“And so it is written, the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.”

– St. Paul/Saul of Tarsus’ 1st Letter to the Corinthians chapter 15 verse 45

“Man, Heaven, and Earth, all three, are mutually related, with the heart as master”

– Huai-Nan-Tzu


In the ancient Taoist writings of Lao Tzu, Huang Ti, Chuang Tzu, and the I Ching, (some of which date as far back as 2,700 B.C.) it is stated that the first forces to emerge from Wu Chi, or the Primordial Tao (which is synonymous with the Nameless ONE or the ALL) were called Primordial Yang, Primordial Yin, and Primordial Light/Original Chi. These were also known as Heaven, Earth and Man, respectively. Originally perceived as impersonal forces of nature, these were later “transformed” into “The Three Pure Ones” by Chang Tao-Ling, the founder of what became known as Tao Na, or religious Taoism. Chang Tao-Ling, (who said his information was channeled from Lao Tzu- author of the Tao Te Ching), also stated that one becomes a “child of the Tao” by “receiving” these three spirits into the microcosm of the body, which was said to mirror the macrocosm of the Cosmos.


Of course, what we are seeing described here is yet another version of the “Holy Trinity” that is seen in esoteric traditions and mythologies all over the world. In this case we have the Primordial Yang or “Heaven”, which would be the male component; the Primordial Yin or “Earth” which would be the female component; and the Primordial Light/Original Chi or “Man” component- Divine Father, Divine Mother, and Divine Child. While the Divine Mother or Divine Feminine aspect has been somewhat obfuscated in the traditional Catholic/Christian understanding of the Holy Trinity that most are familiar with, it is there nonetheless, and the esoteric Secret Societies that were created after the rise of the Church never lost this essential understanding.

Most with a Christian perspective will immediately equate the Divine Child with Christ Jesus. The story of the Immaculate Conception where the Virgin Mary is inseminated with the Divine Seed of God the Father is no doubt intended to be a thinly veiled reference to this Primordial Divine Family.

The Divine Child in the Taoist “Trinity” is referred to as the Primordial Light. Christ Jesus refers to himself in the Bible as “the Light”. The Primordial Light is also known as the Primordial Man, so if we continue correlate the story of Jesus with the ancient Taoist understanding, than the figure of Christ Jesus is nothing less than the embodiment of this Primordial Man.

In his first letter to the people of Corinth, Paul refers to Christ Jesus as “The Last Adam”. Traditional interpretations state this is referring to Jesus’ role in the Bible as a messianic “redeemer” for the sins of mankind and the “Original Sin” of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Modern Bible scholar, Don Stewart describes this interpretation:

Adam, the first human, was created perfect from the dust of the ground. But Adam disobeyed and brought sin into the world. Jesus is the ‘last Adam’ in the sense that He was the last man who did not have a sin nature. Although He was like Adam in that He did not have a sin nature He was different from Adam in that Jesus was from heaven. Consequently Jesus was able to be the sinless sacrifice for the sins of the world.


Adam was essentially a product of the Divine Union of Heaven (God’s breath) and Earth (the dust). Now are we talking dirt as we know it, I would argue that probably we are not. Some even point to the two separate creation stories of man in Genesis 1 and 2 as evidence that the Adam of Eden is not the true “First Man”.

Certain western esoteric traditions refer to a being known as “Adam Kadmon”. Adam Kadmon is what could be referred to as a “Divine Blueprint”- the spiritual human from which all humanity was modeled after. We read about him in the Gnostic text known as “The Secret Book of John”:

A voice called from the exalted heavenly realm, ‘The human exists and the human child’… The holy perfect mother-father, the complete forethought, the image of the invisible one, being the father of everything, through whom everything came into being, the first human- this is the one who showed them, and appeared in human shape.

This passage illustrates when Yaldabaoth the Demiurge (Saturn, Yahweh, etc.) was made aware of the Adam Kadmon having been created in the realm beyond his by a power much, much greater than he. This jealous god then went on to create a likeness of this being from matter, and using the divine blueprint to build off from.

Unfortunately, like most Divine concepts, the Adam Kadmon has been heisted and used for self-seeking ends by those who understand and utilize the plethora of dark arts.


Like the Bible, many of the Gnostic texts can be confusing and even seem contradictory at times as they are a collection of myths and legends taken from European, Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Central Asian lore and the Mystery traditions that created them. So let’s step back and return to this notion of the Heaven, Earth and Man Trinity we discussed at the outset. However, now let’s take it down a level to the world we are familiar with, where Heaven is represented by the Light of the Sun in the sky, Earth is represented by the physical ground that sustains us, and Man is of course, us. Now let’s see this concept as represented by Toltec Shaman Don Miguel Ruiz:

Light is a living being. There are billions of different vibrations of light. Light carries all the information for any kind of life on Planet Earth. Mother Earth transforms the information in the light from the Father Sun to create life. The DNA in each of our cells is a ray from the Sun condensed into matter by Mother Earth.

The information carried by the light is known as the silent knowledge. The silent knowledge is stored and passed on in DNA; therefore our bodies contain the codes. All knowledge that exists is in the light. Light is the way stars communicate from one to the other, just as light is the way one atom communicates with another atom.

Each human has a frequency of light, which is always connected to the Sun, like a river to Earth…”

The esoteric traditions understand Christ to be the Sun and the Light that comes from it and exists beyond it. I have talked about the solar symbolism behind the story of Christ Jesus at length in the past. So if we look at the above quotation, then the life-giving ray of the Sun that contacts and binds with the energies of the Earth is what creates life. The ray of the Sun is the Divine Potential of all things. The ray of the Sun is the cause of the incarnation of life on Earth, and in a sense, it IS the incarnation. It is through this incarnation of the Sun that creates each and every one of us. 360px-Grunewald_-_christ

So let’s see if we can put all of this together. In the beginning we have Primordial Heaven, aka the Divine Masculine Principle or “Father” existing alongside Primordial Earth, aka the Divine Feminine Principle or “Mother”. The unity of the two creates Primordial Light, aka the Divine Child or “Adam Kadmon”. Adam Kadmon is the spiritual blueprint or prototype for all the various expressions of humanity that exists on all planes of existence. The Adam Kadmon is incarnated through the Light of Consciousness. It is this Light that is the base component of any human being.

Mystery traditions have long understood the event of “The Fall of Adam” to refer to the descent of humanity from its pure or spiritual state into denser and denser forms of matter. This “Fall” climaxed in the middle of the Kali Yuga, where things could not (or should not) get any darker. It is at this point in history that the story of Christ Jesus is said to have taken place. This was the story of the Light of the Sun incarnating in such a way that it began an evolutionary upswing in humanity, as humanity began to ascend back towards a new Spiritual Age- the “New Heaven and New Earth”.

The first Adam was humanity descending into the depths of matter- into the Mother. The last Adam is humanity ascending into heights of spirit- back to the Father. This is about the deep occult, esoteric, and alchemical notion of transformation or “becoming”. With this understanding, first Adam wasn’t born of matter, he became matter, just as last Adam became Christ. In this light, the arguments over the historical reality of the man (or men) whose sayings are attributed to “Jesus” become meaningless.

Jesus is not a figure that we need to believe existed, it is a figure that should prompt us into action. The figure of Christ Jesus is what humanity can become. This business of a messiah and waiting for a savior is a deliberate obfuscation of this alchemical mystery that was done to instill subservience and inaction. The realization of the Divine potential, this “second coming” is about a raising of consciousness and a “Christed” or “anointed” humanity- a humanity that has aligned itself in principle and deed to the Divine Principles of Light, Life and Love that emanate from the Sun.

This alignment is done through purification and right action.

It is done through loving thy neighbor and healing the sick.

It is done through rebuking the Pharisees and kicking out the Money Changers.

It is done through Courage and Compassion. It is done through gnosis of the Light of our internal Sun that exists within us. It is done through loving the Eternal God that is the Source of that Light above all things.

It is done through the few who answer the Call of the Hero’s Journey serving as examples to the many.

It is done through radiating our Light outwards to the rest of the world as a shining beacon on a hill.

It is done through knowing that we are Rays of the Sun/Son of God.

This is how the consciousness of humanity will be raised, enabling it to manifest the New Heaven and the New Earth. This is the Great Work.

Every day when I partake in the Communion ritual, a point comes when I quietly state to myself:

Through thy word, O Father, do I command the removal of all negation from my conscious being, that I may BECOME the transformed and transfigured Lord Jesus Christ…”

The archetype of the Ascended Man, Christ Jesus is something we BECOME. We are not waiting for a messiah. To quote Hopi prophecy, “We are the Ones we have been waiting for.”


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