1. Sit in a comfortable chair that allows you to have your spine straight. Sit as though you are being suspended from the ceiling by a string attached to the top of your head. Shoulders back and relaxed and your chin tilted slightly downwards. Gently close your eyes.

2. Touch your tongue gently to the roof of your mouth. Breathe in through your nose and out through a barely opened mouth. Inhale by expanding your belly and breathe completely through the lungs. Upon the exhale, breathe out as though you are wringing out a sponge.

3. Focus on your breath. Exhale and release any tension from your body. Let the worries and concerns of the day become a distant memory. As thoughts come up, observe them in a distant fashion and let them pass. Continue focusing on the breath.

4. Bring your attention to your solar plexus- the area just beneath your heart at the base of your sternum. I’ve found it best to think of it like you are literally looking down into this area with your eyes. At this point, visualize a soft, glowing light originating from this point in your solar plexus.

5. Visualize this Light expanding from within. I will often see it as growing brighter when I inhale, and expanding further throughout my body as I exhale. See this light infusing into every cell of your being. Continue to expand the light until it forms what is shaped like an egg around your being that expands at a distance of approximately 3-feet from your skin. Feel this light healing you and driving out all imperfections and character defects from your being.

6. Observe the Light at your center, maintaining focus on it.  Allow your consciousness to slip into it.  If thoughts come, relax and let them drift, slowly breathing and relaxing into the Light.

7. As you go deeper into this state, sensing the truth of this Inner Consciousness, direct a question to it like “Who am I?”, or “What is the source of this Light?”.

8. Now go deeper, looking for the brightest part of the Light; then look for the Source of the Light.  There may be a sense of fear, almost like a falling sensation.  That is your ego mind being afraid of becoming oblivion.  Reassure it as you would a frightened child.

9.  When you are as deep as you can go, simply sit in a receptive state, observing this state of consciousness you are residing in.  Allow the meditation to draw to a natural conclusion- you will know when you are done.

10. After you are finished, record any insights or perceptions you may have come back with.  Also write down any questions you may wish to meditate on in the future.


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