“In modern life, instead of people growing ‘older and wiser,’ people can simply grow older and older. People can live longer and longer without becoming any wiser for it.”


Since time immemorial, the elders among a people always held a special place of high esteem.  They were understood to be the members of a society who had spent their lives contributing to and serving their family, their community and their tribe/nation.  These were the men and women who laid the groundwork so the tribe could survive and thrive.

After these men and women were done with their normative duties of raising a family and doing the sorts of work that is required of the able bodied, they did not “retire” away from the life of the community, but on the contrary, they became an even more integral part of it.

These elders became the “wise men/women”, who  served their people by freely offering their wealth of experience and wisdom gained from real experience and hardship.  Hence, they became in many cases, the true leaders of a people- at times even beyond the sovereign, who quite often looked to these sorts of people for guidance.  In other societies, the council of elders essentially WAS the governing body.

The elders of the traditional society had the people’s admiration and respect because they earned it.

This is no longer the way things are.  We no longer have a class of elders who can guide us through their maturity, experience and wisdom.  We have a class of “olders“; a generation whose wisdom and maturity seems almost completely undifferentiated from that of their younger counterparts.

And while this transformation of elders into olders was a process that took multiple generations, and can be seen as intimately tied to industrialization and modernity; the Baby Boomers were the first to fully embody this shift where the post-child-rearing age members of the society went from being a class of wise men and women, to essentially being a class of old children.

Now there has been a surge of vitriol directed at this generation of Western “olders” (i.e. the Baby Boomer generation) in the mainstream/liberal media, scapegoating them as the cause of the rise in Nationalism that seems to threaten the “Liberal World Order“; which was established just after World War II by those in favor of a global capitalist system unconstrained by the boundaries of nation states.

Many pundits have blamed the Baby Boomer generation for the Brexit vote, that caused Britain to “begin processes” to leave the European Union.  In fact, the influence of Baby Boomers on the Brexit vote has caused left-leaning political “scientists” like Heath Pickering to propose giving Baby Boomers less of a vote, under the premise that they will not have to ‘live with the consequences of their political decisions

This idea was quickly picked up by pseudo-journalistic entertainment outfits like VICE, who published an article detailing Pickering’s opinions entitled, “Brexit Proves Baby Boomers Should Get Less of a Vote“.



But let’s be sure not to be mislead by the deceptive voices of the mainstream/liberal media.  The Baby Boomers that have been used as the scapegoat in the Brexit decision were those that lived primarily in the working class and rural areas of the U.K.- those who lived among the populations who were most detrimentally effected by the E.U.’s economic immigration policies.  They were voting for cultural, economic, and in many cases, literal survival.

These Brexit Boomers came from people who were not able to maintain the disconnected philosophy of  ivory tower liberals and rich-to-upper middle-class urbanites, who themselves, ironically, were culturally and economically sheltered from the consequences of their political decisions.

Here in the U.S., there is also a lot of venom being spewed against the Baby Boomers, essentially blaming them for the election of Trump, with many Baby Boomers themselves, like Bryan Blakely of Colorado, lamenting what they see as the failures of their generation, and even seeking some form of atonement:

We succumbed to the comfortable temptations of self-interest, left politics to others, and were blind to the rise of the ultra-conservative right (funded then, as now, by the Koch brothers and their fellow billionaires). We sat idly by as the affable Ronald Reagan set in motion policies (flattening the income tax, destroying unions, revoking the fairness doctrine) that have led to the destruction of the middle class and the rise of billionaires (who now buy politicians and dominate our politics).

We leave you a world where the two-income family is the inescapable norm, where day care replaces parenting, where it’s harder to buy a home, save for your children’s education, your retirement, or achieve an education without incurring massive debt. And under President Donald Trump, things will only get worse: The rich will get richer — and they will buy more politicians as the middle and lower classes decline in influence and economic standing. 

We let this happen: We ignored the lessons of Vietnam and Watergate. We allowed the lionization of Reagan, we made Trump possible. Many of us are trying to make amends. Help us.

There is much truth to this statement.  The Baby Boomers essentially milked the prosperity created by their parents’ and grandparents’ generation; and gave little in return.  The Neoconservative ideals that came to the forefront in the Regan/Bush administrations, have wreaked havoc on the world and aided in the overall socioeconomic decline of America in particular.

But let’s be clear- the problem with the Baby Boomers came LONG before so many of them “bought in” to the more nakedly capitalist neoliberal/neoconservative ideology.  It wasn’t because they abandoned the idealistic and faithful to the “core values” of the 60s Cultural Revolution, that caused the rise of all these things that so many no lament.

It was because they didn’t abandon these “values”, that ultimately caused the Baby Boomers to be act as a subversive and corrosive force in the West.  It was because of  Neo-Marxist ideals that they saw as virtue; ideals that were pushed on them in their spoiled naivety,  that caused them to become the generation that truly “lost the West” for their children and their descendants.


The internationalist ideals of Marxism were merged with the internationalist ideals of capitalism (not that they were ever TRULY separate), and became what is now known as the “Liberal World Order”.  Since the 1960s, these liberal/Marxist values became absorbed into the consumer capitalist system, culminating with “Social Justice” messaging being used in commercials.

Meanwhile, the “revolutionary” Neo-Marxist Critical Theory that was first disseminated by their college professors, has now become the lens through which college students come to understand the world.  Similarly the “triumphant values” of the various Neo-Marxist-inspired movements of the 1960s have become saturated in the media, helping to create the phenomenon known as “Cultural Marxism“.

The Baby Boomers rebelled against the traditional values of their parents in a way that was unprecedented.  They did not just to “come into their own”, but rather they almost seemed to resent what their ancestors had built for them as being “unfair” towards those their Marxist professors had told them were “oppressed“.

Their worldview existed as a negation of that world that had given birth to them.  They ultimately sought to tear down and invert nearly every single cultural norm and value that existed in the West at that time.  They were the first zealots of the “American Bolshevik Revolution” (a “revolution” being taken up by the Millennials).

The Baby Boomer generation were perhaps the most economically “privileged” generation to ever exist.  However, they shirked the responsibilities and became a generation that completely disregarded their role in carrying forward the material, cultural and spiritual wealth that is the legacy of their ancestors, to their descendants.  Instead, they seemed to chose to primarily “help” themselves, or those that had little-to-no connection to them.

This was largely due to a misguided resentment towards not only their parents’ generation, but Western culture as a whole; which in turn was disseminated to them through the intentionally subversive indoctrination taking pace at universities, as well as the influence of popular cultural figures like Timothy Leary, Alfred Kinsey, and the musicians that came out of Laurel Canyon.

The 1960s and its aftermath saw the concept of freedom turn from something that required self-reliance and responsibility; to what was essentially the ability to “do whatever I want“- without consequence of course.  America essentially went from having a mature, adult conception of freedom, to one that is akin to that of the child who finds his/her parent’s rules “oppressive“.

The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s is was what allowed for the integration and expansion of what has become the ideology of modern corporate globalism– the goal of World War II.  But now this system is falling apart due to its own unsustainable nature- and it is being touted as a travesty by sheltered college students, idealistic liberal grandparents and greedy hedge fund managers- all of whom see ensuring its survival as being one and the same as moral “goodness“.


It should come as no surprise that members of this 60s generation that protested seemingly anything and everything, are now “leading the charge” against President Trump.  Ironically, it was also the Baby Boomers that were the first generation to have television in the home from cradle to grave; the irony coming from the fact that the both the creation of Trump as a media personality and the “outrage” directed against him, is due in LARGE part to what people see and hear on TV- and the fact that they were raised to believe it was true.

This brings us to perhaps what is the most personally troubling aspect of the degeneration of our elders into olders, and that is their actual behavior.

During and after the Trump campaign, I found myself astounded at the generally childish behavior that people my parents’ age and older were displaying on line and in the streets.  I lost a great deal of respect for people that I had once held in fairly high esteem.  It was as if they were simply older, greyer versions of what they had been as kids in the 60s; almost as if their minds had been fossilized.

But this problem goes far beyond Trump hysteria or anything outright political.

We live in an age of the “cool mom” and the “hip dad” archetypes; where adults are more concerned with proving they’re “chill” or “with the times”, rather than actually proving they’re adults.  The result of this is children who don’t actually have parents, and end up being “raised” by other children- either figuratively or literally.

The Baby Boomers legacy is one of tearing down the “outdated” values and norms of Western society, and creating a vacuum; a hollow void that subsequent generations have been aimlessly rushing to fill with endless pleasure and distraction, while having no sense of meaning or purpose outside the shallow and superficial.

This has left a stunted, broken population with skyrocketing rates of suicide, mental illness, and degenerative disease; constantly striving to fill the void left by the destruction of a society rooted in Values beyond that of the material.

Humanism and Marxism’s attempts to secularize the idea of the “ideal human condition” has created only cheap counterfeits and destructive abominations- which are the results of any attempt to divorce the Spiritual dimensions from the affairs of this world, which is what secularization is.

The economic and political destruction overseen by the Baby Boomers as lamented by the left is largely material and ultimately, superficial.  The most serious damage is that done to the very fabric of their societies, due to the moral and spiritual corr of their beliefs and actions.

All that being said, we must be mindful that while it is certainly right to hold accountable and take to task those that are behaving in a way that is truly endangering the survival of the group (even if it is our own family), we must be careful never to slip into resentment- especially not resentment of one’s own family; the closest thing to an extension of one’s self that exists in this world.

That was what got us into this mess in the first place.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.




“But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing.”

– Gospel of James 1:25


I’m going to take a brief step away from my normal spiritual/philosophical/metapolitcal subject matter, and step into the seedy world of D.C. politics.  I found myself feeling almost “obligated” (probably just the pull of the mass mind :p) as a blogger to take a moment to give a little of my perspective on a pretty “hot-button” political issue right now, which has a lot of my fellow bloggers quite concerned (and definitely not without merit).  Obviously what I’m talking about is the repeal of Obama era “Net Neutrality“- i.e. “The End of the Internet“.

Net Neutrality was a political move by the Obama administration several years ago that essentially gave select corporations (Google, Amazon, etc.) power to monopolize the web and censor internet content they didn’t like with government blessings (and if you think the Obama administration or the majority of Dems were ever in favor of an ‘open internet’, you must not have been paying close attention).

Now that Net Neutrality is repealed, the “replacement” proposed looks to essentially give different select corporations (Verizon, Comcast, etc.) the power to monopolize the web and censor internet content they don’t like with government blessings (and if you think the Trump administration or the majority of the GOP were ever in favor of an ‘open internet’, you obviously haven’t been paying close attention).

The more things change… well, you get the point.

No one ever created freedom through legislation and regulation.

Freedom is always created through the mind, heart and will of man being connected, ultimately, to a greater something than himself: be it a family; a tribe; a nation; a code of morals and ethics, a conviction of the indomitable will, or a dream of the boundless imagination.

Freedom comes through the brilliance and perseverance of man.

Some may know that the internet was developed by military industrial complex entities like D.A.R.P.A. and global mega-corporations like IBM (and later Microsoft and Google) who took many of the best and brightest of the relatively young field of computer science to serve its ends.

The internet was always theirs.

But the problem came when the computer and then the internet became available to the civilian consumers for profit by the tech corporations.  As the industry grew and computers became more and more pervasive in running everyday life, a need was created for more and more people.  This gave the middle class and eventually even the “proles”, access to that knowledge.  And through that knowledge they were able to do pretty amazing things.

This became a problem- as is always seems to be the case when an individual or group give people gives certain knowledge to people they wish to subordinate.

With things like digital crypto-currencies, open-source technology, and a growing number of alternative social media platforms, there is no reason an entire alternative web; a real “internet 2” (and perhaps 3, 4, 5, etc.); could not be created.

I’m sure someone or a group of someone’s could be (and maybe are) doing that right now..

Maybe you?

Namaste and WRA-ALDA’s Blessings.


The Death of Alternative Media: FCC Murder the Internet December 14

FCC Repeals Obama Censorship Of The Internet Cloaked As ‘Net Neutrality’


House Votes Against ‘Net Neutrality’ (NYT Feb. 2011)




“Here’s my take on it. Equality does not exist – because the universe has no need for it. The only thing that we all have in equal measure and of equal value is our state of aliveness. That aliveness brings a unique opening for growth as spirit descends temporarily into matter. On this expedition, the depth and quality of our being, through growth and purity of presence, is the only measure of value that is worth a damn. That is our equal opportunity. What we do with it is up to us. We generate our own value and it cannot be known by another. Everyone is at a different level of inner attainment and becoming. The animal, the soul, and the divine seek union in their own time, in their own way.”

– Neil Kramer, British philosopher and esotericist from his essay, ‘Cult of the God Men


The conversation around racial inequality is inevitably contradictory. Let’s look at the NBA, for example. If I was to complain of a lack of representation of Asians in the ranks of the NBA, I would probably get laughed at. Men of African genetics dominate the NBA because men of African genetics are better adapted to excel in the game of basketball. Black men on average tend to be taller, faster, etc. There is also a certain cultural component to it as well. Are there exceptions? Of course, but we are dealing in generalities that can most certainly be made and are in large part, general knowledge.

There seems to be no real issue for people in dealing with the notion of inequality when it comes to performance in sports and athletic competition. Most people on some level accept that various races and ethnic groups will tend to gravitate towards and excel at certain forms of physical competition while not doing so well in others, and not be offended by that.

But now, when we take this concept of inequality outside the realm of purely physical competition, now all of a sudden everyone becomes incredibly sensitive and uncomfortable.

When we go from looking at basketball scores and begin looking at IQ scores, and we see White students statistically scoring higher than Blacks and Latinos on average, and then Asians scoring higher than everyone (notice no one really includes Asians in the “race debate”), there are a multitude of justifications and outright excuses made as to why this is. People blame “White privilege”, lack of economic “opportunity”, the education system, etc. Nobody wants to believe that on average, (again there are ALWAYS exceptions and every statistic has a “bell curve”) that a majority of African-Americans and Latinos have a harder time thinking and processing information in the same manner that Whites and Asians do.

Does this mean that African-Americans and Latinos are “inferior” to Whites and Asians? No. It just means that on average they tend to process information about the world around them in a different manner. This means that racial characteristics may not just be physical, but also mental and psychological. It means that perhaps the educational model we have is not “universal” after all, and that such a thing may not exist no matter how bad we want it to.

What is being argued for is a society where there is no individual reward based on merit and work, only an across the board “fairness”. No striving to be the best at something, because that will make someone else feel bad and insecure about their own shortcomings and weaknesses. It is a world that no longer gives elaborate trophies to “champions” who put the most forth the most effort, but rather hands out miniature “participant” trophies to everyone that say “everyone’s a winner”. These are our future leaders that are openly in favor of restricting free speech so that no one’s feelings get hurt and hiding in “Safe Spaces” when someone says something that makes them uncomfortable. We should all be quite concerned with this.

This constant focus on the “inequality” of men vs. women and black vs. white is a tried-and-true tactic of “divide and rule”; intentionally stirring up resentments to get a population to fight amongst itself, keeping the people from uniting under common interests and aspirations. It keeps us from building a society where we strive for greatness, but rather we spend our energy making sure no one can be better than us or have more than us. A society where special privileges are demanded for those who see themselves as victims.

How is calling for special rights and privileges for one group of people reminiscent of Martin Luther King’s “dream” of people being judged “not by the color of their skin, but on the content of their character”? This is a weak and disempowered world we are building for ourselves.


This modern notion of equality is held up as a Utopian ideal, but what does it really mean? In math terms, when something is “equal”, it essentially means it is the same. For all humans to be equal, all humans must be exactly the same. Is there any way anyone can possibly believe that all humans are exactly the same in every manner, as a state of true equality would necessitate?

On a functional level, if you believe that any one person or a group of persons can on any day be stronger, smarter, faster, funnier, or more creative than another, then you don’t really believe in equality. If you believe anyone can “earn” anything based on work or merit or the like, then you don’t really believe in equality.

Unlike biologically determinable things like gender and race, this modern notion of “equality” is a social construct in the truest sense. This quality of inherent “sameness” does not exist in nature- “no two snowflakes are alike”. There are always going to be those who have “more” of some trait, capability or resource than another. The attempt to build a society based on this notion is a kin to building a castle on sand.

I find it funny that so often the words “diversity” and “equality” are used in conjunction with one another when the two concepts are not really compatible, as to be diverse, means to have variation, and to be equal is to be without variation.

In our efforts for equality amongst genders, races, ethnicities, sexual preferences, etc., we are doing little more than attempting to build structures that hide our own insecurities about how we see ourselves next to others. We are either pointing our finger in accusatory resentment towards our alleged oppressors, stating that it is their fault that we feel weak and inadequate in some way; or we are allowing ourselves to feel guilty for being smart, or strong, or beautiful, or talented, and allowing that guilt to trick us into hiding and suppressing these things so we don’t shine too much and make someone else feel bad. Why would anyone want that?

Sadly, what is being done in promoting this “equality” is not attempt to elevate everyone to excel and rise to his or her full potential, but rather bring everyone down to the level of the lowest common denominator. This is evidenced by the slow degeneration of both academia and culture. This is what is known as “the race to the bottom”.

Equality as it is understood in modern socio-political jargon is a belief system and nothing more. An attempt to build a society based on this sort of equality is to once again attempt to stand in opposition to the Laws of Nature and Creation. How many times are we going to do this before we realize this doesn’t really help us in the long run?

I particularly encourage folks with spiritual leanings in the esoteric and mystic traditions to contemplate and meditate on this concept of equality, particularly if you believe in and understand the reality of Karma and the Principle of Cause and Effect (i.e. the Law of Attraction). How is it that one can hold an understanding of the truth of Karma and Cause and Effect; which essentially states that there is a Divine Justice at work in reality and that everyone “reaps what they sow”; while simultaneously holding onto the belief that everyone is “equal” and therefore entitled to the same life and opportunities as everyone else? These two concepts are incompatible with one-another and cannot co-exist as “truths”. Either we reap what we sow, or we are entitled to the same things as everyone else. We can’t have it both ways. One statement is true and the other is false. Which is it?

We are all equal in the eyes of God and our bond to the Laws of Nature and Creation. After that however, any of these sort of “humanist” notions of equal intellect or equal creative potential, or equal anything else on the level of individuals or collective groups is purely an illusion. This “equality” we are sold is no more than a promotion of “sameness” to essentially get us to buy into the notion that humans are interchangeable and replaceable like nameless, faceless automatons. Contrary the sort of uplifting and “feel good” façade, equality is in fact a way of saying there is nothing special or remarkable about anyone- WE ARE ALL THE SAME. This is a perfect belief system for a global corporate government.

On the ultimate, base level of the Divine Self that makes up the core of every human being, we do have a sort of basic “equality” of being made of the same “stuff”. However, we are individuated expressions of this Divine “Stuff” as it manifests through Heaven and Earth. It is this process of the ONE God incarnating and becoming many different perspectives and personalities that negates equality. Equality exists at the Source, not in the avenues of Creation.

While we all have groups and “tribes” that we are a part of and have physical as well as spiritual responsibilities and ties to, we are still ultimately here to bring our own individual selves into a place of Internal Sovereignty or “Mastery”. We cannot move towards Mastery if we reside in a place of helplessness and maintain some form of victim mentality.

Even when we are aware that there are individuals and groups that maintain systems of control to keep us at a low level of conscious awareness, it is we who can choose to complain about oppression or we can make the choice to take back our power and “throw off” the chains made for us. We choose in our own minds whether we will be masters of our destiny or victims of our circumstance. We choose if we are going to conduct ourselves from a place of empowerment or from a place of weakness. Which is it for you?

Namaste and God Bless.


“The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

– Thomas Jefferson


Robert "LaVoy" Finicum: photo courtesy

Those following the occupation/standoff situation between state and federal “authorities” and Ammon Bundy along with his militia team at the Melheur Wildlife Refuge in southern Oregon, may have heard that recently Bundy was taken into custody. As of writing it has been less than 24 hours since the news broke about Bundy having been taken into police custody after being pulled over at a traffic stop en route to a town meeting. This traffic stop somehow ended up leaving Ammon’s brother, Ryan Bundy wounded and left the Spokesman for the group, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, a Mormon rancher and father of 11, dead one day before his 56th birthday.

The occupation arose initially due to a situation involving Steven and Dwight Hammond– an elderly rancher and his son, who owned a ranch in southern Oregon next to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge that shared a water source with the ranch. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had been harassing this family over their legally owned property for years over land and water use. Several years ago, there was a situation in which a fire broke out due to a lightning storm on the border of the rancher’s property and federal land. The Hammonds intentionally lit a back-fire, as is common practice, to control and contain the wildfire. This was successful and it ultimately ended up saving the rancher’s land as well as federal land. However, after the ranchers called the BLM to report the situation, the BLM arrested them and cited them on arson charges, but the judge who oversaw the case stated that the standard federal sentences constituted as “cruel and unusual punishment” and significantly reduced the sentences for the elderly rancher and his son.

Bewildered as to why the federal government through the BLM seemed to be targeting and harassing her family, Hammond’s wife, Susan did some investigation on her own about the BLM and their mission to “protect wild lands”. The stated purpose and the common assumption is that the confiscation of these private lands by the federal government was to “protect” the plant and wildlife on them so they were better able to thrive. However, what the wife found was a federal study done in 1975 by the federal Fish and Wildlife Service stating that there was an issue of wildlife (both predatory and grazing) migrating from the confiscated federal land to land managed by farmers and ranchers, and that the managed land was in overall better health.  Ultimately what this study appeared to show that the claims of the federal government that the confiscation of private land was done for the benefit of plants and animals was false. The wife went public with these findings, which some might argue, led to the re-indictment of her husband and son.

There is also the potential motivation of mineral resources for the land confiscation, because according to The New Media Journal the area in which Harney County is located is potentially rich in many natural resources including Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Arsenic, Mercury, Molybdenum, Coal, Diatomite, Bentonite Natural Gas and Uranium.”

After serving their sentence, the Hammonds went home. However, certain parties the BLM re-opened the case, and determined that because the ranchers didn’t serve the federal minimum, they needed to be slapped with “terrorism” charges.  The feds saw that the judge’s decision needed to be overruled and the ranchers needed to be re-tried and sent back to jail- all of which is flagrantly illegal and un-Constitutional. It was during this time that the Hammonds reached out to the Bundy family. Folks may remember the standoff at Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Nevada between the family and their militia/patriot supporters and agents of the BLM, in which the BLM stood down. Cliven Bundy’s land had been targeted for federal “appropriation”, although it later came out that it had to do with selling the land to an energy company which long-time state senator, Harry Reid’s son was working with. A recent video of a BLM awards ceremony shows members of the agency openly stating that they “steal” land. What is happening here is use of bureaucratic red tape and mafia-style tactics to force people off their private property.

After the Hammond’s were re-sentenced, Bundy and his team took over the wildlife refuge just outside of Burns, Oregon, demanding the release of the Hammonds. It was at this time, the Hammond’s stated that the Bundys did not speak for them and did their best to distance themselves from Bundy. It is not known what caused this change of heart, but my guess is that it either has to do with reduced/increased jail sentences, prison conditions, and/or the safety and security of their family. Likewise, many from the town expressed displeasure with these “outsiders” coming into their town, regardless of whether or not they agreed with their cause in principle or in practice. Even many in the alternative media/patriot community disproved of the way Bundy and the militias went about things, and even suspected possible federal infiltrators and agent provocateurs in the group.

Now the situation has seemingly climaxed with the arrest of Ammon Bundy and others on federal charges and sketchy details of a situation surrounding a traffic stop that left Ryan Bundy wounded by a gunshot and Robert “LaVoy” Finicum dead. If I was to take a guess, police and federal agents that may have been involved probably needed to get a story together that would be digestible for the general public and portray them in a positive light while simultaneously demonizing these “militants”. Time will tell. However according to what Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore told local media outlets, Ammon Bundy called his wife after being detained by law enforcement authorities, informing her that Finicum was cooperating with law enforcement officials before being shot and killed.  Finicum’s daughter Thara Lynn Tenney posted a message on her Facebook page stating:

“I want the world to know how my father was murdered today. His hands were in the air and he was shot in the face by the American authorities. Ammon Bundy reported there are 6 witnesses to this evil,”

I talked with a friend of mine last night, who has not approved of the situation from the get-go. She stated that she thought it was unfortunate that someone died as a result of this, but felt it was something that needed to be stopped. She agreed with Governor Kate Brown that the federal government needed to come in to establish “law and order”, and that it was wrong for them to be there. She cited the estimates of how much money it was supposedly costing the taxpayers. My friend finally stated that nobody wanted them there and their cause wasn’t worth someone losing their life. I thought about this for a bit and wondered if the then-unnamed man who was shot and killed presumably by police and federal agents, believed this cause was not worth his life. It turns out that Finicum told NBC News on January 5th:

There are things more important than your life, and freedom is one of them…

What is a cause that is worth dying for? Most people don’t even think like that anymore. It is safe to say that the average man (or woman) nowadays is more concerned with saving his own skin (and cash) than sacrificing it for a noble cause. We have of course the soldiers and veterans of the Armed Services that go to war. They believe they are dying for a noble cause. And while in combat, saving the life of a brother-in-arms is most certainly noble regardless of what “side” you’re on, the actual causes and purposes for American wars hasn’t been “noble” in that it served the long-term best interests of the American people, or the populations we were “helping” for over a century.

Here at home, we have police officers killed in the line of duty seen as heroes, dying for a noble cause. Again, context is key here, as the police have been used to enforce an un-Constitutional and federally enabled “War on Drugs” that have turned the streets of many of America’s major cities into war zones. Likewise they have been used as backup to enforce policies that deliberately violate the liberty of law-abiding citizens, and oftentimes with excessive and deadly force. Regardless of unpleasant realities, by and large the causes of the American soldier and police officer are held in esteem by the general public as noble and worth dying for (although there seems to be less esteem for cops these days). More importantly though, the soldiers and police officers that wear the uniform see their cause as one worth dying for, although there are certainly cowards and individuals who don’t believe they’ll die in every bunch.

So what of the cause of the Bundys and this reignited “Sagebrush Rebellion”? Even after the Hammond’s attempted to distance themselves from the Bundys, the common consensus among the supporters was that this cause was bigger than one family and their individual plight. The seizing of lands by the federal government operating as a private corporate entity, separate from the general population of the U.S., has been going on since the end of the Civil War. The Civil War itself was a major show of force from Washington D.C. over the States. Today there are numerous, seemingly increasing incidents of the federal government operating as a private entity, taking land from families in the western U.S. that had been operating on, and taking care of that land for multiple generations. One of the tenets of communism is the abolition of private property. Nowadays this is done through federal, state and local implementation of U.N. Agenda 21 and through the actions and policies of bureaucracies like the BLM.

Legally, the federal government only has rights of ownership in ports, military bases nad the city of D.C.- THAT’S IT.  The continued exclusion of the general public from increasingly large swaths of land is illegal under the government’s own laws.  As is the eviction of Americans who have owned and used said land. Many of these farmers and ranchers, as well as their families and numerous supporters see this as a time when they need to “hang together, or assuredly be hanged separately.” They see their freedom and livelihood as under a collective attack by an increasingly aggressive and hostile federal entity that has separated its will from the will of the people. These are the prototypical “Salt of the Earth” Americans- pioneer stock who still believe in honesty, hard work, and self-sufficiency: values and morals that are fading into the sunset.  These are the sorts of people that increasingly urbanized generations of Americans are being taught and conditioned to demonize and hate.

Is protecting one’s land and livelihood, and the land and livelihood of his family and fellows something anyone considers a “noble” cause anymore? The protection of one’s territory and the ability of one’s family to freely survive and thrive within that territory is a law of the animal kingdom and the natural world, so is this not something that should be respected and honored?  Is defending the freedom of land use that was enshrined in the values of the “freeman” of our ancient European forbears something worth defending?  Is defending the freedom of private property, a value enshrined in not only the Constitution that sets the ethics and values of our collective “tribe” of Americans a cause worth dying for? According to Robert Finicum, it was, and in the case of his life and his sacrifice, that’s the only person who’s opinion truly holds any weight.

If nothing else, this is perhaps this is a good time to reflect on what our values are as individuals, as members of this tribe known as Americans, or members of the tribe united by the understanding of the Divine Principle of Free Will. What would you die for? Would you die for your children?  Would you die for your family or your friends? Would you die for an animal companion? Would you die for your faith, whatever that may be? Would you die for the principles of liberty and free will? Better question, would you be willing to die if no one else was?  Would you be willing to die in a battle if you thought it would make the world a better place not just for your children, but for those future generations you will never meet?  And would you honestly and truly be willing to suffer and die even the most terrible of deaths for those things?  It can be hard for many of us to truly comprehend any of this, as these values are not really taught or esteemed these days in our culture.

Jesus stated in John 15:13, “Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends.” In fact, one can absolutely argue the point that the story of Jesus is a fable about sacrificing one’s physical body for a sort of “greater good”, despite being persecuted and reviled by the establishment and eventually one’s own countrymen, and then betrayed by one’s own brother “in arms”.

It is too easy for those who may stand ideologically opposed on an issue such as this, to sit in judgement of someone dying for a cause we personally don’t believe in.  It is too easy to belittle and devalue the significance of someone dying for what they see as a righteous cause, if one doesn’t hold the same opinion.  It is especially easy if we ourselves can’t honestly say that we value anything beyond ourselves to that extreme degree of self-sacrifice.  The principle of a warrior has always been one who was willing to go to war and die to protect and uphold the interests and values of his “tribe”.  Like his tribe or not, Robert Finicum did just that.

So in closing, let us allow compassionate hearts and prayers to go out to the family and loved ones of Robert “Lavoy” Finicum. Let these prayers go out to the soul of Robert himself, wishing him safe travels as he transitions into the Life beyond this one. He died fighting for a cause he understood to be right and honorable, and that is something to be honored.

Namaste and God Bless.


Ex·trem·ist (n):
Somebody who holds extreme or radical political or religious beliefs;
(adj): involving, typical of, or motivated by extreme opinions, especially in politics or religion.

Rad·i·cal (adj):
Favoring or making economic, political, or social changes of a sweeping or extreme nature.

Ter·ror·ist (n):
Somebody who uses violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, to intimidate, often for political purposes.

The above listed terms and their definitions are ones that we as Americans, as well as people in Western nations in general, have become all too familiar with. Here in the States, the “War on Terror” has officially gone on for over 14 years now, and shows no sign of stopping. As myself and many others have previously stated, it is not something that is ever meant to end, as it enriches the Military Industrial Complex both in military operations abroad, as well as domestic surveillance and the construction of a federalized police state at home.

At this point, I feel it would be laboriously repetitive for me to go further into how all that works at this point. What I want to look at here is the narrative being established and the deeper meaning behind it. A recent interview with sociopolitical and media narrative researcher and analyst, Jay Dyer presented a deeper perspective about the whole “radical extremism” narrative that is playing out on both sides of the media. This was something that I felt compelled to explore myself.

The whole world now is on red alert because of the actions of the “newest face” of Islamic extremism, ISIS. The Paris Attacks last month, and now the more recent San Bernardino mass shooting/terror attack have got the world gripped in a state of fear and panic. President Obama even gave a rare prime time speech to address the issue, which was obviously done to create hype around the incident. While tragic and definitely a bit “close to home” for me as I work with people with developmental disabilities, the narrative around the event is somewhat suspect. First we have a mass shooter drill happening to take place at the same time as the supposed event. Second, we have what was originally described as three assailants reported officially reduced to two (we saw a similar occurrence around the Colorado Theater Shooting narrative). Third, we have the police stepping aside and letting all who wish essentially ransack the suspects’ home on live television before even conducting an investigation of the crime scene, essentially destroying any ability to connect anyone else directly to the attacks.


However, what I find intriguing is the “battle” between the left and the right over who the “most dangerous” extremist group is. If you look at the Right Wing, NeoCon media (i.e. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc.), they will hammer home the point that it is Islamic extremism that is the greatest threat to our safety and security, coupled with the migrant “surges” happening from the southern border. They will state that more needs to be done abroad to destroy ISIS and that their large fan base is so numerous that Islam itself is an existential threat to America. This was recently echoed by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, who cited examples of Islamic communities celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers during 9/11 and the recent events of soccer matches, among the reasons why any and all Muslims need to be prevented from entering the U.S. until the nation can “figure out what the hell is going on”.

On the Left, we have the “Liberal” media (i.e. MSNBC and pretty much every other major news outlet) stating that while ISIS is bad, the “real threat” in America is not Radical Islam, but rather the “white male” mass shooters such as Dylann Storm Roof (I still have a hard time believing that one) and the recent shoot-up of a Colorado abortion clinic by the almost equally strange “Robert Dear”; as in “Robert, dear, can you take out the trash?” In either case, both these men were supposedly motivated by a sort of extreme “Right Wing” ideology, be it racism, or fundamentalist Christianity, it was vehemently opposed to the ultra-politically-correct ideals of the “Liberal” Left.

In either case, both support a sort of “lockdown” policy to “keep this from happening again”. The Right favors a closing of the border, militarism, and greater surveillance to prevent Islamic extremists and other undesirable “non-Americans” from being able to do us harm. The Left favors severe gun restrictions, “hate” speech restrictions for politically incorrect language and ideas, and greater surveillance to prevent dangerous White extremists and other “hate groups” from being able to do us harm. So what do both of these policies have in common? Obviously, both share the belief that it is centralized government power, rather than a self-reliant, self-sufficient and otherwise empowered citizenry, that is the key to “keeping us safe”. But there is something else going on here as well.

faces of terror

One thing that is happening across the board in the media that we should pay close attention to is the back and forth substitutions of the words “extremist“, “terrorist“, and “radical“.  This is done deliberately so that we equate anyone that have “extreme views” (i.e. views different from mainline establishment thought) with terrorists, regardless of whether or not these people are actually use aggressive violence towards others.  This is the current that underlies the whole “terrorism” narrative on both the Right and the Left side of the Power Structure.  In truth, this isn’t a war on “terrorism” at all.

What do Religious fundamentalists (Islamic, Christian, etc.), White Nationalists (or Black Nationalists, or Hispanic Nationalists, etc.), Sovereign Citizens, Anarchists, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and “Conspiracy Theorists” all have in common? They all have strong ideologies or opinions that in some form or fashion create competition and opposition to the dominant power structure and the elite that control it. These are ideologies that supersede the allegiance to the State in the minds and hearts of those individuals who subscribe to them. These are ideologies that if left alone, threaten the power monopoly of the State, which is why the State will either seek to infiltrate and “co-opt” them, so as to use them for its own purposes, or it will seek to destroy them.

Let’s briefly take a look at each of these different ideologies that cause the State so much concern:

Religious fundamentalism or “extremism” is what is on is on everybody’s tongue right now. Religious fundamentalism is typically the strict adherence to a particular religion and its doctrine. Fundamentalists tend to hold to a literal or “exoteric” interpretation of their religion, and tend to be “traditionalists”- meaning they believe in traditional families and cultural moral values.  While most religious fundamentalists are not violent, the belief in any sort of “Higher Power” that supersedes the State is going to be targeted and demonized.  Likewise so will any ideologies around moral virtue or traditionalism that are not “State-endorsed“.  At the same time the State will drum up fear of these ideologies in the public mind to enhance its own power and control. While particular fundamentalist ideologies like violent Islamic extremism (which is typically government enabled and funded), are used to de-stabilize various regions resistant to Globalism, the goal is ultimately for these ideologies to be absorbed into a Corporate Global Monoculture based in consumerism and debt slavery.

Nationalism, while not as much of a focal point in the States, is really gaining steam in Europe. Nationalism is the belief that the state, acting as an extension of a particular culture, tribe, folk, or race needs to remain sovereign and maintain the ability for self-determination, free of influence or pressure from outside nations or groups. The various Nationalist movements are demonized heavily in the media there, as well as here to a lesser degree. Factions of the Power Elite have used Nationalism to their advantage in the past, but as the power structure moved full swing into a Trans-National Globalist system with the conclusion of World War II, any form of Nationalism is now seen as an enemy of “progress”. We would do well to understand that the one of the primary purposes of World War II was to crush folkish Nationalism and usher in a “cosmopolitan” Globalist system.


Sovereign Citizens or “Freeman” essentially reject the notion that the State has any legitimate authority over their lives. They understand the “LEGAL NAME” as it appears in all CAPS on your birth certificate, driver’s license, and any court documents to be different than the actual flesh and blood human person. The LEGAL NAME is a corporate entity, and one’s consent to it essentially makes one property of the State and the power structure behind it. Sovereign Citizens and Freeman use this legal understanding to separate themselves from the State, most notably from paying taxes, particularly income taxes (which are unconstitutionally levied by a private bank). The State cannot exist without funding from private citizens, so naturally, anyone with this sort of ideology and understanding is seen as a threat. Far from violent, Sovereign Citizens typically just want to be left alone.  You can read for yourself: Global SOv Handbook_0

Anarchists have a similar ideology to Sovereign Citizens, as they do not believe in the legitimacy of the State or government at all whatsoever. Anarchists do not believe that any group or individual has the right do declare itself as an authority over another. Anarchists believe that any imposition upon an individual’s free will (including taxation and imprisonment) that isn’t self-defense is immoral and illegitimate. Anarchists have been given a bad rap due to the use of violence in protest settings which have mainly been perpetrated by agent provocateurs rather than actual anarchists; particularly in recent decades. The public has been conditioned to fear the word “anarchy” and link it to chaos. Anarchy in fact does not mean “without rules”, it means “without rulers”. This makes those who subscribe to it a natural enemy of the State.


Libertarianism could be considered as “Anarchy Lite”. Libertarians share many of the same beliefs as Anarchists, but believe in some form of severely limited representative government. As the State seeks to continuously expand itself, Libertarianism is seen as an enemy, although their ideology of unrestricted markets can tend to play into the hands of Corporate Globalism. Libertarians also tend to be anti-imperialism, which puts them at odds with the Military Industrial Complex that steers much of U.S. foreign policy. Libertarians often identify as “fiscally conservative” but “socially liberal”.

Constitutionalists are similar to Libertarians in ideology, but specifically hold allegiance to the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. However, many Constitutionalists also tend to be conservative Christian and “pro-life”, while Libertarians tend to lean towards “pro-choice”. Constitutionalists reject the idea that the Constitution is a “living document” open to free interpretation that changes with the times. This ideology is particularly troublesome to the U.S. Federal Government as it has increasingly sought to expand its power and influence both at home and abroad, far beyond the scope outlined in that document. If one looks at the definition of the word, it would in fact be the Federal Government that would be defined as “radical”.


Within the category of “Constitutionalists”, we have a large portion of active and retired U.S. Military Service members. These are men and women who swore an oath to the Constitution and it is no small wonder that returning veterans are at the top of Homeland Security’s “Terror Watch List” (here’s the pdf of the report: rightwing).  In fact, police chiefs have justified their Homeland Security funded military weapons and vehicles due to the “threat” of “Constitutionalists” and “veterans” who have “the ability and knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques”. Throughout history, it has been the military and their codes of honor that has proven to be the biggest thorn in the side of political despotism.

Lastly we have “Conspiracy Theorists”. This has been a blanket term used to apply to pretty much anyone that believes that governments lie or that small groups of people meet in secret and make plans. While these “Conspiracy Theorists” run the gamut as far as areas of focus, from false-flag terrorism to U.F.O. cover-ups, nearly all of them point to secrecy, deception and outright lawless actions being perpetrated by the State in the past or in the present. Naturally, the State does not care for this and seeks to marginalize anyone who points to any wrong doing on the part of the power structure.

Another thing that tends to link “Conspiracy Theorists” is a “belief in a New World Order conspiracy”. So what is the New World Order exactly? Aside from just being a concept mentioned in speeches by both former President George H. W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton, and far from some fantasy construct of a dystopian sci-fi novel, the “New World Order” is nothing more and nothing less than the logical end-result of Trans-National Corporate Globalism. It is a gigantic corporate merger- a consolidation of power and influence by select financial and corporate interests, their shareholders as well as the politicians and bureaucrats they have under their thumb. It is a group of cartels with who work together to enhance mutual interests and dominate world markets and resources.

corporate man

The stated goal is to create a “one world government” ruled by a sort of “neo-feudalistic serfdom”, with a form of Socialism/Communism for the masses, while the “feudal lords” sit in offshore tax havens and fortified compounds. For those familiar with the “company towns” of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it could be likened to that on a global scale. In fact, the nature of sovereignty erasing trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership is evidence of this.

The subject as to who these “feudal lords” that sit atop this “pyramid” has long been debated. Count Richard von Coudenhove–Kalergi, founder and President of the Pan-European Union, which was the predecessor of the E.U., was a big-time power player in the Globalist movement. The Count gave us a somewhat of a clue of who these “lords” might be with this statement from his 1925 book, “Praktischer Idealismus”:

From the European quantity people… two quality races rise up: blood aristocracy and Jewry… both believe in their higher mission, of their better blood… The superiority of their spirit predestines them to become a main factor of the future nobility.

It should be noted that the British-Dutch-German royal family are the prime shareholders of Dutch Royal Shell Oil Corporation and the largest land owners in the world. Meanwhile Jewish elite financial empires like N.M. Rothschild and Goldman-Sachs influence interest rates and hold sway over major global financial lenders like the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements– the central bank of central banks like the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve. It was these financial interests as well as their counterparts on Wall Street that funded both the Zionist and Bolshevik movements of the early 20th century. Historically, the financial/merchant class has worked with aristocracy to enhance one another’s interests and power for centuries.

The late Carroll Quigley, former Georgetown University Professor and mentor to former President Bill Clinton wrote the encyclopedic-length work of dry non-fiction “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time”, in which he detailed with optimistic enthusiasm the mechanisms of what he referred to as the “Anglo-American Establishment”. The Anglo-American Establishment describes the alliance between the British Empire and the elite financial and corporate interests that were behind it (i.e. Rothschild) and the emerging American Empire and its financial and industrial titans like J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. The forming of the much-celebrated “Special Relationship” between the U.S. and Britain in the late 19th century was at its core founded on a belief in the need for Anglo-American hegemony across the globe. As the British Empire declined, the American Empire took its place.

After the Anglo-American Establishment emerged victorious in World War II, a new entity emerged, referred to by President Eisenhower as the “Military Industrial Complex”, which acted as the “bulldog” for the financial and corporate entities who sought to get nations into debt they could not pay back, so they could then pillage their resources. The Military Industrial Complex was there to make sure that happened. Controlled primarily by the American WASP elites with ties to Zionism, this combine of arms dealers and weapons manufacturers used the power and influence they had gained in the Second World War to make sure that the war never ended. The creation of entities like the CIA as well as other Military Industrial Complex entities and operations helped to ensure this through use of false-flag terror, psychological warfare, narcotics trafficking, sex trafficking, manufactured revolutions, assassinations and puppet dictators.

With the spread of Corporate Globalism, new players like China entered into the equation. While western interests had covertly financed the Communist Revolution of Mao Tse Tung for decades, Communist China remained an “enemy” in the eyes of the general public through the Vietnam War. However, in the mid- 1970s China was “opened” to western markets- a move led by then U.S. Envoy to China and later CIA Director, George H.W. Bush. This was the beginning of the new chapter of the strange love-hate relationship between China, their elites like the Li family, and the Anglo-American Establishment. The Corporate Globalists love China due to their unending supply of cheap labor and complete disregard for the environment and human rights. Meanwhile those who are on the military and finance side of things know that China is still out for China, and not really “in” with the Judeo-Anglo-American Establishment, which seeks to be the dominant force in the world as it has for the last nearly 200 years.

The New World Order is a comprehensive system of dominance in financial, corporate, and government spheres where the most ruthless rise to the top, while the rest of the world is kept in a compartmentalized state. It is a system tailor-made for psychopaths. While there is infighting and backstabbing, as there is “no honor among thieves”, there is cooperation in the manner of a group of cartels. Judeo-Zionist, Anglo-American, and European elites primarily drive it, however players like the Saudis and the Chinese have played an increasing role in the past few decades. It has been said that millionaires see the world as a “playground”, while billionaires see the world as a “proving ground”, and this is certainly the case here as this is no “millionaires club”. The primary ideology is that of “Social Darwinism” and the belief that the 0.0001% who are in this “club” have a duty to direct the course of human civilization and lead the masses of the human population down “the right path”, with or without their consent.

However, these are also people who deeply understand the Law of Karma, which is why they always say what they are going to do in white papers, dry academic works, etc. before they do it. Silence, apathy, ignorance and disbelief from the general public equates to consent, as the information and stated goals of these folks is readily available. Likewise, they use “grunts” like the police and the military to do their dirty work, thereby skirting the immediate repercussions of Karma. They understand human psychology to an incredibly sophisticated degree and are masters at playing groups off against one another in order to advance their goals and create “order out of chaos”.


This is the “New World Order” in a nutshell. It is the Global Corporate Mega-State. This is an entity that has been constructed in the darkness of secrecy away from the light of inquiry, but now has become more vocal and blatant with its actions, as its dominance has caused it to grow in chutzpah and arrogance. Needless to say, this system as a whole is not something that most people would consent to if they were fully aware of it, which is why anyone sounding the alarm about any aspect of this is going to be ridiculed, demonized, or worse by the establishment.

So let’s be clear: governments aren’t afraid of terrorism. Governments have used terrorism for quite some time to advance their own power. What governments are afraid of are ideologies that compete with their own. The State and the individuals behind it know their real power lies in their hold over the minds and hearts of their populace. If that is gone, it is only a matter of time before they are as well.

We should note that it is increasingly accurate to use an impersonal term like “the State” in reference to the U.S. Government as it no longer matters who “the face” is, since we have a dictatorship of Executive Branch bureaucracies and the corporate interests that control them. Policies shift focus and move faster, but never really “change”. This is a State that has not been “for the people” for a long, long time. Similar statements can be made of most governments that are in existence today.

So that leads us to the question of what exactly is the ideology of the State and the emerging Global Corporate Mega State that ultimately seeks to completely absorb it? First and foremost, the State seeks to establish itself as God (although it will never say that). The State wants you to look to it for life and sustenance. The State wants you to look to it and only it, for safety and security. The State wants women to see it as provider, children to see it as parent, and men to see it as master. The State wants to destroy human sexuality and even human imagination because of the power it has to create without the approval of the State. The State will tell you what is moral and virtuous. The State will take your ideas and your movements and make them work to advance its own goals. All things belong to the State.  The State will let you have whatever does not threaten its power.

The State wants the “poor and oppressed” to look to it for hope, opportunity, and charity which it will give in exchange for loyalty and the elimination of its enemies. The State must crush any and all competition. The State must silence any and all dissent or ridicule. The State will choose what words and language is appropriate. The State will decide what sort of science and technology you can and can’t have. The State wants you to consume more and more. The State wants you to be self-absorbed and apathetic. The State wants you to care about frivolous things and obsess over mindless entertainment. The State wants you to believe you can only be what it says you can be. The State wants you to believe everything its “experts” and media pundits tell you.  The State will write history.  The State will tell you what is true or false.The State must dictate your reality.

The State wants you to cheer it on, no matter what it does. The State demands tribute and it demands sacrifice. The State will tell you that it is virtuous and honorable to pay your tribute to the State. The State cannot survive without it. The State thinks there are too many people and that threatens its ability to maintain power and control. The true nature of the State is that of a parasitic entity. It may give a tiny little bit, but then it takes oh so much more. Like a cancer it grows and grows. The State wants you in its cage until you die broke and in debt. The State will say what is good is evil and what is evil is good. The antithesis of Light, Life and Love, the State as we know it is an archaic holdover from the Kali Yuga and represents darkness, death and fear. The State is a vampiric illusion that only exists because we have put our faith and energy into maintaining it.

This is the State as it has come to be. This is the Global Corporate Mega-State. It is “Left Wing” as well as a bit “Right Wing”. It is all about you having any sort of “freedom” that keeps you dumbed-down, distracted and self-absorbed. It wants to take all of your money as you slowly die from the diseases that it creates or allows to be created in a variety of ways. It tolerates homogeneous, watered-down religion, just as long as your actions in the world are passive and subordinate to the State, and your life remains primarily focused on tribute and support of the State. It wants you to serve it until you no longer serve a purpose. It wants you to believe you are weak, powerless, and ugly. But in truth, it knows how powerful you truly are and is scared to death of that.

At the end of the day, an “extremist” is anyone who does not agree with the legitimacy of the power monopoly of the State and its attempt to dictate reality. An “extremist” sees the State’s attempt to become God for what it is. An “extremist” isn’t a threat because he or she uses bombs, or guns, or other fear-based tactics. An “extremist” is a threat because he or she isn’t afraid to use words and ideas to create a different version of reality than the one the State approves of. The Word and the Imagination are humanity’s most powerful tools, which is why the State seeks to suppress and control them with such vigor.


So in closing, my question to you, dear reader, is this: where do you stand? Do you stand with the State? Or do you follow a “Higher Power”? Will you be an “extremist”? Or will you be absorbed into the Global Corporate Mega-State?

Humanity is at a fork in the road, and the time is coming where we will all have to make the “hard choice”.  Honest, sincere, conscious action will be required of us.  What manner of action will depend on one’s own strengths and abilities, but in any case, it will require honest action and it will take every ounce of heart and courage we have.

There is a rough road ahead indeed, and the temptation will be there to just put our head in the ground and “go along to get along” and hope we go unnoticed.  But we may be wise to remember the words of Tuskegee Airman and Air Force Lt. Col. Hiram Mann:

“No man survives when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails, and those who cry ‘appease, appease’, will be hanged by those they tried to please.”

Namaste and God Bless.


“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”

Wesley Clark, U.S. general, ex-NATO Supreme Commander; talking about the NATO bombing of Serbia, 1999

Syrian refugees

I recently came across a posting in a Facebook group that I am a member of that caught my attention. The individual who posted called for all to pray for the safety of the refugees making the harrowing journey across the Mediterranean to Europe from war-torn Syria and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa. However, this person also requested that folks pray that the countries of Europe grant asylum to these thousands of refugees. This second part I found a bit unsettling and I’ll get to why in a bit, but first, for those not 100% familiar with the back-story of what is going on in Syria, let me give a brief summary:

In March of 2011, well-armed “rebels” who were trained, armed and funded out of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. fomented a revolution in Syria to topple dictator Bashar Al Assad. The majority of these “rebels” were radicalized Wahhabi Muslims, who believed in the most extreme and literal interpretation of the Koran. These men saw Assad, who had a secular (not controlled or directed by religion) government and a nation with different sects of Christians and Muslims coexisting peacefully, as an “infidel” who needed to be disposed. The media in the west painted the picture of “peaceful protesters” taking to the street to protest an “oppressive regime” and being attacked unprovoked by the Assad government. This was a deliberate obfuscation of what was actually taking place.


These rebels had the support of the United States Government and NATO, who had long sought to take out Assad due to his unwillingness to cooperate with International Usury and Corporate Globalism, which sought to exploit Syrian people and resources. The Assad regime is also a key ally of Iran, who has long been at odds with the Zionist State of Israel and its protectors in NATO. Retired NATO General Wesley Clark stated in an interview that Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran were regimes that elements within NATO et al had openly planned to take out long before there was any “crisis” situation presented that justified doing so. Lastly, there is the Russian connection, as geopolitical control of the region allows the Anglo-American Alliance to move in on the borders of its old nemesis, Russia, which mirrors the Great Game of the British and Russian Empires in the 19th century as well as the Cold War of the 20th century.

A Syrian expatriate who goes by the moniker “Syrian Girl”, listed eight reasons why the west is so eager to topple Assad and Syria:

1) Syria’s Central Bank is state-owned & controlled (the U.S. Federal Reserve is NOT- it is privately owned).
2) Syria has no IMF (International Monetary Fund) debt.
3) Syria has banned genetically modified (GMO) seeds.
4) Syria’s population is well informed about the global power elite’s influence in world affairs.
5) Syria has massive oil and gas reserves.
6) Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and Israel.
7) Syria is one of the last secular Muslim states in the Middle East.
8) Syria proudly maintains and protects its political and cultural national identity.

There is no room for a truly sovereign or self-determined nation or people in a globalist system. Nationalism is diametrically opposed to Globalism.

ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUALS COVERAGE OF SCENES OF DEATH AND INJURY Syrian activists inspect the bodies of people they say were killed by nerve gas in the Ghouta region, in the Duma neighbourhood of Damascus August 21, 2013. Syrian activists said at least 213 people, including women and children, were killed on Wednesday in a nerve gas attack by President Bashar al-Assad's forces on rebel-held districts of the Ghouta region east of Damascus. REUTERS/Bassam Khabieh (SYRIA - Tags: CONFLICT POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) TEMPLATE OUT

People may remember the infamous Ghouta chemical attack back in August 2013, in which Syrian civilians were attacked with chemical weapons- a scenario that the Obama Administration had repeatedly warned for months prior would force “military action”. However, things would not go as planned, as a massive outcry from a war-weary American public as well as sane voices within the Pentagon prevented the intervention into Syria that the war-hawks and corporate cartels had wanted. It later came out primarily in the alternative media, that the it was not even the Assad government that perpetrated the attacks, causing the story to further unravel. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, came ISIS. Well, not really out of “nowhere”, per se.

On September 11th, 2012, the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya; another formerly secular and sovereign nation that was toppled and destroyed for the same reasons the west is trying to topple Syria; was attacked by well-armed insurgents whose ultimate goal was to loot a weapons storehouse that was in the back of the Embassy. They accomplished this as they were almost completely unopposed save for a small group of Navy SEALS who defied a stand-down order that would have had to emanate from the White House. These insurgents made off with a payload of heavy artillery and it was later confirmed by people within U.S. Intelligence and the Military that these weapons indeed made their way to the “rebels” in Syria.


In April of 2013, the Al Qaeda (which was also trained and funded by the CIA and has had known CIA assets as leaders) affiliate known as ISIS or ISIL “officially” established itself in Syria, and then began raising hell in Iraq that fall, torching towns and stealing oil fields. It should be noted that the black Wahhabist flag- the flag of Al Qaeda, which became the flag of ISIS, had been flying high as a banner of the rebel insurgency since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, so to say that this group appeared just recently is a bit misleading. It was the media hype and spin around the situation that swiftly changed from this group of ideologues being “freedom fighters” to “dangerous extremists”.


ISIS is very vocal about its desire to eliminate all “infidels”- including those in the west. Then there were the beheading videos- some real, some obviously fake. The ISIS narrative has become something of a mix between gruesome reality and fantastic propaganda suitable of an Orwell novel. The “leader” of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, is another known Intelligence asset. However, this growing threat of ISIS seems to give the Obama Administration justification to intervene in Syria after all. Make no mistake, the Syrian “rebels” that D.C. is now openly giving aid and weapons to as long as they “promise not to become radicalized” (seriously), are hopping on the ISIS train if they weren’t on it in the first place. Interestingly, there have been opportunities for drone strikes, as ISIS openly paraded in celebratory marches on foot that stretched for miles from town to town in U.S.-occupied Iraq, but no such thing occurred.


So, long story short, Syria (as well as Iraq, Libya, etc.) is almost completely decimated and being taken over by this well-armed, well-trained, and well-funded force that is terrorizing everyone in their path and slaughtering those who do not subscribe to their view of Islam. It is also being touted that the Assad regime’s time is limited, as even their ally Russia is beginning to withdraw support (they too are fighting a U.S./NATO-manufactured war on their border). Meanwhile the people of Syria and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa are fleeing for their lives in the worst refugee crisis since World War II displaced continental Europe. These Refugees are starving and desperate, packed onto dangerously overcrowded lifeboats and headed toward continental Europe.


This brings us back to the prayer in question, asking folks to pray that the countries of Europe open their arms to these refugees. One problem here is the question of what happens when the population of a nation doubles almost overnight? It has been said that a nation is like a lifeboat- if you have too many people, the whole thing tips over. In the world of debt-based economies and physical space, resources are finite and limited. While our heart may go out to the plight of those displaced by the Syrian conflict, what of the nations and the people that make up those nations in which this flood of refugees is headed to? Europe really isn’t all that big.

11But nowadays, the culture of Europe has become so “politically correct” that to advocate for the interests of native Europeans in any capacity whatsoever is seen as “racist”. This institutionalized political correctness is far more entrenched there than it is here. Europeans are taught that it is a form of penance for colonialism, etc. (even though many European countries did not have colonies) to accommodate the wants and needs of non-Europeans to the point of extreme self-detriment. The political class of the E.U. fully promotes this sort of cultural martyrdom, as evidenced by Swedish Conservative MP Fredrik Schulte’s recent suggestion that “ordinary” Swedes should be encouraged to remodel their garage to house immigrants.

This idea of sacrifice has really begun to play out in Germany, were native-born Germans living in what was originally a housing development designed to help the homeless get back on their feet, are being forced by the government to vacate what has been their home for years with nowhere to go. This is being done in order to house the massive influx of refugees that are pouring in from the Middle East and North Africa. As Joschka Fischer, ex Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany stated, “Germany is to be contained from outside and heterogenized from the inside by influx, ‘diluted’ so to speak.”

640x392_56008_199158Since the end of World War II, the people in Europe have been increasingly indoctrinated with the idea that it is honorable to put the needs of another’s “family” superior to that of their own “family”, as a tribe, a folk and a race are essentially a genetic extended family. This isn’t “service to humanity”; this is turning your back on family. I’m pretty sure for what it’s worth Jesus wouldn’t have kicked his mother Mary on the street to house escaped Roman slaves from North Africa. This is why I feel a deep unsettling around these events, as should others reading who are of European descent for the reason that these people are our distant (and not-so-distant for some) relatives and that means something on more than a physical level. Blood transcends purely physical incarnation and has a spiritual element to it.

Of course, you have nations like Hungary that are putting their foot down with all of this and are demonized by the rest of Europe as being “intolerant” and “racist”. This is the moniker given to any group in Europe that seeks to maintain any form of sovereignty or “national identity”- “the great evil”, as it has been tied to National Socialism and Fascism. This is why groups such as the Golden Dawn in Greece are so demonized while thousands of migrants pour into a country that is collapsing.  One one Greek Island as many as 6,000 refugees poured in seeking aid in one day.  Small towns throughout Europe are doubling in size almost overnight, severely taxing already limited resources.


Make no mistake, Europe as a whole is collapsing economically and this massive wave of migration may just be what helps to push it over the edge.  At that point, the remaining property and resources of once-sovereign nations will be bought up for pennies on the dollar by financial oligarchs who promoted the “multiculturalism” that has the population in “survival mode” and too distracted to do anything about being robbed blind.

Elsewhere, truckers in the port of Calais in northern France as well as other parts of Europe are finding themselves being swarmed by desperate immigrants looking for a ride to asylum in the U.K., which at times causes violent conflict.   This isn’t hateful xenophobic propaganda; this is just what happens when people are desperate for survival.

PICTURE - MARK LARGE ... 29.06.15 Migrants try to get on board stationary lorries during the Ferry workers strike at the lorries queue up at the channel tunnel , Calais, France.

What is also not xenophobic propaganda is the fact that there is a difference between integrating individuals into a group as individuals and the (forced) integration of an entire group of people into another group. You are dealing with two very different modes of consciousness and behavior patterns- individual vs. collective. People will act different when they have the protection of their “tribe” then when they are trying to establish an individual relationship with members of another “tribe”. What I’m saying is that forced integration of groups that are very different on a large scale will inevitably cause conflict and alienation. This is what is happening in Europe now. This is the “Clash of Civilizations” between the east and west that many have written about.


The majority of the population who have been immigrating into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa, not just in the latest wave, but over the past couple decades, have no desire or incentive to assimilate or be “European” in any way, but are still encouraged to collect European government assistance. Many of the young men who make the initial trek to establish themselves before sending for their family are not necessarily fond of the European peoples and are culturally, VERY different. Many of these young Muslims have a deep resentment and hatred towards the west and many are joining the cause of ISIS in its recruitment of sleeper cells and fighters for “jihad” the world over. A lot of this can be seen as blowback for the interventionist actions of NATO, the U.S. and Israel that killed people’s families in the Middle East, but the fact is that most Europeans had nothing and wanted nothing to do with any of that.


Sadly, this has culture clash has caused a great degree of violence that is all too real. The “socialist paradise” of Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe and violent crimes against non-Muslims have become increasingly common throughout the E.U. A particularly sad case was that of the sex-trafficking ring in the U.K. that was known about, but allowed to go on for years due to the police being threatened with legal action for being “racist” if they investigated, as the perpetrators were Arabic Muslims. But according to political and media figures like Barbara Spectre, these problems are the fault of the “white majority” as “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place… Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century… It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode…”

multiculti-europe-350x216-customUnfortunately, many Europeans who are finding themselves strangers in the lands their family have lived for millennia do not share this enthusiastic sentiment, but they are too scared to say anything at all to protest for fear of being labelled “racist” or even “anti-Semitic” (Barbara Spectre happens to be Jewish in ethnicity) and facing potential legal action for “hate speech”. But they know what this means- this means that the “Old World” folk culture that so many tourists wish to experience when they visit Europe, will be no more. As E.U. Commissioner and head of the World Trade Organization, Peter Sutherland stated:

“We still nurse a sense of our homogeneity (unique racial and cultural identity) and difference from others, and that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

Politicians and media pundits in Europe and the western world look the other way when it comes to rape and violence as well as the displacement of European people and culture, and instead celebrate the ‘end of Europe as we know it’. This celebration is articulated wonderfully by Israeli writer, Yigal Ben-Nun, writing for “Haaretz”, where he made the following statement:

“Arab migration has been the best thing that’s happened to Europe in the past 50 years. Arabs in Europe are a fact of life. It’s time we started to accept that there’s no way to block the migration of Chinese, Pakistanis or Arabs to Europe. … It’s true, Europe won’t be what it once was, but that’s a good thing. … [The] more migrants from Africa and Asia who arrive, the better off Europe will be. Sooner or later, their children and grandchildren will marry into veteran European families and change the demographics of their countries. Europe will be different.”

Or to put it in the more blunt words of former President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy:

“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding… Not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country.”

belgium_immigrationI am not trying to pass judgment or demonize interracial romance and cross-pollination of cultures; people have the freedom to choose to love and associate with whom they want; but simple calculation shows that if this trend continues on its natural course completely unchecked on such a large scale, it is only a matter of time before France will no longer be French, Sweden will no longer be Swedish, Germany will no longer be German, Italy will no longer be Italian, and England will no longer be English- ethnically, racially or culturally.

article-2250673-169521E9000005DC-879_634x547Interracial coupling has been a reality to one degree or another for millennia, but never has it had the full power of corporate marketing and political propaganda pushing it as “trendy rebellion” and even “moral duty” as it does now. I’m not willing to label any of this is as “good” or “bad” (personally, I am attracted to women of all different races); I mean is a lion and a tiger mating and making a “liger” bad? I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t want there to be only ligers one day, either. What I am saying is that this is something we may want to step back and take a second look at before continuing full-steam ahead with. The individual races of humanity exist as individuations for a spiritual reason. They should be honored and understood; not just thrown into a blender while mindlessly repeating the mantra: “WE’RE ALL THE SAME”.

I suggest folks seriously take a look at whether our ideas and ideals around all of this are actually our own, or if someone somewhere just played into our emotions and planted a thought or belief system they desired us to have- planting a seed that germinated, while we believed it was our own.   Are we truly being motivated by higher principles or are we just politically correct parrots?

alon-ziv-Think about it- the elite classes of the world that are the prime shareholders and promoters of Globalism have always been strict about maintaining “purity” (sometimes to the point of inbreeding) amongst themselves, so is it not funny that homogenization is now being pushed on the rest of us- black, white, brown, yellow, etc. to such a degree in billboard ads, commercials, TV shows, movies, books, etc. (even more so in Europe)? Isn’t it funny that these politicians and academics and media pundits sit back in ivory towers telling people to do what they themselves do not?

Europeans make up only about 10% of the world population and have genetically recessive traits. It is also only in countries that have (or had) European majorities that this sort of replacement level migration and integration is promoted and encouraged. While there have been invasions of Europe by the Moors and other kingdoms and tribes in the past, nothing has ever approached this in sheer scale and magnitude and been met with so little resistance. The logical end result here is that Europeans, as we know them, good and bad, will be no more.


This is not love and compassion. This is exchanging one people’s suffering and struggle for existence for another’s. This is genocide according to the U.N.’s own definition decided upon in the U.N. General Assembly of 1948 which classified genocide as:

” …any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy in whole, or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such… Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group…”

This is a genocide on a slow and subtle level- on a level that begins in the mind through guilt-based indoctrination and a slow erosion and replacement of native folk culture and tradition (modern commercial pop-culture is NOT European folk culture). It is hard to see or even believe at first as we associate genocide with blatant mass-slaughter, but it is real and it is happening right in front of us. This is not to discount the reality of the hard genocides and depopulation tactics used against Palestinians, or sub-Saharan Africans or the Indigenous peoples of the Americas, or any of the “dark-skinned” impoverished populations of developing world or the developed world for that matter; it is just a different type of operation for a different type of people.


Multiculturalism goes hand-in-hand with Globalism. It creates an endless supply of cheap labor, using people who are already accustomed to living under despotism. It also creates a political army of dependents who are faithful and obedient to the State that “saved” them and sustains them. The goal is for them to overwhelm, absorb and replace those pesky Euro-types with their crazy ideas of individual “rights” and “freedoms” and “living standards”, who have outlived their usefulness. At that point, the new proletariat can be absorbed into the plastic “Monoculture” of pop-consumerism, fast food, pharmaceuticals, wage slavery and debt until they no longer serve a purpose and can be “disposed” of.


I am not going to get into any more  potential reasons and motivations as to WHY this replacement migration and “white genocide” (or any of the other genocides mentioned) may be being orchestrated, but it is indeed happening with the full blessings, sponsorship and encouragement of European and western leaders and institutions. Perhaps it is indeed a sort of “group karma”, as Rabbi Baruch Efrati alluded to when he stated:

“Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile there… And now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won’t be able to atone for.”

20091004_islam_europe1Perhaps singer and songwriter Susan Sontag was right when she stated:

“Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.”

“Judge not lest ye be judged.” It is no person’s place to judge and decide the karmic fate of another, regardless of whatever real, perceived or imagined “wrongs” they or their ancestors may have done. There are very few true “innocents” among any members of the tribes of humanity. Nearly all human beings have done “wrong” in the present and/or in past incarnations.

wpid-1436175665181Perhaps one could even argue that this is just part of the continued evolution of humanity as we move into the next Age. However, I have a hard time believing that the materialist political ideologies of Nikolaus Kalergi,  Franz Boas, and Cultural Marxism are going to guide anyone towards a point of spiritual ascension. And personally, and I know this is a “racist” thing to say, but I’m kinda fond of white people and I don’t really wanna see them (or any other peoples) become extinct, despite of any racial and/or cultural “character defects” they may or may not possess.

So pray for the safety of those people who have had their homes and lives destroyed by this senseless terror that has swept the Arab world. Pray that they and their families are kept safe and see them in their perfection as Light Beings. Pray that this is done with right action and that nobody is hurt. That’s enough. As Father Paul Blighton said in regards to this invocation of the Law of Manifestation; i.e. the Law of Prayer:

“(But) we don’t know all these facets (situations that involve others) off-hand, so we use this form (method of prayer) so that everybody is taken care of, there’s nobody hurt, there’s nobody infringed upon, and there’s no injustice to anyone.”

ZA'ATARI, JORDAN - FEBRUARY 01: Children pose for a picture as Syrian refugees go about their daily business in the Za'atari refugee camp on February 1, 2013 in Za'atari, Jordan. Record numbers of refugees are fleeing the violence and bombings in Syria to cross the borders to safety in northern Jordan and overwhelming the Za'atari camp. The Jordanian government are appealing for help with the influx of refugees as they struggle to cope with the sheer numbers arriving in the country. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 160600686

We should be careful not to try and fill in the details as to how these refugees are protected or where they go or who should do what for them. Once we start monkeying around with the wires here, things tend to get messy. This is not to say that using the Law of Prayer in a more micromanaging way won’t be effective for specifically helping those in our immediate prayers in an immediate sense, but we would do well to remember

Namaste and God Bless.



“In the darkness something was happening at last. A voice had begun to sing. It was very far away and Digory- the first child to explore Narnia- found it hard to decide what direction it was coming. Sometimes it seemed to come from all directions at once… But it was, beyond comparison, the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. It was so beautiful he could hardly bear it… The Voice rose and rose, till the air was shaking with it… The Lion was pacing to and fro about that empty land and singing his new song. And as he walked and sang the valley grew green with grass. It spread out from the Lion like a pool. It ran up the sides of the hills like a wave.”

– from “The Magician’s Nephew” by C.S. Lewis

In recent weeks, animal rights activists, celebrities and the mainstream media in general have been in an absolute furor over the poaching of animal “celebrity”, Cecil the Lion by American dentist and “big game hunter” Dr. Walter Palmer. Much has been made of the way the semi-domesticated Lion met his end, being lured out of the safety of the wildlife refuge he called home, then being shot with a crossbow. The lion then bled and suffered over several hours until he was finally tracked down and shot.

cecil protest

While Palmer admittedly regrets what he did, maintaining that he was deceived by local guides in regards to the legality of the hunt, there have been calls to extradite him to Zimbabwe to face criminal charges. As of writing there have been over 100,000 signatures collected by Palmer’s fellow Americans calling to send the dentist to Zimbabwe to be tried. The Obama administration has promised to investigate the situation.

Mugabe Zimbabwe

It should be noted that Zimbabwe is well known for being an incredibly brutal regime and is on the list of one of the top violators of human rights in the world. The people of Zimbabwe have suffered much under the current regime and live on an average of $900 USD a year. Long-standing (35 years) dictator, Robert Mugabe (whose government collects the money for these big-game safaris) recently condemned “white safaris” while dining on baby elephant at a lavish birthday bash held at his estate. This is also the same Robert Mugabe who once stated “The only white man you can trust, is a dead white man.” While African race-relations is not really the subject today, I think it is worth noting that Dr. Palmer might not be facing what Americans consider “justice” if some get their wish.

800px-Sidney_Hall_-_Urania's_Mirror_-_Leo_Major_and_Leo_MinorWhile the actual killing took place on the first of July, the event wasn’t really brought into the public consciousness until later that month. The slaughter of the Lion in the Mass Mind coincided with the time of year the Sun began to move into the constellation of Leo the Lion according to tropical astrology, which is from July 23 to August 27. With each news story, each televised plea for justice and retribution on the lion’s behalf, he is slaughtered again in the public consciousness, becoming an increasingly powerful symbol or archetype. The archetype transcends mere physical form, able to effect consciousness on a mass scale.

So what is the significance of slaughtering the Lion? Leo the Lion is the astrological sign long equated to the Sun and the Lion itself is an ancient Sun symbol. At the beginning I quoted the writing of C.S Lewis, who was well known to have filled his Narnia Chronicles with esoteric Christian symbolism. Chief among this symbolism is the character of Aslan, the lion king of Narnia. Those who read the books or saw the movies may recall the scene where the Witch and her minions sacrifice Aslan in a dark ritual. We should also recall that Aslan volunteered to be sacrificed, and was then triumphantly resurrected.


The Lion represents the Sun, the Sun is the Christ, and the Christ is the Light of the World- in EVERY sense of the word. To be specific, the Lion represents the Christ as He appeared at the beginning of Creation. He is the Light that “shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.”


In his book, “The Secret History of the World”, author Mark Booth details the esoteric mystery teachings taught by the mystery schools and secret societies over the millennia. Central to the story is the drama of the Sun (Light), Saturn (Darkness) and the Earth (Creation). The following excerpt describes the Sun bringing life to the world after his victory over the darkness:

“In the eye of imagination the Sun is a beautiful and radiant young man with a leonine mane. He rides a chariot and he is a musician. He has many names- Krishna in India, Apollo in Greece. Arising in splendour in the midst of the storm, he pushes back the darkness of Saturn until it becomes like a giant dragon or serpent encircling the cosmos.

The Sun then warms Mother Earth into new life, and as he does so, he gives vent to a great, triumphal roar that reverberates to the outer limits of the cosmos. The roar causes matter in the cosmic womb to vibrate, to dance and form patterns. In inner group esoteric circles this process is sometimes known as ‘the dance of the substances’. After a while it causes matter to coagulate into a variety of strange shapes.

What we are seeing here, then, is the Sun singing the world into existence.”

This primal archetype of raw creative vitality is the first incarnation of the Divine Light that we read about in the Bible. The second incarnation of this Light takes a much more vulnerable form- that of a child. This brings us back to the realm of current events.

Just before the Cecil the Lion story came out, there was the considerably less-covered outrage over the Planned Parenthood videos. For those not familiar, a pro-life group went undercover for a year, posing as representatives from the biotech industry looking to buy aborted infant organs for stem cell harvesting. They then took abortion doctors from Planned Parenthood clinics out to dinner and secretly filmed the doctors agreeing to sell the infant parts and describing how the process is done.


Planned Parenthood has since declared the videos “fraudulent” and the mainstream media has pretty much taken them at their word. It should be noted that while the group are portrayed as a perpetual victim under constant attack from the right, Planned Parenthood has major corporate as well as large foundation sponsorship. Couple this with Planned Parenthood being a steadfast Democratic Party contributor with the president of the organization having made some 39 visits to the White House, and having the very vocal support of the P.O.T.U.S., it is safe to say that Planned Parenthood is very much a part of the power structure and by no means a “defenseless” non-profit.


The scandal not surprisingly created uproar on the right, but was largely dismissed by the left-dominated mainstream. It has incited conservative pundits, Republican legislators and presidential candidates to call for the de-funding of Planned Parenthood and to morally contrast the outrage over aborted human children and the outrage over a poached lion. However, in an editorial article for “The Weekly Standard”, writer Jeffrey Anderson points out that the two stories actually share striking similarities:

“In both cases, the killing was senseless and barbaric. The loss was great, the gain empty, and the means gruesome. In both cases, the victim’s innocence stands in vivid contrast to the killer’s selfishness. The developing children off of whom Planned Parenthood profits have plainly not wronged anyone, and Cecil was a semi-domesticated lion who seemed to like (or at least not to mind) the presence of human beings, often moving within a few feet of them yet never using his great might to cause them harm. And in both cases, the… killer decided that the victim had more value dead and carved up into pieces than alive and whole.”

All that being said, my purpose here is not really to go into an emotional discussion on the ethics of animal trophy hunting or abortion. I do see trophy hunting as a lack of reverence and a reaffirmation of separation from nature. Likewise I do see the media reactions and non-reactions as a way of re-affirming what could best be described as a continued devaluation of human life in mainstream culture. But I also understand that with all events and stories that are brought into the Mass Mind, there are multiple levels upon which the drama takes place and can be understood, as well as multiple ways in which the energy created can be utilized.

As I stated earlier, the second incarnation of the Christ was that of the Divine Child. The child represents innocence and purity. The younger the child, the closer he/she is to pure virgin consciousness. When we first incarnate as infants in the womb, before we develop identity, speech, memory, etc. that is what we are: pure virgin awareness and spirit incarnated in flesh. It is this pure, wordless awareness that is the place we return to when we are in deep meditation. It is this purest form of life energy that has been the target of human child sacrifice over the millennia. When a blood sacrifice is made, life force energy is freed from the physical body, available to be transformed, transmuted and/or absorbed.

With the Planned Parenthood controversy, we have the sacrifice of the archetype of the Divine Child, another aspect of the Christ, in the Collective Psyche. With these sorts of “institutionalized sacrifices”, we have people conducting them who are largely unaware of the symbolism behind what they are doing or the energy released by doing it. So is the result of materialism and separation. But I might suggest that not everyone within the power structure is so ignorant to the deeper meaning of procedural sacrifice.


So thus far we have the “public” sacrifice of the Lion of Leo; the Lion of the Sun, coinciding with the sacrifice of the Divine Child that is done in a more secretive, hidden or “occulted” manner. Both of these archetypes being aspects of the Christ, who is the Sun, and the timing of these sacrifices being brought into public consciousness is taking place around the time when the Sun is moving into the constellation of Leo, which is the sign of the Sun. If you recall my previous posting, the ancient Lammas or Lughnassadh holy day is a Sun festival that takes place around August 1st, and this festival was indeed a festival of sacrifice.

So you might ask, “who” is behind these “sacrifices” in the physical world as well as the psychic and archetypal realms and why? For clues we look to the words of renowned 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in his masterwork, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” and its discourse entitled “Of the Three Metamorphoses”:

“But in the loneliest desert the second metamorphosis occurs: the spirit here becomes a lion; it wants to capture freedom and be lord in its own desert.

It seeks here its ultimate lord: it will be an enemy to him and to its ultimate God, it will struggle for victory with the great dragon.

What is the great dragon which the spirit no longer wants to call lord and God? The great dragon is called ‘Thou shalt’. But the spirit of the lion says ‘I will!’

‘Thou shalt’ lies in its path, sparkling with gold, a scale covered beast, and on every scale glitters golden ‘Thou shalt’.

Values of a thousand years glitter on the scales, and thus speaks the mightiest of all dragons: ‘All the values of things- glitter on me.

‘All values have already been created, and all created values- are in me. Truly, there shall be no more ‘I will’!’ Thus speaks the dragon.

My brothers, why is the lion needed in the spirit? Why does the beast of burden, that renounces and is reverent, not suffice?

To create new values- even the lion is incapable of that: but to create itself freedom for new creation- that the might of the lion can do.

To create freedom for itself and a sacred No even to duty: the lion is needed for that, my brothers.”

lionbeatingdragonRecall the earlier quote from Mark Booth’s “Secret History of the World” in which he states how the Sun Lion, i.e. the Christos in His primordial form, “pushes back the darkness of Saturn until it becomes like a giant dragon or serpent encircling the cosmos.”

Nietzsche’s dragon is Saturn- the god of limitations, materialism and death. He is the god of “thou shalt” indicating he is the father of laws and time. The robes of the ancient orders of Saturn were black robes. What color is a judge’s robe? The dragon’s scales glittered of gold and he boasted as to how he had established the value of all things. This is materialist economics and social ordering that establishes law for its own sake. He is the father of lies, as the big lie is that the material world is all that there is. He is the reaper with his scythe, as death is the ultimate limitation.

This is a force that is beyond the physical planet that bears its name. This is the force that is synonymous with what Christ Jesus referred to as “the god of this world”. This coincides with Saturn’s title among the ancients as “Rex Mundi”, or King of the World. Saturn is Satan, Satan is Saturn, and the power structure that has dominated this planet for millennia is subservient to his aims, which is nothing less than the calcification of matter and the elimination of the Spirit of Life and Higher Consciousness. This has been the aim of the Saturnine darkness from the very beginning.

The Light, Life and Love that is the Great Christ is by its very nature in direct opposition to the forces of Saturn. Likewise the forces of Saturn want nothing more than to continually assert their dominance over Light, Life and Love at every opportunity and on every level of consciousness.

To Saturnian consciousness, the public slaughter of the Lion in Leo represents a symbolic “defeat” of Saturn’s ancient nemesis from time immemorial in this continual “cosmic war”. We can also see it as the attempt to crush the impulse of freedom that stands in opposition to the dragon, as seen in Nietzsche’s “Of the Three Metamorphoses”. Through the archetypal death of the Sun Lion, Saturn would have us believe that all hope is lost, and that his order is all that there is and ever will be. However, this “defeat” is nothing more than an illusion, as that is really all Saturn has in the end, as the Sun/Son proves to us that death is the ultimate illusion.

myth-cronus-1620-RubensThe symbolism behind the more “occulted” and obfuscated practices of the abortion industry have their roots in the ancient story of Saturn or Chronos (think chronology) devouring his own children for fear of the prophecy that one of them had the divine potential to overthrow and kill him. Saturn/Satan continually seeks to devour these strong life energies as he continues his war against the Sun/Son, as each human contains the Sun/Son of Man- that Divine Light, which is the core of every human being.

In Nietzsche’s “Of the Three Metamorphoses”, it is the child that is the final metamorphoses of spirit. This is because “The child is innocence and forgetfulness, a new beginning, a sport, a self-propelling wheel, a first motion, a sacred Yes… Yes, a sacred Yes is needed, my brothers, for the sport of creation: the spirit now wills its own will, the spirit sundered from the world now wins its own world.”

Saturn attempts to destroy what has the power and potential to overthrow him. The child represents the fresh start of a new age, a new paradigm. Saturn is always the representation of the old age and paradigm that always wants to hold on to power and will do so through the most deceptive, subversive and brutal of means. This narrative can be found in the slaughter of newborn children by King Herod in his attempts to snuff out the true “king” who was Christ Jesus. But in the end, this desperate attempt to cling to power is always a fruitless venture. We are at the end of the Kali Yuga- the Age of darkness and materialism, and the end of the Age will happen no matter what these forces try and do.

divine child of the ages

However, Saturn is not just destruction for destruction’s sake, he serves a purpose. Mark Booth explains “Saturn’s intervention introduced into creation… the potential for individual objects to exist- and therefore the transition from formlessness to form. In other words, because of Saturn there is a law of identity in the universe…”

If it was not for the force of Saturn continuously working to pull spirit into dense matter, we would not be able to experience form and do the Great Work of purifying all levels of existence through thought, word and deed. While on the one hand, the forces of this world can seem geared toward devolution and annihilation, and they are; but from a higher perspective we can see that these “pressures” are needed to refine us into a more powerful expression of Spirit in this world. This means that the energy of destruction and darkness can be used for positive ends.

While many mourn the loss of life that has occurred, we should remember that in this sort of sacrificial death one has potential to become immortalized and have greater impact than they had in physical life. That is why martyrs are so powerful. Consciousness can take the archetypal energy that is unleashed in the sacrifice and utilize it for the purpose of change and creation of something new. This is why the Saturnian power structure hates martyrs and attempts to subvert and obfuscate the movements they create.

Sacrifice is an inherent principle that exists in nature, as elements, plants, and even animals sacrifice of themselves in some form or fashion to create and maintain the Web of Life. Saturn plays a pivotal role in this, as it is “because of Saturn’s influence that everything that lives contains the seeds of its own end” (Mark Booth; Secret History of the World). However, there also the sacrifice of the mindsets of materialism and separation- the things in us that belong to Saturn that allow us greater power and vitality; this is the example of the Sun/Son. The struggle for balance of higher and lower natures of man can be seen in the 8th card of the Major Arcanum in the Tarot, “Strength”.

maj08I am not going to come out and say that Cecil the Lion or the aborted infants chose on a spiritual level to be sacrificed as part of some greater cosmic plan simply because I don’t know. But there is indeed always a greater cosmic plan and it is played out in the transition from one Age to the next, in which ALL beings play a role. This is the duel of Saturn/Satan and the Sun/Son, which will continue until all things return to the Source of All.

On the cosmic scale of time, it is the Old Age itself that becomes the sacrifice, even though its Saturnian instinct causes it to scrape and claw to hold on. Meanwhile the New Age is born as the Divine Child. This cannot be done without the victory of the Lion of freedom over the Dragon of tyranny. The Ages are shifting, and Saturn is slowly going to lose his grip on the world. He will always try and perform his parlor tricks and we need to be aware of them, so we don’t find ourselves under his spell. However, once you know the magician’s secret, it isn’t magic anymore.

Namaste and God Bless.


“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government…”
– Thomas Jefferson- The Declaration of Independence

Mainstream pop-culture in present-day America tends to denounce anyone who refers to the above quote in any other context than in a history class, as anything from “crazy right-winger” or “teabagger”, to “extremist” and “terrorist”. We see it over and over again depicted in television and movies- the crazy right -wing extremist with their conspiracy theories about government tyranny being a domestic terrorist (and a racist because they’re usually white men), with a stockpile of guns and ammo, living in an underground bunker.


A recent CNN article responding to last month’s “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism” stated the following:

“They’re carrying out sporadic terror attacks on police, have threatened attacks on government buildings and reject government authority… A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism”

The article went on to say:

“Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention… The Homeland Security report, produced in coordination with the FBI, counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010… The government says these are extremists who believe that they can ignore laws and that their individual rights are under attack in routine daily instances such as a traffic stop or being required to obey a court order.”

We are essentially led to believe that people who are label themselves as “sovereign citizens” or have any number of “qualifiers” to be labelled as such, (‘preppers’, anti-government, pro-constitution, etc.) are dangerous and want to go on shooting sprees and ultimately overthrow the government. We have profiles of these classes of people given to local law enforcement by Homeland Security and the FBI (see the MIAC Report).

miac-strategic-report <Missouri Information Analysis Center report on Militia Movement

However it should be noted that the FBI has a well-documented tendency to provocateur and enable terrorist activity that it then “thwarts” (sort of like fire departments starting fires that they then put out in order to maintain funding). Furthermore, I challenge folks to look into these 24 cases cited (which is a very small number in statistical terms) for themselves and see what they find.


This ramped-up fear of right-wing “extremism” brings back memories of the Oklahoma City Bombing. It should be noted that the FBI has been involved in a case surrounding the 1995 bombing and the family of a eyewitness to the events leading up to the bombing, Kenneth Michael Trentadue, who was later found hanging in his cell after being picked up on unrelated charges shortly thereafter. Local Fox 13 out of Utah reported last year:

“Jesse Trentadue said John Matthews, whom he claimed worked as an undercover government operative in the militia movement in the 1990s, had been contacted by an FBI agent and told ‘it would be best if he didn’t show up to testify.’… Trentadue told FOX 13 that Matthews had known convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh and worked for the government in an operation targeting the patriot militia movement known as ‘PATCON.’… ‘He was part of an operation the FBI ran for a decade during the ’90s where they would infiltrate, and it’s questionable whether they incited the right wing,’ he told FOX 13… To bolster his case, Trentadue introduced into evidence an FBI lead sheet that had been heavily redacted. It claims that the ATF and FBI had ‘prior knowledge of the bomb’ and the agencies had attempted to set up a ‘sting operation and did not take the bomb threat seriously.’”

Again, the FBI and other federal agencies have been caught enabling and creating terror attacks many, many times. However this has not stopped the narrative of the dangerous “lone” right-wing extremist from being parroted in the media repeatedly. One may even recall that before the suspects of the 2013 Boston Bombings were chosen, the immediate response all over the media by the “reporters” and pundits was that it was an act of right-wing domestic terrorism. You might recall that some aspects of that “label” were still pinned to the Tsarnaev brothers after the fact (ie. 9-11 “truth-er”, Alex Jones follower, etc.).

So who are these “extremists” really? Who are these people we are being taught to fear? More often than not these are veterans and rural folk and people who want to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and want to be left alone- especially when it comes to government. Many of these folks don’t believe in the legality of the income tax (and there is MUCH historical and legal evidence to back that claim up) or the national security state. These are people who want to “throw off the chains” of what they see as an increasingly intrusive and oppressive government.


These folks can tend to be “separatists” or even “secessionists” when it comes to government. They want to, as Jefferson stated “throw off” government and live life and raise their families according to their own terms, morals and values. These folks will often tend to migrate toward rural areas and try and live “off the grid”. My question is that if these are people whose every action seems to be geared towards being self-reliant with a strong desire to simply be left alone, then why are they deemed as being so dangerous to society?

Obviously the first thing pointed at by the media and pop-culture is the fact that these “extremists” believe in the right to “keep and bear arms”- and not just in a hunting sense. It is hard to ignore the “echo chamber” created in the media regarding owning firearms for the defense of oneself, one’s family and one’s community as an overtly negative thing that inevitably leads to the deaths of innocent schoolchildren and police officers.


This reminds me of a recent anecdote a friend of mine told me about when he and another co-worker of his were discussing strange inconsistencies regarding 9-11. At one point, another co-worker of theirs overheard them and vehemently chastised them for being “conspiracy theorists” who would potentially go and “shoot up a school”. This is the sort of fear-based mindset being disseminated to the public regarding anyone who questions the government.

All that aside, I have there to be a less-overt characteristic of this “sovereign citizen equals domestic terrorist” narrative; and this involves the difference between what it means to “throw off” government versus what it means to “overthrow” government- something that many, including myself until recently, never thought any distinction between the two terms.

To “throw off” is essentially the severance of ties or the ending of a relationship. Think of throwing off the covers in the morning. The blankets are still intact (hopefully) and no damage has come to them, they just aren’t on you anymore. To “throw off” a government means you separate from that governing body and establish a different form of “governance” elsewhere. It is a separation- like separating from a spouse- “you do your thing and I’ll do mine”. The act of throwing off or separating is in and of itself a nonviolent act. Violence typically only happens when the party being separated from attempts to “hold on” to the relationship and maintain it through use of violent force, coercion, extortion, manipulation and/or other methods of control.

“Overthrow” on the other hand, is inherently forceful and more often than not, violent. Overthrow inevitably involves one individual or group imposing their will upon another. It is about physically forcing someone to abdicate or cease what they were doing so you can do it “your way”, which is the “better way”. Overthrow is a battle of egos. When a government is overthrown, it involves a forceful takeover or “coup” through the use of violent force, coercion, extortion, manipulation and/or other methods of imposing the will.

Historically speaking, the American Revolution was a “throwing off”, as the colonists did not seek to go to London and overthrow the British government. They simply wished to separate and live independently. Conversely, the French Revolution was an “overthrow”, as the palace was stormed, the monarchy and government officials (an everyone with any sort of remote connection to them) was executed, with the “overthrowers” setting up shop in their place and paving way for a dictatorship.


The vast majority of revolutions are “overthrow” revolutions. It should also be noted that the VAST majority of those revolutions created a more oppressive government than the one they got rid of. The Bolshevik Revolution that established the Soviet Union in Russia and surrounding territories in 1917, and the vast amount of suffering and death it caused is one of the best examples of this principle.

We are led to believe that these “sovereign citizens” are domestic terrorists who want to overthrow the government, when in truth they simply want to throw off the government and be left alone. The word “sovereign” means “self-rule”- this is the ideology of the sovereign citizen- one of self-determination, self-sufficiency and self-rule. This ideology is exactly why they are so dangerous to government. The government is well armed doesn’t actually fear attack, but it does fear the removal of the resources it gets from its compliant citizens.

Government cannot exist without a population to rule over and accept its ruling status. If it does not have this basic source of food, it withers and dies. And yes, while government is made up of “individuals”, individuals fall victim to a sort of gang or mob mentality when involved in any sort of large institutional body, which is compartmentalized and maintained by a top-down authority structure.  This loss of individuality and the desire to please authority creates a sort of “hive mind” that turns the institution into a sort of machine; the larger the government or institution or corporation, etc., the greater this phenomenon.

I would also add, the larger the government, the more resources it needs to sustain itself. These resources are typically taken from its “citizens” in the form of taxation, property, labor, etc.


The sovereign is dangerous because his/her IDEA is dangerous to the life of the state, because if people were to separate themselves from the Federal and State government system, “ending their relationship” to it, then the way of life for the politicians, bureaucrats, and the corporate interests that use the system to enrich themselves would be over. This is why Homeland Security has been stating these sovereign citizen groups as more of a threat than Al-Qaeda. If people were to realize that they are capable of surviving and thriving without the authority of a governing class and the “safety” and “infrastructure” it claims to provide, then government as we know it would be without a job.

We are taught to equate government with society and civilization. We are even taught in western society that “we are the government”, but when was the last time we were in a cabinet session or involved in creating legislation or setting foreign or even domestic policy? Having us vote every few years is akin to letting your two-year-old bang his toy hammer on the piece of wood you’re using to build his new bedroom. However, many are coming to realize that our government doesn’t serve the interests of the people at large. It serves the interests of the moneyed class. Statism (a belief system in which the state should have substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs, and trump the rights/needs of the individual) is tied to mercantilism. Author Richard Hoskins stated the following:

“The Merchant must establish a King to protect him and promote his interests.”

We may see monarchy as a thing of the past, but so-called “democratic” governments still operate under the same basic principles as the old feudal systems of serfdom. The state has the “right” to tax and micromanage your life because you live on ITS land (outright property ownership practically non-existent with property taxation); just as a king or a noble had the “right” to tax and micromanage the lives of the serfs who lived on their land. And the king and nobility, while “land rich”, were forever in debt to the merchant and banking class who financed their endeavors- the more things change…

However, history is like a mosaic and most folks are looking at it up close. This may be part of the reason why we still believe we need government like mom, or dad, or even God. We are taught that the world could not exist in any sort of livable manner without it. And many of us BELIEVE this in some manner. We are taught that those who don’t contribute to and comply with government and its wishes aren’t “pulling their weight in society” and are anti-civilization and dangerous. The truth is, if everyone stopped paying their income taxes tomorrow, the sky would not fall and human civilization would go on.


We are taught that those who go against the wishes of government want to destroy our way of life. We are taught to believe we NEED government. Why do you think such a spectacle is made every time a “government shutdown” looms? It is to further cement into the consciousness that government is the sustainer of human civilization and order. The truth is, we don’t need government to survive. Our ancient ancestors did not; the lone settlers who established homesteads in the old west did not, and neither do we. We have just become comfortable and accustomed to abdicating our power to others.

This is why WE fear people who would “overthrow the government”. We believe we need it to keep us safe and maintain order, as we have forgotten how to do these things ourselves. We have become detached from who we are to the point where we have forgotten our roots as beings from the Mother Earth who have within ourselves her infinite wisdom, least of which is how to survive and protect ourselves and our families.

We should look at how we are persecuting and fear-mongering around these sovereign citizens and how it has become socially acceptable to do so with historical perspective. We look at them as dangerous outsiders, lashing out at them for the way they see and live life and labelling them as “enemies of the state” due to their desire for separateness and their unwillingness to support the government and mainstream commercial pop-culture. Because of their affiliation we view them as those that would subvert and destroy our way of life. Of course there are going to be unbalanced and violent people in any strata of society and any socio-political movement, but to single out and label whole group of people as dangerous based on their ideology and how they want to live their life and because of the actions of a small number of individuals (many of whom had links to government infiltration groups) is wrong. This is why many Jews and Communists and other political “undesirables” were rounded up and put in forced labor camps in Nazi Germany. This is the EXACT same ideology and justification. We are told to be tolerant of everyone, EXCEPT these people.


Government is not morality and it is not community, even though it seems to masquerade as such. While we see a constant megaphoning of “doing our part” when it comes to complying with government, we see and hear very little when it comes to promoting individual communities looking out for their own local interests and associating freely. We don’t need government to build community nor do we need it to tell us what is right and what is wrong. These things are “written on our hearts”. Human beings need to be allowed to learn and grow and build relationships in a natural, organic way, rather than constricted and molded to meet the needs and desires of the governing class and the merchant and banking oligarchs that feed of the power of the government and the livelihood of the people.

Belief in external authority and helpless dependence upon external entities like government and its ideology of collectivism runs counter to the inherent individuality and self-determination of the true spiritual seeker. The true spiritual seeker seeks mastery over him or herself and recognizes this self-mastery or self-rule, aka. sovereignty cannot be achieved through threats, manipulation, or force from any external entity or from themselves. We cannot overthrow our lesser nature and character defects and we certainly can’t have someone else do it for us. We cannot use force to get the ego out of its seat of power and control. We need separate ourselves from our counter-productive “thinkings and doings” that keep us in a state of internal division and chaos. We “throw off” these things and surrender to a new way of doing and being.

Screenshot 2014-10-20 at 11.28.39 PM

As Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas, “..when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner… then will you enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

This can be looked at as uniting this inner sovereignty of BEING with the outer sovereignty of DOING. And while we realize and readily accept that we may have responsibility and ties to those we have chosen to bring into our lives, we recognize and maintain this as all done by our own free will, and we refuse to accept imposition by an external “authority” that demands and involuntary and compulsory relationship we did not ask for, as if it is our “birth right”.

Our birth right is the willful and voluntary discovery of and building our relationship with the Divine Light within that is our connection to the universe and the limitless potential that comes with it. The realization of this limitless potential, completely unbound from the restraints of our would-be rulers or “archons” (both internally and externally), is FAR more dangerous to the state and the established “order” than owning a gun or not paying taxes. They just don’t believe we can ever do it, but I do. I KNOW we can.


“Let our Mind, Heart and Will be Unified in the Light of Christ and Moved to Action by the Holy Spirit.”


Many across the nation have been in a state of protest over the past few months regarding the case of Mike Brown and Darren Wilson. This state was intensified after the grand jury finding of Darren Wilson not needing to be indicted last week. I have been watching this whole drama being played out and it has caused a bit of a stir in me. The public and media reactions, the finger pointing, the race-baiting, the police state shows of force, the shameless attempt to use this incident as opportunity for political grandstanding and power-grabbing: This is a sad case of a nation trapped in base consciousness.

Ferguson riots continue in between police and protesters in Missouri **USA ONLY**

Here, in the case of Mike Brown and Darren Wilson, we have no heroes and no villains; no saints and no martyrs; we just have two men. Both men are victims of their own separate forms of cultural conditioning, beliefs and ideologies. These two men came into conflict for a brief moment due to the clashing of their ideologies and the roles they had CHOSEN to play in life; due to the clashing forms of conditioning they had ACCEPTED for themselves. Be it consciously, subconsciously, or both, they chose and accepted their “identity”. As a result of this clash of roles and identities, one man’s life has been lost. The other man’s life was destroyed, having been crucified and deemed a monster through the court of media and public opinion.


Unfortunately, this has become yet another event that has been used to promote further racial division in this country. One politician in a media interview went so far as to repeatedly say, “This is our RACE WAR”. This sort is the sort of “rallying cry” that can put lives in danger needlessly and create unnecessary strife and division. After the death of Trayvon Martin there was a major escalation of race based assaults and even murders of white Americans that were reported by local news affiliates, but went completely ignored by the mainstream media. This is not to downplay or ignore the plight of African-Americans in this country, but to show animosity against people of other races isn’t something that only white people can do, and that it isn’t right regardless of what color the person committing racist acts is.


Hate-CrimeOn the same hand, people do not need to be culturally forced into feeling guilt or shame because they happen to be of a certain race. These emotions do not cause healing, but rather just create more wounds.  Obsessing on concepts like “black struggle” or “white privilege” does nothing to empower or progress humanity in any way.  People do not need to be made even more aware of racial conflicts and divisions.  This is engrained into us from grade school on.  People need to learn how to rise above and beyond that level of division that exists within their own consciousness.  Mass Mind culture is doing its damnedest to prevent this from happening.

Racism has its roots in tribalism and the mistrust of marauding tribes. This fear and mistrust of the “other” is a very primitive thing and is hard-wired in the r-complex of the brain. This is not to say that we should be controlled by our primitive instincts, but rather we need to tame them and utilize them as Christ rode the unruly donkey.

As humans became more “civilized” tribalism gave rise to imperial culture with its complex/complicated structure and laws to keep that structure in place. It was during this transformation that tribal fear and mistrust was turned into racial or cultural superiority. The rulers of empire needed to impress upon their subjects the superiority of their culture and why they should be entitled to rule and regulate those outside their culture. This was based in the egos of the ruling class and spoon fed to the masses, so they would assist in the ruling class’ desire for more power, more control, and more satisfaction for their ego.  Racism and slavery has been an unfortunate cultural institution throughout history and among every race across the globe (no, not just white America).


It is true however that the world (or at least the VAST majority of those living in it) is not post-racial, although I feel that what that actually means has been a bit skewed. The great mystic, Rudolf Steiner saw the races as spiritual lineages.  The spiritual races should be honored and respected for their uniqueness just as individuals should be. There seems to be a certain spiritual birthing place or starting point that comes from one’s racial and/or tribal heritage. It is a powerful tool for people on the path towards spiritual attainment, where they will eventually shed ALL identity. I

myself have found immense help in utilizing my Celtic as well as Native American “roots”. Indeed, honoring the ancestral roots of this incarnation has guided me on my spiritual journey. To rob people who have not gotten to that point of utilizing their “spiritual ground” of which to start their spiritual journey because of a political ideology is misguided at best. Again, humanity as a whole is not at that point yet.

This is also not to say that we cannot or should not learn from the spiritual traditions of other races. This is where we can discover that the spiritual traditions across the world have a series of unifying themes that underlie all of them.  Each race is bringing something unique and special to the table in the “Great Work”.  Understanding and utilizing this knowledge is pivotal for spiritual evolution and getting to the point where we are truly “post-racial”.

But let us be clear in our understanding that the multiculturalism promoted in politics and media is actually geared toward creating a mono-culture. This monoculture has nothing to do with spiritual heritage and is all but devoid of any sort of spiritual component. The religion of monoculture is, at its core, subservience and worship of the state from whom all power is supposedly derived. But before we get to that point, the strivings of racial identity need to be fully exploited so that the resulting conflicts will create “winners” and “losers” resulting in the losers being absorbed into the mono-culture.  Much like racial gangs in a prison, the races are being divide along every line conceivable.  But this isn’t a future that needs to be.


In the 1950s there was an all-out witch hunt for communists in this country. Spearheaded by an ambitious Senator named Joseph McCarthy, numerous people were blacklisted and had their lives ruined because they had been accused of being a communist, and were prosecuted in the court of public opinion. These sorts of ‘witch hunts’ are repeatedly used by the ruling class to silence would-be dissenters. In today’s world, we live in the era of “political correctness”. Now people who speak out against the ruling class and their actions are often accused of being racist, anti-semitic, or even homophobic if some sort of vague accusation can be made. Again, people’s careers and lives are destroyed in this silencing culture of political correctness, where criticizing a black president makes one a racist.

Then there is also the label of “terrorist”, if the other ones aren’t enough. According to Department of Homeland Security documents, speeches and training exercises carried out by police and military personnel; returning veterans, gun owners, libertarians, homeschoolers, anti-war activists (pretty much anyone who does not tow the party line, so to speak); are considered potential terrorists. The violent, yet incredibly under-reported SWAT raids on homeschoolers (many of whom have been white) and others who choose alternatives to government-sanctioned ways of being paint the picture of a problem that goes beyond race. Ask pretty much ANYONE who is homeless if it necessarily matters what color they are when they get harassed, or beaten or worse.


There was actually a recent Washington University study, that used police offers in live scenarios, and they found that police are actually more hesitant to pull the trigger if the suspect is a minority as opposed to white.  But at the end of the day, the real problem here IS NOT race.  The race baiting going on in the media are diversion points.  Points of division are created and wounds are opened and re-opened in an attempt to divide the public against one another along the lines of race, gender, culture, class, social roles, etc. The strategy of “divide and conquer” has been used since Roman times. Essentially, it is the exploitation of differences among peoples to get them fighting amongst one another. This makes it easier for a united, dominator class to come in and run things, as well as posing as the ones who will bring “order”.

tumblr_mdcctdnB471r4fn52o1_500We must be wise to these divisive tactics at play in politics and the media and see these tactics for what they are. We are all brothers and sisters in humanity, regardless of skin color. We should honor and learn from one another in the absolute deepest sense. At the same time honor and celebrate our own spiritual heritage as well as our familial, tribal and racial lineage. This I feel, is a key component to truly figuring out our unique road map toward realization and fulfilling our purpose in this lifetime.