“It is common knowledge that blood is essential for human life in the body.  But the blood has a much greater function than this.  It is the seat of the memory of the soul, of the subconsicous memory, and of all the experiences that a being has acquired.”

  • Fr. Paul Blighton


Samhain, aka. “Halloween”, is a time when it was said that “the Veil” between this world and the ethereal realms becomes thin.  It is said during this time, greater connection and interaction with spirits is possible.   It was my having this understanding of Samhain/Halloween that led to it becoming the first non-Christian holiday that turned into a true “holy day” for me.

I have nostalgic and even romantic memories of of Samhain from my first years learning to practice “shamanism“, guided primarily by the books I read and the experiences I had, both in Nature and in my shamanic journey-work.  I remember fasting and staying up all night before Samhain- fasting and sleep-deprivation both being techniques used by shamans the world over.  Then, after working at the fish market all day, I rode my bike out to the wildlife sanctuary out by the beach, seeking guidance from the Nature “spirits” that presided there, as well as from my own spiritual helpers that I had been working with at the time.

However, among the Celtic peoples, Samhain was not just a time when strange, mysterious, and at times, frightening spirits were able to make contact with the mundane world; it was also believed to be a time when the spirits of one’s own dead ancestors would return to feast with their living descendants.

Although I did not begin practicing shamanism with the intent of connecting with ancestral spirits and archetypes, it was what eventually occurred.  While initially, my journeys seemed to depict a scenery more akin to the Amerindian medicine tradition (as that was what the majority of the instructional material I could find was based on), I soon became instinctively drawn toward more organic archetypes; i.e. those of a distinctly Northern European quality.  It was these more “familial” archetypes that became the primary archetypes I worked with.

The “soul’s journey” that takes place within the shamanic trance state brings one face to face with the vastness of the world(s) that lies within their very being.  It only makes sense that the ancestors and ancestral archetypes that reside within one’s very DNA would also inhabit that vast interior landscape.

The ‘As Above, So Below Principle’ of metaphysics, refers to the notion that on all planes/levels of existence, a certain sort of uniformity or consistency exists within them and between them.  When we apply this basic Principle with an understanding of what is now the well-established science of genetics and DNA research, it seems to be fairly certain that the essence of our ancestors would reside within our psycho-spiritual body just as it does within the physical body; within our blood.

The notion of blood as a symbol for someone’s essence; essentially their soul; is a concept I became intimately familiar with years later as I trained to be ordained as a priest within an esoteric Christian order.  And while the bulk of the teachings and philosophy stem primarily from the founders’ involvement in Hermetic Qabalah, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and New Thought; practice a Communion sacrament that is done in a similar traditional-style to that of the Roman Catholics pre-Vatican II– with the priest’s back to the congregation during the ritual, and the receiving of the Communion by the congregation while kneeling.  It could almost be seen as a sort of New Age Traditionalism.


Within the Communion, the wine/blood becomes the essence of Christ Jesus, which is then consumed by the participants.  It becomes as such, conducting the energies from the Highest Spiritual realms, infusing them into matter; into form; into “the body”.

This bringing of the spiritual realities into the body, according to Father Paul, founder of this Order, was the function of not only the sacramental “blood”, but also of blood in the literal sense:

It is common knowledge that blood is essential for human life in the body.  But the blood has a much greater function than this.  It is the seat of the memory of the soul, of the subconscious memory, and of all the experiences that a being has acquired.  It is the vital medium carrying the vital life force and we see this because blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body.

You might consider the vascular system… to be a tree of life, whose root is in the heart.

The consciousness of man is released through the blood, that is, the action of the blood results in certain modifications of the bodily fabric.  These modifications are in the nature of refinements affording greater opportunity for the expression of the subtle impulses from the soul.

Within the blood are set up vibrations and patterns by which the future estate of man is to be determined.  The blood is the medium by which external phenomenal circumstances are carried inward to be incorporated into consciousness, and by which the consciousness of the soul in its turn flows outward to determine and direct the activity of the personality…

… the blood is the mediator between the physical body of man and the soul of man…”

This concept is echoed by my fellow Order priest, Michael Maciel in his book “World Priest“:

The physical substance of blood carries the spiritual vibrations of the heaven worlds—the intelligence and characteristics of our soul. Just as our soul is in continuous contact with God, so is our blood in continuous contact with our soul, primarily through the air we breathe (pneuma, ruach, spirit, prana). And in turn, our physical structure, our body, is in continual contact with our blood. Correlation. These systems are nested within each other; they form an unbroken chain from the Godhead to our being in the world.

  • God
  • Soul
  • Blood
  • Body

We bring Earth and heaven together by offering ourselves as the interface. When we live in the world as a soul and Self, it is our blood that carries the vibration of those essential qualities. It is our blood that acts like an antenna that continually transmits spiritual frequencies into our flesh, which in turn radiates those qualities into the space around us.

Reach up through the octaves of your being and feel the spiritual presence within your blood—the light, the consciousness, the Christ. This is where your life is! When you focus your attention there, you are inviting the Christ Being into your body. Your blood is your point of connection.

With the blood being the point of spiritual connection, would that not make “your blood“, not just your deceased ancestors, but your family, your folk, your ethnos; would that not make these not just “illusions” in physical matter, but rooted in the Spiritual realms?

Within the Indo-European spiritual and philosophical traditions, there is the notion of the soul having three parts.  While they have variances depending on what region of the vast area of Indo-Aryan influence we are looking at.  However, for the sake of this topic, it more than suffices to say that they generally break down the in the following manner:

  1. That part which is strictly of the individual, concerning the various strivings and desires of the various levels of the ego.
  2. That part which is belonging to the family, ethnicity and race; i.e. the Folk.
  3. That part which is belonging to Logos/God- the Highest Self that is pure Spirit.

In the three part body model taught by Father Paul, these would correlate to the Physical Body, the Spiritual Body and the Soul/Self Body respectively.

However, in the modern West it is essentially taboo to think or speak about things in ethnic terms- particularly if you are of European descent.  Hence, the modern spiritualist or “New Age” view of the individual is that he consists of an ego that needs to be subdued or outright destroyed, and a Higher Self that he ultimately seeks to merge with and become in some way.

The idea of any sort of familial, ethnic or (‘gasp‘) racial component of a person’s spiritual makeup is nowhere to be found.  Meanwhile, anyone insisting that these things do play an important role will simply find themselves lectured about the “illusion of matter” and perhaps the “illusion of separation“, as these things only have to do with the physical body (supposedly) according to those of the modern Western “New Age” mindset- which unfortunately it seems that many, if not most, of those within or associated with my ordaining Order are infected with.

Ironically, as has been previously shown, race and ethnicity are inherently spiritual realities according to the very spiritual philosophies that inform so much of their worldview.

Even the Eastern religions that so many of these New Agers have adopted in one way or another, have a strong ethnic component.  Ancestor veneration has always had a strong presence throughout Asia (as well as Africa and Latin America), and plays a major role in all the religions that developed there.  It is only in the universalist-oriented West where these things have been stripped of their original ethnic components to make them more marketable.

ancestor v

The recognition of the spiritual significance of the ethnic group is even recognized in certain non-Western Abrahamic sects like Russian Christian Orthodoxy and of course, Judaism.

The ethnic component is what roots a spiritual tradition to the people it came from.  It is the unique constitution of a people physically, psychically and spiritually, that allows them to perceive the Spiritual realms and express them in the manner they do.It is the honor and recognition of this third, “missing” component of a person’s spiritual life.

Looking at the prevalence with which the Marxist/globalist/universalist neurosis seems to have infected the minds of so many spiritually-minded people, it seems only natural to conclude that we are missing something here.

We need a holistic spirituality that takes into consideration not only the individual and the Divine, but also that of the ethnos from which the individual arises.   We must move towards the Divine as COMPLETE Beings.  Therefore, we must gather and recompose those lost and denied fragments of themselves, and purify them in the Light of Christ.

The ancients knew the blood, the essence of their ancestors, coursed through them, giving them power and resolve to do great things.  So is this true today with our ancestors.

Let us honor them by bringing them back into our spiritual lives.

Let us honor them by bringing care for their legacy and their folk, our folk, back into our “regular” lives…

Honor the Ancestors5

My ancestors

My grandmothers and grandfathers

Those who lived and loved, and fought and died that I may live

Those whose legacy lives on in my blood and in my Spirit

I honor you

I ask for your guidance

And I invite you to be here with me 

To heal and be whole in the Light with me

In the name of Our Most Blessed Mother Frya

In the name of WR-ALDA, of Frya, and of Freedom, Samhain blessings unto you, your ancestors and your folk.






“In modern life, instead of people growing ‘older and wiser,’ people can simply grow older and older. People can live longer and longer without becoming any wiser for it.”


Since time immemorial, the elders among a people always held a special place of high esteem.  They were understood to be the members of a society who had spent their lives contributing to and serving their family, their community and their tribe/nation.  These were the men and women who laid the groundwork so the tribe could survive and thrive.

After these men and women were done with their normative duties of raising a family and doing the sorts of work that is required of the able bodied, they did not “retire” away from the life of the community, but on the contrary, they became an even more integral part of it.

These elders became the “wise men/women”, who  served their people by freely offering their wealth of experience and wisdom gained from real experience and hardship.  Hence, they became in many cases, the true leaders of a people- at times even beyond the sovereign, who quite often looked to these sorts of people for guidance.  In other societies, the council of elders essentially WAS the governing body.

The elders of the traditional society had the people’s admiration and respect because they earned it.

This is no longer the way things are.  We no longer have a class of elders who can guide us through their maturity, experience and wisdom.  We have a class of “olders“; a generation whose wisdom and maturity seems almost completely undifferentiated from that of their younger counterparts.

And while this transformation of elders into olders was a process that took multiple generations, and can be seen as intimately tied to industrialization and modernity; the Baby Boomers were the first to fully embody this shift where the post-child-rearing age members of the society went from being a class of wise men and women, to essentially being a class of old children.

Now there has been a surge of vitriol directed at this generation of Western “olders” (i.e. the Baby Boomer generation) in the mainstream/liberal media, scapegoating them as the cause of the rise in Nationalism that seems to threaten the “Liberal World Order“; which was established just after World War II by those in favor of a global capitalist system unconstrained by the boundaries of nation states.

Many pundits have blamed the Baby Boomer generation for the Brexit vote, that caused Britain to “begin processes” to leave the European Union.  In fact, the influence of Baby Boomers on the Brexit vote has caused left-leaning political “scientists” like Heath Pickering to propose giving Baby Boomers less of a vote, under the premise that they will not have to ‘live with the consequences of their political decisions

This idea was quickly picked up by pseudo-journalistic entertainment outfits like VICE, who published an article detailing Pickering’s opinions entitled, “Brexit Proves Baby Boomers Should Get Less of a Vote“.



But let’s be sure not to be mislead by the deceptive voices of the mainstream/liberal media.  The Baby Boomers that have been used as the scapegoat in the Brexit decision were those that lived primarily in the working class and rural areas of the U.K.- those who lived among the populations who were most detrimentally effected by the E.U.’s economic immigration policies.  They were voting for cultural, economic, and in many cases, literal survival.

These Brexit Boomers came from people who were not able to maintain the disconnected philosophy of  ivory tower liberals and rich-to-upper middle-class urbanites, who themselves, ironically, were culturally and economically sheltered from the consequences of their political decisions.

Here in the U.S., there is also a lot of venom being spewed against the Baby Boomers, essentially blaming them for the election of Trump, with many Baby Boomers themselves, like Bryan Blakely of Colorado, lamenting what they see as the failures of their generation, and even seeking some form of atonement:

We succumbed to the comfortable temptations of self-interest, left politics to others, and were blind to the rise of the ultra-conservative right (funded then, as now, by the Koch brothers and their fellow billionaires). We sat idly by as the affable Ronald Reagan set in motion policies (flattening the income tax, destroying unions, revoking the fairness doctrine) that have led to the destruction of the middle class and the rise of billionaires (who now buy politicians and dominate our politics).

We leave you a world where the two-income family is the inescapable norm, where day care replaces parenting, where it’s harder to buy a home, save for your children’s education, your retirement, or achieve an education without incurring massive debt. And under President Donald Trump, things will only get worse: The rich will get richer — and they will buy more politicians as the middle and lower classes decline in influence and economic standing. 

We let this happen: We ignored the lessons of Vietnam and Watergate. We allowed the lionization of Reagan, we made Trump possible. Many of us are trying to make amends. Help us.

There is much truth to this statement.  The Baby Boomers essentially milked the prosperity created by their parents’ and grandparents’ generation; and gave little in return.  The Neoconservative ideals that came to the forefront in the Regan/Bush administrations, have wreaked havoc on the world and aided in the overall socioeconomic decline of America in particular.

But let’s be clear- the problem with the Baby Boomers came LONG before so many of them “bought in” to the more nakedly capitalist neoliberal/neoconservative ideology.  It wasn’t because they abandoned the idealistic and faithful to the “core values” of the 60s Cultural Revolution, that caused the rise of all these things that so many no lament.

It was because they didn’t abandon these “values”, that ultimately caused the Baby Boomers to be act as a subversive and corrosive force in the West.  It was because of  Neo-Marxist ideals that they saw as virtue; ideals that were pushed on them in their spoiled naivety,  that caused them to become the generation that truly “lost the West” for their children and their descendants.


The internationalist ideals of Marxism were merged with the internationalist ideals of capitalism (not that they were ever TRULY separate), and became what is now known as the “Liberal World Order”.  Since the 1960s, these liberal/Marxist values became absorbed into the consumer capitalist system, culminating with “Social Justice” messaging being used in commercials.

Meanwhile, the “revolutionary” Neo-Marxist Critical Theory that was first disseminated by their college professors, has now become the lens through which college students come to understand the world.  Similarly the “triumphant values” of the various Neo-Marxist-inspired movements of the 1960s have become saturated in the media, helping to create the phenomenon known as “Cultural Marxism“.

The Baby Boomers rebelled against the traditional values of their parents in a way that was unprecedented.  They did not just to “come into their own”, but rather they almost seemed to resent what their ancestors had built for them as being “unfair” towards those their Marxist professors had told them were “oppressed“.

Their worldview existed as a negation of that world that had given birth to them.  They ultimately sought to tear down and invert nearly every single cultural norm and value that existed in the West at that time.  They were the first zealots of the “American Bolshevik Revolution” (a “revolution” being taken up by the Millennials).

The Baby Boomer generation were perhaps the most economically “privileged” generation to ever exist.  However, they shirked the responsibilities and became a generation that completely disregarded their role in carrying forward the material, cultural and spiritual wealth that is the legacy of their ancestors, to their descendants.  Instead, they seemed to chose to primarily “help” themselves, or those that had little-to-no connection to them.

This was largely due to a misguided resentment towards not only their parents’ generation, but Western culture as a whole; which in turn was disseminated to them through the intentionally subversive indoctrination taking pace at universities, as well as the influence of popular cultural figures like Timothy Leary, Alfred Kinsey, and the musicians that came out of Laurel Canyon.

The 1960s and its aftermath saw the concept of freedom turn from something that required self-reliance and responsibility; to what was essentially the ability to “do whatever I want“- without consequence of course.  America essentially went from having a mature, adult conception of freedom, to one that is akin to that of the child who finds his/her parent’s rules “oppressive“.

The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s is was what allowed for the integration and expansion of what has become the ideology of modern corporate globalism– the goal of World War II.  But now this system is falling apart due to its own unsustainable nature- and it is being touted as a travesty by sheltered college students, idealistic liberal grandparents and greedy hedge fund managers- all of whom see ensuring its survival as being one and the same as moral “goodness“.


It should come as no surprise that members of this 60s generation that protested seemingly anything and everything, are now “leading the charge” against President Trump.  Ironically, it was also the Baby Boomers that were the first generation to have television in the home from cradle to grave; the irony coming from the fact that the both the creation of Trump as a media personality and the “outrage” directed against him, is due in LARGE part to what people see and hear on TV- and the fact that they were raised to believe it was true.

This brings us to perhaps what is the most personally troubling aspect of the degeneration of our elders into olders, and that is their actual behavior.

During and after the Trump campaign, I found myself astounded at the generally childish behavior that people my parents’ age and older were displaying on line and in the streets.  I lost a great deal of respect for people that I had once held in fairly high esteem.  It was as if they were simply older, greyer versions of what they had been as kids in the 60s; almost as if their minds had been fossilized.

But this problem goes far beyond Trump hysteria or anything outright political.

We live in an age of the “cool mom” and the “hip dad” archetypes; where adults are more concerned with proving they’re “chill” or “with the times”, rather than actually proving they’re adults.  The result of this is children who don’t actually have parents, and end up being “raised” by other children- either figuratively or literally.

The Baby Boomers legacy is one of tearing down the “outdated” values and norms of Western society, and creating a vacuum; a hollow void that subsequent generations have been aimlessly rushing to fill with endless pleasure and distraction, while having no sense of meaning or purpose outside the shallow and superficial.

This has left a stunted, broken population with skyrocketing rates of suicide, mental illness, and degenerative disease; constantly striving to fill the void left by the destruction of a society rooted in Values beyond that of the material.

Humanism and Marxism’s attempts to secularize the idea of the “ideal human condition” has created only cheap counterfeits and destructive abominations- which are the results of any attempt to divorce the Spiritual dimensions from the affairs of this world, which is what secularization is.

The economic and political destruction overseen by the Baby Boomers as lamented by the left is largely material and ultimately, superficial.  The most serious damage is that done to the very fabric of their societies, due to the moral and spiritual corr of their beliefs and actions.

All that being said, we must be mindful that while it is certainly right to hold accountable and take to task those that are behaving in a way that is truly endangering the survival of the group (even if it is our own family), we must be careful never to slip into resentment- especially not resentment of one’s own family; the closest thing to an extension of one’s self that exists in this world.

That was what got us into this mess in the first place.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.



“Finda’s folk shall contribute their industry to the common good, Lyda’s folk their strength, and we our wisdom. Then the false priests shall be swept from the Earth. WRALDA’S Spirit shall be invoked everywhere and always; the laws that WRALDA instilled into our consciences in the beginning shall alone be listened to.”

  • The Writings of Frethorik and Wiliow


In a recent conference entitled “The Art of Happiness and Peace” held in Malmö, Sweden, beloved Tibetan religious leader, the Dalai Lama stated in regards to the current migrant crisis gripping Europe that “Europe belongs to the Europeans,” and that refugees should ultimately return home to “rebuild their own country“.

This is a man who is genuinely regarded as one of the most “spiritually evolved” human beings on the planet ultimately advocating the principles of nationalism.

Let that sink in.

In recent years it would seem that nearly every religious and spiritual leader in the progressive mainstream have held publicly lauded the “virtues” of multiculturalism, whilst simultaneously condemning nationalism as essentially being ‘spiritually backward‘.

Of course, I disagree with that. But apparently so does the Dali Lama… and Ken Wilber.

Long before he introduced me to Ron Paul, Alex Jones and the 9-11 truth movement, my old sensei introduced me to the Integral philosophy of Ken Wilber – a philosophy which takes on the Herculean task of seeking to integrate ALL areas of human knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Some may be familiar with Wilber and may scoff at my devoting an article to his perspective, being that he has very much couched himself with the commercial “New Age” movement, and has been endorsed by Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Deepak Chopra.

And then there was his (and the entire Integral community’s) unfortunate alignment with and defense of Rabbi Marc Gafni, a former Orthodox Rabbi-turned-Integralist who was indicted in Israel for child molestation..

However, like Wilber, I believe in utilizing what’s RIGHT with someone’s philosophy, rather than focus on what’s wrong with it- or them.

In his book, “A Brief History of Everything“- a book that essentially launched the “Integral Movement“, Wilber outlines the core model of Integral Philosophy in which an individual moves up through a scale of what Wiber describes as increasingly deeper, more holistic modes of consciousness. Beginning with the archaic/egocentric mode of consciousness at birth, the individual moves ideally moves up through egocentric, ethnocentric, worldcentric, kosmocentric, and “transpersonal” modes of consciousness as they develop and evolve spiritually- ultimately moving towards greater capacity for love, care and concern for others.


Wilber seems to pair each “mode” with the corresponding Chakra color that he feels represents where this consciousness lies in the person, starting with the archaic/egocentric at the Root Chakra, which corresponds with base-level consciousness; all the way to the Crown, which corresponds with the ascendant transpersonal. Every time a new level of consciousness is reached by the individual, they come to what Wilber refers to as a “fulcrum“.

One of these ascending levels of consciousness, as already mentioned, is what Wilber refers to as “worldcentric consciousness“. Here, Wiber describes the transition of an individual from ethnocentric/sociocentric to worldcentric consciousness:

You start out.. in fusion with the conventional roles and rules- you are identified with them, merged with them (and thus utterly at their mercy, a true conformist). Then you begin to differentiate or transcend them, gain some freedom from them, and move to the next higher stage.. whereupon you will sill have to integrate these social roles… But you have in general moved away from, or differentiated from, and exclusive identity with your sociocentric roles, and you particularly begin to scrutinize the rightness or appropriateness of your sociocentric or ethnocentric perspectives, which previously you would not- and could not- even question.

In short, you have gone from sociocentric to worldcentric. Another decline in narcissism. Another decentering, another transcendence. You want to know what is right and fair, not just for your people, but for all peoples. You take a postconventional or global or worldcentric stance. (And just as important, you are getting very close to a genuinely spiritual or transpersonal opening)

But while Wiber does attempt to loosely correlate these scales of ascending forms of consciousness with epochs in mainline linear history (IMO a mistake for multiple reasons), he makes sure to double down when asked (the book is in the form of an interview between Wiber and an unnamed interviewer) about socio-political movements and ideologies like multiculturalism. Wilber makes quite clear what I have been saying for some time, in that the ideals of the “multicults” require a degree of psychospiritual ascendancy and mastery that almost no one on Earth has achieved- and this creates problems:

Multiculturalism does indeed emphasize cultural diversity and universal tolerance. But this fulcrum-5 stance is a very rare and very elite and very difficult accomplishment..

Now you yourself might indeed have evolved from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric perspectives, and so you will easily understand that all individuals are to be accorded equal consideration and equal opportunity, regardless of race, sex, or creed. The problem is, most individuals that you treat with universal coverage do not share your universalism. They are still egocentric or ethnocentric to the core. So you are extending universal consideration to individuals who will absolutely not extend the same courtesy to you…

Multiculturalism does embrace the very noble drive to treat individuals equally and fairly, from a decentered and worldcentric perspective- everybody is equal in that sense- but then it confuses that high stance with the fact that getting to that high stance is a very rare accomplishment. It ignores the getting there, the developmental process that allowed it to embrace universal pluralism in the first place. So it then extends the results of the development to individuals who have not gotten to that stance themselves, and who are therefore willing to take your nice universal pluralistic stance and wipe their shoes all over it.

The statement above was originally published in 1996, but perfectly describes the crisis of migration into the West today, where we see incredibly tribal groups of people from the developing world migrating to the West, en masse, expressing an entitled indifference and even hostility towards the host populations who have been indoctrinated in such a way that their own altruistic nature is taken to the extremes of mental pathology.

Retired California State Long Beach psychology professor, Dr. Kevin MacDonald stated that Europeans; people of Northern and Western European descent specifically, had a tendency towards what is referred to as “pathological altruism”; where the altruistic tendencies in an individual or group is taken to such an extreme that it causes them harm.

Back to Ken Wiber and “A Brief History of Everything“. Wilber goes on to speak about the internal crisis of these “multicults” as he calls them, and the problems caused by attempts to impose this “worldcentric” stance of equality onto others who are not at that point:

Since their official stance is that elitism of any sort is bad, but since their actual self is an elite self, then they must lie about their actual self- they must conceal, distort, deceive…

All this is doing is contributing to the retribalization of America, by encouraging every egocentric and ethnocentric fragmentation and grievance politics, the politics of narcissism.

What Wiber is describing as “worldcentric” consciousness is essentially that which is able to comprehend at a deep level the interconnectedness of life and the fact that we are all creations of the ONE. This is reaching towards what would have been the perspective of a figure like Christ Jesus or perhaps some of the great sages and ascetics that have lived throughout history.

But comparing figures like this to those that are throwing tantrums on college campuses and neurotically screaming in the streets about “racism” and “Nazis” is comparing, to quote Tuhon Tom Kier,apples and a**holes“.

I would argue that many, if not most, of the people who espouse to these ideals publicly are knowingly or unknowingly holding this elite status fraudulently, which is why it comes out distorted.

If this is indeed a spiritual aristocracy, as Wilber is essentially saying it is, then the person who holds this elite status must have the purified vessel to receive it. If they do not, they can only maintain their power through deception and force.

This lack of rightful authority granted through achieving a state of spiritual aristocracy is why the left must shout down and silence ideological opponents. It is why governments and media in the West (especially in Europe) must perpetuate in endless campaigns of obfuscation and deception, while simultaneously passing “hate speech” laws to silence any dissent- all to cover up the glaring reality multiculturalism IS NOT WORKING.

The oligarchs in ever-loosening control of the West know that multiculturalism doesn’t work. There will ALWAYS be a dominant culture in any region. This is why organic traditional culture has been snuffed out and/or demonized from all angles, and replaced by an empty, vapid, materialistic consumer monoculture. The premise of “multiculturalism” that multiple groups of differing ethnicities, values and beliefs can equally share power in a single society is absolute nonsense and has never actually happened anywhere in history.

Multiculturalism is a lie.

Unfortunately, the average true believer on the street fails to realize how disingenuous the whole thing is, blindly parroting slogans and shouting down anyone they perceive to be “racists”, “bigots”, “xenophobes” and “Nazis”- i.e. anyone who disagrees with the religion of multiculturalism.


But again, most of these people are not operating from a perspective forged through deep spiritual insight that can only be gained through a life of asceticism, but rather from the messages and beliefs that they came upon through Pavlovian conditioning and media saturation.

This is not the same thing.

Seeing that all humans are conscious expressions of the same Divine Source, having that same Light within, is NOT the same as saying that all humans, “warts and all“, are essentially the same and as such, should all cohabit the same spaces. One must make some serious leaps and bounds of logic to arrive at this conclusion; a conclusion I sadly see rather frequently among well-meaning spiritual seekers.

The true scope of human diversity in the form of the 7+billion people there are on Earth is so vast that the average human mind can’t even begin to perceive without resorting to the use of the most vague and detached sorts of (mis)conceptions and the most superficial and sentimental sorts of caricatures- informed primarily through the lens of corporate-government schooling and Hollywood media as opposed to any genuine spiritual insight or guidance.

This is why the openly-admitted premise for globalization and multiculturalism centers around maintaining and bringing more people into “the global economy“; the Antichrist system that is the true god of this world.

Multiculturalism is not about having a spiritual awareness that recognizes ALL as part of the ONE. It never has been.

Multiculturalism is about building the world of Antichrist.


Which is why it’s falling apart..

Caring about the world means being practical, taking care of your people and your land first, while keeping a bigger picture in mind.

It’s thinking “globally” while acting locally and tribally/folkishly– and having the ability to understand that these things are NOT contradictory if we have the eyes to see.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.





 “Good fences make good neighbors.”

  • Folk proverb


“The Lord said to Joshua, ‘See, I have given Jericho into your hand… You shall march around the city, all the men of war circling the city once.  You shall do so for six days.  Also seven priests shall carry seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark; then on the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets… and when you hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city will fall down flat, and the people will go up every man straight ahead.”

When I was ordained into the Order several years ago, this passage from the Old Testament; Joshua 6:2-5, was read to me, as “life guidance“.  I have had varied feelings about the Old Testament (and the Bible as a whole) at various times in my life, and I found it considerably more difficult to read and comprehend than the New Testament, so I was somewhat perplexed by this passage.

There has been a complete inability to find any historical remains or evidence of a historical Jericho- so I wouldn’t find any answers there.  An interesting aside is that the name “Jericho” itself means “City of the Moon“, so if there is a historical narrative to this story, it could have to do with the destruction of rival Moon/goddess cults that very well may have existed and had power in ancient Canaan.

Was it something to do with walls or bringing down walls?  Did it have to do with the role of Joshua in the story?  Was it about what the priests did?

In the story of Joshua, the external moral or “exoteric” interpretation typically has to do with obeying God’s directives (Natural Law) and having faith in the ability of God to make the seemingly impossible happen.  Meanwhile the internal spiritual or “esoteric” interpretation tends to be seen as the awakening of the seven psycho-spiritual energy centers (Chakras), and the breaking down the “walls” of the mind/psyche- allowing a full integration of the human Self, and the experience of Christ Consciousness.


Obsessed with wanting to make sure I knew the right answer, I asked a couple of the priests in the Order about this.  To my surprise I was told that it wasn’t really about the story at all, but rather that it had to do with the number seven and Cheth, i.e. “The Chariot“- the seventh card within the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Cheth is also represented by the sign of Cancer- my birth sign.

And while my association with the Order has become estranged due to my sociopolitical and metapolitical stances, I do still find myself contemplating these experiences surrounding my time with them, my own spiritual journey, and how any of that can be of use to my people and humanity as a whole.

Now, this is not going to be a study on the Tarot or the Book of Joshua for that matter.  Rather I want to look at the meaning of the word “Cheth” itself, and how that meaning relates to the question that I have become obsessed with:

How do we integrate the natural human drive towards tribalism and the need for ethnic identity, with the “worldcentric” perspective that is manifesting as humanity as a whole evolves towards Absolute Spirit, which encompasses, transcends, and ultimately, is, ALL things?’

In other words, how do we as a collective humanity stay rooted and grounded while reaching toward godhood, so we do not spin off into ego, delusion, and ultimately self-destruction?

Because this is what I see when I see well-meaning spiritual seekers and even adepts, who have on some level, this sense of the true interconnectedness of all humans and all things- which IS a reality (despite its misappropriation); and I see these folks putting their energy, focus and even prayers into supporting this Antichrist system of globalism, which seeks ultimately to wrench out the spirit of man and turn him into an automaton.  This, as is see it, is our biggest “global crisis”.   This spiritual crisis this destructive entity known as “modernity” imposed when it sucked out the meaning and life from everything around it.  It effects ALL humans.

So, back to Cheth.  The word “Cheth” comes from the Hebrew word “Heth“, which literally means “enclosure“.  Cheth is also often said to mean “fenced field“.  In the book, “Jewels of the Wise“, a book on the Tarot written by Reverend Mother Helen Blighton, one of the founding figures of the Order, she states:

“A fence is built around a house or field to establish its rightful boundary lines and to permit intensive cultivation therein.  Similarly one builds the atmosphere around his own body as far out as his personal influence extends.  Within any ‘fenced’ area of influence, one plants or builds that which he wishes to produce for the good of himself or others.  Cheth’s work also encloses and protects the walled city behind him- a multiplication of the efforts of the Magician, who built the first house.

All fences are temporary, artificial boundary lines, for land extends undivided beneath them as it always did before they were built, and always will when they are gone.  The very nature of a fence necessitates that one day all must be broken down in order to do away with the false notion of separateness, and so that we may recognize and unite with the One God.  The temporary fence makes possible some specialization, as in gardening, and helps keep out alien influences while the crop is tended and its growth nurtured along.”

On a personal level, Cheth is about keeping out negative and potentially harmful influences that can stunt one’s spiritual growth.  We remove ourselves from those things and people that bring us away from doing the internal work necessary to prepare the vessel for spiritual evolution.

It is quite obvious that worldwide, humanity has A LOT of inner work to do- and there is no way such intensive work can be done en masse.  We need specialization.  We need focus.  This can only be done in an environment free of the excessive conflict, mistrust, isolation and chaos that ultra-diverse cosmopolitan societies foster.

We need to be honest with ourselves that this isn’t working and re-organize.

Due to the worldwide effects of modernity, coupled with the general side-effects of the “devolution” of man down through the denser planes (from which he is now just beginning to ascend), it would seem that what Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin refers to as “the Ethnos” of nearly all peoples has been fragmented and weakened infected with some form or another of “psychic disease” or “psychospiritual sickness“, which infects not only the individual, but also the culture and the society.

The term “Ethnos” stems from Greek meaning a nation, but not in the modern sense of the word, but rather the nation as the ethnic group that shares a common heritage, language, and culture.  It is through the unique constitution of a people in conjunction with their surroundings which is understood by many to form the basis of indigenous spirituality.

DhWMlGVX0AA3Fbc.jpg large

I would interpret the Ethnos as the Folk Soul or Consciousness through which the original organic spiritual transmission for that particular people entered into them and evolved through them.  It is this necessary-by-nature component of human spirituality and human life that has been wrenched out of us at every opportunity by modernity and universalist empire.

It has always been in the interest of Empire to destroy the Ethnos, which was in ancient times, one and the same as their religion.  It was the connection to their ancestors and their unique spiritual transmission as a people.  In other words, the Ethnos could be seen as the “chariot” that carried the Eternal Flame of the Heavenly Soul/Self and imparted its wisdom to a people that existed and functioned here on Earth.

Traditional Indo-European (and perhaps Old European/Fryan) understanding was that there were three parts of the soul: that part which was uniquely derived from the individual; that part which was derived from the Ethnos; and that part which was derived purely of the Divine Logos.

Modern religion and spirituality in the West, both mainstream and “New Age”, COMPLETELY ignores the spiritual component of man relating to the Ethnos, only seeing a dichotomy between the individual ego and the Divine.  The third party of the Ethnos, is typically only referred to in a degraded sense when listing the “illusions” created by our ego that we must overcome in order to attain enlightenment, salvation, etc.

Without spiritual sustenance,and a society and culture rooted in adherence to Laws of Nature and Creation, a person; a people will become sick, and as a result, their cultures and societies will become corrupt and perverse.  The Ethnos, which is the archetypal foundation of “Nationalism”, is a function of Nature- and we ignore it at our own expense.

What is happening now with this age of commercial globalization and the mass migration which tends to be the result, is that we have an intermingling of a wide array of psychic viruses begin brought into a mass society that is designed to feed, rather than fight them.

We see a similar phenomena playing out in the physical world with the spread of various types of exotic diseases into the west- many of which had been eradicated of never seen.  Evidence shows strong correlations to this rise of communicable diseases into the west correlating with the current migrant crisis in Europe as well as with illegal immigration in the U.S.

Nearly all cultures have become sick and diseased with the one-two-punch of descending into the Kali Yuga and being ensnared by modernity.  As a result, the people have become sick as well.  Therefore, this would rightly be more of a time of quarantine; or at least a general “turning inward” of peoples in order to fully integrate themselves as a people into the truth of Spirit and Nature; allowing them to become the most spiritually evolved versions of themselves they can be.

This should happen before any sort of mass integration of humanity occurs.  However, at the present it seems that there is a consorted effort to create a global monosociety that as a whole; as any honest, holistic assessment of the data would confirm; humanity is not ready to live in.  Hence why the “global village” is an oppressive global re-colonization project spearheaded by international finance, rather than the utopian village of human peace and solidarity dreamed of by New Agers and Trotskyites.


In The Oera Linda Book, there is a great emphasis put on the importance of societal and cultural morals- and the need to be on guard against potentially corrupting alien influences, which the Fryan law did not allow in any way.  The Folk Mothers knew of the “foul festivals” of the priests and the culture of the “slave peoples”.

The Mothers understood if these ideologies and cultures were allowed to take root in the minds and wombs of the Fryan people, then their freedom would be lost.

And that is what has happened.

While we have seen glimmers of a reemergence of true freedom within our greater folk, with societies such as Ukraine under the Cossacks and America under the Articles of Confederation; we have as a people, allowed ourselves to buy into the idea that freedom is simply satisfying our ego-driven self-interest and our irrational desires.

And now we are told that we need to become “one” will all of the peoples of the world, so that they to may adopt Americanism- the artificial culture of selfishness and desire that seeks to make the entire world like unto it.

This is not freedom.

This is not brotherhood.

This is not functional.

This is not real.

Right now, we need to find some way to contain the diseased cultures of man (including our own), so the mental and ultimately, spiritual sickness created within them as a result of modernity and “The Fall” (the descent of humanity into dense matter), can be healed and the trauma integrated, allowing for a reconnection to our primal Ethnos.

We need to re-group, re-organize, and re-strategize our societies and our cultures in a way that suits who we are and what we are to become at our greatest in WR-ALDA’S Glory.  We will harmonize our culture, our society and our lives according to Truth and the Laws of Nature and Creation; the Laws of WR-ALDA.

The notion that ethnic and tribal identity is part and parcel with hatred, destruction and death is false.  In the last 400 years since what could be seen as the beginnings of modernity and the globalist project, the Earth and all manner of life on it (including ourselves) have experienced man-made destruction and decay on a level hitherto unfathomable in the previous millennia.

We are currently seeing a complete re-terraforming of the Earth into something that will not be fit for anything organic.

And this has all been under the watch of our “enlightened” cosmopolitan merchant elites who through bribe, blackmail, and murder wrested the power of law away from the monarchy, used that power to enslave us, told us we were free because we didn’t have a monarch anymore.

This is the same “enlightened” cosmopolitan elite that later told us that Nationalism, which is about protecting the sovereignty of a people first and foremost; and also relates directly to the autocrat/monarch; is akin to stepping back into the primordial ooze and is ultimately a morally unacceptable stance.

But it does not mean you hate a man when you feed and clothe your family instead of his.  And it does not mean you hate another group by focusing on the health and well-being of your own.

It does not mean you hate the homeless guy on the street because you don’t allow him to come into your home and help himself to whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  It does not mean you hate economic migrants that (understandably) wish to do the same on a large scale.

A solid psychic “container” is necessary for deep psychospiritual work within a group, and a solid container requires trust and a common “mission“, to quote Master Chim.  These commonalities and shared experiences; this fellowship facilitates both healing and growth in the individual and the group.  These are all qualities that atomized, hyper-individualistic, hyper-diverse, cosmopolitan societies of modernity do not and cannot have, thus rendering them relatively incapable of facilitating any sort real meaning or purpose, and thus authentic spiritual growth stymies and falls flat.

In his book “Ethnos and Society“, Alexander Dugin states, as paraphrased by Alexander Markovics, that “Nationalism is herein only a mean to prevent the individualistic society from collapse, until it’s individuals are enlightened enough to leave the nation state behind as the artificial construct it is and integrate all nations into a global civil society.

Such a world was prophesied by Dela Hellenia and recorded in The Oera Linda Book:

But when the (false) priests think that they have entirely extinguished the Light of Frya and Jesus, then shall all classes of men rise up who have quietly preserved the truth among themselves…

Finda’s folk shall contribute their industry to the common good, Lyda’s folk their strength, we our wisdom.  Then the false priests shall shall be swept from the Earth.  WRALDA’S Spirit shall be invoked everywhere and always; the Laws that WRALDA instilled into our consciences in the beginning shall alone be listened to.  There shall be neither masters, nor rulers, nor bosses, except those chosen by the general voice.  Then Frya shall rejoice, and the Earth will only bestow her gifts on those who work.  All this shall begin 4000 years after the submersion of Atland, and 1000 years later there shall exist no longer either priest or oppression.

("Tree of Peace" by Josephine Wall)

The fence comes down eventually.  But we need to get to that point first..

Until then, we should be mending those fences, being good to our neighbors, and loving our people.  Let’s get our house in order before we invite company.

In closing, I leave you with a meditation on Cheth, from the book “Tarot Meditations” published by The Science of Man:

Cheth am I, the Fenced Enclosure

Standing as an atmospheric shell

To protect the inner growing Light of Self.

I fend of interference from without

Until Its splendor is full-grown,

Till it bursts forth, removing walls,

And starts to light the Way.

The victory I have won is conquest of the mind,

Which brings all Nature’s Mysteries

To initiates who are able to remain

Perceptive as a chalice to the Will of God.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.






“It makes a white man cringe that the greatest man ever born is BLACK! He’s so great that a bunch of white people from all over the world decided to make he’s birthday an internationally celebrated day… You will hear about Nelson till you die.”

Secular Saints

As many are aware, the world has been celebrating the postmortem 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, former leader of South Africa and the African National Congress (ANC)- a celebration that has been turned into an international, almost religious celebration led by the United Nations.

Nelson Mandela himself is very much a folk icon in Africa, and is seen by many as some sort of saint– a sentiment echoed by any and all notable figures in the western neoliberal establishment.

For millennia men have vaulted up certain men above all others; heroes and sages of whom great stories were told.  Some men were even euhemerised; turned into gods- the personifications of the archetypal forces.

The idea that humans could, through initiation, through pursuing strength and through maintaining purity, embody these forces while alive and/or dead.  This was a foundational philosophy of gods and civilizations of all sorts.

In the past, these heroes, sages and saints were understood to be cultural figures that represented the virtues and desires of a specific group of people.  Ultimately, these men were seen as legitimately encapsulating elements of the archetypal and Divine, serving to re-orient a fallen consciousness to the Higher.

But now,we live in a secular world that has disregarded the Divine Natural Order as the basis for a just and good society.  Now what is “just and good” is about people being able to reap the benefits of material wealth and luxury; i.e. “progress“.

This is the new “kingdom of heaven” promised to the masses through these saints of revolution; the promise of “justice” through material comfort and prosperity.

This is a world where the Natural Order is subverted and domineered by the oligarchs; a world that seeks to sniff out any shred of aristocracy or virtue.

When man and his societies are not oriented towards the Divine, his heroes will not be either.  This has become the case in our modern world where the Divine Natural Order has been inverted to serve the desires and passions of the oligarchs and the general public that has been groomed to emulate them.

But at the same time, humans still instinctively desire the leader who symbolizes and encapsulates virtue- something that is apparent whenever some figure is tarnished or taken down by scandal.

The ruling oligarchy long ago found the common person’s desire for virtuous leadership  as something that could be exploited for their own gain.  Hence, through mass-media and standardized education, new heroes, new sages, new saints (at least in their portrayal) are now imposed onto the “international community” (i.e. the Western-led democratic neoliberal order) as figures for ALL to emulate, adore and worship as demigods; regardless of cultural or ethnic background.

These new “secular saints” are those that represent “freedom, justice, and democracy“- the ideals of the Western world; while all inconvenient truths are scrubbed away.  Cleansed and repackaged for mass-consumption, these figures become the prophets of the new world religion of the United Nations and modernity, with their quotations (real or fabricated) adorning everything from government buildings, to urban cultural centers, to greeting cards.

These men (and women) are said to be the greatest example of our “shared humanity” at its greatest- and to say otherwise is to be a heritic against the UN-led religion of secular modernity and its political “sages“.

For example, to point out Mandela’s culpability in the atrocities both committed directly and sanctioned by the Communist ANC, both during AND after Apartheid (which has led to a mass-exodous of Boer farmers into Russia); not to mention the fact that Mandela and the ANC only siphoned off the wealth and infrastructure created during Apartheid is to commit heresy against the religion of modernity.

In fact, the entire premise for the claims of Whites stealing of land and resources by colonizing South Africa is historically false, as what became South Africa was essentially uninhabited when the White settlers arrived, and it wasn’t until later on after Cape Town had been established that the black African tribes from the north migrated down and eventually decided they wanted “in” on what the colonists had built.

But any historical fact that tarnishes the legacy of the secular saint is deemed to be heretical and morally wrong- particularly one seen by the global establishment as being as important as Mandela obviously is.

The figure of Mandela can be seen as representing this next phase of the Empire’s evolution, where the peoples the Empire conquered in an earlier form are assimilated into this new “global humanity” with their cultural heroes becoming those of a fabricated global monoculture.

Of course hero worship and the cherry-picking and obfuscation of historical data to create a favorable image to match legend is nothing new to modernity.  The American Founding Fathers are surrounded by all sorts of “bad history“.

But is more bad history for the sake of a feel-good story really what we need?  Especially when the gory details of that story give such insight as to what is happening to the West right now.

Is Mandela or any of the other secular saints of modernity truly representative of the Highest potential of all humans- or is it simply about the creation of a global humanity to be ruled over by the oligarchs who run the U.N. and believe they know what is best for everyone on Earth.

A myth is meant to be productive and have us reach for our highest potential.  But when a myth like this and others like it through their insertion into the mass mind, serve to bring guilt, envy, resentment and discord to society at large, can we really say it’s a “good thing“?

Personally, like I told Samantha Colee, I have no interest in joining this Mandela cult.  To me, he is really only a hero to those who desire who feel they are entitled to wealth and power that another group possesses- or those that naively or ignorantly believe in the fairy-tale of the “Rainbow Nation“, and that “fighting inequality” is somehow possible or or even good.

This is particularly true when it seems that to many in South Africa, “fighting inequality” is extracting “justice” and retribution of all kinds from the white population in an emotional fervor.

There are many things you could call men who are motivated by these passions, but “saint” probably isn’t one of them…

The U.N. website stated that ” The Centenary is an occasion to reflect on (Mandela’s) life and legacy, and to follow his call to “make of the world a better place.

If such an event can inspire people to do some ACTUAL good in their communities, then I will concede that the legacy of Mandela is not entirely without its merit, regardless of whether it is based in the distortion and fabrication of history.

However, ultimately I don’t think we need to enshrine this man as some sort of pseudo-religious figure for us to seek out opportunities to show kindness and be of service to the people and place around us.

Show kindness to the world around you.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.








“Today’s liberal intellectuals, who pride themselves on scientific method and being ‘broadminded’, are the most narrow-minded, self-righteous and hate-filled bigots in the history of humanity. No primitive tribe worshipping with its witch-doctor was ever more vicious in its hatred and suppression of heretics than today’s Marxist intellectuals, anti-racists and liberals.”

I feel the notion of superiority is as inherently flawed as the notion of equality.

Superior in what way?

I do however recognize that there are differences between races and ethnicities. As far as discrimination, what that word actually means is to recognize a difference between things and make a choice of preference.

We discriminate all the time.

I don’t feel it is morally wrong for people to prefer to be around or even do business with certain people over others.

I also make no moral distinction about what it is about said group that causes the individual not to want to associate with them. Once you do that, you completely delegitimize any talk of freedom or civil rights you want to inject into the argument.

Personally, I don’t have any issue with associating with anyone just because of what group they are apart of- but I also don’t have an issue with people who do take issue with those things; I don’t feel that they are being immoral or inhuman because of them wanting to live a certain way.

It is being consistent with the belief in the sovereignty of peoples.

Unless you are actively calling for ACTUAL violence against a person or group based simply on race/ethnicity, you should not be labeled some sort of criminal.

But because I feel this way; because I will morally defend certain ideas as being at worst, no worse than any others deemed as “acceptable“; I am some sort of traitor in the eyes of a modernity that has sought to snuff out certain ideas it sees as dangerous to itself.

At the end of the day, the “anti-racists” that see racism everywhere and dedicate their lives to “fighting” racism ultimately create the problem. When one issue of racism in society seems to be resolved, something else becomes “racist”.

The ever-expanding list of “microaggressions” has led to an ever-expanding definition of what racism is, an hence, what it means to be “racist”.

When you’re a hammer, everything becomes a nail, and that is what the antiracists do. In truth, they NEED to keep finding new places for racism to exist, otherwise they are completely rooted in empty vapid materialism with no sense of higher purpose; something humans are hard-wired for.

We need it.

Anti-racism is their religion.

But it’s not mine.

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.


“[L]et it be brought forth placed on the divine law, the word of God; let a crown be placed thereon, by which the world may know, that so far as we approve of monarchy, that in America THE LAW IS KING. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other.”

  • Thomas Paine; “Common Sense”


Many within the Libertarian/Constitutionalist/Patriot camps will often proudly echo the above sentiments of Thomas Paine, stating that the United States is a nation united under “rule of law”- which is ultimately enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, which themselves have become viewed by many in these camps as sacred and divinely inspired documents.

But if this is true, why is the history of the United States seem to be an increasing strife and displeasure among greater segments of the population as to what this rule of law should or should not do?  And why has their been a continued “need” for the Federal Government, from its inception, to put down those individuals and movements whose ideas are too far removed from its interests.

Traditionally, the laws of a society existed to serve the common good of the people that lived within it.  The notion of a “common good” is derived from the specific physical, mental, and spiritual needs shared in common by a particular group of people as derived from the universe of shared meaning derived from shared language, culture and tradition.

This idea of the common good was heavy throughout the political theory of the medieval Christian world, but the idea really goes back into antiquity and can be found encoded in ancient Fryan law:

“Whenever laws are made or new rules established, it must be for the common good, but never to the advantage of individual persons, or to individual families nor to individual states or anything that is singular.”

The common good was the purpose of the law, which in its ideal form is meant to be a mirror; an earthly manifestation of the Divine Laws of Nature and Creation.  The mirroring of the Divine Principles (albeit to inevitable degrees of imperfection) is what gave the law authority in the eyes of the people and the virtue of its representatives that gained respect, admiration and cooperation from the people.  This differed from the outright ruling through coercive power that became the norm for governments beginning with the Renaissance/Enlightenment periods to the present-day.

The larger and more diverse a society becomes culturally, ethnically, racially and/or religiously, the fewer specifics the people within the society will have in common.  This makes developing a specific idea of what the common good entails, increasingly difficult, and as such, any definition given will be general and vague.

The proof of such a watering down of the common good in modernity can be seen in the attempts of liberal humanists to illustrate the commonality of a “global humanity” by pointing out the most general and base-level physical and emotional commonalities that humans share with each other (as well as with all other mammalian life)- and state that as a result of such very basic shared traits, any group of people should have no problem living amongst one another within a shared society.

Of course such a society could only maintain order through militant standardization through coercion and indoctrination in all areas of social life and personal thought..

Such philosophical and ideological grasping at straws shows the movement of modernity away from Traditional societies based on Higher Principles and ethnos, and a descent into gross materialism as the doctrine globalism continues to erode all but the most superficial elements within human societies.

Perpetually increasing diversification of a society through both external factors such as immigration, and internal factors such as the increased acceptance of divergent and oppositional socio-political ideas by the citizenry, inevitably results in a lack of consensus among the various factions of the society as to what constitutes the common good.  One only needs tune into the various political debates happening everywhere in this country to realize that there is NO CONSENSUS among the greater population as to what the common good here is.

The Constitution is only three pages and no one seems to agree on what it says.

When a society cannot agree on what the common good is, then it becomes impossible for the law to represent and serve it.  Law that does not serve the common good comes to serve the specific self-interests of powerful groups and factions operating within the society.  And when law no longer serves the common good, it degenerates into a tyranny that requires coercion and deception to hold the society together, turning its citizens into vassals, serfs and slaves.  In the case of the United States, it is a tyranny of the oligarchy.

This is why a monoculture based in consumerism and distraction has been pushed onto Americans and the world through the American machine.  But shared commonality through love of pop-culture and I-phone apps is rootless and superficial, and thus establishes no real cultural cohesion.

This is why modern “democratic” governments inevitably need to rely on increasingly blatant and absurd lies and spin to quell the population while backing it up with increasingly more totalitarian and oppressive measures to maintain social stability/control when the masses become restless.

When taking all this into consideration, it would seem that the diagnosis is painfully apparent:

While successful in other ways, the United States of America as a grand experimental nation of people free and united under the rule of law, is a failure.

Can it be salvaged?  Should it be?  Sadly, I’m really not too sure on either.

Unless perhaps, the Anti-Federalists can make a comeback after 240 years on the bench…

WR-ALDA’S Blessings unto you and yours.








BLOOD, BOND, & SOIL: Responsibilities of Incarnation

“I cannot defend my family, if everybody is my family.  I cannot help my brother, if everybody is my brother.”

  • Justin “Master Chim” Garcia


In times past, charity and service first towards one’s family, and then extended outwards to their fellowship/tribe, their community, their folk and their nation, was seen as virtuous and selfless.  Now, it is seen as virtuous for us (particularly those of European descent) to give our energy and resources to peoples that are as far from being like us or connected to us, as possible.  At the same time we are indoctrinated with the belief that if those we are “looking out” for are organically connected to us or anything like us at all, we are practicing selfishness, xenophobia and racism.

This is what happens when we allow virtue to be governed purely by emotion.  Emotions are easily manipulated.

This is what happens when strong societies become weak through degnerate decadence and internal resentments.

When we incarnate, our “mission” is to unlock the full potential of this version of ourselves.  In order to achieve this, we seek to amplify the strengths of both the physical and psychic (mental, emotional, etc.) bodies and the genetic and metagenetic factors unique to us and this incarnation and the land and people that includes within our sphere of influence.

One of these strengths would be the strength gained through being in integrity with ourselves and those we have given some sort of oath of service and alliance with (spoken or unspoken).  Outside of some sort of emotional schism or trauma, we will naturally seek to help those we are personally connected to.

If some sort of trauma has taken place, however, these traumas and the resulting beliefs and habits created, can essentially serve as “light blockers”- things that interfere with the natural expression of Self and soul.  These things that obfuscate, dim, or block the natural expression of light come from a variety of places- family, friends, teachers/education system, the mass media, the mass mind…  They create schisms between and resentment towards family, friends, communities, nations, races (outwardly and inwardly), and even nature itself.

Resentments towards our family, tribe, race, etc. are things that need to be worked through and transmuted for us to be functional, as resentment is psycho-spiritual poison.


We function best when we follow deep nature.  And man’s deep nature is that of a living, breathing, speaking, and miniature sun.  The Self which physically resides in the solar plexus, acts as our internal sun, and is who we truly are.  And like the sun, our light, warmth and heat (of ALL kinds) naturally extends outwards, with the most warmth and light given the closer in proximity it is.

Extending outward from body and Self, we have the outward extending natural feelings of closeness and sense of responsibility of immediate family, tribe, community, nation and/or folk.  This is part of the function of incarnation.  And to be functional, we give of ourselves proportionately according to whom is closest the incarnated sun that each human is.

These people and our relationships with them, become our personal “solar system”, with which we are charged with maintaining and strengthening the bonds within as much as we are capable (and they are willing).

Through right action in our localized spheres, we extend goodness to the entirety of humanity and the Earth.  But when we start deviating from that natural hierarchy of responsibilities, we become dysfunctional in our priorities.  This epidemic of misplaced and dysfunctional altruism coupled with internal resentment of things like family, nation and race (with white people in particular) has become a great bane on western society.

We are giving housing and resources to people coming from other lands, who have no loyalties to us.  Meanwhile there are those in our own community, in our own nation, maybe even in our own family, who are sick, hungry, homeless, and in physical danger.


This is not functional.  This is not virtuous.

Most of us need to be honest with ourselves and admit that we primarily feel compelled to help the unknown and unseen foreigner due to our emotions, rather than due to some “higher calling“.  We see the pictures and videos.  We read the stories.  We respond to them.  We believe them.  And if the story/image is potent enough, we can become traumatized by them (even if we may not realize it).  We get an inevitable emotional reaction because in that moment we are imagining somehow, some way, we are there.  Maybe we even see ourselves as them.

This is the magic of empathy.  This is also the danger of it.

If we don’t know how, or we find ourselves unable to transmute these emotions, we can become stuck in reaction/trauma mind.  Thus any resulting “altruism” becomes tainted by unbalanced, reactionary, selfish and self-seeking motivates.  Immature emotionally and spiritually, the average mainline Christian or the secular “white savior” really just wants to stop the pain these unresolved feelings of empathy creates.  This scramble to soothe the pain, overrides logical processes such as seriously thinking of the long-term effects of what he or she is getting behind, or whether there is a better, more functional outlet for their compassion.

These people are virtuous because they care about someone other than themselves- but I would argue that their compassion, and perhaps more importantly, the energy and resources inspired by that compassion, is quite often misplaced.

This unresolved story-driven emotional empathy can become toxic and lead to toxic emotions like resentment.  Many well-meaning “white allies” of causes/organizations like “Black Lives Matter” often tend to “share in the struggle” with these groups in a mental and emotional sense.  This emotion-driven empathy, more often than not, seems to extend to resentment towards those the “disadvantaged” would say caused them to be so.  This sort of resentment has caused much social conflict and societal damage in the post-WWII western world.

This is why it is important for us to be grounded in function and know and understand our connections of blood, bond and soil.  This way we are not led and bled as individuals and as societies, by the fickle, easily-manipulated, and often quite self-serving pull of the emotions.

We are ALL part of The ONE- but that ONE expresses itself in localized groups and individuations.  We need to work within the framework set for us, rather than do what “makes us feel good” because we can.  Conscious “free will” means that we have the power to choose to go against Natural Law- but that doesn’t mean we should.

Yes, we can and should keep the elevation of ALL of humanity as a focus in our thoughts, deeds, and prayers.  But when we work in the world of time and space, our capabilities are going to inherently be limited.  We can’t help every individual everywhere in a direct manner- and that’s okay, because we don’t need to.  We just need to worry about keeping our side of the street in order and lead humanity by example.

There is a bumper sticker saying that goes “Think globally.  Act Locally“.  As best as my finite mind can comprehend the evolutionary process of the entirety of humanity, I hope to contribute to it in a positive manner.  And the way I primarily work is through service those I am bound to, who in turn, work to those they are bound to, and the love created by that web extends outwards to the entirety of humanity, in one way or another.

Through deeply loving one person, you love all people as that love will inevitably radiate out to all it comes in contact with; unless their hearts are closed to it.

And just because one loves and seeks to take care of their tribe first, this does NOT automatically mean hate or wish to subjugate, oppress, and genocide others.  This is a belief founded on what is just bad history; Marxist Hollywood spectacle history.

I want to see you and yours (whoever that may be), be the greatest and highest potential incarnations of your-Self and your tribe that you all can be.

Honor and serve blood, bond and soil.


Namaste and WRA-ALDA’s Blessings.



“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;”

  • The Book of Revelation 21:1


The idea of a future utopian or “Golden Age” is not a new one.  It has been around for pretty much all of recorded history and in one way or another informs the doctrine of pretty much every religion.  Even in the West during this secular age of humanist materialism, this archetype is very much alive and well in the dreams of those who wish to see all races, colors, and creeds unite in a borderless world without conflict, shouting from the mountaintops the credo: “We are one”.

And, to risk the potential ire of many of my readers, I have to confess that I am not opposed to that.  I am not inherently opposed to the idea of a sort of unified super-humanity, where the various races and tribes in their most spiritually evolved state contribute their various gifts, and in essence merge to create one collective being, essentially becoming “one”; even if that means evolving into one homogenous race. 

Of course, I should add that I am referring to this happening in a way that is congruent with the Laws of Nature and for the spiritual evolution of mankind.  In fact, I personally believe that this is inevitable, as all things return to their root essence eventually.

Most esoteric philosophy understands humanity to have come from a sort of root archetypal “one-ness”, known in Qabbalism as “Adam Kadmon”- the human prototype.  Then, according to Theososphy, (which itself draws from much older esoteric traditions), this archetypal humanity divided and evolved into the myriad of sub-races and ethnicities that we know today, as well as many we do not.  It was also understood by these esoteric scholars, mystics and clairvoyants that at some point in the distant future, these separated branches of humanity will once again merge into a state of one-ness after its evolution on the plane of Earth is complete.

But this time isn’t now or any time remotely close to it.

Those pushing for mass migration, diversity, multiculturalism, and miscegenation through media, politics, academia and religion are undoubtedly calling upon this incredibly powerful archetype of the future Golden Age of racial unity.  However, at this current stage of humanity’s development this is only sowing seeds for great future conflicts- a “Clash of Civilizations”.

With the notable exception of the mainstream cosmopolitan culture that has been ingrained into the societies of Western Europe and the Occident (U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia) by its liberal urbanite ruling class; the vast majority of the peoples of the world are still EXTREMELY tribal.  Africa still has enormous issues attempting to deal with this fact since they “united” as western-style nation-states and imposed western-style parliamentary governments after World War II.  The Middle East is notorious for its tribal wars, particularly among the Sunni and Shi’a branches of Islam.  In Latin America we find countless examples of brutal tribal conflicts among the various narco-terrorist organizations that essentially control much of the region.

And while individuals of different races and ethnicities are very much capable of cooperation and harmonious living, it is a basic observable sociological fact that this dynamic changes with the importation of cultural groups en masse.  Large groups of culturally alike people will inevitably seek to shape their environment to fit their specific culture.  And most cultures are not as egalitarian or eager to accommodate and please “the other” as the liberal White West.

You can have one lion and one lamb lay down peacefully with one another like in an episode of “Unlikely Animal Friends” (one of my favorite TV shows).  But if you move a pride of lions in amongst a flock of sheep, the sheep WILL get eaten every time– especially ones that are weak and sickly as is the case with modern Western society.

Of course, not all White Westerners are on board with all this, as evidenced by the backlash coming out of the rural and working-class communities in the last presidential election as well as the surge in ethnically-conscious Identitarianism in Europe.  These movements are not head-scratching anomalies as media pundits and “experts” seem to think.  Nor is it a “step backward” as so many Baby Boomers and establishment-types are lamenting as their legacy appears to crumble before their very eyes.

No.  It is none of that.

What the resurgence of the “tribal” mindset among White Westerners signifies is that the “progress” of the myriad of attempts to impose morality through legislation and indoctrinate the West through operant conditioning via the various media, educational and religious was by and large a castle made of sand.  The unified, kum-ba-ya vision of multiculturalism shared by well-meaning liberals and profit-seeking global corporations was an idyllic fantasy that was not grounded in the reality of the world as it is- the reality of the present state of human consciousness.

I think Manly P. Hall put it best when he stated the following in a lecture on the future of humanity:

In our way of thinking, we are trying to push a way of life that is not mature into tomorrow, so as to make tomorrow the fulfillment of the unfinished experiments of today.”

Perhaps one of greatest errors in all this lies in the fact that the attempt to change the world from as it is, was done almost completely through psychological conditioning and indoctrination.  This conditioning was/is imposed by external pressures and for many, the internal voice of neurotic guilt that is often the effect of such conditioning.  And even as successful as this technique has been in much of the West, it is not sustainable and as stated earlier, the rest of the world has not gotten on board with this program.

You cannot lift something up to a higher level if you are operating from a lower one.

Even commercial globalization, with its importation and marketing of the superficial monoculture of  Hollywood and Madison Avenue have still not managed to get the citizens of the world to drop their more organic cultures altogether and unite over their love of I-phones, fast food, television shows and the global economic system.

In fact, if you listen to talks given on diversity, inclusion and globalization, once you get through the emotion-based marketing pitch, the real bottom line becomes quite obvious.  Entrepreneur, TV host and public speaker James Sun put it best in his TED Talk promoting diversity and globalization.

Marketers want us to be one big group- because it’s cheap.

Here we find a driver for diversity based in ever-expanding and competing and globalized consumerism- all base level, materialistically-minded incentives.  But any honest look at the recklessly-expanding monopolies of globalization shows that it is ultimately an unsustainable system that is equivalent to the snake that devours itself.  And while business itself is not inherently bad, when we have come to value material wealth and commerce to such a degree that it becomes the very foundation of our laws and ethics as has happened, we have most certainly strayed long off the path.

The world this is creating is not the “multicultural utopia” of Coke and Nike commercials, but rather a weaponized, Technocratic police state that seeks to “keep the peace” with an iron fist among the various culturally incompatible sects of the population, while the world descends into environmental decay and neo-feudalistic serfdom.

But perhaps this is what we need to wake up.

However, if we choose to see this as a future we’d rather not have for ourselves or our descendants, then perhaps we should consider putting the brakes on all of this and direct our focus on the only thing that really matters- spiritual growth and development, which starts at home.

You cannot genuinely love and accept the other until you genuinely love and accept yourself- ALL OF YOU.  What I’m talking about is internal spiritual alignment and syncing with and understanding the Laws of Nature and Creation.  This needs to be done individually and culturally.

As I stated earlier, the West and America in particular is culturally sick, and has been for a long time.  And to make matters worse, we are inviting incredibly tribal people who are fleeing hardship of one form or another into an increasingly divided house of deracinated lepers.  This will do nothing but relieve temporal suffering in exchange for greater suffering in the long term.

We need to heal our culture through creating institutions based in true spiritual development, including the re-institution of psycho-spiritual initiations, REAL education (not schooling), and institutions and economies that work with the Laws of Nature, rather than against them.  When this is achieved, then we can discuss “merging” with other cultures if we so choose.  But we MUST get our own house in order first.

I believe it will only be when the individual tribes, cultures and races of men are in spiritual alignment with themselves, that any sort of “One World, One Humanity” will be possible without violence and coercion.  Or if we have to fight some sort of aliens or something…

Unfortunately, the only way I can see the sort of radical shift in our culture necessary for all this taking place (again, barring invading extraterrestrials) is if we withdraw from the globalized system of usury and mercantilism that underlies every aspect of our lives and dictates the bottom line of nearly every institution in the modern world, rooting out like a cancer- or have it collapse from under us.  Either way, this would inevitably create much suffering, but I believe we must think long term here.

The culture of instant gratification has created a desire to be rid of anything that causes us discomfort and pain, be it from our own perceived suffering or someone else’s.  But if we truly want to heal the world and bring humanity into a spiritually elevated state, we must bite the bullet and let the discomfort and suffering occur- even if it means people will die.  We can’t give what we don’t have, no matter how much we want to.

Evolution is a slow process, but a necessary one.  So in closing, I’ll quote Master Po from the old TV show “Kung Fu“:

Patience grasshopper, patience.

Namaste and God Bless.





“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”

Wesley Clark, U.S. general, ex-NATO Supreme Commander; talking about the NATO bombing of Serbia, 1999

Syrian refugees

I recently came across a posting in a Facebook group that I am a member of that caught my attention. The individual who posted called for all to pray for the safety of the refugees making the harrowing journey across the Mediterranean to Europe from war-torn Syria and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa. However, this person also requested that folks pray that the countries of Europe grant asylum to these thousands of refugees. This second part I found a bit unsettling and I’ll get to why in a bit, but first, for those not 100% familiar with the back-story of what is going on in Syria, let me give a brief summary:

In March of 2011, well-armed “rebels” who were trained, armed and funded out of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. fomented a revolution in Syria to topple dictator Bashar Al Assad. The majority of these “rebels” were radicalized Wahhabi Muslims, who believed in the most extreme and literal interpretation of the Koran. These men saw Assad, who had a secular (not controlled or directed by religion) government and a nation with different sects of Christians and Muslims coexisting peacefully, as an “infidel” who needed to be disposed. The media in the west painted the picture of “peaceful protesters” taking to the street to protest an “oppressive regime” and being attacked unprovoked by the Assad government. This was a deliberate obfuscation of what was actually taking place.


These rebels had the support of the United States Government and NATO, who had long sought to take out Assad due to his unwillingness to cooperate with International Usury and Corporate Globalism, which sought to exploit Syrian people and resources. The Assad regime is also a key ally of Iran, who has long been at odds with the Zionist State of Israel and its protectors in NATO. Retired NATO General Wesley Clark stated in an interview that Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran were regimes that elements within NATO et al had openly planned to take out long before there was any “crisis” situation presented that justified doing so. Lastly, there is the Russian connection, as geopolitical control of the region allows the Anglo-American Alliance to move in on the borders of its old nemesis, Russia, which mirrors the Great Game of the British and Russian Empires in the 19th century as well as the Cold War of the 20th century.

A Syrian expatriate who goes by the moniker “Syrian Girl”, listed eight reasons why the west is so eager to topple Assad and Syria:

1) Syria’s Central Bank is state-owned & controlled (the U.S. Federal Reserve is NOT- it is privately owned).
2) Syria has no IMF (International Monetary Fund) debt.
3) Syria has banned genetically modified (GMO) seeds.
4) Syria’s population is well informed about the global power elite’s influence in world affairs.
5) Syria has massive oil and gas reserves.
6) Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and Israel.
7) Syria is one of the last secular Muslim states in the Middle East.
8) Syria proudly maintains and protects its political and cultural national identity.

There is no room for a truly sovereign or self-determined nation or people in a globalist system. Nationalism is diametrically opposed to Globalism.

ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUALS COVERAGE OF SCENES OF DEATH AND INJURY Syrian activists inspect the bodies of people they say were killed by nerve gas in the Ghouta region, in the Duma neighbourhood of Damascus August 21, 2013. Syrian activists said at least 213 people, including women and children, were killed on Wednesday in a nerve gas attack by President Bashar al-Assad's forces on rebel-held districts of the Ghouta region east of Damascus. REUTERS/Bassam Khabieh (SYRIA - Tags: CONFLICT POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) TEMPLATE OUT

People may remember the infamous Ghouta chemical attack back in August 2013, in which Syrian civilians were attacked with chemical weapons- a scenario that the Obama Administration had repeatedly warned for months prior would force “military action”. However, things would not go as planned, as a massive outcry from a war-weary American public as well as sane voices within the Pentagon prevented the intervention into Syria that the war-hawks and corporate cartels had wanted. It later came out primarily in the alternative media, that the it was not even the Assad government that perpetrated the attacks, causing the story to further unravel. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, came ISIS. Well, not really out of “nowhere”, per se.

On September 11th, 2012, the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya; another formerly secular and sovereign nation that was toppled and destroyed for the same reasons the west is trying to topple Syria; was attacked by well-armed insurgents whose ultimate goal was to loot a weapons storehouse that was in the back of the Embassy. They accomplished this as they were almost completely unopposed save for a small group of Navy SEALS who defied a stand-down order that would have had to emanate from the White House. These insurgents made off with a payload of heavy artillery and it was later confirmed by people within U.S. Intelligence and the Military that these weapons indeed made their way to the “rebels” in Syria.


In April of 2013, the Al Qaeda (which was also trained and funded by the CIA and has had known CIA assets as leaders) affiliate known as ISIS or ISIL “officially” established itself in Syria, and then began raising hell in Iraq that fall, torching towns and stealing oil fields. It should be noted that the black Wahhabist flag- the flag of Al Qaeda, which became the flag of ISIS, had been flying high as a banner of the rebel insurgency since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, so to say that this group appeared just recently is a bit misleading. It was the media hype and spin around the situation that swiftly changed from this group of ideologues being “freedom fighters” to “dangerous extremists”.


ISIS is very vocal about its desire to eliminate all “infidels”- including those in the west. Then there were the beheading videos- some real, some obviously fake. The ISIS narrative has become something of a mix between gruesome reality and fantastic propaganda suitable of an Orwell novel. The “leader” of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, is another known Intelligence asset. However, this growing threat of ISIS seems to give the Obama Administration justification to intervene in Syria after all. Make no mistake, the Syrian “rebels” that D.C. is now openly giving aid and weapons to as long as they “promise not to become radicalized” (seriously), are hopping on the ISIS train if they weren’t on it in the first place. Interestingly, there have been opportunities for drone strikes, as ISIS openly paraded in celebratory marches on foot that stretched for miles from town to town in U.S.-occupied Iraq, but no such thing occurred.


So, long story short, Syria (as well as Iraq, Libya, etc.) is almost completely decimated and being taken over by this well-armed, well-trained, and well-funded force that is terrorizing everyone in their path and slaughtering those who do not subscribe to their view of Islam. It is also being touted that the Assad regime’s time is limited, as even their ally Russia is beginning to withdraw support (they too are fighting a U.S./NATO-manufactured war on their border). Meanwhile the people of Syria and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa are fleeing for their lives in the worst refugee crisis since World War II displaced continental Europe. These Refugees are starving and desperate, packed onto dangerously overcrowded lifeboats and headed toward continental Europe.


This brings us back to the prayer in question, asking folks to pray that the countries of Europe open their arms to these refugees. One problem here is the question of what happens when the population of a nation doubles almost overnight? It has been said that a nation is like a lifeboat- if you have too many people, the whole thing tips over. In the world of debt-based economies and physical space, resources are finite and limited. While our heart may go out to the plight of those displaced by the Syrian conflict, what of the nations and the people that make up those nations in which this flood of refugees is headed to? Europe really isn’t all that big.

11But nowadays, the culture of Europe has become so “politically correct” that to advocate for the interests of native Europeans in any capacity whatsoever is seen as “racist”. This institutionalized political correctness is far more entrenched there than it is here. Europeans are taught that it is a form of penance for colonialism, etc. (even though many European countries did not have colonies) to accommodate the wants and needs of non-Europeans to the point of extreme self-detriment. The political class of the E.U. fully promotes this sort of cultural martyrdom, as evidenced by Swedish Conservative MP Fredrik Schulte’s recent suggestion that “ordinary” Swedes should be encouraged to remodel their garage to house immigrants.

This idea of sacrifice has really begun to play out in Germany, were native-born Germans living in what was originally a housing development designed to help the homeless get back on their feet, are being forced by the government to vacate what has been their home for years with nowhere to go. This is being done in order to house the massive influx of refugees that are pouring in from the Middle East and North Africa. As Joschka Fischer, ex Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany stated, “Germany is to be contained from outside and heterogenized from the inside by influx, ‘diluted’ so to speak.”

640x392_56008_199158Since the end of World War II, the people in Europe have been increasingly indoctrinated with the idea that it is honorable to put the needs of another’s “family” superior to that of their own “family”, as a tribe, a folk and a race are essentially a genetic extended family. This isn’t “service to humanity”; this is turning your back on family. I’m pretty sure for what it’s worth Jesus wouldn’t have kicked his mother Mary on the street to house escaped Roman slaves from North Africa. This is why I feel a deep unsettling around these events, as should others reading who are of European descent for the reason that these people are our distant (and not-so-distant for some) relatives and that means something on more than a physical level. Blood transcends purely physical incarnation and has a spiritual element to it.

Of course, you have nations like Hungary that are putting their foot down with all of this and are demonized by the rest of Europe as being “intolerant” and “racist”. This is the moniker given to any group in Europe that seeks to maintain any form of sovereignty or “national identity”- “the great evil”, as it has been tied to National Socialism and Fascism. This is why groups such as the Golden Dawn in Greece are so demonized while thousands of migrants pour into a country that is collapsing.  One one Greek Island as many as 6,000 refugees poured in seeking aid in one day.  Small towns throughout Europe are doubling in size almost overnight, severely taxing already limited resources.


Make no mistake, Europe as a whole is collapsing economically and this massive wave of migration may just be what helps to push it over the edge.  At that point, the remaining property and resources of once-sovereign nations will be bought up for pennies on the dollar by financial oligarchs who promoted the “multiculturalism” that has the population in “survival mode” and too distracted to do anything about being robbed blind.

Elsewhere, truckers in the port of Calais in northern France as well as other parts of Europe are finding themselves being swarmed by desperate immigrants looking for a ride to asylum in the U.K., which at times causes violent conflict.   This isn’t hateful xenophobic propaganda; this is just what happens when people are desperate for survival.

PICTURE - MARK LARGE ... 29.06.15 Migrants try to get on board stationary lorries during the Ferry workers strike at the lorries queue up at the channel tunnel , Calais, France.

What is also not xenophobic propaganda is the fact that there is a difference between integrating individuals into a group as individuals and the (forced) integration of an entire group of people into another group. You are dealing with two very different modes of consciousness and behavior patterns- individual vs. collective. People will act different when they have the protection of their “tribe” then when they are trying to establish an individual relationship with members of another “tribe”. What I’m saying is that forced integration of groups that are very different on a large scale will inevitably cause conflict and alienation. This is what is happening in Europe now. This is the “Clash of Civilizations” between the east and west that many have written about.


The majority of the population who have been immigrating into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa, not just in the latest wave, but over the past couple decades, have no desire or incentive to assimilate or be “European” in any way, but are still encouraged to collect European government assistance. Many of the young men who make the initial trek to establish themselves before sending for their family are not necessarily fond of the European peoples and are culturally, VERY different. Many of these young Muslims have a deep resentment and hatred towards the west and many are joining the cause of ISIS in its recruitment of sleeper cells and fighters for “jihad” the world over. A lot of this can be seen as blowback for the interventionist actions of NATO, the U.S. and Israel that killed people’s families in the Middle East, but the fact is that most Europeans had nothing and wanted nothing to do with any of that.


Sadly, this has culture clash has caused a great degree of violence that is all too real. The “socialist paradise” of Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe and violent crimes against non-Muslims have become increasingly common throughout the E.U. A particularly sad case was that of the sex-trafficking ring in the U.K. that was known about, but allowed to go on for years due to the police being threatened with legal action for being “racist” if they investigated, as the perpetrators were Arabic Muslims. But according to political and media figures like Barbara Spectre, these problems are the fault of the “white majority” as “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place… Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century… It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode…”

multiculti-europe-350x216-customUnfortunately, many Europeans who are finding themselves strangers in the lands their family have lived for millennia do not share this enthusiastic sentiment, but they are too scared to say anything at all to protest for fear of being labelled “racist” or even “anti-Semitic” (Barbara Spectre happens to be Jewish in ethnicity) and facing potential legal action for “hate speech”. But they know what this means- this means that the “Old World” folk culture that so many tourists wish to experience when they visit Europe, will be no more. As E.U. Commissioner and head of the World Trade Organization, Peter Sutherland stated:

“We still nurse a sense of our homogeneity (unique racial and cultural identity) and difference from others, and that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

Politicians and media pundits in Europe and the western world look the other way when it comes to rape and violence as well as the displacement of European people and culture, and instead celebrate the ‘end of Europe as we know it’. This celebration is articulated wonderfully by Israeli writer, Yigal Ben-Nun, writing for “Haaretz”, where he made the following statement:

“Arab migration has been the best thing that’s happened to Europe in the past 50 years. Arabs in Europe are a fact of life. It’s time we started to accept that there’s no way to block the migration of Chinese, Pakistanis or Arabs to Europe. … It’s true, Europe won’t be what it once was, but that’s a good thing. … [The] more migrants from Africa and Asia who arrive, the better off Europe will be. Sooner or later, their children and grandchildren will marry into veteran European families and change the demographics of their countries. Europe will be different.”

Or to put it in the more blunt words of former President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy:

“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding… Not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country.”

belgium_immigrationI am not trying to pass judgment or demonize interracial romance and cross-pollination of cultures; people have the freedom to choose to love and associate with whom they want; but simple calculation shows that if this trend continues on its natural course completely unchecked on such a large scale, it is only a matter of time before France will no longer be French, Sweden will no longer be Swedish, Germany will no longer be German, Italy will no longer be Italian, and England will no longer be English- ethnically, racially or culturally.

article-2250673-169521E9000005DC-879_634x547Interracial coupling has been a reality to one degree or another for millennia, but never has it had the full power of corporate marketing and political propaganda pushing it as “trendy rebellion” and even “moral duty” as it does now. I’m not willing to label any of this is as “good” or “bad” (personally, I am attracted to women of all different races); I mean is a lion and a tiger mating and making a “liger” bad? I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t want there to be only ligers one day, either. What I am saying is that this is something we may want to step back and take a second look at before continuing full-steam ahead with. The individual races of humanity exist as individuations for a spiritual reason. They should be honored and understood; not just thrown into a blender while mindlessly repeating the mantra: “WE’RE ALL THE SAME”.

I suggest folks seriously take a look at whether our ideas and ideals around all of this are actually our own, or if someone somewhere just played into our emotions and planted a thought or belief system they desired us to have- planting a seed that germinated, while we believed it was our own.   Are we truly being motivated by higher principles or are we just politically correct parrots?

alon-ziv-Think about it- the elite classes of the world that are the prime shareholders and promoters of Globalism have always been strict about maintaining “purity” (sometimes to the point of inbreeding) amongst themselves, so is it not funny that homogenization is now being pushed on the rest of us- black, white, brown, yellow, etc. to such a degree in billboard ads, commercials, TV shows, movies, books, etc. (even more so in Europe)? Isn’t it funny that these politicians and academics and media pundits sit back in ivory towers telling people to do what they themselves do not?

Europeans make up only about 10% of the world population and have genetically recessive traits. It is also only in countries that have (or had) European majorities that this sort of replacement level migration and integration is promoted and encouraged. While there have been invasions of Europe by the Moors and other kingdoms and tribes in the past, nothing has ever approached this in sheer scale and magnitude and been met with so little resistance. The logical end result here is that Europeans, as we know them, good and bad, will be no more.


This is not love and compassion. This is exchanging one people’s suffering and struggle for existence for another’s. This is genocide according to the U.N.’s own definition decided upon in the U.N. General Assembly of 1948 which classified genocide as:

” …any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy in whole, or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such… Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group…”

This is a genocide on a slow and subtle level- on a level that begins in the mind through guilt-based indoctrination and a slow erosion and replacement of native folk culture and tradition (modern commercial pop-culture is NOT European folk culture). It is hard to see or even believe at first as we associate genocide with blatant mass-slaughter, but it is real and it is happening right in front of us. This is not to discount the reality of the hard genocides and depopulation tactics used against Palestinians, or sub-Saharan Africans or the Indigenous peoples of the Americas, or any of the “dark-skinned” impoverished populations of developing world or the developed world for that matter; it is just a different type of operation for a different type of people.


Multiculturalism goes hand-in-hand with Globalism. It creates an endless supply of cheap labor, using people who are already accustomed to living under despotism. It also creates a political army of dependents who are faithful and obedient to the State that “saved” them and sustains them. The goal is for them to overwhelm, absorb and replace those pesky Euro-types with their crazy ideas of individual “rights” and “freedoms” and “living standards”, who have outlived their usefulness. At that point, the new proletariat can be absorbed into the plastic “Monoculture” of pop-consumerism, fast food, pharmaceuticals, wage slavery and debt until they no longer serve a purpose and can be “disposed” of.


I am not going to get into any more  potential reasons and motivations as to WHY this replacement migration and “white genocide” (or any of the other genocides mentioned) may be being orchestrated, but it is indeed happening with the full blessings, sponsorship and encouragement of European and western leaders and institutions. Perhaps it is indeed a sort of “group karma”, as Rabbi Baruch Efrati alluded to when he stated:

“Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile there… And now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won’t be able to atone for.”

20091004_islam_europe1Perhaps singer and songwriter Susan Sontag was right when she stated:

“Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.”

“Judge not lest ye be judged.” It is no person’s place to judge and decide the karmic fate of another, regardless of whatever real, perceived or imagined “wrongs” they or their ancestors may have done. There are very few true “innocents” among any members of the tribes of humanity. Nearly all human beings have done “wrong” in the present and/or in past incarnations.

wpid-1436175665181Perhaps one could even argue that this is just part of the continued evolution of humanity as we move into the next Age. However, I have a hard time believing that the materialist political ideologies of Nikolaus Kalergi,  Franz Boas, and Cultural Marxism are going to guide anyone towards a point of spiritual ascension. And personally, and I know this is a “racist” thing to say, but I’m kinda fond of white people and I don’t really wanna see them (or any other peoples) become extinct, despite of any racial and/or cultural “character defects” they may or may not possess.

So pray for the safety of those people who have had their homes and lives destroyed by this senseless terror that has swept the Arab world. Pray that they and their families are kept safe and see them in their perfection as Light Beings. Pray that this is done with right action and that nobody is hurt. That’s enough. As Father Paul Blighton said in regards to this invocation of the Law of Manifestation; i.e. the Law of Prayer:

“(But) we don’t know all these facets (situations that involve others) off-hand, so we use this form (method of prayer) so that everybody is taken care of, there’s nobody hurt, there’s nobody infringed upon, and there’s no injustice to anyone.”

ZA'ATARI, JORDAN - FEBRUARY 01: Children pose for a picture as Syrian refugees go about their daily business in the Za'atari refugee camp on February 1, 2013 in Za'atari, Jordan. Record numbers of refugees are fleeing the violence and bombings in Syria to cross the borders to safety in northern Jordan and overwhelming the Za'atari camp. The Jordanian government are appealing for help with the influx of refugees as they struggle to cope with the sheer numbers arriving in the country. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 160600686

We should be careful not to try and fill in the details as to how these refugees are protected or where they go or who should do what for them. Once we start monkeying around with the wires here, things tend to get messy. This is not to say that using the Law of Prayer in a more micromanaging way won’t be effective for specifically helping those in our immediate prayers in an immediate sense, but we would do well to remember

Namaste and God Bless.