“Today’s liberal intellectuals, who pride themselves on scientific method and being ‘broadminded’, are the most narrow-minded, self-righteous and hate-filled bigots in the history of humanity. No primitive tribe worshipping with its witch-doctor was ever more vicious in its hatred and suppression of heretics than today’s Marxist intellectuals, anti-racists and liberals.”

I feel the notion of superiority is as inherently flawed as the notion of equality.

Superior in what way?

I do however recognize that there are differences between races and ethnicities. As far as discrimination, what that word actually means is to recognize a difference between things and make a choice of preference.

We discriminate all the time.

I don’t feel it is morally wrong for people to prefer to be around or even do business with certain people over others.

I also make no moral distinction about what it is about said group that causes the individual not to want to associate with them. Once you do that, you completely delegitimize any talk of freedom or civil rights you want to inject into the argument.

Personally, I don’t have any issue with associating with anyone just because of what group they are apart of- but I also don’t have an issue with people who do take issue with those things; I don’t feel that they are being immoral or inhuman because of them wanting to live a certain way.

It is being consistent with the belief in the sovereignty of peoples.

Unless you are actively calling for ACTUAL violence against a person or group based simply on race/ethnicity, you should not be labeled some sort of criminal.

But because I feel this way; because I will morally defend certain ideas as being at worst, no worse than any others deemed as “acceptable“; I am some sort of traitor in the eyes of a modernity that has sought to snuff out certain ideas it sees as dangerous to itself.

At the end of the day, the “anti-racists” that see racism everywhere and dedicate their lives to “fighting” racism ultimately create the problem. When one issue of racism in society seems to be resolved, something else becomes “racist”.

The ever-expanding list of “microaggressions” has led to an ever-expanding definition of what racism is, an hence, what it means to be “racist”.

When you’re a hammer, everything becomes a nail, and that is what the antiracists do. In truth, they NEED to keep finding new places for racism to exist, otherwise they are completely rooted in empty vapid materialism with no sense of higher purpose; something humans are hard-wired for.

We need it.

Anti-racism is their religion.

But it’s not mine.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


BLOOD, BOND, & SOIL: Responsibilities of Incarnation

“I cannot defend my family, if everybody is my family.  I cannot help my brother, if everybody is my brother.”

  • Justin “Master Chim” Garcia


In times past, charity and service first towards one’s family, and then extended outwards to their fellowship/tribe, their community, their folk and their nation, was seen as virtuous and selfless.  Now, it is seen as virtuous for us (particularly those of European descent) to give our energy and resources to peoples that are as far from being like us or connected to us, as possible.  At the same time we are indoctrinated with the belief that if those we are “looking out” for are organically connected to us or anything like us at all, we are practicing selfishness, xenophobia and racism.

This is what happens when we allow virtue to be governed purely by emotion.  Emotions are easily manipulated.

This is what happens when strong societies become weak through degnerate decadence and internal resentments.

When we incarnate, our “mission” is to unlock the full potential of this version of ourselves.  In order to achieve this, we seek to amplify the strengths of both the physical and psychic (mental, emotional, etc.) bodies and the genetic and metagenetic factors unique to us and this incarnation and the land and people that includes within our sphere of influence.

One of these strengths would be the strength gained through being in integrity with ourselves and those we have given some sort of oath of service and alliance with (spoken or unspoken).  Outside of some sort of emotional schism or trauma, we will naturally seek to help those we are personally connected to.

If some sort of trauma has taken place, however, these traumas and the resulting beliefs and habits created, can essentially serve as “light blockers”- things that interfere with the natural expression of Self and soul.  These things that obfuscate, dim, or block the natural expression of light come from a variety of places- family, friends, teachers/education system, the mass media, the mass mind…  They create schisms between and resentment towards family, friends, communities, nations, races (outwardly and inwardly), and even nature itself.

Resentments towards our family, tribe, race, etc. are things that need to be worked through and transmuted for us to be functional, as resentment is psycho-spiritual poison.


We function best when we follow deep nature.  And man’s deep nature is that of a living, breathing, speaking, and miniature sun.  The Self which physically resides in the solar plexus, acts as our internal sun, and is who we truly are.  And like the sun, our light, warmth and heat (of ALL kinds) naturally extends outwards, with the most warmth and light given the closer in proximity it is.

Extending outward from body and Self, we have the outward extending natural feelings of closeness and sense of responsibility of immediate family, tribe, community, nation and/or folk.  This is part of the function of incarnation.  And to be functional, we give of ourselves proportionately according to whom is closest the incarnated sun that each human is.

These people and our relationships with them, become our personal “solar system”, with which we are charged with maintaining and strengthening the bonds within as much as we are capable (and they are willing).

Through right action in our localized spheres, we extend goodness to the entirety of humanity and the Earth.  But when we start deviating from that natural hierarchy of responsibilities, we become dysfunctional in our priorities.  This epidemic of misplaced and dysfunctional altruism coupled with internal resentment of things like family, nation and race (with white people in particular) has become a great bane on western society.

We are giving housing and resources to people coming from other lands, who have no loyalties to us.  Meanwhile there are those in our own community, in our own nation, maybe even in our own family, who are sick, hungry, homeless, and in physical danger.


This is not functional.  This is not virtuous.

Most of us need to be honest with ourselves and admit that we primarily feel compelled to help the unknown and unseen foreigner due to our emotions, rather than due to some “higher calling“.  We see the pictures and videos.  We read the stories.  We respond to them.  We believe them.  And if the story/image is potent enough, we can become traumatized by them (even if we may not realize it).  We get an inevitable emotional reaction because in that moment we are imagining somehow, some way, we are there.  Maybe we even see ourselves as them.

This is the magic of empathy.  This is also the danger of it.

If we don’t know how, or we find ourselves unable to transmute these emotions, we can become stuck in reaction/trauma mind.  Thus any resulting “altruism” becomes tainted by unbalanced, reactionary, selfish and self-seeking motivates.  Immature emotionally and spiritually, the average mainline Christian or the secular “white savior” really just wants to stop the pain these unresolved feelings of empathy creates.  This scramble to soothe the pain, overrides logical processes such as seriously thinking of the long-term effects of what he or she is getting behind, or whether there is a better, more functional outlet for their compassion.

These people are virtuous because they care about someone other than themselves- but I would argue that their compassion, and perhaps more importantly, the energy and resources inspired by that compassion, is quite often misplaced.

This unresolved story-driven emotional empathy can become toxic and lead to toxic emotions like resentment.  Many well-meaning “white allies” of causes/organizations like “Black Lives Matter” often tend to “share in the struggle” with these groups in a mental and emotional sense.  This emotion-driven empathy, more often than not, seems to extend to resentment towards those the “disadvantaged” would say caused them to be so.  This sort of resentment has caused much social conflict and societal damage in the post-WWII western world.

This is why it is important for us to be grounded in function and know and understand our connections of blood, bond and soil.  This way we are not led and bled as individuals and as societies, by the fickle, easily-manipulated, and often quite self-serving pull of the emotions.

We are ALL part of The ONE- but that ONE expresses itself in localized groups and individuations.  We need to work within the framework set for us, rather than do what “makes us feel good” because we can.  Conscious “free will” means that we have the power to choose to go against Natural Law- but that doesn’t mean we should.

Yes, we can and should keep the elevation of ALL of humanity as a focus in our thoughts, deeds, and prayers.  But when we work in the world of time and space, our capabilities are going to inherently be limited.  We can’t help every individual everywhere in a direct manner- and that’s okay, because we don’t need to.  We just need to worry about keeping our side of the street in order and lead humanity by example.

There is a bumper sticker saying that goes “Think globally.  Act Locally“.  As best as my finite mind can comprehend the evolutionary process of the entirety of humanity, I hope to contribute to it in a positive manner.  And the way I primarily work is through service those I am bound to, who in turn, work to those they are bound to, and the love created by that web extends outwards to the entirety of humanity, in one way or another.

Through deeply loving one person, you love all people as that love will inevitably radiate out to all it comes in contact with; unless their hearts are closed to it.

And just because one loves and seeks to take care of their tribe first, this does NOT automatically mean hate or wish to subjugate, oppress, and genocide others.  This is a belief founded on what is just bad history; Marxist Hollywood spectacle history.

I want to see you and yours (whoever that may be), be the greatest and highest potential incarnations of your-Self and your tribe that you all can be.

Honor and serve blood, bond and soil.


Namaste and WRA-ALDA’s Blessings.



“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

  • John 1:1


The above verse from the most “mystical” of the canonical New Testament describes the universe being “spoken” into existence.  The concept of the cosmic sound or “Word” has its western roots (as far as we know) in the Neoplatonic concept of the “Logos” that originated out of the Greek world.  However, this also has a counterpart in the Hindu concept of the “Aum”- the symbol and sound of creation that is also a popular design for t-shirts, jewelry and tattoos…

Human beings have long understood the power of the spoken word and the power it had.  The old Bards and Druids were trained to memorize and relay the oral wisdom of their people.  The power of the clear, focused spoken word in song, poetry, prayer or incantation can stir and move not only the passions, but the forces of Nature Herself.  This is the essence of the Word, and the ability of Man to use this powerful force of Creation.

However, these ancient peoples also understood that the Sacred Word, was a tool, and as such was essentially amoral, meaning that could also be used for good as well as “evil”.  The dreaded “curse” was the name typically ascribed to this use of the Word.  But the thing about the curse is that it didn’t really work unless the parties involved believed in its power, which is typically the case with most “lower” forms of magick- they need an “in”.  In other words, the person’s psyche had to be vulnerable to the words and the energy behind them (or at least what they perceived as the energy behind them).

Today, we have an epidemic where multitudes of people with very vulnerable psyches are cursing themselves by seeing curses in every other word they hear or read.  This is the era of “safe spaces”, “triggers”, and “hate speech”.  Like a modern day version of the Salem Witch Trials, we have people being blacklisted, losing their jobs, and in some countries, even jailed over cries of “Hate Speech!” from the accursed.

The Word spoken aloud has a degree of power and reverberates throughout the cosmos into eternity.  But the “word” symbolized in text either on paper has no such power by itself, and cannot even be considered the Word.  Paper can be burned, text on a screen can be deleted, and in both cases, these symbols of words will rarely ever see light as the true “Word” and have no real power.  That is because the true Word is at its core, a living SOUND vibration.  This means letters and sentences on a page or a screen DO NOT have power to hurt you at all- only YOU have that power…


The Word and “words” are not really the same thing.  The Word has sound, intent, direction and purpose.  However, the “words” most people type or even speak on a daily basis, are often little more than mundane jabber or inconsequential babble that just serves to entertain the typer/speaker- it has no innate power of its own, to do anything to anyone but the person typing/speaking them.

There is an old playground saying that goes: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

It has now become fashionable to say this is not true, pointing to how someone else’s words can emotionally traumatize, which is true… if you let them.  If YOU let them…

Don’t seek to be protected from words.  Seek to make yourself impervious to the curse while seeking to empower YOUR Word by speaking with truth, strength, honor, integrity and love.

Namaste and God Bless.





“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

  • Galatians 6:7

“The Law of Karma is also called the Law of Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction and ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’.”

  • Sham Hinduja

Agriculture concept, wheat in hands and green field


A lot of people get offended by the views and opinions I express here, as well as those I express across various social media platforms.  This has led to numerous online debates and conflicts with not only your typical ANTIFA and SJW-type folks, but with folks within my own Esoteric/Gnostic Christian Order.  The increasing controversy surrounding the various positions I espouse to has ultimately culminated in my being discharged from the position of service I held in the spiritual community I was a part of.  This dismissal was at the behest of the master teacher, who requested I no longer serve in the sanctuary, although still welcomed me to attend services and classes as a congregant.

In hindsight, I could see this split coming from a mile away, even though it still hit me pretty hard when he requested I step down.  And while my sermons were typically pretty tame and more esoteric/universalist in nature (although I did incorporate Nietzsche into a sermon once), it was what I was saying outside Sunday services that was often running counter to what the rest of the group went with.  This was creating conflict with multiple members of the group who could not reconcile how someone who said the things I said could also be a priest in the Order.

There are certain expectations many people have for spiritual leaders in New Age-type circles.  Unfortunately, one of these is the unspoken expectation that we should be in full agreement with the Liberal/Marxist ideals that pervade our modern culture (especially here on the American west coast).  And if you aren’t necessarily in full agreement, you should certainly not speak aggressively in counter to them- especially when it has anything to do with race or any of the other more controversial topics I tend to speak on.

But nevertheless, the more vocal I became with my views, the more people within the group became upset when they found out that I was an ordained priest within that Order.  I was no longer in full agreement with what the master teacher saw as the mission of the group he was leading.  I had unintentionally become a subversive element within the group, the bulk of which consists of Liberal baby-boomer, ex-hippie types.  And through my conversations with these folks, many tend to carry the sorts of Liberal/PC ideals and beliefs you would ascribe to that particular group.  This does not exactly describe me, so it made sense that I should step away from a leadership role, which for the time being, has equated to me stepping away from any kind of role.  And while there is no “de-frocking” within the Order- i.e. I am not ex-communicated and will remain an ordained priest until my death (and beyond), I am just now sans congregation.

The really interesting thing about what has become the dominant socio-political ideology represented in the members of my ordaining Order, is that the founder of the Order, Father Paul Blighton, was known for his favoritism towards J. Edgar Hoover and owning a copy of “None Dare Call It Treason”- a book written by famous American Protestant anti-Communist author and former Council for National Policy member, John A. Stormer.  In this book, Stormer warns America about the Communist infiltration of American society, politics and culture- something that turned out to be true in a number of ways.  Jewish-American intellectual and critic, Richard Hofstadter called the book a “masterful piece of folkish propaganda.”

A man from their grandparents’ generation, Father Paul’s socio-political leanings seemed to contrast the “peace, love and social justice” baby-boomers that studied and were ordained under him.  Father Paul was bringing the essence of what had begun to manifest during the various New Thought and Occult Revival movements of the pre-World War II era that were based off a sort of infusion of Hermeticism and Eastern spirituality, to a wider, younger audience.

However, what seemed to happen in many respects is what happened to the New Age movement as a whole, which was that it got diluted with the Neo-Marxist social programming that the baby-boomer generation were the real beta-test subjects for.  Father Paul’s message appeared to become mixed with the message of Cloward and Piven and “A Course In Miracles”, creating what at times appears to be a sort of dissonance of thought and an incompatibility of ideology.  This seems to have become magnified in this new more polarized political paradigm we seem to have entered.

Of course, from the perspective of Self none of this really matters, but when it comes to doing functional work in the world of duality and manifestation that we live in, it quite often does.


The biggest areas I have found myself in disagreement with what seems to be the majority of the members of my ordaining Order has been my position on socio-political things like equality, rights, privilege, racism, multiculturalism, and the overall moral stance of the “Regressive Left”- and the belief that holding to these ideals is somehow synonymous with spiritual virtue.  My position continues to be that these ideals are little more than abstractions- fabrications that do not exist in any true form.  Not only do I contend that these ideals do not exist outside of utopian fantasy, but I argue that the constant attempt to force them to exist runs counter to the Laws of Nature and Creation whose function it is to keep all things in balance and harmony.


Social justice and the notion of “privilege” (i.e. white male privilege) have their roots in Neo-Marxist Critical Theory.  The basis of this thought is that there is a class of “oppressors” and a class of the “oppressed” (i.e. victims).  The oppressors are traditionally whites, and in particular white men and the “white male patriarchy”.  It is this group that Critical Theory describes the need to re-educate so that they do not oppress, while the “oppressed” are completely blameless and faultless.

The idea of “privilege” in Neo-Marxist theory is incompatible with the notion of karma.  Wellesley professor Peggy McIntosh- the lady who essentially defined the modern concept of “white privilege”; describes this as an “invisible package of unearned assets”.  If we understand karma, we understand that NOTHING we have in this life- good or bad- is “unearned”.  The only wrong done when it comes to “privilege” is when we don’t have gratitude for our situation.

The founder of the Order, Father Paul Blighton, when asked the question, “Why do some people seem superior to others?”; had the following response:

“We begin each incarnation where we left off in the last, and a little higher.  If the last one ended with high aspirations, with no hatred, no injustices, or cruelties, then early in this incarnation this higher development has to manifest, regardless of the station in life, the environment or outer education.  In this sense we are not all born equal, because our present life is due to a great extent to what we made it in our last incarnation.  There are those who start early in this life to overcome the bad effects of the last incarnation, and finally end this one in a much higher state than they came into it… Past experiences have become amalgamated into the reality of what we are.”

But despite this very clear position that we essentially have and get what we deserve in life, a great many members of the Order and the New Age community continue to pay lip service and attempt to give legitimacy to the concept of “white privilege” and its relation to the “oppression” of minorities.

The definition of white privilege is a direct contradiction to the law of karma and the teaching that we reap what we sow.  This notion that we do not earn what we have, good or bad, is contradictory to spiritual teaching and the notion that our lives are the result of our living prayer.  Unless we believe in an unjust universe where karmic law does not exist, how can any “privilege” carried by an individual or group of individuals be unearned or unfair?


The idea behind karma is that there is Justice in the highest, most true sense woven into the fabric of creation itself; and that it is self-regulating like the processes of the human body, as we are a microcosm of the larger processes of Nature and Creation.

Many esoteric traditions, including my own, also acknowledge the existence of freedom of choice and free will when it comes to the situations of our lives.  This not only has to do with our chosen actions or thoughts and what those will bring to us, but the idea that on the Other Side before incarnation, we have a certain amount of choice as to the experiences and tests we will be put through that are not necessarily part of any karmic debt.


Now, it is worth noting that it is known in many esoteric circles that karmic debt can be absolved in this lifetime by manners other than suffering and tribulation.  And there are even methods of lessening the karmic impact of intentions through use of proxies and patsies, most of the general public remains ignorant of these things.

And since we do reap the fruits of the thoughts and deeds we sow in this life and the previous one(s), there are no real victims in this world, only volunteers.  In the cause and effect scenarios of our day-to-day life, this rings true for every physically and mentally capable adult.  Our lives are the summation of our choices and deeds.  When we squander opportunities or make poor, lazy, or ignorant choices and act on these, we suffer and we do not thrive.  You choose whether you will work that easy, low-paying job or figure out how to be an entrepreneur.  You choose to spend your money on a new flat screen TV or a new I-phone rather than saving it, or investing it something that will benefit you and/or your family in a more long-term and meaningful way.  You choose whether you act like an  self-respecting adult or a self-absorbed child.

From a spiritual perspective, and from the teachings of my own spiritual lineage, it is argued that we ultimately choose what we will experience in this life from the perspective of Soul/Self.  Now we are not just talking about karmic baggage from past lives, but the actual gaming out of a life mission of sorts in the higher realms before incarnation.  We choose much of what we experience from the perspective of an undying Soul and Self that can never truly be harmed or destroyed.  Remember, from the perspective of the eternal Self/Soul, suffering, oppression and death don’t really matter as they have no effect on the Self, which is eternal and unchanging.

Now there are some that are somewhat uncomfortable with this hardline karmic perspective.  These are people who are easily caught up in the emotions of suffering and ask me questions such as:

Would you be comfortable telling a child who lost a parent or a person whose family member was killed through some act of brutality, or a child tormented daily by bullies that it’s their own fault that they are suffering, because they asked for it and wanted to have it happen?”

To which I reply:

No, that would serve no useful purpose except to further traumatize the child. A child cannot emotionally process and understand things in a way an adult can (although sadly a great deal of modern adults are emotionally children). That’s why we typically delay talking to children about complex issues. You teach the child how to cultivate strength and cope with these things in a healthy and productive manner so they don’t fall into a cycle of victimhood for the rest of their lives, perpetuating their own trauma.”

But I will not treat adults like children- regardless of their emotional capacities.  Adults need to understand the consequences pf their actions (or inactions) and learn to accept them, not be shielded from them.  It is this acceptance of hardness of reality and the weight our decisions truly hold, that breeds strength to rise above our shortcomings and understand just how much power we really have.

And while it is appealing to that part of ourselves that identifies with “the victim”, this Critical Theory/Social Justice belief system is just that- a belief system.  It is the low-hanging fruit that those who might seek to embody true compassion and justice can grab onto and keep company with those who care little about spiritual development and seek to do little more than lament about their own victimhood and perceived powerlessness.  This is done while seeking to take away the free will of those they see as their “oppressors”- as all social justice-inspired policies inevitably seek to do.  On the other end, those who have been indoctrinated to believe that they are part of this “oppressor class”, have the sort of “original sin” complex that you described.

Ultimately, Neo-Marxism and all of its fruits lack any sort of spiritual foundation or practice, but rather seek to change behavior through a form of human “dog-training”, while using subtle nuances, doublespeak, and schoolyard-style peer-pressure and bullying.  This has resulted in a sort of dogmatic neurosis among “believers”.

As far as my feelings surrounding oppression, I am not denying that certain forces and institutions exist, which I have discussed in depth in the past.  However, the effect they have on us is less out of our hands then we think.  And let’s be clear that I have never said anywhere that the people that run things are necessarily doing so because of “good karma” in a moral sense. They run things because they are focused and tireless in their intent and “mission”; they understand how to utilize the Law of Manifestation in a way others do not; there is not an element of their psyche that disagrees with their moral convictions or their actions- and inner unity is the key to utilizing the Law of Manifestation; and they know the value of using other people to do the real dirty work, thus skirting a good deal of moral karma and passing it onto the patsies.

We need to understand that when we’re talking about “karma”, what we’re ultimately talking about is the Law of Cause and Effect, which, like the other Laws and Principles, works on a level beyond our own limited self-interested senses of morality.


It was taught in my Order that one should not necessarily move out of sense of guilt, obligation, or pity and give money to a homeless man, as we are not privy to his karma or mission of his soul.  Rather we are encouraged to listen to the voice of Self for guidance as to how to proceed as it knows truth.

When charity is mechanized through bureaucratic processes and corrupted through special interests in both the government and many of the large philanthropic organizations, it becomes a mockery of itself.  In the case of government in particular, “charity” is typically collected in the form of taxes, which are ultimately enforced by threat of violence.  This process entirely removes the free will and communication with Self that was present in the scenario of the homeless man.

It is important to understand, as anyone who has gone from “rags to riches” will undoubtedly attest, poverty is first and foremost a state of mind.  Anyone who grew up around poor people or were poor themselves can attest to the way that poor people tend to gravitate towards material status symbols to give themselves comfort in an illusion of wealth.  Often, they will prioritize obtaining these things rather than seriously working to understand how money works and how to get themselves out of the cycle of poverty.  Now I will admit this may be considerably more difficult in places like Africa, and parts of Asia and Latin America, but in the western world, there are no excuses except your own- regardless of your race, ethnicity or gender.

For many, these things I say may come off as cold and insensitive, as I am basically stating that people have their lot in life through Divine Justice.  To some, this is reminiscent to many of the Hindu caste system where the poor were understood to be poor because of karmic debt, and therefore, they must not be helped or aided in any way.  Karma is understood to be the “effect” in the Principle of Cause and Effect.

And while I do see the poor as being poor due to the choices mad in this and previous lifetimes; I do NOT believe that this means we should under no circumstances work to help them alleviate their suffering.  We are here to help one another up Jacob’s Ladder towards human godliness.  However, I am of the school of thought that teaching a man to fish is FAR more beneficial to him and the world than simply giving him a fish.



In Zoroastrianism, the ancient Aryan religion of Persia founded by a sage from the Caucasus Mountains named Zarathustra; there exists a philosophy of “Vairya”, which translates to “Desirable Dominion”.  This comes from taking the principle of Asha, which is thinking and understanding that is in alignment with Cosmic Order and applying it to a justly governed society.  This principle was promoted by figures like the legendary Persian emperor, Cyrus the Great.

Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire, was renowned for his extraordinary humanitarianism.  Unlike most other imperial conquerors, Cyrus never plundered or had mass-executions, and would actually improve the living conditions of the subjugated populations.  His reputation proceeded him to such an extent that in some cases when Cyrus would come through, the soldiers of targeted area would lay down their arms as they knew Cyrus was going to improve their living conditions and treat them better than the despot that currently ruled.

While Cyrus the Great is often referred to as the founder of human rights, this idea becomes conflated when comparing it to our modern definition of the term.  Cyrus’ policy was very much rooted in the Zoroastrian ethos and worldview, which was essentially a demand for improvement and pressure for the human being to strive for greatness and even godliness.  This idea contrasts the modern notion that you are entitled certain things regardless of the effort one puts into self-improvement and service- i.e. you “get” without having to “give”.  When Cyrus worked to better the lives of the peoples he conquered, it was with the understanding that he was giving these people the tools to help embody the principle of “Spenta Mainyu” in themselves.

Spenta Mainyu” in Zoroastrianism is said to be the main essence of their primary deity, Ahura Mazda (whose name translates to ‘Titan of Wisdom’) and is represented by the eternal flame.  This flame is understood to be Promethean in nature and is the fire of innovation and the creative principle.  Zoroastrian practitioners seek to embody this Spenta Mainyu through the conscientious free choice to champion the progressive advancement of cosmically-aligned wisdom and knowledge on the Earth.  This philosophy is ultimately about taking personal responsibility for the ascension of humanity and giving humans the tools they need to do that.

The idea here is that we look to “raise up” others by giving them the tools they need to raise up themselves, as there is an obligation to cultivate this consciousness of Spenta Mainyu and create the utopia of the Desirable Dominion where we have a society of sages dedicated to living according to Natural Law Principles.  Again, this idea is completely removed from the modern conversation around rights and welfare, where people are “owed” without the obligation to contribute anything more than finance through taxation.

There was also the understanding that the justly governed empire was akin to a walled garden, and required “weeding”, i.e. the removable of incompatible or subversive elements that were incongruent to the values espoused by Spenta Mainyu and Its Six Rays which were Cosmic Order, Best Thinking, Desirable Dominion, Wholeness, Ever-Deepening Serenity, and Vitality.  In other words, there was only a “right” to live within the Desirable Dominion if you lived in accordance with its Principles- you do not have “rights” to the fruits of the Dominion simply because you exist.  While it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom, we do not just get it bestowed upon us without some amount of effort and striving on our part.


This desire for equity of chance and equality of outcome stems from the desire to be rid of the Natural Law Principle of Cause and Effect that seems to cause man so much discomfort.  This Principle works to assure stability, order and Ultimate Justice in the Kosmos.  It is also a driving force behind life, death, and the forces of Nature that man has so long attempted to shield himself from to an ever-greater degree.

While it can’t be denied that the ability to ensure steady supply of food, shelter and overall social stability has allowed man to not only survive, but thrive; it is also hard to deny honestly that this natural inclination has led to a sort of neurosis in “civilized” humanity to shield itself from certain processes of nature that it perceives threatens not only the existence of their physical bodies, but the things that it is attached to.

These attachments are those possessions, institutions and beliefs that the various segments of the human population believe is a part of itself.  The natural processes that threaten these attachments and institutions include death, disease, famine, weather and natural disasters, as well as the more basic primal and tribal nature of man’s own being.

However, humanity, particularly those of us in the west it seems, wish to ultimately shield ourselves from the consequences of our own choices and actions.  This desire to remain unaccountable can be found at the upper echelons of government and corporate institutions, all the way down the individual who is on homeless or state assistance, and everywhere in between to varying degrees.

It is the perspective of these “lower castes” that the ideologies of both Marxism AND Judeo-Christianity seeks to appeal to.  This victim theology and slave morality has been used for centuries to create a world of people who are little more than physically mature children- emotional, entitled, self-centered and disconnected from the Laws of Nature.

We must counter this impulse towards our lower nature by moving in the opposite direction towards institution of a natural aristocracy.  Here we seek to become the greatest version of ourselves we can be, while seeking to raise up our brothers and sisters in our spheres of association and influence.  I believe EVERYONE is capable of this in some form or fashion.

In the end, having a world where we are all striving to be as warriors, sages and priest kings (or queens) is going to be a far more positive and productive one than a world where our only aspirations are to be taken care of like children and to make sure we ‘get what we deserve’- because we already do.


Namaste and God Bless.

“I recognize the manifestation of undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life”

– from the Qabalistic Tarot affirmation prayer, ‘This is Truth about the Self’


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

– The First Amendment of the United States Constitution


A woman walks into the break-room of her particular place of employment. She then proceeds to pull out her Bible, stand on top of a chair, and read aloud in a manner that is clearly audible to everyone in the vicinity.  Her co-workers complain about this to management. Management pulls the woman aside and requests that she stop doing this.  The woman replies by stating that management has no right to impede upon her religious freedom, and that this loud Bible reading was an expression of that.  Management replied that the nature of this reading was disruptive to others’ enjoyment of the break-room and potentially interfered with their workplace productivity.

It was at this point the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was called. For those unfamiliar, the EEOC is a federal agency established by an executive order from John F. Kennedy in 1961.  The EEOC administers and enforces civil rights laws against workplace discrimination, as well as investigates discrimination complaints based on an individual’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual preference, age, disability, genetic information, and retaliation for reporting, participating in, and/or opposing a discriminatory practice.

official-seal-of-the-equal-employment-opportunity-commission-eeocThe EEOC sent an investigator to look into the complaint of discrimination filed by the Bible-reading woman.  However, much to the woman’s surprise, the investigator proceeded to inform her that her “rights” had not been violated by the employer’s request, and that her grandiose reading of the Bible may have been offensive to her co-workers and thus intruding on their “rights”.

A close friend of mine relayed this story to me, which was in turn told to her by the aforementioned EEOC investigator as a part of a corporate “sensitivity training” given at her place of employment.  Interestingly, the EEOC bureaucrat/sensitivity trainer cited this story as an example of how “protected classes” are now using their “protected” status to infringe upon the rights of others.  My friend then asked me what my thoughts were on the matter, and I can definitely say they were not what she was hoping for.

My first response was to state that Christians, especially Evangelical or Fundamentalist types (of which I am neither, but this woman obviously was), were no longer really treated as a “protected class” in the eyes of the Federal Government or mainstream culture.  Evangelical Christians have actually been labelled as “more dangerous than ISIS” by the feds and the “liberal” media.   A few examples of this “protection” of Christians were cited in a recent (2012) joint report by the Liberty Institute and the Family Research Council:

• A federal judge threatened “incarceration” to a high school valedictorian unless she removed references to Jesus from her graduation speech.
• City officials prohibited senior citizens from praying over their meals, listening to religious messages or singing gospel songs at a senior activities center.
• A public school official physically lifted an elementary school student from his seat and reprimanded him in front of his classmates for praying over his lunch.
• Following U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ policies, a federal government official sought to censor a pastor’s prayer, eliminating references to Jesus, during a Memorial Day ceremony honoring veterans at a national cemetery.
• Public school officials prohibited students from handing out gifts because they contained religious messages.
• A public school official prevented a student from handing out flyers inviting her classmates to an event at her church.
• A public university’s law school banned a Christian organization because it required its officers to adhere to a statement of faith that the university disagreed with.
• The U.S. Department of Justice argued before the Supreme Court that the federal government can tell churches and synagogues which pastors and rabbis it can hire and fire.
• The State of Texas sought to approve and regulate what religious seminaries can teach.
• Through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the federal government is forcing religious organizations to provide insurance for birth control and abortion-inducing drugs in direct violation of their religious beliefs.
• The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs banned the mention of God from veterans’ funerals, overriding the wishes of the deceased’s families.
• A federal judge held that prayers before a state House of Representatives could be to Allah but not to Jesus.

Another interesting anecdote of workplace “discrimination” involved a Muslim worker at a GAP store who prayed in the aisle daily.  In response, a Christian co-worker put a Bible on his own desk and would read silently while the Muslim employee prayed.  The Muslim employee complained about this to management and the Christian was fired without warning.  Now the Muslim GAP employee had numerous complaints against him from others due to “loud prayers” and “blocking the aisle”.  It was also apparently against company policy for religious viewpoints to be expressed within the company; however this policy appears to have been selectively enforced as the Muslim employee did not lose his job, but the Christian employee did.

Now this is not to say that other religious and minority groups have not suffered workplace persecution in the past, but now the mainstream narrative has definitively flipped (unless you’re watching Fox News).  As I have talked about in previous postings, the culture of political correctness has become totalitarian in nature, with people losing their careers and being blacklisted over saying anything that is “deemed” as racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, or “intolerant” in any way.

However, there is one group that political-correctness does NOT apply to. Think about who it is “okay” to make fun of and demonize without fear of backlash and being labelled, “racist”, “bigot”, “Nazi”, “anti-Semite”, “homophobe”, or any of the other words used to demonize those who are outside the PC mainstream.  You know who it is…  So yes, while it is true that the “protected classes” have become the oppressors, to group Christians in this category is a misleading statement at best and an obfuscation of the current power structure.

Moving back to the conversation with my friend and the story of the EEOC investigator and my response to it.  I questioned how it was the duty of the federal government to settle a private dispute between a private employer and employee on private property, and why it was the government’s job to regulate “discrimination”.  Even if you believe in the “law” of the Constitution, there is no place where the federal government is given that “right” or that responsibility.

Now I worked in the labor movement for the better part of three years, and I still believe in standing up for yourself when it comes to the workplace and the fruits of one’s own labor.  I will continuously advocate for the power of the boycott and the strike as organic expressions of free will (even if not always motivated from a “higher mind”).  However, the moral dilemma comes when the government gets involved. Government, by and large, can be summed up with two words- force and control.  This friend tends to chastise this point of view as a vehement and irrational “hatred” of government.

When it comes to labor and discrimination in the workplace, the premise behind getting government involved is to try and FORCE someone to do the “right thing” and/or, as my friend put it, “hold them accountable”, when they do the “wrong” thing.  Now, even if you believe in “rights” as a real thing, how is forcing anyone to do anything not considered a violation of THEIR RIGHTS?  That is circular logic, is it not? And what exactly is this need to “hold them accountable”, i.e. see them punished, all about?

There is a deep psychological desire for us to see quantifiable, measurable results to things. We need “closure” to move on from traumatic events.  We desire retribution towards those who have offended our ego.  This is at the root of our need to SEE “justice” done.   Even those of us who say we believe in or “know” Karma, often still feel that those who do wrong need to be punished in a way that is satisfactory to us, specifically our ego, or finite mind: “This person took something from me or caused me pain, so I NEED to be sure they will suffer as a direct result of what they did to ME”.

In other words, we want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this “wrongdoer” has indeed been punished.  We don’t want to wait for the Law of the Universe to work in Its own eternal time and fashion- we want justice RIGHT NOW.  We want vengeance RIGHT NOW.  And this sense of “justice” can be projected onto the situations of others, causing us to believe we are identifying with them, when really, it’s about US and what we are identified with and attached to.  All of these thoughts and emotions are emanations of the lower mind that is completely absorbed in the physical world and has no faith in ANYTHING it can’t see, hear, touch, taste or smell.


When I explained to my friend that people were ALWAYS “held accountable” by the Divine Law of the Universe when they acted immorally and maliciously towards others, she got pretty pissed off.  She stated that I was “looking down” from a position of “privilege” (there’s that word again).  I attempted to explain how, from the perspective of the Eternal Soul, that a person’s struggles of “oppression” may have been exactly what that person needed for their personal spiritual growth in this lifetime.  It also could have very well been the “reaping” of “sown seeds”.  With this, I was accused of being impractical and not “grounded in reality”.  In a way this is “looking down”.  It is looking down from the perspective of infinite spirit/soul as opposed to looking up from the perspective of finite body/mind.

My friend proceeded to cite examples of workplace insensitivity, which were racially-based.  These stories involved a company in which an African-American employee was “jokingly” threatened with a noose and a Middle-Eastern man was required to park in a parking spot that had been labelled “terrorist”.  While absolutely disrespectful and insensitive, and potentially even threatening, I still did not share her belief that the presence of an “entity to hold people accountable” was necessary or truly effective and productive.  The belief that such entities are needed is to affirm a position of bondage, therefore affirming the superiority of one individual or entity over another.  To top it off, forcing anyone to do anything only breeds resentment, not tolerance.

What really struck me was how the Middle Eastern man felt “trapped” because he “needed” that job to support his family.  I am “privileged” that I don’t have to worry about supporting a family and I do have empathy for this man as I understand that the basic instinctual desire to provide for one’s children can quickly put one into desperation or “survival mode”.  However, empathy is not pity.  Pity is looking upon someone as weak and powerless, rather than as a unique expression of the Divine Creator and possessing incredible creative power and potential. There are unlimited potential outcomes to any given situation, but when we are overtaken with fear, our consciousness becomes rigid and we develop a sort of “tunnel-vision”, making it much harder to see all possibilities and choose with clarity.

Unfortunately, my friend saw me as being detached and unsympathetic to the plights of others. She stated that if I had encountered real discrimination that I would not view things in this manner. Indeed my past situations of discrimination didn’t mirror those of others; they were mine.  My friend eventually became so worked up due to my stance that she stormed off.

Later she told me that the reason she had gotten so upset was because she herself was feeling discriminated against at work.  She found herself in a compromising situation with someone who was management, and now this person threatened her job if she told anyone what had happened.  She now felt she was being intentionally ostracized from various “team-building” outings in her department.  She said that the environment in the office was incredibly hostile towards her and she was afraid to go to anyone due to the manager’s threat.

I asked my friend about talking to higher-ups within the company and telling them of the manager’s conduct.  I also told her she had an option with bringing a case to the Labor Board as well (even though it pained me to suggest going to government).  I also suggested she talk to people face to face directly regarding this matter.  However, she said she was worried about her reputation in the company and “making things worse”.  She also did not want to quit this job because it was well-paying and she had only started in the last several months.

While my friend felt powerless, it was ultimately her fear that made it most difficult.  It was the fear of having to make an UNCOMFORTABLE choice that could potentially make life uncomfortable for a time.  We want life to be as comfortable and hassle-free as possible- this is the vice of the modern western man/woman.  The statement is true that “where there is a will there is a way”- it just depends on how much you’re willing to sacrifice and how open and committed you are to thinking “outside the box”.

When viewed from the finite mind, these types of situations appear to present a threat to our very survival.   Anything that appears to have the potential to threaten our livelihood is something that we associate with death on a deep subconscious/unconscious level.  But the truth is that the vast majority things that get this response from us are NOT life or death situations at all.  This is why stress-related disease is rampant in modern society.  We put up with a lot that we don’t need to because we are so terrified of death.  And it’s not even really death, but the FEAR of death- the creeping uncertainty of the unknown- that keeps us mentally imprisoned.

When people and situations arise that seem to make our work in the world intolerable, we may do well to ask ourselves; “Is this really the work that I’m meant to be doing?  Is this really expressing the highest creative potential of my soul or am I just being a cog in a machine?  Am I here because this is the path mainstream society says I should be taking with my skill set? And if so, is there something more creative and enriching I could do with my time and potential?  Am I thriving here, or am I really just here to survive?  Am I here because I love this work and it makes the world a better place, or am I really just in it for the money?”

These are hard questions that I have asked myself continuously and continue to do so.  I know that the only reason I ever feel stuck or trapped in a situation is because I have convinced myself that is the case and/or I have believed what everyone else says is the case.  This is a universal truth that is applicable regardless of your “privilege” or lack thereof.  Now this isn’t to say that some situations don’t present harder choices than others.  Nor am I saying that our decisions should be taken at selfish whimsy.  What I am saying is that at the end of the day, our state of consciousness trumps any outside factors, regardless of how imposing, powerful or monolithic those factors may appear to be.


Perspective shapes reality.  We can choose to see things from the limited perspective of the finite mind or from a higher mode of consciousness.  People only have power over us when we give our power to them.  If we believe our options in life are limited, then they will be.  Now of course, there is need to know and understand how to utilize our limitless potential, just as there is need for moral grounding so we use it appropriately.  But make no mistake about it, our potential is boundless, we just need to have faith and be fearless.  And if we do “lose”, we “don’t lose the lesson” and think our life is over.


Not all sacrifices are worth making, but a degree of sacrifice and discomfort is inevitable if we want to grow to our full potential and be free men and women.

Sometimes our calling may be to confront a petty tyrant that is persecuting and oppressing people.  Perhaps we need to shine a light on their actions or perhaps even defend ourselves or another person.  But when we do this, we would do well to check within and be sure we are acting from a place of compassion and moral clarity as opposed to fear-based self-righteousness.  Sometimes the line is VERY fine indeed.

At the end of the day, some people are going to be intolerant or bigoted or just plain assholes and NOTHING- no amount of shaming or punishment will ever change that.  We can however change ourselves, how we relate to the world and how we treat other beings.  That is where REAL change can occur.

Namaste and God Bless.



“Equality is one of the primary ideological tactics that Empire uses to maintain control in the modern era. The practical application of equality dissuades people from the revolutionary business of true personal liberation. It shuts down inner unfoldment and concentrates day-to-day thinking and activities on outside distractions. It keeps people on the hamster wheel.

Here’s my take on it. Equality does not exist – because the universe has no need for it. The only thing that we all have in equal measure and of equal value is our state of aliveness. That aliveness brings a unique opening for growth as spirit descends temporarily into matter. On this expedition, the depth and quality of our being, through growth and purity of presence, is the only measure of value that is worth a damn. That is our equal opportunity. What we do with it is up to us. We generate our own value and it cannot be known by another. Everyone is at a different level of inner attainment and becoming. The animal, the soul, and the divine seek union in their own time, in their own way.”

– Neil Kramer, British philosopher and esotericist from his essay, ‘Cult of the God Men’

Every human being is born with the free will to choose his or her path in life. All human beings are equal insomuch as that they are all expressions of the same Divine Force that manifests itself in a myriad of ways and is at its core, Light. Human beings too, are at their core, this same Divine Light. This is where the concept of equality, which in our current understanding equates to a “right” to live the same way someone else does, ends.

There has been debate for a long time as to what rights people do or do not have. Some debate whether people actually have rights at all. Do people have the right to bear arms? What, if any, is the extent of the right of free speech? Is it a right to get an abortion? Is it a right to be able to obtain goods and services from a private business if said business does not want to associate with you based on your race, religion or lifestyle?

Bill of Rights straight

The whole concept of “rights” originated as an essentially western European concept, and really took form during the Enlightenment period of the 18th century (although the Magna Carta, did serve as somewhat of a pretext back in the 13th century). Rights were, for all intents and purposes, a construct to counteract what were becoming viewed as the “non-rights” of monarchy and government. The most famous institution of this idea is of course, the Bill of Rights, which are the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution. More recently we have had the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which serves in essence to affirm that all human beings have a right to the same standard of living and dignity.


I have really begun to question this whole notion of rights as of late, particularly after listening to a recent interview with a brilliant philosopher by the name of Neil Kramer. Do we really have “rights”, or is this indeed a “social construct”? After contemplating upon the Laws of Nature and Creation, I came to the conclusion that in truth, we do not have “rights”, as this idea does not seem to exist elsewhere in Nature. Rather, much of what we have come to see as “rights” are instead a combination of personal responsibilities and “non-rights”. For example, it is our responsibility to speak up for what we see as right and wrong and no one has the right to prevent us from doing so. Another example is that it is our responsibility to protect our privacy and no one has the right to violate that.

Let’s look at the much-maligned “right to bear arms”, which is basic right of self-defense. I don’t have a right to own a gun any more than I have a right to own a car or a computer. However, I do have a responsibility to defend my family and myself. Likewise, no government or individual has any right to keep me from doing so through force, coercion, theft, etc.

Let’s look at the natural world for a moment: no animal claims it has the right to defend itself or its offspring, but if it wants to survive and continue the propagation of its species, it better learn do so effectively. Again it is that animal’s responsibility to defend itself by any means it can. A lion does not see an antelope’s “right to live”, it sees it as food. The antelope doesn’t think, “Hey, this lion is trying to impinge on my rights.” The antelope simply knows he has the responsibility to outrun that lion if he wishes to live. Similarly the lioness has the responsibility to defend her cubs against a hyena. She doesn’t take the hyena to court. She does whatever she needs to do at that moment to ward off the attack, and then she goes about her business. Likewise, the pride does not go seeking out and eradicating (or even more laughably, attempting to imprison) the hyenas to ensure they don’t attack again. While rights do not exist in nature, the freedom to act does.


This applies to humans as well. If a person is causing or attempting to cause harm right then and there, we have the responsibility to defend our family, loved ones, others who may ask for our help in the moment, and ourselves. When the threat is neutralized with the least amount of force possible in the moment, then we go about our business. If we were all taught how to defend ourselves adequately and how to defend those who were unable to (children, elderly, handicapped, etc.), then this business of “hunting down” criminals would be unnecessary. Unless there is a direct attack going on, we should remain true to the “non-aggression principle”.

This idea of rights may have been a way to verbalize this concept in a simplified form so that it could be coded into law to “protect” the citizen against overreach of government and “mob” power, however it appears to have transformed into something else. I have continually stressed that nobody a “right” to force anybody to do anything against his or her will, regardless of whether or not we feel it is the “morally right thing” for them to do. This now brings us into the touchy waters of “civil rights”. This is the idea that “everyone” has the right to be treated “fairly” regardless of ANY qualities that any other individual or group would view as negative or undesirable, and not wish to associate with. This is the idea that everyone is entitled to exactly the same social and economic opportunities as everyone else.

While this utopian idea may tug at the emotional heartstrings and sound like a wonderful thing, it should be understood that this idea of “equality” is completely foreign in Nature. In Nature, it is the strong, fit, and most importantly, intelligent, that has greatest chances to survive and thrive. I am not saying that we as humans should behave strictly according to our animal nature (even though that may be a step up for many). What I am digging at here is how “right” has become code for “entitlement”. In essence it is saying, “I deserve a good life just because I was born, and if I do not have the same social and economic status and opportunity as that person or that group, it is because my ‘rights’ have been violated. It is not due to any fault or error or lack of initiative on my part.”

It is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to learn and grow from his or her own life experiences. If one takes the mantle of perpetual victim-hood, rather than recognizing their contribution to their lot in life and their potential to change it, then they will remain as “victims” to their perception of life. If folks do not align their consciousness with the deeper forces of Nature and Creation, they will remain acting as “pawns” on the chessboard for those who do. The requirements for obtaining this understanding are simply an open and questioning mind, an empathetic, caring and honorable heart, and the will to live a life that is devoted to something greater than selfish gain- a life with meaning. That’s pretty much it.

Human beings are subject to the consequences of their actions in this life. We can also postulate that past lives play a factor and that there are indeed those who are incarnated who have been around much longer than others. One can choose to look at childhood trauma and hardship as a sort of “penance” for wrongs committed in a past life, or as an opportunity to grow through trial. Personally, I find the latter perspective more productive and practical, even though I personally feel both to be true.

Human beings are also capable of incredible acts of creativity and resilience, despite the most overwhelming of obstacles. This is a truth that is beyond any setback that can be imagined due to race, sex, religion, orientation, class, physical or even mental capabilities. There have been great men and women that have risen out of the most abject poverty and oppression. These are ultimately men and women who, at some level, understood and used the Laws of Nature and Creation to their advantage. The Law cares not of your race or your wage. It is not overly complicated or difficult to understand. It just requires your time, patience and willingness to work with it.

With the unlimited resources of information available at the fingertips of even the poorest individual (at least in this country), there is really no reason that knowledge of the Law and the workings of the world cannot be obtained. There is no reason that knowledge of how to heal oneself and grow spiritually cannot be understood. The fundamentals are simple. However, if we choose to have such a level of self-importance that we are solely consumed with how our life “isn’t fair”, then we will fail to see the inherent opportunity that is written into the very Fabric of Creation. This is opportunity that those who strive for social and economic control can NEVER take away.


Am I saying that it is a good thing to say, “Hey you’re gay”, “ or “you’re black, so I’m not going to do business with you.”? No. Unless you know this individual or specific group of individuals to behave in a particularly deplorable and unhealthy fashion, there is no reason to continue the cycle of fear and resentment. Secondly, it is bad business, and it will work against you in this day and age. There is a good likelihood that your profits will be negatively affected without any form of government intervention. The consciousness of the people has already shifted to the point where they will simply vote you out of business by taking their money elsewhere. There is not a need for intervention of government force. No one has a right to say someone can’t receive goods or services from anyone. However, no one has a right to another person’s goods or services any more than they have a right to anything else they own.

I feel these same principles were true back when the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1968. Regardless of political spin and government intelligence activity at that time, there was still an organic movement that had been growing among Americans since the end of World War II. White Americans were already moving towards acceptance of African-Americans as fellows in business and social life long before Lyndon B. Johnson decided to take advantage of the political climate (people really weren’t liking him on the whole Vietnam thing) in 1968. At the forefront of this were organic boycotts of businesses that refused to serve blacks.

Were there still problems on BOTH SIDES? Yes. But government always moves far behind the consciousness of the people like a lumbering dinosaur, and always for its own agenda and political gain. I dare say that things like the Civil Rights Act, Affirmative Action, and even Political Correctness, however well intentioned at the grassroots level, only serve to hinder discourse and freedom of association, and have potentially caused more problems than they have solved.  Again, organic free movement of the people will always be more effective in enacting real change than the inherently controlling mechanisms of government.


The real problem has been with government making laws saying what people can and cannot do to the point of absurdity and people giving government that power. Be it “Jim Crow” or “Civil Rights”. We don’t have to agree with what someone says or does, but it is not our right to silence them (as is being done through “political correctness”) or force them to act against their will just because what they say or do hurts our feelings or offends us. Unless the individual is promoting or perpetrating real violence (not just saying “I don’t like them”) on an individual or group, there is no justification for interference in their lives.

There is of course, the issue with attempting to restrict movement of people in public territory, stating where people can and cannot go (city bus seats, city restrooms, etc.). However, the idea of “public” and “private” in terms of property and business has become obfuscated as the state continues to declare that it basically owns everything. Back to nature for a moment: animals are territorial and humans are no exception. It is natural to claim territory for one’s self and to utilize said land. No one has the right to impede upon the territory that someone is utilizing without invitation. When we begin to say “I have a right to occupy your territory”, this inevitably creates conflict. This is when we should behave as adult humans and not animals or children. Animals will quarrel in bloody conflict over territory. Children will run to the authority figure and have them settle the dispute, as they do not have the mental faculties or emotional maturity to settle the matter peacefully amongst themselves.

I’m sure someone somewhere will disregard the above statements as coming from someone with “White Male Privilege”, and that’s fine. Any “privilege” I may have (i.e. being a white male in a country whose infrastructure was founded by white males; above-average intelligence; artistic talents, etc.) has been earned through lifetimes of incarnation and a general understanding of the Laws of Nature and Creation. Any “disadvantages” I may have (born to rural working-class economic status; unstable family life; being bullied growing up; addiction, etc.) are due to Karma and choice, and are opportunities to be tested and grow spiritually. I am unapologetic for my “privilege” and I work to be un-resentful towards my “disadvantages”.

Now I am not going to deny that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the way that the modern human society and the economic forces that drive it are structured. Nor am I going to deny that the financial elite have used the economic power and ingenuity of the western nations to pillage and exploit the people and resources of the tropics for several centuries (I highly recommend people watch the miniseries or read the book ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’ to see how geography likely played a major role in allowing for this seeming “inequality”), while using various cultural institutions to justify this practice amongst the masses.

This system of control acts in near-polar opposition to any sense of the Laws of Nature and Creation. While other animals do fight amongst themselves for dominance within a group, there are no other animals that prey on their own kind in the way that certain humans do. Not even the warlike chimpanzee (yeah, chimps are pretty brutal and have tribal wars) act in the sort of predatory manner that has made up much of the foundation of “civilization”. The wars between races are akin to lions trying to completely wipe tigers off the face of the Earth. And NO species has the sort of self-loathing and self-hatred that is present within the psyche of SO MANY human beings and shows itself in our media and institutions, as well as our collective interactions with one another.

While we strive to further our evolution and realization as beings of Divine Light, we would be wise to maintain a close contact and understanding of the rhythms, patterns, and workings of nature; while at the same time not letting ourselves be guided solely by easily triggered and manipulated emotions which can fall prey to utopian ideals that are more about entitlement, jealousy and a playground concept of fairness, rather than about any true form of compassion or love for our fellow man.

Everyone has the choice to see life as a classroom or as a prison, regardless of whether they are in the suburbs, the ghetto, or a jungle village in Guatemala. Everyone has the choice to allow the Light to shine in them or to give themselves over to the darker, base desires and resentments. No matter how intense the fear or oppression, everyone ALWAYS has that choice.

To understand how this modern notion of equality (i.e. “sameness”) that drives much of today’s conversation around rights is an “alien” concept, we need only look at our celebrated institutions of athletics and academics. There is a natural hierarchy present in these things (and yes, there is undeniably a racial component to it as well, sorry). However, natural IN-equalities aside, every human being, regardless of race, gender or creed has an innate skill, talent, passion and purpose. Every human being has a gift to give the world. In some, this may be more obvious and seem to flourish naturally. In others it may take more time and effort to develop or even discover what it is. Even then, we will inevitably find others out there with similar talents and skills that are more skilled than we are. That is a natural occurrence, and no one has the right to impede anyone’s self-determination. However, it is up to us to either work harder in attempts to reach that level, or be creative and carve out a niche that is unique to our strengths and what we have to offer the world.


We are only “equal” in the fact that we are all born of and possessing the same conscious Light that is present within all beings throughout the universe. Everything else is earned. Earned through knowledge, skill, understanding, heart, perseverance, honesty, desire, honor, compassion, and love. Like snowflakes or facets on a diamond or cells in an organism, we are all unique perspectives and individuations of the One Divine Light that extends itself into creation. No one is “the same”.

A good life is earned, again, through understanding and utilizing the Laws of Nature and Creation. It is not a privilege granted by a piece of paper or by a group of people that claim to be a “governing authority. No matter how unjust things may seem it is up to us as individuals to make them better, organizing with other like-minded individuals to create our own systems that are more natural to human life and expression. While at the same time understanding that we do not have the right to force our will on others who wish to be left alone.

It is the responsibility of everyone to conduct themselves with respect, honor and compassion towards other beings (human, animal or otherwise); regardless of whether or not they happen to be a member of your “tribe”. This harmonious expression of the better angels of our nature can never be achieved in any sort of real or lasting way through force or coercion (from government or otherwise). The unwanted imposing of will upon someone else’s way of life will inevitably breed resentment and nothing else. It can only be achieved through the principle of “live and let live”, and simply treating others as we ourselves would honestly want to be treated. The better we understand this, and the better we understand the other Laws of Nature and Creation, the better we will be able to create a positive existence for ourselves and others, regardless of whatever shit the world wants to throw at us.

Namaste and God Bless.