“Let’s put you in the position of a ‘child of wisdom’ so you have that… Zen mind or ‘beginners mind’… but you also have the wisdom of the adult, so you become this fresh force in the universe which is…very opposed to external authority because it isn’t necessary…because we are standing on our own two feet and realizing that the ‘authority’ emanates within us. If psychology helps us achieve some of that freedom, then it falls upon us to educate ourselves to be our own psychologists and psychiatrists… to identify things; to formulate better patterns of behavior; to learn how to bring the heart and the mind in closer connection..”
– Neil Kramer, author and philosopher

The concept of the “Trinity” or “Tri-une Being” permeates all spiritual traditions. Those of us brought up in or around the Judeo-Christian tradition are probably familiar with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit/Ghost concept popularized by the Catholic Church. I am going to be delving into this basic principle of reality and how it presents itself in our lives through the Hermetic/Natural Law Principle of Correspondence which states, “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

I’m going to start on the ground floor and get into the reality that I talked about in my posting entitled, “Preparation for Step One”, which was that our thoughts, feelings, and actions are interconnected. Not only are they interrelated, but they are where “the rubber meets the road” when it comes to how Trinity shows up in our daily lives.

Our conscious thinking mind rules our existence (at least for most of us). It tells us what we are seeing, what we are hearing and most importantly, it judges the truth or falsehood about these things (albeit not always correctly). Every thought has a life of its own- a potential direction and purpose, as well as a “back-story”- the reason why we are thinking this particular thought in this way. These thoughts arise out of “the Void” of raw awareness- the place of potentials.

Our thoughts are what we use to create our world. Right now, each word I am writing (and then typing) is born as a thought from the Void of awareness before it is ‘manifested’ on a page, and then a computer screen. Our thoughts are a mirroring of the creative potential and expression, or “Father” of the universe (as above, so below; as below, so above). This is seen as a “male” principle due to what happens next after the thought arises. Let us recall the Hermetic/Natural Law Principle of Gender: “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”


As you are sitting there, I want you to think of your most beloved pet, or a good experience you had with a friend, partner or family member. Now, how do you feel? Hopefully you feel happy or joyful, but whatever the feeling(s), no doubt you probably FEEL something (or at least I hope so). This is because our thoughts are the progenitor (ie. Father) of our emotions and our actions. The conscious thought creates this by ‘impregnating’ the sub-conscious mind with its seed. Our subconscious mind is our feeling mind. This is the “feminine” and undoubtedly the most complex aspect of our Trinity.

We humans are feeling creatures. We feel all the time, with or without thoughts to stir anything up. However, when thoughts are injected into this feeling aspect of our consciousness, then emotions are created. Emotions are stronger than feelings by order of magnitude due to the force of the conscious thinking mind “stirring the waves” of the subconscious feeling mind. Emotions are produced when on some level, we truly care for or about someone or something.

It is this true care that moves the feminine aspect of our conscious being from her still and receptive state as Holy Ghost to her active state as Holy Spirit. Now this is more of a responding state of action, as opposed to the male form of initiative activity. She has been impregnated with the thought seed, and now she experiences the “labor” of emotion that will give birth to action.

Action is the “Son” of thought and feeling/emotion (again it is a male principle due to its general nature of pure initiative action); the nature or intensity of the action is typically relative to the nature or intensity of the relationship between thought and feeling and the emotions generated. Every action we take, even just speaking a sentence or getting up out of our chair, is formed in this way. This process is determined first and foremost by the focus and nature of our attention.


Remember, what we focus our attention upon is what we manifest. However do not misinterpret this as saying that what we choose not to focus on is not real or deserving of our attention. This point of view is nothing more than a trick of ego attachment- something I will be getting into at a later time. Remember, the ego is our sense of separateness and self-preservation. Ego is an aspect of the conscious mind that has fooled most people into believing it is the totality of the mind. With that, I will leave you until next time. Namaste.



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