SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT IS THE POINT OF LIFE.  There is NOTHING ELSE.  The Spiritual growth and development of ourselves as individuals, of humanity collectively and of the Earth as a whole- that’s really all there is to this life. Work, family, friends, romantic relationships, leisure, politics and all the other events and activities that make up life in a physical body (good AND bad) are really just opportunities that serve as catalysts and enablers for spiritual growth and development.  They are not ends in and of themselves.  They are a means to the end that is spiritual growth and development.  We aren’t doing or experiencing these things just for the sake of doing or experiencing these things.  We are doing it for the sake of spiritual growth and development, and whether or not we realize or accept that fact does not really matter.

Spiritual growth and development will ALWAYS be the point and will ALWAYS occur no matter how “unspiritual” or toxic our chosen lifestyle is.  We will inevitably ascend through the levels of consciousness back to Source.  This may take lifetimes depending on our chosen stage of development but it will happen.  Regardless of circumstances that we find or put ourselves in, the ascension of the spirit through way of its growth and development CANNOT BE STOPPED. It can definitely be slowed down, but it can’t be stopped.

When we look at life through this perspective, things suddenly have greater meaning and purpose that wasn’t there before.  I’m not just working so I can afford food, rent or a wedding, or do fun things, or so my future children can have a decent life or so I can be comfortable before I die.  I’m not even just trying to live as full and happy of a life as possible so that I don’t have regrets when this body dies.  It’s bigger than that and it doesn’t end when this physical body dies.

I, like all of you, am a player in the Great Game of Spirit (a.k.a. the Great Work).  And if you don’t currently understand all the rules, strategies and nuances of this Game don’t worry, you will 😉  These “rules” are written in the patterns of Heaven and Earth, they are recorded in our DNA and etched into our very Soul.  When we align Mind, Heart and Will we can use it and when we look within, we can KNOW it.

Namaste and God Bless.


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