Odin gave his right eye and hung himself from the World Tree to obtain the knowledge of the Runes.  Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil so that their “eyes shall be opened”, and they may “be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

Ever since I was a boy I have always wanted to KNOW. When I was young it was knowing about things like science, nature, animals, dinosaurs, and outer space, as well as stranger things like cryptozoology and the paranormal.

When I grew into adolescence, this burning to know became focused on history, ancient civilizations, mythology and world religions, as well as a desire to understand human psychology and why people do what they do.

After the psychedelic experiences of my twenties and my foray into Shamanic work, this turned into a deep desire to know the things that are hidden from normal sight.  This would become a burning desire and even obsession to know any and all things that are “occulted”- be it archaic spiritual knowledge or the truth about the current situations and events that shape our world.

Wherever this quest for truth and knowledge has taken me, I have gone.  I don’t believe what someone says simply because they are held up as an “expert” or authority by some institution with its own agenda.  I do not have blind faith in institutions and all question things that are proclaimed to be “indisputable facts”.  I strive to have no sentimental attachment to beliefs and ideologies.  I have little regard for the sacred cows of anyone’s belief system and enjoy delving into and exploring the perspectives that are obfuscated, hidden and even demonized by our modern society.  I am a firm advocate and believer in free speech and free will.

In my writing, I work to flesh out as much of a “full-spectrum” perspective as possible, doing my best to explore all sides of an issue.  And while I work to be articulate and even what could be considered “egalitarian” at times, ultimately, I am not overly concerned about offending people or catering to emotions.

As far as the overall philosophy you are going to find here, I draw off a synthesis of Hermeticism, Esoteric Christianity, Völkisch-Paganism, and Jungian psychology, with a socio-political ideology that could be described as National-anarchism with a belief in the striving of all people towards a natural aristocracy and the “Desirable Dominion” spoke of in Zoroastrianism.

I am an ordained priest in an Esoteric Christian order- the Earthly representation of which I am currently estranged from due to political and ideological differences.  I also have several years experience in the working on “social justice” campaigns professionally across the U.S. until I became disillusioned with all of it.

I am a “spiritual naturalist” in that I believe the Laws of Nature are one and the same as the Laws of Spirit, and that learning and harmoniously working with these Laws is what enables human beings to reach their maximum potential.

I encourage folks to spend some time here.  I have generated a lot of content over the past few years, and have grown and evolved in my outlook and perspective along the way.  The pinned articles/pages at the top here are what I feel is the most important content to understand the core of the philosophy I present.  My hope is that my work will simultaneously challenge your currently-held belief systems while inspiring you to rise above them.

I also encourage folks to reach out and interact with me here if you have comments or questions or are interested in connecting.

Namaste and God Bless.