“I recognize the manifestation of undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life.”

  • Qabbalistic Tarot affirmation


Associate Director of the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women (at least she was when she stated the following) referred to privilege, specifically “White male privilege” as “an invisible package of unearned assets..”

The general belief around the “privilege” of critical theory is that a dominant culture existing anywhere is wrong or “unjust” (although this value judgement tends to be selectively applied only to certain groups..). It is the idea that the undeniable fact of reality that the people whose ancestors played the largest role in founding the society they live in will shape that society in their image… is somehow wrong or “unfair”.  But again, it tends to only be seen as unfair when it pertains to the “privilege” of certain groups.

In truth, the whole idea of “unearned privilege” is antithetical to the Principle of Cause and Effect; the Natural Law that states we reap what we sow; the Law that is always in effect.  The only equality that truly exists is through the indiscriminate nature of the Laws of Nature and Creation, and that we all equally exist as part of it.

The people who use other Laws for selfish or tribal reasons at the expense of others, got whatever they got because they “earned” it in one way or another. You may not agree with the way they got it or kept it, but the Law of Manifestation is not a respecter of persons- and it always works.  One can argue if it’s “fair”, but fairness itself is a pretty relative concept;- fair to whom and in what way and what expense?

The billionaires of this world would argue that they deserve what they have because they did what needed to be done to grow their wealth and perhaps more importantly, keep it– and it’s really hard to logically argue with that.

The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.”

Men we would see as “evil” are ultimately used for the evolution of humanity just as much as the “good ones”.

As an aside, the assumption that the rich (which is yet another relative term) and the “privileged” ALL obtained their wealth through unfair and unscrupulous tactics, and as such do not suffer is error in and of itself.  How can we full-on demonize people who live in a world most of us know next-to-nothing about?  The single mother in the projects on welfare or the working-class family in the depressed former industrial town know nothing of the stressors of the billionaire, and so often tend to project their view of wealth and “justice” onto them.

Even with the kid who seems to grow up with a “silver spoon in their mouth” who never seems to have the worries of us “common folk”, the point can be argued from the esoteric concepts of the direction of Karma and the drive for the Being to spiritually evolve through various “challenges” being present through the birth/death/reincarnation cycles at birth.

There is no punishment.  There are only pressures that are there to serve as potential catalysts and opportunities for spiritual growth and development.

I don’t deny that privilege exists- but I think “unearned” privilege does not. It is by definition incompatible with not only the esoteric understanding that the Laws of the Universe are inherently for the positive evolution of ALL because the Laws are the Active Force of the ALL which IS ALL, but the observable Laws of Nature.

This myth of unearned privilege is ultimately something that is used to remove any and all responsibility from the “underprivileged” or “victims” for their situation, and completely shift the blame 100% upon external factors.

It’s about envy.  It’s about resentment.  It’s about power.

Those who lament the mythical unearned privilege, have fallen victim to slave morality of Nietzsche- the individual who sees their identity as a direct comparison to someone else.  This is not the view one wants to take when working towards spiritual growth and evolution, which requires the master morality- the individual who compares himself to himself; the man who strives to be better than he was the day before.

There are no victims, only volunteers.

But perhaps most importantly, when we are focused on pointing out the “unearned privileges” of others, we are not focused on expressing gratitude for the blessings of our own lives.  The fact that people are devoting their careers to discussing this myth is yet another example of how we as a society are ungrateful for the blessings we have.

So let us be grateful for our blessings, regardless of whatever our current lot in life.  Let us be sure that we are grateful for what we do have and do the work to maintain and build from it, because Nature doesn’t believe in entitlement either…

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’S Blessings.





“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

  • Galatians 6:7

“The Law of Karma is also called the Law of Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction and ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’.”

  • Sham Hinduja

Agriculture concept, wheat in hands and green field


A lot of people get offended by the views and opinions I express here, as well as those I express across various social media platforms.  This has led to numerous online debates and conflicts with not only your typical ANTIFA and SJW-type folks, but with folks within my own Esoteric/Gnostic Christian Order.  The increasing controversy surrounding the various positions I espouse to has ultimately culminated in my being discharged from the position of service I held in the spiritual community I was a part of.  This dismissal was at the behest of the master teacher, who requested I no longer serve in the sanctuary, although still welcomed me to attend services and classes as a congregant.

In hindsight, I could see this split coming from a mile away, even though it still hit me pretty hard when he requested I step down.  And while my sermons were typically pretty tame and more esoteric/universalist in nature (although I did incorporate Nietzsche into a sermon once), it was what I was saying outside Sunday services that was often running counter to what the rest of the group went with.  This was creating conflict with multiple members of the group who could not reconcile how someone who said the things I said could also be a priest in the Order.

There are certain expectations many people have for spiritual leaders in New Age-type circles.  Unfortunately, one of these is the unspoken expectation that we should be in full agreement with the Liberal/Marxist ideals that pervade our modern culture (especially here on the American west coast).  And if you aren’t necessarily in full agreement, you should certainly not speak aggressively in counter to them- especially when it has anything to do with race or any of the other more controversial topics I tend to speak on.

But nevertheless, the more vocal I became with my views, the more people within the group became upset when they found out that I was an ordained priest within that Order.  I was no longer in full agreement with what the master teacher saw as the mission of the group he was leading.  I had unintentionally become a subversive element within the group, the bulk of which consists of Liberal baby-boomer, ex-hippie types.  And through my conversations with these folks, many tend to carry the sorts of Liberal/PC ideals and beliefs you would ascribe to that particular group.  This does not exactly describe me, so it made sense that I should step away from a leadership role, which for the time being, has equated to me stepping away from any kind of role.  And while there is no “de-frocking” within the Order- i.e. I am not ex-communicated and will remain an ordained priest until my death (and beyond), I am just now sans congregation.

The really interesting thing about what has become the dominant socio-political ideology represented in the members of my ordaining Order, is that the founder of the Order, Father Paul Blighton, was known for his favoritism towards J. Edgar Hoover and owning a copy of “None Dare Call It Treason”- a book written by famous American Protestant anti-Communist author and former Council for National Policy member, John A. Stormer.  In this book, Stormer warns America about the Communist infiltration of American society, politics and culture- something that turned out to be true in a number of ways.  Jewish-American intellectual and critic, Richard Hofstadter called the book a “masterful piece of folkish propaganda.”

A man from their grandparents’ generation, Father Paul’s socio-political leanings seemed to contrast the “peace, love and social justice” baby-boomers that studied and were ordained under him.  Father Paul was bringing the essence of what had begun to manifest during the various New Thought and Occult Revival movements of the pre-World War II era that were based off a sort of infusion of Hermeticism and Eastern spirituality, to a wider, younger audience.

However, what seemed to happen in many respects is what happened to the New Age movement as a whole, which was that it got diluted with the Neo-Marxist social programming that the baby-boomer generation were the real beta-test subjects for.  Father Paul’s message appeared to become mixed with the message of Cloward and Piven and “A Course In Miracles”, creating what at times appears to be a sort of dissonance of thought and an incompatibility of ideology.  This seems to have become magnified in this new more polarized political paradigm we seem to have entered.

Of course, from the perspective of Self none of this really matters, but when it comes to doing functional work in the world of duality and manifestation that we live in, it quite often does.


The biggest areas I have found myself in disagreement with what seems to be the majority of the members of my ordaining Order has been my position on socio-political things like equality, rights, privilege, racism, multiculturalism, and the overall moral stance of the “Regressive Left”- and the belief that holding to these ideals is somehow synonymous with spiritual virtue.  My position continues to be that these ideals are little more than abstractions- fabrications that do not exist in any true form.  Not only do I contend that these ideals do not exist outside of utopian fantasy, but I argue that the constant attempt to force them to exist runs counter to the Laws of Nature and Creation whose function it is to keep all things in balance and harmony.


Social justice and the notion of “privilege” (i.e. white male privilege) have their roots in Neo-Marxist Critical Theory.  The basis of this thought is that there is a class of “oppressors” and a class of the “oppressed” (i.e. victims).  The oppressors are traditionally whites, and in particular white men and the “white male patriarchy”.  It is this group that Critical Theory describes the need to re-educate so that they do not oppress, while the “oppressed” are completely blameless and faultless.

The idea of “privilege” in Neo-Marxist theory is incompatible with the notion of karma.  Wellesley professor Peggy McIntosh- the lady who essentially defined the modern concept of “white privilege”; describes this as an “invisible package of unearned assets”.  If we understand karma, we understand that NOTHING we have in this life- good or bad- is “unearned”.  The only wrong done when it comes to “privilege” is when we don’t have gratitude for our situation.

The founder of the Order, Father Paul Blighton, when asked the question, “Why do some people seem superior to others?”; had the following response:

“We begin each incarnation where we left off in the last, and a little higher.  If the last one ended with high aspirations, with no hatred, no injustices, or cruelties, then early in this incarnation this higher development has to manifest, regardless of the station in life, the environment or outer education.  In this sense we are not all born equal, because our present life is due to a great extent to what we made it in our last incarnation.  There are those who start early in this life to overcome the bad effects of the last incarnation, and finally end this one in a much higher state than they came into it… Past experiences have become amalgamated into the reality of what we are.”

But despite this very clear position that we essentially have and get what we deserve in life, a great many members of the Order and the New Age community continue to pay lip service and attempt to give legitimacy to the concept of “white privilege” and its relation to the “oppression” of minorities.

The definition of white privilege is a direct contradiction to the law of karma and the teaching that we reap what we sow.  This notion that we do not earn what we have, good or bad, is contradictory to spiritual teaching and the notion that our lives are the result of our living prayer.  Unless we believe in an unjust universe where karmic law does not exist, how can any “privilege” carried by an individual or group of individuals be unearned or unfair?


The idea behind karma is that there is Justice in the highest, most true sense woven into the fabric of creation itself; and that it is self-regulating like the processes of the human body, as we are a microcosm of the larger processes of Nature and Creation.

Many esoteric traditions, including my own, also acknowledge the existence of freedom of choice and free will when it comes to the situations of our lives.  This not only has to do with our chosen actions or thoughts and what those will bring to us, but the idea that on the Other Side before incarnation, we have a certain amount of choice as to the experiences and tests we will be put through that are not necessarily part of any karmic debt.


Now, it is worth noting that it is known in many esoteric circles that karmic debt can be absolved in this lifetime by manners other than suffering and tribulation.  And there are even methods of lessening the karmic impact of intentions through use of proxies and patsies, most of the general public remains ignorant of these things.

And since we do reap the fruits of the thoughts and deeds we sow in this life and the previous one(s), there are no real victims in this world, only volunteers.  In the cause and effect scenarios of our day-to-day life, this rings true for every physically and mentally capable adult.  Our lives are the summation of our choices and deeds.  When we squander opportunities or make poor, lazy, or ignorant choices and act on these, we suffer and we do not thrive.  You choose whether you will work that easy, low-paying job or figure out how to be an entrepreneur.  You choose to spend your money on a new flat screen TV or a new I-phone rather than saving it, or investing it something that will benefit you and/or your family in a more long-term and meaningful way.  You choose whether you act like an  self-respecting adult or a self-absorbed child.

From a spiritual perspective, and from the teachings of my own spiritual lineage, it is argued that we ultimately choose what we will experience in this life from the perspective of Soul/Self.  Now we are not just talking about karmic baggage from past lives, but the actual gaming out of a life mission of sorts in the higher realms before incarnation.  We choose much of what we experience from the perspective of an undying Soul and Self that can never truly be harmed or destroyed.  Remember, from the perspective of the eternal Self/Soul, suffering, oppression and death don’t really matter as they have no effect on the Self, which is eternal and unchanging.

Now there are some that are somewhat uncomfortable with this hardline karmic perspective.  These are people who are easily caught up in the emotions of suffering and ask me questions such as:

Would you be comfortable telling a child who lost a parent or a person whose family member was killed through some act of brutality, or a child tormented daily by bullies that it’s their own fault that they are suffering, because they asked for it and wanted to have it happen?”

To which I reply:

No, that would serve no useful purpose except to further traumatize the child. A child cannot emotionally process and understand things in a way an adult can (although sadly a great deal of modern adults are emotionally children). That’s why we typically delay talking to children about complex issues. You teach the child how to cultivate strength and cope with these things in a healthy and productive manner so they don’t fall into a cycle of victimhood for the rest of their lives, perpetuating their own trauma.”

But I will not treat adults like children- regardless of their emotional capacities.  Adults need to understand the consequences pf their actions (or inactions) and learn to accept them, not be shielded from them.  It is this acceptance of hardness of reality and the weight our decisions truly hold, that breeds strength to rise above our shortcomings and understand just how much power we really have.

And while it is appealing to that part of ourselves that identifies with “the victim”, this Critical Theory/Social Justice belief system is just that- a belief system.  It is the low-hanging fruit that those who might seek to embody true compassion and justice can grab onto and keep company with those who care little about spiritual development and seek to do little more than lament about their own victimhood and perceived powerlessness.  This is done while seeking to take away the free will of those they see as their “oppressors”- as all social justice-inspired policies inevitably seek to do.  On the other end, those who have been indoctrinated to believe that they are part of this “oppressor class”, have the sort of “original sin” complex that you described.

Ultimately, Neo-Marxism and all of its fruits lack any sort of spiritual foundation or practice, but rather seek to change behavior through a form of human “dog-training”, while using subtle nuances, doublespeak, and schoolyard-style peer-pressure and bullying.  This has resulted in a sort of dogmatic neurosis among “believers”.

As far as my feelings surrounding oppression, I am not denying that certain forces and institutions exist, which I have discussed in depth in the past.  However, the effect they have on us is less out of our hands then we think.  And let’s be clear that I have never said anywhere that the people that run things are necessarily doing so because of “good karma” in a moral sense. They run things because they are focused and tireless in their intent and “mission”; they understand how to utilize the Law of Manifestation in a way others do not; there is not an element of their psyche that disagrees with their moral convictions or their actions- and inner unity is the key to utilizing the Law of Manifestation; and they know the value of using other people to do the real dirty work, thus skirting a good deal of moral karma and passing it onto the patsies.

We need to understand that when we’re talking about “karma”, what we’re ultimately talking about is the Law of Cause and Effect, which, like the other Laws and Principles, works on a level beyond our own limited self-interested senses of morality.


It was taught in my Order that one should not necessarily move out of sense of guilt, obligation, or pity and give money to a homeless man, as we are not privy to his karma or mission of his soul.  Rather we are encouraged to listen to the voice of Self for guidance as to how to proceed as it knows truth.

When charity is mechanized through bureaucratic processes and corrupted through special interests in both the government and many of the large philanthropic organizations, it becomes a mockery of itself.  In the case of government in particular, “charity” is typically collected in the form of taxes, which are ultimately enforced by threat of violence.  This process entirely removes the free will and communication with Self that was present in the scenario of the homeless man.

It is important to understand, as anyone who has gone from “rags to riches” will undoubtedly attest, poverty is first and foremost a state of mind.  Anyone who grew up around poor people or were poor themselves can attest to the way that poor people tend to gravitate towards material status symbols to give themselves comfort in an illusion of wealth.  Often, they will prioritize obtaining these things rather than seriously working to understand how money works and how to get themselves out of the cycle of poverty.  Now I will admit this may be considerably more difficult in places like Africa, and parts of Asia and Latin America, but in the western world, there are no excuses except your own- regardless of your race, ethnicity or gender.

For many, these things I say may come off as cold and insensitive, as I am basically stating that people have their lot in life through Divine Justice.  To some, this is reminiscent to many of the Hindu caste system where the poor were understood to be poor because of karmic debt, and therefore, they must not be helped or aided in any way.  Karma is understood to be the “effect” in the Principle of Cause and Effect.

And while I do see the poor as being poor due to the choices mad in this and previous lifetimes; I do NOT believe that this means we should under no circumstances work to help them alleviate their suffering.  We are here to help one another up Jacob’s Ladder towards human godliness.  However, I am of the school of thought that teaching a man to fish is FAR more beneficial to him and the world than simply giving him a fish.



In Zoroastrianism, the ancient Aryan religion of Persia founded by a sage from the Caucasus Mountains named Zarathustra; there exists a philosophy of “Vairya”, which translates to “Desirable Dominion”.  This comes from taking the principle of Asha, which is thinking and understanding that is in alignment with Cosmic Order and applying it to a justly governed society.  This principle was promoted by figures like the legendary Persian emperor, Cyrus the Great.

Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire, was renowned for his extraordinary humanitarianism.  Unlike most other imperial conquerors, Cyrus never plundered or had mass-executions, and would actually improve the living conditions of the subjugated populations.  His reputation proceeded him to such an extent that in some cases when Cyrus would come through, the soldiers of targeted area would lay down their arms as they knew Cyrus was going to improve their living conditions and treat them better than the despot that currently ruled.

While Cyrus the Great is often referred to as the founder of human rights, this idea becomes conflated when comparing it to our modern definition of the term.  Cyrus’ policy was very much rooted in the Zoroastrian ethos and worldview, which was essentially a demand for improvement and pressure for the human being to strive for greatness and even godliness.  This idea contrasts the modern notion that you are entitled certain things regardless of the effort one puts into self-improvement and service- i.e. you “get” without having to “give”.  When Cyrus worked to better the lives of the peoples he conquered, it was with the understanding that he was giving these people the tools to help embody the principle of “Spenta Mainyu” in themselves.

Spenta Mainyu” in Zoroastrianism is said to be the main essence of their primary deity, Ahura Mazda (whose name translates to ‘Titan of Wisdom’) and is represented by the eternal flame.  This flame is understood to be Promethean in nature and is the fire of innovation and the creative principle.  Zoroastrian practitioners seek to embody this Spenta Mainyu through the conscientious free choice to champion the progressive advancement of cosmically-aligned wisdom and knowledge on the Earth.  This philosophy is ultimately about taking personal responsibility for the ascension of humanity and giving humans the tools they need to do that.

The idea here is that we look to “raise up” others by giving them the tools they need to raise up themselves, as there is an obligation to cultivate this consciousness of Spenta Mainyu and create the utopia of the Desirable Dominion where we have a society of sages dedicated to living according to Natural Law Principles.  Again, this idea is completely removed from the modern conversation around rights and welfare, where people are “owed” without the obligation to contribute anything more than finance through taxation.

There was also the understanding that the justly governed empire was akin to a walled garden, and required “weeding”, i.e. the removable of incompatible or subversive elements that were incongruent to the values espoused by Spenta Mainyu and Its Six Rays which were Cosmic Order, Best Thinking, Desirable Dominion, Wholeness, Ever-Deepening Serenity, and Vitality.  In other words, there was only a “right” to live within the Desirable Dominion if you lived in accordance with its Principles- you do not have “rights” to the fruits of the Dominion simply because you exist.  While it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom, we do not just get it bestowed upon us without some amount of effort and striving on our part.


This desire for equity of chance and equality of outcome stems from the desire to be rid of the Natural Law Principle of Cause and Effect that seems to cause man so much discomfort.  This Principle works to assure stability, order and Ultimate Justice in the Kosmos.  It is also a driving force behind life, death, and the forces of Nature that man has so long attempted to shield himself from to an ever-greater degree.

While it can’t be denied that the ability to ensure steady supply of food, shelter and overall social stability has allowed man to not only survive, but thrive; it is also hard to deny honestly that this natural inclination has led to a sort of neurosis in “civilized” humanity to shield itself from certain processes of nature that it perceives threatens not only the existence of their physical bodies, but the things that it is attached to.

These attachments are those possessions, institutions and beliefs that the various segments of the human population believe is a part of itself.  The natural processes that threaten these attachments and institutions include death, disease, famine, weather and natural disasters, as well as the more basic primal and tribal nature of man’s own being.

However, humanity, particularly those of us in the west it seems, wish to ultimately shield ourselves from the consequences of our own choices and actions.  This desire to remain unaccountable can be found at the upper echelons of government and corporate institutions, all the way down the individual who is on homeless or state assistance, and everywhere in between to varying degrees.

It is the perspective of these “lower castes” that the ideologies of both Marxism AND Judeo-Christianity seeks to appeal to.  This victim theology and slave morality has been used for centuries to create a world of people who are little more than physically mature children- emotional, entitled, self-centered and disconnected from the Laws of Nature.

We must counter this impulse towards our lower nature by moving in the opposite direction towards institution of a natural aristocracy.  Here we seek to become the greatest version of ourselves we can be, while seeking to raise up our brothers and sisters in our spheres of association and influence.  I believe EVERYONE is capable of this in some form or fashion.

In the end, having a world where we are all striving to be as warriors, sages and priest kings (or queens) is going to be a far more positive and productive one than a world where our only aspirations are to be taken care of like children and to make sure we ‘get what we deserve’- because we already do.


Namaste and God Bless.

“I recognize the manifestation of undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life”

– from the Qabalistic Tarot affirmation prayer, ‘This is Truth about the Self’


“So far, about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.”

― Ernest Hemingway, “Death in the Afternoon”

Right Versus Wrong

The concept of morality and the idea of what is “right” and what is “wrong” have been the subject of hours of rigorous debate and volumes of religious, philosophical and legal text.  Generally, these ideas of morality tend to vary from culture to culture, and oftentimes the variance is quite pronounced.

From The Code of Hammurabi, to The Ten Commandments, to The Nine Noble Virtues, to the Koran, to the writings of Confucius, to the writings of Plato, to the Magna Carta, to the U.S. Constitution, this notion of the “law” of right and wrong has been a part of human society for millennia.

For a long time here in the West, there were generally codes of morality that were culturally ingrained in those of European descent over many generations.  Even in the “colonies”, while some variance existed, particularly here in the United States with our unique culture of freedom that made us somewhat different from the “Old World”, we still shared much of the same basic values that were inherent to the rest of Europe.  These were values that were not just the product of European Christendom, but were rooted in Europe’s ancient pagan past as well.

The spread of Western culture (or at least a shadow version of it) across the world through colonialism, imperialism, global corporate consumerism, Hollywood, and the spread of “democracy” led to a misleading feedback loop.  Over time and generations, this feedback loop caused the inhabitants of the West, particularly those of European descent, to believe that most people, regardless of culture or ethnicity, held the same basic fundamental values of “right” and “wrong” that they did.

However, as mass migration begins to change the demographics of the West, people of European descent are quickly beginning to realize that this is definitely NOT the case.  The peoples of the non-Western nations in many cases have radically codes of morality than those subscribed to by men and women of European descent.  This has in many cases created a power-struggle between competing and by a large degree of measure, incompatible cultural ideologies.

Meanwhile, the traditional values and morals of the West have slowly begun to shift and break down with the rise of Modernist and Postmodernist philosophy and Cultural Marxism.  This has led to an internal struggle, as solipsism and  moral relativism along with an air of resentful hostility towards what had been the traditional values until the various “cultural revolutions” slowly gained steam through academia and the media.

These revolutions were/are concerned with creating a sort of utopia of equality for the disenfranchised, while at the same time demoting the “oppressor class” (middle-to-upper income white males) by taking over and tearing down “his” institutions.  In summation, the political Left has sought to tear down “racist and intolerant” traditionalism, and completely invert the old social norms, with the hopes of creating a sort of politically correct hedonist commune.

On the opposite side of all of this, there is a hardline movement on what would be considered the political Right that is arguably just as morally relativistic.  Following the writings and philosophies of men like Frederich Nietzsche, Ragnar Redbeard, and Adolf Hitler, there is what could be described as the “Might is Right” movement taking place on the Right in reaction to what is seen as a culture of weakness and victimhood being promoted by the Left.  This movement promotes a sort of “hyper-masculinity” and applies a “survival of the fittest” philosophy to human affairs, stating that attempts to artificially create across-the-board “equality” in human (specifically Western) society is an aberration of nature and fundamentally impossible.

The Might is Right movement scowls at Cultural Marxism’s attempt to create a rule of the disenfranchised.  They see the disenfranchised as life’s losers, who “lost” because they are weak- mentally, physically and/or emotionally.  They do not believe that the weak “shall inherit the Earth”, but rather that the weak should either serve the strong or get out of their way- lest they be crushed.

So all that being said, is there any sort of “universal” code of morality that supersedes the inconsistencies and incongruities between the philosophies and ideologies of different races, ethnicities and cultures?

Many might point to the law of government as being that universal code.  After all, we are taught from the time we are very young that the “law-abiding citizen” is the paragon of moral virtue.  However, the problem with government law is that it is not universal or consistent, and oftentimes will even contradict itself.  A terrorist in one nation is a hero in another.  Similarly, many of those seen as “patriots” and “revolutionaries” were at one time seen as criminals.

Law is not a constant standard either.  What was once illegal and therefore “wrong”, can be made legal and thereby “morally acceptable” with a few strokes of a pen, as was the case with alcohol prohibition in the U.S.  Even the legal documents that are meant to provide the rule of law for a nation (i.e. the U.S. Constitution) will have loopholes and inconsistencies that allow the laws contained within to be interpreted so broadly and loosely that the become essentially meaningless.

So if the “law of the land” is completely subjective and the cultural definitions of morality vary from people to people to such an order of magnitude, can we thereby assume that there is no such thing as a universal definition of right and wrong?  Absolutely not.

A while back I said that spiritual growth and development is THE point of human existence here on Earth.  Period.  Now the specifics of what that looks like or what that entails will inevitably vary, but that simple fact remains- we are here to evolve as spiritual beings while in a physical form.

This brings us to our question of what is right and wrong, and the answer is really simple:

What is right is whatever accelerates spiritual growth and development.  What is wrong is whatever retards spiritual growth and development.

Now that may seem pretty vague and nebulous to some folks, so let me explain.

Spiritual growth and development is achieved by strengthening and expanding the capacity of the Mind, Heart and Will (action) centers of our being while developing a relationship with the God-Self within- our internal Sun; with the goal of eventually transcending the limitations of physical matter.  This can be done in a variety of ways and the paths to spiritual attainment are as numerous as there are people on this Earth.

On this Earth there are certain Laws that exist and function on all levels of existence.  These are things like the Law of Manifestation and the Law of Cause and Effect, i.e. “Karma”.  They are also the various Principles of the Natural World that govern how our bodies (physical body, mental body, emotional body, psychic body, spiritual body, etc.) function.  It is through properly understanding and properly utilizing these Laws and Principles that allows us to function optimally, enabling us to grow and evolve as beings.

And just as there are numerous methods for achieving and accelerating spiritual growth and development, there are even more ways to slow it down.  This is where moral relativism and cultural differences on morality become neutralized.

It does not matter if you live in a culture where rape and torture is seen as acceptable in some capacity or another.  When you violate the free will of another being, negative Karmic ramifications will come back on you individually and the tribe collectively.  These consequences will serve to ultimately slow down spiritual growth and development.  It doesn’t matter if you believe you were right or not.  It does not matter if it was in some “holy book” or whether you were ordered to do it by whatever authority you serve.  You will reap what you sow.

Now are there ways around feeling the direct effects of Karma?  Sure.  One of the most tried-and-true ways has always been getting others to do your dirty work for you.  The unquestioning soldier (soul-die-r) who perpetrates atrocities for the aims of a greedy politician or oil baron will bear the brunt of the Karmic repercussions for his deeds, allowing his “owners” to remain somewhat (although never completely) unscathed by the Law.  Ignorance and erroneous beliefs of “righteousness” are not excuses for grown men and women to violate the free will of others and impede on their spiritual growth and development.

Likewise, when we do not take proper care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically and spiritually, we will inevitably experience setbacks in spiritual growth and development.  In order for full attainment to be achieved, all systems need to be running at 100%.  This cannot happen if we are doing damage to ourselves on some level or other.  Again, ignorance and erroneous beliefs do not pardon us from the consequences of our actions.  Neither do fear, laziness, or any other number of excuses our mind can orchestrate.

But the good news is that Karma and the Law are so just that we cannot do anything that truly aids in our spiritual growth and development while impeding on the spiritual growth and development of another.  So if we are truly doing what we know in our heart and our gut (as opposed to believe with our mind) to be what is necessary for this process within ourselves, we do not need to worry about harming another and reaping the repercussions of Karma.  And if we are truly doing what we know in our heart to be necessary for spiritual growth and development, we will most certainly not harm ourselves.


Another thing to take into account is the fact that the arena where the opportunity spiritual growth and development takes place is primarily in the physical world.  This being the case, the physical body typically needs to be alive in order for this to happen.  Thus, it is necessary we defend ourselves as well as whatever sort of spiritual lineage we may have in the form of family and tribe whom we have passed a bit of our-Self onto, or whom may have passed a bit of them-Self to us.  That being said, we need to have the discipline and control to defend without letting the impulse for sadism take over.

And while we typically want to defend our lives, sacrificing ourselves to save the lives of family and tribe can certainly reap rewards of further attainment if done for the right reasons.  The heroic honor of laying down one’s life for one’s brother in a noble fashion will be rewarded in the Halls of Valhalla.

We can also begin the practice of making “little sacrifices” in one form or another, to help ease someone’s suffering and lessen their burden.  Likewise we can make sacrifices of things in our lives that do not serve us.  Sacrifice “frees up space” and allows room for greater spiritual growth and development.

What it all comes down to is connection.  What is it that makes us feel more connected to Spirit and what makes us feel disconnected?  What makes us feel alive and full of Light and Love, and what makes us feel hollow and dead inside?  What makes us feel free and open, and what makes us feel constricted and closed off?  Hint: fear and resentment will create a sensation of being constricted.

At the end of the day, your heart and your gut know what it is you need to do, what is a waste of your time, and what is doing damage to yourself.  On the deepest level, you know what is causing you harm and what is just distracting you from where you need to focus your attention in order to strengthen your multiple bodies and accelerate your spiritual growth and development.

Doing what needs to be done to aid and accelerate our spiritual growth and development is a choice; and it is a choice we make moment by moment.  There is not a decision you make that is inconsequential, although it may seem like it at the time.  The price of true freedom is eternal vigilance.

But if you don’t want to do what you need to do to align yourself and would rather watch TV; or if you want to believe that you don’t have the time or the energy; or that the odds are just too stacked against you; or if you just don’t care, that’s fine too.

But if you do strive for the highest form of strength and excellence, and want to bring others up with you, I wish you well on the path of the true Übermensch; the new god-man; the man “who has organized the chaos of his passions, given style to his character, and become creative.  Aware of life’s terrors, he affirms life without resentment”

Namaste and God Bless.

ROOT OF EVIL (part 1)

“Jesus pulled out the root of the whole place while others did it only partially. As for us, let each one dig down after the root of evil that is within us and pluck it out of our heart from the root. It will be uprooted if we recognize it. But if we are ignorant of it, it takes root in us and produces fruit in our heart. It masters us. We are its slaves. It takes us captive to make us do what we do not want; and what we do want we do not do. It is powerful because we have not recognized it.”

– Gospel of Philip: “Root of Evil”


Some might say that “evil” only exists in the individual perceptions of humans, and what is seen as evil is only a construct of belief and preference; i.e., “what is evil to you, may not be evil to me”. Some people think being gay is “evil”. Some people think sex in general is “evil”. Some people talk about the “lesser of two evils”, which works itself in with the Machiavellian perspective that tends to dominate foreign and domestic politics: “the ends justify the means” for what is labeled as the “greater good”. A major marker of “evil” in society is not following the rules, i.e. “breaking the law”. But if what is illegal in one nation is legal in another, how can that actually be any sort of marker for a true universal concept of evil?

Let’s look at what Webster’s says evil is: Evil (noun and verb): Morally bad; causing harm or injury to someone; morally reprehensible, i.e. sinful, wicked- an evil impulse.

Now let’s get down to this notion of “morally bad”. It is the opinion of many nowadays, and pop-culture certainly reflects this, that morality is simply the imposing of outdated cultural and institutional belief structures on people so they would behave in a desired manner. This is true, and it is also not true. This is the sort of confusion that occurs when people attempt to super-impose ego-based beliefs on what is the Natural Law of the universe- Law with a capital “L”. Not the codes and statutes of a state; not common law; not the laws of religious doctrine; not even the law of gravity.


We are talking about the inherent Laws that govern Creation and manifestation; things like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Karma, the Golden Rule (“do unto others”), and the Hermetic Principles (see Truth, Ignorance and the Law posting). We are talking about the governing principles of Light, Life and Love that are expressed through ultimate Truth, and that when fully realized produces sovereignty and freedom in a being and produces harmony, balance and peace in the manifested world. Natural Law is the innate set of rules that are written into the very fabric of Creation by the Creator Itself.


So if we look at true morality and “goodness” as being what is in harmony with Light, Life, and Love, then evil, in contrast, would be something that is not in harmony with these principles. Where the Christ impulse seeks to bring balance and harmony, evil seeks imbalance and strife; it is Anti-Christ. It manifests itself as fear, resentment, ignorance, confusion, chaos and control. All these people who are looking for the Antichrist need only look at the systems, institutions and beliefs that seem to dominate our world.


When I was ordained, it was made very clear to me that the free will of an individual was a sacred thing: a Natural Law principle that should never be violated. Yet we see violations of the free will of individuals in our world all the time, and it is often touted as a good thing, with ends justify the means for the greater good reasoning. I dare say that whether government sanctioned or not, murder, theft, abuse of power, predatory manipulation and use of aggressive force and coercion would be considered evils, as they inevitably violate the free will of the individual, which in turn violates the Laws of Nature and Creation.


One of my biggest criticisms of the modern New Age movement is that it seems to want to pretend that evil doesn’t exist. I’m not talking about the actual New Age that is written in the stars and being born through us, but rather the New Age business brand of cult-like, airy-fairy, feel-good, ego-based fluff that’s all about manifesting new cars and channeling space aliens. If it’s seen as “negative”, they don’t want to hear about it, out of fear of “making it real”. Sadly, though, ego-driven perception does not equate to actual truth or actual reality. The unbalancing potential of evil does exist in the world, it exists within us, and it expresses itself in a variety of different ways.


When I started on my conscious spiritual path some 13 plus years ago, I was full of ego-driven delusions of how great I was that I had found this path, that I was going to propel MY-self to the next level, and that I was going to overcome all these little defects of character that I felt were holding ME back. It was kinda all about me, really. I was cruising along, makin’ things happen, goin’ back to school, then, WHAM! I found out I had an addiction that I didn’t even know existed and it seemed to stop me dead in my tracks. It turned out the spiritual work I had been doing was only skimming the surface, and I had A LOT deeper I needed to go still. I thought I had it all figured out, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

For the next several years, there were times when I felt like I was literally in the pits of hell; that I had made the descent there was no coming back from. I went to places within myself I didn’t know existed. I was delusional, self-serving, self-hating, lying, and manipulative, and I wanted nothing more than to escape from the realities of this world. And regardless of who I hurt emotionally, there was always more than enough justification as to why I was right, or how the wrongdoing lay in their perception somehow. But the real hard truth was that I had been behaving in a similar manner my whole life and I hadn’t even realized it.


I had been ignorant of the true nature of the monster in the basement of my psyche. The monster I had made through my own self-loathing. I was ignorant that most of the beliefs I had about myself and others were lies. My willful ignore-ance of my own imbalances and illusions allowed a sickness to take root and produce cancerous fruit in my heart. I was the slave of my addiction because I did not and would not see it for what it was.

The Gospel of Philip states that evil “takes us captive to make us do what we do not want; and what we do want, we do not do.”, and that “It is powerful because we have not recognized it.”


Some Native Americans saw evil as a disease of the psyche and spirit. They called this disease, Weitiko. This disease of evil in its varying degrees fosters a self-destructive tendency in humanity that is unlike any other species on this planet. Internally, the evils within us can take hold of us and are allowed to flourish due to our oftentimes-willful ignorance of it or our refusal to believe that it exists. Or if we know it exists, we allow ourselves to be controlled by it. The exact same principle can be applied to the external world, as it is a reflection of the world within us individually and collectively.


The mass of humanity has been hypnotized and taken captive by a powerful evil that many people refuse to acknowledge even exists. It is very old and uses the mechanisms of economic, corporate, governmental, academic, scientific, religious and social institutions to perpetuate itself. There are definitely those who could be seen as “most to blame” for this in one sense, as they consciously use and closely serve it. But this could not happen were it not for the mass of humanity who, on some level, has agreed to ignore some aspect of the evil and allow it to persist and grow.314063_10151126353311383_1805967352_n

It is the mass of humanity who has bought into evil, choosing to benefit from it in some way for the satisfaction of the ego. It is the mass of humanity who has chosen to shrug off true responsibility for the maintenance of themselves and our world, choosing to focus on childish and trivial things. It is the mass of humanity that chooses to believe in and perpetuate self-loathing and self-hatred. This has allowed the evil to manifest outwardly into what has become an increasingly concentrated form, causing unimaginable suffering in our fellow man, and all of Earth’s children.

The “evils” of this world can best be likened to the archetype of the vampire that has not surprisingly become so popularized and romanticized in the media these days. It thrives in darkness and can only enter your home if you invite it in, and once it is there, it will bleed you of everything; physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychically. This vampiric force is embodied in its most concentrated form through the elite ruling class that is in control of finance, media, government, etc. Most overtly, the “food” for these financial elites is currency and the debt slavery imposed on populations through usury (lending at interest), taxation, and other forms of fraudulent financial activity and thievery. Currency is a representation of the “current” that allows things to move and operate; i.e. economic activity. However, the vampirism goes deeper than that.goldstein3

It is no coincidence that major military contractors like Halliburton whose primary shareholders are these financial elites, have been caught running sex-trafficking rings. It is no coincidence that investigation into the pedophilia scandal that has involved many in the highest offices of the UK government has been halted due to “national security concerns. This force, through these men (and women) preys on innocence and purity, feeding off the fear and the vital life force of humanity. A form of power or energy is given off through the sexual degradation, torture, and slaughter of a person that this force will feed upon.

This is why the vampire is being made to be “cool” through the media in shows like “True Blood” and “Vampire Diaries”, and films like “Twilight”. It is to implant the archetype into our conscious mind in a way that it is seen as “sexy” to be preyed upon, as well as to prey upon others. We are then being encouraged to become “vampires” ourselves, perpetuating the cycle of psychic vampirism (feeding consciously or unconsciously on the mental and emotional energy of others) .


But again we need to LET THEM IN first. If we do not let them into our psyche, meaning we understand their methods and do not buy into the various forms of propaganda and belief systems attempting to be sold to us, they will not be able to make the inroads needed to morally corrupt us. We do this by recognizing this “evil” and practicing discernment with what we take into ourselves. We learn how to protect ourselves from it externally and by getting in touch with our “Guiding Light”- our Inner Sun, we are protected internally. For the vampire cannot stand the Light of the Sun/Son, and will evaporate to nothingness in His presence. When we shine a light on evil, we diminish it, because when we see it for what it is and we realize it has no true power- only the power that WE give it. When we truly let our Inner Light shine, the “vampires” of this world have no power over us.