“Behind us, we have all of our ancestors. In front of us, we have our descendants yet to come. Off our left and right sides we have our living kin, who are with us now. Above us, we have the Holy Powers. Below us, we have the Earth and the World of Nature. In each direction we have connections and responsibilities and receive blessings.”

– Stephen A. McNallen: prominent religious leader of the native European spiritual path “Asatru”

Each person brings a unique perspective that the Creator uses to better understand the Creation. This perspective is molded by the individual, familial, tribal, cultural and yes, racial memories that are living through the physical as well as the spiritual component of their DNA- the carrier of the soul memory.  Rudolf Steiner referred to this as a“Folk Spirit”:

“In every people there is a guiding Folk-Spirit. As I have said in my book, Theosophy, “Folk-Spirit” is not merely an abstract term. When one speaks today of the French people and the rest, what does this suggest to the materialistic thinking of today? It suggests an accumulation of some 42 millions of human beings in the West of Europe — a pure abstraction: the traits and qualities of the people in question are a very secondary consideration. But it really is not so! Just as the seed lives in the plant, so something seed-like exists, which lives in the spirit of a people and then unfolds. A Spirit, a real Being, lives and works in the whole people.”

This is why Europeans will often instinctively gravitate towards archetypes and symbols of a Celtic and Germanic nature. This is evident by the enormous popularity of things like the Renaissance Faire and TV shows like “Vikings” and “Game of Thrones”, particularly among those of White European lineage. Similarly things can be said of the effectiveness African symbolism and archetypes among those of African descent.

There seems to be a certain spiritual birthing place or starting point that comes from one’s racial and/or tribal heritage. It is a powerful tool for people on the path towards spiritual attainment, where they will eventually shed ALL identity. I myself have found immense help in utilizing my Celtio-Germanic, as well as Native American “roots”. Indeed, honoring the ancestral roots of this incarnation has guided me on my spiritual journey.  While all spiritual paths are valid in their own way, I feel that certain paths will resonate with certain individuals in no small part due to deep ancestral connections to these traditions, and we would do well to pay attention to this.

There is a reason you are born into the family you are born into, and there is a reason you are born into the race you are born into- race being an extension of family, of kin, of blood- both in a physical and a non-physical sense.  Italian philosopher, Julius Evola explains how there is purpose to this:

“Thus, (racial awareness) invigorates and renders tangible the concept of tradition; it makes the individual get used to observing in our ancestors not just a series of the more or less illustrious “dead,” but rather the expression of something still alive in ourselves and to which we are tied in our interior. We are the carriers of a heritage that has been transmitted to us and that we need to transmit – and in this spirit it is something going beyond time, something indicating, what we called elsewhere, ‘the eternal race.’”

There seems to be a bit of taboo around any kind of “racial awareness”, especially among white people. However, I feel that it is necessary that we take in the fullness of this incarnation in order to make the most of it. Knowing and understanding folk and tribe and race gives us keys to unlock our full potential, reaching for the Heavens, while remaining rooted to the Earth. Rituals and spiritual traditions of our ancestors can provide the key to finding an organic spiritual path that best fosters our spiritual growth. And while we understand that at our core, that we are ultimately beyond race and creed, these things were given to us as unique expressions of the One manifesting into the many as a means of understanding our unique task or “destiny” here on Earth.

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