Wikipedia defines an institution as “stable, valued, recurring patterns of behavior.” It goes on to state how institutions “as structures or mechanisms of social order… govern the behavior of a set of individuals within a given community. Institutions are identified with a social purpose, transcending individuals and intentions by mediating the rules that govern living behavior.”

Some examples of institutions are religion, government and the legal system, economics and finance, academia and education, the military, the police, healthcare and medicine, the mass media, industry and business, and nonprofit/NGO/think-tank structures.

A belief is an acceptance, confidence or trust that something is true or that something works and is valid in its existence. A belief system is a mental construct based on a collection of somewhat congruent beliefs. Belief systems are often held in place by an emotional attachment by the individual or group that subscribes to them. An “institutionalized belief system” is a belief in the truth or validity of an institution and/or that what a particular institution declares as true or untrue and what is right or wrong is valid, and is often held in place by an underlying fear that if the institution falls apart, there will be chaos.

Presenting information that challenges an individual’s belief in an institutionalized belief system will oftentimes create a condition in that person known as “cognitive dissonance”. Cognitive dissonance is a state of psychological conflict or anxiety resulting from a contradiction between a person’s simultaneously held beliefs or attitudes. When this happens, the person may become hostile and lash out and “shoot the messenger”. There are a couple reasons why this occurs. It could be that the person has identified with all or part of the belief system and incorporated it into their identity (see ego identification), therefore any disagreement with it is seen as an attack on them personally. Another reason could be that the person does not want to believe that anyone was able to fool them or that they could have believed something that was not true, which would be taken as questioning or insulting their intelligence. Either way, it boils down to ego.

Most children are formally introduced to the institutionalized belief system through schooling and the television programs they watch at home. For most children, it is through the regimented “learning” experience of schooling where the child’s young mind is molded and given the “facts” about the world they live in. But the modern education system was not designed to create free thinkers and philosophers, it was designed to create workers who would do what they are told and not question authority. Likewise, the “peer-pressure” system that is encouraged in the schooling environment creates individuals and groups who will self-police and chastise and shame those whose thoughts and beliefs don’t go along with the program.

After school the child watches television and is bombarded with advertisements and various socio-political messages and predictive programming that saturates most television programming, all of which are directly used to influence the subconscious mind of the child, creating new desires and belief systems. The schooling creates a good employee and taxpayer, while the television creates a good consumer and supporter of the economy. Meanwhile the socio-political messages of political correctness and the supreme authority of government pervade both media and academia. This programming of belief systems continues as the child moves through adolescence into young adulthood, into the world of college and/or employment, along with the belief that no one can really be “successful” without completing this pre-determined process of “pseudo-initiation”.

Some children are also introduced to institutionalized belief systems through religion, although the outward influence of religion has diminished somewhat in the modern western world. In centuries past, it was religion and the priest class that held the power over the minds of individuals, a craft that was perfected by the Roman elites. The word religion itself stems from a Latin term meaning “to bind”. The priest class would work with corrupt nobility and the merchant class to defraud and control the people. People would be given obfuscated and childishly simplistic fairy tales in the place of true spiritual teachings, so as to keep them in a state of ignorance. They people would be told to simply believe what the Priest (or the Imam, or the Rabbi) said, or what the book said, rather than attempt true spiritual alchemy, which would have gotten them tortured, exiled, or burned at the stake.

On the other side of the control spectrum opposite religion is government. While religion is based on the idea of “divine rule”, government is based on the belief of the rule of men, although the two have often worked together. Government is founded upon the belief that one individual or group of individuals has the right to control another. Be it a king, a dictator, or a democracy, this fundamental belief remains. This system is largely based in a cognitive distortion known as “fallacy of change” and is essentially created by a group of criminals getting in power so as to make their criminal activity “legal”. The legal system in and of itself is completely subjective as the laws it enforces are pieces of paper that only have value because people believe they do.  Likewise, the notion here in the U.S. that “we” are the government is most certainly little more than a belief.

While some may argue for a natural aristocracy and the benevolent philosopher king, the existence of such a thing is so far removed from the vast majority of any governing structure that has existed in the last millennia or more (with the exception perhaps of some small indigenous tribes) it almost becomes irrelevant. Government as we know it is a rule by force, and always seeks to have a monopoly on force. Government is control and coercion. Government is the “Archon”- the petty tyrant who believes itself to be God, and seeks to silence or destroy anything that would prove it to be a fraud.

At the center, in between religion and government, we find the most dominant belief system of all- finance and economics. I have a good friend who majored in economics and I remember his retelling of what his economics professor told his class before he graduated: “None of this is real and the only reason it exists is because people believe in it

For millennia the wizards of finance have crafted and perfected the illusion of money as something that the human race cannot survive without. Even the term currency alludes to it being a life-sustaining current of energy that we would surely die without. Today the banking oligarchy has created financial instruments like derivatives and credit-default swaps that are more smoke-and-mirrors than ever before. Likewise, the money-masters who create all of this out of nothing for all intents and purposes own most of the world through debt-based currency lending or “usury”. It is through this technique it is able to control nations and people. Of course, the real way this control happens is because the populations agree to believe in and go along with beliefs and ideas like debt and interest and money, and the belief that humanity could not survive without it.

The modern structure of institutionalized belief systems is based around the belief and acceptance of globalism and the support of an emerging Global Corporate Mega State. This global mega state seeks to impose full-spectrum dominance upon the mind, heart, and will of all human beings through monopolization and synchronization of all areas of human activity from finance and business to government and academia, to energy and medicine, to entertainment and the media. It seeks to control all sides of the political spectrum to maintain its dominance. It ultimately seeks to create and control reality itself.


The Global Corporate Mega State and its “Board of Directors” (primarily Judeo-Zionist, Anglo-American, and European elites) will obfuscate, distort or entirely manufacture “historical” events to further its aims for control and dominance. These events will turn into beliefs and belief systems in the minds and hearts of the public, especially when they are attached to emotional triggers and associations. These emotional narratives trigger a cognitive distortion known as “emotional reasoning” and can cause people to attack those who question them, thus allowing a sort of “self-policing” among the population. This secures and protects the aims of the State without need for force. Recent examples of these “historical belief narratives” include World War II, the Holocaust, 9/11, the Boston Bombing, and Sandy Hook.

The Global Corporate Mega State will also manufacture, co-opt, and obfuscate utopian movements and ideals and use them as mechanisms of control. This is done by promoting them as belief systems, which in turn creates an emotional attachment and emotional reasoning in the general public, which again creates the self-policing and demonization of those who question the belief. Such ideals include political correctness, multiculturalism, equality and rights/entitlements.

The Global Corporate Mega State also creates and maintains belief systems and the institutions that protect them in “the name of science”. These include vaccines and pharmaceuticals, climate change, alternative energy systems, NASA and the Apollo missions, and even the true history of the human race. In the case of vaccines and climate change in particular, a potent set of emotional triggers have been attached to them that activates the emotional reasoning and “self-policing” of the general public previously discussed. The primary purpose of these belief systems and the narratives that uphold them are the monopolization and control of energy, human activity and human potential.

Slaves are kept dumbed-down and ignorant so they are unable to realize or understand their full potential. Animals on a factory farm are kept chained and pumped full of chemicals and either milked to death or slaughtered. Our human rulers treat us as a combination of the two. While this may be a grim description, that is nonetheless what is happening to humanity under the rule of the Global Corporate Mega State.

The primary overarching method in which the Global Corporate Mega State accomplishes this dominance is through manipulating the “Mass Mind” of the various human tribes through education and the media. This allows the State to maintain a stunted, childlike consciousness in the mass of humanity. This creates a humanity that is obsessed with frivolous and childish things, and behaves in childish ways. This is a humanity that seeks the approval and protection of “authority” in a similar manner that children seek the approval and protection of a parent or teacher. Children need to be disciplined and told what to do. Children need to be told what is best for them. Children cannot survive on their own. We are a society of children pretending to be grown-ups. British Sociologist Kingsley Dennis explains this predicament:

It’s so ingrained in us (the desire to side with authority) that anyone who wears a lab coat, or anyone who wears a uniform of authority, we’re nodding our heads and doing everything to please them. That’s ingrained in us from infanthood- this wanting to be given approval- and that infancy has stayed with us… Infantile behavior… is part of the cultural conditioning because we want to be accepted. We have this fear of freedom…”

One of the most powerful road blocks to human spiritual growth and development has always been the institutionalized belief systems of the society and individual lives in. Like the personal belief system, institutional belief systems act as a cage around human potential- they are there to keep us fenced in. From school, to college, to career, to retirement- the financial debts and “obligations” that appear to be tied to those things; we are given a very narrow definition of what is and is not possible for us and our lives. These belief systems are in place to keep us in that very narrow range of perception. Once we began to think outside “the cage”, understand that more is possible and then take action based on that understanding, these institutionalized belief systems begin to crumble.

Institutions thrive on maintaining control over the behavior of individuals and in order for true spiritual growth and development to occur, an ever-increasing level of freedom is required, as one moves into a place of true moral and spiritual adulthood. This cannot take place without conquering the fears of archetypal childhood and truly becoming spiritually initiated adults. Again, I feel that much can be argued for the need of a reinstitution of true initiation structures in our society.

One of the morals of the Jesus story was that the spiritually awakened man is the greatest threat to the establishment, as the awakened man does not have a mind that can be fooled, a heart that can be bought, or a will that can be broken. This is why the Pharisees manipulated the crowd into freeing the violent “terrorist” Barabbas. The system is infinitely more afraid of the spiritually sovereign individual than the violent terrorist or rebel, which can always be crushed by the monopoly on force the established order will have. But the free spirit cannot be tamed or destroyed, which is why it is so dangerous.


The spiritual sovereign or “self-ruler” is the Jungian archetype of the King- the good, just and wise ruler; the King of Kings. Humanity is awaiting the return of the King, as the petty tyrant has ruled for far too long. This King is something that exists at the core of each and every one of us as divine potential, but it is up to us when we choose to realize it. The King returns when we overcome our personal belief systems. It is only then can we truly conquer the institutional belief systems and reclaim the Kingdom that has been sieged. At the end of the day both personal and institutionalized belief systems are all illusions have no basis in reality. In truth their real purpose is to strengthen our character through resistance. They are not things to build our lives around, but rather obstacles to be overcome on our way towards Self-actualization and becoming Sovereign Beings.

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