“Love and serve all humanity.”

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On the level of the Highest and Most Absolute, we are all part of one Root Being; one Primary Human Archetype. However, the fact that Nature divided us into functional groups and subgroups complicates things in the finite mind.

But ultimately we all have a responsibility for the spiritual growth and evolution of this Root Humanity, which means we must ultimately strive to love and serve it because it is us.

So how do we love and serve all of humanity in a real manner that is not just platitudes and virtue signaling?

We love and serve all humanity through loving and serving first and foremost, those we are most connected with. Through loving and serving “your people“, you will increase their likelihood of acting in kind towards the people they are most connected to and the circle of loving kindness potentially expands ad infinitum. When we focus our finite (governed by time and space) resources on these people, we are meeting the responsibilities of incarnation.

We love and serve all humanity through prayer and ritual done in a focused and scientific manner that has clear intent, purpose and heart. Here we can call upon the subtle Power of the Divine to bless ALL beings and pray that they get what it is they need (whatever that may be). Material resources are limited, but Spiritual resources are infinite and can be directed in a non-intrusive way that doesn’t violate Free-Will or fall prey to nearsighted emotions.

We love and serve all humanity through being kind and helpful to the people we encounter in your daily life.

We love and serve all humanity through acting with respect and honor towards ALL beings.

We love and serve all humanity through loving ourselves enough to do ourselves the service of becoming better and stronger than we were the day before and encouraging others to do the same.

We love and serve all humanity through realizing our inborn potential and sharing it with the world; through creating a legacy worth remembering.

We love and serve all humanity through Self-realization and becoming our own unique version of the god-man.

WRA-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.