The Microcosmic Orbit meditation has its origins in Taoist Chi Kung and Spiritual/Energetic alchemy. The version of which is a simplified version done for the purpose of moving our mind “out of the way” and feeling that “Higher Energy” flow through us. Personally, I typically do this meditation process 7 times before beginning Communion:

1. Sit at the edge of a chair with your spine straight, head slightly tilted, with your tongue lightly touching the roof of your mouth. Close your eyes.

2. Fold your hands, palms up, in your lap- left over right for men, right over left for women. Breathe deeply from your belly. Observe the breath; let the thoughts drift away. Keep as still as possible.

3. Envision in your mind’s eye a golden ball of light, like a miniature sun, hovering just above your head. Feel its warmth radiating down on you.

4. Now envision a smaller ball of light slowly descending down from this “sun”. Prepare yourself to take a long, deep inhalation.

5. As you breathe in, envision this ball of light, descending into your skull, illuminating the energy center in the front of your head.

6. Continue the in-breath, and envision the ball of light moving down the front of your body and illuminating your heart center.

7. Continue breathing in, and envision the ball of light moving further down the front part of your body and illuminating the energy center just below your navel, aka the Tan Tien.

8. Envision the ball of light moving down to your perineum- the middle bottom portion of your torso between the buttocks and genitalia. Let the ball rest there for a moment while you put your attention in physically holding this light in that area.

9. Exhale, envisioning the ball of light slowly moving up the spine in a similar fashion to the way it moved down until it returns to the “sun” above the head it came from.

10. Repeat this process as many times as you are comfortable- the more repetitions, the more you will feel the circulation of energy.


If you need to modify the in-breath to make in through the full movement of energy, do so. I would use a modified sipping breath, moving the ball of light down the front of me. The process itself does not take very long once you get into it.

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