has achieved liberation from his own illusions and become a “sovereign” does not fall in line to easily. This sovereign being also has the potential to show others that they can do this as well, which they will inevitably do. This is why I think a man like Jesus would have been seen as so dangerous to the established order of his day.

The courage of the spiritual warrior is a call to action. Whether it’s the courageous action taken standing up for the free will rights of another or the courageous action it takes to simply admit we did wrong to ourselves or to another being. We need courage to walk the path of Light, Life, and Love, because this is NOT the path that mainstream commercial culture promotes.

We need that brave mind and ethical impulse of the spiritual warrior to be able to successfully navigate through boggy mire that is the world humans have made and have allowed to be made for us. We need to be beacons of light to our fellow travelers who may be lost themselves.

Those who have ears should hear- answer the call and take the path of the spiritual warrior- the world needs as many as possible.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”

– Matthew 4:19


We are now going to shift our historical perspective to the first century AD- the start of the Age of Pisces the Fish, which followed the Age of Aries. This was a time of great upheaval in what had become known as Judea. This was the time of the Judeo-Roman Wars, the first of which was known as “The Great Revolt”, which lasted from 66-73AD. This resulted in a massacre of Judeans and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and eventually the entire city. Much of what is known as the “Apocalyptic Texts”, most famous of which is the Revelation of John would have been written during this time- a time when to the people of Judea, the world as they knew it was indeed coming to an end.

The Jewish/Roman historian Flavius Josephus placed the blame for the revolt on a sect of Judean nationalists known as the Zealots. Originating out of Galilee, this movement sought to incite the people of Judea to rebel against the occupying Romans and expel them from their land as they believed in their right to self-rule. The principle motivations behind this were due to Roman taxation policy and the requirement of worshiping Caesar as a god, as God alone was ruler of Judea. There were also tensions with the Judeans and the Greeks who inhabited the region under the Roman occupation, as well as growing frustrations with the Jewish elite class who profited under Roman rule.


Two principle leaders of the Zealot movement were Eleazar Ben Simon and Judas of Galilee. However and interesting passage out of the writings of Josephus suggests another individual may have played a prominent role during the Revolt:

“So Jesus the son of Sapphias, one of those whom we have already mentioned as the leader of a seditious tumult of mariners and poor people, prevented us, and took with him certain Galileans, and set the entire palace on fire, and thought he should get a great deal of money thereby, because he saw some of the roofs gilt with gold. They also plundered a great deal of the furniture, which was done without our approbation; for after we had discoursed with Capellus and the principal men of the city, we departed from Bethmaus, and went into the Upper Galilee. But Jesus and his party slew all the Greeks that were inhabitants of Tiberias, and as many others as were their enemies before the war began.”

JosephusbustNow, it should be noted that Jesus in Hebrew translates to “Yeshua” or “Jehoshua”, or “Joshua”. That being said, it is likely that name may have been quite common. In my research alone I have found at least two more men on historical record of that same name living around that time. One of which was a high priest (Jesus son of Damneus) and the other, Jesus Ben Ananias, was a man who went about Jerusalem four years before the Great Revolt, shouting in the streets and prophesying the city’s destruction. He was turned over to the Romans by the city’s leaders, where he was then tortured and released after being deemed insane. He shouted, “Woe once more to the city and to the people and to the temple, and woe to me also,” before he was struck in the head with a rock and killed.

The Talmud, the Jewish repository of traditional Jewish knowledge refers to a man named Jehoshua Ben Pandira. This was a man who is said to have been accused of being a wizard and fled persecution from the rabbi’s by going to Egypt. He was eventually arrested upon return and stoned to death, then crucified on a tree on the eve of Passover. The Talmud recalls this man as being born during the reign of King Jannaeus which was from 106-79BC. This Jehoshua was known for teachings as well as performing wondrous works and healings. This may potentially shed light on the anomaly of Christian sects appearing the better part of a century or more before Jesus was reported to have lived.

All this being said, I am not looking to write an essay on the reality of Jesus as an individual flesh and blood man, or the possibilties that he was a composite like the rest of the Bible, or even a collective incarnation among multiple men: however you slice it, Christ Jesus was the embodiment of the life-giving Light of the Sun and the sub-luminous Light that dwells beyond it, and the movement and materialization of these archetypal forces in the consciousness of humanity. If one reads the Gnostic writings that were rejected by the Catholic Church, there are many stories that show Jesus as a form of spirit that appears to people (i.e. Paul on the road to Damascus).326156a84a58c0b41b84bd807fb8b781

The story of Jesus is one that is meant to capture the imagination. Imagination is the key to beginning the spiritual journey. The imagination moves the passions and hopefully stirs one to delve into the deeper mysteries, so long as they have the courage to pursue them. Jesus the Christ was and is the embodiment of the human being in his/her purest state. This was a state that was becoming available through the progression into the Age of Pisces. This was a state of consciousness that was being born again within humanity. I know Christ Jesus as the archetype of the ascended man for this Age- a spiritual and super-conscious being that encompasses the entirety of the Earth as a presence that can be communed with when one’s heart and mind is open.

Early Christianity recognized they were a movent devoted to embodying the new realities and “commandments” of this burgeoning New Age of Pisces. Early Christians even called themselves “little fishes,” and a code word for Jesus was the Greek word for fish, “Ichthys.” This is the true meaning behind the “Jesus Fish” you see on the back of cars.

Stele_Licinia_Amias_Terme_67646Fish-IchthysWe see this same symbol at Osireion, the Temple of Osiris in Egypt, which dates from at least 1300BC, if not 2300BC. This may be reference to the previous Age of Pisces, which would have occurred nearly 30,000 years ago. Osiris was the great father god of the Egyptians who was killed by a family member- the dark sun god Set (as Jesus was killed by his Judean bretheren) only to be resurrected by his consort, Isis, the divine mother. The two were parents of the golden falcon god Horus, who was the young Sun and a predescessor of Jesus as the Son/Sun.


In Christ Jesus we saw the mystery of this cosmic drama realized in a fully human way. No longer were we looking at semi-human gods with unattainable powers, but were instead seeing the reality that this promise of eternal life and ascension can be realized for flesh and blood men and women in their current form. In essence the immortality of the gods becomes ours when we understand and more importantly live the deep teachings and mysteries of Christ.

The figure of the ascended God-Man, Christ Jesus- the fisher of men who was baptized in and walked on water; calmed the seas; performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes was the herald of what was then the New Age- the Age of Pisces. But the message of Jesus was at odds with the ways of the Scribes, Pharicees and Saudicees. These men now represented the clinging human consciousness that looked to hold onto the power and fortune the Old Age of Aries had brought them. They did not want to hear the new covenants and commandments that were necessary for humanity to thrive in this New Age.


We see with the persecution and the crucifixion of Jesus, the attempt by the Old Age to subvert and kill the New Age so as to maintain power. But the coming of the New Age and the inevitable shift in consciousness and reality that comes with it CAN NOT BE STOPPED. This holds true even when those who cling to the Old Age would try and subvert, subdue and destroy that spark, like the Phoenix, the New Age rises from its seemingly apparent death.


Now there are of course obvious references in the saga of the adult Jesus to the transition of the seasons from winter into spring, and the apparent “resurrection” of life that comes with it. It is also reference to the Pisces to Aries transition that happens (which is the reverse of how they are ordered in the great precession) at that time. And most importantly, it all has to do with the Sun/Son- the Light of the World. Again, this is another example of the reflection of macrocosm (i.e. the Great Year) into microcosm, which is in this case, our solar year.

image049According to the International Astronomical Union, the Age of Pisces is set to end around approximately 2597AD, when the March Equinox will cross over into the constellation of Aquarius. So as I’ve said before, the New Age of Aquarius is probably not actually here yet. But like the early Gnostic Christians, we can prepare our consciousness and get in tune with what is coming and many are. This involves a release of the old ways of thinking and doing on every level. Of course I strongly advise you to use discernment and not be fooled by the many attempts of the Old Age to rebrand itself as the New. Get to know yourself, as the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

When does the Age of Aquarius begin?

As with the transition period of any age, it is always a tumultuous time historically. We would do well to understand that and do what we need to prepare every aspect of ourselves for the inevitable great changes that WILL happen while starting to bring the consciousness of the coming Age into the present. This begins by getting in touch with not only the Laws and Workings of Creation on a “macro” scale, but understanding and working with these Laws as they are reflected and manifested within ourselves. With that I will leave you with a quote from my teacher and mentor, Rev. Matthias, and until next time, Namaste and God Bless.

“Christ nailed to the cross is representative of spirit being affixed to the ‘cross of matter’. This ‘affixing’ is an alchemic principle that binds consciousness with form. It is only when we are fully human that we can be fully divine and it is only when we are fully divine that we can be fully human… The Christ impulse born in us at Christmas must be bonded with the body and with material consciousness. We can only raise up or resurrect from death, that which we as spirit have fully attached to. That journey IS the Way of Solar Initiation.”



While all human beings have the Christ Light within, and are able to work with and use it, this Light is rarely ever fully realized.  Christ Jesus was a man who fully realized it.  There is much debate over who Jesus was, or whether he was even a historical person.  Some scholars present evidence suggesting Christ was a contrived character by the Romans and their historian Josepheus (an Israelite turn-coat) used as a tool for political control.  It is stated that he is a “composite’ of multiple characters from various religious and mystery school traditions.  The understanding I have is that Christ Jesus indeed did live.  Did he live when the bible suggests he lived?  Maybe, but maybe he lived a little earlier.  I don’t even know if he was indeed an Israelite, as the early Gnostic sects that taught the initiations of Christ the Logos (Word) were from all throughout Egypt, the Middle East, and Greece prior to the time attributed to Jesus.


Perhaps he was a revered teacher or advanced initiate in a mystery school who took the teachings to the masses.  Mystery schools were ancient centers of spiritual initiation and learning.  Precursors to modern secret societies, nearly all of the branches of modern knowledge and learning came out of these mystery schools.  This mystery school initiate would be a man who reached not only enlightenment, but a state of mastery over his body that allowed him to transmute into what is known as the “light body”- an ability said to be possessed by the most adept Taoist masters of the far-east.  Perhaps this man, being an anomaly due to his age and spiritual development developed a following and a mystery school.  Perhaps those of the more established orders of mystery tradition (maybe even some of a darker persuasion) grew jealous of this man’s abilities and saw him as a threat.  Perhaps the local governing body felt this way too.

creating a heavenly body

At some point, this man would have been betrayed by one of his followers, and crucified (probably on a tree).  Crucifixion was practiced by pre-Roman Persians, Macedonians, and Carthaginians, all of whom would have had active mystery school traditions.  However, having been a master of such an incredible degree, he would have undoubtedly been able to separate his light/spirit body from his flesh body and/or consciously go into the land of the dead and then return to his body and transmute the flesh to light entirely.


Christ Jesus, Yeshua Ben Joseph, or whatever the man’s name was; brought what were once secret teachings and initiations to the people.  He made spiritual growth and development that had only been available for a select chosen few, available to everyone.  There would have been many in his day that would have seen this as reprehensible.  They would have wished to silence this man.  However, any attempts to halt this transfer of the power was and is in vain.  The destruction of his physical body and the even more vile perversion of his message and teachings is still not enough.  This man has made the Solar Initiations and the voluntary evolution of human consciousness available to us in such a way that they became etched into the Earth and our very DNA.


In the end, the details of the story may only be known to the record book of creation, also known as the Akasha.  At some point in the middle part of the first “half” of humanity’s journey on this planet, a man was born.  This man’s body as well as his karma, was perfected and purified over many lifetimes so he would be capable of being the fully-realized embodiment of the spirit and consciousness of the Sun/Son; the Christ; in human form.  You may ask, “Why was this necessary?  Why would a great being like the Sun wish to become a man?”

Since the dawn of humankind, there have been great mystery traditions that performed initiation rituals centered on a great cosmic drama.  This involved the primordial Earth; which was seen as the physical incarnation of the great Mother- the feminine principle of the cosmos; and her lover, the primordial Sun.  This story also involved the being known as Saturn or Satan as Christians would come to know him.  When the material universe was being brought into existence, it is said that Saturn, the force of death and darkness attempted to strangulate the forces of life embodied within the Mother.  Thankfully for all of creation, the Sun/Son arrived and shined His Light onto the darkness and “the darkness comprehended it not”


It is said at this point the young, lion-like sun roared in victory, bringing the world into existence.  There was a time when the Sun and the Earth were one, until eventually the Sun moved on, claiming His place in the sky.  However, the forces of Saturn continued with its mission of causing matter to grow into denser and denser states of existence.  While it was necessary for this to happen, it was also necessary for the Sun/Son to step in once again to bring balance and re-inject that Life as only the Son can do.  Without this intervention the entirety of creation would have been calcified with all vibrancy and spirit squeezed out completely.  Thankfully this did not happen.


Toltec mythology; the wisdom tradition of the peoples of Meso-America recognized the sun as the source of life and light for the plantet, carrying and manifesting the message of creation throughout the solar system. As the sun perceives and reflects what is known as “the dream of Earth”, it knows the evolution of the “human dream”.  This is part of why it was necessary for this incarnation to happen in human form.  As the conscious “eyes and ears” of creation, human beings have a pivotal role to play in the “Great Work” of spiritualizing matter until all sense of separateness and illusion is dissolved.

Christ Jesus lived the Solar Initiations- the pattern and story of the Sun.  By doing this he made it possible for human beings to develop an internal relationship and path to the divine that had not been available before then.  By developing that relationship with the Christ within and living the mysteries, we affix the Light of Christ onto the wooden cross of our material existence.


It is said in the mystery traditions that the primordial Sun for a time was one with the Earth before separating, which was needed for physical human life to evolve and develop.  Within the Order I was initiated under, it is understood that when the Sun/Son incarnated as the man we have come to know as Christ Jesus and was crucified, his blood; his very essence went into the Earth, unifying with her.  At this point, Christ Jesus became the Oversoul (a spiritual atmosphere of sorts) of the planet.  The primordial lovers were united once again, and an element of balance was brought back to Earth.


It is also important to understand this as happening on an archetypal level as well.  Christ Jesus and his story is the story of humanity.  It is the Hero’s Journey as coined by Joseph Campbell- the timeless tale of the human experience towards discovering his/her higher nature.  Christ Jesus lives through us in our human experience when we receive and accept “the call” (see Tough Love posting).  We realize him in fullness when the mind, heart and will become balanced in a way that reflects the Light that dwells within us; the Love that we are shown through the Creator to our fellow beings; and living and understanding and working in harmony with the Life force that flows through all creation.


As I pointed out in my Spiritual Maturity posting, Christ is the archetype of the re-ascended man; referred to as the “Last Adam” by some theologians and mystics.  For those unfamiliar with the concept of an “archetype”, author, Jungian councilor and Buddhist practitioner describes archetypes as:

“the most ancient and universal ‘thought forms’ of humanity.  They are living entities, psychological instincts, or information fields that pattern human perception and experience… archetypes are like blueprints… to our experience.  They are the invisible stage managers behind the scenes of the world theater… Archetypes are not produced by us nor are they objects of the mind, but are self-existing, autonomous factors that are their own ‘living subjects’… they organize, inform and give shape to both the outer and inner dimensions, the world and our experience.” 

It is very likely that the story of Christ Jesus as written in the bible, is a composite of astrotheology, internal spiritual experience, archetype, and the life of a flesh and blood man.  The ancients understood allegory in a way that is completely foreign to the modern mind with its “black or white” thinking.  Learning and understanding this has never taken away the reality of Christ Jesus for me.  If anything, it has given his story a richness and depth I would have never imagined.  In the end, whatever way you slice it Christ IS the “reason for the season”.




This time of year invokes a variety of different feelings and emotions.  Some see it as the “most wonderful time of the year”; a time for happiness and family and giving and good will towards men.  Others see it as the epitome of the commercial consumer society we have become.  Still others may have issues of seasonal depression coupled with “ghosts” of Christmas disappointments past.  Whatever your feelings (and many have a combination of the above or more), it is no doubt that during this time we are being compelled to feel a bit more than we may normally.  There is good reason for this and this reason stretches back into humanity’s ancient past.


Our ancestors lived a life that was very reliant on the changing of the seasons and the weather patterns these changes brought.  Without the convenience of supermarkets and indoor heating, the time of winter was seen as a dark time; a time to get “comfortable” with death (see my post on Samhain).  With this intimate connection and dependence on the land and the seasons, our ancient ancestors knew how to read the stars and the patterns of the sun and moon so as to know what to expect.  They had a deep understanding of how these celestial bodies effect life on this planet in a way that has been largely forgotten in today’s society.




The longest night of the winter solstice was a time when the sun appeared to “die”.  During a three day period (which ends Christmas eve), the sun resides in the vicinity of the Southern Cross constellation and appears to ‘hang’ on the cross until it then would “rise again”, or be “born”;  gaining in strength and intensity until the summer solstice.  This “birth” or “rebirth” of the sun heralded to the ancients that the time of darkness and death was inevitably going to be on its way out.  Their savior had been born.



This also coincides with astrology and the 12 houses of the zodiac, which guide the procession of each “age”.  During the spring equinox, the sun rises in the constellation of the zodiac that “rules” the age (it has currently been rising in the constellation of Pices for the past 2000+ years).  The zodiac also has a “cross” that coincides with the mysteries of spring and Easter.  We would do well to realize that the stars and planets are not just balls of gas and rock in the sky, but rather multi-dimensional bodied beings with a consciousness so vast it is like nothing we can even fathom.


This is the solar pattern that is etched into the physical world by the primary physical manifestation of the Christ Light in this sphere, the sun.  I’m sure some folks may be saying, “But what about Jesus?”;  I will explain this in part 2, but first let us talk about the Christ and for this we will go to John chapter 1:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  All things were made through Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.  In him was Light, and the Light was the life of men.  And the Light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not”.


Interestingly, there is a verse by Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism that mirrors this verse.  He speaks of the Clear Light, which is described as the “child of Rigpa”- Rigpa being the primordial ground of creation and awareness.  This “Clear Light” is pure and “unborn”, yet it is ours inherently to find within ourselves.  Through my initiations into the priesthood I have come to realize and understand the following about the nature of the Christ:

  1. It is Light, it brings Life and it emanates Love.
  2. It is the primordial Light that is behind ALL forms and manifestations of light in all physical, semi-physical, and non-physical planes or “realms” of existence.
  3. It is the primordial vibration that sings all things into existence (remember that the physical world is composed of light vibrations).
  4. In our realm of existence, the prime form of the Christ is the conscious being known as the Sun.
  5. The Light encompasses ALL of creation and dwells within everything; including you and me.
  6. This indwelling Christ Light has a physical location: it lies just beneath the heart in the area known as the solar plexus.  When you bring your attention to and focus on this area in periods of meditation, you will see and more importantly, feel It.

While there is an external astrotheology (“religious” stories based upon the movements and transitions of the sun, moon, planets and stars) to the story of the birth of Christ, there is also the internal story that plays out as well.  The “cave” where the savior is born has been known by many adepts to be the human skull.  Mary and Joseph within us are known to represent the pituitary and pineal glands within the brain, as well as the feminine “receptive” and masculine “active” portions of consciousness.  When these are brought into harmony through deep meditation, the two appear to create an area of reflective light, which can almost seem to be akin to light bouncing off two mirrors.

This creates the “manger” within where the child of Light is born in the solar plexus.  When the child is born, the animals in the manger; our animal natures; are tame and brought to peace.  And it is the simplicity of the shepard who is first to come to it; by simplifying our lives and our nature, we come to Christ and reach a point of being truly “wise men”.  At least this has been my experience.  I encourage all to practice and experience this phenomenon for themselves.



We are all affected by the forces of the sun and other celestial bodies that surround us, regardless of how detached from the natural world our species has become and regardless of whatever belief system we subscribe to.  This being said, this process of the “death” and “rebirth” of the sun affects our internal feelings and emotions.  We are reflections of the “external” world and the “external” world is a reflection of our “internal” world (in truth, they are both the same).  When we approach this time of transition consciously, understanding the processes that are happening, we can utilize these “external” and “internal” forces to achieve great spiritual growth and transformation.  When we open ourselves to fully experiencing the birth within us, we are further purified and are allowing the Great Work of “spiritualizing” the material plane to be done through us.